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sell 2 x pieces sailor valve with handwheel links.
Valve is expandable on the right and currently closed. Both valves are identical.

Handwheel is a rubberized rubberknob and not the plastic crap.

Shipping would be incl.
In terms of price, I imagine 40.00 EUR per valve.
If someone takes both, you could talk about the price again.




Hello sell my D10 as I switched to a D12 and D8.5.

The bottles were painted black and freshly painted last year by a paint shop.
Bottles were previously re-galvanized before they were painted.

The paint is still in a 98% condition and the bottles have minimal signs of use.
The bottle nets protect the bottles well and the feet are also like new.

The valves have rubberknobs and a lockable bridge.

The bottles can be sent empty. But I would prefer a pick-up.
Bottles are filled and have 200 bar.

If you have any questions, please contact us by phone.
Price: 270,00 for self-collection.



I offer this oxygen cylinder 200bar 7 liters of steel with oxygen valve, T├ťV until 07/2018, with adapter G3/4 to G5/8, for the optional use of first stages with compressed air shaft, VB to EUR55.00.
The bottle was previously filled with pure oxygen.
If you have any questions, please also use this number: 01711060627 ;-))


Sell 8 KG Softblei
Only to be handed in closed.
Price for the 8KG 56,00 incl. shipping


Hello sell my D10 as I switched to a D12 and D8.5.

The bottles were painted black and freshly painted last year by a paint shop.
Bottles were previously re-galvanized before they were painted.

The paint is still in a 98% condition and the bottles have minimal signs of use.
The bottle nets protect the bottles well and the feet are also like new.

The valves have rubberknobs and a lockable bridge.

The bottles can be sent empty. But I would prefer a pick-up.
Bottles are filled and have 200 bar.

If you have any questions, please contact us by phone.



Hey, I'm looking for an Oxyclean Stage with regulator and rigging kit in the order of about 80 cuft.
T├╝v should still have it.

So always here with the offers :)


Offer overflow hose unused - without pressure gauge

Overflow hose for compressed air up to 315 bar with final ventilation

Overflow hose for compressed air for filling small bottles from diving tanks or storage bottles. This hose can also be used to connect two tanks to the compressor for filling. Or to balance two tanks at the dive site. The connections with G5/8" connection thread fit both compressed air valves 300bar and 200bar diving tanks. The high-pressure connection shafts are sealed with the usual O-rings as these are also used on the regulators. The vent valve is robust with its upper spindle / lower spindle construction.

Connections G5/8" male thread 300 bar (long version)
second side of the hose R5/8" male thread with additional vent valve without pressure gauge
Exhaust valve
length of the hose 1,50m
(in the picture is an almost identical hose with pressure gauge)

125EUR incl. shipping

I enclose a copy of the invoice!


I offer here from a cellar find two diving tanks of 10 liters each.
These are in good condition. One with a monovalve and one with a double valve. They were drunk in 2004 and then not dived again. The due T├ťV in 2006 was not carried out. Would have to be made up. The bottles no longer have any residual pressure!
They both have a bottle net and a rubber shoe.
I've taken you some photos so you can see for yourself. If you have any questions (about pictures), please contact us by e-mail. Then I'll send you pictures.
VB 100EUR/ Bottle
Location: 58119 Hagen

58119 Hagen

Hello diving community,

I am currently in the process of expanding my diving equipment a bit so I am looking for a 40 Cuft Alu Stage that is oxygen-clean and a Poseidon regulator (first + second stage). If available, pure oxygen.



Sell a double-20 in DIR style.
Stainless steel clamps, lockable bridge, rubber knobs. The dual unit has been used very rarely, as I still have a D18 and a PSCR.

I never had the bottles bottled, so it has been expired for 10 years. Bottles were checked inside every year and filled only on the company's own system (Bauer triplex filter and two downstream Komptec nitrox filters.
Images can be emailed.

Only to self-collectors, price according to offer.


Sell two 12 liter 300 bar bottles
which is in the black net is from 9.05.2012 and still has T├ťV until 11/2014.

EUR 230

The one in the yellow net is from 25.07.2008 but without T├ťV but was always filled on a TOP maintained compressor and during an opening and inspection on 6/2012 no rust was discovered (in this bottle there is also a microfilter).

EUR 200

Papers for the bottles are available.

Pick-up preferred
Shipping 20 Euro per bottle


Search 2 x 40 cuft Alu or 2 x 7l Alu
Both bottles should be identical.
They don't need to have T├╝v.

Just offer everything.




Sell soft lead

4 x 2KG bags (price 10 EUR per pcs. incl. shipping)
2 x 1KG bag (price 8 EUR per pcs. incl. shipping)

Everything else by email.


Hello everyone

Search Cylinder Valves
1 x valve handwheel left (long bridge expandable)
1 x valve handwheel right (long bridge expandable)

with or without bridge.
Also exchange for 2 normal valves with handwheel links for an extra charge.

