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Transport device for diving tanks

Self-made by the carpenter

suitable for 10 litres and 12 litres long

Length: approx. 95cm

Width: approx. 27cm

Height: approx. 27cm

The bottle shown is for illustration only and is not part of this display

Price 59 Euro for collection or shipping plus 18 Euro

These are used goods from private under exclusion of any warranty on my part

45326 Essen

I sell here a steel 1.7 liter diving tank without T├ťV. Since this was only filled on its own compressor. The bottle was used as a BCD cylinder for the dry suit.

Asking price 65EUR

The sale is made under exclusion of any warranty.

47495 Rheinberg

Phone: 00491626800906

For sale are two 10L tanks with double valve, net and stand.

The T├ťV was renewed in July 2022!

Price per bottle 225EUR
Both together 420EUR

Since the new EU DIRECTIVE now provides 1 year warranty also for private sales - as far as the seller does not exclude it - I declare that I do not assume any warranty for my privately sold items within the meaning of the EU Directive. By purchasing the goods, you expressly agree to
Guarantee / warranty waiver. On the items purchased from me, there is no right of withdrawal and return.

Lohr am Main

Operating pressure 232 bar
Diameter 203.6 mm
Length 620 mm
Empty weight 18.2 kg
Thread in bottle neck M25 x 2 mm EN 144-1 2000
Material 34CRMO4

The bottle is new and can also be shipped against assumption of costs by the buyer.

The buyer will receive an invoice with VAT.

51399 Burscheid

Visit Ingenieurb├╝ro Witte

I offer different diving tanks, single or several to hand in

2x 10 l both with double valve 120 EUR

2x7 l per 80 EUR

1x 6 l 70 EUR

1 x 6l with 300 bar 70 EUR

All bottles are without T├ťV, they were always under pressure.


Soft lead , 2x3 kg, 20,-EUR / 3x1,5 kg 25,- EUR

Lead pieces, 6x1kg 10,-EUR 3x2kg 15,-EUR


Phone: 01707635687

Scuba tank for sale

Preferably pick-up - shipping possible against assumption of costs

If you are interested, please make a price proposal

P-Weight 2.3 kg

2.3 kg lead, directly for screwing on the back part of the backplate
Hole spacing center/center: approx. 28 cm

Price 30,00 Euro



I sell here 2X 3Kg lead.

The weights can be threaded on a lead belt.


If you have any questions, please contact us

Practical small 8 l bottle - must be completely overhauled

Please pick up only


Old 10 l bottle. Needs to be completely overhauled.

Please pick up only


Old 2 x 7 l bottles have to be completely overhauled.

They are very heavy, so only pick-up is possible.


For sale is a 10l compressed air cylinder with Polaris monovalve in very good condition. Was always stored dry and under pressure.
The current T├ťV ran until 06/2021.

Price: 60EUR

Since this is a private sale, there is no entitlement to warranty or return.


ÔÇó 12L diving bottle steel.
ÔÇó 200 bar.
ÔÇó Double valve.
ÔÇó Without T├ťV. Always stored dry.
ÔÇó very few dives

Private sale therefore no guarantee or return.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Bad Iburg

Hello everyone,

A 12L diving tank with Scubapro double valve is offered. For embossing, see pictures.

The valve was overhauled by a specialist dealer in Munich, i.e. completely dismantled and all seals etc. renewed. After the bottle is still to the T├ťV for a new test, the inside of the bottle was cleaned + dried. What remains is a broken piece of the previously used valve filters, which is in the bottle. The filters are no longer used today, but are not a limitation.

Since the valve is from Scubapro, there will also be spare parts for it in the future. So nothing stands in the way of a long life of the bottle.

The silver imprint is a sticker that can be removed - also by me, if desired. The bottle has been unused in the cellar for the last two decades and has found itself there mucking out. Since the bottle was stored with a protective net, the foot is slightly overstretched. The net has been disposed of, so the stand is now a bit loose. If this disturbs, I can glue the stand or you organize a new net - then the stand holds bombastic again. There are no rust deposits at the bottom of the bottle, as is usually the case with cellar finds.

It is now under pressure (air) and is overhauled.

