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I would like to part with my sea & sea body RDX 450D, the matching canon eos d500, canon 18-55mm lens and the sigma 10-20mm wide-angle lens because I am switching to a different system.

There are also various small stuff for the case and a charger for the camera battery.

Until now, the case had always been dry from the inside.

I would like to have 1150EUR VB for this.


Phone: 017620056583

Housing: IKELITE HM 620 incl. red filter. Diving depth up to 60m

Camera: JVC Everio GZ HM 300SE incl. wide-angle lens 0.55. Card SD / SDHC

LED lighting: Multi-stage of Mb SUB, type Photon2 with lithium-manganese batteries. Diving depth up to 200m.

2 x Battery Chargers for LED Lighting, 1 x Battery Charger for Camera Battery.

Various accessories, O-rings, remote control, red filter and camera wide-angle lens.

Condition: Used, fully functional. Well-maintained items with minor signs of wear.

Instruction manual for all parts attached. Comes with a hard case.

Retail price: 420,00 EUR plus shipping.

Sell my Gopro Hero 4 with a lot of accessories. The camera is in good condition. It was used almost exclusively in underwater housing.

  • Gopro Hero 4
  • SUPCASE Supremery
  • 3 Batteries and charger
  • Dual Charger
  • Red filter
  • Remote control
  • And lots and lots of accessories
  • VB 110,- EUR
  • Shipping costs according to delivery
  • Private sale under exclusion of any warranty, guarantee or liability for material defects!
  • No returns.

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Components of the package:

Olympus TG5 as good as new, was only once in the pool to dive because of Corona and rehab

Olympus original PT 058 housing/black/red 2 batteries

Hama Camera Case for TG5 in Carbon/Black

Olympus Original Fiber Cable Adapter for Lightning

Olympus original floating wrist strap

Olympus original anti-reflection ring

Olympus original Sportholder

Sports Wrist Strap

PayPal via friends and family

Shipment with assumption of costs

If you have any questions, please contact us

Bad Kreuznach

Sell my photo/video equipment with lamp set and rail, model see article description, all other information, see on the Internet (enter the model/type). Original price together 711 euros, bought Nov, 2022. Used only once in Bali March 2023, new condition.

VB 500 Euro


Phone: 01777724440

Offer UW Blitz of the brand SeaLife.

Was used on about 10 dives. The flash is fully functional. On a camera track with fiber optic cable

Sale due to hobby abandonment.

In addition, there is a padded pocket in which there is also room for a UW camera.

VB 100 EUR


2 Seaflash 150D with

Each flash has 2 batteries, neoprene protection, chargers and diffuser.

Price 1200 euros each or 2000 euros for both.

Spipping by choice costs decided together.

Please send me a personal message for more information.

Offer for photo / video a used compact set basic rail/handle with plastic flex arm "Locline"

Aluminium rail with variable handle mounting on the right and left, length approx. 14 cm
1/4 inch connection (tripod thread)
Aluminium handle with foam rubber pad, bottom approx. 9 cm, handle length approx. 12 cm
Plastic flex arm with Y-connection, length approx. 26 cm

Price 35 euros plus freight

This is a private sale, therefore no guarantee, no redemption


A nice Christmas present ­čśŐ­čÉČ

I hereby sell my SEA and SEA DX 8000 G underwater camera incl. housing and various accessories. There is also a matching wide-angle converter incl. holder as well as 2 red filters (with slight signs of use.... not necessarily relevant when taking photos, otherwise buy a new one) This camera is very suitable both underwater and above water. Takes very good pictures in normal mode / wide and close range (macro). Very good and fast focusing. The exact data for this camera can be found on the Internet. Enclosed is the instruction manual in booklet form. It is very suitable for beginners (snorkeling trips) and of course for divers. I've always been very satisfied with this set and now I'm selling it because of a change. Condition of the camera and accessories is very good. All components have always been very well maintained and work perfectly. Attached are a few pictures of the equipment and a few snapshots :-) Would have liked to have attached more...., but unfortunately only 10 pictures are possible. Sell the camera and accessories only in the complete package.... no single sale. Please only make serious enquiries about this offer.

