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The scooter is about 3 years old and has few dives behind it.
Batteries are in good condition, were renewed according to the previous owner in 2014.
I never drove for more than an hour at a time, but he did that without mucking.


Sell Trocki Scubapro Everydry 4 Gr.50 Shoes Gr.45 with Northerndiver Dryglovesystem.

Hardly brought and 100% tight!



UW slave flash, delay time adjustable, with camera rail. for digital UW cameras. With spare seal and three filter discs. Impeccable, tight up to 40m. Price 110 Euro
Postage 6,00EUR


Offer dry suit of the company Kallweit
- Front shutter
- Hood
- right leg pocket
- Urine valve
- new cuffs neck / arm

I myself am 1,80m tall and weigh 75kg
Size L - 43 Shoe size

VB 530,00EUR

Alpen NRW

Good day
I am looking for a temperature display (20mm diameter; about 6mm high).
This display is on my console for a monitor 2 (the temperature display comes into the small hole; see photo of a similar console in the appendix).


Sell Weezle Extreme Plus with bag. Condition is perfect.
Size M-L (Medium Long) suitable for 178cm
Price EUR120,- plus postage.


Backup Lamp Led Two Ammonite
- 800 lumens
- 10 watts
- Length 225mm
- Diameter 53mm
- Boltsnap

have to hand in two pieces.
The piece VB 110 EUR

Alpen NRW

Offer Yellow Diving Tank / Lamp
Battery Tank
- 16 Ah
- E/O Cord
- Piezo button ( pushbutton switch )
- Charger

Yellow Diving Hid 24 Watt Lamp Head with Reflector and Goodman Handle
- Double end
- E/O Cord

The goods were unfortunately used very little and are almost as good as new.

for VB 800,00 EUR

would also sell the items individually.
Simply report to intresse.

Alpen NRW

Sell Suex XK1 fully functional service still Valid until 12/2016
Burntime 75min/200min Cruis / Currently still 60min full throttle/ 150min.
Stepless speed regulation
Special foiling (Lights up)


Underwater photo camera set Sea & Sea DX1G with extensive accessories and matching photo backpack

The total price of 500 Euro includes:

Digital compact camera Sea & Sea DX 1G with housing (max. operating depth 55 meters)
- 10 megapixels
- RAW and JPEG format
- Wide-angle zoom lens
- Short shutter lag
- System accessories

Matching Sea & Sea Blitz YS90 Auto TTL
- with fiber optic cable from Sea & Sea
- matching gooseneck
- matching rail with handle

- 2 batteries with charger
- Change O-ring for the housing
- original Sea & Sea wide angle lens (bayonet lock) !
- original Sea & Sea macro lens with matching closure !
- Jack Wolfskin Photo Backpack (ACS Photopack)

The complete used equipment finds space in the backpack and can therefore be taken on the plane as hand luggage without any problems.

Postal delivery is possible


Hello Community
I started diving with Rebreather and would like to dive after the courses with my own gyroscope.
So who has one to sell contact me.


Very good condition.

9th edition 2003.

Medically / physiologically very good to top.

Decompression theory seeehr obsolete, ca . End of the 90s. Dive computers are mentioned in just under two sentences.

As I said: In-depth in the field of medicine.

15 Euro incl. shipping.


Dr├Ąger filling bar for sale. Switchable between 6 ports 300Bar and 4 ports 200 Bar.
Width : 126cm,
Height : 44cm,
Depth : 12cm + 7cm for connections
Weight : 55 kilos
Pick-up/visit in Norderstedt near Hamburg

VHB 300 Euro
phone: 040 30857912

Norderstedt bei Hamburg

Phone: 04030857912


search Barakuda Giant in 46


Offer diving tank 12 l, short
T├ťV has expired 10/2015 (T├ťV was in 4/2013, since then the bottle was filled, but was not used)
Nautec double valve (cross valve)
Solid stand
Carrying handle
Bottle body should also be from Nautec.

