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Sell as good as new double 12er package from BTS from 2009, 25 fillings with personal filter, extra wide VA clamps, DIR-style with lockable bridge

bei K├Âln

Hello diving community...

after I sold my double 8, the clamp set I bought for exchange is superfluous! Therefore to sell now:

V4Tec clamp set 140mm diameter, wide distance (40mm), brand new and unused!

List price for the things is 119EUR, cheapest internet price is 99EUR... I give them for 80EUR plus 7EUR shipping costs...

35396 Gie├čen

Sell 2 valves
Mono and double I have converted and that's why they are left.
Mono 30.-
Double 100.-

Return not possible this is a private sale. I assume no liability. Shipping is by Hermes package.
If you have any questions then just write an e-mail

67482 Venningen

Sell because of hoppy abandonment, double 7 300 bar incl. lockable bridge DIR-compliant.
Rarely dipped, normal traces of use. Stored only filled.
T├ťV expired since 4.13. New T├ťV problem-free!
for 350,-EUR
Shipping is possible for 15,-EUR
When picking up, I add the V-lead with it.

If you have any questions, please contact: 0160 96655049


I sell my new 18l bottle, as I have now completely switched to double bottles.

The bottle was under water exactly once and was purchased on the boot at the beginning of this year.

The bottle is equipped with double valve and stand and is naturally filled.

Original prices for 18l bottles are about 280EUR.
VHB is 200EUR and the bottle can be picked up at any time in Frankfurt.

I am looking forward to inquiries and offers and am always available for questions.

Frankfurt am Main

Hello everyone

look for a double device D8.5 with lockable bridge.
Even without T├ťV please offer everything.





I have different pieces of lead to offer here. These fit in lead pockets and can be threaded as a lead belt.

Are all covered with plastic! TOP condition since only dipped in bags.

The 1 kg are blue, the 2 kg black.

Interest? Pictures on request. I reply to every e-mail.


my double 12L 300BAR bottle pack.
Test pressure 440 bar.
The bottles still have T├ťV until 06.14

VB: 540EUR

No shipping!
Pick up in 27419 Sittensen or handover at the chalk lake in Hemmoor

If you have any questions, just send me an e-mail.



For sale is a 10L Scubapro diving bottle with double valve and carrying handle.

On the carrying handle and on the base of the bottle is a name on it.

The double valve is also from Scubapro.

The T├ťV has expired since December 2008.
The bottle was always under pressure!

I held a white handkerchief in front of the valve and turned it up to see if "something" comes out from the inside, but there is nothing to see.


I can also bring the bottle to the T├╝v again. However, there are then extra costs of about 25EUR and if blasting has to be done again about 25EUR.

I can also send the bottle, but I have to drain all the air.


Aluminium bottle set "ARGON"
Composed of:

Aluminium bottle "ARGON" 0.85 liters, 200 bar with compressed air valve (T├ťV until 2018)
Black with argon sticker and
Mount Straps/Attachment for Argon Bottle

Fastening strap for mounting on the backplate (bottle up to 1 liter) and
Argon pressure reducer "Mini" (1st stage)
Compact and small pressure reducer (1st stage), incl. hose, thus perfect for the argon bottle.
- Pressure relief valve
- DIN connection G5/8
- 2x medium pressure output UNF 3/8
Used, slight traces of use, Technical 1 A !
Price: 165.-
15.- Postage Insured ! Pick-up Vienna 22


Hello everyone

I am looking for 5 KG of lead, whether soft lead or normal hard lead. Please be sure to report!

Thank you!


Sell my 12L steel bottle briefly.
Condition very good, without great traces of use.

- Double outlet rotatable
- Bottle net
- Carrying handle
- Stand
- Tankbanger

and the best at the end.
All this is available for only 127 EUR.
Pick-up requested.


