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A WENOKA-BIG SQUEEZE Titanium diver's knife is sold.

This is a high-quality titanium knife with a simpler pressure-closure mechanism in the handle and plastic sheath. The blade is very shafty and lies comfortably in the hand.

- Blade length 115mm
- Titanium
- Saw grinding
- Linen cutter
- flattened tip
- Plastic sheath with screw connection for jacket attachment

The diver's knife has only been used 2 times and is therefore in mint condition. The original price was 110 euros.

The indicated price is on VB. If you are interested or have further questions, please contact us.
To be given priority to self-collectors, but shipping is also possible by arrangement.


IDE TSI 320 ET N Compressor
It is a 300/200 bar Compressor for Nitrox and Breathing Air Compaction in Super Silent Version. The New Price is about EUR 20,000,-The Compressor is completely outdated and opt-free. And technically in perfect Condition.
The Year is 2013 and the Operating Hours are about 970 Hours.
The Compressor is supplied with all Documents such as T├ťV Certificate, Instruction manual, declaration of Conformity, Etc.
The Compressor has a Control Panel to provide or adjust all important information such as: Automatic Drainage, Final Pressure Shutdown, filter state, etc.
The Compressor can be visited at any time as well as including Filling Process.
On Request, a 6-Compartment filling Matt can be purchased at a Price of EUR 2000.00.
VAT can be reported.
Tel: 040-2206064

Price without Filling Matt EUR 7500.00


Complete diving equipment for men
- Waterproof hood 7mm 3x used
- Waterproof 7mm semi-dry suit 3x used XL
- Pinnacle 3mm suit 4x used XL
- Oceanic 3mm Shorty 3x used XL
- Seac Boots Size 43
- Sherwood Jacket Size M
- Seac regulator unused
- Suunto ZOOP dive computer
- Pocket for regulator
- Compass
Price VB
All parts are hardly used, like new.
About the size ratio: I am 180 tall and weigh about 88 kg.

Complete diving equipment for women
- Beuchat hood 7mm 3x used
- Beuchat 7mm semi-dry suit 3x used XL
- Pinnacle 3mm suit 4x used XL
- Oceanic 3mm Shorty 3x used XL
- Aqualung boots size 40 NEW
- Aqualung Jacket Size M
- Seac regulator unused
- Suunto ZOOP dive computer
- Pocket for regulator
Price VB
All parts are hardly used, like new.
To the size ratio: My wife is 180cm tall and weighs about 70 kg.


Sell here used DiveSystem Tech Deep 40+40L Double Bubble Wing including Comfort Harness. The Wing was used on 17 dives, after that I got into the DIR system and it has not been used for 1 year now. The wing and harness are in very good condition (see photos).

Original price = 815,20 Euro (plus postage and shipping).
VB = 550 Euro (incl. postage and shipping in DE)

Since sale of private no exchange, no refund, no revocation, no return.

Included in delivery (see photos):
Wing with double bubble and 2 inflator hoses (main inflator short hose, backup inflator long hose)
Comfort harness
4 pockets (2 on harness, 2 extra)
Bungees for controlled air inlet and outlet
2 quick drains (dismantled because not used).
Mono bottle adapter

Manufacturer info:

Use it with backplate and single tank adapter (weight 7kg for single and double bottles) as well as without backplate and single tank adapter (weight 3kg only for single bottle)

Outer bladder double-stitched. Now it is even more resistant to wear and tear.
New coloring of the bladder and the pocket for the back plate. The colored stripe brings out the noble workmanship and sewing of the bladder, the pocket for the back plate is in the counterpart.
New linen cutter installed. Now the linen cutter is built into the front pocket. You don't even notice that you have him with you.