Fixed price: 500 Euro

Private sale, no warranty and return and no money back

Phone: 01739845190

Directly from revision we offer this hammer part for sale:

Reef TL MLV 3.2 dive light (in best condition)

The Riff TL MLV 3.2 offers a maximum of 5200 lumens.

The new MLV 3.2 lamps not only offer video lights in white, red and blue, but also a spot light.
In order to be able to bring out the colors better at greater depths, the red light can be switched on to the whitish.
The blue light is used without the white light to bring out the fluorescent colors.

Due to the spot light, the MLV 3.2 is not only suitable as an optimal video light, but also as a normal diving light.

With the red light, you can observe the underwater world partly undisturbed. Many species cannot perceive red light at all or only poorly. At increasing depths, the proportion of red in the light becomes less and less, the species living there have not developed the color perception in this part of the light spectrum. The red light can be switched on to the white light. This allows the colour intensity to be significantly increased. The colour rendering becomes warmer and the dwindling proportion of red light is compensated.

The blue light is intended for fish and corals that have fluorescent (short-wave) color particles.

These become visible through the blue light and then radiate back with a brightness and colors that are otherwise not visible. Some of them even shimmer in rainbow colors.

The UV light is for motifs that have bioluminescent color particles. This cold light is generated in living organisms (e.g. the fishing rod of frogfish) by friction or touch and made visible by UV light. Normally, this color spectrum is outside of the light visible to humans.

Model: TL MLV 3.2 Multifunction Dive Light Dive Light Video and Spot Light

White (video light) CREE XM-L2 U2 LED *4 (max 2600 lumens), White (spotlight) CREE XP-G2 R5* 2 (max 600 lumens), Red CREE XP-E N3
LED*2 (620 nm, max 200 lumens), Blue CREE XP-E D4*2 (455 nm, max 6W)

Light temperature: 5000-5500 K white (video light), 6500 K white (spot light)

Switch 1: White (video light) 100% > 50% > 25% >off
Switch 2: White (spotlight) > red > blue > off

Burn time: White (video light):

100% approx. 90 min, 50% approx. 120 min, 25% approx. 180 min White (spotlight) approx. 150 min, red approx. 180 min, blue approx. 300 min

Reflector: polished aluminum, only with spotlight

Lens : 4mm Polycarbonate

Lamp body: Durabel Aircraft Aluminum

Light angle: approx. 110┬░ (video light), approx. 10┬░ (spot light)

Surface Treatment: Premium Type III Hard Anodizing
Colour: black

4 times Li-ion battery with overcharge protection and +/- protection
with degassing valve

Operating voltage: 4.2 V to 2.8 V

Waterproof: 100 meters

Dimensions: 145mm (length) * 50mm (head diameter) * 41mm (d lamp body)

Weight: approx. 332g (without battery); approx. 470 g (with battery)

Underwater weight: approx. 250 g (with battery)


we ship with GLS DE as an insured parcel within DE

No returns, no warranty

VB: Euro 349.--

Schweiz / Basel

Once again, we have an overstock of electronics, so some things have to give way now.


WITH SLR (Nikon D7000 with Nikkor 18-105mm, incl. dive housing mount with new quick couplings, dome port, i-TTL cable from camera to housing.

The case has signs of use, but this does not lead to any impairment (see photos). SLR Nikon D7000 always treated with great care, looks like new with less than 10000 trips.

Due to an accident (broken hand), the camera with housing can no longer be guided. Housing was always tight with us (new seals fitted).
As always when buying a UW housing, check the tightness without a camera before TG!

Camera and body with all accessories had a new price of about Euro 4500.--

VB: Euro 700.--

We are happy to give the set into the next good hands and hope that a lot of fun will come out of it.

We ship with DHL as an insured parcel up to Euro 2500.-- to Euro 6.99

No warranty, no guarantee.