Offer double pack 10l 300 bar with lockable bridge 186 mm fl. distance, DIR-Style

ÔÇó barrier-free bridge
ÔÇó Steel bottles 10 liters 300 bar operating pressure
ÔÇó EU type-examination
ÔÇó spray-galvanized, painted
ÔÇó Color white
ÔÇó Compressed air connection thread G5/8" 300bar
ÔÇó Bottles stamped Breathing Apparatus
ÔÇó T├ťV until May 2013
ÔÇó Stainless steel clamp and bolt set
ÔÇó Bolts in M10
ÔÇó Diving tank diameter 171mm
ÔÇó Empty weight 15.6 kg per bottle (incl. valve)
ÔÇó has been made oxygen-clean
ÔÇó has only been filled by our own compressor or with personal filter
ÔÇó Bottles were always under pressure
ÔÇó purchased on 17.09.2008 (invoice incl. declaration of conformity/CE release available)

VB: 350 EUR


Sell from my stock a short 12l bottle with double valve and safety net. T├ťV expired in January. However, a new T├ťV should not be a problem. Bottle is well maintained.

Asking price 180,- EUR VHB (excl. shipping costs)


Sell a 10 L - 232 bar steel bottle with double valve and stand.
The bottle currently has no current T├ťV but has always been under pressure.
During the last interior inspection, no rust was visible. New T├ťV should not be a problem.

Usual traces of use are present.

Price: VB
Location Ruhr area.
Shipping possible, but then empty


Hello divers,

I am looking for 80 cuft Alu bottles.
I am happy about every offer.




Hello everyone
give a 0.8 litre bottle of O2 clean. Oxygen imprinting. T├╝v 4/18. New painting by specialist workshop. Content 100% O2. Valve and pressure gauge from Weinmann.


Hello everyone
I give a 5 liter oxygen cylinder with Dr├Ąger O2 valve. Bottle is protected by a new cotton net. Current content Nitrox 55. So o2 clean. T├╝v until 2012. But no problem oxygen imprinting. State 1A as you can see.



- 2 Nautec valves (left and right) SLM - valve Air 230 - cylindrical

Pictures on request

Raum: HD/KA

look for a 2.5 kg bag of soft lead from Scubapro.
Please with picture a no broken goods.
Thank you very much.


Offer here because of vehicle change a diving tank holder (sturdy self-made of metal with wood support) for sale:

The bracket consists of a sturdy metal strut with sprinkler supports (adjustable in length with a standard fork wrench) and a weatherproof coated wooden plate with metal reinforcement. In the recesses of the holder have space 3 diving tanks (fits for 7-18 liter bottles), 2 rows placed even fit 5 bottles on it. To ensure that there are no scratches on the compressed air bottles, the contact surface is covered with non-slip rubber material.

The spreading attachment of the bracket is adjustable in the width of approx. 144 - 154 cm and can even be extended with commercially available threaded rods. To fasten the diving tanks, 2 lashing eyes and a channel for an additional lashing strap are available.

The bracket has been made suitable for a Mitsubishi L200 pickup, but should fit since the attachment is adjustable, with almost all pickups, station wagons or vans (possibly minor adjustments are necessary).

The vehicle shown, the diving tank and the lashing straps are only for assembly examples and are not part of the sale.

In terms of price, I imagined 55 euros for this elaborate self-construction.

Collection of the article in 65428 R├╝sselsheim (near Opel plant) desired.

All information without guarantee.

Private sale without warranty / guarantee


Double 2*7 liters, 300 bar, each 10.3 kilos, CE, Breathing Gas now with the new, extremely smooth-running 300 bar Halcyon valves, oxygenclean, DIN G5/8, with rubberknobs and wide shut-off bridge (185mm).

Smooth running is achieved by a special design and higher manufacturing precision. A special sub spindle - an advantage for every diver who wants to operate his valves himself (valve drill!).

V4Tec stainless steel clamp set (wide distance), the device has filled the same output as the heavy D 12.

