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Hello everyone

I sell a used but still well preserved Scubapro Pacific 3mm size 56. I am 179 cm, fit well.

The suit was dived a few times in tropical waters.

The salt deposits partly can be removed I think with a little insertion in fresh water. It was washed by me only briefly in the washing machine with hygiene dishwasher.

Original price was 130 EUR. Just make me an offer!


Sell my complete camera/underwater camera equipment for abandonment for 849EUR

1x Canon EOS 500D, 15.1 MP
1x Canon EF-S 18 - 55mm lens
1x Canon EF-S 18 - 135mm IS lens with lens hood
1x Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 USM Macro
1x Hama Skyfilter 52mm
1x Hoya 58mm UV Filter
2x 16GB memory card
1x Canon battery, 1x additional battery, 1x Canon charger
1x underwater housing Sea & Sea RDX-450D (which fits 500D and everything works!), waterproof to 60m depth, flatport for 18 - 55mm & 60mm macro, front lid, O-ring, O-ring removal tool, silicone grease, 2 viewfinder for housing (x0.5 & x0.8)
There is also a Hama standby bag for the camera.

Because of the size I would prefer pick-up, but shipping can be organized under certain circumstances.

Camera equipment has normal traces of use, but everything works perfectly! The UW housing is absolutely tight and has not been used frequently.
I only sell the whole thing together - but if you know the individual prices, you can see that my asking price of 849EUR is more than fair!


Because of hobby I have to hand in a Wing Halcyon Evolve 40lb with stainless steel backplate and chinch system (incl. adapter for tank lamp).
The set has made about 25 TG and is in top condition and visually as unused.
Always well felt, well maintained and stored dry and dark.

Cheapest original price on the Internet at the moment at 689,-EUR + 119,-EUR Chinch Upgrade = 808,-EUR

To be handed in for VB 620EUR

Frankfurt, Rhein/Main Gebiet

intova hd edge.
rarely used, slight traces of use.
with neoprene bag, red filter wifi remote control and pocket for uw, operating instructions.
whether the remote control works above or underwater I can not say as I have never used it.
wlan transmission with intova app on smartphone or tablet possible.
sd card is not sold
np 330 vp 250 (vhb)
self-collection or shipping (costs paid by recipient) possible

Dobersberg / AUSTRIA

I offer a pair of Scubapro rock boots in size L.
Brand-new. They are a bit too big for me with shoe size 43 over the neoprene socks of the Trockis.

Price 50EUR VHB plus shipping



I sell a Suex ADV42 with almost all the extras

Bypass, Proplock, Cold Water Handle (N-Handle with wider handle).

The batteries were replaced by Suex last year and have always been connected to the charger (Ansmann) since then, i.e. virtually brand new batteries.

The scooter was used in 3 trips in France in caves and therefore has run little, on the tube are slight signs of use from laying. Otherwise a tip top part with full burntime. Original price so far over 5000EUR.

If you have any questions :-)

Price 3200EUR VB


I offer a used regulator Cressi Ellipse Titanium MC9:
1st stage MC 9 SC
2nd stage Ellipse Titanium
In addition, a Cressi regulator Octopus Ellipse and inflator hose.
Purchased in 2012: 19 dives by 2013: revised and 20 dives by the end of 2014.
Since 2015 I dive with a different regulator.
Price VB 200,- Euro

since private sale no guarantee and no return


150 Euro, NP 299 Euro, only tried on...
Shipping 7,50 Euro

The high-quality, two-piece underwear

keeps you warm not only during the dive. it is also extremely comfortable and can also be worn as clothing before and after the dive. The softshell material (trilaminate with membrane) with fleece lining is breathable and water-repellent. The material thickness of the Long John is 800 g and the jacket 720 g.

Stretch inserts under the arms and mesh insert on the left arm. flexible crotch strap
Neoprene cuffs on arms and legs. Arm and leg loops as well as Velcro compression strap on the calf vertical pocket on the chest.


