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Semi-dry glove Everflex 5mm Scubapro

Completely new, never used

If you are interested or have any price suggestions, please contact us


Scubapro Pro no zip 6.5 Water shoes without zipper
Have never been worn, so are completely new
Size XS (for orientation I wear shoe size 38/39)

If you are interested or have any price suggestions, please contact us


Seawing Nova Fin Color Turquoise, Size Small
On the heel are bungee straps for securing / attaching the foot

Fins are completely new and also unused

If you are interested and have any price suggestions, please contact us


Who you love diving, the sea and the people and everything that has to do with it? You have a good feeling for your fellow human beings and like to create unforgettable experiences with a varied program? At our dive center IRTDA ÔÇô Correct Diving Krk you lead & teach as a diving instructor / our guests & employees with a lot of passion and take care of work processes, organization, sale of programs & dives, courses, material and area briefings.

At the same time, you are responsible for the guidance and motivation of guests entrusted to you. You have excellent equipment, competent colleagues, entry by an experienced team at your disposal for diving.
Living and working where others go on holiday ÔÇô your everyday life as a diving instructor at Correct Diving Krk

For us, "living and working where others go on holiday" is a fact. As a diving instructor you will work in the most beautiful holiday area in the Mediterranean. The Croatian Adriatic on one of the most beautiful islands of the island of Krk. We are all about the sea. We create unique memories that guests will remember fondly at any time.
You can expect fun, great dives and responsibility as an instructor at Correct Diving Krk

With your warmth and charisma, you as the guests captivate you and inspire them to participate in one of our diving adventures and programs. The guests feel in good hands with you and are competently advised and looked after by you in all questions. You are responsible for offering and carrying out an attractive and varied program for our guests, which gives you pleasure. During working hours, you always have everything in your area in view and under control. As an instructor, you are a role model for the team and always perform your duties properly and pay attention to compliance with the required safety. In addition, you will work in your job as in close cooperation with the team of eventful programs for the guests.
For your new job as a dive center manager, you should bring the following: - Instructor license
- Own diving equipment
- Languages German (compulsory) English or Italian
- Ability to work in a team and team spirit
- Polite & Friendly to all involved
- Helpfulness and being accommodating
- Sporty and above all well-groomed appearance
- Leadership qualities (course management, group leadership,)
- Be determined to want to achieve something and also to learn something new
- Perseverance in stressful situations
- Flexibility because we work with people can sometimes change for a short time and you have to be able to react to this situation.
- Be able to carry out the tasks assigned to him independently with the highest degree of responsibility.
We want you as a diving instructor and have a lot to offer you and a lot to do with you!

As a base manager & diving instructor you can experience many exciting things underwater as well as overwater and always rediscover yourself. Among other things, you will get to know and appreciate the strong sense of community as well as the open and nice colleagues. In our company, we address the employees, but also our guests with "you", which creates a relaxed and familiar atmosphere.
In short ÔÇô this is what awaits you as an instructor at IRTDA Correct-Diving Krk: - Working with friendly, active, international and professional colleagues
- Real team cohesion
- Secure income with sick and social security contributions
- Paid leave
- Days off once a week
- Personal responsibility for your department
- Offer training courses to deepen your knowledge
- Top career opportunities
- Well maintained accommodation
The application should include the following documents:
    • Curriculum vitae with photo and contact details
    • Diver Career
    • Copies of certifications and qualifications
Please send documents to:
I.R.T.D.A. d.o.o. - Correct Diving Krk
Brzac 33
D-51500 Krk/Brzac
Croatia Mail:

Krk Kroatien

Phone: 00385-91-7964656

Pressure gauge for checking the filling status

For control and with unknown filling state of the bottle you can quickly check what exactly is announced

Little used.

Pick up in Bad Oldesloe, shipping possible Phone 0172 9209164

35 EUR, Shipping 5,90 EUR

Exclusion of warranty


I sell a sailor underwear size L in good condition.

Price: 75EUR

The sale is made under exclusion of any warranty.

47495 Rheinberg

Phone: 00491626800906

I sell an Aquata dry suit, which is great for getting started. The size is L and the feet are XL.

The dry suit includes the liquid, hood and a bag.

