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Women's drysuit

Size S/M

Socks size 38

suitable for women 160 to 170 cm

Size 34 to max 38

purchased October 2022

Only used three times

Tight, functional, very well maintained

Submission no longer fits

NP 1200EUR

matching undersuit available

Price for the undersuit 80EUR extra

The diving suit is brand new. He was never dived. I'm selling him because I'm giving up diving.

Asking price: 295,- Euro plus VAT 6,99 Euro shipping

The Elate is a 5mm stylish wetsuit from Bare that combines fit, comfort and flexibility for outstanding multisport performance. With a watersports-inspired design, anatomically correct 3D patterns and its own blend of neoprene and laminate, Elate ensures a comfortable diving and water sports experience in and on the water.

- Made of highly stretchy neoprene and laminate layers, for a soft, lightweight feel

- an extreme degree of stretch, comfort and mobility

- Anatomically correct pattern in the shoulder and neck area, excellent three-dimensional fit of the entire suit, reduces pressure points on the shoulders

- Flat collar tab with Velcro fastener for less bulk and more comfort

- Integrated suit protector that protects your suit from getting the Velcro collar tab on your wetsuit

- Extra-long, durable back zipper for easy on and off


A blend of high-stretch neoprene and laminate layers gives Elate a soft, lightweight feel for greater comfort and easier on and off. The neoprene compound creates an extreme level of stretch, comfort and mobility.

Cash payment or PayPal desired.

The goods are sold under exclusion of any warranty.

Good day

I'm selling a Poseidon Luigi with Quicksnap for double devices.

The Double 10 has T├ťV. And was dived.

The Double 7 does not have a T├ťV.

The right Quicksnap for both devices is included.

Price 750EUR+shipping or forwarding

Good day

I sell a Poseidon Cyklon 300 1st stage NM Titan and a 2nd stage Poseidon Cyklon 300 metal. Revision was done last week. The 1st stage is currently still used by mine divers.

Price is 1000EUR+shipping

Thinsulate socks in size medium

for drysuit underneath

Price: 33,-VHB

private sale under EU law; no warranty/warranty/return.


Polarsi Neoprene Gloves

in size M

Price: 15,-VHB

private sale under EU law; no guarantee/warranty/return.


Offer a used fully functional 24Watt HID lamp head from YellowDiving with E/O cord. Condition see pictures. The lamp head has one or two scratches from use.

VB: EUR 190,-


Training DVD from UTD (Unified Team Diving) as an addition to the Fundamentals or TEC1 course.

Language: English

Eur 15,- plus shipping


Diving with rebreathers is becoming increasingly popular and is now represented in diving in numerous forms. In this book, the authors focus specifically on passive, semi-closed rebreathers ("Passive Semi-Closed Rebreathers, PSCR") and, in addition to a comprehensive overview of the history and technology, give the reader valuable practical tips on all aspects of configuration, use and planning. This reference book is rounded off by a separate chapter on the topic of "Physiology and Medicine", which deals with the physical peculiarities of diving with these devices. An indispensable guide for all those who have dedicated themselves to diving with these special rebreathers. WETNOTES reference books appeal to advanced and technical divers alike and impress with their high standards of content and quality. The topics and authors undergo a careful examination based on professional and didactic criteria. In addition to the publisher, the authors also vouch for high-quality content with their good name. The WETNOTES specialist book series is the logical continuation of the philosophy of the established trade magazine "WETNOTES, the trade magazine for advanced and technical divers" and is constantly being expanded.

EUR 25 plus shipping

Language German / Condition Mint

I have many other books about diving / technical diving / diving training in my other offers.


This series familiarizes the reader with the most important special topics in diving. This second volume summarizes for the first time the four most important topics that divers need after basic training so that they can practice their hobby as advanced divers all year round and at all altitudes.
For the four special topics of recreational diving "Dry Diving - Ice Diving - Mountain Lake Diving - Search and Recovery" all important training and application basics are compiled here. For recreational divers, this is a comprehensive training book with numerous illustrations and graphics, which is oriented towards practical needs and creates the basis for an expansion of year-round diving opportunities even in extreme diving waters.

