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Offer a new (probably unmerged), very rare and complete

CCR Rebreather which among others from the ital. Combat swimmers are used:

Type: O.M.G. Caimano MK2

(the O2 bottle currently has no T├╝V - but was stored filled)

The diving device absolutely requires appropriate diving training / or experience with CCR rebreathers!

( Model O.M.G. (formerly A.R.O.) Caimano is a super-light, quiet & compact, bubble-free diving device - purely manual operation - no const. Flow or lung automaton.)

For more information, please consult the Internet.

Price: 2999,- EUR

Please only pick up in NRW/ M├╝nsterland

private sale; no guarantee, warranty or return.


A bundle consisting of:

Perfect for people for whom a regular backplate is too long. This backplate is designed to provide a more optimal backplate for people up to 1.70m. Due to the 2 stutters for the abdominal belt, the abdominal belt can be optimally positioned. For regular backplates (standard dimensions), the abdominal belt feedthrough is further down.

1x short polished stainless steel backplate with a length of 36cm (360mm) made of 3mm V4A with DIR hole spacing for the studs
Weight: 1,95kg


1x polished stainless steel single tank adapter with a length of 34cm (340mm) made of 3mm V4A
Weight: 0,72kg

for a total of 136,00EUR without attachments and without further accessories, only the parts that can be seen on the pictures and drawings.

The backplate and the single tank adapter were manufactured in Germany.

If someone would like to have several backplates or single tank adapters or as a bundle, please write to them by PN.

The bundle can be sent by parcel service or we can arrange to meet at a lake in the D├╝sseldorf / Cologne area. The package costs are to be borne by the buyer.


G-Flex diving gloves 5mm neoprene in size XXL, but are smaller. As good as new, only once the attempt to use them, I did not get in. I usually need the glove size 10.5 to 11, for size 9.5 to 10 they should fit. Price 30,00 EUR

Pick-up in Schwentinental (Raisdorf), if necessary. Handover in the Kiel area possible, also shipping against reimbursement. Private sale, no guarantee/warranty, no return.

Raum Kiel

Offer the following NEW diving equipment:

Neoprene Aqualung Dynaflex FS, 7 mm, size L

Gloves Waterproof G 1, 5 mm, size L

Footwear Waterproof Classic NG, 5 mm, size 11

Hood Waterproof HI, 5/7 mm, valve, size L

Equipment fins Mares Avanti Quatro +, size XL

Everything listed above was bought on 05.02.2022 for 600 EUR and never worn. So the stuff is all NEW.

In addition, I offer diving mask, snorkel and other fins, all from the brand Mares.

Dortmund (Mitte)

Offer black neoprene hood with croissants: If you want to have it varied and do not feel like a standard hood :-)

Little dived (< 5 dives)

Thickness: about 4mm

Size is given as 5


Shipping possible, costs borne by recipient


Due to the abandonment of the hobby, I offer all my equipment for sale (gladly also complete packages possible).

Here: polaris F├╝├člinge Gr. 39.

Are slightly smaller than normal (actually have shoe size 40-41)

Super robust, good outsole and comfortable in heavy equipment fins.

Price: 20EUR

Shipping possible, costs borne by buyer


Due to the abandonment of diving, I offer all my equipment for sale!

Here: Device fins Hollis F-1, size REGULAR

Weight: 5kg

I used it with both the dry and the wetsuit.

Is something else than just black fins all the time :-)

I myself have shoe size 40-42.

Little used (<20 dives)

PRICE: 100 EUR (Original price: > 180EUR)

Shipping is not excluded, costs are borne by the buyer.


Offer Avanti quattro plus fins in size. Has been dipped three times with it.

Offer jjccr backplate with straps. Brand-new. 150EUR

I sell a pair of Seac Snug Dry gloves 5mm in size L, new, unworn.

The gloves are smaller, rather size M, so unfortunately they do not fit me.

Top processed wet diving glove. Seams additionally sealed on the outside. Robust lamination of the palm of the hand.

Inside of the wrist Smooth skin neoprene for better sealing on a cuff.