Price 75 EUR
Pick-up only

Kelkheim / Taunus

Sell a women's size 36 diving suit. Very elastic soft neoprene.
Optionally with matching ice vest in the same size 36.
Price suit: 85EUR with ice vest 150EUR


Sell my DUI Dry Suit CNSEÔäó Select Series
1.5mm Hyper Compr essed Neoprene with Heavy Duty Nylon Laminate;
in black shoulder entry with zipper ;
Latex cuffs ;
for size 184 cm and 105 KG
complete with 1 ST Jumpsuit 150 and 1 ST Jumpsuit 300 ;
DUI Rock Boots ; Size 14
Hood with zipper and foot lead


Sell underwater housing Panasonic DMW-MCTZ10 for Panasonic TZ8/10. Used. Windscreen without scratches. Dense. Replacement sealing ring.

VB 115,00EUR, incl. Shipping


Diving tank D18 Halcyon

Offer diving bottle D18 with Halcyon valves/bridge, little used, T├ťV until 4/2017


Phone: 004369911153737

Due to hobby task dry suit Scubaforce Explorer with about 25 dives in top condition to deliver.

Full Cordura with neoprene socks, Dui RockBoots and DiLo dry glove system (cuffs unabridged). All cuffs and zippers are well-groomed or waxed, absolutely tight and in top condition. The Trocki was always peeled and of course stored dry dark.

I myself am 187 cm tall, weigh 82 kg. But it fit perfectly with a thick underwear and of course still offers room for improvement.
The socks or RockBoots correspond to the shoe size 45.

Of course, it can be visited or tried on by arrangement.

The original price for everything was 1450 euros and I give the total package for 800 EUROS.

Frankfurt, Rhein/Main Gebiet

To hand over because of hobby task:

Halcyon Wing Evolve 40lbs.
The Wing has completed about 25 dives and has always been cleaned, cleaned and stored dark and dry.
Condition as new.

To be handed in for 380EUR

Frankfurt, Rhein/Main Gebiet

- 12 liter mono bottle of Eurocylinders with double valve, long
- Stand
- White
- T├ťV new until 12/2016
- T├ťV and assembly slip are included
- Filled with compressed air ((only on collection)

Price: 170EUR (excl. VAT) Shipping)


This regulator set is completely redesigned by the diving center BlueWaterDiver in Regensburg and has so far 65TGs on it.
For the complete revision, only oxygen-compatible grease was used. Thus, the controller set is fully oxygen-compatible/pure! The measurement protocols and replaced parts are included.
The set consists of:
- 2x First stage Apeks DS4, DIN connection
- 2x Second Stage Apeks XTX50
- 1x medium pressure hose, 210cm length (main controller "Long Hose")
- 1x medium pressure hose, 70 cm length (backup controller)
- 1x inflator hose approx. 50cm
- 1x DIR Zone Finimeter 200bar, approx. 55mm diameter incl. approx. 60cm high pressure hose
- 2x stainless steel carabiner 90mm for attaching the main machine and finimeter
- 1x neck rubber for backup control (bungee chord 4mm)

- 2x Revision Kit 1st Level (DS4)
- 2x Revision Kit 2nd Level (XTX50)
- 1x hook key for 2nd level
- 1x oxygen compatible lubricant Christo Lube MCG 111 approx. 30g
- 1x regulator bag Aqualung Red Line 50

Set price: 600EUR


Sell here two new 40cf stage complete with rigging kit. Bottles are DOT, therefore no T├ťV possible. Bottles are silver nature.
Per bottle incl. rigging 190EUR VHB plus shipping. When picking up also gladly filled with oxygen.


BARE X Mission New!
I sell a brand new Trocki Super Suit 30 years warranty.
Bought it in February and never used it.
Size XLT, Boots Gr.13
I would hand it in for 1300EUR incl. shipping.
Bare suit pocket is included.
For 110EUR surcharge I could add an OVP Heser P-Valve.



Sell here my used dry suit BRITANNIC TUK from OTTER. In size, the suit is designed for a 196cm tall, 92kg heavy and slim diver with shoe size 44 and was bought new from the dealer in 2006.

Suit type: Heavy duty laminate suit with TUK telescopic torso in men's version made of OTTER SKIN elastic trilaminate.

Entry: BDM Medium Weight front zipper, above protective flap with extra zipper.

Boots: HD rubber boots with grip heel.

Hood: attached DRY STYLE neoprene head hood with neck sealing sleeve.