Language German / Condition Mint

EUR 40,- plus shipping

I have many other books about diving / technical diving / diving training in my other offers.


The underground world presents the last arena for the true pioneering spirit.' Martyn Farr's The Darkness Beckons charts the history and development of cave diving, from early underwater expeditions in France in the late nineteenth century, through to cutting-edge dives across the globe, where iron-willed individuals are pushing the limits of equipment and techniques in the pursuit of exploration. Cave diving is the natural evolution of caving, where cavers and open-water divers overcome the challenges of water-filled passages by using specialist breathing apparatus to explore further and deeper than ever before. The challenges are many - distance, depth, temperature, visibility, rockfall and simple restriction in passage size - together with the physical and mental demands placed on an individual in an environment where, despite meticulous preparation, equipment can malfunction and one cannot expect to be rescued if something goes wrong. Early cave dives were made using Standard Equipment diving suits, before 'frogman' equipment was adopted by British and Italian divers in the 1940s. Around the same time, Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Emile Gagnan designed the compressed-air aqualung, the first scuba equipment. The development of breathing apparatus has continued, alongside solutions to evermore challenging projects, especially those at extreme depth. British cave divers, including the author, have been at the forefront of many developments, such as the explorations at Wookey Hole in the Mendips, Keld Head in the Yorkshire Dales and Pozo Azul in Spain. Cave diving today is a truly international endeavour, and Farr gives detailed and engaging accounts of developments in Europe, the Americas, Australia and New Zealand, Southern Africa and more. Farr introduces cave diving's pioneers and chronicles their achievements. Among a cast of many are the Britons Graham Balcombe, Mike Boon, John Volanthen and Rick Stanton; the American Sheck Exley, who died while attempting to establish a new depth record in the Zacaton sinkhole in Mexico; and the outstanding German cave diver and equipment innovator Jochen Hasenmayer. The stories of their adventures are charged with courage, danger and excitement, and some have led to tragedy. First published in 1980, this 2017 edition of The Darkness Beckons has been fully revised and updated to reflect the latest developments. Featuring over 400 breathtaking photographs and illustrations, and with a foreword by renowned American cave diver and explorer Bill Stone, it is an inspirational read for anyone with an interest in exploration and adventure.

Language English / Condition: slight signs of wear

EUR 120,- plus shipping

I have many other books about diving / technical diving / diving training in my other offers.


Embark on an exploration of the mysterious and awe-inspiring world of cave diving with the second edition of Cave Diving: Everything You Always Wanted to Know. This 280-page masterpiece, adorned with a captivating cover photo by Joram Mennes, offers a comprehensive guide filled with 32 personal inserts by the world's most distinguished cave divers. Stratis Kas, alongside Matteo Ratto, provides a rich tapestry of knowledge on cave diving, covering everything from techniques to safety protocols. With a foreword by Michael Menduno, this second edition boasts 34 new pages dedicated to gas management and DPV gas management, making it an indispensable resource for serious divers.

EUR 40,- plus shipping

I have many other books about diving / technical diving / diving training in my other offers.


How did the author of "The Little Prince" die? Captivating eyewitness accounts and new underwater discoveries show what really happened. His last flight was one of the last great mysteries of the Second World War. On July 31, 1944, the French writer and pilot Antoine de Saint-Exup├ęry did not return from a reconnaissance flight. After more than 60 years, it has now been possible to identify the German fighter pilot who claims responsibility for Saint-Exup├ęry's death. The authors examined eyewitness accounts and documents first-hand, gained underwater archaeological knowledge at the site where the plane wreck was found, a few kilometers off the coast of Marseille, and accompanied a TV documentary. An excitingly told research adventure that traces the myth of Saint-Exup├ęry's disappearance.

