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1599 EUR

With this underwater camera, you can film anything!

It doesn't matter if it's clownfish or dolphins!
It doesn't matter if it's day or night!
It doesn't matter if it's fresh water or salt water!

Underwater image 1.
Thanks to the integrated swivel red filter, the underwater world looks even more colorful.
Underwater image 2.
At night, in wrecks or caves, the two lamps provide a natural-looking floodlight that can easily illuminate several square meters.
Underwater image 3.
And in the lake at home, you can leave out the filter and capture the beauty of the underwater world with or without lamps.

Whether it's a wide-angle or close-up, everything is possible.
Thanks to the knobs and levers, you have control over white balance, zoom or filter at all times. By the way, you only need to press 2 buttons for the white balance, the rest is automatic.
Thanks to the floating arms and the buoyancy devices, the set is neutrally balanced.

- Light & Motion Bluefin for Canon HF G10 or XA 10
- Fathom 90 wide-angle fully zoomable
- Internal swivel red filter
- Complete camera control via 10 buttons
- Monitor back panel
- Max. diving depth 100 meters

- Canon XA 10 ( Full HD 50i or 25p )
- With XLR camera grip
- Wide-angle and telephoto for landscape shots
- Camera bag + accessories

- AIO RG Blue System 01
- 2200 lumens
- 110 degree floodlight
- Lamp Bags + Accessories

All components have been regularly serviced and are working!
The set is sold because of hobby abandonment.
If you have any further questions, please contact us for more pictures or videos.

Assured shipping, PayPal, transfer, pick-up, negotiation, technical discussion all possible!


BCD SeaQuest PRO QD in size L

with AQUATEC Diving Knife T-Rex Titanium

Very good condition

130,- EUR plus shipping costs

Approx. 75 dives

Full body wetsuit for men

Henderson Titanium Hyperstretch 3mm

Size L

Shipping Possible Buyer Pays Shipping


60 EUR

Very robust trailers for diving equipment.

Very good condition

Are 6 pieces for 30 EUR

Self pickup or shipment, buyer pays shipping fee

I sell a Donut Wing from DirZone for the big cutlery: D12 to D20 with 23l buoyancy, corresponds to about 50lbs (or at the top). It is the stable version, not the lighter "travel" variant.

Very good general condition, it was still diving until the end of the year.
Since I dipped it on the rebreather, four slots are cut in the middle as hose grommets and a bungee loop is built in on the right.
Tight, holds the air and the inflator also does what it is supposed to. Of course, an overhaul doesn't hurt with second-hand purchases...

New price in common online shops not less than 350EUR.
200EUR plus shipping costs

I cannot offer a warranty or return.


Flash Lights Combi with LED Light

For health reasons, I can no longer dive.

That's why I sell my flash lights Combi e.g. for attachment to the bottle or jacket.

My asking price: VB 35.00 plus shipping. PayPal possible.

Info:Long burn time or flash duration. Ideal for use as a marker speed camera - or as an emergency light.

This must be:

I would like to point out that this is a private sale and that I do not assume any warranty or return.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Phone: 02191-292283 oder 0170-2922831

Diving equipment: hoses for regulator and jacket

For health reasons, I don't dive anymore.

That's why I still have two tubes, one for the regulator and one for the jacket.

For both together I would like to have VB 35.00EUR including uninsured shipping. PayPal and self-collection is possible.

I would like to point out that this is a private sale and that I do not assume any warranty or return.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Phone: 02191-292283 oder 0170-2922831

Roll-up snorkel from Mares
Unused, ideal for stowing in jacket pockets
20,-EUR with PayPal incl. insured shipping

27616 Beverstedt

Phone: +4947482472

Bottles for sale

No T├╝V, because self-filler

BCE 0,85 l 90Euro

BC cylinder 1.5 l95 Euro

Rebreather cylinder 3 l 300 bar 175 Euro

Shipping is also added

Bottles are little used

Raum: HD/KA

Offer a used hood (about 20 dives) from Waterproof in very good condition. It is the model H1 10mm in size S

Price VB 40EUR

Private sale without warranty and returns.


