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2 Seaflash 150D with

Each flash has 2 batteries, neoprene protection, chargers and diffuser.

Price 1200 euros each or 2000 euros for both.

Spipping of your choice costs jointly decided.

Please send me a personal message for more information.


My AquaPropp is available for sale.

Because I bought a bigger one

Bought at the beginning of 2021,

LitMn battery.

Weight 6 kg.

Price 1400 VB.

Greetings Eddy

Private sale.


Phone: 01712630624

Collectors beware,

Poseidon Cyklon 300 Titan NM with 2nd stage metal. Fully functional. 1200EUR.

Poseidon Cyklon 300, no revision. 50EUR.

Dr├Ąger clamping lead 1kg, 8EUR, total 30 kg.

Poseidon Spring pair 15EUR, a total of 10 pairs.

Poseidon Cyklon 5000, no revision 150EUR per piece.

Poseidon Cyklon 5000 with jet stream and pressure gauge, no revision 200EUR.


since I bought a set of regulators together, the 2nd stage R3 from TecLinie is over.
This is in the original Kartion.
The age of the step is about 3 years, it has been in the box ever since.
Traces of corrosion caused by brass-nickel-chromium (read on the net) are not absent during dry storage (electrochemical corrosion), but this disappears when the step comes into contact with water.

Handover possible at Lake Constance.



I offer here a Suex X-Joy 7 Scooter kpl. in black with navigation aid, transport frame from Halcyon & new battery incl. charger.

The scooter is 4 years old, was driven in both salt and fresh water.

A new battery, has 5 charging cycles behind it

The scooter has spent about 60 hours underwater.

If you have any questions, please contact me


Offer an almost new Kraken underwater housing (only 2 TGs) with extra battery compartment with which the phone can also be charged during the TG. It fits all common IPhones and Android phones, you just have to download the Kraken app. It is sold with the matching filter/lens adapter M52 (is an optional accessory). Original price with lens holder 430EUR, now for 360EUR incl. insured shipping.


Here comes a Hollis Neotek semi-dry suit in size XL for sale. The suit is 3 years old and in perfect used condition.

The suit can also be sent against assumption of the costs.

Price: VHB EUR 150.00

It is a private sale, therefore without warranty and right of return.

A pair of Scubapro booties in size XL (43/44) is sold here. The couple has about 20 dives behind them. The booties are in perfect condition. The item can also be shipped against assumption of the costs.

Price: EUR 49.00

It is a private sale, therefore without warranty and right of return.

Here is a pair of Cressi Korsor booties in size M. The pair is used, has about 20 dew cycles behind them. Is in perfect condition.

The booties can also be shipped against assumption of the costs.

Price EUR 49.00.

It is a private sale and therefore without warranty and right of return.

New price 990,-EUR 750,-EUR

Sell a dry suit from DUI, type TLS Explorer 350 Signature Men XXL. The DUI brand speaks for itself and is still the measure of all things in drysuits. The Trocki has the size XXL Select. The XXL Select size means that the basic XXLS size has been taken from DUI and in this suit the upper body has been cut a little larger and the arms a little longer. The suit fits perfectly for people with a height of about 182-186 and 95-105Kg weight with full freedom of movement. Full freedom of movement means everything that is meant by freedom of movement in technical diving - turning off the valves behind the head in a relaxed manner, etc. The equipment in detail:

  • Material: Trilaminate
  • DUI Max Mob package (reinforcements in the upper body, buttocks, arms and legs)
  • Urinal valve type Heser
  • Heating connection type Halcyon
  • ZipSeal on the neck
  • ZipSeal on the wrists
  • Turbo Tec Boots (Size XL)
  • 2 large pockets on the legs (with division)

The suit is now 7 years old and has about 350 dives. The low number of dives at 7 years is due to the fact that I always dive several diving suits alternately. The suit has always been well cared for and has now been given a new zipper and a look-through for tightness. Of course, the suit has signs of wear and tear and in one place or another it has been patched. This is inevitable with 7 years and 350 TGs. But it is in good condition and, above all, tight. The most expensive possible repair - the front zipper (359,ÔÇöEUR) - has just been done. Optionally, accessories such as hood, ZipSeal products can be purchased additionally.

The suit is sold at a price of 990,-EUR 750,-EUR plus shipping. The new price for the suit is now over 3,000 euros. The sale is private, i.e. no warranty, return, etc.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Seemann BCD size M with diving knife and bugle

Unfortunately, we are no longer allowed to dive for health reasons.

