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TUSA RS 340 regulator set suitable for cold water and in good condition.

Before use, a revision should be carried out for your own safety.

No warranty, guarantee or exchange.

Shipping plus 7EUR

Offer Apeks XL4 with ATX 40 Octopus

The Finimeter is not included!


Offer from club dissolution

6x Mares Abyss 150EUR/pcs

1x Mares Rebel Octopus 50EUR

2x Mares Nokos Octopus 50EUR/pcs

1x Mares MV Octopus 50EUR/pcs

All machines have been overhauled by the specialist dealer.

All Flex hoses are renewed!

Hello everyone

would like to sell my regulators and octopus because I can no longer go diving.

I have used everything twice for training Open Water Diver everything works perfectly no scratches or damage.

If you are interested, please contact us.

Price: 350VHB

Sell Regulators Sherwood Maximus
newly purchased 2010, annual revision,
unused after last revision, new mouthpiece
with inflator hose, medium pressure hose 200cm

No guarantee, warranty and return

Shipping possible
Price without shipping 200,-EUR

Bad Liebenwerda

Sell Regulators Sherwood Brut
new purchased 2010, annual revision
with finimeter, boltsnap, medium pressure hose for Trocki and Apeks - neckband octopus holder,
unused after last revision, new mouthpiece

No guarantee, warranty and return

Shipping possible
Price without shipping 120,-EUR

Bad Liebenwerda

Sell medium 100cm black 100cm
as good as new

No guarantee, warranty and return

Shipping possible
Price without shipping 25,-EUR

Bad Liebenwerda

Offer a 2nd level Z2 of ATOMIC here.

Has not been in the water since the last revision about 2 years ago - I still recommend a revision.

VHB 100,-

If you have any questions.

Sale of private, no guarantee, warranty or return name.

BOV (Golem Gear) with folding tubes (60 cm) suitable for cardiovascular devices for hobby task to sell. To protect the hoses, a second "layer" was pulled over in black and fastened with adhesive tape and rubber. At the top of the BOV, the "layer" would have to be reattached if desired. I left it that way for the photos, as it makes it easier to see which pleat hose is underneath. All items show signs of use, but are still fully functional.

Since it is a private purchase, a guarantee and return is not possible.

Price: 390 Euro

Kreis Borken

Phone: 02865-601062

Apex ATX 40 with Octopus and Finnimeter complete (additional replacement hose and mounting hooks for jacket)

7/2017 in Hurghada new for 350-. bought

approx. 60 dives and the last 2 years unused

VHB 250

Phone: 017634693549

After the system changeover, separate me bit by bit from my no longer needed equipment.

Poseidon Cyklon 5000 1st + 2nd level with Fini

2nd step with metal mouthpiece tube

Fini of Poseidon

Good condition - was fully functional on the last use.

Before use, however, I recommend to have a revision carried out.

VB 230,-EUR

Shipping possible by arrangement and assumption of shipping costs.
Private sale, therefore no warranty, guarantee or return possible.



I am looking for two mouth tubes made of metal for the Poseidon Cyklon. Please do not offer replicas or Baracuda derivatives.

I also take old Cyklon 300 to slaughter.


All lung machines / regulators / diving equipment can be mounted on a filled 12 Lt bottle and tried out :-D

CLEAN, WELL MAINTAINED and READY TO USE! A smoke- animal- and allergy-free household!

Hai, Moin Moin, Gr├╝├č Gott and a wonderful good day I wish :-)

2x for cold water as well as for TEK dives / sidemount BEST suited and several times internationally awarded and in good condition ATOMIC AQUATICS B2 lung machine / regulator incl. swivel on the 2nd stage plus a Z1 octopus and NEUwertiger 360 BAR Finimeter and NEUwertiger inflator hose from the buoyancy vest to the first stage for 599 EUR per set incl. insured shipping within DEU for sale :-)

It will be cheaper in the price if you want to do without some things on the set because you do not need it or do not want it...