Schweiz / Basel

1 pc. Ikelite Plastic Enclosure Actionline Model 624.11 - used
Includes lightning fiber optic connectors, main gasket and port cover
1 pc. Ikelite base rail model 2605.04 with handle adapter and ball attachment
1 pc Ikelite Silicone Grease 1cc
1 pc replacement clasp
1 pc. English information sheet
1 pc. Additional instruction manual in German
Maximum operating depth 60 m.
67 mm thread at the front of the port for additional lenses

The housing is a good year old, in very good condition, small, light and ideal for travel.

Supported Functions: On/Off, Shutter Release, Zoom Control, Mode Dial, Camera Back Buttons: */AE Save Button, Movie Button, Mode, SET Button, Flash/Right Button, Info/Down Button, MENU Button, Play Button, Macro/MF/Left Button.

Not supported, without claiming to be complete: control ring at the front, exposure compensation at the top, setting dial at the rear, flash extended.
I didn't miss the missing features. Simply extend the camera flash before installing it in the housing. I was able to depict my desired shooting situations in the different modes. Mostly C, M, Av, sometimes Tv.

Lightning coupling with fiber optic cable works via TTL setting and also manually. In my case with a INON S2000.

I'm selling, because of system change.

The original price was about 410 EUR. My offer 243 EUR plus 7 EUR freight

This is a private sale with no guarantee, no warranty, no return.


1599 EUR

With this underwater camera, you can film anything!

It doesn't matter if it's clownfish or dolphins!
It doesn't matter if it's day or night!
It doesn't matter if it's fresh water or salt water!

Underwater image 1.
Thanks to the integrated swivel red filter, the underwater world looks even more colorful.
Underwater image 2.
At night, in wrecks or caves, the two lamps provide a natural-looking floodlight that can easily illuminate several square meters.
Underwater image 3.
And in the lake at home, you can leave out the filter and capture the beauty of the underwater world with or without lamps.

Whether it's a wide-angle or close-up, everything is possible.
Thanks to the knobs and levers, you have control over white balance, zoom or filter at all times. By the way, you only need to press 2 buttons for the white balance, the rest is automatic.
Thanks to the floating arms and the buoyancy devices, the set is neutrally balanced.

- Light & Motion Bluefin for Canon HF G10 or XA 10
- Fathom 90 wide-angle fully zoomable
- Internal swivel red filter
- Complete camera control via 10 buttons
- Monitor back panel
- Max. diving depth 100 meters

- Canon XA 10 ( Full HD 50i or 25p )
- With XLR camera grip
- Wide-angle and telephoto for landscape shots
- Camera bag + accessories

- AIO RG Blue System 01
- 2200 lumens
- 110 degree floodlight
- Lamp Bags + Accessories

All components have been regularly serviced and are working!
The set is sold because of hobby abandonment.
If you have any further questions, please contact us for more pictures or videos.

Assured shipping, PayPal, transfer, pick-up, negotiation, technical discussion all possible!


For the first time, the MWL-1 attachment lens offers the full-frame photographer or filmmaker (DSLR or mirrorless camera) the opportunity to switch between wide-angle subjects (150┬║) to portrait subjects (approx. 60 mm) and macro subjects (up to 1.5 : 1) in combination with the Nauticammacro converter (CMC-1) and the dual swivel mount during the dive . All you need is an approx. 60 mm macro lens (1:1) on the body of the full-frame camera (e.g. Nikon) and a corresponding Nauticamflat port. When the MWL-1 is panned forward, the camera can focus from the front element of the lens to infinity, allowing for spectacular close-up wide-angle perspectives.

Both the MWL-1 and the macro converter are made of precision-cut optical glass with advanced anti-reflective coatings.

If you want to decide on either the macro or wide-angle version before the dive, you can of course mount the MWL-1 or the macro converter directly to the front port of the camera body (without the swivel mount). If you have decided on a "wide-angle dive" in this respect, the enclosed adapter (with red locking lever) must first be mounted on the front port with the help of the large 4-point wrench, which is also included.