Original price: 40 - 50 EUR

Price: 30 EUR incl. shipping


- Small (about 1m) closed signal buoy from Halcyon in orange with inflator nipple and pressure relief valve.

- New, unused 30m spool

50EUR (plus shipping)

Since this is a private sale, I exclude guarantee, warranty, return and revocation.


I offer at a fixed price 100,00 EUR:

Mono immersion cylinder valves for 230 bar compressed air are the simplest variant of valves used in immersion technology, which makes them widely available. They are usually used on smaller bottles or on aluminum bottles. Your service effort is also very low because only a few components and sealing elements are required

Here I offer a mono diving cylinder valve for 230bar for left and right. In combination, these valves are especially intended for sidemount diving and use in recirculation devices / rebreathers.

Diving cylinder valves for 230bar are tested with 300-350bar pressure.

Technical specifications of the 230bar immersion cylinder valve

  • Right and left monovalve compressed air 230 bar
  • for bottles with M25x2mm bottle neck thread
  • Production according to EN-144
  • Connection thread G5/8" female thread 200bar
  • black rubber handwheel, does not match handwheel in blast sketch!
  • not expandable with a second exit
  • Riser tube and O-ring included
  • Manufacturer Part Number: BA-HTD10137
  • EAN: 4250605461652

Shipping with Hermes parcel + 4.90EUR


Phone: 01737250433

Offer diving equipment complete

Everything has to be revised

has been lying clean, dry and packed in the cellar for a good 5 years

Health reasons force me to give up my passion.

Size 56

would like to have 700,00 EUR for everything together

Visit and pick-up 86720 N├Ârdlingen

Balance Comfort Men 5,5mm Hood

Balance Comfort Men 7mm Steamer

Balance Comfort Men 5,5mm Vest Tunic

Bali Tropic Men

Pro QD i3 XL black/red

Legend LX Supreme ACD Din + Octopus LX

Viper Air

VYTEC/D9 Transmitter

Blue Line Roller Bag

Bottle 12l filled!

Signal indicator with flashlight and hand guide

Fins, 2 x feet gr.43, weights and much more

As good as new feet from Camaro size 44. Buyer bears shipping costs. VB 25,--EUR

06188 8575 o. 0171 7634148

Kahl am Main

Phone: 01717634148

The equipment was only used for 3 diving holidays and is as good as new.

Trolley - Beuchat -> 99,00 EUR

Freiburg im Breisgau


look for the valve mentioned in the subject, as I need this for the second of my bottles for a 'flexible' mono/ double device.

At best, an SLM, but since an SLM is already available, an SL/R OR SL/L is also possible for the second bottle.

Bottle thread 'Standard' M25 (no small conical (KK-) thread M18).

I absolutely need the 300 bar version (300 bar bottle ÔÇô at the latest at the T├╝v there is otherwise trouble).
Please only offer Nautec and not AIRCON, because at Aircon the handwheel controls the output opposite, at Nautec the next to it....

As long as the ad is online, there is still interest...


Hardly worn like new for 30EUR

Private sale no warranty

Shipping at postage transfer

PayPal possible


Got pregnant just before the diving course....

And with now 2 children I just can't get to it.

Are brand new.

new price 150EUR

sell for 75EUR

Shipping at postage transfer

Paypal payment possible

private sale - no warranty


As good as new for 30EUR to hand over.

Private sale therefore no warranty

paypal payment possible

Shipping at postage takeover.


Were unfortunately only used once and I can't get to it anymore. Therefore, with a heavy heart to hand in for 100EUR.

neupreus 150EUR

if needed, I still have matching feet in 47/48. Inserieate everything separately.

Private sale. Warranty excluded.
Shipping possible when postage is taken over.

Paypal payment possible.


Used diving equipment complete for divers up to 185 cm size
only 8 dives. Original price approx. 1800.- EUR
was immersed exclusively in fresh water.

Used diving equipment complete for divers up to 185 cm size
only 8 dives. Original price approx. 1800.- EUR
was immersed exclusively in fresh water.

