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Offer here 2 used Treblelight MX 14 dive lights. There is also 1 charger and 1 case. Both lamps no longer want to charge. Because of abandonment a few years ago to give up now. No scratches in the case/glass.

Price VB - simply offer something

Shipment is borne by the buyer, collection desirable


I offer 2 Galileo sol dive computers with chest strap and transmitter for sale.

The computers were used by my wife and I and are converted to bungee mounting.

I reset the two computers to factory defaults.

They have traces of grebelly, but are technically fully functional.

The computers can also be purchased separately. Shipping is possible against assumption of costs.

VB per computer with accessories 350,00EUR

As this is a private sale, no warranty.


I sell an original, little used diving suit of the company Aquata in 7mm in size 50 and very good condition. For more information please click through photos.

I am happy about every interested party, so just contact me and write me your price expectations.

Please only pick up and cash payment.

Since I am a private seller, I do not assume any guarantee and no return.

The purchase takes place without invoice and under exclusion of any liability for material defects.


Phone: 015209445669

Top used semi-dry diving suit 7mm, size 48 with booties and gloves, size M, about 10 times in use, no damage, all seams are fine.

No sticking to the body when dressed by special coating.

The booties are from SCUBAPRO, the gloves no name.

For 80 EUR with shipping or pickup


Phone: 015209445669

PSS Worldwide supports its instructors and has already established itself internationally as a pioneer for important innovations in the field of diving technique and training.

Member of RSTC-Europe - PSS Worldwide's training programs comply with European Community guidelines (EN standards), ISO standards (International Organization for Standardization) and RSTC Europe (Recreational Scuba Training Council).

PSS was the first diving training agency in the world to:

  • provides training in all aspects of diving and first aid, from freediving to technical diving;
  • has created an interactive web portal for the affiliated professionals;
  • has created a complete e-learning system applied to diving;
  • offers a multilingual ticketing system that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • promotes the use of digital certification for a plastic-free course;
  • use the digital signature and thus enable 100% paperless teaching.

Find out about your conditions to become a PSS Instructor or Divemaster.

or directly to

Gernot H├Ârnle

PSS Instructor Trainer and Training Programs Developer

Phone: (+49) 06131 5762956


55124 Mainz

Phone: 061317209737 Visit Tauchsport Seekuh

Interested parties for Divemaster / Instructor or fully trained (no matter which organization) now wanted - gladly training against cooperation - register under 0160 / 94834907 or at

55124 Mainz

Phone: 061317209737 Visit Tauchsport Seekuh

We are looking for reinforcement for our diving school in Mainz.

Here you have the possibility to make the divemaster or instructor against cooperation.

Just get in touch with us without obligation.

More information about the diving school on

55124 Mainz

Phone: 061317209737 Visit Tauchsport Seekuh

Used wetsuit for men from the brand Mares. Thickness 3 mm, size 6: corresponds to XL or 54/56 (height 185-195 cm, weight 88-107 kg). Available in black, light grey and yellow.

Zipper at the back and Velcro at the back of the neck. Padding at the knees and zipper at the ankles. Here and there small traces of use (especially slight abrasions, see pictures with light grey fabric)

Price for the suit 45 EUR, pick-up in L├╝beck possible, otherwise plus 7 EUR shipping costs.

If you are interested and have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact :)

Used wetsuit for women. Trademark unknown.

Thickness 3mm. Size unknown. Was worn by W18, 173 cm and 56-62 kg.

Suit for 20 EUR, pick-up in L├╝beck possible, otherwise plus shipping of 7 EUR.

If you are interested and have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact :)

For sale

Reservetrocki DUI TLS 350 Maximum Mobility Size XL (body size 180 -195 / 85 - 110 kg) incl. underwear 400 g/sqm, Heser urinal valve, neck cuff new, zipper shows clear signs of use.

500 EUR without guarantee, payment on delivery or by PayPal


Sell my wetsuit from Waterproof. The suit has size L and is suitable for a body height of 1.72-1.79m max 80kg.
I coped really well with measuring. But since I have opted for the warmer waters, I sell it now.

