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We also have a surplus of diving lamps... :)

We sell 1 piece of back-up lamps (like new) One already gone.

Reef Dive TL-Zoom black

With the Riff TL-Zoom, the angle is variably adjustable from 16┬░ to 110┬░.

A CREE XM-L U2 LED provides a maximum light output of 800 lumens. The compact TL zoom adapts to your wishes in terms of light angle. By simply moving the lamp head, the beam angle can be infinitely changed from spot to flood. It has 3 levels: 100%, 50%, flashing.

Technical details:

LED lifespan: approx. 100,000 hours
Battery: rechargeable 18650 Li-ion, included
Charger with overcharge protection and plus/minus protection
Burning time: approx. 60 minutes at 100%, 120 minutes at 50%
Waterproof: up to 100 meters
Lamp body made of T7075 Durable Aircraft-grade aluminum r
Color temperature: approx. 6500K
Underwater weight approx. 120 gr. with batteries
Length approx. 16.9 cm; 35 mm head diameter
For underwater use only!
IP Protection Class: IP X8

we ship within DE as an insured package with GLS DE

No returns, no guarantee

Euro 100.--

Schweiz / Basel

Flash lights Combi with LED light

For health reasons, I can no longer dive.

That's why I sell my Blitz Leuchten Combi e.g. for attachment to the bottle or jacket.

My asking price: VB 35,00 plus shipping. PayPal possible.

Info:High burn time or flash duration. Ideal for use as a marker speed camera - or as an emergency light.

This must be:

I expressly point out that this is a private sale and I do not assume any warranty or return.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Phone: 02191-292283 oder 0170-2922831

Dive light Treble-Light

incl. neoprene protection

incl. spiral cable

Price: 88,-EUR

Private sale under EU law; no guarantee/warranty/return.


Battery tank empty housing with o-ring, magnetic switch, vent, coolant plug for charging, coolant plug for lamp head.

And VA bells.

Brand DEV-Pein

Lamp head for HID in POM I also have for this, other offer or together

Shipping is from Madeira, cost I have to see



Phone: +351916362665

Battery tank empty Heh├Ąuse with O-ring and magnetic switch and a KSS plug-in connection

the battery tank is tight, from the brand DEV-Pein

Shipping is from Madeira, price for shipping I have to see.

I can send more pictures,

Price is VB



Phone: +351916362665


I have a diving light to shake

Led real 6800 lumens

Price is 400 Euro

I'm happy to do more fots

If you need anything, let me know

Shipping is from Madeira.... I have to see the costs

Thank you


Phone: +351916362665

Hello friends

I have to hand over an LED battery tank lamp

Little used

LED output is real 8000 lumens

Shipping is from Madeira costs I have to see first

From private

And price for is 750 euros


Phone: +351916362665

A battery made of POM C material is sold.
With Nielson bells.
Battery has 25 aH
Cells were only loaded in a balanced manner.
BMS installed.

A German LED driver was installed in the lamp, as well as a Cree LED.

Both have been pressed down to 8bar and are tight.
Both are an 11.1 volt system


Sell pictured battery tank.
Charger included.

Price: 330EUR VB

Shipping and PayPal possible
Private sale, no warranty or guarantee/redemption

65396 Walluf

Goodmann hard incl. Boltsnap for Maxi uni
Suitable for left and right hand.
The Goodman is universally adjustable in size, also suitable for dry diving gloves.
VB 30EUR + shipping

Private sale, no guarantee, redemption, warranty


Offer unused, functional underwater lamp, 2000 lumens

Gladly to self-collectors.

VB 149 EUR + shipping


Offer unused, functional underwater lamp, 1200 lumens

Description is enclosed

Gladly to self-collector

VB 119 EUR + shipping


I have the remains of three old Hartenberger diving lights on offer here.
Maybe there are still lamp tinkerers among the divers. ­čÖé
Cost: for EUR 10 shipping it comes to you.
It's too bad for me to throw it away.

Offer here 2 used Treblelight MX 14 dive lights. There is also 1 charger and 1 case. Both lamps no longer want to charge. Because of abandonment a few years ago to give up now. No scratches in the case/glass.

Price VB - simply offer something

Shipment is borne by the buyer, collection desirable



sell a backup lamp here. It works perfectly. The Boltsnap is not part of the offer.


