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For sale is a few Dirzone lead bags for Wing/Backplate System.
The lead pockets have only been used 10-15 times and are in very good condition. The original price was 99EUR in 2019 and have been lying around for some time and they are too good for that.
In the pockets you can store 5kg of hard lead or 4kg of soft lead.

Price: 75EUR

The lead bags can also be shipped, but the buyer bears the costs.
As this is a private sale, there is no entitlement to warranty or return


For sale is a 10l compressed air cylinder with Polaris monovalve in very good condition. Was always stored dry and under pressure.
The current T├ťV ran until 06/2021.

Price: 80EUR VB

Since this is a private sale, there is no entitlement to warranty or return.


This diving suit has only about 12 dives behind it and has only come into contact with salt water, fresh water and neoprene shampoo. It has been stored and maintained in accordance with regulations. Is a bit older but completely intact. Only slight traces of abrasion on the front. Price 150 Euro plus shipping.

Offer a Nitrox dive computer Oceanic Veo 180 NX, used, with scratches, fully functional, with instructions and tool to replace the battery. He participated in about 50 TG. Battery and seal were renewed this year. Shipping possible. Against bidding. The sale is made under exclusion of any warranty.

Offer for sale a Subal F801 and an F80 case with ports and O-rings as pictured.

The enclosed F80 is defective because the back can not be closed.

Since it is a pure private sale, warranty and return are excluded.

Shipping is of course possible against takeover of the shipping boxes

If you have any further questions, please contact

VB euro 250,-

Dive computer Subgear XP-3G with you mount and the original bracelet.
It can be used either with bungees or a traditional bracelet with clasp.
I only used gauge mode.
Unfortunately, my arms are too short for the size of the display.
Furthermore, the original packaging and operating instructions are available.

100 EUR

Shipping with Hermes or DHL possible.
Payment in cash upon pick-up or bank transfer or PayPal possible.

Sell used dry suit from Apeks. Optically in very good condition. Approx. 50 TG's. Neck and arm cuff very good condition. Shoe size 44.

Price: 800,00 Euro VB +Shipping


Phone: 01636910140

SCUBATECH Fin Tiara 2 blue, size M for 25EUR


Private purchase

Scubaforce Black Devil Tec 1st stage. Comes with the original packaging and invoice. Date of purchase 08/2022.


Shipping or pick-up possible.

Private sale.


Phone: 017622930500


- V4 Tec in A4 steel, 3 mm thick; approx. 2.5 kg

Singe Tank Adapter:

- V4 Tec, but without the straps shown; approx. 0.8 kg

Lead weights:

- for attachment to the V4Tec Single Tank Adapter; approx. 2.5 kg each

- with screw set + fastening for the STA

PRICE: 200 EUR complete (without the bottle straps)

Article location is Darmstadt; only self-collection, no shipping due to volume and own weight

64297 Darmstadt

Wing Agir Brokk Habrock 38 lbs - Wing for Double 7/10/12 - classic horseshoe shape - buoyancy 38 lbs / 17 kg - CE approval - one quick drain lower left front - 1 inflator with pleated hose without quick release - suitable for DIR configuration - only slight traces of use, little dipped (about 30 TG) - at one point I had marked my name with white pencil, but is hardly visible

Price: 150 EUR, shipping I take care of

64297 Darmstadt

Photo calendar 2023 (size DIN A3), costs: 20 Euro (plus 5 Euro shipping)

5 euros per calendar will be donated to the children's hospice and palliative team Saar (

The calendar is also good as a Christmas gift!

If you want to order one, just contact me here or at christianhorras(at)!


Sell my father's wingjacket here, it works and is tight. Lead pockets for quick discharge are included. If necessary also lead!

Ask for a price offer!


Phone: 015125353690

Would like to sell my Neo semi-dry.

Ask for a price quote.


Phone: 015125353690

Would like to sell my Neo dry suit incl. different underwear.

Price I ask for an offer.


Phone: 015125353690

Would like to run my 2x 1st steps and 2x 2nd stage incl. pressure gauge.

Fieb work perfectly, but should get leveled revision for safety. For an extra charge I would also commission this!


