Offer Miscellaneous Paper nautical charts as decoration or for dive planning Baltic Sea and North Sea

Offer various paper nautical charts. No decoration or sports boat cards, but correct decommissioned nautical charts of the seagoing ship. Very good condition, partly as new but of course no longer suitable for navigation. But as a decoration for the diving corner or for planning dives / wreck search great! About 50 pieces of German coast up and down, Baltic Sea, North Sea, oversailer Europe, 1 world map etc. If you are interested, ask for sea area (D number) or simply from above from the stack. Self-pickup would be wg size ideal, but shipping is possible. Price per piece of VHS!

If you are interested, WhattsApp would be ideal, then I can send all the cards I have been looking for as a photo before sending.

Also have blank cards/oversailers, 4 small cards for decoration and internal maps

Flensburger Förde