Size Man L

PayPal and shipping are possible!

Price 150EUR


Here I offer a regulator set from MARES.

The regulator is the type "Abyss"
With an MR22T first stage.
Octopus is the "proton"
Pressure gauge Polaris
Also included is a shaker and the locking screws.
The bag and an additional hose to the jacket I also put on it.

The condition is good.
I recommend a check before use.

Shipping possible.

I offer even more diving gear.

Have a look at my other offers.

Private sale under exclusion of any warranty.

Price 175EUR


Offer here my old jacket in size S, since I switched to Wing.
It worked great until the end. It is an i3 jacket, so it does not have a normal inflator but a more comfortable lever to fill and let air out.
If you have any further questions, please contact us

Price 125EUR


Retractable snorkel from Mares
Unusable, ideal for storage in jacket pockets
15,-EUR with PayPal for friends incl. uninsured shipping

27616 Beverstedt

Phone: +4947482472

Waist belt extension 30cm
15,-EUR PayPal for friends incl. uninsured shipping

27616 Beverstedt

Phone: +4947482472

Seaquest Pro QD+ in size LG 46
20 litres; 200 Newtons,
Lead-integrated with large pockets
per bag 8 kg capacity
2 Trimbleitaschen per bag 2 Kg
Bell holder for octopus
Diving knives
convertible with Poseidon Quicksnap up to D10.
in my possession since 2017, little dived and freshly revised.
150,-EUR PayPal possible, insured shipping in DE incl.

27616 Beverstedt

Phone: +4947482472

original Apeks Neckband
Original packaging
15,-EUR PayPal for friends incl. uninsured shipping in DE

27616 Beverstedt

Phone: +4947482472

Dear diving community,

I am looking for a 300 BAR personal filter.

Maybe someone still has one lying around that he doesn't need anymore.

Thank you very much.

Sell the following set
- Dive computer Suunto D4i
- Bottle transmitter
- Spare battery transmitter
- O-ring set computer/transmitter
- Bracelet extension
- Transmitter cover (replacement, no longer approved)

The dive computer was dived 380 h, the battery in the dive computer was dived 30 dives.

Price 350 EUR VB

If you are interested, simply ask for a price

Offer UW housing from the renowned manufacturer ikelite for a Panasonic Lumix TZ30 The camera itself is not in scope. In addition to the nUW housing, a carrier plate and a ball arm for mounting a flash or lamp are also an optical cable for triggering a flash via the flash of the camera

VB EUR250,-

Offer UW housing from Meikon for a Panasonic DMC-LX100 FourThirds camera. The case is brand new and has never been in the water. I had bought it just before a vacation, because my other case broke on the shutter than, backup bought. The repair was successful and the case was therefore only available as a "backup", but never in use.

VHB 150,-

For sale is the Scubapro Masterjacket in size L-XL.
The jacket is fully functional and provides excellent stabilization underwater.

Private sale. I exclude any liability for material defects.

The liability for damages due to injury to health, body or life and grossly negligent and / or intentional violations of my obligations as seller remains unrestricted.

Return excluded.

Price: 115 EUR.

Shipping is possible



I offer a women's underwear of the brand Santi for sale.

As good as new, as not worn.

Size: M (body height 168 cm, 54 kg)

Price: 85 EUR VB.


Offer new signal buoys for sale.