Private sale / No warranty / No T├ťV
No rust in the fl. / Slight traces of use
Bought in 2009 and always dipped with feet. will be sent with if desired.
02 Clean, always filled with filter.
Handover in Hemmoor possible (arrangement)

Price 420 Euo incl. shipping.


10 L bottle with monovalve. T├ťV until 7/2015. Valve overhauled and lubricated with MCG111 o2clean.
If you are interested, mail or 0176 666 97 904
Bottle from about 2004 Original lacquer well preserved
130 EUR VB


I am still looking for soft lead.May be used but well preserved.
Thank you very much.


Look for one or two doubles 12. T├ťV doesn't matter... no one needs ;-)

Please do not offer used bottles for 450EUR without T├ťV. I can get a brand new one for 499.

Thank you and greetings


I would like to clean up my diving cellar a bit. I just can't get to dive anymore.
I offer

2 bottles 40l one G3/4 valve with adapter to G5/8 - one with G5/8 valve
Oxygen filling (have to see how much bar)

2 bottles 30l valve nitrogen with matching adapter to G5/8
Argon filling (have to see how much bar)

1 bottles 20l last T├ťV 2011 G5/8 empty

1 bottle 12l Alu BJ 2000 T├ťV 2006 G5/8
with filling 35/25

2 bottles 80cft YOC 2009 G5/8
one with TX 18/45
one empty

1 bottle 80cft inch thread G5/8 empty

In each case against bid.

Bottles are to be picked up in 95499 Harsdorf.

Harsdorf 95499

Offer here a 14 cuft (about 2 liters) LP Luxfer aluminum bottle. Very popular as an argon bottle because neutral in the water. But also can be used well on circulatory devices. VB 90 Euro/piece.


Search Double 7 or Double 8 / 8.5 Diving tanks with lockable bridge. If possible with T├╝v, but can also be without T├╝v, in good condition ;)

Please offer everything


Sell white 80 cuft Luxfer Alustage with CE and monovalve (G5/8). The stage has typical traces of use, T├╝v has expired.
Pictures can be taken if needed.
Pick-up price 160EUR +shipping



I sell my Mono 12l / long / 300 bar / steel bottle from BTS because of switching to D12.

Valves are expandable, with second outlet

T├ťV until 7/2013
Date of purchase: January 2011

Proof of purchase and certificate of conformity are supplied.

Handover in Hamburg or, if applicable, Hemmoor

Submit against bid


Sell M12 briefly with double valve (poll valve) of the company Polaris, since I switched to double packages.

Bottle is from first (!) Hand and only immersed in fresh water.
Original documents are included:
- Invoice from October 2011
- Certificate: Initial commissioning
- Declaration of conformity

Bottle can be visited on site and also tried out (valves), is filled with air.

To look at and pick up either in Marburg or by arrangement at a diving water ;-)

Please only fair offers.

Sell Double 10 300Bar

- Double 10 300Bar Polaris
- Stainless steel clamp set V4tec
- Stand
- T├ťV expired since 10/12
- 3 years old

Price 350EUR VB
Shipping costs approx. 25EUR

Offer a Scubapro Double-8 (short), T├ťV until 09/2014, lockable bridge, normal shrub tracks, very good condition, was dived in Dec. for the last time. :-)

Asking price: 250,- EUR


Sell used compressed air bottle from Dr├Ąger. It is a 3L bottle 200 bar with a length of 390mm, diameter of 115mm, weight of 3.5kg.

Ideal for use on rebreather or as an argon bottle. I could also supply a suitable valve.
In terms of price, I imagined about 40 euros per bottle.


