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EUR 30

I sell a bare diving mask with bare neoprene mask band. Width of the mask approx. 16 cm.

For shipping within Germany, I take over the postage costs.

As this is a private sale, I exclude warranty, withdrawal, revocation and warranty.


Servus, I am looking for a diving school / shop in the district of Heinsberg + 50 km for takeover or partnership.

I would like to change my career again and turn my hobby into a profession.

I would be happy about offers and nice conversations.

Greetings Markus


Phone: 017632327801

The TOP DIVE specialist dealer group wants to show even in Corona times that the diving trade is active and able to work together with the diving suppliers. We received an advent calendar with profits worth almost 5,000,- EUR together and were supported by all top dive retailers nationwide as well as the suppliers Scubapro, Garmin, Tusa, Waterproof, Aqualung, SSI and SeaLife.

Click here for the Advent calendar:

Participate and clean up once a day per person - completely free of charge!

And when you have arrived at the Top-Dive homepage, just look through the rubrics there. You will find a lot of interesting and helpful information for divers: travel and product presentation as well as we reports with practical tips and tricks! We look forward to your regular visit to our information pages. Please also tell you about diving buddies and friends!

TOP DIVE - The strongest performance in the German diving market!

28199 Bremen

Phone: 0421/51924 Visit Tauchertreff Dekostop Bremen GmbH

Private sale, because of hobby task. Super warm underwear with 300g filling for the cold seasons in a dry suit.
A thin cap, for quick wind protection after the dive, is removable.
Suit was worn very little, because really very warm. At Lake Constance in spring it was quite pleasant.
Practical pockets for small grams like car keys, nobody steals them here ;-)
Assessment and fitting possible by appointment.
56410 Montabaur (neighbouring town), contact by mail:

Shipping against assumption of shipping fees!
Original price is about 250 EUR

It is sold for 129 EUR VB

Sell the heated underwear BZ 400 from Santi in size LL.


Fully functional as the current image of the thermal imaging camera proves.

Delivery or handover incl. transport bag.

PayPal to friends. possible. Shipping EUR 8. Priivat sale. No resentation or guarantee.

Of course, the suit on the legs also has two laminated holes for passing through the hose for the P-Valve ("pee valve").

On the upper body, as well as on the upper arms and thighs, the suit is interspersed with heating wires. In the version, the heating wires have a "break-resistant ultra-soft" silicone insulation, according to the manufacturer, and ensure the even distribution of heat.

The connection system is also well thought out: The cable to the battery is housed in a specially designed pocket on the left leg. If you do not need it, it will be stowed here without problems and without disturbing. In addition, the suit already has integrated connections for the SANTI heating gloves.


We clean up and need space for new ­čśŐ

Therefore, some various diving items are for sale. PayPal possible. Pick up in 76709 Kronau or at the lakes in the Mannheim, Heidelberg, Karlsruhe area. Shipping only as DHL parcel with tracking (min. 5 Euro), except at the express request of the buyer. Prices plus shipping costs.

  • Check-up dry diving gloves. Once size M, once size L. Fed from the inside. Without underwear gloves. VHB 75 EUR per pair
  • Storage packs for backplate. 1x Halcyon H2O special edition, 1x DIR zone black. Without screws. VHB 26 EUR per pack.
  • DIR-Zone belt bag for harness (50mm). VHB 30 EUR
  • Oceanic gloves and Mares hood, both 5mm. Size L. VHB 5 EUR each
  • Crotch strap, no-name. Standard unabridged. VHB 10 EUR
  • Subgear lead belt 1x new and 1x used. VHB 5 EUR
  • Various medium-pressure hoses. Miflex, rubber, inflator, regulator... Please inquire. Price VHB
  • Rubber mask band with neoprene schoener from TUSA. VHB 2 EUR
  • Cold protection cuff for the arm of S.L. Dive. 3.5 mm neoprene. 2-piece: black with smooth skin neoprene, size L and neon yellow, size XL. VHB 15 EUR
  • Lead stopper and 2x fixed D-ring on lead stopper. VHB 2 EUR per piece


Sell a lead bag for sidemount jacket, the bag is size L and can hold up to 16 KG of lead
Since private sale does not guarantee or return

Price 50,- EUR

I would be happy to translate Pablo's letter/request from Cuba:

Queridos amigos estamos organizando un peque o envio de material de buceo a cuba donde es muy dificil conseguir este equipamiento. Es solo del material q tengan olvidado en el garaje o no esten usando cualquier cosa sirve. El envio correr a nuestra cuenta y se har via maritima. En espera de su ayuda y muy agradecido. Club de buceo aventura santiago

Love (diving) friends

We organize a small shipment of diving material for Cuba, where it is a big challenge to purchase equipment. Any material that you have stored somewhere in the basement or is no longer needed is welcome. We cover the costs of container shipping. We are grateful for any support, no way.