Length approx. 125 cm

Price: 15EUR VB


Offer GoPro HERO 7 in black

incl. second battery (original GoPro as on the last picture), underwater housing and camera holder

in very good condition, as only dived a few times

Price: 200 EUR VB


Offer Tusa fins HYFLEX in black and white

only dived a few times, therefore in very good condition

EUR 60,- plus shipping


Suspender lead belt/suspender lead carrier by Subgear with 6 pockets,
of which 2 with Schellabwurf. Crotch.
Almost as good as new,
Lead capacity up to 30kg.
Also suitable for very tall and heavy people.
50,- EUR PayPal is possible

27616 Beverstedt

Phone: +4947482472

Ladies size S original price EUR990 -> new never dived with it ... VKP EUR900

The XR3 neoprene mesh has been redesigned with the new high-density neoprene, which offers strength and a high fit. Neoprene dry suit enthusiasts will find this product to be the ultimate in terms of features. Designed to be warm where you need it and sturdy in the places with the greatest friction. It has a neoprene collar for better circulation and latex wrists to avoid annoying infiltrations. The feet are stored in a comfortable and warm boot, which also allows us to walk comfortably. A practical drainage pocket and wide, elastic suspenders make it the ideal product for you.

The main features of the XR3 neoprene grid are:
- New super-flexible 4mm high-density neoprene - strong but elastic
- Comfortable, wide, elastic, preformed and adjustable shoulder straps
- 4 mm neoprene collar
- Latex wrists
- New improved design redefined and sized for maximum flexibility
- Large zipped pocket on the right leg
- New Kevlar/xr reinforcements for knee, shoulder and back protection
- Waterproof zipper at the back - loading and unloading valves exclusively for the Mares xr line
- Waterproof closure around the neck (Velcro) and complete insulation from the hood to prevent water ingress
- New smooth 4 mm waterproof hood
- New, more robust mat bag


Phone: 06607319029

black, high-quality, muckelwarm quilted vest with great logo, size L - like new.

40 EUR VB + shipping

Gladly to self-collection.


Offer unused, functional underwater lamp, 2000 lumens

Gladly to self-collection.

VB 149 EUR + shipping


Provide unused, functional underwater lamp, 1200 lumens

Description enclosed

Gladly to self-collector / in

VB 119 EUR + shipping


Holder for Original Eezycut Harrness Version ... But should also fit with replicas ... One-handed conditions when scootering ... Always at hand ...

Eezycuter is not part of the delivery. A holder with the required fastening material is delivered ...

Also check out my other ads...


Phone: 01725330952

Sell here a universal compass mount for the Suex VR VRX XJS XJ37 ... or Divertuge or Carbon Scooter... suitable for the Silva c58 ... the compass has 2 adjustable axes whereby the compass can be adjusted very well to the magnetic field of the scooter...

Price 50EUR

If you have a small surcharge of 10EUR, a V2A Stage clamp which is covered with fabric tape can be purchased ...

The compass is not part of this offer ...

The holder is an in-house development and comes from a 3D printer ...

If you are interested, just contact us ...

Tel.. +491725330952


Phone: 01725330952

Approx. 150 dives
Approx. 27 litres volume
Good condition. Normal signs of use present. See photos.
Holds the air for days.


- Private sale, therefore no return, guarantee or warranty.
- I ship quickly and reliably insured via DHL and send the tracking number in advance.
- Pick-up with inspection and testing of the goods preferred.
- From an animal-free non-smoking household.

90542 Eckental


The dive computer is as good as new and was used for 3 dives. The original price was 299,00 Euro.

It was purchased in July 2022 and therefore still has the legal manufacturer's warranty.

Product details for Suunto D4F Black - Freediving Computer

The Suunto D4F is a lightweight, rugged dive computer designed primarily for freedivers / freedivers. The display of the D4F shows both your current and maximum depth while diving. It calculates your dive time and surface intervals for you, so you can focus on the underwater world. With the apnea timer you can optimally improve your breathing technique. And after diving, you can view the details of your dive in the logbook. With its light weight, stainless steel frame and mineral crystal glass, the Suunto D4F not only impresses as a trustworthy tool for exploring depth, but also impresses when worn in everyday life.
Weight: 86 g
Dimensions: 48.6 x 43.8 x 1.91 mm
Waterproof up to 100 meters
Matrix display - very easy to read
Battery life approx. 1.5 years - with 80-100 uses per year
Freedive mode
Innovative apnea timer
Waterproof to 100 m (328 ft)
Easy-to-read matrix display
Mineral crystal glass and stainless steel frame
Updatable firmware
Flight ban period
Dive time from 0 to 999 min
Logbook memory approx. 140 hours
Depth Alert
Dive time alarm

If you have any questions, please call.