Phone: 015125353690

Search above jacket, no matter what size, as I only need spare parts (inflator) of it


Phone: 01715816917

I sell due to lack of use:

Camarao Semi-dry Suit

Size 56

Overalls and vest a 5mm thickness

Hood mounted on the ice vest

Semi-dry sleeves intact

Everything else can be seen in the photos

VB 75.00 EUR


I sell due to lack of use:

Barakuda BoraBora Semi-dry Suit

Size 52

Overalls and vest a 5mm thickness

Hood mounted on the ice vest

Semi-dry sleeves intact

Everything else can be seen in the photos

VB 100 EUR


BARAKUDA Protector

Diving suit women Gr40/42 (70-75 kg, 165 cm-175 cm). Well preserved. Zipper is tight. Cuffs renewed.

We also have other diving equipment, such as suits, jackets, etc. If necessary, please ask.

VB 80.00 EUR


Sell here a universal compass mount for the Suex VR VRX XJS XJ37 ... or Divertuge or Carbon Scooter... suitable for the Silva c58 ... the compass has 2 adjustable axes whereby the compass can be adjusted very well to the magnetic field of the scooter...

Price 50EUR

If you have a small surcharge of 10EUR, a V2A Stage clamp which is covered with fabric tape can be purchased ...

The compass is not part of this offer ...

The holder is an in-house development and comes from a 3D printer ...

If you are interested, just contact us ...

Tel.. +491725330952


Phone: 01725330952

I sell due to lack of use:

Camarao Semi-dry Suit

Size 40

Overall 7mm and vest a 5mm thickness

Hood mounted on the ice vest

Semi-dry sleeves intact

Everything else can be seen in the photos

VB 60.00


Offer UW housing from the renowned manufacturer ikelite for a Panasonic Lumix TZ30 The camera itself is not in scope. In addition to the nUW housing, a carrier plate and a ball arm for mounting a flash or lamp are also an optical cable for triggering a flash via the flash of the camera

VB EUR250,-

Offer Panasonic LUMIX DMC-LX100 with FourThirds sensor and fast 24mm LEICA Vario-Summilux lens with extensive accessories, such as filter set (red/UV/pole), spare batteries, bag, book. In addition, a housing from Meikon released to a depth of up to 45m. Few times before a holiday the closure broke and since I was not sure if the ordered case would arrive in time (which was not the case), I had repaired the closure. With the - successful!! - repaired closure I was then several weeks on vacation and after return I had 2 housings, a repaired one, which I then continued to use and one that has never had water contact until today, so brand new. The 2nd housing is offered in another promotion.

The camera was used almost exclusively in the housing under water and was accordingly only used on vacation and little.

VHB EUR550,-

Offer UW housing from Meikon for a Panasonic DMC-LX100 FourThirds camera. The case is brand new and has never been in the water. I had bought it just before a vacation, because my other case broke on the shutter than, backup bought. The repair was successful and the case was therefore only available as a "backup", but never in use.

VHB 150,-

I sell:

Ice vest Aqualung Gr. 36.

Price 30EUR

Pick-up and fitting possible in Karlsruhe.

Shipping possible against assumption of costs.

Payment in cash or by PayPal.

Private Sale ÔÇô No Returns, Exchanges or Warranty


Fab. Poseidon, max. pressure 310 bar

Filling lamp : 4x 200 bar - 1x 300 bar

Mains: 3x400/230V, 50 Hz

T├ťV until July 2025

VHB: 2.999,00 Eur


Original price: 279EUR + 70EUR soft lead

NOW: 215EUR !!!

The jacket is like new, can be dived great, a total of 9 dives up to 15m depth completed with the jacket.

6kg soft lead included. The jacket is in size L.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!


we are looking for a Bauer breathing air compressor.

Please offer everything

0151 155 38007

infopkgermany { at ]


Phone: 015115538007

I offer a very well preserved dive computer Ratio Idive Color Deep including transmitter. Date of purchase was 18.12.2021, since then only 48 dives completed with it. Original packaging, as well as proof of purchase from the manufacturer available. Purchase price at that time was 700EUR as a Christmas offer. Current price is about 900EUR

The computer has all the functions you need (air, nitrox, trimix, 3 air mixtures, compass etc.) If that's not enough, you can buy a software upgrade directly from Ratio for currently 149EUR and update the Deep to the Tech+ model with 10 air mixtures. Further information please read directly from the manufacturer's website:

Price: 579EUR incl. transmitter (VB)

Wetsuit Wetsuit Aqualung Balance Comfort 5mm Size ML

Fixed price 50 euros.