Sell Scubapro TwinJet Max fins in size L (Large 43-45) in yellow including the transport net.

They have been used for about 50 dives and accordingly show slight signs of wear (minimal scratches, etc.) but no damage that limits the function of the fins. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Shipping via DHL is possible.

Price VB 65EUR

Private sale without warranty and returns.


Color kit for the Aeris / Oceanic Accel fin. I can't say for sure whether I was in the water with it or not, but there are no signs of use. Therefore, I would describe the kit as new.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Shipping via DHL/Post is possible.

Price VB 20EUR (original price approx. 30EUR)


I offer a UW Wiggle Tower here. These are often used by divers or swimmers for training or games. After the sale of the original tower was discontinued, I developed my own version, using the 3D printing process. This shares the dimensions (2.5cmx2.5cmx7.5cm) with the previously available one, but the weight of the stones is significantly higher to ensure sufficient stability under water. The feedback so far shows that it works very well in the pool/indoor pool, so I recommend using it there. The price refers to the standard version in black and white. Other colours (red/blue/yellow/green) are available at an additional cost (7.5EUR per colour change). Also (after)luminescent is possible for 15EUR for one color (see pictures). The scope of delivery includes: -12 layers of blocks (18x black and 18x white). - Bags made of recycled plastic. -Invoice Price: 89EUR + 6,99EUR shipping Shipping: Since the game with 3Kg is not easy, the shipping with DHL is 6.99EUR Other sizes are also possible, just ask: - 12cm x 4cm x 2.5cm (approx. 8Kg) - 18cm x 6cm x 3.5cm (approx. 23Kg) I also have other UW games in development that will be coming soon: - UW four-in-a-row - UW Chess

Sell my two dimmable underwater headlights Kowalski 1250 and 620 Speed - each with fast charger.

Complete in original packaging with instructions for use.

Unfortunately, only the batteries are at the end of their rope and have to be replaced - either by yourself or, for example, at the battery department store.

1250 Speed: 75 Euro VB

620 Speed: 50 Euro VB

Sale private, no guarantee, no warranty, no return.

Safe Diving!

Timmendorfer Strand

gladly against a realistic bid.

Must be Polaris. Changed them because I switched to sidemount valves.

Lindau/ Bodensee

Hello everyone

I'm looking for this lamp head, or actually just the reflector insert.

Please offer everything, even if the lamp head is defective.

Thank you and greetings


Lindau/ Bodensee

Hello, offer here my SF - Tech neoprene dry suit for sale because I will hardly be able to dive anymore.

The suit is second hand. The previous owner was 178cm tall and slim. It was a bit too long for me at 170cm.

Neck gaiter is made of neoprene and in good condition. Urinal valve and Rolock glove system are included.

Metal zipper in very good condition. In the case of self-collectors, a leak test in the pool is possible. But it's dense!

The suit can be tried on in 53567 Buchholz. A handover in the Cologne/Bonn area is also possible.

1300 Euro incl. shipping to Germany/Austria


Rheinland-Pfalz - Buchholz (Westerwald)

Phone: 01734237174

Sell my unused S-Tek Pro lead system from Scubapro.


Bietemares 1st stage mr 22, regulator mares abyss, pressure gauge POLARIS, no Octerpus, because skuberpro A2 Jacket connected, but possible! Transport backpack , Shipping not included, 350.-EUR

Alfeld Leine

Phone: 05181280555

mares MR22T (1st stage), mares abyss (2nd stage) regulator, intended for Scubapro-Jacket A2 - therefore no Octerpus, incl. pressure indicator and compass af sole. Connection possible for Octerpus and dry suit!, Transport backpack mares for 350.-EUR, Shipping not incl.