Bladder and harness:
Back buoyancy bladder interchangeable: 20, 27, 22/35, 40, 40+40 litri
Outer bladder made of Cordura® 1000 double-stitched
Inner bladder made of polyurethane Soltane F/B 400®
Bungees to regulate uniform air inlet and outlet

Backplate made of stainless steel AISI 316 or aluminum or carbon
Single Tank Adapter made of stainless steel AISI 316 or aluminum or carbon
(Backplate+Single Tank Adapter steel= 4kg; made of aluminum 1.2 kg; made of carbon 0.67 kg)

Harness from Cordura® 1000 den. fully adjustable
D-ring made of stainless steel AISI 316
Shoulder and chest strap with quick-release fastener, adjustable even when the wing is on and preformed also for the female body
Waist belt with stainless steel buckle
Stepper strap with quick release and stainless steel D-ring for scooters

Inflator and valves:
Inflator head with ergonomic operating handle, piston type
Inflator with simple connection knee and steel core that prevents overstretching
Three pressure relief and quick outlet valves

2 pockets with opening to the top (included)
1 linen cutter installed in the front pocket (included)
2 pockets with opening towards the bottom (included)
Inflator hose with quick connection (included)
Buoy pocket for the backplate (included)
Straps for fixing single or double bottles (included)

7kg (with stainless steel backplate)


Since I can no longer dive for family reasons, I sell my OSTC 2C. It has only a few TG behind it and has the usual signs of use.
Price 500EUR VB


Offer Scubapro Jetfin fins,size XL.Little dipped and in perfect condition.
Price 100,00 EUR plus shipping.Picture can be requested.


Scubapro Regulator Mark V/Mark V
200 bar compressed air, 2nd stage freshly revised,
1st stage in need of revision,
legendary very robust regulator for 130 EUR incl. shipping

73642 Welzheim

Vest machine AP Valves Auto Air with inflator hose, working but still better revision.

35 EUR incl. shipping

73642 Welzheim

sell a Seaquest DIVA LX here
Size M/L
for 120EUR with shipping in Germany
(Stay at the back/trim lead and front)

If you have any questions, just send me an e-mail.



I offer here a used UWL-04 underwater fisheye for sale. It has some small scratches that are not visible in photos under water. The Uwl-04 is especially suitable for 28mm cameras. The original price is 415,00EUR I would give it for 200,00EUR VHB.


Sell here because of overstock an ATON TL 1600 25 W LED lamp head.
I bought the lamp head myself at the time and it was only dipped by me. Always treated with care and has never let me down in the caves of France.
But since I have too much equipment, I have to get a lot out of it.


Bingen am Rhein

Offer Divesystem Tech Deep

Harness incl. V4A backplate and mono bottle adapter incl. straps.
(no wing with you)

Price 250EUR

Private sale no guarantee or return

Ludwigshafen am Rhein

Offer Alu backplate incl. luxury harness from Dolphin.
little dipped.

Price 100EUR incl. shipping.

Private sale no guarantee or return

Ludwigshafen am Rhein

Once I have a V4Tec clamp set, suitable for steel bottles with 7 and 8.5 liters or a bottle diameter of 140mm. Including the bolt set

V4Tec clamps are made of V4A steel DIN 1.4571.
VB 75,-EUR + Shipping

Also on offer I have a suitable bridge for double 7 or double 8.5 wide.
Here the O-rings are missing, they have to be replaced.
VB 60,-EUR + Shipping

Both together for VB 130,-EUR + shipping


Poseidon Cyclo 5000 O2, Revision Dec.2015
very good condition
Hose length 1,20m
with bag 2nd step

Price 160,00EUR


Poseidon Cyclon 5000, Revision Dec.2015
very good condition
Hose length standard

Price 160,00EUR


Poseidon Cyclon 5000, Revision Dec.2015
very good condition
Hose length 90cm

Price 150,00EUR


I am looking for a used lamp head with eo cord. Specifically I am looking for the Halcyon Eos 12 Watt or the Aton 1600. If you have one of the two lamp heads and you can imagine parting with this one, you are very welcome to write to me.

Greeting Christopher

Search double valve from Barakuda, yoc. approx. 70s/80s, see illustration, possibly only both internal spindles.


I am still looking for good and reliable children's equipment for my small 1-man diving school. And everything;-) Bottles, BCDs, suits, masks.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you and greetings from Lac Leman


Have several pairs of gloves for sale.

