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Only 5 dives used, progressive full-stretch neoprene, wrist zippers, double glued seams, OMNIRED technology (warming lining), color gray-mottled, stitching pink, size 12+ (dimensions see photo size chart), corresponds to approx. a clothing size 46, price: 330 Euro VB


Spring cleaning...
Unfortunately, a lot has to come out...

The Waterproof undergarment Warmtec HD has a water-repellent nylon cover with 300 grams of fiber filling material and is stitched on the inside with 320D nylon taslon. The mesh inserts on the shoulders of the undersuit ensure the exchange of air in the drysuit. The compressible fibre filling material minimizes the space for transport and ensures a comfortable fit in the dry and on the surface.

the outer shell is wind and water repellent
Compressible fiber technology
Zippers on the legs prevent unwanted air retention
an elastic waistband at the hips ensures a good fit
Mesh inserts on the shoulders ensure air exchange
Ventilation zippers under the armpits
Teflon-coated zippers on the four comfortable pockets
Outer shell made of 100 % nylon taffeta 210 T PU silver coated
Filling with 300g soft polyester with enlarged surface area
2 pockets each on the hips and 2 pockets on the chest
Easy entry thanks to front zipper
Newly designed collar - now even more comfortable
Extra-long zipper for easy donning and taking off
Ventilated mesh inserts on the shoulders and along the arms allow air to escape quickly when needed.

The underwear can be tried on.

If you have any questions, just get in touch.


For sale are barely worn SEAC rock boots in size 45-47. The shoes were used at about 20 TG, then the Trocki disassembled. That's why I'm selling them now.
Animal-free non-smoking household. The manufacturer says:

Soft skirt boot made of 3mm neoprene with reinforcement.

- non-slip and profiled outsole
- Lacing with safety clip

Application: Swimming with a flip is much more comfortable with soft boots than with hard boots.

New in the online shop you can get them for 45,-EUR, here for 20,-EUR. Payment via PayPal (friends) and pick-up is possible.
Sale under exclusion of warranty and return.


I'm selling my great D4 with a matching ice vest. For me, Waterproof is one of the warmest half-skirt suits I know.

The suit and vest are in very good condition and can also be purchased separately.

Feel free to try it on at any time, even during the day.

VB 140,00 EUR

Shipping gladly from 6,95 EUR


Phone: +491752426089

Children's diving suit size L, simple jumpsuit, length approx. 120 cm, see photos, 1 zipper broken off and repaired with cable ties. No influence on the function! 30EUR incl shipping

Flensburger F├Ârde

Proper children's diving suit, size 164, little used, condition see photos. 79EUR incl shipping

Flensburger F├Ârde

Hello diving community,

since I give up my hobby for lack of opportunity, I offer my equipment from WATERPROOF, as can be seen in the pictures, for sale here.

Overall by Waterproof Warrmteck 200g size XL

The condition is very good, regularly cleaned, with slight signs of wear. However, this in no way impairs the function of the equipment.

The price is; in reasonable, polite and respectful conversation; negotiable.

The items can also be inspected on site.

This is a private sale, therefore no warranty and guarantee.


Phone: 01749234806

Very good ladies Oceanic diving suit Gr 44, Long John, price VHS, test diving possible. 119EUR VHS

Flensburger F├Ârde

I am selling a Waterproof D10 size ladies M.

The suit is almost unused. Was used only a little in the pool.
On the shoulders, the rubber coating is somewhat rubbed off.

If you have any questions, feel free to write.

Private sale no guarantee or return.

VB: 449,-Euro


I'm selling two unused leg pockets from Waterproof for retrofitting to a suit.
19,-Euro per piece.

Both for 35,-Euro

Private sale no guarantee or return.


Condition very good. Sale because it has become too small :-)

CHF/EUR 20.00

I still have 2 children's diving suits. Children L, children 164, men 48, as well as 2 x women. Condition: used to new.

Length measured from the lower end/ankle to neck OK, so the child is welcome to be 30 cm taller

Children's jumpsuit Camaro size L = 120 cm
Children's Aquata Long John with separate hood size 164 = 140 cm
Men's Camaro Black/Red Long John Size 48 new = 135 cm
Women's Camaro Long John fixed hood semi-dry without zipper arm/leg size 42 as new = 145 cm
Women's Oceanic Long John fixed hood semi-dry with zipper arm/leg size 44 used = 155 cm

It is best to try it on (Flensburg Fjord). All suits have signs of storage/are dusty. Formerly a diving school, private sale. More photos available, prices VHS

Flensburger F├Ârde

Offer a very well-preserved and rarely used wetsuit (semi-dry). Camaro Alpha 7, size 40 (runs small, I usually wear size S). The suit was rarely used and always well cared for. It has individual wrinkles from the bearing, but they disappear when worn. The suit has served me very well and keeps me very warm. Private purchase, therefore no return and guarantee.


