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Was a special model of Mares. Suitable as an octopus. Last revision Feb. 2018. But then no longer in the water. Private sale therefore no guarantee



Size L ( my shoe size 48). Matching insert with neoprene shoe. Private sale therefore no guarantee



with bag. Little used. Private sale therefore no guarantee

VB 15EUR +3EUR Shipping


Well preserved diving case (Trolli) from MERO. Little used. Can also be carried with straps as a backpack

Main compartment: 70cm high; 40cm wide; 20cm deep.

2 side compartments for fins

1 padded compartment at the front

1 additional compartment at the front

Private sale therefore no guarantee

VB 50


Well preserved diving case (Trolli) from SCUBAPRO. Little used. Can also be carried with straps as a backpack

Main compartment: 70cm high; 47cm wide; 23cm deep.

2 side compartments for fins

2 zus. Front compartments

Private sale therefore no guarantee

VB 50


I sell here a Halcyon Eclipse Wing in the 40lbs variant. The special thing is that the wing is virtually unused. I had bought a set of a double swing and this monowing with single tank adapter a few years ago. But it turned out that I only use the double swing. The Eclipse was stored hanging and slightly inflated in a dry cellar, so it was not exposed to any UV radiation.

The monowing and the adapter were in the water exactly once in the swimming pool, that's it. So it's kind of new.

The Wing currently has a new price between 520 and 560 euros. Here it is available for 380 plus shipping. Self-collectors save on shipping.

If you are interested, the adapter is also for sale. The original price of the adapter MIT weight is currently between 260 and 285 EUR, I would give it away for 180EUR.

If you are interested in the package of both, you can strike here for 525.


Hardly worn like new for 30EUR

Private sale no warranty

Shipping at postage transfer

PayPal possible


3 dives.

as good as new for 50EUR.

Shipping against postage assumption

Private sale therefore no warranty


has only 3 dives under its belt.

for 100EUR

dispatch against postage assumption

Paypal payment possible

private sale therefore no warranty


Got pregnant just before the diving course....

And with now 2 children I just can't get to it.

Are brand new.

new price 150EUR

sell for 75EUR

Shipping at postage transfer

Paypal payment possible

private sale - no warranty


As good as new for 30EUR to hand over.

Private sale therefore no warranty

paypal payment possible

Shipping at postage takeover.


Were unfortunately only used once and I can't get to it anymore. Therefore, with a heavy heart to hand in for 100EUR.

neupreus 150EUR

if needed, I still have matching feet in 47/48. Inserieate everything separately.

Private sale. Warranty excluded.
Shipping possible when postage is taken over.

Paypal payment possible.


For sale comes my backup flash, which is super funtkioniert and never made any problem. Comes, as pictured, with two difussors, ball connection and is in top shape. It has LZ 32 and has a 2-stage LED pilot light. Has never leaked and has only very slight traces of use.

My asking price is EUR 299,-- incl. shipping within Germany and Switzerland.

As a private person I give no guarantee or guarantee, nor is there a return, you have to write today unfortunately so....


Used diving equipment complete for divers up to 185 cm size
only 8 dives. Original price approx. 1800.- EUR
was immersed exclusively in fresh water.

Used diving equipment complete for divers up to 185 cm size
only 8 dives. Original price approx. 1800.- EUR
was immersed exclusively in fresh water.

Sell my very well preserved diving equipment with jacket,
in addition, reliable regulator system level 1, with rotatable head.
Original price was 170.- EUR
complete set Scubapro with octopus and finimeter,
tested and assembled.

Stabilizing Jacket ScubaPro-Buoyancy Jacket Master Jacket Size L,
for height 185 cm original price 599.-EUR
With impressive buoyancy volume
and a fainting-proof position on the surface.

For this I also offer a dive computer
Uwatec Aladin Pro Pro 90 EUR used.