Size 10

5EUR incl. shipping

Sinsheim (Elsenz)

Sell my relatively unused (about 30 dives) Mares Ice Fit Trocki in size XL.
The package consists of Trocki, including Northern Divers drying glove system, hood, thin Mobbys underwear, hose and bag. The cuffs are only minimally trimmed and should be relatively tight at normal neck circumference. On the sleeves, the cuffs are not cut off despite dry gloves!.

The Trocki can be viewed or tried on with me!


Tilly Tec LED 2000 with IO-Cord
TT3 battery tank with IO-Cord
Tank bag, charger, bag, Godman handle.

approx. 4 years old
Litium battery OK
Original price was approx. 1300,00EUR

500,00 EUR plus shipping

PayPal possible


Sell a 14Ah battery for SUEX X-Joy 14
running time 60min with a 4Blatt Proplock
70 charging cycles and and charger. for 200EUR inc, shipping.


*New* Women's Diving Suit "Tribord"

Semi-dry 7mm
Size: 42 (M-L)(is smaller)
Colour: dark grey, light grey, pink
suitable for water temperatures of 10 - 18 degrees
Closure: Velcro on the neck, zipper on the back and on the wrists and ankles
Material: 90% neoprene, 10% polyamide
Double cuffs with zipper on arms and legs
Knee reinforcements
Wrist cuff for dive computer is included

The suit is unworn, spare neoprene pieces, wrist cuff and information about the suit are still attached to the suit

If you are interested, I will send you more pictures.

No guarantee, no return!

Shipping possible at an additional cost.

Price:88 EUR


Mares Regulator RC13055
Mares Regulator Abyss with one (1) Porton Octupus
without finimeter
100,- EUR


exchange apeks m26 for m25


Lieutenant Lund from 1959. According to the first owner only dived 4 times! In my possession for 21 years, unused and stored dry in airtight chemical barrels. Fabric, leather straps, hoses, seals are soft and supple. Breathing bag tested for tightness (still smells of rubber!). Without pressure gauge ( connection is provided with blind screw ).

2. Push-button valve
2 canisters ( a 10 l ) breathing lime

1500 VB

If you are interested, please only call: 015737286115 MfG


Lieutenant Lund from 1959. According to the first owner only dived 4 times! In my possession for 21 years, unused and stored dry in airtight chemical barrels. Fabric, leather straps, hoses, seals are soft and supple. Breathing bag tested for tightness (still smells of rubber!). Without pressure gauge (connection is provided with blind screw).

2. Push-button valve
2 canisters (a 10 l) breathing lime

1500 VB

If you are interested, please only call: 015737286115 MfG


I offer a 10 month old OSTC 2 (latest generation, Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Ready + Qi inductive charging). The device thus still has over one year warranty, the battery 2 charging cycles.
I leave the original screen protector on it (it has some very small superficial scratches, which are not visible under water and it would be a pity)
The latest multilingual firmware is installed and set to german. Further data can be found on the HW website. All parts originally supplied are included in the scope. However, the bungees are mounted and the small shark sticker from HW I have already glued to my car (which is missing) I sell the computer because of the purchase of a CCR, and this was my back up computer for OC diving. I have two Ostc 2 and am now selling the youngest!

Price 650,00 VB (Shipping 5EUR)


Subjects of the Brand Scuba Force
Gr is unfortunately not shown in the suit. But it fits a "normal weight" of 170-180 cm.
The underwear keeps you warm in winter!
Since I lost a lot of weight, I unfortunately had to replace it.
Unfortunately, the "handle" on the zipper has broken off. It was replaced by me with a leather strap. The zipper is fully functional.
The suit is washed and comes from a non-smoking and pet-free household.
He always hung in a wardrobe and not in a musty cellar!


Bare women's diving suit Elastek 7mm incl. ice vest
Size 16

The suit was only 5x in the water and is in very good condition.

The suit can be tried on here. Like to sell to self-collectors. If you do ship, the price does not include shipping costs.