Diving case from IQ Company, used but fully functional.

Dimensions 70 x 55 x 35 cm

With two fin pockets and another outer compartment, as well as castors and carrying straps.



I sell here my new Scubapro full face mask.

ÔÇó Black, chemical-resistant silicone mask body
ÔÇó Insensitive to hydrocarbonates
ÔÇó Five-piece silicone mask tape spider
ÔÇó DIN tested screw connections with one-way valve
ÔÇó Automatic air flow, direct breathing without inner mouthpiece
ÔÇó Separate eyes, mouth and nasal cavity
ÔÇó Low internal volume
ÔÇó Automatic blow-out valve in the chin area
ÔÇó Large nose oriel
ÔÇó Buoyancy-neutral properties

Kind. No. Description Recommended. VK current Scubapropeisliste
24.150.000 full face mask 519EUR
24.150.013 Adapter for 2nd level 6,90EUR
24.150.040 2nd Level Adapter Kit 60EUR

Price is 295,00 EUR incl. the additional kits -

Sell complete equipment because of hobby task
1 Bare Drysuit mt 3 Underwear : CT 200 Polarwear Extreme,Seemann Tecno,
Weezle Exteme +
And hood Bare 7mm, and dry gloves ÔÇô NORTHERN DIVER
1 Mero diving suit 7mm: with 2 hoods, 2 pairs of finger gloves, 2 pairs of GNT mittens
2 bottles: 12 and 15 Ltr., Finimeter
1 regulator Scubaro A 700, 1 regulator R 190
2 times 1st stage Scubabro MK 17
4 times device fin: Cressi, turtle Fin Tec, Polaris, Force Fin pro
1 diving vest Cressi S111 with 16,5 Kg lead
Dive computer Uwatec Smart Z with transmitter, dive light Treble Light 3 levels,
Compass Suunto MK 7
Rescue buoy, zipper, diving mask snorkel, dry bar, bottle carrier handle,
Storage bags, bottle net, 2 OMS lead bags
For 1.500, - Euro without guarantee there used. I am 1,82m and cradle 82 Kg.


SEARCH: Heinrichs Weikamp Digital Adapter

Hello, I am looking for a Heinrichsweikamp digital adapter for Nikonos-V plug. Maybe someone has one that he no longer needs!

Best regards!


I am selling a battery operated FWT Schulz dive light GS45, BeamerII warm

The rechargeable batteries are of course included. Also a Subgear Retractor (110cm, 0.5kg) to attach the lamp

Retail price: 200EUR
Pick-up in the Lake Constance area or shipping (pre-checkout + shipping costs)

Great and sturdy lamp - super luminosity with warm light.

It is ideal for illuminating on more colorful dives or as a photo and video lamp!
Due to the possibility to operate the lamp with batteries and also with rechargeable batteries, this lamp can be used for the occasional diver and frequent diver. This lamp uses three high-performance LEDs with warm-tone light (comparable to halogen light).

Key features:

Lamp housing completely made of seawater-resistant and shock-resistant aluminum housing.
Chemically hardened mineral glass pane with a wall thickness of 6mm.
8 pieces of Mignon LSD (LOW SELF DISCHARGE) NiMH batteries.
3 high-power LEDs with 2,340 lumens* warm tone.
Patented rotary switch for on/off with transport protection.



I am looking for a scooter, e.g. Suex 14, Halcyon T16 or comparable.