Sell my very well preserved diving equipment with jacket,
in addition, reliable regulator system level 1, with rotatable head.
Original price was 170.- EUR
complete set Scubapro with octopus and finimeter,
tested and assembled.

Stabilizing Jacket ScubaPro-Buoyancy Jacket Master Jacket Size L,
for height 185 cm original price 599.-EUR
With impressive buoyancy volume
and a fainting-proof position on the surface.

For this I also offer a dive computer
Uwatec Aladin Pro Pro 90 EUR used.

The regulator ScubaPro S 600 lung automaton 1 original price, 529.- EUR
ScubaPro S 200 lung automaton 2 original price 129.- EUR
incl. Finimeter original price 52,00 EUR
2 automatic regulators function perfectly.

Diving compass original price 44.- EUR
Diving fins 45.- EUR
Transport Box 30.- EUR

1x diver's knife,

Holder device for a bottle.
Was with the equipment about 8 times in the water.
It is fully functional only because of my ear problems
I have now decided to sell them.

Used: Item has already been used.
An item with signs of wear and tear, but in good condition
and fully functional.
Only flaw that my name on the inside of the jacket
and was written on the hose with Edding and deleted by.

Private sale, no return and no exchange,
Of course, there is no guarantee on it.


Sell my Gavin scooter here.

Tube was tapered and a LiFePo battery with 60Ah was installed. Travel time approx. 3h at Vmax (=> Suex XJ 14 at level 6)

Incl. 15A LiFePo charger with which doe batteries can be charged individually or together.

Incl. Tow Cord and transport rack

Greetings Linus

VB 1800,-EUR

Sell diving equipment for hobby tasks. See pictures Prices on request. In the case of shipping, the buyer bears shipping costs. 0171 7634148 o. 06188 8575

Kahl am Main

Phone: 01717634148

2 almost complete diving equipment for big boys (about 1.90-1.95 m). Preferably completely. Task of the hobby, see complete list and pictures. The things have been lying dry in the basement for 10 years. Revisions are, of course, long overdue. Suits well preserved. Jackets inflatable. Everything still works. 350 EUR. No return, no exchange as private sale. On request also further pictures. Shipping against postage refund possible.

450EUR Shipping possible

Features of the HYDROS PRO
- Resistant: Gel harness made of patented, injection-molded monprene® is very resistant to UV radiation, chemicals and abrasion. Velcro and zippers are completely dispensed with
- Immediately dry: Stores hardly any water, light and dry after diving - ideal for travel
- Modular design / "BC-4-Life": Add weights, straps and pockets and much more as needed
- Easy to repair: Virtually any component, including buckles, can be replaced without any sewing work
- Ergonomic 3D design: Adapts to the body shape of the diver for maximum comfort; Body grip gel prevents the jacket from shifting or slipping up
- Torso Flex Zone: Automatic adjustment to the diver's back length for excellent comfort and freedom of movement
- Two-component backplate: Provides the highest level of stability and comfort
- The belt system for a mono bottle allows easy installation
- Articulated shoulder straps: This allows the straps to adapt to the shape of the body and thus ensure a perfect fit
- Lightweight: Modern material ensures low weight
- Neutral buoyancy: The HYDROS PRO has virtually no buoyancy
- Cross-flow duct: Reduces air pockets for improved maneuverability and easier draining from any body position
- 2-stage inflating: A three-piece bungee strap system controls air distribution to ensure a compact shape underwater and high lifting capacity at the surface
- Weight system: Simple, safe and reliable quick-release buckles provide a fixed position for easy, one-handed operation
- Multi-mount matrix: Multiple mounting points and D-rings, for secure attachment of accessories
- Intelligent package design: shoulder and chest straps can be folded into the air bubble, making for a very compact package for easy transport and storage


I am looking for old diving items that date back to the time before the 70s. Possibly also up to 80s. Please offer me everything you want to give away. Only in wetsuits and compressors I have generally no interest

I look forward to your offers.

