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For sale is a dry suit of the brand Auqalung. It is the model Alaskan in size XL. This includes an underwear of the brand Tecline, also in size XL. Both items were purchased in 2019 and little used. The Trocki is dense and has been cleaned and maintained after each dive. The cuffs are not cracked or porous It is sold because it no longer fits me. Trocki can be tried on in Hamburg Bergedorf. Further pictures are available on request.

Price 750EUR Vb

This dive center is an absolute beauty! When you enter it, it really has that wow factor! The place is huge and has endless possibilities.

The dive center, located in the lively town of Los Llanos de Aridane, is a thriving dive center where divers of varying levels enjoy nature above and below water all year round. Many visitors also come for snorkeling, take a taster dive or complete a diving course.

The dive sites are easily accessible and since the volcanic eruption in 2021 , new dive sites have emerged that can still be discovered. Almost all dive sites are accessible from the shore, with an easy entry and thus suitable for young and old, experienced and inexperienced divers. There are also a number of dive sites with slightly more difficult entry, which is a challenge for experienced divers.

And boat dives are offered, for diving at the new lava delta and on the - inaccessible from land - steep northwest coast with many small caves and tunnels.

We are also close to the port of Tazacorte, from where boat trips are organized. This is also a unique experience with views of the new volcano, the new lava deltas and special cave dive sites: La Cueva del Diablo, Cueva de Aqua Dulce and Cueva Colorada.

In the last 15 years we have built up a very large customer base with different nationalities, mainly Dutch, Germans, Belgians, Spaniards, but also from Switzerland, Austria, England and France. La Palma is very special, many divers like to come back every year. The mild climate and the special underwater world make La Palma a unique diving destination.

After 15 years, it's time for us to go back to family and start a new career.

More information about the dive center can be found on our website or write an email:

Price: EUR 155.000

Casa de Buceo - duikhuis La Palma
Calle Conrado Hernadez 4b
Los Llanos de Aridane
La Palma - Canary Islands - Spain


Phone: 663326520 Visit Casa de Buceo - duikhuis La Palma

Offer a new (probably unmerged), very rare and complete

CCR Rebreather which among others from the ital. Combat swimmers are used:

Type: O.M.G. Caimano MK2

(the O2 bottle currently has no T├╝V - but was stored filled)

The diving device absolutely requires appropriate diving training / or experience with CCR rebreathers!

( Model O.M.G. (formerly A.R.O.) Caimano is a super-light, quiet & compact, bubble-free diving device - purely manual operation - no const. Flow or lung automaton.)

For more information, please consult the Internet.

Price: 2999,- EUR

Please only pick up in NRW/ M├╝nsterland

private sale; no guarantee, warranty or return.


I offer here a Suunto Stinger, which I had sent in for battery change with pressure test. After passing the pressure test, I gave him a new bracelet with extension.

What I have seen, it is dumped with 299, - I thought of 250, - Euro

Private sale, no guarantee


The computer is unpunk, lying down until the battery was empty. I have now had them changed. The chest strap for measuring the heart rate is also included, so unfortunately I can not specify the battery, but it is also easy to replace. The computer comes in the original box, as seen in the pictures. A strap extension for the bracelet is also included. The manual can be downloaded from the Internet. Transmitter is included, but unfortunately untested.


LED despisers beware!

Light Monkey 21W HID lamp head with e/o connection.
Very reliable, uncomplicated device in the proven test tube design.
On the Balast a bit more compact, but otherwise identical to the Halcyon Explorer.
Narrow beam of light with light corona in the finest white daylight.
Approx. 40-50 TG.
Normal signs of use, no defects or damage. Burner and reflector are in very good condition.

Shipping with DHL for + 4,99EUR
Test and pick-up in Munich possible.
Private sale. No warranty or return.

International buyers welcome. Please ask for shipping costs.


Sell my dry suit in size ML for women.

700 VB

Fitting in Hamburg-Winterhude possible.

The suit was bought about 5 years ago and made about 100 TG with it in fresh and salt water. Exchanged
became the zipper, the arm cuffs and the boots. So it is no longer the original boots, but
Softboots size approx. 42-44.
The adhesive on the label as well as on the inlet valve has discolored - whatever happens...
The suit has not been used for a long time, so I can not give a guarantee of tightness!

Dear future Dive Buddy,

I have registered for the 18.06. Unfortunately, I don't have a diving buddy in the surrounding area. But I need one, otherwise I'm not allowed to dive.

I'm from Hamburg myself, but I'm in Ibbenb├╝ren that weekend.

If you come from up close, fine. Then we can meet on site.