Pablo Ortiz, President Diving Club Aventura Santiago / Cuba

PS Contact person in Switzerland Dani M├╝ller, 076 391 11 09

The container will be loaded in the Basel area on 30 October.


I offer here an underwater housing from Ikelite for the Nikob D7100.

The housing has normal traces of use and is tight.

There are a few scratches on the port that do not affect the image result.

I would have imagined 700EUR VHB

Sell my diving equipment (New)

Used 1 time **

Since I can't upload all the pictures,

I can also add them on request.

Diving goggles Cressi

Hood Mares

Diving suit Cressi am about 184 cm tall **

Diving gloves Aqualung XL**

Jacket by Cressi flying controll system

Diving shoes Mares

Diving fins Cressi **

Kink hose from Cressi **

Aqualung Legend LX SUP. ACD+Octopus regulator **with original stuff and 1 free service included (Hartenberger K├Âln

Sunto Diving Computer **

6kg self-cast lead (lead pockets on jacket) **

Pressure gauge

200bar bottle t├╝v expired !!!! **

1,200EUR VB

Bergisch Gladbach 51469 Hand

Phone: 1739502463

I sell some of my diving equipment here

It was purchased in 2015 and used 10 times.

Content with price:

Beuchat pulmonary automaton: 250EUR

Dive computer Cressi (without battery): 100EUR

Diving jacket Cressi: 180EUR

Fins Size L: 20EUR

Gloves Size 5: 10EUR

Hood: 10EUR

Suit Semi-dry size M3 (small damage sewn at the bottom of the zipper): 50EUR

Total: 620EUR

If someone decides to buy everything together I would go down to 550EUR.


Phone: 01785837428

Sell a used DE-OX analyzer for the analysis of submersible gases with oxygen and helium.

The analyzer was in the factory for overhaul at the beginning of 2019 and the helium sensor was replaced and the device was recalibrated. In the course of 2019, the oxygen sensor was also replaced. The device is in perfect and good condition, the sensors are quite fresh - so you can start.

On the pictures you can see in the display the software status, the warm-up procedure and at the time when the pictures were taken, the current oxygen and helium value of the ambient air (21/0%). Included are:

  • original plastic transport box
  • Power supply 230V
  • 12V connection for a cigarette connection in the car
  • Connection cable for controlling external relays

The operating instructions in English are available in electronic form and will be sent in a separate e-mail when sold

The device has always been transported in a sturdy Peli box, but of course there are slight signs of use on the housing. The analyzer is offered for 499,-EUR. If it is picked up, comparative measurements can be made with my other analyzers. For shipping, 6.90 EUR postage is added.

The sale is purely private, no guarantee, no return. If you have any questions, simply send an e-mail.


High-quality safety reel with 30m - 2mm leash in classic design. Stainless steel frame.

EUR25(Prices are without shipping costs)


Phone: 1722545359

The dive site card set "Zwenkauer See" consists of a printed polystyrene plate with the dimensions of 183 x 127 x 1 mm.

In one corner there is a hole with a diameter of 5mm, so that several cards can be connected to the supplied stainless steel wire rope loop.

The labeling of the card is done in a direct printing process, which means that the font is water-resistant to the polystyrene plate. The back of the card is white, you can label it with a common pencil and delete it with an eraser.

The price of the card set it is 8,- Euro (plus 1,55 Euro shipping per order)

59387 Ascheberg


Sold are new device fins of the brand Cressi in size XS-S. The fins have only been worn once and are therefore absolutely as good as new.

Price: EUR 25,00 (plus shipping).

Shipping on takeover dear shipping costs (large package required).

Private sale therefore no guarantee and / or return.

* Also sell a matching wetsuit by Cressi as well as a wetsuit for men with fins (see more ads)*


Polaris device fins in size M-L are sold as good as new. The fins have only been worn once and are therefore absolutely as good as new.

Price: EUR 25,00 (plus shipping).

Shipping possible when the shipping costs are taken over (large package required).

Private sale therefore no guarantee and / or return.

