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17,- VB

Handover in Hechingen or possible after consultation in ├ťberlingen


12,- VB

2x available

Handover in Hechingen or possible after consultation in ├ťberlingen


17,- VB

5x available

Handover in Hechingen or possible after consultation in ├ťberlingen


Sell various, rare, DVDs of GUE, UTD, 5thd-X at the listed prices.

All DVDs work perfectly and are without visible signs of use.

* GUE The Mysterious Malady, DVD. Distribution for 40 euros (no longer available on DVD)

* GUE DVD-Set DIR 2004, available for 40 Euro (current original price 62.-)

* UTD, 5thd-X, Technical Diving DVD, fee for 30 euros (no longer available on DVD)

* UTD, 5thd-X, Intro to Tech DVD, levy for 30 euros (no longer available on DVD)

All together I hand in for 120.- incl. shipping.

Since private sale, no guarantee and no warranty. Shipping possible.


Sell rarely used JJ CCR rebreather. As good as new!

2 years old and about 34 dives!

Original price at about 9250EUR

-20 percent

Starting price 7400EUR

  • Accessories
  • Lead system for the JJ tube
  • P Weight 3.5 Kg for JJ CCR
  • Drysuit Inflator Hose 90cm
  • ND 3/8-90 Degree Angle Adapter
  • 6mm VA CCR Back Plate extra long
  • De lux harness for 6 mm blade

Complete annual maintenance was carried out at the specialist dealer.

Maro Rheinb├Âllen

The following is added as an accessory.

  • Cleaner / Breath lime
  • Protective cap for electronics
  • Protective cap for the Heat Up Display
  • Transport crate
  • Original backplate with harness ( lower weight )
  • Replacement O┬▓ sensor. ( May 2024 )

Optionally, I can offer other items that are not included in this offer:

  • Argon 3 liters with automatic
  • 50 Nitrox 80 Cruft with Rikking Kit
  • o┬▓ Apeks vending machine new

From private without warranty!

65779 Kelkheim

Phone: 015152749623

Inflator Hose - black - 55 cm used, slight signs of use
Rubber flexible

Connection thread UNF 3/8"
Fits the medium pressure connection of all common 1st stage regulators

Bayonet lock
fits the inflator hose of the buoyancy compensator

Max. operating pressure 27 bar


Shipping with DHL Parcel 5,99 EUR

Inflator hose - black - 76 cm new
Rubber flexible

Connection thread UNF 3/8"
Fits the medium pressure connection of all common 1st stage regulators

Bayonet lock
fits the inflator hose of the buoyancy compensator

Max. operating pressure 27 bar

Shipping 5,99 EUR with DHL

Offer single liters of EW80 for sale. I bought a 5L canister in February. With normal use, this lasts forever, so I sell some of it.

0155 61877272

Bad T├Âlz

Phone: 0155 61877272

Moin and hello,

a set of diving flags. Size 70x90 cm and 20x30 cm. Price as a set incl. postage 25 EUR.

Greetings Lutz


Training DVD from UTD (Unified Team Diving) as an addition to the Fundamentals or TEC1 course.

Language: English

Eur 15,- plus shipping


Diving with rebreathers is becoming increasingly popular and is now represented in diving in numerous forms. In this book, the authors focus specifically on passive, semi-closed rebreathers ("Passive Semi-Closed Rebreathers, PSCR") and, in addition to a comprehensive overview of the history and technology, give the reader valuable practical tips on all aspects of configuration, use and planning. This reference book is rounded off by a separate chapter on the topic of "Physiology and Medicine", which deals with the physical peculiarities of diving with these devices. An indispensable guide for all those who have dedicated themselves to diving with these special rebreathers. WETNOTES reference books appeal to advanced and technical divers alike and impress with their high standards of content and quality. The topics and authors undergo a careful examination based on professional and didactic criteria. In addition to the publisher, the authors also vouch for high-quality content with their good name. The WETNOTES specialist book series is the logical continuation of the philosophy of the established trade magazine "WETNOTES, the trade magazine for advanced and technical divers" and is constantly being expanded.

EUR 25 plus shipping

Language German / Condition Mint

I have many other books about diving / technical diving / diving training in my other offers.