LG Martin


Phone: 01621732146

Complete very well preserved dew equipment (incl. Trolly) due to illness to sell against collection:

- Scubapro lung machine with bag

- Diving shoes (size 43)

- Gloves (Gr.M) -

- Cressi hood

- Tarier Jacket Cressi S111 (Gr.M) with knife

- Dive bag Oceanic (50-80 ltr.)

- Diving suit Shorty Cressi 4mm (gr.M)

- Diving suit Cressi semi-dry 7mm (gr.M)

- Diving suit Oceanic 4mm (size 50/M)

- Fins Cressi (Size 43)

- Trolly Aqua Lung (sufficient for all listed parts)

- Signal lamp (for jacket)

- Diving watch Suunto

- Dive bag 80-100 ltr.

Other: buoy, lead belt, earplug, fin holder, sepadiver

Price VB (original price approx. 4.000.-)

Since this is a private sale, I exclude guarantee, warranty, return and revocation.
Shipping against payment of the shipping fee possible or against collection


Since I am no longer allowed to dive for health reasons, I sell my complete diving equipment. The equipment is in good condition. The last maintenance was carried out in 09.2020 by the dive shop in Dresden. Not dived since.

  • Dry suit Waterproof Gr.L (neck cuff should be renewed) incl. glove system
  • Underwear Waterproof Gr.ML
  • Mares Semi-Dry Diving Suit Gr.5W
  • Underwear Scubapro Gr.XL
  • Jacket Scubapro XForce Gr.XL
  • Compressed air cylinders 12 L short and 15 L
  • Complete controller set from Mares, 2 first stages
  • Dive computer Mares incl transmitter
  • Dive Computer Mares Puck
  • Hartenberger lamps need new batteries
  • 13Kg lead plastic coated
  • Fins, mask, hoods, gloves, small stuff, box etc.

For most equipment stands, the original invoices are available. The equipment was only immersed in fresh water. About 150 dives.

Just make me a realistic offer.


I'm selling a pair of Hollis F1 in size Regular.
The fins are new and unused.

If you have any questions, just write!

VB: 89,- Euro

Private sale, no return or guarantee.


If you are interested, please send an email with a asking price

Shipping is possible


If you are interested, please send an email with a asking price

2 holidays immersed in Egypt

Shipping is possible


If you are interested, please ask Emai with asking price

A diving week in Arenzano used

Shipping is possible


Subgear Ecco Rolling Pack Dive Bag Grey


The spacious bag is in top condition, it was only used on two one-week liveaboards. The material consists of a robust and lightweight combination of nylon and polyester yarn quilted seams.

Solid castors and handle for pulling

Adjustable shoulder straps and handles at the top, side and bottom
Many spacious outer and side pockets for fins etc.
Volume 129l is enough for 2 diving equipment
Dimensions 80x45x20 cm
Weight 3.4 kg

Non-smoking household


Used heating vest , functional test o.k.

100,00 EUR + shipping costs if applicable

private sale, without warranty


KUBI rings for the suit part 100mm diameter. With all O-rings. Without glove part (can be purchased separately as new goods). Original price EUR 119,- VK: 65,-


I sell here my diving feet of the company Aqualung. They are from the Aqualung Superzip ergo with 6.5 mm thickness. The feet were hardly worn because they pressed.
The feet have size 42, but are smaller.
Shipping possible. Shipping costs are borne by the buyer
Private sale. No warranty or return.



Original from Bonex, fully functional, only for Li-batteries, delivery or collection,

95,- EUR plus shipping



we give up our hobby. The things were used 20 times in Hemmoor. Not included in the picture but mask and snorkel.

Top condition.

Bottle 10 L

Suit Size M

Vest Gr L

Jacket Size

Shoes Gr 37/38

Bottle 10L t├╝v must be new

No Shipping



the things have only been used 20 times in Hemmoor.

Top condition. Longer hose for the main acetic regulator.

Bottle 12 L t├╝v must beu

Not included in the picture but mask and snorkel

Pick-up only



I offer the pictured lifting bag for sale.


Pick up in Moers only.