The regulator ScubaPro S 600 lung automaton 1 original price, 529.- EUR
ScubaPro S 200 lung automaton 2 original price 129.- EUR
incl. Finimeter original price 52,00 EUR
2 automatic regulators function perfectly.

Diving compass original price 44.- EUR
Diving fins 45.- EUR
Transport Box 30.- EUR

1x diver's knife,

Holder device for a bottle.
Was with the equipment about 8 times in the water.
It is fully functional only because of my ear problems
I have now decided to sell them.

Used: Item has already been used.
An item with signs of wear and tear, but in good condition
and fully functional.
Only flaw that my name on the inside of the jacket
and was written on the hose with Edding and deleted by.

Private sale, no return and no exchange,
Of course, there is no guarantee on it.


Used Santi Trocki Emotion Ladies First in 2XL with Santi glove system, silicone interchangeable cuffs on wrists and neck and neoprene socks.
The suit is absolutely tight, the preparation for a Heser P-Valve is professionally closed with a Heser plug.
The changing system on the neck is the Orust from SI-Tech.

My wife made about 200 TG with the Trocki and now needed a tailor-made suit.

Price: 650EUR

It is a private sale without warranty or guarantee!


Sell a used jacket / buoyancy vest by Aqualung, model Pro LT in size L. Price: 120EUR
It's absolutely fine, I just lost weight and need it smaller.

Instead of the simple bottle strap, I installed one with a stainless steel buckle. This can be adjusted much faster and opened completely when changing bottles.

SureLockÔäó II Lead Bags System: Insert lead bags until it clicks. In case of emergency, pull with a jerk to loosen the bags.
Backpack with integrated insert to prevent the compressed air bottle from slipping
Two large side pockets with heavy-duty zipper
Octopus pocket front right and instrument bag left
Length-adjustable abdominal belt
Large pulling aids on the quick drains: quick to find and easy to grip even with thick gloves
Positioning tabs to adjust the jacket perfectly to the height
Eyelets for attaching an optional diving knife

Material outside: Abrasion and UV resistant 500D ArmorÔäó Cordura┬«

Material inside: 420D urethane coated nylon mixture of UV-resistant polyester and mesh material

Weight system: SureLockÔäó II

weight: size L 19 kg

weight trim lead: 4.5 kg trim lead in two pockets on the bottle strap

Quick drains: 1 right shoulder, 1 right rear

It is a private sale without guarantee or warranty.

Parcel shipping is included in the price, PayPal friends no problem!


Sell as good as new Half-Dryi Scubapro Novascotia 7.5mm Size M Men with plastic zipper. He has about 25 dives. Unfortunately, it is a bit too big for me, but I bought the same one again in the smaller size, as it has a great fit, is very warm, and I am very happy with it. The suit has hardly any signs of use and is with hood. On request, I can send more pictures.

No return as a private sale.

VB: 300.-EUR

A - 6974 Gai├čau

Sell my Gavin scooter here.

Tube was tapered and a LiFePo battery with 60Ah was installed. Travel time approx. 3h at Vmax (=> Suex XJ 14 at level 6)

Incl. 15A LiFePo charger with which doe batteries can be charged individually or together.

Incl. Tow Cord and transport rack

Greetings Linus

VB 1800,-EUR

The housing is made of a seawater-resistant aluminum alloy (pressure-resistant up to 90 m depth) and is compatible with all 3 camcorders mentioned above.

All relevant camera functions can be controlled via the partly electronic, partly manual transmissions of the housing. This also applies to the 10 different picture profiles of the camcorder (including S-LOG2 and 3 as well as HLG (= Hybrid Log Gamma) to maximize the dynamic range in post-production.

The housing is also equipped with a swivelling close-up lens inside, which even allows macro scenes to be rotated with the wide-angle lens attached. This ensures maximum flexibility during the dive with regard to the potential motifs (from whale sharks to nudibranchs). Furthermore, the white balance can be massively supported by means of a URPRO color correction filter located inside the housing. By the way, the manual white balance can be done with a single keystroke. In addition, the housing is equipped with an optical and acoustic humidity detector as well as a microphone (mono).