For the bottle I would like to have 100, - EUR. Shipping you can certainly get somehow, cost sharing 50/50.

T├ťV until January 24

Location is Munich, bottle handover from Munich to Plansee (Austria) possible.

Payable via PayPal / bank transfer.

Since the valve is overhauled, I offer a 30% price refund if there are any problems with it within 6 months.



  • 2 tanks with double valve, 15 and 12 liters. Few dives (about 20) in fresh water. Without T├ťV.
  • Pick up only, near Augsburg.
  • Private sale, therefore exclusion of any liability for material defects or warranty. No return, no guarantee or revocation.
  • Total price: VB 245 EUR

For sale is an argon set with a 1.5L fash a regulator and the required fastening. Bottle has no T├╝v.

Price 100Euro

Pick up in 57258 Freudenberg or shipping possible.


For sale is a double 12 with a Nothern Diver valve protection. Super suitable for upside-down. The bottles are o2 clean and have T├╝v until 12/23. You can also dip the bottles normally. The valve protection can be dismantled :-)

Price 325 Euro

Pick up at 57258 Freudenberg


Sell Stage incl Rigging Kit and Verntil (pictures of the stages according to listing):

  • Stage_2: 80cft (2002, white) currently filled with EAN32 (no CE, only DOT (US certification): 90EUR

Pick-up / handover in Munich and the surrounding area.
No Shipping

Since this is a private sale, I exclude guarantee, warranty, return and revocation.


Sell Halcyon Argon Straps for mounting the buoyancy bottle on the diving bottle


Pick-up / handover in Munich and the surrounding area.

Since this is a private sale, I exclude guarantee, warranty, return and revocation.


Bottles (200bar) with stand foot and with lockable bridge. The bottles are rustproof. T├ťV up to 1/22

Private sale therefore no guarantee

VB 150


Offer 2 diving tanks with double valve.

The large barrel 15L and the smaller 12L.

Were only in use in fresh water, without current T├ťV.

Available for collection in the L├Ârrach/Basel region.

Best offer please send us an e-mail.


Offer self-cast lead as shown in the picture. It is about 14.5 kg. To be sure here I expect only about 13 kg because not all plates are 100% the same.
To 2 kg and 500 grams of pieces. Times something more / less.
Pick up in 57223 Kreuztal

price 80EUR


I offer an argon set for sale.

1x 1,5L Argon Bottle

1x 14cuft Argon Fasche ACHTUNG!!! Low Preasure. Only for 135 bar. Buy this only if you know what it is and for what.

1x Halcyon Argon Straps

1x No Name Argon Starps

1x Argon Pressure Reducer

No CE, No T├ťV.

VHB, only pick up in Moers.

Greetings Mike


Must be made new T├ťV on it. Otherwise top condition.

70 Euro VB



I sell a diving bottle Mono 8 232 bar from Scubapro. The diving tank is built in 2012/04, T├ťV until 2023/06, see stamp. Of course, always neatly stored and maintained.

Price: 80 Euro

Shipping is possible, the shipping costs are at the expense of the buyer. When picking up in 64653 Lorsch, the bottle is filled, shipping takes place with minimal residual pressure

Private sale under exclusion of any warranty !


Bridge valve for double units, 1a condition, very smooth.

30,00 Euro.

The sale takes place under exclusion of any liability for material defects. Liability for damages due to injuries to health, body or life and grossly negligent and/or intentional violations of my obligations as a seller remains unaffected.

Nordhausen, Leipzig, Osterrode

A clamp set including studs and nuts is offered for 10 or 12 l double devices with a diameter of 171 mm and a bridge of 185 mm (standard size wide distance).

Heavy quality, V4a, wide clamps, original price 120,00 Euro.

I liked to have 70,00 Euro.

The sale takes place under exclusion of any liability for material defects. Liability for damages due to injuries to health, body or life and grossly negligent and/or intentional violations of my obligations as a seller remains unaffected.

Nordhausen, Leipzig, Osterrode

D12 Concave

- was only in the water 2 times

- not reviewed

- Polaris valve (Halcyon identical, light gas)

- TX 19/43 with 210 bar

Price: 500 CHF

Sell 2 10l bottles of aluminum with m26 thread one with 100% o2 the other with Trimix 17/49 Both bottles have no current test.

