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Dr├Ąger Panorama Nova Dive, high quality OC/CC Full Face Mask with many accessories in very good condition (used < 20x ), ready to dive!

More or less the best full face mask money can buy.

Can be used with a rebreather with a optional (not included) rebreather bite-piece.

1x Dr├Ąger Panorama Nova Dive

2x TecMe P-Port adapter (solid delrin) for Apeks regulators + extra O-rings

2x Dr├Ąger First Stage

2x Dr├Ąger Shark Second stage (1x P-Port, 1x normal mouthpiece)

1x Clear Pilot Anti-Fogging Spray

1x Mask Box

The mask is excellent condition, the p-ports plug easily and also the 'window wipers' rotate very smooth.

The two Tecme p-port adapters allow you to use your own Apeks regulators and that makes this a really nice breathing mask. Also the p-port allows you to unplug your regulator and breath ambient air while swimming at the surface or when gearing up. You can also switch p-port regulators underwater if needed, just make sure to practice in a pool a few times.

The visor/window was replaced last year as I damaged the anti-fogging coating (~ 100 USD/EUR). Retail value in well above EUR 1500 / $ 1650.

Asking EUR 750 / $ 825, shipping from The Netherlands not included.

Hello I sell my Gavin Long Tube Scooter with HDPE rear (the new one)

The scooter has traces of use, but is in perfect condition.

Shaft bearings, shaft seals and coals were renewed in 2018.

The scooter was mainly used for cave diving.

The battery pack has a burntime of 103 min (last test 31.11.19)

Included is:

Mascot Charger


Spare parts possible

Price: 1.111,00 EUR VB



Offer the following items, all used but in top condition. All prices quoted VB, all can be sent.

Seac Warmedry, L(28), attached feet in 44-44, top condition, see photos, VB 350EUR

Scubapro Jet Fins Max, red in M, with Springstraps, VB 60EUR

Mares AT Origin Sport, great condition! VB250EUR

If you have any questions or more / other photo requests - feel free to contact us!

Private sale, no guarantee, warranty return.

I sell five reels with double carabiners. The diameter per reel is 8 cm. The length of the cord per reel is 30 - 44 meters. Lengths per coil: 44, 41, 39, 38 and 30 meters

Complete package as shown: 90 Euro

Individually for 20 Euro each

Kreis Borken

Phone: 02865-601062

I offer here the following well maintained and functional diving excavation.

1 x Mares BCD prestige mrs L, integrated lead bags with quick discharge, incl. Seamann Sub Hammerhead, approx. 100TG - 120EUR

1 x FWT Schulz GS45 15┬░ dive light ca 20 TG - 80EUR

1 x Mares Avanti X3 fins with Springstrap approx. 100TG - 40EUR

1 x Apnea fins small 680mm, none 10 TG - 40EUR

1 x Mares Isotherm 6.5mm Halbtrocki L, approx. 100TG - 100EUR

1 x Mare 3mm Neoprene L, none 10 TG - 20EUR

This is a private sale, therefore no warranty claims, right of return, no liability, etc.

Self-collection Vienna

1140 wien

Digital Pressure Gauge

0 - 199 bar
Two-point calibration
3/4" connection with measuring adapter
Mains operation 230V

Price: 75 EUR

Pick up Berlin-Nord (Wei├čensee) or
plus 6 EUR shipping DHL insured within Germany

Sale for health reasons
(Task of diving)

please note other sales!
Private sale - No guarantee.
Warranty and return are excluded.


Phone: 0151-28786999

1. Constant flow regulator for oxygen, e.B. for ventilation or geriatric care
Gas flow adjustable
Bottle connection: 3/4" AG
(Oxygen thread 200 bar)
Scale metric 200 bar

2. Constant flow regulator for oxygen,
e.B. for ventilation or care for the elderly
Gas flow adjustable
Bottle connection: 3/4" AG
(Oxygen thread 200 bar)
Scale imperial PSI (Lbs/square inch)

not ready for operation
to adapt yourself for the respective purpose

Price: 50 EUR for both, 30 EUR individually

Pick up Berlin-Nord (Wei├čensee) or
plus 6 EUR shipping DHL insured within Germany

Private sale - No guarantee.
Warranty and return are excluded.


Phone: 0151-28786999

Underwater flash like new because it was only used 1 time in fresh water.

Price 235EUR


I am looking for a Divesoft HE/O2 Analyzer.