This series familiarizes the reader with the most important special topics in diving. This second volume summarizes for the first time the four most important topics that divers need after basic training so that they can practice their hobby as advanced divers all year round and at all altitudes.
For the four special topics of recreational diving "Dry Diving - Ice Diving - Mountain Lake Diving - Search and Recovery" all important training and application basics are compiled here. For recreational divers, this is a comprehensive training book with numerous illustrations and graphics, which is oriented towards practical needs and creates the basis for an expansion of year-round diving opportunities even in extreme diving waters.

Language German / Condition Mint

EUR 40,- plus shipping

I have many other books about diving / technical diving / diving training in my other offers.


The underground world presents the last arena for the true pioneering spirit.' Martyn Farr's The Darkness Beckons charts the history and development of cave diving, from early underwater expeditions in France in the late nineteenth century, through to cutting-edge dives across the globe, where iron-willed individuals are pushing the limits of equipment and techniques in the pursuit of exploration. Cave diving is the natural evolution of caving, where cavers and open-water divers overcome the challenges of water-filled passages by using specialist breathing apparatus to explore further and deeper than ever before. The challenges are many - distance, depth, temperature, visibility, rockfall and simple restriction in passage size - together with the physical and mental demands placed on an individual in an environment where, despite meticulous preparation, equipment can malfunction and one cannot expect to be rescued if something goes wrong. Early cave dives were made using Standard Equipment diving suits, before 'frogman' equipment was adopted by British and Italian divers in the 1940s. Around the same time, Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Emile Gagnan designed the compressed-air aqualung, the first scuba equipment. The development of breathing apparatus has continued, alongside solutions to evermore challenging projects, especially those at extreme depth. British cave divers, including the author, have been at the forefront of many developments, such as the explorations at Wookey Hole in the Mendips, Keld Head in the Yorkshire Dales and Pozo Azul in Spain. Cave diving today is a truly international endeavour, and Farr gives detailed and engaging accounts of developments in Europe, the Americas, Australia and New Zealand, Southern Africa and more. Farr introduces cave diving's pioneers and chronicles their achievements. Among a cast of many are the Britons Graham Balcombe, Mike Boon, John Volanthen and Rick Stanton; the American Sheck Exley, who died while attempting to establish a new depth record in the Zacaton sinkhole in Mexico; and the outstanding German cave diver and equipment innovator Jochen Hasenmayer. The stories of their adventures are charged with courage, danger and excitement, and some have led to tragedy. First published in 1980, this 2017 edition of The Darkness Beckons has been fully revised and updated to reflect the latest developments. Featuring over 400 breathtaking photographs and illustrations, and with a foreword by renowned American cave diver and explorer Bill Stone, it is an inspirational read for anyone with an interest in exploration and adventure.

Language English / Condition: slight signs of wear

EUR 120,- plus shipping

I have many other books about diving / technical diving / diving training in my other offers.


Embark on an exploration of the mysterious and awe-inspiring world of cave diving with the second edition of Cave Diving: Everything You Always Wanted to Know. This 280-page masterpiece, adorned with a captivating cover photo by Joram Mennes, offers a comprehensive guide filled with 32 personal inserts by the world's most distinguished cave divers. Stratis Kas, alongside Matteo Ratto, provides a rich tapestry of knowledge on cave diving, covering everything from techniques to safety protocols. With a foreword by Michael Menduno, this second edition boasts 34 new pages dedicated to gas management and DPV gas management, making it an indispensable resource for serious divers.

EUR 40,- plus shipping

I have many other books about diving / technical diving / diving training in my other offers.


How did the author of "The Little Prince" die? Captivating eyewitness accounts and new underwater discoveries show what really happened. His last flight was one of the last great mysteries of the Second World War. On July 31, 1944, the French writer and pilot Antoine de Saint-Exup├ęry did not return from a reconnaissance flight. After more than 60 years, it has now been possible to identify the German fighter pilot who claims responsibility for Saint-Exup├ęry's death. The authors examined eyewitness accounts and documents first-hand, gained underwater archaeological knowledge at the site where the plane wreck was found, a few kilometers off the coast of Marseille, and accompanied a TV documentary. An excitingly told research adventure that traces the myth of Saint-Exup├ęry's disappearance.