Screenplay: Claas Triebel - The Prince, the Pllot and Atoine de Saint-Exup├ęry

EUR 20,- plus shipping

I have many other books about diving / technical diving / diving training in my other offers.


Since the end of the war, the small Toplitzsee, located between steep rock faces in the Austrian Salzkammergut, has been the subject of wildest rumours. However, the biologist Prof. Hans Fricke was not looking for legendary gold treasures or secret documents of the Nazis in this lake, but he investigated the world of the "deep sea" of this water. In addition to new scientific findings, however, a lot of the legendary relics from the Nazi era also came into the light of the submersible headlights during his diving trips.

EUR 35,- plus shipping

I have many other books about diving / technical diving / diving training in my other offers.


New, unworn drysuit from ROFOS.

ROFOS RS360 M Long Man

Neck Cuff Neoprene

Plastic zipper

Valves Si-Tech

Hood Neoprene 7mm

Seams Black

Overlay Top Grey

Si-Tech Quick Cuff Arm Cuff System

Neoprene Boots Size L

Regular price in this configuration 1689,-

Retail price: 1300,- plus shipping costs

Price incl. hood, carrying bag, inflator hose.



Book about the secrets of the Toplitzsee.

EUR 10,- plus shipping

I have many other books about diving / technical diving / diving training in my other offers.


Sell this Mares Abyss set here.
1st first stage MR22t
2nd second stage Mares Abyss with Miflex hose in black
3. Octopus Mares MV
4. Vending machine bag

Shipping and PayPal are possible.

Price 150EUR


sell this regulator
-1 Stage Mares MR52
-2 Level Mares Abyss with Black Milfelx
-2 Level Mares Abyss with Yellow Milfex
-Pressure gauge Polaris
-Inflator hose
-Vending machine bag of Mares

The ESC has only 23 dives, is in perfect and well-maintained condition.

Price: 250EUR


TUSA Hyflex Switch Device Fins - Color Black (BK) - Size S (Shoe Size 38-40) - Original price EUR 180

Selling my used TUSA Hyflex Switch device fins with usual signs of use - bought in 2018 - fully functional.

Price 100 EUR - Pick-up possible near Kirchheim/Teck

Private sale - Therefore, the sale is made under exclusion of any warranty. No returns, no returns, no warranty or anything like that

Official description of the device fins:

  • Innovative fins with interchangeable blade
  • Standard with high-quality TUSA bungee straps
  • 10% more propulsion thanks to angled fin blade
  • Less water resistance thanks to Vortex Generator

The fin blades of the diving fins TUSA HyFlex Switch device fins are made of the innovative polyurethane material Purimax, which has a greatly increased responsiveness compared to conventional plastics and rubber, and thus improves the efficiency of the TUSA fins considerably. The material of the TUSA Flosse HyFlex Switch device fins is also light and robust.

The new Vortex Generator on the back of the blades of the TUSA HyFlex Switch fins, which consists of 6 grooves that minimize water resistance and provide increased thrust, also provides even better propulsion.

Another 10% more propulsion is also provided by the angled blade of the device fins TUSA HyFlex Switch, an angle of 20┬░ between the foot section and the fin blade, which significantly increases the effectiveness of the fin stroke when diving.

The foot part of the diving fins TUSA HyFlex Switch is made of a high-quality material blend, a multi compound foot section that guarantees perfect power transfer from the foot to the blade when diving. The good fit of the TUSA HyFlex Switch fins also ensures pleasant wearing comfort when diving.

The TUSA HyFlex Switch are equipped with the universal fin straps from TUSA, the popular TUSA bungee straps, for quick and comfortable putting on and taking off the fins.

The special feature of the TUSA HyFlex Switch fins is the removable fin blade, which can be separated from the foot section in a few simple steps if you want to change it color, or for easier transport to store the fins in slightly shorter pockets.