Greetings Mike


Originally packaged glove system for
Dry suits (trilaminate or neoprene). Never used by me
Innovative clamping ring system for mounting
Dry gloves on dry suits.
By clamping rings in different thicknesses, thin latex and
thicker, coated gloves can be used.
The advantages of this system:
Easy installation in just a few minutes
Unique closure

Comparatively small outer diameter
Spare parts included
Ergonomic shape
120 EUR VB


Offer unused 2 pairs of fin bands, suitable for fin size M and XL

5 EUR plus shipping or gladly to self-collector


EUR 250

I sell from Santi a heating vest Thinsulate Type 200, Gr.M, together with a suit bushing from Yellow Diving (for Apex valve) with E/O cord connection.
For shipping I take over the shipping costs within Germany.
Since this is a private sale, I exclude guarantee, return, revocation and warranty.
Best regards,


Used and undamaged fins
Size M
ÔÇó Color - completely black
ÔÇó very high quality
ÔÇó very joint-gentle diving
ÔÇó anatomically correct foot part
ÔÇó Quick-release fasteners for the heel strap
ÔÇó very comfortable footrest

VB: 150EUR

Private sale without guarantee or return.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


New, unused and undamaged item

Size XL

  • Special edition " smoke on the water "
  • with the highest quality Atomic Springs
  • Color - completely black
  • very high quality
  • very joint-gentle diving
  • anatomically correct foot part
  • Quick-release fasteners for the heel strap
  • very comfortable footrest

VB: 185EUR

Private sale without guarantee or return.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Offered here is an SF2 eCCRebreather from ScubaForce.
The device is offered as "Ready to Dive" as shown in the pictures

The Rebbi was converted to manual ads "over the shoulder" in 2017 with Manuel Ads made of metal.

The oxygen sensors are new (see pictures).
Mainly freshwater dives were carried out with the device, (about 300TG) only about 10 were in salt water. No cave dives.

Additional information:
- 1x Shearwater Predator as controller
- 2x 1st stage Atomic M1 (next maintenance in 0.5 years)

- Copper Pants & Golem Bov / Original Hoses and Bov are included.
- 2 bottles each 3 liters 300bar black paint and corresponding holder T├ťV until the end of 2023
- 1x set for calibration (black short hose)
- Scubaforce Ultimate Dive Bag

- 4.5 kg of breathing lime (Sofnoline 797)


1x Shearwater Petrel 2 as Backup Controller (Price 800EUR)

1x breathing lime (Sofnoline 797) (VB 110EUR)

You can read the exact technical data of the Rebbi on the Scubaforce page.

Non-smoker and animal free household.
I would like to point out that you need training to dive with a Rebbi.

Liability for damages due to injuries to health, body or life and grossly negligent and/or intentional violations of my duties as a seller remains unrestricted.

I exclude any material defects.

Private sale without guarantee or return.

VB 6500EUR

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


For sale together or individually.

Please make a realistic best offer.


Phone: 017641413494

Diver's knife with scabbard

new, unused
- made of stainless steel with polyamide knife sheath.
- has a rounded blade (approx. 4.5cm) with serrated edge
- Total length of approx. 12 cm.
- Knife sheath - comfortable and tidy storage
- Polyamide knife sheath is mounted on the hip belt, so it can be reached with both hands and thus the risk of sticking fishing line or seaweed is minimized.

ATTENTION! It performs better than the vast majority of ordinary diver's knives.

Private sale without guarantee & return

18.- EURuro incl. Shipping Germany
PayPal no problem.

New Scubaforce Arctic X-NINE underwear, size XXL

fitting only

- Made of two layers of TecnoStretch® material, each 300 gr/m2
- 400 Type B Thinsulate filling in torso
- 200 Type B Thinsulate filling in the leg and arm area
- Size: XXL (Unisex)
- solid two-way zipper
- Chest pocket with Velcro fastener
- 2 pockets in the leg area
- Insulation capacity: very high
- bi-elastic
- small zip pocket on the right upper arm
- extremely breathable
- Covered Pee Valve implementation
- wind-repellent
- washable
- anti-allergic
- Made in Europe

Private sale without guarantee & return.

290.- EURuro incl. Shipping Germany
PayPal no problem.