I am DM (455160) and bring my own equipment. I don't have bottles and weights with me.

Good air


Sealux macro port for AF-S Micro-Nikkor 105 mm f/2.8 G ED with manual focusing option plus 3 diopter wet lens for shooting up to 2:1 scale

Price: 150 EUR (VB)

If you are interested, I also sell the lens.

Special macro port for AF Micro-Nikkor 70-180 mm f/4.5-5.6 D (real Rari├Ąt!) plus manual focusing option. Price 180 EUR (VB)

If you are interested, I also sell the lens.

Special macro port for AF-S Micro-Nikkor 105 mm f/2.8 G ED plus 2x converter from Kenko with manual focusing option.

Price 180 EUR (VB)

88471 Laupheim

Phone: 07392-913395

The most powerful UW flash ever produced by Subtronic with a power of 350 Ws.

The UW guide number is 22 (at 2 m light path) and an underwater illumination angle of 118 degrees. The flash sequence time (minimum/full power) ranges from 0.1 ÔÇô 2.5 sec.

In addition to a Nikon TTL function (analog Nikon cameras!), the device also has 7 manual power levels (only these would be usable for digital photography)

The pilot light in the center of the two ring flash tubes can be switched in two power levels.

The device also has a slave flash function, an SOS flash function, a flash readiness indicator and a battery charge level indicator. The color temperature can be controlled via 4 steps between 4,300 and 5,200 degrees Kelvin.

2 cameras can be connected to the flash at the same time (two S5 sockets).

The batteries are unfortunately deeply discharged and have to be replaced by the manufacturer Subtronic.

The flash is offered complete with synchronous cable, charger, neoprene protective cover, and protective cap for dome disc as well as an operating manual.

Asking price 180 EUR (VB).

88471 Laupheim

Phone: 07392-913395

For the nostalgics and lovers of analog underwater photography!

Sealux's CF5 case has been specially designed for the legendary Nikon F5 together with the Nikon DA-30 sports viewfinder. The Nikon F5 is the last, truly professional analog camera from Nikon before the boom in digital photography. It has all the technical possibilities that could be realized about 20 years ago in small-format photography.

The Sealux housing is the latest generation of die-cast aluminium camera housings (pressed to 10 bar). The housing has an acoustic humidity detector and is equipped with all relevant bushings, which allow creative work with the F5 under water. The case has never experienced a water intrusion during its 124 dives and has not been in use since its last maintenance at the manufacturer in 2007.

The Nikon F5 is offered used on the Internet at quite attractive conditions ÔÇô but not the DA-30 sports viewfinder (real rarity!)

Ideal for situations where normal viewfinder viewing is difficult or impossible, this viewfinder makes the uncompromising use of a Nikon F5 in an underwater housing possible. It can be exchanged for the F5's default viewfinder in seconds. The delivery is made with rubber eyecup.

The DA-30 allows three-D matrix, center-weighted and spot measurement.

Price for the Sealux case plus DA-30 sports viewfinder: 250 EUR (VB)

If you have any questions about this announcement, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone (07392-913395).

88471 Laupheim

Phone: 07392-913395


Dry suit Whites Fusion, Fusion Essence, Drycore, size L, trilaminate, neck cuff needs to be replaced, glove system

Boots from Kallweit, size 40/41

Underwear in M, Halo 3D, Fourth Element

I am 1.78 m tall and weigh 68 kg

For 600 Euro


Hello sell OCEANIC ACCEL fins, size S. With neoprene feet gr. 42 the fins fit excellently. Packed in the original Oceanic bag. Very light fins that only have 8 dives behind them. Great heel strap concept with numerous possibilities to adjust the length. Their holder also allows the attachment of bungee and jumping straps. Fins only show slight signs of use on the underside of the foot part. In the end, the fins were too light for me.

Price: 30EUR + Shipping



Price: 40,00EUR

OMS Tec fin TRIBE Lizard Green XXL (shoe size 48-50)

A few times in the water therefore slight traces of use that can not be avoided with fins.

Shipping possible if the costs are overnamed

Spitz an der Donau

A bundle consisting of:

Perfect for people for whom a regular backplate is too long. This backplate is designed to provide a more optimal backplate for people up to 1.70m. Due to the 2 stutters for the abdominal belt, the abdominal belt can be optimally positioned. For regular backplates (standard dimensions), the abdominal belt feedthrough is further down.