Stuttgart /Umland

Phone: 01791094160

For sale is a 14cf aluminum bottle, ideal as an argon bottle.
Attention: This is a low pressure cylinder with a maximum working pressure of 139 bar.
The bottle comes without a valve, has no CE and no T├ťV.
The bottle thread is NPSM 3/4.14"
(e.g. here:
It is unused. Year of manufacture: 2015
Diameter: ~112mm.
Length: ~419mm.
Weight: ~2.5 kg
Color: White

Location: Aachen
Price: 100,-EUR


An unused battery tank with a LiFePo battery (4S5P) is offered.
The battery has a nominal voltage of 12.8V and a capacity of 25Ah.
The currently determined power is approx. 325Wh.
The battery has a protection board with the following values:
Charging voltage: 12.8-14.4V
Final charging voltage: 14.4V
Overcharge protection: 3.65V/cell
Over-discharge protection: 2.35V/cell
Max. Discharge Current: 14A
The connection between battery and lid is via Tamiya plug.
The E/O cord on the lid has a length of 79cm.
The battery tank is closed with Nielsen Letches (with fuse).
To attach the tank to the waist belt, a belt loop with hose clamps (stainless steel) is attached.
The battery tank is made of POM and the lid is made of acrylic glass.

External height (with lid): 36.5cm
Exterior height: 34.5cm
Interior height: 33cm
Outer diameter: 11cm
Inner Diameter: 91cm
Weight (incl. battery): 5.5kg

Location: Aachen
Price: 610EUR


For sale is a 14cf aluminum bottle, ideal as an argon bottle.
Attention: This is a low pressure cylinder with a maximum working pressure of 139 bar.
The bottle comes without a valve, has no CE and no T├ťV.
The bottle thread is NPSM 3/4.14"
(e.g. here:
It is unused. Year of manufacture: 2015
Diameter: ~112mm.
Length: ~419mm.
Weight: ~2.5 kg
Color: Silver

Location: Aachen
Price: 100,-EUR


A double 18, 232 bar is offered.
Cylinder valves are M25x2 and the regulator connectors are G5/8".
The bottles are from Heiser and from 2002.
There is no valid T├ťV available.

The bottles are filled with about 20 bar of air.

Due to the weight, no shipping is offered.
Location: Aachen
Price: 380,-EUR


Sell a pair Mares Power Plana in size L.

The fins are in good condition.

If you have any questions, just get in touch.

Price: 50 VHB

Bad Kreuznach

Phone: 01607576030

Sell two La Spirotechnique BCDs with the corresponding compressed air bottle.

The vest is visually in good condition.

Due to its age, the vest is probably only to be used as a decorative item.

Price: 45 EUR per vest or 70 EUR for both together.

If you have any questions, just get in touch.

Bad Kreuznach

Phone: 01607576030

Bauer Marine breathing air, diving compressor.
Ran until the end at a dive center and was only taken out of service because of a new acquisition:)

Compressor details :
Bauer Mariner - built in 1986
Delivery capacity 190l/min
Preparation for ultimate pressure shutdown (pressure sensor is currently not wired)
Preparation for automatic condensate drain (solenoid valve 70bar, and timer on DIN rail are included)
4kw electric motor
P21 Filter - Currently only to be seen as a pre-filter
L&W 1.7l filter with almost fresh filter cartridge
B-Timer (New)

Also already renewed this year :
-Intake filter
- Compressor oil
- A drain valve on the P21 has been completely replaced

There are also
about 8l compressor oil, that should be enough for the next few years ;-)
a Dr├Ąger filling strip with 3 connections.
On request, a briefing on the compressor if it is picked up.

On request, there is the wiring diagram for the automatic shutdown as well as all necessary parts (except contactor)

Shipping on pallet would be possible.
The compressor currently stands on pallets without rollers, but these can be mounted to make the compressor mobile, unless it is permanently piped.