Valves should definitely look like the one in the picture!




For sale: Softblei a 1Kg or 2 Kg

Unit prices:
1 kilo of soft lead = 8 euros each (a total of 8 times available)
2 kilos of soft lead = 14 Euro (once available)

Lump sum price:
EUR 72

Pick-up (Borken) or shipping via DHL possible for 6,90 Euro

Ruhrgebiet/ M├╝nsterland

Search single light steel bottle(s) Roth 8.5l, also as double unit D8.5 (DTUAG), with T├ťV


Hello fans of pressed gases,

I offer an almost brand new DIVE RITE weight system T2133.
where is:

1 pocket on the left ÔÇô with removable lead pocket (capacity 3.5 kg)
1 pocket on the right ÔÇô with removable lead pocket
(Capacity 3.5 kg)

almost no signs of use, top condition

VB Price excl. Shipping: (100,-)
PRICE UPDATE 2013: 132,- excl. Shipping

Delivery only in the entire set.
Shipping to ├ľ/D and CH possible.

I sell the set because I switched to diving with the rebreather.

Private sale WITHOUT guarantee and right of return!

Thanks and greetings from Schierling,


10l Alu Stage, BtS Mono Verntil, T├╝V until 1/2016, o2 clean including rigging. Normal signs of use. At pick-up (location G├╝tersloh, NRW) there is an EAN 50 plus ... otherwise pressureless shipping within Germany for an extra charge.

Price 150 EUR


for sale is a 10l compressed air bottle of the company Scubapro. The bottle still has T├ťV until 7/14. It was provided by me in May with a new BTS G5/8 ( no nitrox thread ) double valve and a new net and since then when it comes up 6 times dipped. The bottle has always been stored under pressure and is currently filled with compressed air. In terms of price, I imagined 150EUR due to the new valve. The bottle can be picked up. If you are interested, there are also more bottles for sale.


for sale is a BTS G5/8 ( no nitrox thread ) DIN valve with 2 outlets. The valve is new and O2 clean. I had bought it earlier this month and wanted to mount it on one of my bottles.
Fixed price 60EUR + shipping


Swap D7 Polaris Nitrox stamped TUEV new, new DIR zone valves+bridge 232 bar, for double 12 DIR style.
TUEV does not have to be new.
Pictures on request.


Offer two short 12l Nitrox bottles.
Both with double outlet, handle, stand, net.
Date of manufacture 10/2009 (20TG) and 06/2011 (15TG).
One still has T├ťV until 01/2014.
T├ťV can be made on request for 30EUR per fasche.

Both 1a condition - no rust

VB 330EUR for both


Sell a 12l short diving bottle with new T├ťV and expandable valve with rubber button for 120,-EURincl.Shipping


Because of the switch to a large double unit, I sell a D7 (300 bar) and an M15 (232 bar).

Details D7-300 bar:
-Bottle manufacturer: Faber
-Bottle manufacturing date: 11/2006
-Weight per bottle: 10.8 kg
-Wide bridge (DIR-Style)
-Very robust clamps (see pictures)
-T├ťV brand new, i.e. next demonstration only 02/2016!
-Good condition as very little dipped!
-Bottle feet (removable) are included

-Asking price: 410,-EUR + shipping (VHB!)

Details M15-232 bar:
-Bottle manufacturer: BTS (Eurocylinders/ECS)
-Bottle manufacturing date: 08/2009
-Weight of the bottle: 17.6 kg
-DIR Zone T valve: The only valve for mono bottles that can be easily operated under water and at the same time allows a very good hose configuration (DIR).
-T├ťV one year old, i.e. next demonstration only 02/2015!
-Good condition as very little dipped!
-Bottle base (removable) is included

-Asking price: 185,-EUR + shipping (VHB!)

If you have any questions, just write me.

Aachen / H├╝llhorst

Servus Divers
I am looking for a d 12 in DIR style
Does anyone have anything else standing around that he never needs??
Good air


E-X-D® ballast set with horizontal discharge device

for lead weights and attached utility bags.
An ideal complement to E-X-D®® backpack harness systems.
With belt loops and sliders for attachment to 50 mm standard belts.
Approx. content mass utility bag: H = 35 mm (1.5")
W = 150 mm (6.0")
D = 150 mm (6.0")
Content mass lead bag: H = 35 mm (1.5")
W = 200 mm (8.0")
D = 100 mm (4.0")

Original price: 149,75 EUR /Set

105EUR incl. shipping


Sell a 12l diving bottle (short)
The bottle still has T├ťV until 01.2015
Since I switch to a double device, I no longer need them.

The bottle is still filled with 200 bar.

Price I thought of 110,00EUR VHB of course a shipping is possible.


Sell Argon Bottle 14cf Low Pressure
incl. valve and argon sticker
EUR 120,00 incl. shipping
Pictures on request



I only dive in the sports area and therefore my D10 is now only around. It is in DIR style with smooth-running valves and bridge. In addition, clamps, two nets and feet. Very neat and very little dipped.

