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Sell a harness. He has served me well so far.

VB 25.00 EUR

Shipping with surcharge of shipping costs or collection in Berlin is possible.

I exclude any material defects.
Liability for damages due to injuries to health, body or life and grossly negligent and/or intentional violations of my duties as a seller remains unrestricted.


Sell my diving case from Mero. It has wheels and can also be worn as a backpack.

Height approx. 80 cm, width approx. 60 cm, depth approx. 35 cm

VB 35.00 EUR

Shipping with surcharge of shipping costs or collection in Berlin is possible.

I exclude any material defects.
Liability for damages due to injuries to health, body or life and grossly negligent and/or intentional violations of my duties as a seller remains unrestricted.


Complete Apeks Cold Water Set

Atx 100 1 and 2 step, contra-angle handpiece for comfortable diving, malleable mouthpiece

2 regulators Atx40 with Nacklace

miflex hose 1500mm

Mini 300bar pressure gauge with Miflex hose

very good condition, not dived after revision 10/21.


therefore revision recommended

2x Boltsnaps


Phone: 01715157480

PSS Worldwide supports its instructors and has already established itself internationally as a pioneer for important innovations in the field of diving technology and training.

Member of RSTC-Europe - PSS Worldwide's training programs comply with European Community directives (EN standards), ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards and RSTC Europe (Recreational Scuba Training Council).

PSS was the first diving training agency in the world to:

  • provides training in all aspects of diving and first aid, from freediving to technical diving;
  • has created an interactive web portal for the affiliated professionals;
  • has created a complete e-learning system that will be applied to diving;
  • offers a multilingual ticketing system that is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • promote the use of digital certification for a plastic-free course;
  • use the digital signature and thus enable a 100% paperless teaching activity.

Find out about your conditions to become a PSS Instructor or Divemaster.

or directly to

Gernot H├Ârnle

PSS Instructor Trainer and Training Programs Developer

Phone: (+49) 06131 5762956


55124 Mainz

Phone: 061317209737 Visit Tauchsport Seekuh

iPhone 5S with underwater housing up to 40 m, iPhone 5S, SIM free, in good condition without display errors and scratches. UW housing flawless. See photos
iPhone is factory reset.

Price 95EUR plus postage


Sell absolutely new Finnsub-Wing in perfect condition. Purchased in March 2022 from German specialist retailers, since then only dived in fresh water on two occasions (approx. 10 TG) NP: 690 euros for 520 euros

The wing systems of the Czech manufacturer FINNSUB are very popular with technical divers due to their extremely high quality.

The Wing can of course be viewed in M├╝nster and checked for function. Below is the product description.

The "Fly 17D Comfort" Wing in donut shape gives the diver all the advantages of a tech jacket with the comfort that advanced recreational divers desire.
Ideal for larger mono bottles such as 15 or 18 liters or smaller double bottle configurations such as D7 or D8.5.

FLY Wing - powered by FINNSUB for recreational divers who prefer the philosophy and style of technical diving and jackets for tech divers who do not want to compromise.

The design of the wing bubble "FLY 17D": The "Fly 17D" is specially designed for the use of individual bottles up to a volume of 18 liters. For this reason, the quick drain is located outside the axis (center), otherwise it would come into contact with the diving tank.
Thanks to the special bottle support, which is incorporated directly into the bladder, there is no need for a special single bottle adapter. Together with the two bottle attachments, the bottle sits bomb-proof on the jacket. The shape of the bladder is a so-called donut shape. Due to its compactness, it ensures low water resistance, but at the same time offers a large buoyancy of 18 kg.
To ensure that the "Fly 17D" retains its function even in the most adverse diving conditions, a high-strength Cordura material with a thread thickness of 2000 deniers was processed. The inner bubble consists of either a high-strength polyurethane film or a 500 Cordura material.
Due to the special shoulder strap adjustment made of metal, the shoulder straps can be easily adjusted at any time. A breakage, even under extreme loads, as with usual buckles made of plastic, is not possible. A crotch belt made of soft webbing ensures a comfortable fit even on longer scooter rides. In order to attach enough equipment to the harness, the "Fly Comfort Harness" is equipped with a total of seven stainless steel D-rings, which are held in position by means of a web slider.
The two lead bags each hold up to five kilos of lead and are equipped with a stable rapid discharge system. On the outside there is a rigid D-ring. Optionally, the left lead bag is also available with a special holder for a battery tank of the Finn Light lamps.
The complete system complies with European standards and is certified according to EN 1809.
FINNSUB Fly 17D Features:
Wing Bubble: FLY 17 Donut
Double-shell wing approx. 18 kilos buoyancy ÔÇô ideal for mono bottles from 12 to 18 litres
Color: Black
Outer material: Cordura with 2000 denier
Inner material: Thermoplastic polyurethane (500 deniers),
High-quality inflator with a pleated hose length of 50 centimeters
Stainless steel backplate, approx. 2.7 Kg