The equipment shown has never been in the water, shows no signs of use and can therefore be considered as new.

Nevertheless, due to circumstances, I am selling them together as shown for 1,600 EUR (original price. 2,800 EUR; Original invoices available).

88471 Laupheim

Phone: 07392-913395

The set was purchased in 2016/17 and used in only 4 diving holidays until 2019. Thus, the equipment
in very good condition and fully functional. Since the end of 2019, I have had to work with
stop diving and only end up selling the complete set. With this set, you can
start with underwater photography and filming. There are adapters/ports/lenses for wide angle, fisheye
and macro. The flash set consists of hybrid iDivesite flashes that can also function as video lights.
Thus, video recording in 4k resolution is also possible with very good lighting. If you are interested in buying, you are welcome to purchase the set
can be viewed and with purchase I show the complete assembly of the set. Original price of the set ~8000EUR, sale VHB 5000EUR

The set consists of the following components:

- Cinebag backpack for the set when traveling
- 2x iDivesite Symbiosis SS2 flashes/lights with 4000 lumens each. Incl. 2x charger and 2x battery
- Aquatica A6300 housing made of milled solid aluminium
- Vacuum sensor in the housing
- Electric vacuum pump
- Double handle
- Floating flash arms for good buoyancy
- Dome port
- Macroport with manually operated focus
- Plainport
- 2x replacement O-rings incl. grease
- Camera Sony A6300 incl. 3 batteries and charger
- Lens Sony SEL 16F28
- Lens Sony VCL-ECU2 wide-angle
- Lens Sony VCL-ECF2 Fisheye
- Lens Sony SEL 30M35 Macro/Portrait
- Lens Sony SEL 90M28G Super Macro


Phone: 06645180648

I sell all my underwater camera equipment. It is all fully functional and has always been maintained.

Included in the set are:

  • Canon EOS 450D with EF-S 18-55mm lens + adjustment ring
  • Wide-angle lens EF-S 10-22mm + adjustment ring
  • Macro Lens 100mm
  • RDX 450D Underwater Housing with Standard Port, Port Base L and Macro Port 111
  • Flash light attachment with base plate and handles and additional arms for strobe lights
  • Flash Light YS-27 DX with Diffuser
  • Flash Light YS-110
  • 2 fiber optic cables, 8 batteries with charger, spare O-rings

Total price: 1.555EUR

If you have any further questions, please feel free to write a message.

Private sale: no warranty, no returns, no money back.

The listed trademarks, brand names and manufacturer names are the property of their respective owners, their mention serves only to describe the article offered.

Offer Sea&Sea DX 300D Case incl. Accessories (for Canon EOS 300D)

The set includes the following items:

  • Sea&Sea DX300D Underwater Housing
  • SX Dome Port
  • SX Flat Port for Macro Lenses
  • Underwater Flash YS-55 TTL/E by Sea&Sea
  • Underwater Flash YS-30 TTL Strobe Duo by Sea&Sea
  • various arm mounts, O-rings
  • Manuals

Of course, the Pelicase case is also included.

VB 950,00


I am looking for a working housing for the video camcorder Sony FDR-AX700, preferably from Gates.



Looking for this camera for a friend, does anyone have to hand it in?

Offer an almost new Kraken underwater housing (only 2 TGs) with extra battery compartment with which the phone can also be charged during the TG. It fits all common IPhones and Android phones, you just have to download the Kraken app. It is sold with the matching filter/lens adapter M52 (is an optional accessory). Original price with lens holder 430EUR, now for 360EUR incl. insured shipping.


Used SEACAM Silver underwater housing. Best case manufacturer on the market! 100% functional and 100% leak-proof. Both the Nikon D3x (24MP) and D3 fit into it. Housing has 2 Nikonos connectors for UW flash units. Housing comes with very little used macro port P105 for close-ups (glass tiptop), in which the following lenses fit: AF-S Micro NIKKOR 85 mm f/3.5G ED as well as AF Micro NIKKOR 105 mm f/2.8D AND very little used wet diopter set (for macro shots up to magnifications in 2.5 to 1 scale).