If you have any questions, please contact us

Complete tank lamp set Tilly LED 1500

These include:

  • Lamp head LED 1500 with Goodman handle and DIY lamp head holder made of aluminum and boltsnap
  • second lamp head for commercially available halogen pin base lamps, was used by me on vacation
  • Battery tank with DIY harness loop.
    The batteries were replaced by LiIon in 2018 (see protocol). Since then, few charging operations and trickle charging. Realistic burning time approx. 4 hours with the LED head. Halogen depending on the wattage (I mean 50-60min at 50W, but may be wrong).
  • Charger IMAX B6 AC v2.
    The original charger was no longer compatible with the new batteries, so I replaced it with an all-round charger. I bought it at Reichelt Elektronik, Sande, and not "on the Internet", so it should not be a cheap copy of China. Nevertheless, I do not guarantee this.
    The charger is practically new, with OVP and all accessories, was only used for occasional trickle charging. Small downer: In my opinion, not necessarily airworthy.

The handle for the use as a hand lamp I have not found mhr despite desperate searching. If he still appears, I put him in it.

I used this lamp mainly in Willingen / Schwalefeld / Mexico and in Wildsch├╝tz with various stages, therefore clear traces of use. In the cave the lamp makes a very good spot with a big corona, my buddy and I were fully satisfied with these lamp heads in the mines with the light for years (Tilly stop).

A note for those who have not been in the scene for so long:
This lamp model is no longer managed and maintained by Tilly. Spare parts should therefore only be available on the second-hand market.

The sale takes place under exclusion of any liability for material defects.
In particular, no guarantee / warranty can be assumed for the battery.

280 EUR incl. insured shipping and possibly PayPal


The battery is defective and would have to be replaced or a new battery installed.

Price incl. shipping 50EUR

Battery tank from tecme with charging garage. Battery is 2s4p. The functionality is given. Ideal for a small heater or lamp.

Price incl shipping 180EUR


All lung machines, regulators, dive computers and diving equipment can be mounted on a filled 12 Lt bottle and tried out :-D

A smoke-, animal- & allergy-free household!

Hai, Moin Moin, Gr├╝├č Gott & a wonderful good day I wish :-)

1x VERY GOOD LED lamp from the magazine TAUCHEN (former original price 199 EUR) incl. mounting spiral / clip and 8 mono / C batteries I would like to sell for ONLY 69 EUR incl. insured shipping within Germany.

Atomic Titan SS1 for 249 EUR including shipping.

Atomic Aquatics SS1 Secondary Controller Silver / Black / Titanium

Several St. Moritz / Momentum diving and nightlife watches for men and women.

6x Atomic Aquatics Pulmonary Automatons / Regulators / Octopus: T2 and B2

4x NEW Atomic Aquatics T2 (Titanium) as a complete set with a T1 (Titanium) Octopus, a NEUwertigen 3er konsole (Finimeter, Depth Gauge & Compass) & NEUwertiger Inflatorschlauch for ONLY 999 EUR or without 3 series console for ONLY 949 EUR.

Of course, the configuration can be mounted with mounting according to standards of recreational diving, according to DIR, according to TEK & also according to sidemount.

It will be cheaper in price if you want to do without some things on the set, because you do not need it or do not want it...

2x the same set with a B2, Z series Octopus and 360 BAR Fini I have for ONLY 599 EUR per set. Also in blue.

4x Oceanic dive computers and diver's watches: VT3, VT4, VTX and OC1

1x Finimeter with high-pressure hose for ONLY 49 EUR

EVERYTHING can be visited & tried out in the greater Munich area or in 82256 FFB. I AM ALSO HAPPY to come to your home without obligation (in the greater Munich area :-)

DPD, HERMES, GLS, DHL ship WELL and CHEAP in Germany

Thank you for your interest and thank you for contacting us :-)

A good purchase, always good air and TIPP-TOPP dives I wish :-)

85221 Dachau

NEW!! To give up because I am interested in another
Variant have decided. Softer
Carrying handle, suitable for left and right hand.
The Goodman is universal in size
adjustable, also suitable for
Dry diving gloves.



I offer my tank lamp for sale.

It is a Halcyon battery tank with a replacement battery from Akkuman. The heat sensor has not been reconnected so it cannot be charged with the original Halcyon charger.

