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Bauer Mariner II D breathing air compressor with HATZ diesel engine from the military stock.

Delivery capacity: 200 l/min according to DIN 12021
3-step block
Diesel engine Hatz 5 kW
Weight 158 kg
Dimensions: 110 x 58 x 62.5
Compressor system installed in support frame
equipped with fold-out carrying handle
Vibration-optimized frame construction
Filter set: P21
2x filling device PN 225 and 330 according to DIN 144-2
Year of construction 2007
Operating hours: 44
Last maintenance in 2008 at 31 operating hours.

Used on a naval ship.

Price: 7500,- incl. VAT
Delivery Europe-wide: approx. 100 euro


Dr├Ąger Dolphin

with very extensive accessories

I have converted the device to mCCR and can also be purchased as such or as SCR

-Dr├Ąger Dolphin SCR 1100EUR
+ 2x Dr├Ąger 5l bottle
+ 1x 2l Bail Out Bottle
+ 1x 4l Bail Out Bottle
-V4tec Backplate Adapter (new unused) 170EUR
-CMF with DS4 Capped 350EUR
-Divesystem Wing Tec Deep (Double 40 Bubble) 550EUR
-O2 sensor housing with 3 sensors (TecMe)150EUR
-Displey for O2 sensors (TecMe) 130EUR

The Original Jacket of the Dolphin is also still available

The complete package is available for 2300EUR

The device is in a used condition and can be visited with me


Sell Ursuit Phantom Comfort 21L - Harness + Backplate + 21L Bubble + Storage Pack + Bags/ Lead Bags

I sell my Phantom Comfort set consists of a uniform belt movement with integrated pocket lead belts, shoulder reinforcements and quick-release coupling. The back plate is made of 4mm steel with padding. Included are 2 lead pockets, which can optionally be attached to the abdominal belt.

The 44lbs Wing is made of 1000 Deniers Cordura with PU outer shell. The 21L Wing is particularly suitable for the technical divers for 2 x 10-12L double bottles and deco bottles.

Original invoice is enclosed. The Wing was purchased in November 2012. So far I have graduated with the Wing 30 TG.

Price: 400 Euro FP + 6,90 Shipping

Ruhrgebiet/ M├╝nsterland

Sell well to very well preserved, almost new 7mm 3-finger gloves of the company Waterproof. The size is unfortunately no longer in the gloves, but it is a size S/M Winter is just around the corner, the gloves are very warm. Since the gloves are a bit too small for me, max. 5 times dipped, to be handed over for 20 euros plus insured shipping or collection.


since my son jatzt also wants to start diving (but you never know how long and if he enjoys it) I am looking for cheap equipment.
Still needed

Size XL, or shoe size 45-46

If you have what, just report.

Thank you and greetings


Since yesterday, ProTec has the right to train users and instructors on the MK VI 60 m Trimix version.

ProTec is thus the first association in Germany to receive the acceptance authorization.

This means that the ProTec training program for the Poseidon MK IV is now as follows:

40 m Sport
40 m decoration
48 m Trimix
60 m Trimix

All listed levels may be offered by ProTec as user courses as well as instructor courses.

Training locations throughout Germany
Thanks to Florian Vogel
Rebreather Dision Manager
Phone: 034204 63703

Since yesterday, ProTec has the right to train users and instructors on the MK VI 60 m Trimix version.

ProTec is thus the first association in Germany to receive the acceptance authorization.

This means that the ProTec training program for the Poseidon MK IV is now as follows:

40 m Sport
40 m decoration
48 m Trimix
60 m Trimix

All listed levels may be offered by ProTec as user courses as well as instructor courses.

Training locations throughout Germany
Thanks to Florian Vogel
Rebreather Dision Manager


Apeks WTX system as good as new for sale (5 TG):

Apeks WTX Comfort Harness Size XL
247,00 EUR (
170 EUR

Apeks WTX Sure Lock Lead Bag System (2+2)
109,95 EUR (
65 EUR

Apeks WTX Backplate Stainless Steel
133,95 EUR (
70 EUR

Single Tank Adapter V4tec
95,00 EUR (
45 EUR

Accessories and spare parts (2 x WTX lead bags)

Total price: 350 EUR
Savings: 235,90 EUR

Contact details:
J├╝rgen H. Schindler
D-68199 Mannheim

Conversion to Double Bladder Wing with different configuration



have a pair of device fins to give away! (Or for a small donation... :-) )

TUSA Cetus alpha-Symmetric.

Size S.


I offer an almost new Subgear SG 1000. I bought it in June and have been doing it with it since about 5 tg. A voucher for the 1st revision as well as a Mares Cruise Bag are also available.
On the controller is still warranty!