Screenplay: Claas Triebel - The Prince, the Pllot and Atoine de Saint-Exup├ęry

EUR 20,- plus shipping

I have many other books about diving / technical diving / diving training in my other offers.


Since the end of the war, the small Toplitzsee, located between steep rock faces in the Austrian Salzkammergut, has been the subject of wildest rumours. However, the biologist Prof. Hans Fricke was not looking for legendary gold treasures or secret documents of the Nazis in this lake, but he investigated the world of the "deep sea" of this water. In addition to new scientific findings, however, a lot of the legendary relics from the Nazi era also came into the light of the submersible headlights during his diving trips.

EUR 35,- plus shipping

I have many other books about diving / technical diving / diving training in my other offers.


Book about the secrets of the Toplitzsee.

EUR 10,- plus shipping

I have many other books about diving / technical diving / diving training in my other offers.


Dear friends,

I am looking for free, defective and unusable diving equipment. The condition does not play a role, as it is used exclusively for teaching purposes and for visualization. So if you still have something lying around, I would be very happy.

The postage costs will be covered.

Altenkirchen Westerwald

Offer unused mask straps for Atomic/or similar masks

2 x red and 4 x grey contrasting

2EUR/piece plus shipping or all together 10 EUR plus shipping


Offer, new and unused:

BC 1056 Crotch strap - 1" - Scooter ring - 5 EUR

GM 2051 stage strap 2 x - 7 EUR/piece

Dive Rite bags 2 x - 5 EUR/piece

Prices for self-pickup - shipping possible


Offer 1 backpack with the old logo, like new, because no longer used after the purchase of the drysuit.

Gladly to self-collectors.

15 EUR + shipping


unused wrist strap suitable for all Sola and GoBe lamp - without logo -

NP 45 EUR for 20 EUR plus shipping

Gladly to self-collectors


Sell brand diving fins
technisub Aqualung
Size XL
3 degrees of hardness adjustable
2x worn, therefore as good as new

80EUR plus shipping costs

Brand names, product, license, photos and trademarks used are the property of the respective brand owners, and are only mentioned by me because they are part of the description of the respective article.

EU according to the following addition:
Due to the new legal provisions, the sale is made under exclusion of any warranty, guarantee and return. Since this is a private sale, I cannot assume any guarantee under new EU law. The buyer agrees to this and acknowledges this with his payment. Furthermore, it is agreed that the shipping risk - damage or loss of the item - is borne by the buyer. According to the new EU law, this addition must be under every online sale, otherwise the seller is liable for the goods sold for a whole year, even as a private individual


Phone: +436609660624

Sell this Repro Helmet Diver Knife, copy of the Dr├Ąger Helmet Diver Knife of the Kriegsmarine. Approx. 2 KG of brass, 33 cm, beautiful decorative piece and much cheaper than a priceless original! Thought of 250EUR presale incl. postage

Flensburger F├Ârde

SEAC GP100 Diving Fins

Size M-L

Stored in a dry place

Good condition. Only dived 1x. See photos.


High quality material, are lightweight, user-friendly and very comfortable.

They feature a Sling Strap attachment system for better adjustment of the straps. Thanks to the combination of materials in the different areas of the slats, they guarantee high performance in your manoeuvres at low temperatures.

The spatula area is made of technopolymer material, the shoe is made of technopolymer and non-slip thermoplastic elatromer.


- Fin blade material: High-quality technopolymer "Forflex"
- Footboard material: thermoplastic rubber
- Weight (single fin): 1,250 g.

For shipping plus shipping costs, shipping exclusively insured by DHL

Self-collection with viewing

Non-smoking household

Private sale, therefore no return, guarantee or warranty


Available for 20EUR!!


Hello diving friends,
I'm selling a Suex ADV42 with a lot of extra equipment. FP 1050 EUR.
Bypass, Proplock, Cold Water Handle (N-Handle with wider handle), Salt Water Lead, Batteries and Charger The ADV 42 is not the newest or lightest scooter. But he's a reliable workhorse, well balanced, no frantic fidgeting or high frequencies underwater. Ideal for rebreather diving, wreck and cave!
The scooter was used in France for cave diving. There are signs of wear on the tube from putting it down. Otherwise a tip top piece! Original price was about 5000EUR.

