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for sale:
- Fin bands, new pair 5 Euro
- Diving backpack 10 Euro
- 4 bottle carrier handles 10 Euro

Shipping is added

Raum: HD/KA

Metal buckles
very robust
e.B. for stage rigging or mono bottle on the backplate


FP 30EUR plus shipping


Search Burn Tester for Gavin Scoter

Sell a PSCR Rebreather SF1, as shown in the photos.
Bottles have T├ťV and are freshly powdered.
Cylinder valves have been overhauled.
VHB 1900,-


Sell my fourth element size XL underwear. Contents are a top, trousers and the accompanying transport bag. The underwear is in top condition.
The Arctic is made of two layers of fleece material. Due to this combination, it has a high insulation property and at the same time appears quite thin, which guarantees great mobility. The fleece also ensures that moisture can be quickly transported to the outside without losing thermal insulation. The outer layer also has a water-repellent surface and ensures a good fit. The shirt is long cut and the pants have a high waistband to double protect the kidney area and prevent the shirt from slipping out of the pants.
Price is 160EUR VHB. Shipping is possible


Seeman Sub diver's knife in unused condition.
For 25EUR fixed price for sale.
Private sale, therefore no guarantee or return.
For further information you can contact me at the telephone number 0157 51161410.

M├╝lheim an der Ruhr

SF1, PSCR for sale
Rebreather, breathing tubes, BOV, swichblock, Reserve-O rings, bridge

Raum: HD/KA

I offer Neoprene shoes from Subgear in size L 43/44 for sale.
The shoes are in good condition and only have a name code (2 letters) with white edding applied on the outside.

Price: 30EUR VB


I offer Oceanic Titanium gloves in size XL for sale. The gloves have only been used 3 times and are therefore in very good condition.

Price: 30EUR VB


I offer a waterproof diving hood in size S for sale. The hood has only been used 3 times and is in very good condition.

Price: 30EUR VB


I offer neoprene shoes from Seac Sub in size S for sale.
The shoes are in good condition and only have a name code (2 letters) with white edding applied on the outside.

Price: 30EUR VB


Signal Marker RED, L= 1,20m,
SeemanSub, incl. Inflator connector, DumpValve
70 EUR incl. shipping VB



1 Ocean Reef GSM - G Divers - communication unit (hear/speak)

1 Ocean Reef M-101A ÔÇô G Divers receiver module (listening)

1 pair of dampers ( reduces reflections in swimming pools

e.g. b may occur )

The communication unit is about 2 years old and is very well maintained, it has been used only 4 times and only in fresh water.

No water intrusions or oxidized contacts.

The system is first-hand.

VP would be 550,00

Tel-No. 0172/3430207


Viking arm cuff for dry suit, original, unused
only 4EUR plus 2EUR shipping


Hand in my diving equipment. Dry suit(38)Wet suit(7mm)Short suit(xl)Feet(39)2 pairs of gloves,2 pairs of fins,2 life jackets,diving knives,diving computer,women's diving watch. All parts are okay and used. I give up diving.


Underwater Frisbee

20 Euro plus shipping


Content: SSI Dive Professional folder with the manual "Dive Control Specialist". I received it in my PRO training in 2013, but never used it because of dressing change.

Books included as shown, as well as the CD. Books are also unused, as is the logbook. Sale only as a total package for 100 euros.

Shipping is possible plus 6 Euro, as private sale is not a return or guarantee


Offer everything possible for sale, Turtle Fin with Springstraps, Apexs regulator set, Revisionswergzeug regulator, Showa gr.10 lined gloves, you valve for mono bottle with 2 horizontal outlets, single tank adapter, Stagefini, NEW Mares mask, if interested just make a good offer


I am looking for a TL2 and two other dive partners for the first weekend of June (02.-04.06.) to take exams for my 3rd star.
Are there people who have the time and desire?
Thank you very much! :)


Sell here my only once tested underwater lamp. I'm super happy with it, but 3 lamps are just too much ;-)


Since my planned switch to Nitrox was not implemented, I part with some purchased parts.
Sell robust oxygen finimeter with metal capsule, mineral glass pane and 80cm HD hose.
Can also be used as a normal (i.e. not Nitrox or O2) finimeter!