The case has an M6 port on the top, as well as a connection socket (optional) for the HDMI cable for connecting an external 5-inch HDMI monitor (not included in the accessories). The case even allows the mounting of the large Sony FV 100 battery and for a battery change the camcorder does not have to be removed from the housing.

In conclusion, it should be noted that with one of the 3 aforementioned camcorders in this Sealux housing, results of exceptional quality can be achieved.

The case, including the wide-angle attachment, was purchased from Sealux in March 2020 and has only been used during two holidays since that time (due to Corona). Therefore, and due to intensive care after each dive, the condition of the facility can be described as very good.

The purchase price for the housing plus humidity sensor was 3,117 EUR (original invoice available) while the price for the wide-angle attachment was 1,570 EUR. A price of 3,300 EUR for all the equipment seems reasonable to me. By the way, the electronic lamp control of X-Light mounted on the housing (see illustrations) is not included in the scope of delivery.

If required, an absolutely new original Sony camcorder FDR-AX700 with 2 batteries (Sony NP-FV100A and 70A) and all accessories can also be purchased (price: 1,200 EUR). I am happy to provide you with any information on this.

88471 Laupheim

Phone: 07392-913395

Sell diving equipment for hobby tasks. See pictures Prices on request. In the case of shipping, the buyer bears shipping costs. 0171 7634148 o. 06188 8575

Kahl am Main

Phone: 01717634148

Sell divers as a pendant in 825 he silver different sizes. Fin as a pendant 825 he silver. Divers as pins gold-colored. Diver as tie clip Diver in 825 silver gold plated. Prices on request. 0171 7634148 o. 06188 8575

Kahl am Main

Phone: 01717634148

Diving lamp of the company Tschur Langen. Burns with 50 watt bulb for 1 hour. Interchangeable reflector available. Wide and spot spotlights are easy to change. Pressed up to 100 m. Charger and spare bulbs attached. 50EUR plus VAT Shipping costs

Kahl am Main

Phone: 01717634148

Mark X by Scubapro with Kompas, Fini and depth gauge. VB 130 EUR

Kahl am Main

Phone: 01717634148

Zyklon 300 with Inflatorschlach was used as a second machine. 95 EUR

Kahl am Main

Phone: 01717634148

R 190 with Kompas Fini and depth gauge. 100 EUR

Kahl am Main

Phone: 01717634148

Diving lamp of the company Tschur Langen. Charger attached. Burns with 30 watts Brine for 1 hour. Additional reflector. So has a wide radiator and spot spotlight, which is easy to replace. Replacement bulbs attached. Pressed up to 100 m. 40 EUR plus VAT. Shipping costs

Kahl am Main

Phone: 01717634148

The following equipment was only used during a 14-day diving holiday in October 2019. Therefore, all parts are absolutely as good as new and well maintained. I also highlighted those parts that have not been in the water at all.

┬Ě Nikon Z7/Z6 underwater housing from Nauticam with HDMI connection and integrated vacuum testing and leak warning system

┬Ě Macro port for the 60mm Micro-Nikkor 60 (N120),

┬Ě Extension ring 30 (with locking) to extend the macro port for the Micro-Nikkor 60mm (N120), so that this port can also be used for the Micro-Nikkor 105mm (has never been in the water before),

┬Ě 8.5 inch super wide angle dome port made of acrylic glass (N120),

┬Ě Extension ring 50 with locking (N120) to use the Nikon Z lens 14-30 mm in combination with the 8.5 inch super wide-angle dome port,

┬Ě Focus or zoom rings for 60mm and 105mm Micro-Nikkor as well as the 14-30mm Z lens,

┬Ě Macro-to-wide-angle lens (MWL-1): In combination with a 60 mm Micro-Nikkor, allows an angle of view of 150┬░, so that macro and extreme wide-angle shots can be realized during a dive. The lens can be focused from the front lens to infinity (has never been in the water before),

┬Ě Nauticam Macro Attachment Line CMC-1 (has never been in the water),

┬Ě Nauticam double swivel mount to use the MWL-1 and nautican macro lens CMC-1 (to further increase the image scale of the 60mm Micro-Nikkor) during a dive (has never been in the water before),

┬Ě 45┬░ viewfinder for Nauticam housing Z7/Z6 (has never been in the water).