Pick-up would certainly be best, if the costs are covered, shipping on pallets can of course also be organized.
Delivery in the vicinity would certainly also be possible against reimbursement of costs:)

You are also welcome to test the function on site :-) Bottle is available ;-)

Otherwise, bought as seen applies.
The goods are sold under exclusion of any warranty

Price 1750 VHB


Sell our used Mares semi-dry suit here.

Bought it in September 2019 and did about 20 dives with it. Were very satisfied, is really a great suit. It has a practical pocket on the leg with a clip inside for fastening.

The hood is also of Mares size 5 and has a clip for easy hanging.

Of course, it has a few small signs of wear and the lip over the zipper at the back has been sewn - see photos. But has no influence on the function of the suit.

Was thoroughly rinsed with fresh water after each dive and always treated with care. Was always stored hanging.

We also ship and PayPal would also be available. (With PayPal buyer protection, the buyer pays the fees)

The sale is made under exclusion of any liability for material defects. Liability for damages due to injury to health, body or life and grossly negligent and/or intentional violations of my duties as a seller remains unaffected.

89335 Ichenhausen

Mares Superchannel for sale, size regular. Used (just under 40 dives), in good condition (only usual superficial scratches). I had made longer bungee straps on it. These are perfectly fine. I wore them with neoprene boots size 42.

Price VB: 35EUR (plus shipping if necessary)

Free pick-up Wiesbaden, or meeting in Hunsfels or Seen Rhein-Main / direction Mannheim, Karlsruhe etc.


For sale are a few new OMS Slipstream fins in size XXL, limited edition color "miami blue" (light blue, see photo) for 115EUR, plus shipping if necessary. VB

Dimensions foot compartment: width 11.5 & height 9 & length 23.5 cm. Probably should fit from size 44/45.

I dive the same fins in XL with a wetsuit and love them. Perfect for any fin stroke. Unfortunately, the XXL didn't fit me with my drysuit boots. The fins are absolutely new and have never been in the water before. Original price was 147EUR plus shipping.

Gladly pick-up or personal delivery. I can often be found in Hunsfels and in lakes in the direction of Mannheim / Karlsruhe. Otherwise, pick-up / meeting in Wiesbaden and the surrounding area possible or shipping (costs are borne by the buyer).

Private sale under exclusion of any liability for material defects. No warranty or return.


The Multitraveller can be dismantled into individual modules (bags) and when put together forms a compact piece of luggage with plenty of storage space. It is structured from an organizer to a cabinet case

The Main-bag is built like a cabinet case, which makes it extremely easy to access. It can be operated comfortably while standing. Inside, it has fastening straps, easy-packing functionality, elastic loops and a small parts bag.

The all-round padded add-on bag serves to increase volume and offers additional storage space. It can be zipped between the main bag and the boarding bag.

On top of the main bag is the boarding bag. It is padded all around and is suitable for transporting breathing air machines, dive computers or digicams. In addition, it has an organizer for travel documents and a mobile phone pocket. The bag is detachable and easy to take on board with a shoulder strap or carrying handle.

The boarding bag and add-on bag can be combined and combined to form one large hand luggage.

The two side fin pockets can be separated from the main pocket. Zipped together, these also form an ABC pocket. Equipped with a padded shoulder strap, the snorkeling bag is ideal for snorkeling trips. In the intermediate compartment, towel and book can still be conveniently stowed.


1. Customizable aluminum rails
2. Breathable hollow chamber functional foam
3. Comfortable anatomically shaped shoulder straps
4. Aircontact models:
Movable VariFlex hip fins

Up to 15% less sweating thanks to the Aircontact system
Deuter Aircontact System


- Telescopic trolley pole
- PE protection plate
- Interchangeable castors
- Cover for Deuter Aircontact system
- Stowage for the cover
- Hyperlon protective strips
- Edge protection (rubber)
- Drain holes on the fin pockets


Volume: 140 litres
Check-in weight: 5.6kg
Hand luggage / combi bag: 0.7kg

Main bag with detachable fin pockets
approx.: 80cm (height) x 45cm (length) x 55cm (width)
in the widest places.

