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TDI Basic Nitrox Book

Just a few years ago, the use of oxygenated air was reserved for a small group of divers. Ridiculed as exotics, they often received ridicule from the compressed air breathers and the "established" training associations. But times have changed.
Nitrox has long since become a "common sense". Hardly any dive center can afford to offer only normal compressed air as breathing gas. And all over the world, diving is taking advantage of the benefits of diving with Nitrox. Longer zero times. Safe diving. This manual illuminates diving with Nitrox from all conceivable sides. Physical and physiological relationships are explained in detail and vividly. "Best Mix" and "MOD" calculations are also part of the Nitrox course at TDI, because after all, we want the diver to be able to use ALL Nitrox mixtures up to 40%.