I offer this absolutely new undersuit for membrane drysuits "Thermal" from the Seaskin brand. The suit is made of the very best very high quality Thinsulate of 3 M. The thickness is 250 grams of Thinsulate, which has the advantage that the material is not yet too strong and still has excellent insulation, so you can dive with it even in winter. On the left side of the chest there is a small pocket sewn on, in which you can put the car key, for example.

The suit has never been used before and is really new. I have other undergarments so that it is left over and should not sour in the closet. Size M. Shipping within Germany inclusive. Shipping to Austria and Switzerland additional 10 euros. This is a private sale without any return or warranty.

The price is 110,00 Euro including shipping within Germany.


Hai, Moin Moin, Gr├╝├č Gott & a wonderful good day I wish :-)

All regulators, regulators, dive computers and diving equipment can be mounted and tried out on a filled 12 liter tank:-D

I would like to sell 1x ABSOLUTELY NEW, ONLY 1X DRESSED & WARM SEAC SUB undersuit for drysuits in size XL for ONLY 79 EUR for personal pick-up / meeting or 89 EUR including insured shipping within Germany.

SEAC SUB underwear with left and right pockets and a chest pocket.


*Breast pocket

* 2 hand pockets

* Thumb loops

* elastic foot straps

* 2-way zippers


4x NEW Atomic Aquatics T2 (titanium) as a complete set with a T1 (titanium) octopus, a NEW 3 console (pressure gauge, depth gauge & compass) & NEW inflator hose.

Of course, the configuration can be mounted with mounting according to the standards of recreational diving, according to DIR, according to TEK & also according to sidemount.

It will be cheaper in price if you want to do without some things on the set because you don't need it or don't want it...

I have 1x the same set with a B2, Z series Octopus and 360 BAR Fini for ONLY 599 EUR. In blue or black.

I have 1x the same set with an ST1, Z series Octopus and 360 BAR Fini for ONLY 699 EUR.

1x VERY GOOD Dive Alert Plus V2 double signal transmitter for ONLY 59 EUR including shipping or 55 EUR for pick-up or personal meetings.

Dive Alert Plus V2 = VERY LOUD whistle on the surface and 1x loud horn underwater in one. With standard inflator connection.

1x TIP-TOP Oceanic VT3 with or without transmitter, storage box and German operating instructions AND

For the hand module & / or the transmitter I include a new battery :-)

Incl. insured shipping with transport box without transmitter for ONLY 205 EUR fixed price or 405 EUR as above with transmitter. Please don't renegotiate...


1x VERY GOOD Atomic Aquatics SS1 Titan Universal Zweitregler / Octopus / Westenautomat in Silber / Schwarz from the previous owner for ONLY 245 EUR for pick-up or 249 EUR incl. shipping instead of dealer RRP 379 EUR.

EVERYTHING can be visited and tried out in the greater Munich area or in 82256 FFB. I am also HAPPY to come to your home without obligation (in the greater Munich area :-)


Thank you for your interest and THANK YOU for contacting us :-)

I wish you good shopping, always good air and TIPP-TOPP dives :-)

85221 Dachau

I sell a Waterproof 5mm glove in size L. The glove is in very good condition.

Asking price 40EUR

The sale is made to the exclusion of any warranty.

47495 Rheinberg

Phone: 00491626800906

I'm selling a Ursuit Heavy Light Kevlar FZ size L tock wetsuit here. The rivers are in size 43. The Trocki is in almost mint condition and has only a few dives. Included are a bag, hood and dry diving gloves.

The matching undergarment is one of another display.

Cost: 1.450EUR

The sale is made to the exclusion of any warranty.

47495 Rheinberg

Phone: 00491626800906

I'm selling an Aquata drysuit, which is great for getting started. The size is L and the booties are XL.

The drysuit includes the river, hood and a bag.

Price: 325EUR

The sale is made to the exclusion of any warranty.

47495 Rheinberg

Phone: 00491626800906

Offer a neoprene Trocki incl. bag and inflator tube from Scubapro in size L, shoes size 44, suit has 15 TG is in good condition with slight signs of wear, see photos.

Private sale therefore no guarantee or withdrawal.

Shipping is possible.

VB 120,. EUR


I am selling here my used drysuit D9 from Waterproof ( Ladys M) It has not been in the water frequently and is in good condition! He was dived last year, no leaks appeared. The neoprene cuff on the arms has been slightly shortened by the store.