Price: 325EUR

The sale is made under exclusion of any warranty.

47495 Rheinberg

Phone: 00491626800906

I sell my used DUI TLS 350 3xl dry suit. Unfortunately, the suit needs new cuffs, but I can still organize them.

The suit has two large leg pockets and has a P-Valve from Halcyon.

Price: 775EUR

The sale is made under exclusion of any warranty.

47495 Rheinberg

Phone: 00491626800906

I sell here an Ursuit Heavy Light Kevlar FZ Size L Tockentauchanzug. The rivers are in size 43. The Trocki is in almost mint condition and has only a few dives. Included are a bag, hood and dry diving gloves.

The matching underwear is one of another display.

Cost: 1.450EUR

The sale is made under exclusion of any warranty.

47495 Rheinberg

Phone: 00491626800906

Sell diving equipment for hobby tasks. See pictures Prices on request. In the case of shipping, the buyer bears shipping costs. 0171 7634148 o. 06188 8575

Kahl am Main

Phone: 01717634148

Sealux underwater camcorder housing including plan port and wide-angle lens (110┬░)
for Sony 4K camcorder FDR-AX700, NX80 or Z90

The Sealux housing is made of a seawater-resistant aluminum alloy (pressure-resistant up to 90 m depth) and has been designed for the camcorder mentioned above.

All relevant camera functions can be controlled via the partly electronic, partly manual transmissions of the housing. This also applies to the 10 different "Picture Profiles" of the camcorder (including S-LOG2 and 3 as well as HLG (= Hybrid Log Gamma) to maximize the dynamic range in the post-processing of the video material.

The housing is also equipped with a swivelling close-up lens inside, which even allows macro scenes to be rotated with the wide-angle lens attached. This ensures maximum flexibility during the dive with regard to the potential motifs (from whale sharks to nudibranchs). Furthermore, the white balance can be massively supported by means of a URPRO color correction filter located inside the housing. By the way, manual white balance (a MUST in professional UW videography if you value native colorfast scenes) can be done with a single touch of a button. In addition, the housing is equipped with an optical and acoustic humidity detector as well as a microphone for recording the underwater sounds.

The case has an M6 port on the top, as well as a connection socket (optional) for the HDMI cable for connecting an external 5-inch HDMI monitor (not included in the accessories). The housing even allows the mounting of the large Sony FV-100 battery. Neither for the change of the battery nor the SD cards the camcorder has to be removed from the case.

In addition, I mounted the housing with three ball head connections for attaching lamp arms. The control unit mounted above the monitor window for the central regulation of any lamps mounted is not part of this offer.

The housing, including the wide-angle attachment, was purchased from Sealux in March 2020 and has only been used during two short breaks since that time (due to Corona). Therefore, and due to intensive care after each dive, the condition of the facility is to be described as as new.

The purchase price at that time was 4,938 EUR (original invoice available).

My asking price for the complete package: 2.200,00 EUR

An FDR-AX700 camcorder is not part of this offer, but can also be purchased in its original packaging and with accessories at very attractive conditions if you are interested. The camcorder was previously only used in combination with the Seelux housing and is therefore also in absolutely mint and well-kept condition.

In conclusion, the Sony FDR-AX700 in this Sealux case can achieve results of exceptional quality.

I sell exclusively within Germany and Austria.

88471 Laupheim

Phone: 07392-913395

Sold is a used Treble Light d1c diving lamp with associated charger.

DataTreble-Light D1c 4.0

Diving depth 200 m

Dimensions├ś 81 mm | Length 250 mm

Weight a.s.l. 1900g | u.W. 600g

Test pressure32 bar

Pane Tempered Glass Bulb D2S HID | 35 W | 12 V BatteryNiMH | 12 V | 4.0Ah technology 3-way tap changer | SMD Power MOS-FET Technology | Deep discharge protection | Rapid ignition

Housing Aluminum Charger Wide Range Charger (110 - 240 V)

Charging time 6 hours

Color black

Burning time

Stage 1: 65 minutes

Stage 2: 55 minutes

Stage 3: 45 minutes

Private sale no return / guarantee

PayPal and shipping are possible!

Price 100EUR


I offer a fully functional Octopus from the company Beuchat from 2019, as I have switched to Mares!