- Scale up to 450 bar.
- Diameter with protective capsule 58 mm
- Diameter visible glass 44 mm
- Height 30 mm
- Hose length 80 cm
The article is new and unused ÔÇô I bought it as O2 purely, but would recommend a revision by the specialist trade when used with Nitrox or O2 for safety!
If you have any questions, please write to us!

Price Fini: 50EUR
Shipping DHL: 4,99EUR


Diving equipment Diving equipment The Teledyne Mixcheck is a portable measuring instrument for precise monitoring of the He and O2 concentration in the breathing gas.
Over the whole, it has an accuracy of 1%.

Waterproof transport case and a flow reducer for connection to the inflator and the diving tank are also included.

Oxygen cell is durable until June 18 and helium sensors are just as good.

Device works perfectly!


As good as new dry diving gloves approx. 2-3 times dipped
The gloves can be easily mounted and removed without damaging the cuff, so you can change back to wet gloves


For harness waist belt.
Consists of two pockets.
In each of the pockets there is a disposable inner pocket with a retaining loop.

Was only 2x in fresh water.

40EUR plus shipping


I sell a Santi BZ400 in size XL.
The underwear is 5/6 years old and has not been dived for the last few months, as I got a new one tailored to my body measurement.
The underwear was washed once a year and will be washed again by me in the coming week.
The underwear has a small hole, you can sew it if you feel like it.
Price: 100 Euro VHB


Offer the only true Tec fin.
Scubapro Jet fin with stainless steel spring strap.
Incl. neoprene protection!
Is without cracks or so, normal signs of use size XXL means on the Trocki shoe size 45-46 NP 139EUR
95 Price with postage in D


Offer a Buoyan gas system.
Bottle 3l T├ťV 2015 expired, because I filled myself.
First stage Scubapro, so not these mini things that deliver nothing more from 40m!
Miflex hose, contra-angle handpiece movable, so optimal hose routing, pressure relief valve.
Dir Zone Straps
Pack another 1l pulle on it
Price 195EUR


Offer 12 O-rings for Swievel Price 5,00 EUR


Search for Northern DRYGLOVE System Safelock two adjusting rings for the locking system (see photos)

Sell two unused Kallweit 5 finger dry gloves:

- 1x size M - unused
- 5mm neoprene
- Preformed fingers, palm reinforced with Kevlar
- Internal cuff to seal the gloves on the wrist

Purchased November 2013, invoice is available
Retail price 30EUR per pair plus shipping

No return/guarantee as private sale

67063 Ludwigshafen

I offer a SUEX XK1 here. The scooter is from 2010, had service in 2012 and 2015 (in the factory).
The following options come with:
* N-Handle - comfortable trigger with 2 levels
* Stepless cruise control - to adjust the speed e.g. to its partner
* Proplock - Propeller can even be removed UW without any problems to remove e.g. fishing lines.
* 3-blade propeller - the propeller with the highest efficiency!
* Battery Gauge - Display of the remaining charge in the battery with clear 3 LEDs
* Bypass Switch - if the trigger fails (never happens) you can continue with the scooter
* Softhandle - comfortable grip for carrying on the head of the scooter
* Cold water handle - allows wearing the scooter even with thick dry diving gloves
* Towcord short & long - for the diver and to take the scooter as a backup scooter
* Salt water trim weights - within seconds the scooter is ready for use in salt water - perfectly tared and trimmed!
* Charger - clear anyway
The batteries are measured at 80% (with realistic 12A load!). In total, the scooter has about 200 dives, most of them in caves. We never had problems with the good part, there was no deep discharge of the battery and / or water intrusion into the scooter.
A pick-up or handover is certainly the best way for the scooter to change hands. But also a shipment (at the expense of the buyer) would be organizable.
Since this is a used sale from private, I have to exclude warranty, return and warranty.
Price: 3500.-EUR


Lead belts Scubapro

The belts are in good condition but have clear signs of use.

If you are interested, I will be happy to send you more pictures.

Price: VB 10,--EUR without shipping

Private sale--without guarantee/warranty--no return


Suunto 52 mm Finimeter.
Does not go completely to zero anymore and is therefore just under 10 bar in the process. Works perfectly otherwise.
20 EUR incl. shipping

Erding in Bayern

Hello divers,

I would like to sell my GARA MODULAR LD size 44/45. I once tested them in a lake. Unfortunately, the foot part does not fit me. It's too far. I bought them at DIVEINN for the original price of 63EUR.
My price presentation is 60EUR + 5EUR shipping.