The two top pockets are removable and are usually taken on board.
Add on Bag approx.: 18cm x 30cm x 30cm
Boarding bag approx.: 14cm x 30cm x 30cm

The design of the Multitraveller is discreet and sporty. The Multitraveller is versatile, comfortable and reliable. It is produced in small quantities.

Asking price: 180EUR incl. shipping

I am selling here from my deceased dad an underwater housing from the company Sealux. It is the model HD7, the matching camcorder Sony HDR-HC7 incl. accessories is incl. My dad always used it on his diving trips. The underwater housing can no longer be purchased, as the Sealux company has ceased its operation. My dad also had grab bars, etc., which can be purchased if there is a need.

He transported everything in an aluminum suitcase, which is also sold.

All this can be viewed on site at my mom's house.

Price 333 EUR VB

I offer diving lights from my dad's estate here. Unfortunately, I hardly know anything about it, I think they are some of the Sunbright company. M2200 D. I can't test it, but my dad used it until the end.

I offer an underwater video lamp from my dad, including accessories as shown in the photos and with the bag. The lamp is in perfect condition and very well maintained. It was used by my late dad. With the lamp, photo and video recordings are clearly improved, even in low light conditions.

Price VB 222.-EUR (Realistic price offers are welcome)

I'm selling my late dad's dive computer here. It is the Galileo Luna, a high-end dive computer for demanding recreational divers. A storage bag is also included.

Price 255.- EUR VB

Hello diving friends,
I am selling my dry suit equipment because I haven't needed it for a long time and I don't plan to do so in the foreseeable future.
The dry suit equipment was only worn on about a dozen dives in fresh water, after which it was well rinsed, stored in a cool, dark and dry place.

In this ad, my Waterproof B5 Marine Boots are offered. The swap shoes are in size 27 and I always wore them over my drysuit with neoprene socks under the drysuit. So they fit me well and I usually wear shoe size 42. The sole of the shoes still has a good profile, see the pictures.

There are other ads on my profile for other equipment. If you are interested in several items, you can talk about a package price.

Pick-up with inspection of the material is preferred. Shipping is possible against assumption of costs by the buyer.
The goods are sold under exclusion of any warranty. Warranty or return are excluded.

Price: 70EUR


Dear friends,

I am looking for free, defective and unusable diving equipment. The condition does not play a role, as it is used exclusively for teaching purposes and for visualization. So if you still have something lying around, I would be very happy.

The postage costs will be covered.

Altenkirchen Westerwald

Offer women's semi-dry wetsuit, thickness 7mm, make: Scubapro Definition IR7 Lady, M size M 165-170cm, 55-70kg Color: black m. turquoise, with separate hood hardly worn, very good condition, only dipped in fresh water. VB: 150,- (shipping pays buyer)

The goods are sold under exclusion of any warranty. Returns and guarantees are excluded.


Offer unused mask straps for Atomic/or similar masks

2 x red and 4 x grey contrasting

2EUR/piece plus shipping or all together 10 EUR plus shipping


Offer, new and unused:

BC 1056 Crotch strap - 1" - Scooter ring - 5 EUR

GM 2051 stage strap 2 x - 7 EUR/piece

Dive Rite bags 2 x - 5 EUR/piece

Prices for self-pickup - shipping possible


Offer 1 backpack with the old logo, like new, because no longer used after the purchase of the drysuit.

Gladly to self-collectors.

15 EUR + shipping


unused wrist strap suitable for all Sola and GoBe lamp - without logo -

NP 45 EUR for 20 EUR plus shipping

Gladly to self-collectors


Offer unused, functional underwater lamp, 2000 lumens

Gladly to self-collectors.