Shipping by DHL at the expense of the buyer possible, otherwise collection or handover in the Karlsruhe region.


  • good, very well maintained condition with normal signs of use
  • approx. 60 TG's
  • NP in set 559EUR
  • Battery replacement still needs to be done
  • Color black/white
  • Product description Manufacturer

Private sale therefore no guarantee or redemption

animal-free non-smoking household

Shipping possible upon assumption of costs


I sell here a double 8.5 liters with current T├ťV. The flat can be handed over filled. It has an adjustable bridge and 2 V4A clamps.

Price: 410EUR

The sale is made under exclusion of any warranty.

47495 Rheinberg

Phone: 00491626800906

Finnsub View single glass mask, extremely large field of view.

New, absolutely unused.

30 EUR incl. shipping as a package.


Complete tank lamp set Tilly LED 1500

These include:

  • Lamp head LED 1500 with Goodman handle and DIY lamp head holder made of aluminum and boltsnap
  • second lamp head for commercially available halogen pin base lamps, was used by me on vacation
  • Battery tank with DIY harness loop.
    The batteries were replaced by LiIon in 2018 (see protocol). Since then, few charging operations and trickle charging. Realistic burning time approx. 4 hours with the LED head. Halogen depending on the wattage (I mean 50-60min at 50W, but may be wrong).
  • Charger IMAX B6 AC v2.
    The original charger was no longer compatible with the new batteries, so I replaced it with an all-round charger. I bought it at Reichelt Elektronik, Sande, and not "on the Internet", so it should not be a cheap copy of China. Nevertheless, I do not guarantee this.
    The charger is practically new, with OVP and all accessories, was only used for occasional trickle charging. Small downer: In my opinion, not necessarily airworthy.

The handle for the use as a hand lamp I have not found mhr despite desperate searching. If he still appears, I put him in it.

I used this lamp mainly in Willingen / Schwalefeld / Mexico and in Wildsch├╝tz with various stages, therefore clear traces of use. In the cave the lamp makes a very good spot with a big corona, my buddy and I were fully satisfied with these lamp heads in the mines with the light for years (Tilly stop).

A note for those who have not been in the scene for so long:
This lamp model is no longer managed and maintained by Tilly. Spare parts should therefore only be available on the second-hand market.

The sale takes place under exclusion of any liability for material defects.
In particular, no guarantee / warranty can be assumed for the battery.

280 EUR incl. insured shipping and possibly PayPal


Offer my 120m reel

VB 95EUR plus 4,90EUR shipping

Private Sale - No return, no guarantee


Sell the above lamp.

In the best condition, hardly any signs of use, function perfectly.

3000 lumens, 6┬░ spot

Content as shown

Shipping and PayPal possible.

Price 130EUR VB

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

65396 Walluf

I sell here a wetsuit from the company Mares in size 2. I bought the wetsuit used myself but unfortunately it is too small for me so I sell it on. The hood is of course included

If you are interested, please contact us at 0176/44457527(please only under this number or by mail) :) Price: 80EUR. the price is negotiable. Since I want to get rid of suit as soon as possible please contact us

Here an original CO2 sensor for an AP Diving Rebreather is offered.

A "CO2 Sensor User Instruction Manual" is available on the AP page. I recommend reading it. The sensor is connected between the controller and the temp stick.

In order to avoid incorrect measurements due to moisture, "CO2 Sensor Protectors" must be screwed on. Quote AP: "These are consumable items that need to be changed every 20-30 hours of diving." On, a pack of 3 costs 28.62 EUR. The current Protector has done 2 diving hours. A new one is included.

Example to generate a CO2 alarm (at your own risk and not in the water!): Above the scrubber a sealing ring and then a spacer ring is correctly inserted. If the sealing ring is forgotten, much of the exhaled gas passes through the scrubber and absorbs the CO2. A small part of the gas will pass by the scrubber if the sealing ring has not been inserted and increase the CO2 content. This is enough for the CO2 sensor to report.

Current original price of the CO2 sensor on 1.031,63 EUR (as of 17.10.2022)

Available here used for 650 EUR

Shipping within the EU is free of charge. Return, warranty, guarantee and any liability are excluded.

NRW, Herford