1x short polished stainless steel backplate with a length of 36cm (360mm) made of 3mm V4A with DIR hole spacing for the studs
Weight: 1,95kg


1x polished stainless steel single tank adapter with a length of 34cm (340mm) made of 3mm V4A
Weight: 0,72kg

for a total of 136,00EUR without attachments and without further accessories, only the parts that can be seen on the pictures and drawings.

The backplate and the single tank adapter were manufactured in Germany.

If someone would like to have several backplates or single tank adapters or as a bundle, please write to them by PN.

The bundle can be sent by parcel service or we can arrange to meet at a lake in the D├╝sseldorf / Cologne area. The package costs are to be borne by the buyer.


A new compressor from Coltri is still OVP and stands on a disposable pallet.

Fixed price 9.235EUR for pick-up in Bergisch Gladbach

In the third picture, it is the large cardboard box on the far left.
Transport weight 190kg.
With the 315L/min filling capacity, an empty D12 with 2,400 liters of air can be filled in less than 8 minutes.
There is everything needed to operate the compressor.

Equipment of the compressor:
- 400V / 50Hz
- 250bar safety valve
- 2 pieces 1.2m long filling hoses for 200bar bottles (DIN connection G5/8)
- automat. Condensate drain
- Pressure retaining valve
- 3 pressure gauges to read intermediate pressures (between the compressor stages)
- Maxifilter system with activated carbon / molecular sieve
- Phase controller that prevents reverse rotation
- Automatic shutdown as soon as the maximum pressure is reached (adjustable on the rotary switch on the control panel)
- automat. Oil shutdown (when the oil level drops below the minimum)
- Frame color blue (RAL 5002)
- Operating hours counter
- Temperature display cooling air / cabin interior temperature (if the compressor is operated in a closed room)

Length: 112cm
Width: 63cm
Height: 77cm
Filling capacity: 315 l/min
Motor: 5.5kW 400V/50Hz three-phase motor

Dry weight: 152kg

Pick-up can be arranged in Bergisch Gladbach.
Shipping by forwarding agency possible, still needs to be clarified. Costs are to be borne by the buyer.

IMPORTANT: Invoice with VAT will of course be issued.


A filling fitting made of V4A (1.4571) for mixing nitrox or trimix gases is offered.
It can also be used for normal bottle filling. The digital pressure gauge goes up to 400bar.
Included is a G5/8 adapter from 300bar to 200bar.
A check valve is installed in the permanently installed connection of the filling fitting.

The filling adapter can be connected to a 200bar or 300bar filling hose, as well as screwed into 200bar or 300bar bottle connections.
With the large handwheel, the flow rate can be adjusted, especially for oxygen, as only low flow velocities are allowed.

FP: 480,00EUR plus shipping


Overcurrent hose 1m long with choke for adjusting the flow velocity, pressure relief and pressure gauge.

Other lengths available on request.

The hose can be shipped at the expense of the buyer or handed over to a mine in the Sauerland or a lake in the Cologne area.


Overflow hose 1m long with throttle to adjust the flow rate, pressure relief and manometer.

Other lengths possible on request.

The hose can be shipped at the buyer's expense or handed over to a mine in the Sauerland or a lake in the Cologne area.



Overflow hose 1m long with choke to adjust the flow velocity and pressure relief.

Other lengths available on request.

The hose can be shipped at the expense of the buyer or handed over to a mine in the Sauerland or a lake in the Cologne area.


Overflow hose 1m long with throttle to adjust the flow rate and pressure relief.

Other lengths possible on request.

The hose can be shipped at the buyer's expense or handed over at a mine in the Sauerland or a lake in the Cologne area.




I sell here a Sea&Sea Sea Arm 8 - Double Ball Arm for underwater photography. There are two pieces available, each length M.

30 Euro VB Price per piece!

The arms were intended for a setup that was never in use, so the arms are new. One package has been opened, the other is closed.

Original price per arm: 47,95 Euro
Product Ref: SS-22113
EAN: 4960436221133
Length: 222.7 mm
Weight: 83.8 g
Material: Construction: corrosion resistant aluminum alloy (anodized body)
Condition: NEW

Also pay attention to my other ads (more parts, cheaper in the set)
Shipping (books/goods shipment 2 Euro, parcel 4 Euro, package 5 Euro) or pick-up in Mannheim.

Since private sale, no warranty.
No warranty or return

G-Flex diving gloves 5mm neoprene in size XXL, but are smaller. As good as new, only once the attempt to use them, I did not get in. I usually need the glove size 10.5 to 11, for size 9.5 to 10 they should fit. Price 30,00 EUR

Pick-up in Schwentinental (Raisdorf), if necessary. Handover in the Kiel area possible, also shipping against reimbursement. Private sale, no guarantee/warranty, no return.