Hello divers

I'm looking for Stages 80 cuft.
I am looking forward to numerous offers.
Gladly self-collection.


hello come from the area aachen -cologne and sell a 10l bottle mono valve condition good t├╝v until the end of 2014
I would like to report 100EUR for questions :-)


Sell Argon bottle 0.85 liters with G5/8 valve and with Halcyon fastening straps for backplate, used. Price 90 Euro
Photos can be sent on request


Sell second outlet for mono bottles, NEW, O2-clean, 30 Euro (retail price 59 Euro)


10L Alu Stage, always stored under PRESSURE, 50%O2, with rig and stage controller Apexs DST /2nd stage, finimeter 335EUR


Search ALU Stages (tanks)

Hello are looking for one or two Alu Stages bottles.
New or used possible?!
Please offer everything.
Of course at a reasonable price!!!

no scrap please.
T├ťV yes; but without also possible.

Exchange - ALU/for steel bottles possible?

Thank you very much for the offers;
But all those who send commercial offers here should please also make this recognizable.



sell almost as good as new double 7 232 bar (manufacturer ECS Eurocylinders) with DIR-Zone valves (wide bridge, lockable) and V4TEC stainless steel clamps. The bottles have only been dipped about 10 times and have T├ťV until 10/13. Delivery preferably in Hemmoor, otherwise the actual shipping costs will be incurred. Sales price 340.-. On request, the matching V-lead from V4TEC (5 kg) can be purchased for only 30.- Euro (not to be had individually) (fits very nicely between the bottles).


Sell 10 L mono bottle with monovalve. Bottle is from about 2005 has just received fresh T├ťV and the valve has been restocked and lubricated. Paint still very good...
Bottle must be picked up... for a possible shipping we would have to see what it costs.
Price 150 EUR Fixed because T├ťV is new & valve new. Lacquer original very well preserved.
Alternatively exchange for a 15 L with double valve


Offer because of reduction of equipment, 10L ALU Stage, Rig, DST, 2nd stage, Fini, bottle was and is always under pressure, 50% Nitrox, 350EUR


Bid because of final switch to rebreather

here my double 18 from BTS for sale.

Clamps: wide stainless steel clamps
Pressure range: 232 bar
Valve thread: G5/8", bridge lockable
Sealing form: radially sealed
Handwheel: Rubbernob
Without T├ťV

Here for the price of 450,--- because it is no longer needed!

Original price ca 844,00

Greeting Michi from Vechta

49377 Vechta

For sale here is a double 10l device with feet, wide BTS precious shells and scuba pro valves with lockable bridge. The bottles do not have a current T├╝v, but one Polaris bottle is new and was first in the water, the other Scubapro bottle is in a very good condition, so that you can look forward to the T├ťV if necessary, calmly. The bottles can be picked up filled, or shipped against reimbursement of the real shipping fees. T├ťV is also feasible for an extra charge (advance payment)
As a price I imagined 350EUR. For T├ťV, another 40EUR would be added.


Hello sell here mine,Luxfer 1,5 l CE black, aluminium, 200 bar buoyancy gas cylinder Valve: M25x2 Scope of supply: DIN monovalve
used without T├ťV. Good condition.
With Halcyon Argon straps for dual unit.
Price 90EUR.
Greetings Michi from Vechta

49377 Vechta

Look for a diving tank with 12 liters volume and double outlet within a radius of about 70km around Bremen. Price up to 120EUR in good condition.


Sell a 10 l sidemount diving tank (steel) T├ťV and valve new incl.rigging kit stainless steel for 150,-EUR(shipping possible)

Sell 12 liter aluminum tanks with manifold without T├ťV.
Bottles still have a residual pressure.
Tanks can be visited at any time by arrangement.
tel 06645301654

5440 golling

Hello sell here my double 10 from Aqualung with fresh T├ťV from Tauchsport Schneider from Dortmund.
As can be seen in the pictures, she has utility marks on the bottle.
Otherwise a TOP condition and as I said just got fresh T├ťV.

Give them off because I switch to an 80cuft stage and don't always want to drag the double pack.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone

There is currently no pressure on the bottles. Can therefore be shipped for an extra charge. Otherwise pick up from Dortmund 350,00 EUR VHB