Heating vest TillyTec

110 EUR ÔÇô Uelzen

The heating vest is like new, has only been used 4 times


Sell a 7mm women's suit size S/M by Beuchat. Incl. ice vest, hood, neoprene shirt and
Neo shoes in size 39 , as well as women's three-finger gloves.
Beautiful high stretch suit with moulded chest for women. Convenient entry and exit.
All in good condition.
Price VB. 190EUR
If you are interested or have any questions, Tel.: 0172 568 7730
K. Bienick


Sell a high quality Zeagle 911 rescue Wingjacket (used)Size S/M . The jacket is in perfect condition. Two quick drains at the back of the buttocks area, one on the inflator. Many rings and adjustment options. Small pocket front right (but can be removed). Small diver's knife front left. Quick discharge device for the lead pockets. Short and long straps for mono and double bottles.
Price VB. 250EUR
If you are interested or have any questions, please call 0172 568 7730
K. Bienick


Sell regulator set Aqualung Legend with LX and two first stages. The set is newly revised in the specialist trade (cost for it: 170EUR) then no longer dipped. Invoice is enclosed. Technically everything flawless! Main controller with 210cm flex hose, second controller with 60cm and neckband. Finimeter and inflator hose also included. Original hoses are included. All this in a Beuchat regulator pocket.
Price VB. 320EUR
If you are interested or have any questions: Tel.: 0172 568 7730
K. Bienick


Light & Motion Video Universal Housing Stingray HD used, newly bought 2010, 2x used,
therefore optically absolutely as good as new condition. NP over 5,000 euros
Universal underwater housing can be used for many Sony cameras. Complete set with 2000 lumens LED lighting system Sea Ray and all accessories.


Waterproof D70 SC

- almost 3 years old / approx. 34 dives
- 3.5 mm CR Neoprene
- Height from 175 -181 cm
- Chest circumference 96 - 100 cm
- Boots 27 cm (shoe size 40 -42)
- new arm cuffs
- including Cordura dry bag + ND hose

Price: 480 EUR


A Sauersoff analyzer for Nitrox with a new lithium battery is sold.

Price: 225 EURO (original price: ~340 EURO)

More pictures on request.

Scope of delivery:
- Analyzer
- Tool
- Storage bag/box
- Instruction manual

- Operation with only one button
- Measurement in both flow directions
- Display of the MOD of the measured gas (instantaneous O2% and pO2 max)
- splash-proof
- Calibration gas detection
- Calibration at the push of a button
- "Freezing" of the display value
- Setting the pO2 max (1.2 ... 1.8 bar)
- Shutdown automatically
- Battery warning
- Warning for consumed O2 sensor
- Oxygen sensor easily replaceable (D-05)
- Replaceable lithium battery (CR 2430)
- Resolution 0.1% O2
- Measuring range 0.1 ... 100.0% O2
- Temperature range 0 ... 50┬░C

Private sale. No warranty, no return.


Oceanic VTX dive computer used (4 dives)
Bottle pressure transmitter
Bungee Mount + Original Bracelet
only EUR 699,-

Original price:
Computer+transmitter EUR 999,-
Bungee holder EUR 49,-



Watch computer, air integrated
Operating modes standard (air & nitrox), finimeter, freediving and compass
Activmatrix OLED display with adjustable brightness and auto-dimming option
Hoseless air integration Yes - up to 4 transmitters
Digital compass 3-axis with misdirection compensation
4 Gas mixtures
Nitrox capability 21-100%
Personal alarms and alarm confirmation
Dual AlgorithmÔäó
Automatic height adjustment
Ascent Speed Monitor (Depth Dependent)
Safety stop Adjustable, with timer
Depth Stop Optional
Logbook for 24 dives
PC/Mac & Mobile Interface
Bluetooth 4.0 LE interface
Firmware updatable
User replaceable batteries
Battery life 30 diving hours (3v CR2)

A-2761 Miesenbach

Offer here my SCR from Submatix. Have rebuilt it so that it can be easily attached to a backplate. A second lime tank from Dr├Ąger is also included. All jets needed for diving are available. The optimal entry-level device for rebreather diving. All O-rings were replaced by me about 1 year ago. The original jacket is of course also included. If you still have questions, you can email.

