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Clamps V4 Tec clamp set (two clamps) for double 12 steel bottles - for a bottle diameter of 171mm and a bridge with 185mm - included is a complete bolt set with wing screws and nuts - slight signs of use Price: 60 EUR for self-collection (original price approx. 120 EUR)

64297 Darmstadt

Sell my D18. This is filled with TX 21/35. There is an argon set with Quicksnapsystem.



offer 15 l diving tank.
- T├╝v new

- Double valve

- Stand

- VB 275,--

ONLY PICK-UP, bottle is available in Hamburg Lurup


D4 diving tanks 4l as a double unit with one outlet, used, without T├ťV, valves were replaced

50,- EUR

Price at pick-up

no exchange, no guarantee / warranty

I offer a used double 12 for sale.

The double unit consists of 2x 12l BTS steel bottles, V4tec clamp sets, smooth-running Halcyon valves and radially dichtender shut-off bridge.

The Halcyon valves have CE approval, a DIN G5/8 connection with an M25/2 thread towards the bottle.

The valves and bottles are oxygenclean.

Filed in 12/2019 - valid until 06/2022.

The bottles are currently filled with approx. 100 bar 21/35 (Trimix). On presentation of a Trimix brevet, it remains in it. On request, I can fill the bottles with air.

The original price is around 640 euros. Trimix (100 bar) approx. 50 Euro or air approx. 12 Euro (200 bar).

I would like to have another 450 euros.

The double device can be picked up in Bremen or handed over in Hemmoor.

It is a private sale, therefore no liability, guarantee and return.


Diving bottle 15 l, steel, Aircon or Nautec double valve, T├ťV new until 12-2022

Height 68 cm, with handle + 1x net + base, filled ( 2 more fillings free of charge with me possible )

1 bottle 180,- Euro

have 2 pieces, price for both 170 euros each

Pick-up price, shipping, empty, about 30 euros ?

Handover at the lake between Thuringia and MeckPomm possible. (Also 14-16.8.2020 in Hemmoor )

Sales gebr. Storage bottles 50l 200 bar with T├╝v

A 5/8" valve is installed.

Price: 150EUR VB per piece


search for an "emergency bottle" for a filling adapter.
Maybe someone has something like that or can have a cheap one!!! source of supply.

Thank you very much.



Diving tank 15 l, steel, nautec double valve, T├ťV new until 12-2022

Height 68 cm, with handle + foot, filled ( 2 more fillings free of charge with me possible )

1 bottle 180,- Euro

have 2 pieces, price for both 170 euros each

Pick-up price, shipping, empty, about 30 euros ?

Handover at the lake between Thuringia and MeckPomm possible. (Also 14-16.8.2020 in Hemmoor )

Diving tanks, Spiro double unit with shut-off bridge & double stand 2x 7 liters - 300bar

VB 499 Euro plus shipping

Have just been to the T├ťF

T├ťF until (09/2022)

Bottles are shipped empty.

Payment: by bank transfer (no PayPal) or cash on delivery.

Shipping: DHL 18,49 Euro (with liability) or if cash on delivery 23,39 Euro

Private offer, the warranty is excluded. No return.

Sell my unused Stage bottle from MES. It has a volume of 40 cuft / 5.7L and is painted white.

A Halcyon valve is installed.

The stage was not used, after purchase only a residual pressure of O2-pure Nx21 was poured into the bottle to store it under pressure.

I sell the bottle because I don't need this size.

Buy price: 200EUR

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

A pick-up in Bamberg or shipping against reimbursement is possible (but then printless). A pick-up is recommended as shipping will not be cheap.

Important note:

As a private seller, I sell all items without the legal warranty. There is no possibility of exchange and/or return. The goods are sold "as seen".


Soft lead from Seac, partly still wrapped in foil and unused.

4x - a 2kg - a 15EUR

8x - a 1,5kg - a 11EUR

8x - a 1,0kg - a 8EUR

Shipping price is added. Payment by PayPal friends to friends.

Sell an 80cuft (11.1 Liter) Stage from 08/2011 without T├ťV and Rigging Kit.

Pick-up in Konstanz

No warranty, guarantee or exchange.

Shipping plus 7EUR or pick-up in Konstanz

We are looking for a total of 2x 40 Cuft Alu (valve left/right) and 1 x 80 Cuft Alu (valve left)

Only bottles with T├╝v and 02 clean.

Without rigging or anything else.

If someone has something to hand in, please report!