Price: 170 EUR

Since private offer without return or guarantee.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Sea&Sea bags each 10EUR

I offer here two of the small Sea&Sea bags.
Condition perfect ÔÇô approx. 14x8x6cm

Main Taunus

Sell Mares Kaila MRS Plus Jacket Size L
incl. Trimmblesischen for up to 2x 4,5kg

Price 130EUR incl. insured shipping


Sell Subgear/Sailor 7mm Winner Overall + Ice Vest

Overall Size 40
Ice vest size 42

A total of about 40 dives, then change to dry suit

Price incl. insured shipping VB 145EUR


Offer as good as new (2 x worn) diving suit 3 mm from BoraBora in pink, size 38 for women.

Price: 50 EUR VB


MAV Set - SF-2

2 MAV's
2 QC-4 female.
2 QC-4 males. with adapter to 9/16 male thread
2 shut-off's

300,00 EUR plus shipping

PayPal possible


Tilly Tec LED 2000 with IO-Cord
TT3 battery tank with IO-Cord
Tank bag, charger, bag, Godman handle.

approx. 4 years old
Litium battery OK
Original price was approx. 1300,00EUR

400,00 EUR plus shipping

PayPal possible


Urinal condom for P-Valve; Wideband; 25mm; 16 pcs.
of course in its original packaging!
22.- Euro
Pick-up or shipping for a package fee.


Sell here my used dry suit BRITANNIC TUK from OTTER. In size, the suit is designed for a 196cm tall, 92kg heavy and slim diver with shoe size 44 and was bought new from the dealer in 2006.

Suit type: Heavy duty laminate suit with TUK telescopic torso in men's version made of OTTER SKIN elastic trilaminate.

Entry: BDM Medium Weight front zipper, above protective flap with extra zipper.

Boots: HD rubber boots with grip heel.

Hood: attached DRY STYLE neoprene head hood with neck sealing sleeve.

Valves: SI-TECH incl. inflator hose

Sealing sleeves: latex

Standard colors: black

Basic equipment: TUK system with crotch strap, 2 CARGO POCKET thigh pockets with integrated D-rings.

Optional equipment: Dry diving glove system and OTTER urination valve balanced version.

The suit is technically in good condition but has signs of use. He was dived until five years ago and was dense.

Price: 150,-EUR incl. shipping

Private sale--without guarantee/warranty--no return


Offer used UW photo equipment
Camera Canon EOS 5D Full Frame Digital Camera
Housing Sealux CC5 with LD viewfinder and all necessary bushings for the operation of the camera.
Sealux Planport
Sigma EX 2.8/50mm Macro
Price 950EUR
Everything in very good condition
Information also under 0173/4923732

Hello, search mobile compressor. It should be in good condition. ALTERNATING current preferred. But gasoline or three-phase current are also interesting. Please offer everything.


Phone: 01774660390

We have experienced a lot together, but now we are parting ways.
I hand in my SF-2 eCCR.
The device is one of the first CE devices and in fully functional condition.
It has about 500h of diving hours, also in the cave area, behind it.

It has some scratches, just on the head, but these are pure cosmetic flaws.
Sensors must be replaced.

SF-2 Backmount incl. Predator Controller
1 Tecline Rebreather Wing Special Edition 22
1 stainless steel backplate
2 Manual Adds with QC-6 equipment and complete OTS configuration
2 APEKS Tek 3 1st steps incl. shut-offs and pressure relief valves
4 set of bottle holders incl. clamps
1 original DSV (max 5 diving hours) without loop

VHB 5,200.00


New Apeks Surelock carriers for attachment to the belt and backplate.
Price 40EUR plus shipping.


Finimeter Tauch Team plastic 200 bar compressed air, diameter 60 mm incl. finimeter hose 17 EUR incl. shipping

73642 Welzheim

Finimeter Aqualung 200 bar compressed air plastic, 60 mm diameter with finimeter hose for 17 EUR incl. shipping

73642 Welzheim

NEW! Aqua Lung ABC equipment for diving size 36-38

Original price was 79.95 euros

I'm selling you because the MAske doesn't fit me properly.

I would hand you over for 55 Euro incl. shipping
Pick-up is of course also possible!


According to the new EU law, the following note must be listed for private sales:
I sell new and used goods. These goods are privately owned and I do not pursue any commercial purposes with my auctions. Since private sellers now also have to provide a guarantee of one year, if they do not exclude this, I hereby expressly declare that I do not grant any warranty and return rights for my privately sold articles. With purchase and settlement of payments, you expressly agree to completely waive the warranty/guarantee/return to which you are legally entitled under new EU law for used and new goods!
I confirm that all information of my offer is written to the best of my knowledge and belief, without any intention of misrepresentations and / or false statements!


