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Rules for free publications

Posted advertisements and links on the subject of diving are generally free of charge. A free publication takes place immediately without further inquiries.
There is no entitlement to publication. The publication content must comply with these terms of use.

Liability and content

Responsible for the content of the classified ads and links is solely the person who made the entry Links to other websites via publications are subject to the proviso that the content is determined by third parties and that the design and content are the sole responsibility of the operators there. The information and content available through publications and links to other web and subsequent pages do not reflect the opinion of "Diver's Pin Board".
No liability is assumed with regard to completeness, availability, misuse, content and presentation, as well as to the correctness of the information and contents of the publication and furthermore resulting consequential damages or lost profits. This also applies to the fact that services on the Internet are not available without interference according to the current state of the art and can also be impaired by the influence of third parties. Users and customers cannot derive any rights from this.
There is no exclusion of liability in the event of an intentional or grossly negligent breach of contract.
Content and data contributed by customers and users of these pages as well as articles offered must comply with applicable law, humanistic principles and the concerns of this site. "Tauchers Pinnwand" reserves the right to delete or change publications if they contradict these principles.
Violation of these principles, fun advertisements, spam, etc. annoy the users of the pinboard and cause considerable effort and costs for the operator. These will be invoiced.


The content and data published on these pages are subject to German copyright and ancillary copyright law and may not be reproduced, distributed, copied or used beyond the actual purpose without consultation.
Please only post images that relate to your ad. If you post images from third parties, respect their copyright.

Social Media

The advertisements here are also shared on Facebook in the sales group of Diver's Pin Board as well as on Tauchers Pinwand - Taucherflohmarkt. They are also published on Instagram and Twitter. By publishing a classified ad on Diver's Pin Board, you agree to this.


The applicable data protection regulations are complied with. "Diver's Pin Board" undertakes not to pass on any user data stored on the server of Diver's Pin Board to third parties.
The data of customers and users published on these pages may not be taken or used beyond the actual purpose of these pages.
For more details, see the Data protection.