Note in advance: I would like to remind you that the handling of a dry suit requires special training and is life-threatening if there is a lack of training.

Offer a set of Subgear Extender Trilaminate size 54 or XL with boots subsequently welded on by the dealer.

Undergarments are Subtech 490 and Weezle socks (size 42/43, but are very flexible). Furthermore, gloves with a click system are included (size S/M).

This equipment has only 10 dives, so it can be described as new! Zipper and cuffs are in TOP condition and have always been cared for between the TG.

Over time, the suit was stored in the shady dry cellar in accordance with the manufacturer. It was never entered without talk. The stains on the suit come from diving in the lake.

Feel free to come by for a fitting.

The item is sold to the exclusion of any warranty. The sale is made to the exclusion of any liability for material defects.

I'm selling my Trocky for 415EUR
The suit, as can be seen in the photos, is used. Always kept in good shape, he got a new neck cuff 2 years ago and new arm cuffs last year.

After that I was only diving 2 times.
The suit is dense.

I myself got along very well with the suit 185cm at 82kg with shoe size 42.

It is a private sale


Phone: 04313392947

Hello everyone, I'm selling my Bare Sentry Tech Dry in size XL here. The suit is unique in color with a completely red upper body. He was bought in the summer of 2020 and has made about 40 dives. It has a reinforced butt, 2 leg pockets, which can be enlarged via a zipper, Kevlar knee pads and a Trigon Pee-Valve (is disinfected and ultrasonically cleaned). Latex bottleneck cuffs are installed on the arms, a neoprene neck cuff on the neck (this was replaced last year). The suit has socks. If you are interested, I can add Kallweit gator boots in size 47 (fits me with 45 and thick socks). Also included is the Bare transport bag. The suit was always tight and never let me down. Is a brilliant suit for the cold season. It dives like a trilaminate, but is significantly warmer. Can be tried on in 69181 glues or in the vicinity also test dipped. VHB 899EUR


Phone: +4915158885921

Drysuit brand Kallweit

Xenon front bought 2019
Year of manufacture: 2018

Size L+ for height 186 cm + /-
Back part was reinforced with Kevlar

with neoprene neck cuff

Neoprene booties
Kallweit Gatorboots size 45

Latex arm cuffs
Heser pee valve

Metal zipper needs to be replaced

Negotiation basis 450,-EUR

in addition, a suitable undergarment can be used
Kallweit Nexus SFT
Price by arrangement

Used jumpsuit made of 7 mm neoprene laminated on both sides with attached hood and front zipper.

Slight signs of wear. I wore it for 2 weeks in Tenerife.

TEXT FROM THE CATALOGUE: "Classic diving overalls for temperate waters, quick and easy to put on, specially designed to allow optimal freedom of movement.

The legs are pre-shaped to facilitate the natural bending of the limbs when flipping their fins.

The front zipper goes from the waist to the right cheek.
The face profile of the hood is surrounded by a smooth neoprene gasket that reduces water penetration and increases comfort.

The knee areas are provided with abrasion-resistant reinforcements.
The tightness of the wrists is ensured by cuffs concealed on both sides, which are also present on the ankles. There, however, they are equipped with zippers to make them easy to put on and take off."


"The Diver wetsuit is designed for scuba diving in waters with moderate temperatures, such as the Mediterranean Sea in the summer months or the tropical seas in winter."

I am quite sensitive to cold and carried it in the sea in winter in Tenerife.

It is easy and quick to put on and take off, offers great freedom of movement and is very popular with instructors and anyone who needs to do several dives in one day.

Size M (cm): 168-175
Weight (kg): 59/68
Chest (cm): 90-93
Waist (cm): 66-72
Hips (cm): 94-96

I am 172 and weigh 62 kg. My upper body is quite long. The suit fit me perfectly.

PRICE: 90,- Euro + shipping 7,- Euro within Germany (ship also outside, but then with corresponding shipping costs).



The suit was bought in April 2022, but never used due to illness...

Neck cuff - neoprene.

Ultima glove system.

Hood, inflflatorschlach, and pannier is also included.

Original price 1300 EUR Original invoice is available.