The above equipment was purchased on 12.06.2019 at the price of 9,100 EUR (All invoice documents are available.)

My asking price for this equipment is 5,500 EUR (VB).

I also sell the case only with the super wide-angle dome port, the macro port as well as the associated extension ports and the zoom and focus rings (so without the MWL-1, the CMC-1, the double pan mount, as well as the 45┬░ viewfinder).

My asking price for this is 3,800 EUR (VB).

I answer inquiries about the equipment at any time.

Best regards,

Harald von Eick

88471 Laupheim

Phone: 07392-913395

Price VB


Suit has unfortunately become much narrower, the length fits for about 170 - 175 cm tall ladies.

It is intact, apart from the shown crack in the cuff, formerly 7mm neoprene.

To be handed in for 10,00, plus VAT Postage


I offer here my Ikelite Flash DS-161

  • incl. TTL cable .
  • new battery (2016), hardly used since then
  • Charger

for technical details see here:

(I separate myself from all my UW photo equipment i.e. SLR camera Canon 7D in Ikelite housing, because I no longer enjoy towing when traveling by air)

I offer here my Ikelite case for the Canon 7D - incl. handle.

The case is almost as good as new - was sent to the manufacturer after a hairline crack and completely renewed. All the buttons flash and flash - since then the case has not been in the water.

Private sale - no guarantee, no return

(I separate myself from all my UW photo equipment i.e. SLR camera Canon 7D in Ikelite housing, because I no longer enjoy towing when traveling by air)

2 almost complete diving equipment for big boys (about 1.90-1.95 m). Preferably completely. Task of the hobby, see complete list and pictures. The things have been lying dry in the basement for 10 years. Revisions are, of course, long overdue. Suits well preserved. Jackets inflatable. Everything still works. 350 EUR. No return, no exchange as private sale. On request also further pictures. Shipping against postage refund possible.

Underwater housing almost like new! Only used 1 time. Suitable for Canon g9x and g9x Mark ii. Scope of delivery: underwater housing, acceptable flash diffuser, hand strap, silicone grease, anti-glare hood for LCD screen, screwdriver, O-ring remover and replacement O-ring and lens mount cover. Access on the dive screen, maximum depth: up to 60m. Moisture meter and alarm system.

offer Poseidon Jetstream 3960 with Poseidon control pocket

1st stage: Poseidon 3960, cold water compatible EN250

2nd stage: Jetstream yellow, hose 90cm

The controller was no longer dipped after the last revision and works perfectly.

only second stage VB 50EUR

complete 1+2nd step with bag VB 150EUR


Vacancy Announcement

PADI Dive Instructor

The Environmental Research Institute Charlotteville (ERIC), Tobago (, is inviting suitable candidates to apply for shortlisting.

We are looking forward to shortlisting by mid-Mai 2022 and to filling the position in June 2022.



What we offer:

  • Working with a small, highly effective team, individualised diving and dive training in small groups, all diving activities are linked to conservation interpretation
  • Working at an award winning, conservation and sustainability NGO
  • Working on established conservation projects related to sharks, corals, turtles.
  • Basic salary TTD 8,400 (USD 1,200) + 10% commission on income above a threshold (5,000USD) of dive income (governmental taxes and levies to be covered by instructor)
  • Accommodation (self-contained apt, wifi, laundry, balcony, 2 min from beach)
  • 15 working days holiday per each year
  • One day off per week
  • Duty hours are 48 hours a week on a flex time basis
  • Fully valid work permit

