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I sell here 2 mobile dive stands for suits, jakets, etc.
Was built entirely of stainless steel and is neatly stable and super processed.
Simply drive on the first plate with the car on it and put the remaining parts together and hang the equipment.
Very small to transport when disassembled.
Rest see photos.
It is 2 pieces, so 2 pieces of equipment can be hung comfortably.
I have in mind 100 EUR per piece. Also like to sell individually.
If you have any further questions or request images, please contact us


Hello fellow divers,

Today I can offer you a "new" TEC table 500x800. This is the "latest version 2014". The table is designed for more than 200 kg and is still 10Kg lighter than comparable products.
This weighs about 11Kg.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail at

The bottles, jacket, suit etc. are decoration and not part of the sale!

-can be used up to D-20 gyros

The telescope suit holder is screwed on in 10 seconds, up to about 2 meters of suits

Pick-up in 42799 Leichlingen NRW desired!

Fixed price 220EUR

Shipping + Packaging 20EUR

42799 Leichlingen

For sale:

original MIFLEX EXTREME inflator hose 75cm (approx. 20 TG) for 20,- EUR incl. shipping

new high-pressure hose 80cm (from apeks Finimeter) for 17,- EUR incl. shipping

If you have any questions, just email ;-)

St. Leon

I sell the scubapro diver's knife seen in the photo.

Price 12 EUR incl. DHL postage
PayPal or prepayment


I sell the diving knife from MARES NEU & OVP that can be seen in the photo.

Payment by PayPal or prepayment
Price 29 EUR incl. DHL ParcelPorto


Sell the OVP diver's knife seen in the photo

Price: 34 EUR incl. insured DHL parcel
PayPal or prepayment


Sell the diver's knife seen in the picture. The part is unused.

Price: 40 EUR incl. DHL package

PayPal or prepayment


Sell a regulator bag from Ocean

Shipping at the current postage and packaging prices possible.

Asking price 25EUR VHB

I have other things on offer.
Just write an e-mail and I will send a list of pictures if necessary


A fully functional Dr├Ąger Dolphin Rebreather is offered here.

In addition to the original condition, it also has the Primi bottle with Dr├Ąger thread and a small bailout bottle, as well as a 100 nozzle.

Price 890.-EUR


Hello everyone

have various things to sell.

-Compressor Capitano 140l 200 bar VB 1200
-2 storage bottles with T├ťV 50 l 200 bar
-Atomic masks new subframe various colors VB 60

It is best if you have any questions.


Offer a complete PADI Nitrox kit here. Since my husband and I got two kits, we don't need one.

The kit consists of:
1. PADI Nitrox Manual (was never welded)
2. DVD Nitrox (shrink-wrapped)
3. Green PADI bag (wrapped in foil)
4. EAN32 Table
5. EAN36 Table
6. Equivalent air depth table
7. 3 pcs Nitrox sticker for the diving bottle

Sell it for 17,- Euro plus shipping.

The shipping costs are 7,00 Euro, if the shipping by surname is desired, higher shipping costs will be incurred. The shipping costs refer only to shipping within the German mainland.

The sale is made by private therefore no guarantee, warranty etc. according to BGB, EU law etc. or exchange is granted.

Offer Full Face Mask Ocean Reef Nira II
incl. visor protection and spectacle holder.

250EUR vhb

Private sale no guarantee or return

Ludwigshafen am Rhein

Transport bag for diving suits by Ralf Tech
Suit can be hung in the bag with a hanger.
Bag can also be used as a pad when changing.
Zippers on both sides.

Price 35EUR incl. shipping.

Private sale no return or guarantee

Ludwigshafen am Rhein

Sell Gavin scooter.

Long and short tube with appropriate battery pack. Engine fast execution.
Super trim

Incl. Mascot loader, trim lead discs
Runtime of the large battery, but over three hours depends on the position of the screw...
Batteries Magnumpack Multipower from 2011 last burntest: 158min
Batteries small Multipower from 2013 driven 1 time

The scooter package can be visited.