If you have one for sale, or if you know someone should sell you, just write to me.

Thank you and always good air


P-41 housing with Securus connection + valid T├ťV 599.- EUR without T├ťV 399.-EUR Chrome steel Separator with T├ťV 300-EUR .without T├ťV- 150.-EUR Securus detector new 299.- Filling strip with 6 connections / rocker arm, built-in pressure gauge 499.- ( if interested I still have to take pictures of the strip ) Final pressure Safety valve 330 bar, new, 199.- Used 225 bar, sealed with T├ťV SV. 98.693 0151 155 38007 Private sale without guarantee and return


Phone: 015115538007

Undertewasserblitz like new because it was only used 2 times in fresh water.

Price 280EUR


F├╝sslinge size 44 (Aqua Lung ) ca30 EUR

Jacket size M (Aqualung ProQD) ca300EUR

Fins (Aqua Lung) Small ca 35EUR

Breathing control set (AquaLung) ca290EUR

Trocki (Aqualung fusion Bullet Aircore) Size S/M

- 2 times dipped

all spare parts included

about 999EUR


Various diving accessories for sale at a reasonable price. The list on Ebay classifieds lists all items that are for sale. On request, I will be happy to send photos of the individual articles. Come also gladly come by. Everything has to get out.

Sell used

Hood Nothern Diver by Aquarius

As shown in the pictures.

Size L

Give up my hobby as a diver. That's why I sell my diving equipment.

It can also be shipped.

If you have any questions, please contact me at 0049 0162 962 39 57. Gladly also WhatsApp.

Price: 10,00 EUR

Pfarrkirchen - Bayern

Phone: 0162 962 39 57

Hi everyone, I'm selling an X-Tek QR lead bag system.

The lead bags have never been in the water, so as good as new

Capacity: about 4-6kg


Shipping possible for an extra charge



I sell an oxygen case. As you can see former Bundeswehr.

Bottle is still filled with 100bar. When shipping only emptied.

Everything is functional.

Price: Make me an offer.


I sell sidemount accessories for the SF2.

Everything that can be seen in the picture. It is all in very good condition.

Only the plate for the head has lost some color but no deep scratches.

Of course, a revision should be made before use.

VB: 999,- incl. insured (national) shipping.

If you have any questions, just let us know if you have any questions or if you need pictures.


Servus together,
since I have only decided on the Dolphin, a Dr├Ąger Ray is now standing around with me and looking for a new owner. ­čĹî So if you are interested in a good Ray, just contact me...

Dr├Ąger Ray incl. a 5 litre steel bottle (currently filled with 50%),

one 50% and one 32% dosing unit each

an oxygauge

Org. 1 stage from Dr├Ąger and regulator from Dr├Ąger

Price complete 1200,- EUR

No sale of individual components !!!

Hofheim am Taunus

Hardly used and like new

15 Euro + shipping 3.00 Euro

Sale under exclusion of any warranty or guarantee


Offer a Deco buoy.

Material is plastic

Below with beak valve and lead insert, so that it does not tip over on the surface.

with bag and leash.

Never been in the water.

With postage in D without islands 17EUR


Offer here a plastic UW writing board with pencil and clip.

The writing board is luminous

Once in the water is like new

Price 25EUR incl. postage in D without islands


Russian underwater scooter - DPD Diver Propulsion Vehicle

Length approx. 160 cm, weight approx. 50-60 kg, condition very good - without batteries.

The good piece has been in my diving equipment collection for over 20 years - supposedly came from the "North Sea Fleet".

Sparse information on the Internet under the search term or e.B. here:

Price negotiation basis 2200 EUR more pictures I like to send by mail.

If you have any questions, please call 0170 7629195


Phone: 01707629195

Sell 2 Suunto compass SK7 incl. retractor.

Price 55EUR per compass


Carabiner - new, total length 9.5 cm

Price: 3 Euro

The price is exclusive of postage.

Since it is a private sale, no guarantee and no return


Hello fellow divers and buddies

Have new logbooks again....:)

As always in book format

Ship Book Cover

Personalized on request

Space for about 1000 entries (extrapolated cheaper than "booklets" with only 100-150 entries)

Last pages with fields for your diving medical examination

11.5 x 17 x 2 cm (fits into all common folders)




No babbling or torn ring binder pages with partly "meaningless" information

29,95EUR +2,70EUR Shipping within Germany

If you are interested, please send an email to


Have to offer a lead carrying strap from Seemann in good condition.