Therefore, this size M buoyancy control jacket with diving knife from Oceanic and signal horn from Seemann Sub is for sale. The jacket was dipped by my wife.

It is in very good condition - see also pictures. Two weight pockets are included.

For the jacket we would like to have 150,00 Euro inclusive. Dispatch.

Self-collectors are also welcome.

PayPal any costs incurred shall be borne by the buyer.

This must also be:

I expressly point out that this is a private sale and that I do not assume any warranty or return.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Phone: 02191-292283 oder 0170-2922831


I offer here a Suex X-Joy 7 Scooter kpl. in black with navigation aid, transport frame from Halcyon & new battery incl. charger.

The scooter is 4 years old, was driven in both salt and fresh water.

A new battery, has 5 charging cycles behind it

The scooter has spent about 60 hours underwater.

If you have any questions, please contact me


Sell the Divebox because I don't need it anymore. Has two wheels and a foldable handle and can therefore be used like a trolley.
Has not been used often, therefore very good condition.

Sell this trolley as I don't use it anymore. Once used.

8.5 kg of hard lead in various sizes

Since I am no longer allowed to dive by the doctor, I offer

8.5 Kg of hard lead for diving for a weight belt for sale.

The lead is sold as used.

The 8.5 KG are composed as follows:

2 pieces of 2KG - 4 pieces of 1KG - 1 piece of 0.5Kg = 8.5 kg.

For the whole package I would like to have together VB 88.00 Euro.

It is only sold to self-collectors with cash payment

This must also be:
I expressly point out that this is a private sale and that I do not assume any warranty or return.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Phone: 02191-292283 oder 0170-2922831

Per problemi personali non mi immergo pi├╣
Prodotto ORIGINALE come da foto/descrizione
Prodotto NUOVO come da foto/descrizione
Vendo per inutilizzo
Spese di imballo e spedizione/trasporto non incluse

1 x analizzatore TEMC-DEOX SAFE, monossido di carbonio (CO) - euro 300,00

TEMC-DEOX SAFE rende sicura qualunque immersione anche con aria. ├ł semplice da utilizzare consentendo di verificare personalmente la presenza di questo pericoloso ed insidioso gas prima di respirare da una fonte di miscela. Indispensabile ai centri subacquei per verificare il corretto funzionamento dei filtri ed il posizionamento della presa d'aria del compressore ed al subacqueo durante i suoi viaggi. TEMC-DEOX SAFE utilizza un sensore di CO elettrochimico di ultima generazione che non necessita di calibrazioni periodiche ed ├Ę facilmente sostituibile. ├ł completamente digitale, e per maggior sicurezza, ├Ę dotato di allarmi visivi e sonori se la presenza di CO supera i valori impostati. ├ł omologato secondo la norma EN 12021.


  • indicazione della presenza di CO nella miscela in analisi
  • campo misura 0-300 ppm di CO
  • Autosetting dell'analizzatore e del sensore
  • Sensore elettrochimico senza necessit├á di calibrazione
  • 2 allarmi sonori e visivi impostabili dall'utente
  • display numerico
  • Indicazione di batteria scarica
  • alimentazione con batteria 9V
  • connessione diretta a qualunque rubinetteria con adattatore in gomma
  • Custodia morbida di protezione e trasporto
  • Peso: 250 Grammi


Only 5 dives used, progressive full-stretch neoprene, wrist zippers, double glued seams, OMNIRED technology (warming lining), color gray-mottled, stitching pink, size 12+ (dimensions see photo size chart), corresponds to approx. a clothing size 46, price: 330 Euro VB


New and unused with 0 dives, battery has been recently renewed, compatible with the following Suunto models D9, DX, D9tx, D4i, D4i Novo, D6i, D6i Novo, Vytec, Vytec DS, Vyper Novo, Vyper Air and HelO2, price: 230 Euro VB


Bietemares 1st stage mr 22, regulator mares abyss, pressure gauge POLARIS, no Octerpus, because skuberpro A2 Jacket connected, but possible! Transport backpack , shipping not incl., 350.-EUR

Alfeld Leine

Phone: 05181280555

mares MR22T (1st stage), mares abyss (2nd stage) regulator, intended for Scubapro-Jacket A2 - therefore no Octerpus, incl. pressure gauge and compass af sole. Connection possible for Octerpus and dry suit!, transport backpack mares for 350.-EUR, shipping not incl.