Price is 1300EUR


Sell almost new Subgear Lady diving suit for 100,00 EUR. After purchase used only twice in Spain. After that, I had to give up diving for health reasons. With the element FIVE, SEEMANN developed a diving suit with 5/6 mm neoprene thickness especially for women. A mix of 5 mm softneoprene and ultrastretch ensure absolute comfort and free movement. Since women have an increased need for warmth, 6 mm of highly flexible ultrastretch neoprene is processed in the entire upper body area.

The feminine pattern ensures the fashion aspect, which already created a unique demand for the element - here in ice blue! Even the knee pads have been tuned to the female taste.

The integrated spine pad in the back is also particularly appreciated by divers, as it distributes the weight of the bottle better and thus feels more pleasant and lighter.

The zippers on the arms and legs are sealed with Neospan Seal. The diagonal back zipper does not tear out and makes it particularly easy to put on and take off.

The short neck zipper at the front is also a feature that is particularly appreciated by the ladies, as it takes the pressure on the neck before and after the dive.

The instrument holder I-Grip gives the whole thing the necessary icing on the cake!

Original price is e.B: Amazon 215 Euro. Can also be viewed on the Internet.

The suit can be sent as a package for 7 euros.


Because of hobby task dive computer UWATEC ALADIN 2G with bungee mount to hand over.

Only 4 dives have been completed with this as it was replaced as a warranty claim towards the end of the warranty.

Original price 250EUR, for 150EUR.

Frankfurt, Rhein/Main Gebiet

Wants to sell my underwater skin Subal ND700 for a Nikon D700.
depth: 70 m
Weight in the water: almost neutral (depending on port and accessories)
Seawater-resistant aluminium alloy worked out of the block, highest surface hardness and corrosion resistance due to HardCoating. All parts made of hard anodized light metal, acid-resistant stainless steel and plastics of the highest quality. Sealing by seamless precision O-rings. SUBAL QuickLock closure system.

Width x Height x Depth:
Approx. 245 x 190 x 145 mm
(without port and handles)

Flash arm mounting:
2 T-plates 25 mm

Transmission and functions:
Main switch/display illumination, shutter release, zoom (manual focusing), front and rear command dial, lens unlocking, focus mode (M-S-C), measuring field control, exposure measurement method, operating mode selector, AF lock, flash method/flash power correction.

Pushbuttons for:
Mode, Exposure Compensation, Playback, Delete, Menu, Protect, Image Index, Zoom In, OK, ISO, Quality, White Balance, Multifunction Buttons, Info.

Interested - Price: VB 1.900.- please PM!


Please see picture

all for 699.-EUR


Due to a system change I sell my Panasonic GX7 including Nauticam underwater housing NA-GX7, 4'' dome port and Olympus 14-42 mm lens with Nauticam zoom ring.
The equipment was purchased in November 2013 and is in very good condition!

The camera was mainly used underwater and there is a protective film on the display since the purchase. The warranty of the camera runs until December 2017.
The housing (NA-GX7) was only used for 58 dives. It has an electronic leak detector. The vacuum valve is not included!!
The dome port is scratch-free!

Both the lens (Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 II R) and the zoom ring are absolutely as good as new and show no signs of wear!! The zoom ring is suitable for all Nauticam underwater housings!

Also included in the scope of delivery are a complete O-ring set for the housing, as well as two further O-rings for the rear lid of the housing. Furthermore, O-ring grease and a second battery for the camera.

If you have more detailed questions, please do not hesitate to contact me! Other photos or photos with better resolution can also be provided if required!

My asking prices (incl. shipping within AUT and GER) are as follows:
- Housing without port: 1200EUR VB
- Housing with port: 1600EUR VB
- Housing with port and camera body: 2000EUR VB
- Entire set 2300EUR VB
The original price of the set at current prices is about 3100EUR.

Shipping to other countries possible on request!
Since this is a private sale, no guarantee and excluded from exchange and return!

