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I am looking for a Dr├Ąger Ray SCR Rebreather.

Please offer everything while he is still competent.

(no parts)

Thank you

I'm looking for a Mares Genius dive computer


I am looking for a working FWT Schulz GS35 Mini.

Looking forward to offers.





I'm looking for an Alu Stage 40 cuft. Only for pick-up in Schlewig-Holstein/Hamburg.

Regards, Pia


Auto Air Inflator Regulator (old)

by AP VALVES for Buddy Commando and similar


Hello everyone,

My name is Maximilian, I'm 23 years old and I'm looking for a diving buddy or a diving partner, it would be great if it were my age, between 18 and 25 years. Have just under 11 logged TG, passed my OWD in the summer of 2023 and equipment I have so far everything and 2 bottles also available.

I'm happy about every inquiry

Good air

Greetings Maximilian

I'm looking for a double valve / T-valve M25x2.

S├╝dost-Bayern, DE

Phone: +491747527581

I'm looking for the book "TDI Extended Range /Trimix Student Manual", only the German version

Raum Kiel

Hello divers,

I am looking for technical documents - pictures, drawings, dimensions and spare parts of the breathing air compressor 3HWI - 32/70.

Contact us at 0151 65938996

Hello everyone

I'm looking for the Nauticam wide-angle port, preferably with extension and/or gear for Canon 28-70

Hello everyone

I'm looking for this lamp head, or actually just the reflector insert.

Please offer everything, even if the lamp head is defective.

Thank you and greetings


Lindau/ Bodensee


I am looking for a Cressi BCD S2011T in S or in M.



Hello everyone.

I'm looking for a ms sub slim light 507. The battery and the lamp/bulb may be defective. It is important that the switching electronics are in order.

I am happy about every offer




My name is Annett. I am looking for a diving partner who wants to dive often and also takes small trips for it.

I also like to go into a diving tank from time to time.

Soon there will be a holiday where I go into the water almost every day, my Buddy has cancelled it at short notice. Maybe someone has the time and inclination?

LG Annett


I am looking for a working housing for the video camcorder Sony FDR-AX700, preferably from Gates.




we are looking for a Bauer breathing air compressor.

Please offer everything

0151 155 38007

infopkgermany { at ]


Phone: 015115538007

I'm looking for a functional Actionpro x9 incl. diving housing, preferably with other accessories

Hello everyone

I am looking for a cheap underwater housing for the Canon EOS 450D.

Maybe someone else has one lying around?

I'm looking forward to offers...



Are there any other divers besides us who don't let their toddlers stop them from diving?

We both dive and our kids are only 4 and 2 years old (so need a bit of supervision if we want to go underwater). Therefore, we are looking for an equally enthusiastic family with small children, so that we can take turns as diving teams and children's entertainers or plan diving trips and vacations that are suitable for families and relaxed. Understandably, our diving friends without children are on a different trip in this regard.

Gladly for diving trips on weekends in Saxony, Brandenburg, Thuringia but also in perspective for a trip with dives (and other activities).

Get in touch if this appeals to you. We live in Leipzig and are often on the road at the local lakes, but also sometimes in Nordhausen (although there is really little to see/experience for children). Therefore: For lakes with forests and other beautiful surroundings that also offer something for the little ones, we are happy to accept paths.



I am looking for a Shearwater Petrel 2 SA Titanium (without Fischer plug). New or in very good condition at a fair price.




Hello, I am looking for a working UW case for a Nikon D90.

To fill the still well-functioning second camera with new life.

lg, Wickerl


I am looking for fins from Apeks in yellow in the best possible condition. Size "Large" and the heavy HD version. If possible, I ask for offers with picture and asking price.


Hello everyone

I am looking for a Waterproof wetsuit (7mm) for women in M. Since I'm doing my OWD right now, I'd like to have my own wetsuit at the end. ;-)

I had already ordered some from other brands in M (Scubapro as well as Mares), but either it was too wide on the upper body or already much too tight on the two. :-/ Now I'm trying it here.



I'm looking for 80 cuft 40 cuft bottles

Preferably in Austria.

Thank you.

SEARCH Sidemount BCD and Apeks controller

Please only offer Apeks controller!

BCD only, please:

Xdeep. Tecline. Hollis


SEARCH Sidemount BCD and Apeks controller

Please only offer Apeks controller!

BCD only, please:

Xdeep. Tecline. Hollis



  • U 4384 (1x)
  • U 15152
  • Valve V 5550 (3x)
  • Safety valve U 6070
  • Safety valve U 4343
  • Gasket D 2316
  • Gasket U 15698
  • Gasket D 20140

Please send all offers and information via email tomazurbancic(at)

Find a working underwater housing for the Canon 7d (not Mark II). Maybe someone still has something in their collection.


Well preserved, without defects. Gladly also more recent.


I am looking for a Mares X-Vision "old model" so model before 2013 because of the glasses.

Feel free to make offers!

Hey guys

I am looking for submersible compressor Bauer only electric with electricity

Pick-up possible throughout Germany.

I am very much looking forward to your messages.

here is my Wahtsapp No: 0162 800 1000

LG from Dusseldorf


Phone: 01628001000

Hello everyone

I am looking for a case for my Sony A7 III. I am happy about all offers.

Greetings David :)

Moin, I'm Paul 26 years old, about 120 TG and looking for nice people to dive in and around Berlin. Feel free to get in touch! For dry diving I have all the equipment except the bottle :-)


Hey diver,I'm looking for my UW housing TG 5 matching arms with lighting and flash,,if someone knows someone or so would be cool.until then,Greetings Volker


I am looking for a small, light immersion compressor., Poppy Mini or similar


I am looking for the underwater Jenga or also known as Wiggle Tower !

Please offer everything !

Altenkirchen Westerwald


I am looking for a dry dew suit

Size 1.85 m , Chest 1.22 m Top XXl or XXXL

Poor like longer

Legs XXL

Brand Santi, DUI, Ursit max 3 years old



look for the valve mentioned in the subject, as I need it for the second of my bottles for a 'flexible' mono / double device.

At best, an SLM, but since an SLM is already available, an SL/R or SL/L is also possible for the second bottle.

Bottle thread 'Standard' M25 (no small conical (KK-) thread M18).

I absolutely need the 300-bar version (300 bar bottle ÔÇô otherwise there will be trouble at the latest at the T├ťV).
Please only offer Nautec and not AIRCON, because with Aircon the handwheel controls the output opposite, with Nautec the next to it....

As long as the ad is online, there is still interest...


Find a Bonex Aquaprop.

Nimh, lithium or without battery!


Moin together!

I am looking for a fully functional and well preserved Aqualung Axiom Jacket, preferably in the i3 version, size must be ML.

Please contact us with your asking prices if you want to get rid of such a jacket or if you know someone who wants to part with it.

Thank you!


Blubber bubbles



I am looking for old diving items that date back to the time before the 70s. Possibly also up to 80s. Please offer me everything you want to give away. Only in wetsuits and compressors I have generally no interest

I look forward to your offers.

LG Martin


Phone: 01621732146