Raum Kiel

Medium pressure hose for octopus, yellow, 90 cm long, original Apeks flex hose with kink protection grommets, new and unused. from 18,00 EUR

Pick-up in Schwentinental, if necessary Handover in the Kiel area possible, also shipping against reimbursement. Private sale, no guarantee/warranty, no return.

Raum Kiel


Due to chronic non-use, I sell my underwater photo set for the Sony RX100 here.
I used the set with the RX100-3. According to Sony, it is compatible with Mark 1 to Mark 5.

The set consists of:

Sony housing MPK-URX100a in original box with accessories
Aluminium rail
Trigger handle
2 aluminium arms
2 terminals
Weefine Smart Focus 6000 lamp/flash in original case with complete accessories

The lightning was in Egypt twice.
The housing was often in the lake with us. It has traces of use but is dense.

The invoice for the flash, which is from 2020, from a German dealer is included.

Further information about the devices:

Light :


I prefer collection so that the buyer can convince himself of the perfect condition.

In terms of price, I imagined 599 euros.

But you can talk about it.


Now sell this far too little dipped Trocki from the company Waterproof. It is the model Sedna in Man size M.

Shipping and PayPal are possible!

Price 250EUR


Sell the jacket (size XL) here, as I switched to Wing. The I3 system is unbeatable when it comes to buoyancy. Perfect venting in almost any location. The inlet and outlet of the air via a lever is much more practical and pleasant than the inflator solution.
Jacket works perfectly.

The jacket can be visited, looked at.
No guarantee or warranty since private sale.

Price 150EUR


Offer the following NEW diving equipment:

Neoprene Aqualung Dynaflex FS, 7 mm, size L

Gloves Waterproof G 1, 5 mm, size L

Footwear Waterproof Classic NG, 5 mm, size 11

Hood Waterproof HI, 5/7 mm, valve, size L

Equipment fins Mares Avanti Quatro +, size XL

Everything listed above was bought on 05.02.2022 for 600 EUR and never worn. So the stuff is all NEW.

In addition, I offer diving mask, snorkel and other fins, all from the brand Mares.

Dortmund (Mitte)

Hello, sell here 1 times dived Kallweit Gator boots in size 45/46. Unfortunately, they are one size too small for me, so I now have them a size bigger. I wear normal shoe size 45-46, sneakers usually 46. Should therefore fit well at 44-45. Great shoes, very comfortable. Shipping and PayPal possible.

Price 70EUR


Phone: +4915158885921

Hello, I am selling my OSTC 2C here. The computer has 259 dives on the clock and works perfectly. It can calculate up to 5 gases OC/CC with and without gradient factors. Included is a transport case and a USB charging cable. As you can see in the pictures, he has a few scratches. These do not interfere with diving at all and do not affect the computer. PayPal & shipping possible! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Price: 300EUR


Phone: +4915158885921

Due to the abandonment of the hobby, I offer all my equipment for sale (complete package or set prices possible on request).

Here: Neoprene Gloves Gr. S

Thickness: 5mm

Little dipped, super warm with simultaneous freedom of movement and no damage!



Due to the abandonment of my hobby, I offer all my equipment for sale (if you have any questions about other items, just write to me):

Here: Wetsuit XCEL for Women

Thickness: 7mm

Size 8 (My height 173cm)

Reinforcement on the knees, zippers on the back and ankles.

The suit was little used (<20 dives), is super comfortable, keeps you warm and looks really good!



Due to the abandonment of the hobby, I offer my complete equipment:

Here: scubapro neoprene vest for extra warmth

Size XS

Little dipped, top in shot - no damage.

Keeps you really warm - tested in cold water!

Shipping possible, costs are borne by the buyer

PRICE: 60EUR (Original price: 99EUR)


Offer black neoprene hood with croissants: If you want to have it varied and do not feel like a standard hood :-)

Little dived (< 5 dives)

Thickness: about 4mm

Size is given as 5


Shipping possible, costs borne by recipient


Due to the abandonment of the hobby, I offer all my equipment for sale (gladly also complete packages possible).

Here: polaris F├╝├člinge Gr. 39.

Are slightly smaller than normal (actually have shoe size 40-41)

Super robust, good outsole and comfortable in heavy equipment fins.

Price: 20EUR

Shipping possible, costs borne by buyer


Due to the abandonment of diving, I offer all my equipment for sale!

Here: Device fins Hollis F-1, size REGULAR

Weight: 5kg

I used it with both the dry and the wetsuit.

Is something else than just black fins all the time :-)

I myself have shoe size 40-42.