For Intresse, just write.



Offer Divesystem Tech Deep

Harness incl. V4A backplate and mono bottle adapter incl. straps.
(no wing with you)

Price 250EUR

Private sale no guarantee or return

Ludwigshafen am Rhein

Offer Alu backplate incl. luxury harness from Dolphin.
little dipped.

Price 100EUR incl. shipping.

Private sale no guarantee or return

Ludwigshafen am Rhein

Once I have a V4Tec clamp set, suitable for steel bottles with 7 and 8.5 liters or a bottle diameter of 140mm. Including the bolt set

V4Tec clamps are made of V4A steel DIN 1.4571.
VB 75,-EUR + Shipping

Also on offer I have a suitable bridge for double 7 or double 8.5 wide.
Here the O-rings are missing, they have to be replaced.
VB 60,-EUR + Shipping

Both together for VB 130,-EUR + shipping


Sell the VDST Bible: Practice of Diving by Thomas Kromp (Author), Hanjo Roggenbach (Author), Peter Bredebusch (Author).
Ideal for preparing VDST/CMAS* to ***.
Book is used and got a little moisture, but nothing tragic and no glued pages.
20 Euro plus shipping


A flexible breathing air compressor of superlatives, for sale for a spot price. Top suitable for mobile diving. It delivers 450 litres/min. With 4 filling hoses and a Hatz Industrial diesel engine with electric starter. Encapsulated ( silent type ) With the 4 wheels you can easily move it. Automatic drainage. Looks like new. Does not have 500 hours on the meter. Shipping also abroad by arrangement. only 4.445 EUR. Phone 0176 969 44344


Phone: 015115538007

Sell a 14Ah battery for SUEX X-Joy 14
running time 60min with a 4Blatt Proplock
70 charging cycles and and charger. for 200EUR inc, shipping.


MAV Set - SF-2

2 MAV's
2 QC-4 female.
2 QC-4 males. with adapter to 9/16 male thread
2 shut-off's

300,00 EUR plus shipping

PayPal possible


Sell a Wenoka squeeze lock Titanium.
As good as new knife with original accessories and packaging.
45EUR incl. shipping


GIVE AWAY a moving box full of underwear for dry diving.
They are the old underwear that I once used as a professional diver in the GDR.
I hope that there are still interested parties, because throwing away somehow hurts....
3x underwear brown, thick wool, with shoulder pads
1x light underwear, duenn, for summer
1x wool sweater
3x wool trousers, different thickness
1x wool cramps, long and thick

For shipping, only the shipping costs apply. Since I have never sent a moving box, I unfortunately do not know the costs.


Good day
I am looking for a temperature display (20mm diameter; about 6mm high).
This display is on my console for a monitor 2 (the temperature display comes into the small hole; see photo of a similar console in the appendix).


Search Gavin short tube


Suunto 52 mm Finimeter.
Does not go completely to zero anymore and is therefore just under 10 bar in the process. Works perfectly otherwise.
25 EUR incl. shipping

Erding in Bayern

T-shirt with lionfish motif, very good condition

3 Euro plus shipping 3 Euro


For sale is a Wenoka Squeeze Titanium dive knife in the pointed version

optimal as a jacket knife (retaining screws incl.)
Titanium blade
Sawtooth blade (serrated edge)
Line cutter
Tanto blade: tool function and tip in one!
Incl. jacket holder and hose holder


Shipping possible: as a shipment 2,20EUR or as DHL parcel 3,90EUR


after the dissolution of my dive shop there are still a lot of small parts and remnants for sale,
also backplates and changes as well as bubbles, fins etc.
Schaker,Octopus holder,Karabiener,and and and...
If you are interested or would like to increase your stock of small parts cheaply, you can get in touch.

I just sell everything together.
Definitely worth a look
Greetings Dirk


Sell a demonstration model Bonex Reference RS.
Scooter didn't run in fresh water for 10 hours. Purchase of used tracks, of course fully functional. Device was purchased by me in September 2015.
Original price EUR 6490,-
VHB EUR 6290,-
A great Christmas present :-)