Price kommplett:
VB 1800,-

Pick-up or shipping (price by appointment)


Sell a still packaged new lead belt buckle here. No manufacturer is noted on the buckle.

Price: 7, - Euro for prepayment and dispatch by letter. If the shipment is insured, the amount is 9, - Euro.

The sale takes place as a private sale, thus without guarantee, warranty, exchange, etc. according to BGB, EU law etc.

I offer you a Zone Stream 25 for sale. The wing is in good condition. At the end of the pleat hose is a small hole, which has been glued. However, I bought an original Dir Zone pleated hose which I put with it.

Price 210,- VB


I sell here my well received Halcyon Comfort Pack (Upgrade) consists of two parts, the Halcyon shoulder pads ("Shoulder Pads") and the Halcyon back pad ("Backplate Pad").

Halcyon Shoulder Pads
- for significantly more comfort when wearing the strap
- Fastening to the backplate by means of Velcro

Halcyon Backplate Pad
- pleasantly soft back padding
- to accommodate a lifting bag, signal buoy
- incl. stainless steel screw connections for attachment to the backplate

Original price 99EUR

You are welcome to view the article in Hamburg


Hello everyone

I sell some stuff of diving equipment from me and my friend.
Some of the things are still new and are too bad if they are only in the basement.
Many things we also simply got twice or as a gift.
Maybe there is something for you:

- Men's Shorty Size XXXL - 60 EUR VB new
-Scubapro Everflex Men's Underwear XL - 65 EUR VB new
- Scubapro T-Flex Shirt Men in S - 25 EUR VB
- Seac Sub Azzurra Lady 5mm XL - 120 EUR VB
- Line Cutter red - 15 EUR
- Line Cutter black - 10 EUR used
- 2 x Rough Waters mask bag, dark blue-black - each 5 EUR VB

Among other things, I still have various snorkels, fins, masks, diving bags etc.
If you are interested, just contact us.

You are welcome to write to me. I'll answer as soon as I can. I will be happy to send you pictures if you ask for them.

Maybe some things will find a new owner :).

All about private sales. No guarantee and no return.


Sell Fins Turtle-Fins( no Jefins ) Gr XXL with Stainless Steel Jumping Straps ( DIR ) Fins have no cracks or other damage ! The best way to sell is by pick-up after viewing! VB 75 Euro


Teledyne Mixchek Helium and Oxygen Analyzer with complete accessories.
The O2 sensor is consumed must be replaced, costs about 60, - Euro

Fixed price 500,-


UWATEC Depth Gauge:

Sell a depth gauge from UWATEC SWISS.
Depth up to 50m

Good condition - normal traces of use - no damage.

Price: 40 Euro

Mares regulator:

Sell my main regulator with

ÔÇó 1st stage - Mares MR12 (old version, 200 bar)
ÔÇó Stage 2 ÔÇô Mares MKIII
ÔÇó 210 cm Miflex hose

The system was last checked in 2010 and should therefore be re-checked before diving!

Price: 100 Euro

Mares regulator:

Sell my backup regulator with

ÔÇó 1st stage - Mares MR12 (old version, 200 bar)
ÔÇó Stage 2 ÔÇô Mares MKIII
ÔÇó Inflator hose
ÔÇó Finimeter ÔÇô Aqua Lung (display up to 300 bar)

The system was last checked in 2010 and should therefore be re-checked before diving!

Price: 100 Euro

Seemann 2 Series Console:

Sell a 2-series console from the company Seemann.

Depth gauge with drag pointer up to 60m
Finimeter up to 400 bar

Good condition - normal traces of use - no damage.

Price: 60 Euro

Pick-up in Seeboden (Carinthia/Austria)
(Can also be shipped for an extra charge)

Private sale! No guarantee or warranty!