Phone: 01637662037

This is the best diving course for holiday divers.

Just do your open water dives on your next vacation, somewhere in the world or further supervised by us at one of our partners, who we know will continue excellent training accordingly.

More information

Menadive Safaga, Egypt

In the Red Sea, breathtaking reefs and an incredible variety await you. For many years, the Menadive has been one of our favorite diving bases whose quality we are absolutely convinced of.


Petro Divers Mallorca About 2 hours flight from Frankfurt, Mallorca is also suitable for a long weekend. With the low-cost airline from Frankfurt also interesting in terms of price for a long weekend.


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Phone: 061317209737 Visit Tauchsport Seekuh


Brand : Scubpro

Thickness : 5mm

Material : Neoprene

Condition : NEW, unused!

Size : DE 54, US XL, EU XL

Price 250,00EUR + if applicable. Shipping costs

Diving bottle for sale

Preferably pick-up - shipping possible against assumption of costs

Please make a best offer if you are interested

Moin together!

I am looking for a fully functional and well preserved Aqualung Axiom Jacket, preferably in the i3 version, size must be ML.

Please contact us with your asking prices if you want to get rid of such a jacket or if you know someone who wants to part with it.

Thank you!


Blubber bubbles


I offer here my Ikelite Flash DS-161

  • incl. TTL cable .
  • new battery (2016), hardly used since then
  • Charger

for technical details see here:

(I separate myself from all my UW photo equipment i.e. SLR camera Canon 7D in Ikelite housing, because I no longer enjoy towing when traveling by air)


I offer here a pair of gloves of the brand Fourt Element in size L. The gloves have a thickness of 5mm and are pleasantly warm and supple.
Unfortunately, I noticed during the first dive that they are a bit too small for me, so I give them now. So they are like new!

I imagined 30 euros.

Shipping is possible, the costs would have to be borne by the buyer.


New Flashlight Reef dive + see


NP 360 Euro

Sold for 295 Euro

Shipping is possible

Aqua Lung dive knife

New. For sale for 28 Euro

Shipping is possible

Sell a used DUI FLX Extreme Ladies Gr M with shortened arms, legs and torso. Socks Gr S (37/38) with Rockboots Gr 4. Color Black/Pink. The suit is for technical divers with Halcyon Peevalve on the left and heating bushing with e/o cord. Neck and arm cuffs are new (latex). The suit is from 2012, leak test was made, no leaks detected. About 300 dives. For further information please contact me.

Price 500EUR VB


2x 1 stage

2x 2 stage

Incl. service sheet

Last Service 07/2022

Price vhb 899 EUR

Private sale: therefore no warranty or return


Size L (178-188 cm)

Good condition

45 EUR vhb

Private sale: therefore no warranty or return

WOMEN'S Dry Suit

-Gr. ML

with changes (thigh +, waist -)


-Boots: FlexSole Size L, 41-42

(Right sole has a small hole, can be repaired on request)

-Neck cuffs: latex

-Arm cuffs: latex

-Exhaust valve: Apeks, flat

-good condition

-incl. bag

-Price vhb 1.400 EUR

Private sale: therefore no warranty or return

A used, very well preserved, 3 mm women's tropical jumpsuit by Seac Sub made of neoprene with back zipper is sold. It has the size S or 36-38. It has been used a holiday and is in good good condition. The neoprene is very soft and the suit is very easy to put on and take off. It is sold as seen in the photos.

Price: 50 Euro VB

The suit can be picked up or shipped.
Shipping by DHL 5,00 Euro.
For pick-up cash payment and for shipping bank transfer.