The octopus has about 20 dives behind it.

As you can see in the pictures, the Tiptop is fine.

Cost 30 Euro!

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sell equipment flow of the brand Scubapro TwinJet Max in size L (Large 43-45) in yellow including the transport network.

They were used for about 50 dives and therefore show slight signs of use (minimal scratches, etc.) but no damage that limits the function of the fins. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Shipping via DHL is possible.

Price VB 65EUR


Sell my dive computer from Suunto, is brand new! Unfortunately never dived before. Sell now due to hobby task.

Original price: 249EUR !

NOW: 199EUR !

I sell a used dry suit Vortex in size XL (shoes 42). Used frequently. The cuffs would have to be renewed if necessary. The other dry suit is a neoprene dry suit from Aqualung in size L. This suit was also used quite often.

Prices are VB.

If you have any questions or further pictures, please contact me.

Phone: 015255616541

For sale is a top preserved wing jacket by Zeagle, in size XL

for 200 Euro

We are a scuba diver group and take care of our equipment!

Shipping possible


I offer here a glove system of the brand Dryglove incl. Showa gloves and underwear gloves
The set is complete and in perfect condition. The Showa gloves are new and OVP.
About 50 dives were completed with the ring system, and all O-rings and rubber parts are still supple as on the first day!

I imagined 80 euros.

Shipping is possible, the costs would have to be borne by the buyer.



Dry suit by Scubapro in size L.

Has neoprene socks attached. Rock boots from Seac in XXL are there that you can still fit in with thick socks underneath.

Currently I have a Rolock glove system installed, is sold for an extra charge.

Suit is little used and in good shape.

Was yesterday (01.10.22) still in the water and I came out warm and dry again.

Further pictures and information are available on request.


Private sale, therefore no guarantee or return.


Phone: 017680444163

Counter-lungs for the MK6 from Poseidon

Price incl. shipping 150EUR

Price incl shipping 40EUR

The battery is defective and would have to be replaced or a new battery installed.

Price incl. shipping 50EUR

Battery tank from tecme with charging garage. Battery is 2s4p. The functionality is given. Ideal for a small heater or lamp.

Price incl shipping 180EUR

I hereby offer a bearded diving scooter. It is ten years old and runs on LifePO4 batteries. The running time at the strongest level (80m/min) is 2 hours. It weighs 31 kilos and is 75 cm long.

So far, he has always served very well, especially in cave diving.

I imagine a price of 1000 EUR VB.


Phone: 01727171148

Chestmount rebreather adapter for the diving tank New!

Price incl shipping 70EUR

Offer 1x Dr├Ąger regulator used

Price incl shipping 60EUR

Offer 2 new Apeks regulator hoses long about 72cm.

Price incl. shipping 25EUR per hose

Baypassdose used but functional

Price incl shipping100EUR

Offer a Dr├Ąger Baypass can incl. 50 nozzle and hose. The unit is new and unused.

Price incl Versadn Germany 180EUR

Offer a total of 3 NEW XTX50 empty enclosures including short and long bubble deflectors. These are the newer models (from 2016) of the XTX series.

Sale of private!

The price incl. shipping in Germany is 40EUR per unit!

Offer a Mares wetsuit for women in size 3. This corresponds to a 34 / 36 or XS - S.

It was immersed in fresh water about 25 times.

It's too small for me.

The hood is also included.

Small defects of the suit. These can be found in the pictures. Otherwise it is flawless.

Private sale therefore no warranty or return.

Price 50 Euro.


  • Offered is a barely used buoyancy jacket from Scubapro (16 dives)
  • thus still very good as new
  • Lightweight, robust and easy to use, equipped with many practical details, the Scubapro X-One buoyancy jacket is just right for the start of diving. The outer material of the Scubapro X-Force Jacket is made of very durable 1000Denier Cordura, and the inner material is flexible 420D nylon. The straps of the Scubapro Buoyancy Jacket X-One are made of very tear-resistant nylon fabric, D-rings made of stainless steel ÔÇô the Scubapro X-One and buckles made of sturdy plastic to withstand frequent use.