Little used (<20 dives)

PRICE: 100 EUR (Original price: > 180EUR)

Shipping is not excluded, costs are borne by the buyer.


Due to the abandonment of diving, I offer all my equipment for sale individually:

Here: Little dipped Mares MRS Plus buoyancy jacket including lead pockets.
This jacket is foldable and lightweight, making it perfect for traveling.

Despite my height of 173cm, this size suited me perfectly.

More on offer: fins, regulator, foot line, gloves, hood, if necessary also wet & dry suit.
On request, please send us more information!

Price: 150EUR

Location: Cologne
Shipping possible, shipping costs are borne by buyer



Sell Halcyon Alu backplate with banding. ( unabridged )

Including RCA system, lead pockets, back and shoulder pads.

Everything in good condition, only been in the water a few times with a double unit.

Since I only have mono diving and the identical system again, this is sold.

Price 300 Euro + shipping

Due to the switch from back device to SideMount I offer four similar cold water sets Poseidon Cyklon 5000 : each first and second stage

Used, condition see pictures.

All controllers come fresh from the service (345, - EUR in total) by authorized dealer : Actionsport W├╝rzburg. Service documents are of course included in the sets.

Each set for 300,- EUR VB.

  • Pick up in zip code 97828
  • PayPal and shipping possible

Set 1:

  • Second level black (Poseidon emblem has left)
  • 70cm MD Regulator Hose
  • 70cm MD Inflator Hose
  • next revision 01/2023
  • Series No. P800xxxx

Set 2:

  • Second level yellow (With Poseidon emblem)
  • 90cm MD Regulator Hose original Poseidon
  • next revision 12/2022
  • Series No. P903xxxx

Set 3:

  • Second level black (Poseidon emblem has left)
  • 70cm MD Regulator Hose original Poseidon
  • next revision 01/2023
  • Series No. P300xxxx

Set 4:

  • Second stage black with Jax mouthpiece (Poseidon emblem has gone off)
  • 210cm MiFlex MD Regulator Hose
  • next revision 12/2022
  • Series No. P900xxxx

Regards, Chris

Offer Avanti quattro plus fins in size. Has been dipped three times with it.

Offer jjccr backplate with straps. Brand-new. 150EUR

I sell a pair of Seac Snug Dry gloves 5mm in size L, new, unworn.

The gloves are smaller, rather size M, so unfortunately they do not fit me.

Top processed wet diving glove. Seams additionally sealed on the outside. Robust lamination of the palm of the hand.

Inside of the wrist Smooth skin neoprene for better sealing on a cuff.

Original price: 40 - 50 EUR

Price: 30 EUR incl. shipping


Sell regulator set complete, Oceanic FDX10 with second stage EOS and Octopus Alpha, furthermore Mares Finimeter with depth gauge,

as good as new only a few dives in fresh water, fixed price including shipping: Euro 150,--


Phone: 01726559644

I offer a Light monkey (formerly Salvo) lamp 21 W LED; 5.2 Ah. The lamp has always served me well, especially when cave diving. It has a very good spot of 6┬░. The mileage is 2.5 hours. The lamp is ten years old, the LiPo battery was changed once.

I sell them because I've been switching to a non-wired hand lamp for several years.

As a price I imagine 250 EUR VB.



sell well-preserved underwater wide-angle lens UWL-09 due to system change. The UWL-09 offers an exceptionally wide field of view and a minimum focus distance.

It allows for stunning wide-angle and close-up shots that are super sharp and very detailed from corner to corner. It's perfect for a variety of subjects, including seascapes, divers, shipwrecks, and schools of fish, without having to stray further from the subject, taking full advantage of the clarity of the water and artificial light sources.

The lens attaches to the lens mount of the body and can be attached and removed during the dive. It can be mounted with the help of an adapter on lens terminals with 67 mm thread.

The lens has some traces of use on the lens and the sun visor, but these do not affect the optical quality and are not visible in the photos. As proof, I have attached some pictures that I took this year in February with the lens. On request, I will be happy to send the pictures by e-mail so that they can be viewed large on the computer.

VB: 540 Euro. The lens can of course be viewed in M├╝nster.

Of course I will be happy to answer questions :-)

Write a message


Phone: 01637662037

Sell D 18 HEISER bottle weight 22.4 Kg. Are the good ones with the heavy soils. Bottles do not have a T├ťV, are under pressure. We filled ourselves.

If desired, argon straps are also sold. Pick up in 46119 Oberhausen /NRW

Further information or pictures 0172 29 100 02

Price: 450EURO