Sell an aluminum pensioner's table here
The complete table has been powder-coated
15 kg heavy

Price 120EUR+ Postage 11,50EUR


Offer 7l Aluminum Stage +Rigging Kit
T├ťV 01/2014
Price 120EUR


Offer 7l Aluminum Stage +Rigging Kit
T├ťV 01/2014
Price 120EUR


Have another 7l aluminum bottle + rigging kit for sale
T├ťV until 01/2014
If you have any questions, just send a pn. to me
Price 150EUR


As seen in the picture with DVD (multilingual) and pocket mask (of course unused!). Just make me a fair and realistic offer.
Is anyone interested in the current training materials for the PADI Rescue Diver? As seen in the picture with DVD (multilingual) and pocket mask (of course unused!). Just make me a fair and realistic offer.


Sell my unused Wenoll System WS100. Photos are welcome by e-mail on request. Price EUR 490.- plus shipping costs.

bei Waldshut

Request for help to the diver - Universe

Will my Trilaminat Trocki
up to date.
The two latex arm cuffs need to be replaced.
(with holes)
otherwise he is in top condition
Who can call me a workshop in Heilbronn, Heidelberg or even further.

Thank you


TEC Diver Table 500x500 + Suit Stand

- Assembly table for normal and complex equipment (equipment optimally accessible from all sides)
- Table height infinitely adjustable by telescopic leg fittings without tools (from 598 to 850mm)
(even on inclined ground) - ideal for easy application of the equipment.
- One of the biggest advantages of our table is that the legs do not protrude
- height-adjustable leaning bracket
- Table completely made of seawater-resistant aluminium
- Table top made of non-slip wart sheet
- Stainless steel wing screws
- Stop strip on the table top adjustable or degradable in 3 steps.
- All parts can be placed in the table top and screwed under the table top with the leaning bracket. This makes it the best way to transport!
- The table is designed for more than 150kg!
- Dead weight of the table is well below 10kg even with the heavier TEC version.
- With 500x600 (Dive Version) or 500x800 (TEC Version) table top optimal to transport
- The table is statically proven by finite element calculation, additionally by overload tests.


Pick-up in 42799 Leichlingen (NRW) desired.
Shipping costs 20EUR

42799 Leichlingen

Since yesterday, ProTec has the right to train users and instructors on the MK VI 60 m Trimix version.

ProTec is thus the first association in Germany to receive the acceptance authorization.

This means that the ProTec training program for the Poseidon MK IV is now as follows:

40 m Sport
40 m decoration
48 m Trimix
60 m Trimix

All listed levels may be offered by ProTec as user courses as well as instructor courses.

Training locations throughout Germany
Thanks to Florian Vogel
Rebreather Dision Manager


Diver's knife LARGE u, HEAVY

by SEEMANN SUB old but OK

25 Euro plus shipping


Finimeter NEW by OCIANIC
with Temp.,Depth Gauge

55 euro plus shipping


Finimeter robust IO in oil

20 euro plus shipping


I give a stainless steel frame for a PSCR.
Actually wanted to use it myself for my SF1 but now stay with my old frame.
Total height is 590mm, the diameter is 190mm.

Price VB


New replacement gloves with inner lining for ring systems e.b Bluepoint, Checkup etc.

Price 17 EUR plus shipping


Offer : Toolpack 1
- Neoprene feet ( 46 ) new
- Lifting bag about 60 Kg ( self-made )
- 2 Spring Straps ( new )
- 1 bottle strap

due to diving junk "shrinkage" for
80 EUR ( excluding shipping - estimated 5 EUR )

Greetings ;-)



have a Scubapro buoy to sell, orange, extremely long so that you can be seen even in high waves.

Is rolled into a bag with carabiner. There is a leash and a lead bone on which it is rolled up.

If you want to be seen on safari etc. from the Zodiac, even if there are 2-3 meter waves this is the right thing - of course also in no swell ;-)

Interest? Pictures on request.