* Also sell a matching wetsuit by Cressi as well as a wetsuit for women with fins (see more ads)*


For sale various things :

- Mares Froce Plus diving knife /1TG/stainless steel blade/ attachment to the jacket by screws possible, also fetches on the leg possible by supplied rubber bands (unused)

-2 x Finimeter

1x Subapro(the larger) Older model works (revision is recommended)

1x Aqualung functional revison was made before kuzem made

-1x Mares 2.Stuf Reserve Octopus works, bought last year (invoice vohanden) was vllt. 3 x dipped

-1x Sherwood Magnum Blizzard 1 + 2 level (revision recommendable)

Just make me an offer

Shipping possible PayPal available

If you have any questions, please contact us


The dive site card set "Kreidesee Hemmoor" consists of 2 printed polystyrene plates with the dimensions of 183 x 127 x 1 mm. One map shows the sea sketch, the other map shows the vibrator.

In one corner there is a hole with a diameter of 5mm, so the cards can be connected to the supplied stainless steel wire rope loop.

The marking of the cards is carried out in the direct printing process, which means that the font is waterproof attached to the polystyrene plate. The back of the cards is white, you can label them with a common pencil and delete them with an eraser.

The price of the card set is 12, - Euro (plus 1,55 Euro shipping)

59387 Ascheberg


We sell dive site maps following dive waters:

- Auesee 8EUR

- Sundh├Ąuser See 8EUR

- Kreidesee Hemmoor 12EUR

, Boschmolenplas Panheel 16EUR

- M├Âhnesee 8EUR

- Storage basin Geeste 8EUR

- Baggersee Diez 8EUR

- Blausteinsee 12EUR

- Messinghausen 8EUR

Information under

Quantity rat possible.

59387 Ascheberg


Offer here a professional oxygen rebreather OXY GEM-11 Made by Kawasaki in the original transport case and all accessories. Everything is unused and in new condition! There are 2 x 5L carbon oxygen cylinders. One in the transport case and one in the device. These carbon bottles are particularly light. The rebreather has a full face mask. The container is filled with CO2-binding breathing lime. However, this should be replaced before use. Operation Manual is included. Shipping possible against assumption of costs. Pick-up preferred. Was intended as a craft object but nothing came of it.

Price 2000EUR.


Sell used mono steel bottles (3 liters) with valve.

The bottles no longer have a T├ťV.

Price for the white bottles (without holder): 90 Euro per piece

Price for the yellow bottles (without holder): 80 Euro per piece

Kreis Borken

Phone: 02865-601062

Because of hobby task I sell our rebreather.

This model of Rebreather has been taken as a template for the SF2 available on the market. It is therefore the predecessor model.
Visually, it is identical. The main difference is in the mind of the rebby and the operation. This will be explained in a moment.

This device has a simple shape and looks clear and compact.

This is due to the fact that the sensors are located in the tube.
The difference to the SF2 is due to the technology and handling. The SF2 is an eccr and this model is a mccr. The sensors of our rebreather are connected to the dive computer Shearwater Perdix (which is not included in the price). The dive computer takes over all the gas control and indicates when oxygen needs to be supplied. Another dive computer can also be connected here. The oxygen is supplied manually with an oxygen inflator.
The big advantage of this self-control and self-dosing is that you do not blindly rely on an automatic device. You always have your own control over your oxygen supply.

The assembly or disassembly of the rebreather is very easy, as the entire tube can be taken apart. All parts can be easily reached without unscrewing the accessories (1st stage / wing / plate / harness / bottles).

The electronics chamber is located inside the head. It is housed in the smallest of spaces, which reduces condensation in this area to almost zero.

The connectors of the breathing set are mounted slightly angled on the head, which contributes to an optimal positioning of the set and a pleasant wearing comfort.

The counter-lung is located in the lower tube. This leads to an ideal diving position in the water as well as low water resistance.

The lime container sits between the head and the centre piece.

The tanks are easy to assemble and just as easy to disassemble.

The rebreather has always been reliable and has worked flawlessly. It was well maintained. It is fully functional.

The Lieferumpfang includes:

  • Rebreather, as described above with oxygen inflator and all mounted hoses

  • DIRZONE Wing with Harness

  • Travelframe

  • 2 x 1st stage Apeks TEK3 with finimeter

  • Price: 2.000 Euro

    When picking up, there is still a cardboard box of lime.

  • In addition, the following can be purchased with extra charge:

  • Shearwater Perdix (dive computer)

  • 3-litre mono bottles

  • BOV (Golem Gear) with folding hoses

    Since this is a private purchase, there is no guarantee and a return is not possible.