2x the same set with a Z2, Z1 Octo and 360 BAR Fini I have for 499 EUR per set.

IMMEDIATELY ready for use! Miscellaneous of small parts or accessories I like to give :-)

Personal pick-up or delivery in the greater Munich area or DPD, HERMES, GLS, DHL ship WELL and CHEAPly throughout Europe!

Thank you for your interest and thank you for your email :-)

Of course, the configuration can be mounted with mounting according to standards of scuba diving, according to DIR, according to TEK & also according to sidemount

Atomic Aquatics B2 Regulator:

Almost identical performance to the T2 with a first stage made of brass
The B2 offers divers a good alternative to the T2 built entirely of titanium. The unmistakable Atomic Aquatics breathing performance is almost identical. The B2 is ergonomically designed to be one of the most comfortable second stages in the world, just like the T2. The decisive difference lies in the chrome-plated brass body of the first stage of the B2, which is more cost-effective without sacrificing performance. That's why the B2 won more awards in independent tests and reviews than any other regulator on the market.

First stage:

The first stage is made of chrome-plated brass and 316 stainless steel
Atomic Jet Seat High Pressure Pistons of the First Stage
Factory-sealed first stage, which prevents dirt from the outside by mud and sand and protects against frost
First stage connectors: 2 HP fixed / 5 LP on swivel head

Second stage:

The construction of the second phase is made entirely of titanium, just like the Atomic T2
Patented Atomic Seat Saving Orifice
Patented Atomic Automatic Flow Control (AFC)
Control knob for manual adjustment of the second stage in special situations
Atomic comfort swivel bearing, completely made of polished 316 stainless steel
Elliptical exhaust valve
Redesigned lid
A custom-fit, comfortable silicone mouthpiece with firm biting warts
2 years / 300 dives maintenance interval
Limited lifetime warranty - regardless of proof of maintenance

THANK YOU very much and always good air :-)

85221 Dachau

Looking for a Sherwood minimus to tinker with, can be old, not revisioned, without mouthpiece or tube.


Mares Abyss with MR22 & 180cm hose

Approx. 150 TGs

Works, last immersed in cold water in Dec. 2019, but a revision should be carried out. Last revision in 2016. since then 10 TGs. Papers and OVP available.



If you are interested, please contact us. Have revision. I haven't dived since. In perfect condition

I sell a once used regulator from scubapro with console from mares and bag. New price complete 850 euros.

500 Euro VB


Offer here super regulator set DIN connection, around EUR120.

Has not been dived for a long time, so I recommend to do a controller service. Always stored dry.

This is a private sale, therefore no warranty claims, right of return, no liability, etc.

1140 wien

Sell functional, cold water suitable regulator set from Aqualung with DIN connection, the 2nd stage is mounted on a longhosen (Miflex hose), an Octopus Aqualung Titan LX and a Sunnto Cobra with SK7 compass.

Always stored dry, but not dipped for a long time, therefore recommended to make a regulator service.


This is a private sale, therefore no warranty claims, right of return, no liability, etc.

1140 wien

Please use a historical regulator from Scubapro.

Serves as a illustrative object.

Whether they are still functional after a revision I do not want to say, therefore clearly as a defect for sale.

If you are interested, please contact me and suggest a fair price


I sell one or two Scubapro R195 2nd level (see photos). The regulators come from regulator sets that I use for dual devices, and I have no use for the octopus R195. Therefore, it is unused and in its original packaging (see photos).

FP: 65 Euro per piece (and if necessary plus shipping of 5 Euro for Hermes or 7 Euro for DHL (at the buyer's choice) or free pick-up in Bonn). No basis for negotiation, no exchange!

Final note: This is a private sale without guarantee or warranty. Since they are regulators, they should be mounted and reviewed/revised by a specialist.