VB 149 EUR + shipping


Offer unused, functional underwater lamp, 1200 lumens

Description is included

Gladly to self-collectors

VB 119 EUR + shipping


used - size 44-46 - with new Spring Straps

VB 45 EUR shipping possible


Complete diving equipment used consisting of:

Cressi 5mm Semi-Dry Wetsuit, Size 52

Cressi Shorty Size 52

Cressi Jacket Aqua Pro Size M

Regulator Apeks FST 1st stage, ATX 100 2nd stage and AT20 Octopus without pressure gauge

Socks Aqua Lung size 40 and 42

Cressi ImplementFins Pro Light Size M-L

Wenoka Tackle Fins Size S 38-40

Diving goggles 2x Aqualung with snorkel

Diving bag

see pictures.

Pick-up would be pleasant, can also be shipped for a fee

Total price 350,-EUR

No warranty, no returns

85540 Haar

Hello dear divers :-)

I offer very neat and hardly submerged split fins of the brand Oceanic Vortex V12. Incl. Spring Straps with stainless steel spring.

Size: S Color: black


High-performance fin for scuba divers from OCEANIC's Splitfin line.

The Splitfin technology enables faster forward propulsion even at high resistance with less effort, as the pressure on the legs and hips is reduced. Low-fatigue swimming in currents and a relaxed glide when diving in calm water makes the V12 the first choice for all scuba divers. Made of highly elastic Flexprene.

Pet and smoke-free household.

Private sale - no return, no guarantee

Pick-up is preferred.

I am also happy to ship at an additional cost around the shipping costs.

Payment is made in cash on site or by PayPal friends/acquaintances.

50 EUR

Original price was 175 EUR




I offer here a fully functional Full HD camcorder with a matching underwater housing (or in other words:), an underwater camera and some accessories.
The camcorder is equipped with a 60GB hard drive and also has a micro SD card slot.
For underwater use, the camcorder is attached to a base plate, which is then pushed into the housing, and the basic functions (on/off, start/stop video recording, photo recording, zoom) are then available under water.
The housing is equipped with a 77mm filter thread, to which smaller filters can also be attached (with appropriate adapter rings). In addition, the included fisheye attachment and the color filter can be screwed on.

Video recordings are possible in Full HD and photo recordings with 2MP.
The camera has recorded many memories for me and faithfully accompanied me in connection with the housing released to a depth of 40m under water, so that I am actually sorry to give it away, but I have switched to a different system and unfortunately have no hand free to still take the camera with me. ;-)

1x Camera JVC Everio GZ-HD300
1x charger / power adapter
1x Underwater housing WR-MG250U
1x Battery
1x color filter (red - for salt water)
1x fisheye attachment (self-built)
2x spare O-ring

(I also have at least one more battery lying around, but unfortunately I'm still looking for it. If I still find it, it will of course be added to the delivery.)
I just can't guarantee at the moment that my search will be successful and I still want to get the offer online, because slowly but surely the diving and vacation season begins.
Since this is a private sale, I exclude warranty, warranty and return. With a purchase, you tacitly agree to this regulation.

I think a retail price of 100EUR for the whole package is fair.

If you're interested in the set, but find the price unreasonable, I'm sure you'll be able to talk to me.


I sell 2 x AQUATICA Delta 3 Strobe Arm Kit with a total of 4 x 11" (27.94 cm) Double Ball Arms and 7 clamps. These are used to connect underwater lightning to an underwater housing.

I would like to have 350EUR for it, price is negotiable.

Since the spring of an original AQUATICA clamp is a bit bent (unfortunately from the beginning), I got a replacement clamp. I think the clamp could be repaired quite quickly with a little manual skill.

The arms and clamps are in very good condition (except for the mentioned clamp) and have been used little.

It is an animal-free and non-smoking household.

The flash arms and clamps can be picked up or shipped.

Please note that this is a private sale, for this reason the goods are sold under exclusion of any warranty.