I enclose the Halcyon charger. Whether it still works I can not say. LEDs are lit.

Data of the MOD Warp 45 please google ­čśŐ . I liked to immerse them in caves as a main lamp. See good bright spot. At 12V approx. 12 watts of power.

Current measurement, battery still has 8 AH.

Attention! No automatic shutdown in case of undervoltage.

VHB no shipping, only pick up in Moers

Greetings Mike


Dive light Tillytec W40 backup lamp

high quality LED lamp, 3xAA batteries, very bright, equivalent to 40Watt halogen.

very good condition.

For 55,-EUR plus shipping

Handle and adapter
Handle for comfortable carrying of the Maxi uni. Lamp can
with the handle in the abdominal belt of the
Jackets can be pushed. For fastening
of the handle on the Maxi uni is the
Adapter required for the handle.
Never used


I offer a dive light brand Nemo Max PLank 6000

With you strongest there is.

Specification see pictures.

New, no dive. Unfortunately no longer usable due to health problems.

In original bag. With accessories without charger.

Asking price: 150 EUR

You are also welcome to make me a realistic offer.

More photos via WhattsApp.

If you are interested, please send me an email with a telephone number - I will be happy to contact you.

Sale under exclusion of any liability and warranty of private. No return or complaint.


Phone: 01788468748

Battery tank dive light for sale because of hobby resolution. The lamp has 40w and is ideal for technical diving. A second cord for a heated underswing is mounted on the battery tank. The battery tank has 25Ah the haisse with lmape and heating underwear it lasts for almost an hour. The lamp also has a display that makes the battery level visible by means of Led.

750 Chf Vhb.

Derendingen Schweiz

Phone: 0041764476861

Hello, sell here a battery tank lamp from Hartenberger. The lamp has an NMH battery with 12V/9Ah and two halogen burners with 50W each. This tank lamp is a special model on which HARTENBERGER has installed special wet plug connections on the tank and burners that allow the electrical connections to be disconnected and reconnected even under water. Waterproof up to 100m. The tank has two outlets that have separate electronic power controls. Switchable in 6 levels: Off, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, Off. SOS function possible thanks to special switching combination on both outlets. Robust rotary switches with large shift knobs that can be easily operated even with thick winter gloves. One line 100cm the other 140cm. Lamp has received a major factory overhaul in 2020 in which all connectors, cables, contacts, seals and the battery were submerged. After that, the lamp has not yet received 10 hours of operation. Audit invoice is enclosed. Original price of the lamp 1200Euro. Lamp is fully functional and ready for immediate use. Condition and scope of delivery see pictures. Price is negotiable and incl. shipping. PayPal or bank transfer are possible. Sale excluding any warranty, guarantee or return. No interest in bartering, have already all mobile phones, computers or carpets. Take a look at my other offers. Maybe there is something for you. For info PN. Price: 380 Euro.


Phone: 03925288942

Offer a used fully functional 24Watt HID lamp head from YellowDiving with E/O cord. Condition see pictures. The lamp head has one or the other scratch from use.

VB: EUR 230,-


Sell one of my two Hartenberger maxi compact underwater headlights / lamps. Batteries renewed, windscreen re-sealed! With charger Offshore 2, which alone costs 78 euros extra charge.

Sale of private, no guarantee, no warranty, no return.

Timmendorfer Strand

Offer my Heser Backup Lamp. Condition needed. Lamp works perfectly (never flooded). New Bezel and Boldsnap Inox. Price 85 Euro incl. Shipped. Goods are shipped from South Tyrol Italy.


Phone: 00390473622231

2 submersible lamps, both still lit when the charging cable is connected.

With USB charging cable

Sale as DEFEKT, because both are drunk. (too deep submerged--47 meters was probably too violent)

4.00 Euro plus 3.78 Euro Shipping

Hessen - Kassel

Phone: 015777253317

Sell lamp head Oceanex Sunbeam with 30 Watt LED, Goodman Handle, E/O Cord, etc. Normal traces of use, but works perfectly. Works with pretty much any input voltage from 6 to 16V, exact information can be found at the manufacturer under

Private sale without warranty and return. Pick up in Munich or shipping.