Alfeld Leine

Phone: 05181280555

Offer technisub fins with quick release size Small (shoe size 38) for 70 EUR plus shipping Tel.: 017645884417

Alfeld Leine

Phone: 05181280555

Offer Taucherfin mares size Large (shoe size 46) for 70.-EUR plus shipping


Alfeld Leine

Phone: 05181280555

Offer Scubapro BCD A2, size L, fully functional for 100 EUR. Plus shipping

Tel: o17645884417

Alfeld Leine

Phone: 05181280555

Offer BCD Size M , A2 Scoubapro , all functional

Tel.:o17645884417 for 80.-EUR plus shipping

Alfeld Leine

Phone: 05181280555

Since I only go diving 1x a year, I would like to sell my dive computer to someone who has better use for it.

Everything works perfectly and the Bluethooth adapter is also available

Sell my just 4 month old Garmin Descent MK2i (air integrated) with about 20 dives

Condition: as good as new with no scratches or signs of wear. Invoice available complete bundle, i.e. incl. Tankpod T1

1000EURV shipping costs I bear..

More photos on request

This is a private sale with exclusion of warranty and return.

Unfortunately, due to barotrauma, I can no longer use the great MARES fins. Used exactly once in fresh water...
Feel free to make me a fair offer - then we will both be happy and I know that these things will be used again. :)

Original price: 159,00 EUR


Description: The Avanti Quattro+ diving fins surpass the proven performance of the traditional model thanks to the use of new materials that optimize efficiency. Increased responsiveness and thrust with even more attractive looks and a bungee fin strap as standard. The proven channel thrust technology that makes the fin versatile and perfect for all diving conditions. The stabilizing drifts improve stability and eliminate ankle torsion. The anatomical foot pocket transmits more force to the blade.


I am selling an unused Santi hood 2x5mm with collar: size M (52.5-55cm head circumference)

The hood is made of a rather stiff neoprene, which keeps you warm even in depth. In order to be able to put them on comfortably, the main part of the hood is made of two layers of 5mm neoprene each, whereby the second layer is closed with a zipper after putting them on.

very warm....

40EUR plus shipping

I cannot offer a warranty or return.


Sell Bauer Securus Controll, New and unused

Only 299 Euro + shipping

I'm looking for a crankshaft for Mariner year 96-98 and other Bauer parts

whatsapp : 0049 151 155 38007


Phone: 015115538007

Sell a XDeep Stealth 2.0 classic - Sidemount Wing-Bladder
(only the bladder; no harness !!)

- Company: XDeep
- Type Stealth 2.0 Classic
- Buoyancy 16L
- Colour: blue
- A quick drain
- K-Type Inflator
- Outer shell: very stable Cordura 1100 dTEX material
- Inner sleeve nylon 440dTEX

The bladder has 20 dives only in fresh water, so it is like new.
I quickly realized that the Tec system suits me more, so I sell the bubble.

Price: 200,- EUR VB

Shipping is of course possible.

As this is a private sale, no warranty, return, etc...

Payment by PayPal, bank transfer or cash upon pickup.


Sea & Sea Underwater Blitz YS-D2J was only used by me on a diving holiday and is therefore as good as new and fully functional. Submission due to system change.

I offer the flash with complete accessories (see photo) in the original box for VB 450 EUR. This flash was again produced by Sea & Sea in Japan (higher quality and reliability!) and therefore has the suffix "J" in the designation.


- Guide number 32

- Light colour 5600 K

- Optical and electronic connection

- Battery type: 4x AA batteries

I'm also selling a 2nd flash on the same terms!

Pick-up or shipping (shipping costs 6.99 EUR are borne by the buyer)

The sale is subject to exclusion of any warranty and return.


BARE neoprene drysuit, used with booties (have it fitted) size 45, suspenders. I am 1.83 and weigh about 80 kg. It suited me very well. The size is MLT. Unfortunately, I hardly got around to dry diving. Therefore, it was only stored dry in the basement, in November 2021 I had all cuffs, the drying zipper, etc. replaced. The price is the repair costs (I am happy to enclose an invoice from the dry clinic as proof). I also put the dry glove set with a spare pair of gloves with the suit.