Sell here as seen in the pictures

Regulator with octupus

Unfortunately I don't know when they were last in the water, so for collectors if you have any questions, just report it

Greetings from Weinsberg

74189 Weinsberg

Hello sell this regulator set. DIR configuration, i.e.: - Hose main controller 210 cm - Hose backup controller 56 cm (use standard hose using adapter) - Hose Finimeter 56 cm I would like to dismantle the inflator hoses before selling, but it is not an absolute must. The hoses are all 3/4 years old, as is the finimeter. Revision was made at the beginning of 2019, so 1 1/3 years remaining until the next officially specified date. I enclose an audit invoice for 166 EUR. First steps with the good metal finish. NP otherwise about 1,200 EUR. Price 415 EUR VB. I don't have to sell, otherwise I dive them on. Please no junk price offers.

Apeks controller stage atx 100 forged, 2stufe atx 100, Xtx50,Deepstopp pressure gauge, swievel and Miflex hoses.2x malleable mouthpieces.

Transmitter is not on offer.

Regulators have used traces and should be revised before use.

Vb 350EUR


Phone: 01715157480

VB 120,-

Sell a Sherwood Maximus regulator with Sherwood Minimus octopus with inflator connection and can therefore be used as a vest machine. Super cold water regulator with very high breath compliant. Last revision was on 12.02.2018. Invoice and measured values can be supplied. However, I would recommend a new revision in my own interest. Since this is a private sale, I can of course not offer a guarantee or exchange and return. Shipping possible.


I offer wg. hobby task a regulator Apeks Flight incl. Flight octopus and regulator bag. Used, very good condition, a diving holiday max. 30TG. My price 249,- for collectors.
For shipping please pay in advance and shipping costs according to expenditure.
PS: If someone is interested in compl. Diving equipment has, we also have bottles, lead, ABC, div. neoprene etc.


Offered here is a controller set from Mares consisting of:

- 1st level Mares 52X

- 2nd stage Mares Carbon

- Octopus Mares Carbon

- Finimeter Mares

- Inflator

- Regulator bag Mares

Fully functional!

Audit report revision is enclosed. It is too bad that the controller is no longer used, so it is sold. After the revision he was again for 5 TG in the water, since then he lies dry in the cellar.

Price 449,00 EUR VB

No guarantee, warranty and return.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Cold water regulator set with two separate 1st stages and finimeter:

1) Mares MR 22 Abyss

2) Mares MR 12

A revision should be carried out before use !!

VHB 170 Euro incl. shipping


Sell used

Regulator Set ÔÇô 2x Mares Abyss with 1st stage MR 22 T

Scope of delivery as shown in the pictures.

Incl. bag and two other hoses.

As a cold-water diver, I bought a second Mares Abyss as Octopus.

The last audit was carried out in July 2018. However, for your own safety, I recommend having a re-examination carried out.

The regulators as well as the 1st steps were always reliable. Even at water temperatures of 4 degrees Celsius.

Give up my hobby as a diver. That's why I sell my diving equipment.

It can also be shipped.

If you have any questions, please contact me at 0049 0162 962 39 57. Gladly also WhatsApp.

Price: 445,00 EUR

Pfarrkirchen - Bayern

Phone: 0162 962 39 57

10 francs for both

Two rubber neck rings to easily carry the regulator around the neck.

Fast pulling on and off due to elasticity. For the backup regulator around the neck. Two different sizes.

In an emergency, if someone pulls the regulator that hangs around my neck, it slips out of the rubber collar - so there is no danger from it.


Mares Carbon Octopus for 60 francs.

The Mares Carbon regulator is hardly dipped, the mouthpiece like new. Yellow hose included.

It has a mesh grid system and an integrated VAD with Fluid Dynamic reflector. This makes it super easy to breathe.

The original price is about 300 francs


I sell an Apeks stage controller.

Revision is new.

The machine is oxygen-pure and has an M26 shaft.

So as it should be!

VB: 199,- Euro incl. shipping

Private sale: No guarantee or return


Little dipped regulator set from Aqualung, incl. finimeter and inflator hose. 250EUR


New and unused Aqualung Core. The controller is Ovp and unused. 230EUR


Sell my Atomic M1 controller set here.