Since this is a private sale, I exclude any guarantee, warranty or return.

I sell my Scubapro dry suit in size S (ladies), as this unfortunately no longer fits me.

The dry suit is made of breathable trilaminate.

The suit is in good condition and has been used for about 40 dives in fresh water.
As can be seen in a picture, my diving suit unfortunately had a hole on the thigh. This has been patched and now keeps completely dry again.
In addition, I sent the suit to Scubapro again for leak testing, in which the hole, as well as all seams were checked again.


Private sale therefore no return and no warranty.

I sell my Kallweit Saros underwear in size S, because unfortunately it no longer fits me.
The underwear is in very good condition and was only used for about 30 dives.

Suitable for very cold waters.


Private sale therefore no return and no warranty.

Sell new (only used once) underwater macro lens from Weefine. The lens is in excellent condition and is optically flawless. NP around 440 Euro.VB: 330 Euro

Here is the product description: Weefine Super Macro Lens WFL05S M67 +13
The U/W macro lens that looks good and makes your subjects look good.

A very high-quality UW macro lens that meets the highest demands. Due to the flat size and the large diameter, the WFL05S is also ideally suited for operation on full-frame cameras ( Sony A9, A7 etc, Canon 5D, Nikon D800 etc ).

More flexibility in the compact camera class ( e.g. Sony RX100, Canon G7X Mark II, Canon G7X Mark III ) The extremely large optical opening on the back ensures an extended use of the zoom range compared to other macro lenses.

SMART: For deep Nauticam threads or folding holders, the red ring can be removed to bring the lens even closer to the glass of the underwater housing and make the most of it.

The lens can of course be tested on site in M├╝nster. Always feel free to ask!


Phone: 01637662037

Tusa Liberator pro scuba flowed, in top condition with slight traces of use, see photos.

The size is:


Non-smoking household.

Assessment and collection in Berlin-Moabit.

Private sale, therefore exclusion of any

Warranty; No return, no guarantee or similar.

Items that are presented in addition to the offered item are of course NOT part of the offer.

Brand names (and/or images) are the property of the manufacturers and serve only to describe the item.

For the nostalgics and lovers of analog underwater photography!

Sealux's CF5 case was specially designed for the legendary Nikon F5. The Nikon F5 is the last, truly professional analog camera from Nikon before the boom in digital photography. It has all the technical possibilities that could be realized about 20 years ago in small-format photography.

The Sealux housing is the latest generation of die-cast aluminium camera housings (pressed to 10 bar). The housing has an acoustic humidity detector and is equipped with all relevant bushings, which allow creative work with the F5 under water. The case has never experienced a water intrusion during its 124 dives and has not been in use since its last maintenance at the manufacturer in 2007.

The Nikon F5 is used on the Internet at quite attractive conditions.

Asking price: 150 EUR (VB)

88471 Laupheim

Phone: 07392-913395

Sell for giving up diving my rarely used 5mm suit. I only wore it once with fresh water.
Size is XS/S


Sell for giving up diving my rarely used (worn 2 times in fresh water) SD4 Semi Dry. Size is XS.


Sell my women's diving suit of the brand Waterproof, which is only used about 15 times. It is 7 mm thick and is in very good condition apart from the discoloration on the rubber cuffs. All zippers are flawless.

I am 1.66 m tall and weighed between 60 and 65 kg.

Shipping is possible against reimbursement of costs. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Price 160 Euro


Sell two SeaSea Ysd3 flashes for UW photography here.

Both are new (were a gift.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Hello, offer used diving suit size 50.

Price: 25 Euro VHB

Hello, offer used diving suit "AscAn" Gr. 52.

Price: VHB 30 euro

Due to the switch from back device to SideMount I offer four similar cold water sets Poseidon Cyklon 5000 : each first and second stage

Used, condition see pictures.

All controllers come fresh from the service (345, - EUR in total) by authorized dealer : Actionsport W├╝rzburg. Service documents are of course included in the sets.

Each set for 250,- EUR Vb.