89415 Lauingen

Hey diver,I'm looking for my UW housing TG 5 matching arms with lighting and flash,,if someone knows someone or so would be cool.until then,Greetings Volker

Soft lead , 2x3 kg, 20,-EUR / 3x1,5 kg 25,- EUR

Lead pieces, 6x1kg 10,-EUR 3x2kg 15,-EUR


Phone: 01707635687

The previously owner-managed diving school with online shop is to get a management team in the future.

The goal is to hand over work and responsibility. We urgently need reinforcement in order to create more opportunities for further development and still offer our customers optimal support. In the medium term, the partnership is to become a successor.

The purpose of the partnership should be a second self-reliant diving instructor. Financial participation is secondary and can be made flexible.

In any case, the partner should have sufficient diving experience at home and abroad. He should support the goals of the diving school, an optimal training, oriented to the needs of the divers, and be able to familiarize himself with the existing concepts. Ideally, there is interest in the development and further development of new concepts. The level of training is of secondary importance, as we train in-house to become a course director.

If you are interested, please contact us at: or 0160/94834907

55124 Mainz

Phone: 061317209737 Visit Tauchsport Seekuh

This is the best diving course for holiday divers.

Just do your open water dives on your next holiday, somewhere in the world or further supervised by us with one of our partners, where we know that he will continue excellent training accordingly.

More information

Menadive Safaga, Egypt

In the Red Sea, breathtaking reefs and an incredible variety await you. For many years, the Menadive has been one of our favorite dive centers of whose quality we are absolutely convinced.


Petro Divers Mallorca About 2 hours flight from Frankfurt, Mallorca is also ideal for a long weekend. With the low-cost airline from Frankfurt also interesting in terms of price for a long weekend.


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Phone: 061317209737 Visit Tauchsport Seekuh

The compressor is Junior 11 Bauer single phase. Preset at the factory for 225 bar. There is less than ten hours running time on it and compressor is in immaculate condition. This is very much like new. Asking 4100euro for it

Sell here my dive case for an Iphone. 7/8 and SE it was purchased for a diving holiday in Egypt, but now I changed my phone so this is no longer needed.

It is absolutely waterproof to 40m depth.
all camera functions can be used and adjusted underwater.

It is all top in order original packed with another replacement gasket!




Dry suit Whites Fusion, Fusion Essence, Drycore, size L, trilaminate, neck cuff needs replacement, glove system

Boots by Kallweit, size 40/41

Underwear in M, Halo 3D, Fourth Element

I am 1.78 m tall and weigh 66 kg

For 600 Euro


Price: 100EUR

Condition: New

The sale is made under exclusion of any warranty.

Divemaster or diving instructor wanted in Halkidiki - Sithonia - Sarti

The Aqualand Diving Center has been a small, family dive center in the heart of Sarti on Sithonia - Halkidiki for 27 years. Our dive center is located directly on the beautiful sandy beach.

For the new season 2023 we are looking for a divemaster or instructor from May to the end of October.

What you can expect:

  • Fixed salary
  • Free SSI Specialist Training
  • Good working atmosphere
  • Free night in a shared flat - room, shared flat - kitchen, bathroom, shower, washing machine
  • 3 complimentary meals in the staff kitchen daily
  • Chance of a high salary - long-term cooperation possible

What we expect from you:

  • German and, if applicable, English language skills or others (e.g. Hungary/Romania)
  • Valid diving medical examination
  • Covid - Vaccinations
  • Team spirit and fun diving
  • Good knowledge & skills in dealing with guests
  • Professionalism and resilience
  • Driving licence

We look forward to seeing you.

Contact : Angelos Vasileiadis,, Mobile +30 694 7074900

Chalkidiki - Sithonia - Sarti