Bottle base for 12 or 15l bottle, used, without damage. 10 Euro plus shipping or self-collection. Private sale without warranty.


Double 7 for sale, bottles have both got a fine filter (each 20 Euro value) installed, they were also cleaned inside and have since been filled only by myself (maximum 20 times used since then).

The set for assasseging the bottles is brand new, they were only recently assembled by me. The clamps are of high quality and have already cost 80 euros, the bridge 55 euros.

The bottles themselves are old (built in 1967 or 1969) and urgently need a new exterior paint. They look rusty from the outside, but do not have deep rust corrosion, getting T├ťV is problem-free. If you have any doubts, you can pick up the bottles from me and I can have them previously approved by against assumption of the costs with a firm purchase commitment.

There is also no deep rust corrosion under the feet, only superficially, and these are removed after each water contact so that the soil can dry and remain dry between the TG.

The valves make a good impression on me, they also seem to be newer than the bottle bodies. They are smooth and keep tight. The type of valve and bottle neck I can not say, in any case they have a larger diameter than the classic small conical valve. They must be sealed with Teflon.

120 Euro plus 15 Euro shipping or self-collection (free of charge).

Now the usual: private sale without warranty claims


Still have different lead for sale, for double appliances and also single .... if you are interested, just contact us .... all together 100 Euro plus shipping


Sell my new BtS-EU diving bottle steel, 1 liter, 200 bar with valve, unused.
VB 110Euro.

General note:
This is a private sale. The images are original photos of the item for sale.


New Halcyon Argon Set


2 x 10l - 200bar, monovalve, stand, Scubapro - @ 120EUR

The bottles are only available for self-collection in Vienna.

This is a private sale, therefore no warranty claims, right of return, no liability, etc.

1140 wien

I offer clamps from HTD for D12 long.

The clamps are for D12 with wide distance.

Without bolts.

No guarantee no return.

VB: 35,- Euro incl. shipping


I would like to reduce my bottle collection a bit here and therefore offer 10L steel fakes. Most have a monovalve and only dives here in fresh water behind them. The bottles have all received a new T├ťV until 03/2022 and, if they are picked up, are of course filled. Shipping is possible, but here without pressure.

Price: VB 120EUR / piece


For sale is a double 12 with lockable bridge. T├ťV see picture

VB 499,- Euro


Hi I would like to exchange my D8 300bar incl. lead for a D12 and V weight.

Bottles T├╝v has just expired 09.2019 well preserved.

If anyone is interested please come with picture from near Cologne.

Offer my 12l briefly because of the change to D8.

She has T├╝v until 01/20 and was always under pressure. The stand and the net are included.

Due to weight only pick-up.

Price 120,- VB


Phone: 01728551192

I sell 4x 12 liter steel bottles. T├ťV test now remade in September. The bottles are in good condition. All bottles were always stored dry and under pressure. All bottles have a carrying handle, stand and net. The bottles are full. The T├ťV documents will of course also be handed over.
I will no longer be able to dive in the foreseeable future and therefore sell the bottles.

Price per bottle 150 EUR. If you buy all 4 bottles you get them for a total price of 560 EUR.

Preferably only to self-collectors. Article location Freiburg im Breisgau.
Shipping only in exceptional cases and then of course without pressure (empty bottles). The costs for shipping and packaging are to be borne in full by the buyer.

Private sale. No warranty, no return, no warranty.



I am looking for an Alu- Stage 80cft. with Rigging Kit and ideally T├ťV

I often travel in the Frankfurt, Heidelberg and Karlsruhe areas. Picking up in this room is no problem.



Offer D 7 300 bar T├ťv expired, bottle is still in use

VB 350 EUR


Phone: 015233691345


D12 used without T├ťV incl. 120 bar 21/35

Bottle always under pressure

No Shipping

EUR 390.00

Sale without guarantee and guarantee

Salzburg Stadt

I offer D7, used.
Slight rust marks on the outside
Dr├Ąger Valves
The bottles are under pressure.

T├ťV expired.

Unfortunately, shipping is not possible.

Price: EUR 95

Location: Hamburg-Eimsb├╝ttel

The sale is made under exclusion of any warranty.



I sell two Luxfer 80 cuft bottles with 14.3 kg and right left valves suitable for sidemount. Bottles are oxyclean and have only been dipped in fresh water. Always stored with residual pressure. No current T├ťV. I always filled myself.