It consists of a first and second M1 stage.

The hose for the second stage and the inflator hose are made of Miflex.

The inflator hose is about 55 cm.

The hose of the second stage is about 210 cm.

The last revision was carried out in January 2018 since this 15 dives were carried out by me.

Basis for negotiation 350 Euro

If you have any questions, just write.

NEW unused set Aqualung Core Supreme regulator set (wedding gift) for 250 Euro plus postage (RRP 469)

NEW Unused set Mares Abyss 22 Classic incl Prestige Octopus Set (wedding gift) for 225 Euro plus postage (original price 299)

I sell my Atomic regulators. These consist of a cold water and a stage set:

3x 1st level,

3x 2nd stage,

2x Finimeter,

Miflex hoses and carabiners.

The regulators are in good condition and have only been used in fresh water.

The controllers are used, the sale is exclusively private. Therefore, no return and no warranty.

Before the first dive, it is advisability to return the controllers to a service workshop for inspection. The manufacturer's recommendation is 2 years, or 200 dives. The 2 years have been reached, the number of dives not yet.

Shipping: either self-collection, or by DHL.

Payment: Cash payment on collection, or bank transfer in advance upon shipment.

Price: 1100EUR


Because of hobby work I sell two Apex stage controllers with Nitrox M26 thread. (each 1st stage, second stage and finimeter)

The regulators have not been for revision for a long time, but work well.

FP each 149 EUR inc. Dispatch.

Good air

Wesel Rheinland

1 automatic lung MARES Abyss MR 22 DFC 1+2 stage (suitable for cold water) MR22 with 1 octopus MARES NIKOS.

Good condition. (both without current revision!). 1 Mares bag.

EUR 110.-


Phone: 01714410660

Offer my cold water suitable regulator systems.

Consisting of 2x first stage


2x Spiro 2nd level



Sell my first + second stages here

The Beuchat vr 200 system has been supplemented with an additional cold water suitable first stage.

Price 220EUR


For sale is the following hose:

1x MD regulator hose Atomic: 80 cm, new and unused

Price: 28 Euro

The price is exclusive of postage.

It is a private sale. No return and no guarantee.


Poseidon CYKLON 5000 1u. 2

- 4 medium pressure outlets UNF 3/8'',

- 2 high pressure outlets UNF 7/16'',

1 blind plug is missing for a high-pressure exhaust and one for the medium-pressure exhaust

Pictures to follow

Used but in good condition

Last revision was at the end of 2016, then 1 x immersed in fresh water

For your own safety, a revision should be carried out before use.

Private sale: no warranty, no guarantee, no return

Price 170,00 Euro plus shipping 7,00 or pick-up from Braunschweig area


Sell used regulators from a discount

Complete set

Mares Proton / Mares Proton Metal / Finimeter with compass as shown.

The breathing regulator is very well maintained and in good condition.

169 EUR VB

Private sale

Price + Shipping

No PayPal


I offer here a new second stage Poseidon Jetstream incl. medium pressure hose. Unfortunately, I ordered one too many of them and can no longer exchange them. So this is new material that I have to resell privately.

The pulmonary automaton is therefore of course in perfect condition. So you can dive right away safely! Of course, the machine has not yet been dipped and is sold as I received it originally from Poseidon.

A very reliable machine: Completely suitable for cold water (according to EN250) - have you ever heard of an icy jet stream?! The complete lung automaton is 300-bar compatible and can be used together with a first stage.

Price: 200,- Euro


I sell here a regulator of the brand Sherwood, the piston-controlled machine is absolutely suitable for cold water thanks to its CBS (Constant Blade System). The first stage has 4 medium pressure and one high pressure exhaust, the second stage is equipped with a hose about 150 cm long. The regulator has been regularly revised and is in very good condition.
It is a private sale, therefore no guarantee and warranty and no return.
Price: 100,- EUR incl. shipping by DHL within Germany