Practical with the Scubapro X-One Jacket is also the sophisticated cut that ensures a very good fit, and the well-padded areas such as back area and hip belt, which guarantee high wearing comfort.

Even divers who do not want to do without their lead strap or just have to wear a lead harness / want to wear the Scubapro X-One buoyancy jacket, because the Scubapro X-One you get without lead bags - these can optionally be purchased in our online dive shop, for divers who are looking for a Scubapro dive jacket with integrated lead. The lead pockets fit easily into the side openings on the jacket, and are easily attached with the practical quick release buckles.

Further equipment can be attached to the Scubapro buoyancy jacket X-One stainless steel D-rings of the Scubapro diving jacket or stowed in the large side pockets with zipper. The diver's knife will find a secure place on the specially designed dive knife holder on the left side pocket of the Scubapro X-One Jacket.

Thanks to the easily adjustable straps and the adjustable, compensating abdominal belt, you can perfectly customize the fit of the Scubapro X-One buoyancy jacket.

With its good fit, robust material and ease of use, the Scubapro X-One buoyancy jacket is the ideal entry-level jacket or rental jacket for dive centers.

The uncomplicated design of the Scubapro X-One buoyancy jacket with practical features such as integrated octopus holder and reflective details convince at first glance


The most powerful UW flash ever produced by Subtronic with a power of 350 Ws.

The UW guide number is 22 (at 2 m light path) and an underwater illumination angle of 118 degrees. The flash sequence time (minimum/full power) ranges from 0.1 ÔÇô 2.5 sec.

In addition to a Nikon TTL function (analog Nikon cameras!), the device also has 7 manual power levels (only these would be usable for digital photography)

The pilot light in the center of the two ring flash tubes can be switched in two power levels.

The device also has a slave flash function, an SOS flash function, a flash readiness indicator and a battery charge level indicator. The color temperature can be controlled via 4 steps between 4,300 and 5,200 degrees Kelvin.

2 cameras can be connected to the flash at the same time (two S5 sockets).

The batteries are unfortunately deeply discharged and have to be replaced by the manufacturer Subtronic.

The flash is offered complete with synchronous cable, charger, neoprene protective cover, and protective cap for dome disc as well as an operating manual.

Asking price 150 EUR (VB).

88471 Laupheim

Phone: 07392-913395

ÔÇó 12L diving bottle steel.
ÔÇó 200 bar.
ÔÇó Double valve.
ÔÇó Without T├ťV. Always stored dry.
ÔÇó very few dives

Private sale therefore no guarantee or return.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Bad Iburg

Hello everyone

I sell a CASTOR ADV/BCD JACKET in size M with many accessories such as a diver's knife and separate pockets.

450 Euro VB Price!

Very little used is like new!

Can be viewed in 49186 Bad Iburg.

Here are some data about the diving vest:

  • Prepared for single and double bottles
  • Fully adjustable abdominal belt
  • Lordosis support
  • Molle configuration in the back area
  • Additional loops for additional equipment
  • Large side pockets with integrated D-Pentagon rings
  • Ergonomically adjustable shoulder straps
  • Safety buckles from the rescue and salvage area

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Bad Iburg

Find a Bonex Aquaprop.

Nimh, lithium or without battery!


Hello diving community ,

I would still have two tickets for one diving day each in the Gasometer in Duisburg.

The tickets are valid until 11.11.2022

The regular price per card would be 26 EUR, I would drop both (incl. shipping) for 23 EUR.

Greetings from Upper Bavaria,


This is a private sale, therefore no guarantee or return !!!


Color Kit for the Aeris / Oceanic Accel fin. I can no longer say for sure whether I was in the water with it or not, but there are no signs of use recognizable. Therefore, I would call the kit as new.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Shipping via DHL/Post is possible.

Price VB 20EUR (original price ca 30EUR)


A complete immersion housing set for the Olympus camera OMD EM 1

To the housing: Original Olympus PT EP11 with the macro port PPO EP03 and the port PPO E02 with adapter ring PAD EP08 for the 12-40mm lens. (with all seals)

All parts have always been treated with great care and work perfectly and have only minor signs of use.

Price for the whole set 749,-Euro.

Lenses and camera are not among them!!

Retail sale is also possible, then please contact us.


Phone: 02333604000