350 Chf Vhb. for both

Lenzburg Schweiz

Phone: 0041764476861

Hello, sell here a steel argon bottle with 1.2L content and 200 bar operating pressure. Last T├ťV 2015. Bottle diameter 80mm; Height with valve 410mm; Weight empty approx. 1.5 Kg. Small conical Dr├Ąger valve with large hand button. Easy to use even with thick winter gloves. Used the bottle to fill the Trocki, argon was never in it, always filled up with air. Bottle is fully functional and ready to be used immediately. Attached to the jacket with argon straps. Condition and scope of delivery see pictures. Price is negotiable and includes shipping. PayPal or bank transfer are possible. Sale excluding any warranty, guarantee or return. No interest in bartering, have already all mobile phones, computers or carpets. Take a look at my other offers. Maybe there is something for you. For info PN. Price: 80 Euro.


Phone: 03925288942

If you are interested, please send a short email with asking price

Shipping is possible

As good as new.

Information from the manufacturer:
Cheap sparset
Fine-grained lead shot for preferably equipping pocket lead straps and lead-integrated jackets.
The lead shot balls are sealed in waterproof plastic bags (inner bag) and additionally provided with a robust PVC outer shell.

scope of delivery:
2 x 2 kg plus 2 x 1 kg lead bags
Dimensions 1 kg: approx. 9 x 11 x 2 cm
Dimensions 2 kg: approx. 9 x 14 x 2.5 cm


If you are interested, please send a short email with asking price

Shipping is possible

As good as new. Currently filled !

Information from the manufacturer:
Very high quality steel bottle - 10 liters volume - from OMS / BTS- Europe with monovalve. expandable.

OMS/BTS diving tanks are produced by one of the largest manufacturers of high-pressure steel cylinders in Europe, Eurocylinder Werk Apolda, Germany. After internal and external sandblasting, flame spray galvanizing is carried out with subsequent coloring (primer and final paint). The bottle stamping is carried out according to CE of the Pressure Equipment DirectivePED 2014/68/EU

Dimensions: 171 x 595 mm (diameter x length)
Material: Steel 34CrMo4
Volume: 10 liters
Working pressure: 230 bar
Thread on bottle neck EN144: M25 x 2
Weight with valve and foot: 13.78 kg

scope of delivery
10 L diving tank
Monovalve - expandable, second exit can be purchased


I sell my Bts D12 from 2010.

It has T├ťV until 09/2021

I add a tail-weight 2KG.

No shipping. Handover in Bremen, or Hemmoor.



Offer a 10 liter bottle of Aqualung with valve, net and handle.

Without T├ťV, filled with 200 bar.

As good as new condition. 100EUR

Offer a total of 4 aluminum bottles, which are perfect as StageTank or for sidemount systems.

  • Pressure: 207 bar
  • Diameter: 184mm
  • Thread: M25x2
  • Color: white
  • Pressure: 230 bar
  • Bottom shape: flat (concave)

All bottles can be used immediately and have corresponding rigging kit's. In terms of price, I imagined 120 euros per bottle. If one all 4th would like 440 euros.

Phone: 015201310844

Pick-up in Stuttgart

Price: 150EUR

sell my 15L steel bottle

Steel bottle 15L 230bar double valve stand + mains

Faber, 15 L /200 bar steel bottle TG, Hot Dipped
├ś 204 mm ÔÇö Weight: 16,4 kg ÔÇö Length 61 cm

Valve outlet with 204mm G 5/8"

Sell 80cft Stages. No T├ťV.

120 Euro incl. rigging.

Pick-up preferred. Alternatively, we can arrange a handover at a later date.


Sell my D8.5 from 2011 from 1st hand from Polaris. T├ťV has expired.


Pick-up at Lake Constance (Konsganz, Wallhausen or ├ťberlingen) by appointment.

Optionally there is the suitable BarTec rail with 6kg lead for 95EUR extra.


who has to deliver a 300 bar valve with M18x1.5 bottle neck thread?

Thank you