VB 450 EUR


Sell a Hollis LED25 battery tank with E/O Cord.

Incl. charger.

It is, of course, dense! The two batteries are not new and no longer have the full capacity.

11.1V/10Ah lithium ions.

I used him with a heating vest. has made 45min warm.

Should therefore last much longer with lamp.

VB 150,-Euro incl. shipping.

Private sale: No guarantee or redemption.


Small, light and yet comfortable and bright.

The Tyra Pro was my backup lamp and was never in the water.


Shipping 7,00 or pick-up in Essen

I offer the long battery tube from Tillytec.

The short tube is also available in another advertisement.

Price: 40EUR


I offer the short battery tube from Tillytec.

The long pipe is also available in another advertisement.

Price: 30EUR


As good as new dive lamps set - Lamps by Waveocean Prometheus
2 lamps -1 handle - 1 Goodmannhandel for both lamps with camera attachment
1 additional lamp qudos knog - 1 camera with underwater housing Hero 4 and 1 bag.

for 450,- EUR

Pick up or plus postage


Phone: 02131/667979

As good as new Waveocean 3 series dive light with 15AH battery, charger and bag.

For 400,- EUR VB. to hand in

Pick up by yourself or plus postage


Phone: 02131/667979

Lamp in top condition. Brenner has 2 dives.


The head is in top condition. Was my replacement lamp. Burner as good as new.


Rarely used.

EUR 210


Phone: 06502003416


- 7 x XPE LED
- 2200 lumens
- Spot: 6┬░
- Power: 24W
- Power modes: 0% - 30% - 100%
- PIEZO switch
- Weight head and Goodman Handle 0.735kg (on the surface)
- Dimensions head: diameter 80-55mm, length: 62mm
- incl. Goodman handle
- RCA cable 1.10m long
- Battery tank LiIon 18Ah/14.4V with rotary switch
- Charger (new)

Battery tank was my spare tank

incl. shipping within Germany


Halcyon Scout backup light, 3 C cell, LED. In very good condition. EUR 70 per stucco


Phone: 1722545359

Sell Accutank from MB_Sub with charger the batteries ( Accupack ) must be renewed.

Sell because I bought a 41.4 Ah tank.

Price 120 Euro plus shipping or collection


IKELITE PC Lite LED lamp, clear 29EUR

IVT Germany, yellow 9EUR

Apollo diving light AL-1, grey 5EUR

Self-collection free, shipping with DHL and tracking 5EUR

Since private sale no return or warranty.

3W Luxeon III LED with 27mm
- Best focusing
- Large light output (27mm)
- High reliability
- No control electronics
- Long burning time
- Only 2 outer housing parts -> only one sealing edge
- Sealing edge with double O-ring sealing
- Interior in precision mechanical quality made of metal
- Waste heat return to the batteries and cooling
- Non-slip housing
- Simple switching mechanism
- Battery and battery operation possible
- Largest diameter (at the lamp head): 48mm
- Diameter on the handle: 37mm
- Total length: 215mm
- Weight without batteries: 300g
- Pressure tight up to at least 200m
- Battery type: 3 x Baby

The sale is made as a private sale. No warranty and/or guarantee. Exchange or return excluded.

Price: 80 Euro VB

Diving lamp "Variolight" with power charger and neoprene protection

Since we no longer dive for health reasons, we offer this dive light for sale.

The Variolight is very bright and ideal for dives in dark or murky waters (see photos)

The magnetic rotary switch is made of black polyamide.

The lamp is adjustable to 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%. In addition, it also has an SOS signal function.

The lamp can be equipped with bulbs from 10 to 50 watts. It has an electronic deep discharge protection.

An SMC Power Charger is part of the lamp and allows maximum charging power.

The lamp is used. Technically, it is fully functional. The battery keeps the voltage for two years or more when not in use.

The weight of the lamp is 4.5 KG. This saves lead during dives. The lamp can be hooked to the diving jacket closure.

Asking price: VB 100,00EUR .

Due to the weight, 10,50EUR shipping costs are added.

Self-collection is also possible.

PayPal, bank transfer, cash payment

A second Variolight is also for sale for 150.00EUR.

This can only be switched with the magnetic switch "On - Off". Otherwise, it has the same data.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me


Phone: 02191-292283 oder 0170-2922831