Valves: SI-TECH incl. inflator hose

Sealing sleeves: latex

Standard colors: black

Basic equipment: TUK system with crotch strap, 2 CARGO POCKET thigh pockets with integrated D-rings.

Optional equipment: Dry diving glove system and OTTER urination valve balanced version.

The suit is technically in good condition but has signs of use. He was dived until five years ago and was dense.

Price: 200,-EUR incl. shipping

Private sale--without guarantee/warranty--no return


It is for sale a very good used UW photo set:

- Nikon D80 (about 9000 triggers) incl. memory card 4GB
- various accessories for Nikon D80:
-- Charger + Cable
-- 2x battery
-- Video cable
-- Manual + Quick Start Guide
-- Carrying strap
- Fisheye lens Tokina ATX 3.5-4.5/10-17 DX AF
- Macro lens Nikon AF D 60/2.8 MIKRO NIKKOR
- Housing Hugyfot D80 (HFN-D80) with Nikonos V flash socket / manual CD
- Hugycheck (leak detector, pressure sensor and locking sensor with LED) installed in the housing / incl. associated vacuum pump + batteries.
- Synchronous cable Sea&Sea (suitable for Nikonos flash socket) for connecting e.B. Inon Z240. Matching silicone grease.
- Planport FLP-6.607 (suitable for the macro lens)
- Port Extension EXT-6.430 (20 mm)
- Large fisheye dome port FEP-6.608 suitable for the fisheye (incl. protective cover)
- Zoom ring (suitable for the Tokina)
- 4 x sealing ring for ports incl. matching silicone grease
- 2 x sealing ring for the housing

The camera works flawlessly and shows only the usual traces of use. The lenses are also completely functional and the optics in perfect condition.
The housing is 100% tight, lightning electronics and leak detector "Hugycheck" (warns BEFORE the dive of leaking housing!) work flawlessly, as do the control buttons and wheels. The ports are also fine. Both Dome and Planport have slight scratches, which are not visually noticeable in the photos.

Sample photos
Close-up/macro shots

The set can also be inspected / tested and picked up in Hamburg.

Price: VHB 2200 EUR


Sell a pair of dry diving gloves from Santi, size S, as new.

The gloves are very robust and roughened in the hand and finger area for better grip. Can simply be pulled over the cuff of the suit and then stay dry from the inside.

I bought them on the boat in 2015 and have only worn them once since then, as they are unfortunately a bit too big for me.

NP was 39,00 EUR, would like to have 28,00 EUR for it

38159 Vechelde

Offer my son's diving suit
It has now grown out. The suit was bought used and has hardly any dives behind it. See pictures.

Therefore for 10EUR plus shipping

Bad Kreuznach

Sell Seaskin Ultra 3mm Compressed Dry Suit
hardly any dives
always maintained and stored dry
Height approx. 1,77m
Shoe size 44/45
Chest 94cm
Waist 78 cm
Wrist to wrist 1.50 m
Inner leg length 80 cm
Neck circumference 37 cm
Wrist circumference 17 cm

Further information on request.

The suit was ordered from Seaskin in 2014.
Original invoice is available.

Since private sale no guarantee, warranty, exchange.

Price 600EUR plus shipping

Bad Kreuznach

Device fins for sale

Mares X-Stream with Bungee Strap, size XL,
Model 2011, purchased 2011

Original price: 154,00EUR

Retail Price: 60,00EUR


Wetsuit for children by Baracuda for sale
2mm, size 140

Original price: 40,00EUR
Retail Price: 10,00EUR


Search Gavin short tube


I am selling a Mares Hybrid AT in size M due to system changeover

The jacket is about one year old with ~40 dives and therefore has few easy traces of use. The only "big defect" is with a lead pocket where the zipper has broken (see picture)
The jacket is sold with the lead bags from Mares.

Original price was 420EUR
Retail Price 250EUR
Pick-up in the Lake Constance area or shipping (with advance payment incl. delivery costs)

- Fast and intuitive lift control by Airtrim
- Foldable backpack and back-friendly suspension system
- Small pack size (45 x 30 x 30cm), low weight
- ultra-flat exhaust valves
- Alu-D-rings
- Perforations in the back carrier
- robust Cordura 420

On request also with lead:
2x 2kg (each 10EUR)
2x 1kg (each 5EUR)


Sell used diving jacket from Seaquest. Fully functional.