Kreis Borken

Phone: 02865-601062

Mares fins with spring pull (rebuilt) and Mares neoprene shoes size 10 (shoe size 43)

11/2016 purchased

VHB 80-.


Phone: 017634693549

Ikelite UW enclosure. 2013 1 x used in the Maldives. Since then stored in the original case. I also add the camera, a Nikon D3100 incl. AF-S 18-55 f3.5-5.6 VR. The camera is very well maintained, has an estimated 20,000 triggers.

Since I am switching to the Nikon Z system, everything has to be handed in.

9x XSscuba bottle cage also for retail sale. Partly still in original packaging. Some were in use. Holders can be screwed onto the side of the ship or vehicle and can also be plugged into rows next to each other. All tip top in order. Payment with PayPal friend to friend. FB per piece 25,00EUR plus VAT Shipping costs.

I still have some accessories for pee valves (P-Valves, Pee-Valves) lying around which I no longer need.

- Quick Disconnect Clutch, for 7EUR

- Quick Disconnect plug, for 4EUR

- Quick Disconnect cap for the coupling, for 5EUR

- Quick Disconnect cap for the coupling plug, for 2EUR

For quick coupling and unconnecting of the urinal condom or She-P. All items are of course unused.

private sale under EU law; no guarantee/warranty/return.

Of course, there is also shipping. I prefer to send all things as an insured package (from 5.49EUR, depending on weight), but also uninsured on express request.


Dr├Ąger Panorama Nova Dive, high quality OC/CC Full Face Mask with many accessories in very good condition (used < 20x ), ready to dive!

More or less the best full face mask money can buy.

Can be used with a rebreather with a optional (not included) rebreather bite-piece.

1x Dr├Ąger Panorama Nova Dive

2x TecMe P-Port adapter (solid delrin) for Apeks regulators + extra O-rings

2x Dr├Ąger First Stage

2x Dr├Ąger Shark Second stage (1x P-Port, 1x normal mouthpiece)

1x Clear Pilot Anti-Fogging Spray

1x Mask Box

The mask is excellent condition, the p-ports plug easily and also the 'window wipers' rotate very smooth.

The two Tecme p-port adapters allow you to use your own Apeks regulators and that makes this a really nice breathing mask. Also the p-port allows you to unplug your regulator and breath ambient air while swimming at the surface or when gearing up. You can also switch p-port regulators underwater if needed, just make sure to practice in a pool a few times.

The visor/window was replaced last year as I damaged the anti-fogging coating (~ 100 USD/EUR). Retail value in well above EUR 1500 / $ 1650.

Asking EUR 750 / $ 825, shipping from The Netherlands not included.

Hello I sell my Gavin Long Tube Scooter with HDPE rear (the new one)

The scooter has traces of use, but is in perfect condition.

Shaft bearings, shaft seals and coals were renewed in 2018.

The scooter was mainly used for cave diving.

The battery pack has a burntime of 103 min (last test 31.11.19)

Included is:

Mascot Charger


Spare parts possible

Price: 1.111,00 EUR VB



Offer the following items, all used but in top condition. All prices quoted VB, all can be sent.

Seac Warmedry, L(28), attached feet in 44-44, top condition, see photos, VB 350EUR

Scubapro Jet Fins Max, red in M, with Springstraps, VB 60EUR

Mares AT Origin Sport, great condition! VB250EUR

If you have any questions or more / other photo requests - feel free to contact us!

Private sale, no guarantee, warranty return.

I sell five reels with double carabiners. The diameter per reel is 8 cm. The length of the cord per reel is 30 - 44 meters. Lengths per coil: 44, 41, 39, 38 and 30 meters

Complete package as shown: 90 Euro

Individually for 20 Euro each

Kreis Borken

Phone: 02865-601062

I offer here the following well maintained and functional diving excavation.

1 x Mares BCD prestige mrs L, integrated lead bags with quick discharge, incl. Seamann Sub Hammerhead, approx. 100TG - 120EUR

1 x FWT Schulz GS45 15┬░ dive light ca 20 TG - 80EUR

1 x Mares Avanti X3 fins with Springstrap approx. 100TG - 40EUR

1 x Apnea fins small 680mm, none 10 TG - 40EUR

1 x Mares Isotherm 6.5mm Halbtrocki L, approx. 100TG - 100EUR

1 x Mare 3mm Neoprene L, none 10 TG - 20EUR

This is a private sale, therefore no warranty claims, right of return, no liability, etc.

