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I'm looking for the book "TDI Extended Range /Trimix Student Manual", only the German version

Raum Kiel

Gozo Dive Travel Guide, "The Jetlegged", revised version (with supplement to the Azure Window)

Nordhausen, Leipzig, Osterrode

Illustrated book by Tobias Friedrich

Afloat. Underwater focus on underwater photography at its finest

very well preserved

15;-- Euro plus 3;-- FB and shipping
Robert Reile Mail:


Phone: 0821/44808628

Very well preserved diving magazines

6 x Album

All year round

Per album 5 Euro plus shipping

Attention : The magazine albums have weight


6 x Albums

With the magazines from all year round

For the years

1981 to 1986

Sorted in the album

Per album 5 Euro plus shipping


Apnea diving by Dagmar Andres-Br├╝mmer
Basics of training tips, practice

Accidentally doubled the book. 2. updated
and extended edition 2013

Book is new and


moin, the book is very well preserved. I would like to have 10, - Euro for it. Mail delivery as a maxi letter for 2.70 euros. Insured shipping possible at a corresponding additional cost.

moin, for this book I would like to have 2, - Euro. Attention: The book has a personal dedication to the name Kay. Shipping as maxi letter 2,70 Euro. Insured shipping possible at an additional cost.

moin, well-preserved book for 2, - Euro. Shipping as maxi letter 2,70 Euro. Insured shipping possible at an additional cost.

Coral Reefs in the Anthropocene - 40 EUR: book in very good condition, the first pages are slightly wavy (due to incorrect storage), a slight scratch on the front of the book,
This volume investigates the effects of human activities on coral reefs, which provide important life-supporting systems to surrounding natural and human communities. It examines the self-reinforcing ecological, economic and technological mechanisms that degrade coral reef ecosystems around the world.

Dynamics of Coral Communities - 30 EUR: lower right corner slightly bumped, upper right corner slightly bumped, slight kink there in the outer envelope. Otherwise impeccable, practically unread copy, without paintings, entries, etc. Spine without kinks.

New unused 18EUR

New unused 18EUR

Diverse Tauchb├╝cher

50 Euros


Phone: 06502003416

Open Water Ausbildungsbuch und 3 Lerntafeln

30 Euros


Phone: 06502003416




Documentary about the underground cave system in Yucatan, which played a major role in Mayan mythology. Their religion said that waterholes and caves lead directly into the underworld Xibalba. Often they were also the only source of water. In Mayan mythology, Xibalba was the place where everyone had to wait for the call to heaven after their death. Nowadays, one of the biggest challenges you can face as a diver or as a researcher is to explore the complicated system. Relics of the ancient sacrificial site of the Maya can still be found there today, preserved deep under water. Inconspicuous waterholes in Mexico lead into spectacular underwater worlds that give researchers insights into a long-extinct culture. The complex cave system of Yucatan allows an underground journey from the jungle to the ocean.

SHIPWRACKS IN FLORIDA offer for 33.- Euro

CURRENT PRICE IN AMERICA 48.- $ (see last picture)

on oceans (dot) com (dot) au

un d

e - bay atocha (see last picture)

If you buy all 3 TREASURE BOOKS offered here (dive guide + altocha + shipwrecks in Florida) together, the 3rd book is FREE.

SHIPWRECKS of Florida ÔÇô a comprehensive listing

Book in English:


Steven D. Singer

Shipwrecks of Florida ÔÇô a comprehensive Listing

Second Edition

1992, 1998 Steven D. Singer

Over 2100 Listings

200 illustrations

6 Shipwreck Narratives

plus sections on:


Search and salvage

Wreck identification

Artifact conservation

Rights to wrecks

Size: 15 x 23 cm

Approx. 395 pages

Steven Danforth Singer has 30 years of diving experience, is a certified scuba instructor and has been involved in numerous archaeological rescue programs and treasure collection projects. He studied underwater archaeology at Nova University and also writes for some diving magazines. He is President of the Non-Profit Marine Archaeological Council, Inc.


um 33.- Euro

AKTUELLER PREIS IN AMERICA 48.- $ (siehe letztes Bild)

auf oceans (punkt) com (punkt) au


e - bay atocha (letztes Bild)

Sollten Sie alle 3 hier angebotenen SCHATZB├ťCHER (Tauchf├╝hrer + Altocha + Schiffswracks in Florida) zusammen kaufen, gibt es das 3te Buch GRATIS.