VB 20,-

32369 Rahden

Offer yourself a compass from Mares to Retractor

VB 15,-

32369 Rahden

Offer you fins from Mares

Plana avanti quattro abs

Regular X Large

VB 35,-

32369 Rahden


I bought it with a suit, hood together and never used it.

Price VB

Best regards Marion

Phone: 01736584111

Pscr bridge, original price approx. 180 Euro for 110 Eurp plus shipping for sale

Raum: HD/KA

200 g underwear, size XL for 50 Euro plus shipping for sale

Raum: HD/KA

As every year I would like to recommend the 70x50 cm glossy calendar ADVENTURE OCEAN by David Hettich!

Prices and graduation as usual: 1 for 30 EUR, 3 to 9 pieces in a package 20 EUR each, and 10 pieces for 185 EUR, each including collective shipping in D.

Here is the link to look ahead:

IMPORTANT === I need your order - especially the one for SWITZERLAND - please by 25 November (for shipping in the same month).  The shipping days in December are then the 10th-13th of December.

Please send an informal order with delivery and billing address to


Sell 3 multi-temples on which you can hang the suit, feet, fins, jackets or other accessories for drying and storage as well as 1 jacket hanger,

Price for all 4 complete: VB 30,- Euro

This is a private sale, so warranty and return is excluded.


for sale:
- Fin bands, new pair 5 Euro
- Diving backpack 10 Euro
- 4 bottle carrier handles 10 Euro

Shipping is added

Raum: HD/KA

Metal buckles
very robust
e.B. for stage rigging or mono bottle on the backplate


FP 30EUR plus shipping


Search Burn Tester for Gavin Scoter

Sell a PSCR Rebreather SF1, as shown in the photos.
Bottles have T├ťV and are freshly powdered.
Cylinder valves have been overhauled.
VHB 1900,-


Sell my fourth element size XL underwear. Contents are a top, trousers and the accompanying transport bag. The underwear is in top condition.
The Arctic is made of two layers of fleece material. Due to this combination, it has a high insulation property and at the same time appears quite thin, which guarantees great mobility. The fleece also ensures that moisture can be quickly transported to the outside without losing thermal insulation. The outer layer also has a water-repellent surface and ensures a good fit. The shirt is long cut and the pants have a high waistband to double protect the kidney area and prevent the shirt from slipping out of the pants.
Price is 160EUR VHB. Shipping is possible


Seeman Sub diver's knife in unused condition.
For 25EUR fixed price for sale.
Private sale, therefore no guarantee or return.
For further information you can contact me at the telephone number 0157 51161410.

M├╝lheim an der Ruhr

SF1, PSCR for sale
Rebreather, breathing tubes, BOV, swichblock, Reserve-O rings, bridge

Raum: HD/KA

I offer Neoprene shoes from Subgear in size L 43/44 for sale.
The shoes are in good condition and only have a name code (2 letters) with white edding applied on the outside.

Price: 30EUR VB


I offer Oceanic Titanium gloves in size XL for sale. The gloves have only been used 3 times and are therefore in very good condition.

Price: 30EUR VB


I offer a waterproof diving hood in size S for sale. The hood has only been used 3 times and is in very good condition.

Price: 30EUR VB


I offer neoprene shoes from Seac Sub in size S for sale.
The shoes are in good condition and only have a name code (2 letters) with white edding applied on the outside.

Price: 30EUR VB


Signal Marker RED, L= 1,20m,
SeemanSub, incl. Inflator connector, DumpValve
70 EUR incl. shipping VB



1 Ocean Reef GSM - G Divers - communication unit (hear/speak)

1 Ocean Reef M-101A ÔÇô G Divers receiver module (listening)

1 pair of dampers ( reduces reflections in swimming pools

e.g. b may occur )

The communication unit is about 2 years old and is very well maintained, it has been used only 4 times and only in fresh water.

No water intrusions or oxidized contacts.

The system is first-hand.

VP would be 550,00

Tel-No. 0172/3430207


Viking arm cuff for dry suit, original, unused
only 4EUR plus 2EUR shipping


Hand in my diving equipment. Dry suit(38)Wet suit(7mm)Short suit(xl)Feet(39)2 pairs of gloves,2 pairs of fins,2 life jackets,diving knives,diving computer,women's diving watch. All parts are okay and used. I give up diving.