Alfeld Leine

Phone: 05181280555

Offer regulator Scubapro -used as Octerpus- (original packaging) 2nd stage S 550 incl instructions for use, 80,-EUR, plus shipping costs .Tel.: 017645884417

Alfeld Leine

Phone: 05181280555

Offer technisub fins with quick-release fastener size Small (shoe size 38) for 70 EUR plus shipping Tel.: 017645884417

Alfeld Leine

Phone: 05181280555

Offer diving fin mares size Large (shoe size 46) for 70.-EUR plus shipping


Alfeld Leine

Phone: 05181280555

Offer Scubapro BCD A2, size L, fully functional for 100 EUR. Plus shipping

Phone: o17645884417

Alfeld Leine

Phone: 05181280555

Offer BCD size M , A2 Scoubapro , all functional

Tel.:o17645884417 for 80.-EUR plus shipping

Alfeld Leine

Phone: 05181280555

Spring cleaning...
Unfortunately, a lot has to come out...

The Waterproof undergarment Warmtec HD has a water-repellent nylon cover with 300 grams of fiber filling material and is stitched on the inside with 320D nylon taslon. The mesh inserts on the shoulders of the undersuit ensure the exchange of air in the drysuit. The compressible fibre filling material minimizes the space for transport and ensures a comfortable fit in the dry and on the surface.

the outer shell is wind and water repellent
Compressible fiber technology
Zippers on the legs prevent unwanted air retention
an elastic waistband at the hips ensures a good fit
Mesh inserts on the shoulders ensure air exchange
Ventilation zippers under the armpits
Teflon-coated zippers on the four comfortable pockets
Outer shell made of 100 % nylon taffeta 210 T PU silver coated
Filling with 300g soft polyester with enlarged surface area
2 pockets each on the hips and 2 pockets on the chest
Easy entry thanks to front zipper
Newly designed collar - now even more comfortable
Extra-long zipper for easy donning and taking off
Ventilated mesh inserts on the shoulders and along the arms allow air to escape quickly when needed.

The underwear can be tried on.

If you have any questions, just get in touch.



unfortunately I have to give up the hobby before it has really started and that's why I have hardly used Scubapro Twin Jet Max fins in blue and size Large to give.
The condition is very good, as you can see from the pictures. The fins are like new.

Reasonable price suggestions are welcome. Original price currently 145,00 EUR.

Shipping is possible, but must first organize a suitable box. Otherwise, pickup preferred. 36100 Petersberg.


Sell my acid-compatible lubricant Christolube MCG 111 for maintenance work on the rebreather, booster, cylinder valves and regulator. It's still full and I don't need it anymore.

Price: 18 Euro

Ruhrgebiet/ M├╝nsterland


Sell my Halcyon Halcyon Explorer Wing 55lbs (25KG) for 200 Euro incl. shipping.

The goods are a private sale and are sold to the exclusion of any warranty.

Ruhrgebiet/ M├╝nsterland

I'm selling my neoprene suit 5mm in size XL/s and my scubapro hydros BCD in size L.

Still available would be a complete ABC equipment, gloves-fins *M* shoes.

The BCD was used 2x in the pool and for 2 lake dives.

The remaining items were used for about 8 pool trips and 2 lake dives.

I would not sell goggles and snorkels for hygienic reasons. Unless this is expressly desired.

Shipping would be possible. / I would then have to determine the price.

No refunds or exchanges due to private sale.

VB 1500EUR

Sell my Suunto D6i because I am unfortunately no longer allowed to dive for health reasons.

Function flawlessly. The last complete check was in April 2022.

VB 599,00


Sell a new Bauer P-41 filter housing with only 40 hours.

Only 490 Euro + shipping

Look for a crankshaft for Mariner year 96-98 and other Bauer parts. Also defective Bauer compressor.


whatsapp 0049 151 155 38007


Phone: 015115538007

Sell Bauer Securus Controll, New and unused

Only 299 Euro + shipping

I am looking for a crankshaft for Mariner year 96-98 and other Bauer parts

WhatsApp : 0049 151 155 38007


Phone: 015115538007

1599 EUR

With this underwater camera you can film anything!

It doesn't matter if it's clownfish or dolphins!
Whether by day or by night!
It doesn't matter if it's fresh water or salt water!

Underwater image 1.
Thanks to the integrated swivelling red filter, the underwater world looks even more colourful.
Underwater image 2.
At night, in wrecks or in caves, the two lamps provide a natural-looking floodlight that can be used to effortlessly illuminate several square meters.
Underwater image 3.
And in the local lake you leave out the filter and can capture the beauty of the underwater world with or without lamps.