  • Pick up in zip code 97828
  • PayPal and shipping possible

Set 1:

  • Second level black (Poseidon emblem has left)
  • 70cm MD Regulator Hose
  • 70cm MD Inflator Hose
  • next revision 01/2023
  • Series No. P800xxxx

Set 2:

  • Second level yellow (With Poseidon emblem)
  • 90cm MD Regulator Hose original Poseidon
  • next revision 12/2022
  • Series No. P903xxxx

Set 3:

  • Second level black (Poseidon emblem has left)
  • 70cm MD Regulator Hose original Poseidon
  • next revision 01/2023
  • Series No. P300xxxx

Set 4:

  • Second stage black with Jax mouthpiece (Poseidon emblem has gone off)
  • 210cm MiFlex MD Regulator Hose
  • next revision 12/2022
  • Series No. P900xxxx

Regards, Chris

Diver's Watch Citizen Promaster 5812 F80006

Used. Good condition. The watch is fully functional. Also as a collector's item.

Shipping is possible against reimbursement of shipping fees.

VB 320,- EUR

Sell a new Waterproof hood in size ML. I only wore them once.

75.00 EUR VB

Shipping with surcharge of shipping costs or collection in Berlin is possible.

I exclude any material defects.
Liability for damages due to injuries to health, body or life and grossly negligent and/or intentional violations of my duties as a seller remains unrestricted.


Women's diving suit Gr 38 Used, Polaris, about 5 mm, condition and scope of delivery see photos! 25EUR incl. shipping

Flensburger F├Ârde

We are looking for reinforcement for our diving school in Mainz.

Here you have the possibility to do the divemaster or instructor against cooperation.

Just get in touch with us in an unbinding way.

More information about the diving school on

55124 Mainz

Phone: 061317209737 Visit Tauchsport Seekuh

Offer here a used complete package for beginners in the underwater video world with an action cam.

It has normal signs of use.

The following is included in the set:

1.Hugyfot housing diving depth up to max 200 meters suitable for Gopro Hero 3.3+ and 4th, with red filter for better colors underwater.

The front cover as protection for the red filter is unfortunately broken off and no longer available. But if it is not a problem, it can still be used normally.

incl. a VGA monitor with built-in battery, 1 replacement O-ring charging cable and original bag from Hugyfot

Extension arms incl. buoyancy body, thus the complete set gets a wingspan of 86 cm! The set still has negative downforce

If you really want to balance neutrally, you can still buy buoyancy bodies, there are on the Internet.

2 lamps, LED Fit and Flare, diving depth up to 100 meters, triple dimmable, spot, red light for night dives and ultraviolet light for Fluo dives

all charging cables, 2x 2 batteries for the lamps

1. Gopro 4 Silver + Replacement Battery

With the complete set I was about 1st year ago the last time in the water and it was tight!

VB 500,00EUR + Insured shipping (will be added at the end of purchase) or collection by appointment

If you have any further questions, just let us know

Private sale , no guarantee , no return



For sale for 100 CHF

Panasonic Underwater Enclosures for Lumix DMC-ZS30 and DMC-TZ40
The housing is in TOP condition. All buttons work. No salt residues or corrosion on the parts. Housing was only used on vacation and therefore has made few dives. Always rinsed and cared for in fresh water.
The housing is tight up to 45m water depth
The flash diffuser is included.

If you have any questions or are interested, please contact us

5621 Zufikon

Phone: +41795219414

Hello everyone

offer a set of Subgear Extender Trilaminate size 54 or XL with boots subsequently welded on by the dealer. Subtech 490 and Weezle socks (have size 42/43, but are very flexible). Furthermore, I offer gloves with click system (size S/M) which I can also sell separately.

This equipment has only 10 dives, so it can be described as new! Zippers and cuffs are in TOP condition and have always been maintained between the TG. The suit was stored over time in the shady dry cellar manufacturer-compliant. It was never started without talk. The spots on the suit come from diving in the lake.

I am 1.78 tall and (was) 90 to 95 kg heavy. Due to weight loss, the suit unfortunately no longer fits me.

Feel free to come by for a fitting.



I offer here an Olympus TG-4 with matching Olympus housing for the TG-4.
Battery and charger for the TG-4 are included. The camera has always worked perfectly. Housing is tight. The camera was used underwater exclusively in the housing. Camera and housing have normal traces of use. Housing has on a corner (see photo) a small piece of plastic that has broken off. However, this has no influence on the tightness. No scratches on the lens of the camera and housing. Everything works perfectly
If you have any questions or interest, please contact us. The article can also be viewed by arrangement.