Price: 300EUR


Hey guys
Sell a set of rebreather breathing tubes here--Cover
In black
If you are interested, simply contact us
Price 70,-including shipping

Greetings Ulrich


Sell 10mm hood by Santi NEW and unmerged

10mm neoprene with warm neck and zipper at the back of the head

Size: M
Thickness: 2x5mm
Original price: 89Euro

my price: 80 Euro + shipping

30880 Laatzen

Sell 2 mask bands from the Subgear Ghost/Devil mask

1 mask strap with EZ quick-release strap for particularly comfortable adjustment (approx.20 TG ́s) + 1 extra mask strap for reserve (unpunged and new)

Don't need them because I'm diving another mask band.

The mask tapes now cost 12.90 and 6.90 euros. Would like for both together 13 Euro + shipping if desired

30880 Laatzen

Seagrip Pro 5-Finger Glove by Aquata in size S

5.0 mm aquata-ceramics neoprene, Metal-Plush coating, blind stitch sewn.

Other features:
Coated palm, Velcro and zipper

Sell this glove as it is minimally too big for me. Only 1x dived, so quasi to be seen as new. Purchase price was 38 euros.
I would like to have 30 Euro for it + shipping

30880 Laatzen

Offer here a used UW case for the Canon S95 from Ikelite.
I put a new O-ring with it.
Sale takes place due to lack of existing camera.

Price: 150,-EUR plus shipping (6,90 DHL, insured) or pick-up


Sell here a used Ikelite underwater housing for a Canon G9

Price:150EUR plus 6,90 insured shipping with DHL


Offer here the carrying bowl of my Buddy Jacket.

The carrying shell is manufactured by AP Valves in England.

Price: 20,- Euro incl. shipping within the German mainland and with prepayment.

Private sale!

Offer two short 12l Nitrox bottles.
Both with double outlet, handle, stand, net.
Date of manufacture 10/2009 (20TG) and 06/2011 (15TG).
One still has T├ťV until 01/2014.
T├ťV can be made on request for 30EUR per fasche.

Both 1a condition - no rust

VB 330EUR for both



sell a Beuchat Jacket Masterlift Tek.

Technical buoyancy jacket of the type "Rear Bag", attached to the carrier system with an aluminum backpack. This concept makes it possible to accommodate large volumes of air without restricting the diver's body when inflating. It is particularly suitable for technical divers who are taking heavy material with them and need large amounts of breathing gas.

Technical features

ÔÇó Single-shell air volume made of 1000 Denier polyurethane/Cordura, larger pockets with compression bands.
ÔÇó Capacity 35 liters
ÔÇó Adjustable chest strap and support system for sizes M/L/XL
ÔÇó Backpack and plate made of anodized aluminum allow the attachment of double bottles with straps or screws
ÔÇó Multiple safety rings
ÔÇó Fully ambidextrous inflator and exhaust valve
ÔÇó Upper and lower exhaust valves, standard
ÔÇó US stainless steel chest buckle and crotch strap
ÔÇó Compliance with EN 1809 guidelines
ÔÇó Trimblei bag and accessory bag, optional
ÔÇó Weight : 4,250 Kg
ÔÇó Size: One size fits all

The jacket is 2 years old.

Price VHB 265,00EUR incl. Versan


I offer a Sea Quest Black Diamond, Gr M/L, age 2 years (last generation), 32 TG's, suitable for double bottles, as new and without defects, updates for lead bags and inflator button have been carried out, price EUR 375, - (original price EUR 700,-).


Sell my little dipped dry suit from Poseidon Jetsuit Technica Gr.M-L, shoe size 43, the suit is in good condition as good as no signs of wear.
Price is a matter of negotiation if you are interested, I like to send more photos

Sell a 12l short diving bottle with new T├ťV and expandable valve with rubber button for 120,-EURincl.Shipping


Because of the switch to a large double unit, I sell a D7 (300 bar) and an M15 (232 bar).

Details D7-300 bar:
-Bottle manufacturer: Faber
-Bottle manufacturing date: 11/2006
-Weight per bottle: 10.8 kg
-Wide bridge (DIR-Style)
-Very robust clamps (see pictures)
-T├ťV brand new, i.e. next demonstration only 02/2016!
-Good condition as very little dipped!
-Bottle feet (removable) are included

-Asking price: 410,-EUR + shipping (VHB!)