Whether it's a wide-angle or close-up, everything is possible with it.
Thanks to the knobs and levers, you have control over white balance, zoom or filters at all times. By the way, for the white balance you only need to press 2 buttons, the rest is automatic.
Thanks to the floating arms and buoyancy, the set is neutrally balanced.

- Light & Motion Bluefin for Canon HF G10 or XA 10
- Fathom 90 wide angle fully zoomable
- internal swivelling red filter
- Complete camera control via 10 buttons
- Monitor back panel
- Max. diving depth 100 meters

- Canon XA 10 ( Full HD 50i or 25p )
- With XLR camera grip
- Wide angle and telephoto for landscape shots
- Camera + accessories

- AIO RG Blue System 01
- 2200 lumens
- 110 degree floodlight
- Lamp bags + accessories

All components have been regularly serviced and are working!
The set is sold because of hobby abandonment.
If you have any further questions, just report more pictures or videos.

Guaranteed shipping, PayPal, transfer, pick-up, negotiation, technical discussion everything is possible!


I bought these fins in the winter of 2022 and never wore them (label is still on). I have shoe size 39/40.

At that time they were recommended to me for snorkeling in the (wild) Atlantic water on Tenerife.

Original price: 89,- Euro. I sell them for 76,- Euro plus shipping.

From the manufacturer's text:
"The fin incorporates the proven technologies of the Slingshot and Hot Shot. The foot pocket is specially shaped to the anatomy of the female foot. With the size of the fin, the stiffness of the fin blade increases. This allows the diver to choose the stiffness of the fin depending on her diving style. The SHOT FX comes standard with the Aqua Lung Spring Straps for easy on and off.

The fin shoe is specially designed for female divers and offers a high level of comfort.
The SHOT FX has a shorter and softer fin blade than classic fins. This makes the fin stroke easier to execute."

No redemption


We also have a surplus of diving lamps... :)

We sell 1 piece of back-up lamps (like new) One already gone.

Reef Dive TL-Zoom black

With the Riff TL-Zoom, the angle is variably adjustable from 16┬░ to 110┬░.

A CREE XM-L U2 LED provides a maximum light output of 800 lumens. The compact TL zoom adapts to your wishes in terms of light angle. By simply moving the lamp head, the beam angle can be infinitely changed from spot to flood. It has 3 levels: 100%, 50%, flashing.

Technical details:

LED lifespan: approx. 100,000 hours
Battery: rechargeable 18650 Li-ion, included
Charger with overcharge protection and plus/minus protection
Burning time: approx. 60 minutes at 100%, 120 minutes at 50%
Waterproof: up to 100 meters
Lamp body made of T7075 Durable Aircraft-grade aluminum r
Color temperature: approx. 6500K
Underwater weight approx. 120 gr. with batteries
Length approx. 16.9 cm; 35 mm head diameter
For underwater use only!
IP Protection Class: IP X8

we ship within DE as an insured package with GLS DE

No returns, no guarantee

Euro 100.--

Schweiz / Basel

Directly from revision we offer this hammer part for sale:

Reef TL MLV 3.2 dive light (in top condition)

The Riff TL MLV 3.2 offers a maximum of 5200 lumens.

The new MLV 3.2 lamps not only offer the video lights in white, red and blue, but also a spotlight.
In order to be able to bring out the colors better at greater depths, the red light can be switched on to the whitish.
The blue light is used without the white light to bring out the fluorescent colors.

Due to the spotlight, the MLV 3.2 is not only suitable as an optimal video light, but also as a normal diving light.

With the red light you can observe the underwater world partly undisturbed. Many species cannot perceive red light at all or only poorly. At increasing depths, the proportion of red in the light becomes smaller and smaller, and the species living there have not developed color perception in this part of the light spectrum. The red light can be switched on to the white light. This allows the color intensity to be significantly increased. The color rendering becomes warmer and the dwindling red light component is compensated.

The blue light is intended for fish and corals that have fluorescent (short-wave) color particles.

These become visible through the blue light and then radiate back with a brightness and colors that are otherwise not visible. Some of them even shimmer in rainbow colors.

The UV light is for motifs that have bioluminescence color particles. This cold light is generated in the living organisms (e.g. the fishing rod of frogfish) by friction or touch and made visible by the UV light. Normally, this color spectrum is outside of the light visible to humans.