  • Seacamhousing
  • Macro port
  • Wet Diopter Set

Dimensions (W x H x D): 26 x 21 x 14 cm, weight: 2950 g, each without port, viewfinder and handles. Operating depth: up to 80 m, greater operating depth can be converted with Seacam . Not included: viewfinder; Camera; Objective

VHB together 999 EURO. Original price was about 5500 EURO

Shipping possible. Introduction and explanation included at pick-up

65549 Lmburg

Hello everyone

For sale here I have a UW photo video camera

Price: 550 Euro

Shipping is from Madeira, cost of shipping I need to see

Look at the photo, think you can see everything well, if you have any questions then I can also send details with photos.

Have fun



Phone: +351916362665

I'm looking for a functional Actionpro x9 incl. diving housing, preferably with other accessories

Hello everyone

I am looking for a cheap underwater housing for the Canon EOS 450D.

Maybe someone else has one lying around?

I'm looking forward to offers...



SAGA stands for fabulous quality. This achromatic lens outperforms many other products when it comes to macro shooting. For compact cameras, there is also a flip adapter. With this adapter you save yourself the annoying screwing on and off under water and swing it away quite comfortably.


maximum diving depth: 100 meters - diameter (outside): 60 mm - length: 37 mm - weight (underwater): 156 grams - material: seawater-resistant anodized aluminum - thread diameter: 67 mm - thickness: +10 diopters - scope of delivery: macro lens - with protective cap front and threaded side.

Only a few times in use, condition very good. Sale due to switch to Nauticam. The original price was 249 euros Meanwhile, the lens costs 215 euros. Price presentation 100 euros

63741 Aschaffenburg

Phone: 06021-3288176 oder 0171-5469262

New, Price VHB EUR

A SOLA Nightsea X front panel from Light and Motion is sold.
The plate replaces the front panel on the SOLA 4000 for fluo dives.
This converts the powerful SOLA 4000 into a special lamp to experience fluorescence.

The adapter comes in original packaging with a phosphor filter (produces white light again), invoice and instructions.

Unfortunately, I no longer own the corresponding SOLA 4000, hence the sale. Original price in USA 649 US$!

Private sale, no guarantee, no exchange. Shipping (DHL) or pick-up (Baden-W├╝rttemberg, Rhein-Neckar-Kreis) possible.

Hello, I am looking for a working UW case for a Nikon D90.

To fill the still well-functioning second camera with new life.

lg, Wickerl



I'm selling a Sea&Sea Sea Arm 8 - Double Ball Arm for underwater photography. There are two pieces, each length M.

30 Euro VB Price per piece!

The arms were intended for a setup that was never in use, so the arms are new. One package has been opened, the other is sealed.

Original price per arm: 47.95 euros
Product number: SS-22113
EAN: 4960436221133
Length: 222.7 mm
Weight: 83.8 g
Material: Construction: corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy (anodized body)
Condition: NEW

Also note my other ads (more parts, cheaper in the set)
Shipping (books/consignment of goods 2 euros, parcel 4 euros, parcel 5 euros) or pick-up in Mannheim.

Since private sale, no warranty.
No Warranty or Returns

Inon Z 330 flash for underwater photography.

I used it once, and was simply a reserve flash in case of failures


Inon Z 330 Flash

Neoprene protection for Inon Z330

Direct Base (for attachment to ball clamp)

Optical slave flash cable ( for use with cameras without cable connection )

Asking price : 625,00 EUR VHB

The usual : No warranty, no return, no guarantee.
Sale of private.
Preferably personal handover, but also ship if the costs are covered, but only insured.
No PayPal or similar, no shipping abroad, no pre-shipping.
I do not answer inquiries about the latest price or unrealistic price proposals.

Again, exactly: I don't want a PayPal or anything like that. If you don't accept this, please don't ask.

I only ship insured, or it can be viewed, tested and tried out with me, and there is also a coffee.