Graz (├ľsterreich)

Sell new LADIES wetsuit.
Xcel Hydroflex
Size 14.

Unfortunately, it doesn't suit my wife.
It should be a gift.

Brand-new..... With labels.
Dressed only once for rehearsal.
Price according to Internet... Over 200 euros.

Please refer to the Internet for data.

Make a Best Offer
Only realistic offers receive a reply.

but none : give yourself 50 euros, you know .....
Such are deleted directly, as well as outrageous ones.

I have nothing to give away. And the suit is BRAND NEW!!

A blackened bill could be attached.
But because of private data... Guarantee in case of need about me.

Sell this brand new and guaranteed unpunged Trocki. Got it as a gift 2 years ago, but was never in the water with it, because diving in the cold season is just nothing for me. In addition, there is a SubGear Trockib├╝gel for free. The inflator hose is also included.
The suit hung in the closet protected from light.

Fits divers around 170 cm in size with normal figure. The boots fit shoe sizes 39-40.
Here is the manufacturer's description:
Dry suit made of pre-compressed 4mm neoprene, developed for the demanding sports and professional diver.
Cutting and anatimic design were further optimized in complex tests. Equipped with booties. that can be turned to dry
of the suit after diving.
The thigh pocket is made of Cordura 1000 and provided with stretch folds to increase capacity.
The reinforcements on shoulders, elbows, knees and buttocks are made of highly resistant material, which is why the Warmdry has also become a very popular suit for professional divers.
Exterior lamination: Poly PK Heavy Duty + Powertex
Inner lamination: Nylon
Zipper: DRY BDM made of metal with protective flap
Seams outside: blindly sutured
Seams inside: sealed with neoprene tape
Neck cuff: Glide Skin
Wrist cuffs: Smooth Aquastopp

Price: 350,00 EUR

This is a private sale without guarantee and return.
Shipping is by advance transfer + 7,50 Euro postage.
If you are interested, please write me a message. Thank you and LG!



sell used Apeks DS4. The first stage works perfectly.

Revision is recommended as always with used regulators.

Price 70EUR plus shipping

Sell here a P-Weight lead system of the brand V4Tec with a weight of approx. 3.4 kg. The weight is integrated into the fold of a wing jacket and fixed with wing nuts.

If you have any further questions, just send a message or call.

Since the original price is just under 80EUR I find 59EUR as a selling price quite fair. Shipping is always extra.


Sell a Halcyon Harness knife. It is the Titanium version. The vagina is made of webbing and is pushed over the abdominal belt of the urine. The knife is in very good condition. My VHB is 59 EUR.
+49 151 14271445
If you have any questions, just call


sell an Aqualung Scissor Knife. The knife can be turned into scissors by opening the latch. This makes it easy to cut lines or nets. The knife comes in a sturdy plastic sheath that can also be easily attached to a pleated hose.
If you have any questions, just call
+49 15114271445


Mechanical test bench (Lothar Weiss) with accessories (shafts, valves)
for 1st and 2nd stage to adjust and check cylinder valves


Large diving trolley with matching backpack.
Drop off a large trolley with a backpack!
Normal signs of use.Zippers all healing.
Dimensions: approx. 41 x 45 x 79 cm (D, H, W)
Weight approx. 3800 g
Material: 840 Denier Nylon
Stowable telescopic rod
Stowable, padded carrying straps
1 circumferential zipper
Ball-bearing smooth-running rollers
3 carrying handles
stable due to solid base plate
Dimensions Day-Pack: approx. 20 x 15 x 8 cm (H, W, D)
VB 80


sell my wetsuit, about 4mm, custom made by Camarro. Gr 38 /40; with jacket;
Shipping possible. 20 euro


Waterproof H1 10mm

Brand new hood from Waterproof, which
unfortunately a tick too big for me.

Very warm and good fit.