Sell diving equipment completely. Jacket size xl Neoprene l-xl. Diving equipment is one year old.
With all the bells and whistles. Wireless immersion computer 12 liter bottle etc. as seen in the photo. only for sale to self-collectors for 950EUR
If you are interested, please contact us by e-mail.


Have an industrial compressor for sale.
The customer got a new system I bought the compressor and wanted to get it ready for myself.
Unfortunately, I don't have the time to do so.
Therefore, I am now putting the compressor for sale.
All maintenance on the machine was carried out annually
GI 120-4 by BAUER
3 stages
Mileage 15380h
Year of construction 1999
Air delivery capacity170L/min
Slow runner 1150 rpm
350Bar Model
Setting pressure cut-off pressure
Temperature monitoring of the 3 stage
Kw 4
with Securus P61
with Comptronic control (reliably displays maintenance and errors!)

Ran in an intranet without any problems until the exchange and was started remotely
Only a few jumpers have to be set on the controller to bridge the signals and the machine runs fully automatically.

Plant has compressed air no nitrogen!
Therefore, the wear is to be described as normal.

Maintenance would be on it now, but you can have it done at the friendly base dealer.

My asking price is 3000,-Euro
Basis for negotiations

I can send more pictures by e-mail.

I expressly point out that this is a private sale and no guarantee or guarantee is given.

Contact and questions please via the email address
Thank you very much


For sale because of system changeover:
Product: Everything can also be purchased individually!!!!
Hugyfot Canon 7D Mark UW housing: NP:2.350,00 EUR VB:1000,00 EUR
INON 45┬░ Viewfinder for Hugyfot: NP: 590,00 EUR VB: 370,00 EUR SOLD!
HUGYFOT Extension Ring 45mm: NP: 150,00 EUR VB: 60,00 EUR
HUGYFOT Focus/Zoomgear: 4 pieces NP: 132,00 EUR VB: 60,00 EUR
HUGYFOT Silicone Gear: 4 pieces NP: 132,00 EUR VB: 60,00 EUR
HUGYFOT Flat port Acrylic-L70/D100 : NP: 210,00 EUR VB: 100,00 EUR
Hugyfot Vacuum Check Pump: NP: 170,00 EUR VB: 60,00 EUR
HUGYFOT Wide Angle Port Acrylic-L50/D128: NP: 350,00 EUR VB: 170,00 EUR
HUGYFOT Fisheye Port Acrylic-L 25/D174: NP: 500,00 EUR VB: 250,00 EUR
md-lightsnake Adapter duo NEW: NP: 60,00 EUR VB: 50,00 EUR SOLD!
md-snoot, mikedive light former : NP: 88,00 EUR VB: 50,00 EUR
Isotta Quick Clamp: 4 pcs NP: 200,00 EUR VB: 100,00 EUR
Inon MR 130 Hugyfot Port with M67Connection
for e.B. Subseec: NP: 350,00 EUR VB: 170,00 EUR
Inon Z 240 Type 3: 2 pieces NP: 1270,00 EUR VB: 635,00 EUR SOLD!
Sea&Sea Sync Cord N Double Cable / : NP: 189,95 EUR VB: 90,00 EUR
Sea&Sea Spiral Cable 5pin Synccord NEW: NP: 85,95 EUR VB: 60,00 EUR
Subsee +10 Macro Attachment Lens: NP: 235,00 EUR VB: 120,00 EUR SOLD
Together new price NP total over 7000, - EUR

In addition, there are various spare parts such as O-rings, 2x hot shoe for Canon, neoprene sleeves, 2 flash arms with buoyancy bodies from Mike Dive, housing alarm batteries, silicone grease...... Etc.
Who wants to have the complete system VB: 3000,00Euro
Suitable for macro, super macro and wide angle.
You can also contact me by phone or Whats App: 01774235538
I look forward to your fair offers
Axel B.