Price: 70 EUR VHB


Sell little used original Turtle Fins.

Price: 80 EUR VHB


12 litre diving tank with two outlets, double valve, "Y-valve"
incl. net and stand
good condition
T├ťV NEW, until 10/2018
full (compressed air)
Pick-up: Hamburg
if applicable, "delivery" / "handover" in Hemmoor, on the Baltic Sea, ...

Buy price: 135EUR


6x LED lamp for sale.
Used... was ONLY in the water 1 time.... so absolutely AS GOOD AS NEW.
Including burner, battery tank, Goodmanhandle, cable, additional handle, belt strap and boltsnap ... for attachment to the harness.
The power of the lamp corresponds to about 100 watts halogen.
Duration approx. 5 hours .... with normal AA batteries.
Pressure resistant up to 100m and more .... self-tested
"smile" emoticon

FP 295 EUR ... plus shipping 6,99 EUR
Info & Purchase:



sell a 15Ah 24V scooter battery.
see photo
Possibly suitable for Gavin, Suex, Halcyon

The battery has not yet been used.

FP 65EUR + Shipping



Filter system P 61 Complete with Securus, as good as new, unused, VHB 1.650


Bauer Nitrox Mixed Panel consisting of 2 x P 41 With Securus 220 V, safety Valve, Pressure holding valve, flow meter, O2 Measuring device, Technical Documentation of Bauer with Test certificate and commercial Approval, New Test certificate for both Filter Enclosures 2016), shipping Possible on Pallet. VHB 2750 Euros



With ppO2 interface and 3-fold sensor holder



Kirby Morgan M-48

In very good almost mint condition



Sell various diving equipment here as we do not currently need it. We used them for about 10 dives in fresh water.

Jacket Mares Size XL with diver's knife and soft lead fish
Jacket Aqualung Size M with Softble ashes
Regulator Cressi with bag
Regulator Seac with bag
Bottle 12 l with T├ťV 07/16
Soft lead 9 x 1 kg and 6 x 2 kg


Regulator set Apeks CTX 40 with Octopus AT 20 (identical to the XTX series) freshly revised in February 2016. 1st stage (suitable for 300 bar) can also be rotated under pressure, for optimal hose routing. Included are matching Miflex hoses and an Apeks mouthpiece instead of JAX mouthpiece. The inflator hose and the finimeter are not sold.
Private sale, therefore without guarantee and warranty. Test report of the revision can be sent on request.
Price: 320 EUR VB


Sell Seac Sub Fins Kalibra in size ML-XL, which were used exclusively in swimming pool. The fin size is adjustable from ML ÔÇô XL. Since we have switched to harder fins, these slightly softer fins are sold. The condition of the fins is very good.

Price: 10 Euro (+ shipping)

The fins can be visited and tried on in advance, on request I can also send the fins.

Since private sale no guarantee and no exchange.


Hello dear diving friends,

I offer here a top jacket of the company Aqualung Seaquest Pro QD with SureLock lead bags.

Size: XXL
Condition: as good as new used condition, fully functional

2 integrated lead pockets with SureLock system.

2 Trimmble ashes

several stainless steel D-rings

3 air drain valves

In absolute top condition (see pictures)
More pictures on request

Price 110 Euro

Shipping possible.



now sell a dry diving glove system from Kallweit "Dryglove" to match the cold season.

The system has been equipped with new Showa "Blue Gloves". Since then, no diving has been done with it.
The set is complete.

Since private sale no guarantee or exchange.
The gloves can be inspected in advance.

FP 40EUR + Shipping




I sell a Suex ADV42 with almost all the extras

Bypass, Proplock, Cold Water Handle (N-Handle with wider handle).

The batteries were replaced by Suex last year and have always been connected to the charger (Ansmann) since then, i.e. virtually brand new batteries.

The scooter was used in 3 trips in France in caves and therefore has run little, on the tube are slight signs of use from laying. Otherwise a tip top part with full burntime. Original price so far over 5000EUR.

If you have any questions :-)

Price VHB