Ask if you have any questions :-)


I offer here an underwater game UW-four-row. These are often used by divers or swimmers for training or training games. These are produced using a 3D printing process. The dimensions of the playing surface are 23.5x18.5cm, the stones have a diameter of 3cm. Both the tiles and the playing field are significantly heavier than water, the stones fall down satisfactorily and the playing field stands securely and is not moved by every slight movement of water.
The feedback so far has been consistently positive.

The scope of delivery includes:
- 42 game chips (21 red, 21 yellow)

Price: 40EUR + 5,49EUR shipping

I also have other UW games available and in development that will be coming in the near future (see pictures):
- UW wiggle tower
- UW Chess (in development)

Sell a like-new Bauer P-41 filter housing with only 40 hours.

Only 490 Euro + shipping

Looking for a crankshaft for Mariner year 96-98 and other Bauer parts. Also defect Bauer compressor.


whatsapp 0049 151 155 38007


Phone: 015115538007

I offer a new BTS Argon Straps. With these Argon Straps from BTS, the argon bottles can be attached to the backplate.

BtS Argon Mounting Straps (Backplate), bottles up to 90mm

- For attaching argon bottles up to 90 mm in diameter to the backplate


- Anti-slip pad, for secure fixation of the bottles

-Scope of delivery:

1x BtS Argon Mounting Straps (1 pair)

2x BtS Anti-Slip Pad

2x Bts Screw Set

From animal-free non-smoking households

Retail price 45,00 Euro plus shipping costs approx. 6,00 Euro.

Payment PayPal "Friends and Family".

This is a private sale under EU law, not a guarantee/return and warranty.


It is with a heavy heart that I have to part with my diving equipment.

Here I offer my gloves Mares Fit 5 (5 mm) in black size XS.

The gloves have about 30 dives behind them. There are hardly any signs of wear and they are impeccable, almost like new.

Shipping is possible, or pick-up in Halle (Saale).

Price: 20EUR

It is with a heavy heart that I have to part with my diving equipment.

Here I offer my diving hood of Cressi 3mm black/yellow size M.

The canopy has about 20 dives behind it. It is impeccable, and in good condition.

Shipping is possible, or pick-up in Halle (Saale).

Price: 15EUR


Seabob iAQUA Scooter DPV Underwater Scooter

Prize EUR 199

Whatsapp +255 674868522

Experience water exploration like never before with the new iAQUA, a versatile, high-performance watercraft now available for sale. With its lightweight design, the
iAQUA provides powerful thrust and optimal handling in all water environments. It is characterized by its E-Jet Power System, which can be controlled in 4 power levels, which guarantees absolute fun in the water and at the same time shows dynamic performance on and under water. The vehicle's speed can reach an impressive 19 km/h above water and 14 km/h underwater, powered by high-energy lithium-manganese batteries. Manufactured in 2023, the iAQUA offers an average operating time of 60-120 minutes and a fast charging time of just 4 hours. Dive to a depth of 20 meters or simply enjoy the thrill of the water's surface, all with total manoeuvrability. This maritime marvel is a worthwhile investment, as the price is only 6,245 euros


Phone: +255674868522


mares-lycra-m-as new-as-incl-goods-shipping-/2689633720-154-5073"> new-as-new-incl-goods-shipping-/2689633720-154-5073

incl. goods shipped or against assumption of costs

PayPal via friends and family

If you have any questions, please contact us

Private sale

Bad Kreuznach


sell various individual parts as a complete package

as shown in the photo.

Price : 10EUR

The goods can be delivered in Oer-Erkenschwick
or in Menden (Sauerland).
There is no shipping!

The goods are sold as they can be seen in the pictures.
The goods are used.
Sale of the goods as they can be seen in the pictures.
I do not provide any warranty or guarantee for my items for sale. The withdrawal of the articles
is excluded. By purchasing the items, you expressly agree to:
to the warranty/guarantee to which you are legally entitled under the new EU law, and
to completely waive any liability for material defects!"