Details M15-232 bar:
-Bottle manufacturer: BTS (Eurocylinders/ECS)
-Bottle manufacturing date: 08/2009
-Weight of the bottle: 17.6 kg
-DIR Zone T valve: The only valve for mono bottles that can be easily operated under water and at the same time allows a very good hose configuration (DIR).
-T├ťV one year old, i.e. next demonstration only 02/2015!
-Good condition as very little dipped!
-Bottle base (removable) is included

-Asking price: 185,-EUR + shipping (VHB!)

If you have any questions, just write me.

Aachen / H├╝llhorst

Offer VGM with integrated 2 level
Condition as certified by the workshop very good.
Incl. eyeglass holder for optical lenses.
Apeks medium pressure hose
Transport case.
New revision carried out this year.

Payment upon assumption of costs also with PayPal

Price 300EUR

Since private sale no guarantee or return

Ludwigshafen am Rhein

Give off many blind studs, blind screws for 1 step, e.B. Apeks, Aqualung, Scubapro, .....

Per stopper 5EUR incl. shipping


Cressi Facile Man Over-Shorty 5mm
Top condition, hardly used
Size 5L
50EUR incl. shipping

FWT Schulz Tech tank lamp GST35 Mini 5-cell tank and connecting cable approx. 1.25m.
Lamp head 4-fold LED lamp head 50┬░ beam angle.
Lamp head Beamer II 1000 15┬░ beam angle
6 x Baby C-Cell Batteries Ansmann 4500mAh NiMH
Ansmann Charger Powerline 5 LCD
Battery dummy for operating the Beamer II head.
Goodman Handle
Retractor for attaching the lamp head without Goodman handle.
The burning time of the lamp is 12 hours.
Further information can be found at:

The lamp was purchased in January 2011.
Invoices are all available.

VB:380EUR incl. Shipping


Sell here some used PADI boards, including NITROX

Price: 25,00EUR inclusvive shipping by registered mail

It is a private sale!

Sell HT gloves from Scubapro here. The gloves have double cuffs and have only been used about 10 times in diving. Thus, the gloves have a good condition.

Size -L-

Price: 20,00Euro including shipping in advance and within the German mainland.

It is a private sale!

Offer a Soul i3 Women's Jacket Size S/M
It has never been in the water until now. Neither pool nor open water
It is specially adapted to the female body. And has the patented i3 infaltor.

Here is a link to the manufacturer's information.

I sent in my old Pearl i3 because of a hole on the bladder for reasons of goodwill they sent me a new Soul i3 Jacket.
Unfortunately, I have already decided on another jacket in the meantime and so this one is left.

Unfortunately, they did not send me any new lead bags for the Soul i3 Jacket. That's why the lead bags included in the offer are those of my old Pear i3 Jacket. These fit exactly into the Soul i3 Jacket. Since the closure techniques are exactly the same. However, the lead bags naturally show some signs of use for this reason. But are fully intackt.

Of course, the offer also includes the connection hose for the i3 infaltor and the corresponding storage bag. Just like a standard inflator hose that can be used e.B. for training purposes. Standard inflator and mouth infaltor can be easily dived against each other. However, this infaltor is of course already used.

For self-collection I can also explain the functions of the jack.

Price: 350EUR + Shipping

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Mobile number: 0152/33776355


Hello again,

I would still have a Black Drake from Subgear (ideal, very light travel jacket in size L with int. Lead shed) for 140, - Euro (original price was 249, - Euro) for sale.
I would also describe the condition as as new and very appleed, since it only has about 40 TG. Also sold due to conversion to Wing. Also of this if necessary photos by mail.

97461 Hofheim


sell an Aqualung Seaquest Pro Unlimited in super condition (about 25 TG) in size L because I switched to a wing. A real super part (original price 699, - Euro) bought in 2010, last TG about 2 months ago, then cleaned, dried and hung nice and dark in the closet.
I would like to have at least 350, - Euro because it is actually as good as new. If necessary, pictures by e-mail....

97461 Hofheim

Servus Divers
I am looking for a d 12 in DIR style
Does anyone have anything else standing around that he never needs??
Good air


Offer a Subgear SG 1000. He is 3 months old, and well maintained. I did 5 TG with him. The invoice and a revision voucher are included! Furthermore, a Mares Cruise Bag is part of it.

Price for both together: 320EUR


I am looking for an electric motor for immersion compressor
230 volts 2.2kw or a petrol engine 5.5 hp -6.5 hp 4 stroke engine. Around 99EUR they are available from new ones.



Sell one of my battery tanks:

-Lithium-iron batteries (LiFe)
-Large capacity: 15Ah at 14.4V, about 220Wh
-Single output E/O
-Pressure tight up to at least 15bar
-Double sealed (radial + axial)
-Stainless steel TORO pipe clamps with webbing, for attachment to the harness

Serious offers / inquiries and more pictures by mail.