New unused diving backpack with WHEELS of the brand IQ
Dimensions approx. 90 x 56 x 30 cm.
With the handle extended, 125 cm high.
2 attached pockets about 8 cm deep.
2 large fin pockets each about 10 cm wide.
VB 130 EUR


I am looking for used ice cream hood, or neoprene hood with smooth neoprene

Halcyon Finimeter 0-360 Bar "NEW"
Halcyon Finimeter with chrome-plated housing, mineral glass, 0-360 bar scale (without hose and swivel)

Price 50.-
10.- Postage Insured ! Pick-up Vienna 22


Hello Tek divers,

I offer a few stainless steel weights for the two breathing tubes of circulating devices. Weight:155g per piece.

Condition: very good condition, used. no damage.
Original price: 130EUR/ Pair

Retail price: 50 EUR/pair plus shipping.
Pick-up possible (if necessary, handover to diving waters such as Lake Constance or Miltitz)


Villmar 65606

for sale is an original Classik Kiss
mccr rebreather with shearwater predator and shearwater HUD, for which ppo2 display
the device is ready for diving with sensors and 3 liter 200 bar bottles. the device is 3 years old and fully functional.
as bov is a gollemgear shrimp drann.
breathing tubes are cooper.
new price ca 10.000EUR vb 6500,-EUR

Sell oxygen pressure reducer constand flow with 2l oxygen cylinder. A must have for all divers who care about safety!
Bottle without T├ťV but with residual pressure (100% medical O2).
Price: 250 Euro VHB...


Hello, I am looking for a MAVOTEC refill hose Digital. Please offer everything...



Container-sized plunge pool, suitable for equipment testing, presentations, trial diving, etc. for sale. Serious inquiries to


Sell Rock Boots by DUI Gr.6 (39) 1 x worn, price 50 Euro (original price 98 Euro)


Moin moin,
For sale are various urinal condoms.
In terms of price, I thought of 1.50EUR per piece + shipping.

Hollister InView Standard 25mm 4x
Hollister InView Extra 25mm 2x
Hollister InView Extra 29mm 4x
Hollister InView Standard 29mm 4x
Hollister InView Special 29mm 4x
Coloplast Conveen Optima 35mm 10x
Coloplast Conveen Optima 40mm 1x
Sauer Comfort 30 2x
Rochester Ultra Flex 36mm 2x
Braun Urimed 36mm 1x
Sauer Comfort 35mm 4x
Hollister InView Special 32mm 2x
Hollister InView Standard 32mm 1x
Sauer Comfort 24mm 1x


Food: Private Inhouse Diving Flea Market

Where / When: on Saturday 09 February 2013, from 10:00 to 15:00 inclusive

The Boot 2013 is over and one or the other has replaced his equipment in parts, supplemented, etc.

But where to go with the old but still good stuff?
The bay and Co can be an alternative, but they don't have to be. Because:
Goods monitoring, mail to e-mail to interested parties ? Off to the shipper you trust, or waiting for pickup?

We offer you : Present your used equipment here in our center .
Sell your used equipment on this day at our in-house flea market for divers.

Here's how it works. We have the capacity for 8-9 folding tables, on which you can present your "junk". Of course here, with us in the warm.

Email us and secure your stand. However, only used diving equipment may be sold. And remember, please bring cash. The following applies: Private to Private . Bought as seen.

We are curious. So until Saturday? 09.02.2013 ? 10:00 am - 3:00 pm ?

Your team of Dive In Essen


Sell Dr├Ąger Ray about 15 dives in fresh water.
Scope of delivery.
Complete Dr├Ąger Ray
2x bottles
Spare hoses
100% nozzle
Breathing lime
Device can be visited by arrangement at any time in Gollin near Salzburg,
tel 06645301654

5440 golling

DUI 400grams in XL, few dives, 185EUR, W-weight about 8kg for 45EUR