Price 650 EUR

Greetings Edi


Phone: 01712630624

Hello diving girls,

offer a used, well-preserved diving equipment for women size XS to S - everything you need for cold or warm waters; I have the clothing size XS to S and the shoe size 37 - sale because of hobby abandonment.

to the photos:

  • Shorty S - 2 mm almost new
  • Overall - Overcoat 7 mm Arctic Size 8 /D34
  • Overall - Long Sleeve 7 mm Arctic Size 8 / D34
  • Jacket Aquatec Size S
  • Hood S/P
  • Lead pockets
  • Socks with sole size 37/38
  • Gloves Bare size S
  • Device fins
  • Aladin Pro Ultra dive computer with instructions without warranty

Other equipment not shown:

  • Fins for snorkeling, black
  • Diving knife black
  • Diving mask black neoprene
  • black diving tub for storage

Private sale all together in a package; without guarantee/warranty/return; Dive computer as a gift because it was no longer maintained; Pick-up in Stuttgart, no shipping, only cash payment (storage of smoke-free, pet-free household) - complete for 200 EUR



Here I have a Trocki Mares XR1, the suit is NEW, was never in the water

is brand NEW, hood is included and the inflator hose

Size L

I can send gene more photos,

Price is 1550 shipping I take over, clear with tracking number

Thank you



Phone: +351916362665


Here I have a suit from Mares ProFit

Size L

the suit is 3 years old but NEW, has never been in the water

The arm cuffs should be renewed

but are still OK

Koph hood is included and also the inflator hose

Price 650 Euro because I take care of shipping

Thank you



Phone: +351916362665

The suit was used max. 10 times.

Semi-drysuit SD4 ÔÇô the latest innovation in the long line of popular Waterproofsemi-drysuits. With the new material technology and the extremely popular WPAD [Waterproof Personal Accessory Dock], whose well thought-out concept and high wearing comfort allows you to carry removable additional bags, this sought-after suit type exceeds all expectations. Also new is the extraordinary, waterproof TIZIP zipper, which gives the already well-tested semi-dry suit additional comfort and mobility. Like all Waterproof suits, it features a unique anatomical design, extremely stretchy neoprene seals on the neck and wrists, as well as the 3-dimensional, heavy-duty rubber knee pads and reinforced shoulder and elbow sections.

Price Euro 500 plus shipping.

Top used semi-dry diving suit 7mm, size 48 with booties and gloves, size M, about 10 times in use, no damage, all seams are fine.

No sticking to the body when tightening due to special coating.

The booties are from SCUBAPRO, the gloves no name.

For 80 EUR with shipping or pickup


Phone: 015209445669

I am selling an original, little-used diving suit from Aquata in 7mm in size 50 and in very good condition. For more information, please click through photos.

I am happy about every interested party, so just get in touch with me and write me your price expectations.

Please only pick up and pay in cash.

Since I am a private seller, I do not assume any guarantee and also no return.

The purchase is made without invoice and to the exclusion of any liability for material defects.


Phone: 015209445669

Offer an almost like-new undersuit from Fourth Element.

Size XXL


Only dipped 2 times, then washed.

Unfortunately, the undergarment is a bit too big for me.

Bare X-Mission Evolution Tech Dry

  • Size S/S
  • Incl. Tech Boots Size 39
  • Incl. transport bag
  • Incl. care set
  • Incl. manufacturer's documents and warranty
  • Nylon trilaminate material
  • Bottle neck + latex arm cuffs
  • two expandable Tech/DATA pockets with elastic bands

Price VB: 1.500EUR


New price 990,-EUR 750,-EUR

Sell a dry suit from DUI, type TLS Explorer 350 Signature Men XXL. The DUI brand speaks for itself and is still the measure of all things in drysuits. The Trocki has the size XXL Select. The XXL Select size means that the basic XXLS size has been taken from DUI and in this suit the upper body has been cut a little larger and the arms a little longer. The suit fits perfectly for people with a height of about 182-186 and 95-105Kg weight with full freedom of movement. Full freedom of movement means everything that is meant by freedom of movement in technical diving - turning off the valves behind the head in a relaxed manner, etc. The equipment in detail:

  • Material: Trilaminate
  • DUI Max Mob package (reinforcements in the upper body, buttocks, arms and legs)
  • Urinal valve type Heser
  • Heating connection type Halcyon
  • ZipSeal on the neck
  • ZipSeal on the wrists
  • Turbo Tec Boots (Size XL)
  • 2 large pockets on the legs (with division)

The suit is now 7 years old and has about 350 dives. The low number of dives at 7 years is due to the fact that I always dive several diving suits alternately. The suit has always been well cared for and has now been given a new zipper and a look-through for tightness. Of course, the suit has signs of wear and tear and in one place or another it has been patched. This is inevitable with 7 years and 350 TGs. But it is in good condition and, above all, tight. The most expensive possible repair - the front zipper (359,ÔÇöEUR) - has just been done. Optionally, accessories such as hood, ZipSeal products can be purchased additionally.