Due to the abandonment of diving, I am selling a fully functional underwater camera Sealife SL740 DC2000 as well as the Sea Dragon SL963 flash and the Sea Dragon 2000F light as well as the mount with double arm (purchased 09/2020).

Complete price 800,00 EUR incl. shipping

Also for sale separately (prices negotiable).

Sale of private. Warranty and return excluded. Payment via PayPal.


Hello everyone!

I'm sure I'm in the right place for this ad here!

I offer here our underwater photography housing including camera from BS Kinetics. The full carbon case with its performance characteristics should be well known to relevant experts. The housing was bought by us in 2011, but was not in the water 10 times during this time. Too time-consuming, too little practice in diving, for me rather to be seen as a bad investment. This equipment is simply something for professionals.

The kit includes:

BS Kinetics Gibson for Canon EOS 350/400/450/500/550D, Pentax K100D, Sony Alpha 100/200/300/350/550 with standard dome

Control rings for standard lens and Canon EF-S 10-22

Sealing with lubricant

Sea&Sea Lightning Cable

H2O-Tools carbon connection arms with 3 hydronalin terminals

Other ball heads and mounts

Canon EOS 550D Body with battery and charger

Canon EF-S 10-22mm wide-angle lens

The Canon wide-angle goes right into the standard dome as it zooms inwards. There are no restrictions in the field of vision, I have already tested myself under water.
The lens has a few signs of wear, as I have also used it more often on land. But they are not recognizable in the photos.

The water indicator light in the housing works, as demonstrated.
The housing received an inspection from B&S Kinetics a few years ago, without any complaints, some seals and the main seal were replaced.

If the kit is to be shipped, there will of course be a higher insurance.

Find a working underwater housing for the Canon 7d (not Mark II). Maybe someone still has something in their collection.


Cellar find.

otherwise I don't know.

for a fair offer


The dive light has no scratches in the glass and only slight signs of wear otherwise. You are welcome to inspect and pick up the lamp on site.
I have only used the lamp for one holiday, (10 dives) and since I am completely switching I no longer need it.
Underwater case and matching camera are also offered

This is a private sale. Return and warranty are excluded.


Bayern, Landshut

Phone: 08712769123

Due to a change of system, I am selling my
Olympus PT-EP08 Underwater housing for OM-D E-M5.
The case has no scratches on the glass. At the same time, the PPO-E01 has small scratches in the metal.
The sealing ring is in very good condition. You are welcome to inspect the housing on site and test it under water (unfortunately only buckets), pick-up is also possible.
You can still get the right camera well used, e.g. from mpb or other suppliers.
It was a very good camera. But switching between two systems was not comfortable enough for me underwater.

This is a private sale. Return and warranty excluded.


Bayern, Landshut

Phone: 08712769123

Underwater housing of the renowned manufacturer Amphibico Canada.Model TR101. Since I don't dive anymore, I put it up for sale.

Condition: Used In perfect condition.

Item is in mint TOP condition because it was hardly used and is fully functional.

Includes light mounting wings. Aluminum rail for attaching the CAM is of course also included.

On request, 2 x NV Sony 808 Video 8 Cam in need of repair free of charge (small shipping surcharge).

Shipping with insured DHL parcel up to 10 kg.

Pick-up desired.



Phone: 1792619612

Sell used underwater flash MF-1 with optical snoot OS-1 from Backscatter.

Fixed price: 400EUR

The set was a holiday in use and is fully functional and includes the Blitz MF-1 with 1" ball arm and YS adapter and reserve O-rings, as well as the Snoot OS-1 with 2 aperture cards (round and oval) and corresponding mounting rings and cords.

Private sale - no return - no guarantee!
The sale takes place under exclusion of any liability for material defects.
Payment via PayPal and shipping possible for a fee.


Phone: 01732956987

Underwater Housing for Panasonic Lumix ZS8 ZS10 ZS15

Used alot but still works great.

Safe up to 60 m.

50EUR Vb.

Together I used the equipment a maximum of 10 times with my Olympus PEN E-PL7. It shows slight traces of use but is otherwise in perfect condition!

