Offer Regulator Mares Prestige 15X Comfort - limited special series regulators

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Information from the manufacturer:
Mares Prestige 15X Comfort Sparset - limited special series - red inflator hose
Whether you are diving on holiday or in local waters. With the Prestige 15X regulator set from Mares, you will enjoy every dive. The patented mesh grid design on the front cover reduces the water pressure on the large membrane and reduces the increased flow of air. Thus, even with flow dives, it is not necessary to reduce the performance of the second stage.
Diaphragm-controlled, balanced first stage DIN 300 bar - can also be connected to 200 bar cylinder valves
2 high pressure connections 7/16"
4 medium pressure connections 3/8" - for inflator hose, second stage and octopus
Optimized arrangement of the connections for more range of motion
Total weight first and second stage is only 920 g
Weight of the octopus incl. tube is 340 g
The set will of course be shipped completely assembled and checked!
scope of delivery
Regulator Mares Prestige 15X incl. 1st and 2nd stage and MiFlex hose - special series in red
Octopus Mares Prestige with long MiFlex hose
Pressure gauge
MiFlex inflator hose (74 cm) in red
Regulator pocket for transport