What we expect:

  • PADI MSDT (IDC Staff Instructor preferred), EFR in teaching status and with professional and medical insurance
  • At least 3 years' experience
  • Capable of physically demanding (very rare) tasks
  • Strong marketing and sales background including social media
  • Experience in remote, small island environment
  • Strong conservation / naturalist background
  • Own scuba equipment, cell phone and laptop
  • Team player and leadership qualities
  • Excellent communication skills in English, additional languages are an asset
  • Experienced in equipment and compressor maintenance
  • Able to deliver 40% in water and 60% administrative/marketing/maintenance duties


  • Degree in marine environmental sciences, tourism or similar
  • Additional languages
  • Experience in working with NGO a definite asset
  • Willing to assist in not directly job description related tasks
  • Strong adherence to safety and PADI standards
  • Strong communication and MS Office skills
  • Certificate in equipment and compressor maintenance
  • Animal welfare awareness
  • Video and Photo experience

For shortlisting, please send

  • CV
  • picture (no UW, no sunglasses)
  • two references with contacts, one of last employer



  • Successful candidates must be prepared to afford 50% a security bond required by Immigration which will be reimbursed at the end of contract. European, North American, Caribbean citizens approx. 600 USD, the other 50% will be covered by ERIC.
  • Initial return flight costs to be covered by successful candidate, reimbursed up to 1,000 Euro after the first year of employment.
  • This position is for one person only


Phone: 017641906737

Sell used Turtle Fins in XXL ( probably correspond to 45/46, unfortunately you can no longer see any size indication on the fins, I bought them used myself) including Springstraps because of system change. These fins are not as hard as other jetfins and are especially suitable for divers who are prone to calf cramps.

Price 55.- Euro, shipping goes to me.

This is a private sale, no guarantee, no warranty, return excluded.

St. Leon-Rot

For lovers of historical diving equipment:

I sell my first buoyancy aid, a Sailor Sub Buoyancy Vest, newly bought in 1992 (!)

The good piece seems to be even tight after a provisional test with rinsing water in a tub. The valves also work. Nevertheless, I sell the vest as a decoration / exhibition item without warranty / warranty.

Update: The vest has been inflated in the corner for 48 hours and is as plump as at the beginning. Seems to be still dense.

The emergency bottle (0.5l) is no longer available. The connection is closed with a blind plug. On the back, in the area of the buoyancy bottle holder, my name with Edding is attached. But that's pretty faded over the years.

30 Euro plus shipping


The name Ursuit speaks for itself!
Bought the suit used about a year ago. After that I did about 50 TG with it.
At the time of purchase, the Trocki had about 40 TG, there were a new zipper and new cuffs from the Trockiklinik installed.
After the renewal, it was not smoked by the previous owner.
The suit is made to measure. The size is 26/27, i.e. XL/XXL short.
The boats are in 44+.
A dry glove system from SI TECH is installed and 2 sets of gloves are included.

The cuffs are in good condition! The suit is completely tight and was last dived on 29.04.22!


Just get in touch if you have any questions or interest!


Phone: +49 172 1842375

Offer boots / feet for a dry suit here. They come from a Mares TechFit suit. Top condition as I only used them a few dives (too big).

Price: 10EUR

You are welcome to be picked up in Hamburg. Otherwise, I can also send them against assumption of costs.


New underwear from Waterproof in XL.

Model: Warmtec 200

Fiber Technology

Original price ca 280EUR

120EUR VB plus 5EUR shipping within Germany

Note as always:

No guarantee, return as from private to private.

Mobile: +491632315136


Phone: 01632315136

Sell used dry suit from Apeks. Optically in very good condition. Approx. 50 TG's. Neck and arm cuff very good condition. Shoe size 44.