Model: TL MLV 3.2 Multifunction Dive Lamp Dive Light Video and Spot Light

White (video light) CREE XM-L2 U2 LED *4 (max 2600 lumens), White (spotlight) CREE XP-G2 R5* 2 (max 600 lumens), Red CREE XP-E N3
LED*2 (620 nm, max 200 lumens), Blue CREE XP-E D4*2 (455 nm, max 6W)

Light temperature: 5000-5500K white (video light), 6500K white (spot light)

Switch 1: White (video light) 100% > 50% > 25% >off
Switch 2: White (spotlight) > red > blue > off

Burn time: White (video light):

100% approx. 90 min, 50% approx. 120 min, 25% approx. 180 min White (spotlight) approx. 150 min, red approx. 180 min, blue approx. 300 min

Reflector: polished aluminium, only in spotlight

Disc : 4mm polycarbonate

Lamp body: Durabel Aircraft Aluminum

Light angle: approx. 110┬░(video light), approx.10┬░(spot light)

Surface treatment: Premium Type III hard anodizing
Color: Black

4 times Li-ion battery with overcharge protection and +/- protection
with degassing valve

Operating voltage: 4.2 V to 2.8 V

Waterproof: 100 meters

Dimensions: 145 mm (length) * 50 mm (head diameter) * 41 mm (d lamp body)

Weight: approx. 332 g (without battery); approx. 470 g (with battery)

Underwater weight: approx. 250 g (with battery)


we ship with GLS DE as an insured package within DE

No returns, no guarantee

VB: Euro 349.--

Schweiz / Basel

From our surpluses we sell no longer available and limited regulator set from Mares.

Mares S15 1st stage, with Instinct 2nd stage, Instinct Octopus incl. Miflex hoses black and yellow plus pressure gauge from Mares

The Instinct with the S15 is a super regulator and also suitable for cold water. We used this for our training and were mega satisfied because the controller delivers a super air performance, especially for the beginning very helpful.

We would like to point out that this is a used item has been treated with great care, in any case, as always with regulators, a revision must be carried out.

Because private sale without any guarantee.

Shipping with GLS DE as an insured package.

VB: Euro 180.--

Schweiz / Basel

From our surpluses we sell no longer available and limited regulator set from Mares.

Mares X52 1st stage, with Instinct 2nd stage (white - limited), Instinct Octopus incl. Miflex tubes white and yellow, plus pressure gauge in white. In addition, of course, the whole thing is also suitable for cold water and was treated very carefully!

The Instinct second stage in white was only available in stores for a short time. For this purpose, we have coordinated the set in color with the Miflex hoses and was put together in this way.

We would like to point out that this is a used item has been treated with great care, in any case, as always with regulators, a revision must be carried out.

Because private sale without any guarantee.

Shipping with GLS DE as an insured package.

VB Euro 470.--

Please no fancy offers!

Schweiz / Basel

Rebreather white arrow


Sell this regulator from Mareshere. It is the first stage MR12ST with the main machine and Octopus Prestige.

Price: 100EUR


Robust - beautiful - extraordinary.

The Atomic BC1 sets a new standard for BCD design.
Every detail has been studied. Every material and component has been rethought.
The BC1 is specially designed to create the TOUGHEST performance BCD in the world.

Original price without inflator = 1,499,-- euros

On offer is the BCD:


Color: black with red

Size: M/L

Used, but few dives and good condition

incl.AI inflator

Price 520,-- Euro

For reasons of circumstance, sell the MARES cold water set here (from now on only dive in the warm :-) ). The set consists of 2 first stages MR22t, on which you will find the Abyss Extreme regulator and an octopus Mares extreme and a pressure gauge and two inflator hoses. Put a new Jax mouthpiece and the vending machine bag on top.
The set has been dived about 20 times. Nevertheless, I recommend a revision to the buyer. It is a private sale, so I exclude any guarantee or warranty.

Price: 400EUR


Training DVD of UTD (Unified Team Diving) as an add-on to the Fundamentals or TEC1 course.

Language: English

Eur 15,- plus shipping costs


Offer used diving fins here. Ideally suited for the dry suit/winter dive.

As a former professional diver, I have always appreciated them, although I had never used them for professional diving. I was also in lakes and ponds in my free time. They had just the right hardness for me and therefore the best propulsion. They do not slide away to the left or right. Have slight downforce.

The rubber straps are not made of Scubapro, hence the little trick with the blue tape.

Of course, they have signs of wear. But if you want to save the money for new ones and still want very good fins....

Price: 15EUR

Postage: 10EUR

All offers come from a pet-free non-smoking environment.
No warranty assumption in case of shipping damage, no return.
Private sale. "The goods are sold to the exclusion of any warranty."