Self-collection Vienna

1140 wien

Digital Pressure Gauge

0 - 199 bar
Two-point calibration
3/4" connection with measuring adapter
Mains operation 230V

Price: 75 EUR

Pick up Berlin-Nord (Wei├čensee) or
plus 6 EUR shipping DHL insured within Germany

Sale for health reasons
(Task of diving)

please note other sales!
Private sale - No guarantee.
Warranty and return are excluded.


Phone: 0151-28786999

1. Constant flow regulator for oxygen, e.B. for ventilation or geriatric care
Gas flow adjustable
Bottle connection: 3/4" AG
(Oxygen thread 200 bar)
Scale metric 200 bar

2. Constant flow regulator for oxygen,
e.B. for ventilation or care for the elderly
Gas flow adjustable
Bottle connection: 3/4" AG
(Oxygen thread 200 bar)
Scale imperial PSI (Lbs/square inch)

not ready for operation
to adapt yourself for the respective purpose

Price: 50 EUR for both, 30 EUR individually

Pick up Berlin-Nord (Wei├čensee) or
plus 6 EUR shipping DHL insured within Germany

Private sale - No guarantee.
Warranty and return are excluded.


Phone: 0151-28786999

Underwater flash like new because it was only used 1 time in fresh water.

Price 235EUR


I am looking for a Divesoft HE/O2 Analyzer.

If you have one for sale, or if you know someone should sell you, just write to me.

Thank you and always good air


P-41 housing with Securus connection + valid T├ťV 599.- EUR without T├ťV 399.-EUR Chrome steel Separator with T├ťV 300-EUR .without T├ťV- 150.-EUR Securus detector new 299.- Filling strip with 6 connections / rocker arm, built-in pressure gauge 499.- ( if interested I still have to take pictures of the strip ) Final pressure Safety valve 330 bar, new, 199.- Used 225 bar, sealed with T├ťV SV. 98.693 0151 155 38007 Private sale without guarantee and return


Phone: 015115538007

Undertewasserblitz like new because it was only used 2 times in fresh water.

Price 280EUR


F├╝sslinge size 44 (Aqua Lung ) ca30 EUR

Jacket size M (Aqualung ProQD) ca300EUR

Fins (Aqua Lung) Small ca 35EUR

Breathing control set (AquaLung) ca290EUR

Trocki (Aqualung fusion Bullet Aircore) Size S/M

- 2 times dipped

all spare parts included

about 999EUR


Various diving accessories for sale at a reasonable price. The list on Ebay classifieds lists all items that are for sale. On request, I will be happy to send photos of the individual articles. Come also gladly come by. Everything has to get out.

Sell used

Hood Nothern Diver by Aquarius

As shown in the pictures.

Size L

Give up my hobby as a diver. That's why I sell my diving equipment.

It can also be shipped.

If you have any questions, please contact me at 0049 0162 962 39 57. Gladly also WhatsApp.

Price: 10,00 EUR

Pfarrkirchen - Bayern

Phone: 0162 962 39 57

Hi everyone, I'm selling an X-Tek QR lead bag system.

The lead bags have never been in the water, so as good as new

Capacity: about 4-6kg


Shipping possible for an extra charge



I sell an oxygen case. As you can see former Bundeswehr.

Bottle is still filled with 100bar. When shipping only emptied.

Everything is functional.

Price: Make me an offer.


I sell sidemount accessories for the SF2.

Everything that can be seen in the picture. It is all in very good condition.

Only the plate for the head has lost some color but no deep scratches.

Of course, a revision should be made before use.

VB: 999,- incl. insured (national) shipping.

If you have any questions, just let us know if you have any questions or if you need pictures.


Servus together,
since I have only decided on the Dolphin, a Dr├Ąger Ray is now standing around with me and looking for a new owner. ­čĹî So if you are interested in a good Ray, just contact me...

Dr├Ąger Ray incl. a 5 litre steel bottle (currently filled with 50%),

one 50% and one 32% dosing unit each

an oxygauge

Org. 1 stage from Dr├Ąger and regulator from Dr├Ąger

Price complete 1200,- EUR

No sale of individual components !!!

Hofheim am Taunus

Hardly used and like new

15 Euro + shipping 3.00 Euro

Sale under exclusion of any warranty or guarantee


Offer a Deco buoy.

Material is plastic

Below with beak valve and lead insert, so that it does not tip over on the surface.

with bag and leash.

Never been in the water.

With postage in D without islands 17EUR