Including Locations of Sunken Treasues, Techniques of Research, Search, and Salvage; Wreck Identification; and Submarine Archaeology

(Buch in Englisch)

By John S. Potter, Jr.

Illustrated with Detail Maps, Diagrams, Photographes, and Prints


Das Buch beinhaltet u. a. folgende Themen: Fundorte versunkener Sch├Ątze, Such- und Bergungstechniken, Schiffswrackidentifikation und Unterwasserarch├Ąologie

Von John S. Potter, Jr.

Mit zahlreichen Karten, Diagrammen, Fotos und Drucken


Port Salerno, Florida


Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 72-97681

Copyright 1960, 1972 by John S. Potter, Jr.

Printed in USA

Format: ca. 15 x 23 cm

Content :Section Two :

8) The Eastern Caribbean (Hisbaniola, the Antilles, and Venezuela)

9) Cuba

10) The Golf of Mexico and Yucatan

11) Central America and the Western Caribbean

12) South America ÔÇô West Coast

13) Florida

14) The Bahamas and Bermudas

15) South America ÔÇô East Coast

16) The Atlantic Ocean

17) The Invisible Armada

18) Portugal and Atlantic Spain

19) The British Isles

20) Western Continental Europa

21) The Mediterranean

22) Southeast Africa and the Indian Ocean

23) The South Pacific

24) The Manila Galleons

25) Asia

26) North America ÔÇô West Coast

27) North America ÔÇô East Coast

28) The Great Lakes

29) Denting the Depth Barrier

General Index of Sunken Treasures by Year

General Index of Sunken Wrecks by Name

Horst Ackermann:

Video under water.

Mediabook Verlag, 2004; Brochure, 16.5 x 24 cm

used, signed, condition: 2

3,00 Euro + Shipping

J. Piccard:

Logbook from the depths of the sea.

DVA, 1975; hardcover, 17 x 24.5 cm

used, condition: 2

5.00 + Shipping

J.-Y. Cousteau, Ph. Diole:

Seals, seals, walruses.

Droemer Knaur, 1974; hardcover, 18.5 x 26.5 cm

used, condition: 2 (dust jacket slightly damaged)

6,00 Euro + Shipping

J.-Y. Cousteau, F. Dumas:

The silent world.

Blanvalet Verlag, 1953; hardcover, 16,5 x 24 cm

used, condition: 3 (dust jacket damaged)

19.00 + Shipping

B. Stonehouse:

The Living World of the Sea.

Hamlyn, 1979; gebunden, 23,5 x 32,5 cm

gebraucht, Zustand: 2

12,00 Euro + Versand

E. Bundtzen:

We dived in baltic sea and black sea.

Ziemsen Verlag, 1974; hardcover, 17 x 23.5 cm

used, condition: 2

5,00 Euro + shipping

Schneider / Kromp / Prey:

Safe diving with Nitrox.

Kosmos, 2008; hardcover, 13 x 19 cm

used, condition: 1A

16,00 Euro + Shipping

Jochen Wagner:

Fin diving.

Verlag Sport und Technik, 1961; Brochure, 11 x 18 cm

used, condition: 2

10,00 Euro + Shipping

H. Frei, F. Br├╝mmer:

The Green Universe

M├╝ller R├╝schlikon, 2011; hardcover, 23,5 x 27 cm

used, condition: 1A

22,00 Euro + Shipping

Kamillo White:

Wonderland of Underwater Photography

Laterna magica, 1981; binding, 20.5 x 28 cm

used, condition: 1

4,50 Euro + Shipping

Heinz Krimmer:

Coral Reef Network

Kosmos, 2017; hardcover, 13.5 x 21.5 cm

used, condition: 1A

14.00 + Shipping

J.-Y. Cousteau, Ph. Cousteau:

Sharks. Magnificent robbers of the sea

Knaur, 1971; hardcover, 11.5 x 18 cm

used, condition: 1

8,00 Euro + Shipping

Louis Boutan:

La Photographie Sous-marine et les Progres de la Photographie

Edition J.-M. Place, Paris, 1987

Reprint of the original edition of 1900

bound, used, condition:1A

29,00 Euro plus VAT. Dispatch

TDI Basic Nitrox Book

Just a few years ago, the use of oxygenated air was reserved for a small group of divers. Ridiculed as exotics, they often received ridicule from the compressed air breathers and the "established" training associations. But times have changed.
Nitrox has long since become a "common sense". Hardly any dive center can afford to offer only normal compressed air as breathing gas. And all over the world, diving is taking advantage of the benefits of diving with Nitrox. Longer zero times. Safe diving. This manual illuminates diving with Nitrox from all conceivable sides. Physical and physiological relationships are explained in detail and vividly. "Best Mix" and "MOD" calculations are also part of the Nitrox course at TDI, because after all, we want the diver to be able to use ALL Nitrox mixtures up to 40%.