More details:

Ikelite UW Case #6951.07 - Serial 59669 with Flat Port #5516.50, Ikelite Zoomport #5516.15 with Zoom Drive 5515.01

Ikelite Flash DS-160 NiMH battery, lightning cable + charger, arm system Serial DS-160 #18236

Ikelite 6951.07 200DLM/A underwater housing TTL for Olympus PEN E-PL7


  • 200 ft (60m) depthCompatible with DLM system lens mounts
  • Controls for all important camera functions
  • Ikelite Flash bulkhead connector with integrated TTL circuit
  • Two 3/8-16 threaded brackets spaced 76 mm (3 inches)
  • Ikelite bulkhead connector with integrated TTL circuit
  • Slightly negative buoyancy in freshwater
  • Actual lift varies depending on lens and mount choice
  • Weight 1447 g
  • Dimensions 6.4 x 7.5 x 5.9 inches (163 x 190 x 150 mm)
  • ABS-PC, acrylic and acetyl construction

Ikelite DS 160

  • Photo flash
  • Color temperature: 4,800 K
  • Weight: 1,300 g
  • Lamp power: 5 W
  • Power supply: Rechargeable battery
  • 90 illumination angle - with diffuser 100┬░
  • 225 flashes per battery charge

Original price at that time was approx. 2.300EUR

Now I sell everything together for 1.150EUR VB. Gladly also with insured shipping.

I offer a Canon G15 Powershot digital camera with Canon UW body. The camera and housing are 6 years old and I have completed about 100 dives with it.

Both are in perfect condition. Since I give up diving, I sell both.

Asking price 350 EUR

Hessen - Hattersheim am Main

Phone: 0491726127253

Offer a dive light from SeaLife Sea Dragon 2500 L, the lamp is purchased in 2019 and has about 20 dives behind it, so not much needed. Everything works.

New price of the lamp about 450 EUR, I want 200 EUR for it

Hessen - Hattersheim am Main

Phone: 0491726127253

I sell an underwater housing from Nauticam (NA-D7000) in TOP CONDITION. There is a wide-angle dome. Of course, the Pelicase is included. An original operating manual is also included.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested.


Hello everyone

I am looking for a case for my Sony A7 III. I am happy about all offers.

Greetings David :)

Hello dear diving friends

I offer my DC 1400 with these accessories for sale. The camera is not really used by me. She was used on only 10 dives.

If someone here starts with underwater photography and is looking for a complete set, this offer is just right for you.

I look forward to your contact to explain the camera, it would also be optimal if you could meet. Of course, by post is no problem.

Price by arrangement.

I look forward to your inquiries and ideas.

Best regards,


Offer Panasonic LUMIX DMC-LX100 with FourThirds sensor and fast 24mm LEICA Vario-Summilux lens with extensive accessories, such as filter set (red/UV/pole), spare batteries, bag, book. In addition, a UW housing from Meikon released up to 45m deep. A few days before a holiday the closure broke and since I was not sure whether the case ordered as a replacement would come in time (which was not the case), I had repaired the closure. With the housing with - successful!! - repaired closure I was then several weeks on vacation diving.

The camera was used almost exclusively in the housing under water and was accordingly only used on vacation and little.

VHB EUR450,-

Offer UW housing from the renowned manufacturer ikelite for a Panasonic Lumix TZ30 The camera itself is not in scope (currently these cameras are available on ebay for rnd. EUR90,-). In addition to the nUW housing, a carrier plate and a ball arm for mounting a flash or lamp are also an optical cable for triggering a flash via the flash of the camera

VB EUR200,-

A mesh bag from H2O Toools is sold. The bags are super suitable for any accessories underwater, due to the small format also well suited for wet lenses and filters.

Size: height about 11cm, width 11cm, depth 4cm
Features: Mesh bag with drawstring
Condition: New

Asking price: 7 Euro

Shipping takes place as a shipment of goods, also possible at Packstation or just collection in Mannheim

Private sale, as always without guarantee and exchange.