Phone: 01726662517

Good working condition

Self pickup or shipment, buyer pays shipping fee.



Good working condition

Self-collection or shipping possible, buyer pays shipping fee



Self pickup or shipping, shipping fee will be paid by buyer


100 EUR

For sale, eyaSea otherwise XIOS

Good and functional condition

Shipping or self-collection (buyer pays shipping)


Apollo Bio-Fin Pro Fins

Good condition

Self-pickup or shipping (buyer pays shipping)



For sale

Good condition

Self-pickup or shipment (buyer pays shipping)



Women's Parkway Titanium 2.5mm

Size 10

Pick-up or shipping (buyer pays for shipping)


30 EUR

Henderson Titanium Hyperstretch 3mm for women.

Size M

Self-collection or shipping ( buyer pays shipping ) possible


60 EUR

For sale

Good condition

Shipping possible but you have to pay yourself, or direct pick-up

PayPal possible

Both in a set

Ranger Size L

Zena size M together 350 EUR

If you are interested in becoming a Divemaster / Instructor or fully trained (no matter which organization) we are looking for now - you are welcome to train in exchange for cooperation - please contact us at 0160 / 94834907 or at

55124 Mainz

Phone: 061317209737 Visit Tauchsport Seekuh

The previously owner-managed diving school with online shop is to get a management team in the future.

The goal is to hand over work and responsibility. We urgently need reinforcement in order to create more opportunities for further development and still offer our customers the best possible support. In the medium term, the partnership is to become a succession.

The purpose of the partnership is to be a second diving instructor acting on his own responsibility. The financial participation is of secondary importance and can be arranged flexibly.

In any case, the partner should have sufficient diving experience at home and abroad. He should support the goals of the diving school, an optimal education, oriented to the needs of the divers, and be able to familiarize himself with the existing concepts. Ideally, there is interest in the development and further development of new concepts. The level of training is of secondary importance, as we train in-house up to the position of Course Director.

If you are interested, please contact us at: or 0160/94834907

55124 Mainz

Phone: 061317209737 Visit Tauchsport Seekuh

Alkin brand breathing air compressor.

Model: W4
Year of construction: 2023. New, certificates are available

600 liters/minute * 330 bar (switchable to 225 bar) * 11 kW * 750 RPM
P61 Filtration System
4 filling ports
380 V/ 50 Hz

Price: 23.600 EUR plus shipping costs

Location: Karben

We sell a compressor of the brand ALKIN. It is new with original packaging. Built in 2023.

Model W32 Mariner
330 liters/minute * 7.5 kW * 310 bar * 1500 RPM * 4 filling ports
Certificates are available

Price: 8.850 EUR plus VAT Shipping costs

Location: Karben

The set was purchased in 2016/17 and used in only 4 diving holidays until 2019. Thus, the equipment
in very good condition and fully functional. Since the end of 2019, I have had to work with
stop diving and only end up selling the complete set. With this set, you can
start with underwater photography and filming. There are adapters/ports/lenses for wide angle, fisheye
and macro. The flash set consists of hybrid iDivesite flashes that can also function as video lights.
Thus, video recording in 4k resolution is also possible with very good lighting. If you are interested in buying, you are welcome to purchase the set
and if you buy it, I will show you the complete assembly of the set. Original price of the set ~8000EUR, sale VHB 5000EUR

The set consists of the following components:

- Cinebag backpack for the set when traveling
- 2x iDivesite Symbiosis SS2 flashes/lights with 4000 lumens each. Incl. 2x charger and 2x battery
- Aquatica A6300 housing made of milled solid aluminium
- Vacuum sensor in the housing
- Electric vacuum pump
- Double handle
- Floating flash arms for good buoyancy
- Dome port
- Macroport with manually operated focus
- Plainport
- 2x replacement O-rings incl. grease
- Camera Sony A6300 incl. 3 batteries and charger
- Lens Sony SEL 16F28
- Lens Sony VCL-ECU2 wide angle
- Lens Sony VCL-ECF2 Fisheye
- Lens Sony SEL 30M35 Macro/Portrait
- Lens Sony SEL 90M28G Super Macro