The suit is sold at a price of 990,-EUR 750,-EUR plus shipping. The new price for the suit is now over 3,000 euros. The sale is private, i.e. no warranty, return, etc.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.



Mares Infinity women

Size 3

3 mm freediving / apnea suit

two fingernail cuts on the legs from the touch and at the end of the zipper (I give neoprene glue Aquasure - I didn't want to stick!!)

PayPal via friends and family

Shipment if costs are covered

also look in my other ads

If you have any questions, please contact us

Private sale

Bad Kreuznach

Please follow the Ebay link:

xcel Thermoflex TDC Women 5.4 mm Diving Suit

as good as new - approx. 25 dives S├╝swassee

PayPal via friends and family

also look in my other ads

Shipment if costs are covered

If you have any questions, please contact us

Bad Kreuznach

Offer Women's Vintage Apnea Elios Suit 5mm thick, size M

Neoprene NJN, smooth on the outside, black, laminated on the inside, 3-piece (high-waisted trousers, jacket with zipper and hood)

Body height 1.75 m, body weight approx. 65 kg

Chest circumference 0.93 m

Abdominal circumference inhaled/exhaled 0.85 / 0.78 m

Hip circumference 0.95 m

The suit is as good as new, it was worn only once.

Price 250,--EUR VB plus shipping costs

Viewing and fitting in Berlin


Corona secured pick-up possible

Price is VB and also negotiable. If several items are accepted from my advertisements, there is a discount

- Sell 7mm wetsuit
- Reactor Pro Neo Tec
- 7mm semi-dry suit Arctic
- attached hood
- With extremely abrasion-resistant Kevlar knee pads
- Used almost like new / condition see pictures
- Double cuffs
- Size: approx. XL
- Price: VB

This is a private sale. The goods are sold to the exclusion of any warranty. It is second-hand goods, see photos for the condition.

Facebook page


Offer my 7mm wetsuit. Semi-dry of Beuchat.

Size 40

Approx. 60 TG

Very neat condition!

Small extras such as zipper on the neck, hook for hood (hood is unfortunately no longer there)

The suit can be tried on and bought near casting.

VB: 99,- EUR

If shipping is desired, the costs are not included in the price.

This is a private sale. Therefore, no warranty, redemption or guarantee.


Offer Women's Diving Suit Mares Flexa 3mm, Size 38

Suitable for a body height of 1.74 m and a body weight of approx. 63 kg

Chest circumference 96.5 cm

Waist circumference 75.5 cm

Hip circumference 95 cm

Neoprene laminated on both sides, ultrastretch, glide skinn and smooth skin cuffs on arms, legs and neck. Extra Back Comfort System. Bag attachment

The suit is as good as new, it was worn only once.

It is suitable for relaxed dives in the tropics.

Price 250,--EUR VB plus shipping costs

Viewing and fitting in Berlin


Due to a new purchase, a 3 mm wetsuit from Reactor Gr. L is sold. The suit was once worn in salt water and otherwise only used for pool training. It is now 3 years old, has the usual signs of wear and is still fully functional. It was always rinsed in fresh water after each use. Storage was always carried out in cool, shady rooms.

The suit comes from a non-smoking household and can be tried on on site by prior telephone arrangement. There is no hood. More pictures and photos on request. Price: 40 EUR

The price is a fixed price. Shipping possible, pick-up preferred. Payment either in cash or by bank transfer. NO PAYPALL!

This is a private sale. The sale is made to the exclusion of any liability for material defects.


Phone: 017634087836

Due to new acquisition, 2 wetsuits from the company Aqualung are for sale. Both are the Balance Comfort model.

1. The 7mm is now 4 years old and has been used regularly in both salt and fresh water. Of course, due to regular use, the suit has its signs of wear, but it still does what it is supposed to: insulate. After each use, the suit should always be rinsed with fresh water, dried in the shade and stored on a suitable hanger. Price: 80 EUR

2. The 5 mm is 2 years old and has never been used in water. The condition is therefore impeccable. The bearing was the same as for the 7 mm. Price: 200 EUR

Both suits come from a non-smoking household and can be tried on on site by prior telephone arrangement. A hood is not available on either suit. More pictures and photos on request.

The prices are fixed. The acceptance takes place exclusively in pairs. Shipping possible, pick-up preferred. Payment either in cash or by bank transfer. NO PAYPALL!

This is a private sale. The sale is made to the exclusion of any liability for material defects.


Phone: 017634087836

Hi... Sell here my wetsuit from Oceanic... 5 mm thick.. With integrated neoprene vest 2mm thick... The suit is in an almost hardly used condition (about 10 Tg's) and well preserved... Size S...



Phone: 016097061106