Size is M/L

Price incl. vers. Shipping: 55 Euro


Sell my very well preserved Santi E.Motion, unfortunately the food on the holidays was too delicious, so it no longer suits me.

The suit is custom-made and corresponds between men S and M.
Also for women with about 38/40 clothing size.

I am about 172 tall and (was) slim
Shoe size 39/40.
The suit has an XL shoe on it.
(Consider thick socks)

The suit is in a 1a condition.
It has a brand new zipper that has only been in the water 2 times.
Arm and neck cuffs recently replaced.
Special feature both leg pockets have an additional zipper compartment not standard.

Incl. a Heser P-valve (on request also without)
Incl. Santitasche

You are welcome to try on the suit in Hamburg or, depending on the date, in Hemmoor.

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail.

Price 1250 EUR


I'm looking for a Tauccomputer.

Mares Puck Pro.

Please only the Pro version.


Thank you.

Diving Compressor KompTec/Mohnsan Mini II, super lightweight.
I bought the Compressor used 3 Years ago and unfortunately did not use it.
Length 650, Width 300, Height 400, weight about 29 kg
Honda 4 Bars 1 Cylinder engine 3KW Air Delivery POWER 70l/min

The Compressor is sold privately without Warranty.
Fixed Price 880 Euros


We invite all interested divers to our first Poseidon Rebreather course in 2016.
If you have always wanted to learn silent hovering under water, you can start this in our beginner course from 19.02. - 21.02.2016.
As part of this course, we will teach you all the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to explore the underwater world safely with a Poseidon MKVI / Se7en.

We will start on Friday evening with the theory and introduction to the rebreather.
The first dives in the surrounding area are planned for Saturday and Sunday.
In total, there are at least 6 dives with 270min dive time on the program, of which we will manage about 4 TG on these days.
The remaining dives will then be carried out on another day (appointment will be made individually).

Prerequisite for participation is at least CMAS* (or equivalent) certification, Nitrox* certification, 20 open water dives and current certificate of fitness for diving.

The costs for the course amount to 500, - EUR incl. certification, course documents and entrance fees. Costs for lime and gas are charged according to consumption.

optional extras:
Nitrox* rate 50,-EUR
Poseidon MKVI rental device for the course 100,-EUR

If you already have a Poseidon Rebrather Basic certification, we can also carry out the Rebreather-Advanced course Poseidon (40m decoration) this weekend (400, -EUR incl. certification, course documents and entrance fees). For this, however, a separate rebreather is necessary.
We can also offer crossover courses from other CCR devices.


Phone: 0201-7587731 Visit Sauerstoffsensoren

For sale is a Wenoka Squeeze Titanium dive knife in the pointed version

optimal as a jacket knife (retaining screws incl.)
Titanium blade
Sawtooth blade (serrated edge)
Line cutter
Tanto blade: tool function and tip in one!
Incl. jacket holder and hose holder


Shipping possible: as a shipment 2,20EUR or as DHL parcel 3,90EUR


OSTC MK 1 with ppO2 interface and sensor necker

Very good trimix computer can be dipped OC/CC




Suunot Helo2

the computer is only one year old has about 20 TG
has never been in salt water



Hydrogom CMF with Apeks DS4

Good condition

works without objections



Dive System Tec Deep 40+40 Black

Wing Jacket in good condition

with backplate, urinary, and single tank adapter



Dr├Ąger Dolphin (Black)

SCR Rebreather with 3 Nitrox nozzles
V4Tec Backpalte Adapter
2x 5l bottle for Nitrox
1x 2l bottle for bailout
Various adapters


the wing shown in the pictures is not part of the offer but can be used against

400EUR surcharge to be purchased with

For question or more pictures I am at your disposal

If you are interested, it is best to call




I sell my Mares Mission 3 dive computer, has about 15 Tg behind it and still works perfectly, new battery is also in it. The price is a matter of negotiation.

If you are interested, please send us an e-mail with an offer.