Recklinghausen oder M├Ąrkischer Kreis


I am looking for a Dr├Ąger Ray SCR Rebreather.

Please offer everything while he is still competent.

(no parts)

Thank you

Aqua Lung Explorer II, Scooter

Hardly used!

Original price: 149,00 Euro, Retail price: 50,00 Euro + shipping costs


Fourth Element Arctic Undersuit

Size 38 at 164cm. Fits wonderfully under the dry OCEANIC, which I sell separately.

Well maintained and keeps super warm. It may need to be washed, as I haven't worn it for diving for a long time.

bought together for 260,00 Euro each. Sold as a set for 160,00 Euro VB.

N├╝rnberg oder M├╝nchen

Sell Bauer Securus Controll, New and unused

Only 299 Euro + shipping

I'm looking for a crankshaft for Mariner year 96-98 and other Bauer parts

whatsapp : 0049 151 155 38007


Phone: 015115538007

Sweet Gymik, new... would like to have 7 euros plus 5 euros for assured shipping for it

Private sale, no guarantee, no return

Shipping 5 Euro insured


I offer an INT adapter , EN 250, practically new

Price: 15 Euro

plus shipping if applicable. Shipping via DHL Parcel 5,50 EUR

Undershirt by Lavacore size 42/44. Unfortunately, my suit is too tight and I can't wear anything underneath.

Original price approx. 100EUR. To be sold for 50EUR.

  • Wind and water repellent
  • breathable, waterproof membrane
  • Awning
  • antibacterial fleece
  • quick-drying

29 pcs. Urinal condoms, Wideband Bard 36303, 32 mm D, 58 Euro (corresponds to unit price 2 Euro)

Of course, original individually packed, fresh goods, to be handed in due to bad purchase.

16 pcs. Also urinal condoms, CHC Care Con active, 28 mm D, type III, silicone self-adhesive, shaft 80 mm, adhesive surface 70 mm, 32 euros (corresponds to unit price 2 euros)

Of course, original individually packed, fresh goods, to be handed in due to bad purchase.

Shipping possible, DHL costs 5.49 Euro are borne by the buyer.

Please contact . Thank you!

Per problemi personali non mi immergo pi├╣
Prodotto ORIGINALE come da foto/descrizione
Prodotto NUOVO come da foto/descrizione
Vendo per inutilizzo
Spese di imballo e spedizione/trasporto non incluse

1 x analizzatore TEMC-DEOX SAFE, monossido di carbonio (CO) - euro 300,00

TEMC-DEOX SAFE rende sicura qualunque immersione anche con aria. ├ł semplice da utilizzare consentendo di verificare personalmente la presenza di questo pericoloso ed insidioso gas prima di respirare da una fonte di miscela. Indispensabile ai centri subacquei per verificare il corretto funzionamento dei filtri ed il posizionamento della presa d'aria del compressore ed al subacqueo durante i suoi viaggi. TEMC-DEOX SAFE utilizza un sensore di CO elettrochimico di ultima generazione che non necessita di calibrazioni periodiche ed ├Ę facilmente sostituibile. ├ł completamente digitale, e per maggior sicurezza, ├Ę dotato di allarmi visivi e sonori se la presenza di CO supera i valori impostati. ├ł omologato secondo la norma EN 12021.


  • indicazione della presenza di CO nella miscela in analisi
  • campo misura 0-300 ppm di CO
  • Autosetting dell'analizzatore e del sensore
  • Sensore elettrochimico senza necessit├á di calibrazione
  • 2 allarmi sonori e visivi impostabili dall'utente
  • display numerico
  • Indicazione di batteria scarica
  • alimentazione con batteria 9V
  • connessione diretta a qualunque rubinetteria con adattatore in gomma
  • Custodia morbida di protezione e trasporto
  • Peso: 250 Grammi


Sell unused Bauer Final safety valve 330 bar, can be easily converted to 225 bar. only 199,00 EUR

I also have a P41 filter housing and chrome steel separator suitable for the conversion

with P 41. They have very few Zyclen because they come from the fire department.

At half price or bid.

0151 155 38 007


Phone: 015115538007