Price: 950,00 Euro VB


Phone: 01636910140

450EUR Shipping possible

Features of the HYDROS PRO
- Resistant: Gel harness made of patented, injection-molded monprene® is very resistant to UV radiation, chemicals and abrasion. Velcro and zippers are completely dispensed with
- Immediately dry: Stores hardly any water, light and dry after diving - ideal for travel
- Modular design / "BC-4-Life": Add weights, straps and pockets and much more as needed
- Easy to repair: Virtually any component, including buckles, can be replaced without any sewing work
- Ergonomic 3D design: Adapts to the body shape of the diver for maximum comfort; Body grip gel prevents the jacket from shifting or slipping up
- Torso Flex Zone: Automatic adjustment to the diver's back length for excellent comfort and freedom of movement
- Two-component backplate: Provides the highest level of stability and comfort
- The belt system for a mono bottle allows easy installation
- Articulated shoulder straps: This allows the straps to adapt to the shape of the body and thus ensure a perfect fit
- Lightweight: Modern material ensures low weight
- Neutral buoyancy: The HYDROS PRO has virtually no buoyancy
- Cross-flow duct: Reduces air pockets for improved maneuverability and easier draining from any body position
- 2-stage inflating: A three-piece bungee strap system controls air distribution to ensure a compact shape underwater and high lifting capacity at the surface
- Weight system: Simple, safe and reliable quick-release buckles provide a fixed position for easy, one-handed operation
- Multi-mount matrix: Multiple mounting points and D-rings, for secure attachment of accessories
- Intelligent package design: shoulder and chest straps can be folded into the air bubble, making for a very compact package for easy transport and storage

Sell here a universal compass mount for the Suex VR VRX XJS XJ37 ... or Divertuge or Carbon Scooter ... suitable for the Silva c58 ... the compass has 2 adjustable axes which allows the compass to be adjusted very well to the magnetic field of the scooter...

Price 50EUR

Go a small surcharge of 10EUR can be purchased a V2A Stage clamp which is coated with fabric tape ...

The compass is not part of this offer ...

The holder is an in-house development and comes from a 3D printer ...

If you are interested, just contact us ...

Tel.. +491725330952


Phone: 01725330952

Chest weight for helmet divers from WK2, bottles stamped 10.2.44, Dr├Ąger T476. Also have two-hose machines Dr├Ąger, Medi, Caiman and a pressure chamber, but all this post-war period

Flensburger F├Ârde

Due to very bad timing and my move, I sell this very well preserved camera including accessories at a fair price. I had bought this set from a good friend with a diving school on Zakynthos right before the pandemic began.

ÔÇó Canon EOS 7D
ÔÇó Nauticam housing for the 7D
ÔÇó Canon EF 60mm f/2.8 Macro + matching port incl. extension ring
ÔÇó External flash

The housing went through the service at the beginning of 2020 for 700+EUR. I will be happy to send photos and service reports on request!

More photos and price on request, or your asking prices by message.

Offer Ikelite UW housing for EOS 5 D MK 3 in good condition see photos. Accessories and plan port available.

Ev. also suitable the EOS 5 D MK 3 and the Canon 24 mm f/1.4 L II USM for sale.

Offers welcome.

Private return or warranty excluded


I am looking for old diving items that date back to the time before the 70s. Possibly also up to 80s. Please offer me everything you want to give away. Only in wetsuits and compressors I have generally no interest

I look forward to your offers.

LG Martin


Phone: 01621732146

Offer very well preserved neoprene shoes of the brand Subgear. The shoes were rarely used and are in very good condition. Size SM/39 If you are interested, please write to us. I have many more diving items on offer. Private purchase, no return and guarantee.

Offer a very well preserved and rarely used wetsuit (semi-dry). Camaro Alpha 7, size 40 (is small, I usually wear size S). The suit was rarely used and always well maintained. From the storage it has individual wrinkles, which disappear when worn. The suit did me great service and keeps me very warm. Since I no longer dive, I pass it on. Have numerous other diving items on offer. Private purchase, therefore no return and guarantee.