To be submitted against bid. If possible, no shipping. Personal handover in Messinghausen, Christine, Schwalefeld or Nuttlar. Possibly also Hemmoor.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Very comfortable suspender lead belt from DUI (old model) with quick shed.

Large capacity; I used 12 kg of soft lead with Trocki in the strap.

For the belt I would like to have 65 euros.

When picking up, I add the 12 kg soft lead (4 x 2kg, 4 x 1kg) for 35 euros.


Offer a well-preserved D8.5 from ECS with Polaris valves, lockable bridge and clamps for 350EUR VHB. Bottles are built in 04/2012 and have always been stored under pressure. Currently, the bottles do not have a T├ťV.

Optionally, a Polaris XT50 Wing can also be purchased for 130EUR VHB (see other display).

Only self-collection in Mosbach or handover in the greater Karlsruhe/ Mannheim/ Heidelberg area.


Sell used

Luxfer argon bottle 0.85 liters incl. 1st stage and hose

Bottle was and is always filled.

As shown in the pictures.

Give up my hobby as a diver. That's why I sell my diving equipment.

It can also be shipped.

If you have any questions, please contact me at 0049 0162 962 39 57. Gladly also WhatsApp.

Price: 150,00 EUR

Pfarrkirchen - Bayern

Phone: 0162 962 39 57

Because of hobby I sell a 12 l steel bottle 300 bar with G5/8 double valve.

The bottle no longer has a T├╝v and has been used exclusively as an argon store for the last few years.

After the T├╝v en it can easily be used again for breathing gas.

NP was 275EUR. My performance is 125EUR.

No shipping. Pick up in Hamminkeln or Oberhausen.

Good air

Wesel Rheinland

With Dr├Ąger valve.

T├╝v has already expired for some time, as can be seen in the pictures.

Bottle was always stored with pressure. New T├ťV possible against assumption of costs.

VB 80EUR plus shipping


Phone: +4915116050621

Storage bottles 50 Ltr., filling pressure 300 bar, 2 pieces, with wall bracket and stand for up-side-down mounting with Leimpek valves for condensate drain as well as zus. 5/8" valves; VB 499.00 EUR; only to self-collectors; private sale; Phone: 0160 / 96856065

Sankt Augustin

Phone: 0160 96865065

Offer 1L steel diving tank for 80EUR . Valve (G5/8) , year 2017, with T├ťV until 05.2020. Ideal for use as a Poni bottle with buoyancing gas for Trocki. Always stored under pressure. Shipping Printless possible, shipping pays buyer (e.B. Hermes 4,95EUR). 2 straps from BTS for mounting on backplate I give with it.


Sell D18.

Has not been in the water since the last T├ťV, always stored under pressure.

O2 clean, Tankprotected

Heser V4A clamps. Nautec Bridge.


Shipping due to the weight rather impractical. Transfer to diving waters possible.

Because of hobby work I sell an EAN D12 with 65mm V4tec clamp set.

Currently a Nitrox bridge M26 is installed.

I add a G 5/8 bridge so that it can be converted.

The bottles no longer have a T├ťV. However, they have always been stored dry and have residual pressure.

Signs of wear and tear are present.


My asking price is 330EUR

No Shipping

Good air

Wesel Rheinland

Sell ECS/Aqualung diving tank 12l/232bar/short design with monovalve
No T├╝v, but the bottle is in good condition and has been little used so far.

VB 90EUR to collector

Private sale, no guarantee, return, warranty


Have two 5 L steel bottles and one 2.6 L to deliver. They were with my Dr├Ąger Dolphin and all still have residual pressure. A 5 L still has 90 bar 40 % O2, in the 2.6 L is pure oxygen. The T├ťV has expired. The bottles can be picked up at The Sundh├Ąuser See. The price is VB


Offer here a long 12 er , the one with blue net !

Without T├╝v me residual pressure and stored dry !

VB 80 Euro

No shipping only to self-collectors!

Phone: 064092455

Offer lead bags for attachment to mono bottle

for the absorption of up to 2x 2 kg standard lead

Condition: unused / as good as new

Price: 25 EUR incl. shipping in D (without islands)

Private sale, therefore no return, warranty, guarantee.

New and unused 3L Diving Bottle 232 Bar with Monoventil. Already filled.

4.41 KG with Carabiner Hook. Steel Bottle stamped Breathing Apparatus. About 52 cm long from the Bottleneck and Circumference about 32 cm.

If You are interested, please report and submit a Price proposal.

Private Sale, no Guarantee and Withdrawal possible.