18EUR incl. shipping with Deutsche Post book shipment

The original price is vei 29,90EUR

(, The customer recessions are also interesting here)

Conveys great basic knowledge!

Condition: Good (as seen)

Sale to the exclusion of any warranty or guarantee.


Vielleicht sucht ja noch jemand dieses seltene Werk.

Infos zu dem Buch bei Amazon:

"For the last 30 years, this book has been considered the "bible" of diving medicine. It is extremely well known to doctors and researchers working in this field, and its editors and contributors are internationally recognized as experts on the subject. This new edition has been thoroughly updated to reflect the latest developments in the field. Be sure to check sales of the previous edition on this title. It is well known in the field of diving."

Neupreis: 280 EUR

VP (inkl. Versand) 190 EUR


I would like to submit my DIVEMASTER collection here against bid.
It is an almost complete collection and includes:

No 34 (02/2001) - No 38 (02/2002)
No. 41 (1/2003) - No. 92 (April/May/June 2017)
I am looking forward to honest and serious offers.


Dive book:
Diving with us
Very well preserved!
Incl. shipping only 6 Euro


Book ABC of Diving
Very well preserved!
Incl. shipping only 6 Euro!!


Book Perfect Diving
Book is very well preserved!
Incl. shipping only 6 Euro!


By Jack Jackson, new, original packaged/shrink-wrapped. In the trade 29,90 EUR. Offer the book for 20 Euro. Shipping plus 3 Euro possible


Very good condition.

9th edition 2003.

Medically / physiologically very good to top.

Decompression theory seeehr obsolete, ca . End of the 90s. Dive computers are mentioned in just under two sentences.

As I said: In-depth in the field of medicine.

15 Euro incl. shipping.


I need space and separate myself from my diving magazine collection
Recreational diver complete from February 1980 to March 2007
Diving 1980 to 2009 almost complete
Skin Diver div editions from the 80s
Bubblemaker, Aquanaut, Submarine, dive team various editions
If you are interested, please contact us


I sell from my private portfolio the SSI Manual for training to dive con incl.. DVD's

160EUR Shipping possible (plus 4,99 EUR with DHL)


I sell from my private collection the SSI Dive Guide Manual and the training book Science of Diving for training as a Divemaster !!!

140EUR plus shipping possible (plus 4,99 EUR with DHL)


new: PADI Pack 2012 - Divemaster Manual. Slates & Instructor Manual - 60230G - for 110 Euro + postage - see also


Hello everyone,
as can already be seen in the title, I am looking for the textbook on the SSI Deep Dive Specialty. I like to have bruised, completed questionnaires don't bother me either. I just want to take a look at the booklet before I decide on the course.

Other SSI Specialty books may also be offered.

Thank you and greetings


Very old collection of diving magazines completely or possibly also individually against bid.

Offer examples:

Magazine for scuba diving
z.B. Issue 01/75 to 12/79

International journal for diving and underwater research
z.B. Issue 01/80 to 12/84

Revue of the underwater world
z.B. Issue 01/70 to 12/74


Offer various dive books
- Manual Modern Diving 15EUR
- Manual Practice of Diving 10EUR
- Manual Technical Diving 15EUR
- Technical Diving TDI 10EUR
- Coral Reef Guide Red Sea 10EUR
- Dive guide Schouwen-Duiverland 7EUR
- 12 months among great white sharks 10EUR
- Dive guide diving in Gozo 5EUR
- Freediving 5EUR
- On the trail of sunken treasures 10EUR
- Sharks of the Seven Seas 5EUR
- Diving medicine in theory and practice 7EUR
- Nullteit sex and deep intoxication 10EUR
- CAVE cave diving with sidemount 10EUR
- Let's dive 10EUR
- Manual Nitrox 2 star VDST 10EUR
- Nudibranchs of the world's oceans 15EUR
- What lives in the sea on Europe's coasts 10EUR
- Reef Guide Southeast Asia 10EUR
- Fish Guide Mediterranean and Atlantic 10EUR
- In the wake of the depth 10EUR
- Tecnical Diving Diving at the limit

Depending on the book or books, shipping varies between 3.90 euros and 6.90 euros
Shipping only within Germany