350EUR .-


Hello diving community,

I sell an Alustage 80 cuft from Coltri Sub with riging kit.
Always stored under pressure.
Date of manufacture 2/10,
no T├╝v da self-filler,
O2 clean,
as shown,

160Euro plus 10 EUR shipping or collection in Spenge/Bielefeld


Hello diving community,

I offer a 12L long with double valve.
T├ťV until 9 2014
In 2012, the bottle received new floor varnish and a rust removal with internal cleaning. The bottle was always stored filled.
Stand, net and handle from Scubapro are also included.
Visit and pick-up in Spenge or Bielefeld possible.
Bottle 150EUR
Shipping 12EUR


Sell my only 3 times filled
5 liters of oxygen cylinder.
(Valve is for rebreather DRÄGER) around 70EUR
Shipping: Austria 7EUR
. Germany 14EUR


Because I switch to D12 I sell my double 7 / 230 bar bottles. T├ťV until 01.2014, bottles were always filled and are in top condition. Gladly pick up in 46519 Alps, otherwise pressureless shipping

Price: 320,- VB


Due to reduction of equipment:
D12 with wide clamps, 80cuft Alu Stage, 10liter Alu Stage, 40cuft Alu, Argon Alu, with the APEXS controllers, DST/CTX/CTX/ATX as the package can be seen on the picture it costs 1350EUR, no T├╝v da SELF-FILLER, all bottles Always filled stored, D12=18/45, 40cuft=100% O2, 10liter 50% O2, 80cuft 15%O2, all WITHOUT guarantee!!!


Sell a 10 L - 232 bar steel bottle with double valve and stand.
The bottle currently has no current T├ťV but has always been under pressure.
During the last interior inspection, no rust was visible. New T├ťV should not be a problem.

Usual traces of use are present.

Price: VB
Location Ruhr area.
Shipping possible, but then empty.


Sell 3 alustages 80cf brushed incl. rigging kit against bid.
Only pick-up for cash


Double 12er - 232 Bar
Valves with shut-off bridge
ECS Eurocylinders (bottle weight 14,2kg)
Stainless steel clamps V4TEC,
last visual inspection 16.03.2012
T├ťV 11.08.2011
Top condition
Price: 415 EUR plus shipping
or pick-up in Schwanau, Karlsruhe or Matschelsee

Hello exchange 15l diving tank with double outlet and stand and net.

T├╝v just got fresh.
Was sandblasted and black powder coated.
Bottle looks like NEW.

Pictures on request.

Exchanged for 2 x 7 o. 8 liter steel monovalve
or preferably against 11.1 l aluminum (80cuft)monovalve.

Bottles should also have at least 1 year T├╝v.




due to reduction: 10L Alu Stage, with DST / CTX 40 / Finimeter / RIG, always filled stored!!! 320 euro


Luxfer 80 cuft Stage filled with 18/45 200 bar, Stage Rigging Kit and stainless steel DIN plug, without T├ťV

EURO 190.00

Bottle is located in Karlsruhe or can also be handed over by arrangement between Freiburg and Karlsruhe.

Because of reduction of my equipment:
D12 SATHL,ALU Stages 40cuft with Rig/Apexs, 80cuft with Rig/Apexs, 10L with Rig/Apexs, ARGON, everything without T├ťV bin self-filler, in good condition, all bottles are filled with various DECO gases, they were also always under pressure, the whole thing changes hands for 1380EUR


Offer a double 7 package, wide clamp spacing, T├ťV until 01.2014,
VB 350,-

Pick-up in 46519 Alps or shipping possible.


Variable V-Weight Double 10

Weight per piece of lead: approx. 1 kg; coated; Color: black

- Mounting screws made of V4A
- Suitable for bolt spacing 280mm
- TOP quality "Made in Germany"

Price: 75 EUR for pick-up


Sell my D 10 - 232 bar
purchased in March 2011 - T├ťV expired in March 2013.
Declaration of conformity available.

Price: 250 EUR for pick-up


Due to reduction of equipment, I offer a 10 Liters Alu Stage, Rig, DST / CTX 40, filled 50%.
320EUR, just report if you are interested, no days of mail orgies!!!


Offer small diving tank without T├ťV.
Probably 4L.
Private sale without warranty.
Only pick-up, no shipping.
PRICE: realistic offers are welcome.


Please wear a double 18 L.

The dual device was rarely used.

The basis for negotiations is 480 euros.
Goods must be picked up.


Sell my only 3 times filled
5 liters of oxygen cylinder.
(Valve is for rebreather DRÄGER) around 70EUR
Shipping: Austria 19EUR
. Germany 25EUR


Sale as good as new Alu-Stage 80 cuf from Luxfer
incl. rigging

bei K├Âln