PS: It is the tank on the right side

Schweiz, Bodensee

E-X-D® ballast set with horizontal discharge device

for lead weights and attached utility bags.
An ideal complement to E-X-D®® backpack harness systems.
With belt loops and sliders for attachment to 50 mm standard belts.
Approx. content mass utility bag: H = 35 mm (1.5")
W = 150 mm (6.0")
D = 150 mm (6.0")
Content mass lead bag: H = 35 mm (1.5")
W = 200 mm (8.0")
D = 100 mm (4.0")

Original price: 149,75 EUR /Set

105EUR incl. shipping

Sell my very good hand lamp because I switched to tank lamps
The lamp UK is a xenon lamp with two bulbs.
Powered by 4 AA batteries
Burning time approx. 5 hours.
With me the lamp was about 6 hours under water
If you ask just ne mail;)
Good air max


For sale are my only once dipped aqualung rocket 2 fins with metal buckles
110EUR Vb.


Servus divers. I sell my nail new device fins. Unfortunately, they are too small for me.
Size L
With metal buckles.


Brand new and unworn, with label and if I find the invoice, there is also the one! has never seen water! EUR 170!!!!!

Women Size 12 (42/44/46)

- low water exchange in the diving suit

- Seams are fourfold glued and blind sewn

- Material: heat-retaining thermobamboo internal lamination

- Back zipper with individually adjustable collar

- Easy On/Off zippers on the legs

Shipping is possible


NEW AND UNUSED, we opted for a fixed box. 100 EURO

Shipping possible

With a volume of 110 liters, the Dive Bag 110 from iQ is a true space miracle. Whether with photo equipment or evening wear; in this bag you get everything in. Two spacious fin pockets for fins up to 72 cm in length. The travel backpack with a width of 45cm is narrow enough for travel on the train.

Trolley or backpack? Both!
On three ball-bearing rollers and with individually adjustable telescopic handle, the Dive Bag follows you on all smooth floors. For all uneven floors you have two padded shoulder straps available. The bag, in which the shoulder straps are stowed, also serves as a cushion when you wear the dive bag on your back.

Low-corrosion zippers.
To avoid rust, the zippers of the Dive Bag are made of plastic. Nevertheless, rinse them regularly with fresh water. Salt water breaks everything!. The zipper of the main compartment is lockable.

In addition to the ball-bearing castors and the low-corrosion zippers, the durable and light-resistant 600 Denier polyester fabric ensures that you enjoy your bag for a long time.

Cross struts inside can be removed so that the Dive Bag becomes foldable and can be easily stowed in the cabinet.

Dimensions: approx. 76 x 45 x 32 cm
Volume: approx. 110l
Weight: 4.9 kg



Sell a 12l diving bottle (short)
The bottle still has T├ťV until 01.2015
Since I switch to a double device, I no longer need them.

The bottle is still filled with 200 bar.

Price I thought of 110,00EUR VHB of course a shipping is possible.


Offer my replacement trocki here.
The suit is intended for the adult diver, maximum body size about 182cm and a body weight of about 135kg.

It is a Scubaforce dry suit, model Discovery.

4 mm Crush Neoprene
Kevlaer Knee Pads
Adjustable trouser traegers
Apek's inlet/outlet valve
Neoprene waerme collar on the latex cuffs.

Price: 100,00 Euro plus shipping costs if applicable.

The cuffs need to be renewed. A hole was repaired on one leg, see photo.

The sale is made as a private sale, no guarantee, exchange, etc.

Offer my complete equipment here
It is hardly used but a bit older
for 120,-


Camera Cannon A630 with housing WP DC8 Used with normal traces of use but do not affect the function.
Price 149,- EUR + Shipping
If you have any questions, call 02381 485334


Also, sell my girlfriend's jacket as she is switching to heavier equipment (double pack).

It is a Cressi S111R - probably one of the most famous jackets ever!
Size is M (fits my girlfriend - 172cm/good 70kg - in wetsuit and trocki perfectly!)
She has made 25 dives with it, now she is switching to double-bottle configuration (Wing).
The jacket is therefore almost like new - just "warmly dipped" :-)

Price: 160EUR (VHB!)


Sell Heated Gloves Size S
Never used before.
Without Accu. With charger

Ask for serious offers.


Sell underwear of the company ND size S
for dry diving.

Price: please ask for offers


Sell used undersuit Weezle
Small crack on the bag.
Size : S
Super warm underwear.
Price: please ask for a quote