Phone: 06645180648

Offer here my complete equipment wetsuit 3xl am 173 tall and 110 kg

Regulator last test 2013 in January last belly in November in Hurghada

Jacket in XL all zippers in order or all fasteners

Seemann XP5 dive computer will soon need a new battery

Hai, Moin Moin, Gr├╝├č Gott & have a wonderful good day :-)

All regulators, regulators, dive computers and diving equipment can be mounted on a filled 12 Lt tank and tried out :-D

I would like to sell 1x ABSOLUTELY NEW, ONLY 1X DRESSED & WARM SEAC SUB undersuit for drysuits in size XL for ONLY 79 EUR with personal pick-up / meeting or 89 EUR including insured shipping within Germany.

SEAC SUB undersuit with trouser pockets on the left and right as well as a chest pocket.


*Breast pocket

* 2 hand pockets

* Thumb loops

* elastic foot straps

* 2-way zippers


4x MINT Atomic Aquatics T2 (titanium) as a complete set with a T1 (titanium) octopus, a as good as new 3 console (pressure gauge, depth gauge & compass) & as good as new inflator tube.

Of course, the configuration can be mounted according to recreational diving standards, according to DIR, according to TEK and also according to sidemount.

It will be cheaper in price if you want to do without some things on the set, because you don't need it or don't want it...

I have 1x the same set with a B2, Z series Octopus and 360 BAR Fini for ONLY 599 EUR. In blue or black.

I have 1x the same set with an ST1, Z series Octopus and 360 BAR Fini for ONLY 699 EUR.

1x VERY GOOD Dive Alert Plus V2 double signaling device for ONLY 59 EUR including shipping or 55 EUR for pick-up or personal meeting.

Dive Alert Plus V2 = VERY LOUD whistle on the surface and 1x loud horn underwater in one. With standard inflator connection.

1x TIP-TOP Oceanic VT3 with or without transmitter, storage box and German user manual AND

For the hand module & / or the transmitter I enclose a new battery :-)

Incl. insured shipping with transport box without transmitter for ONLY 205 EUR fixed price or 405 EUR as above with transmitter. Please don't renegotiate...


1x VERY GOOD Atomic Aquatics SS1 Titan Universal Second Regulator / Octopus / Vest Vending Machine in Silver / Black from the previous ownership for ONLY 245 EUR at pick-up or 249 EUR incl. shipping instead of dealer RRP 379 EUR.

EVERYTHING can be viewed & tried out in the greater Munich area or in 82256 FFB. I would also be happy to come to your home without obligation (in the greater Munich area :-)


Thank you for your interest and THANK YOU for contacting us :-)

I wish you a good purchase, always good air and TIP-TOP dives :-)

85221 Dachau

I provide my complete diving equipment.

Respiratory system: Apex ATX 40 DS4 set. It is included a 1st stage a Apeks DS4, regulator + octopus both are a Apeks ATX 40, a BtS DIR Systems gauge 52mm, an additional Miflex hose as well as a normal octopus scarf and a bag to stow away.

Wing + Harness: A OMS IQ Lite+ Performance Mono Wing with weight pockets in the color black. The harness is in size M/L and the Mono Donut Wing offers 27lbs (12.25kg) of buoyancy volume.

Dive Computer: A Suunto Zoop Novo dive computer in black.

Fins: E<span; >in a pair of Tuso Imprex Duo fins in the color black and the size M.

Buoy: A OMS buoy in orange.

The equipment has hardly been used and is also new. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to write to me. I don't have a fixed price, I'm happy to accept price suggestions.

Price: Negotiable



I offer a OMS buoy in orange. It was hardly used at all. I am ready to negotiate and I am available for any questions.

Best offer: 59EUR VB