5621 Zufikon

Phone: +41795219414

A new camera equipment for underwater photography is sold here.
Contents of the set:
- Camera Sony Alpha 6300 650 EUR
- Sony SEL lens 35F18 340 EUR
- Ikelite underwater housing 775 EUR
- Camera rail by Ikelite + carrying cord 68,53EUR + 112,50 EUR
- 2x brackets for holding flashes or similar 35 EUR per pcs.
- 2x fiber optic cable from Sea&Sea 60EUR per pc.
- 2x Blitz Sea&Sea Ysd3 650 EUR per piece
- 2x ball holder Ikelite 69,90 EUR
- Domeport 8' 450 EUR


Individual sales are also possible after consultation.

A BCD Mares Dragon SLS system lead-integrated size M is offered.

For further details see Mare's homepage:

The special feature is the movable air bubble, which makes buoyancy child's play.

Top maintained and fully functional. Has only been dived indoors once.

With invoice and manufacturer's warranty.

This is a private sale to the exclusion of liability for material defects.

Price: 325EUR VB (shipping possible)

Hello everyone,

A 12L diving tank with Scubapro double valve is offered. For embossing, see pictures.

The valve was overhauled by a specialist dealer in Munich, i.e. completely dismantled and all seals etc. renewed. After the bottle is still to the T├ťV for a new test, the inside of the bottle was cleaned + dried. What remains is a broken piece of the previously used valve filters, which is in the bottle. The filters are no longer used today, but are not a limitation.

Since the valve is from Scubapro, there will also be spare parts for it in the future. So nothing stands in the way of a long life of the bottle.

The silver imprint is a sticker that can be removed - also by me, if desired. The bottle has been unused in the cellar for the last two decades and has found itself there mucking out. Since the bottle was stored with a protective net, the foot is slightly overstretched. The net has been disposed of, so the stand is now a bit loose. If this disturbs, I can glue the stand or you organize a new net - then the stand holds bombastic again. There are no rust deposits at the bottom of the bottle, as is usually the case with cellar finds.

It is now under pressure (air) and is overhauled.

For the bottle I would like to have 100, - EUR. Shipping you can certainly get somehow, cost sharing 50/50.

T├ťV until January 24

Location is Munich, bottle handover from Munich to Plansee (Austria) possible.

Payable via PayPal / bank transfer.

Since the valve is overhauled, I offer a 30% price refund if there are any problems with it within 6 months.



Sell my used exchange items.
Some of them are duplicated. Only a few dives completed. Only used in fresh water. Well maintained.
Composed of:
-Regulators: 2x Oceanic GT3, Oceanic Alpha8 and Seemann SL200
-Teifenmesser analog from Umatec /housing slightly damaged), and Digital from Oceanic Veo 200/250
-Oceanic Cruz Jacket Size L with accessories (See photo)
-2 pairs of gloves (XXL, size 46/47 and booties from Seemann (2XL), hood and neoprene underwear. Size 58
-2 pairs of floats see photos.
-2x wet diving suits (size 56)
-1x Oceanic dry suit
-1x Oceanic Thermal Undersuit XXL
-2x 10L oxygen cylinder (without T├╝v)
-Accessories for storing the suits
-including a rollable transport/storage box

Priced VB.

For pick-up or by arrangement.
No guarantee since private sale.


Phone: 01702305653

I sell my fully mounted underwater diving camera OLYPMUS OM-D E-M5 and am the original owner of the camera and rig setup. I have all the recipes for all the items listed below. It includes a fully equipped Natuicam NA-EM5 underwater camera body, so you can shoot it directly underwater without worries or concerns

Price EUR 2900

Location: Spain


Phone: +345564678654


I sell OCEANIC ACCEL fins, size S. With neoprene feet gr. 42 the fins fit excellently. Packed in the original Oceanic bag. Very light fins that only have 8 dives behind them. Great heel strap concept with numerous possibilities to adjust the length. Their holder also allows the attachment of bungee and jumping straps. Fins only show slight signs of use on the underside of the foot part. In the end, the fins were too light for me.

Price: 30EUR + Shipping