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Sell my doubles 7 232 bar

Oxygen-clean, shut-off bridge, wide clamps, EAN 32 filling, T├ťV until 12/2013, weight 7.47 kg per bottle, double unit from BtS

Price : 390 EUR plus shipping or handover


Hello, offered here is a
Double 12 - 300 bar.

BTS-ECS, Without feet, Stainless steel clamps, Bridge
No rust outside or inside. Slight traces of use. No scratches on the feet

350 Euro plus shipping about 22 Euro in D or handover



offer here a BTS-ECS double 12/300 bar
With bridge with very smooth valves.
Stainless steel clamps
Year of construction 2009, T├ťV expired, no rust outside or inside. Few traces of use, Only 10 times dipped in Hemmoor. No scratches on the feet.

350 Euro, if shipping is desired, 1 to 1 DHL costs are added.



we offer a lead belt from Seac Sub for sale. The strap has five lead pockets that can be closed with Velcro. The belt has a steel buckle for quick dropping. Size L/XL

Price: 18 Euro, plus shipping.


Oxygen cylinder * compressed air cylinder * diving bottle

never been in the water
top condition - always stored accordingly
Mono valve * oxygen valve G3/4"
via adapter (not included) all connection options to the valve
200 bar
no current T├ťV

Original price 165 Euro

120 EUR

2 pieces available ! Retail price is for ONE bottle.


Compressed air bottle 5L * diving bottle * children or stage / decoration bottle

never been in the water
top condition - always stored accordingly!
Mono valve * compressed air G5/8" std
via adapter (not included) all connection options to the valve
200 bar
no current T├ťV

Original price 140 Euro

from 100,00 EUR


Hard lead std.

- Selling price PER KG
- available : 2 x 2 KG pieces, 10 x 1 KG pieces, 4 x ~3 KG pieces

- used
- very good price/performance ratio

Original price per kg 10EUR / kg


Compilation according to choice and arrangement !

more lead in other ads

Shipping on request !


Offer diving tank 15L double valve T├╝v 02/14
very good condition 180EUR


Sell as good as new v4-tec p-weight 3,5 KG

The lead weight has only been dipped 2 times and is in absolute mint condition. It fits all common backplates and weighs about 3.5kg. It is mounted on a stainless steel rail and has hole recesses that allow the use of wing nuts to attach the diving device. The hole spacing is 280mm (11inch). Price 50,00 plus shipping

Bayern - Heideck

Phone: 015114433471

New Year's cleaning...

DIR Doppel 12 by BTS, commissioning 04/2009, T├ťV expired 06/2012...

For sale for 300EUR... only pick up or drop-off in the greater Lake Constance area!

35396 Gie├čen

3 x Polaris 12l diving bottle with double valve short piece 175 Euro
Due to lack of time I sell 2 complete diving equipment

2 x Jacket SeaQuest QD Jacket Size L As good as new condition 6 dives in the indoor pool 170 euro
seaQuest QD Jacket Size L Top condition 15 dives in the indoor pool and in Germany in the lake 160 euro

2 xSuits : by Bare

Bare 7 mm suit with ice vest 15 dives size XXXL/XXG in top condition 150 euro

Bare 7 mm suit with ice vest 10 dives Gr╦ćfle ML/MG The suit is in top condition 150 euro

Apeks XTX 200 with first stage +Octopus XTX40 + DS4

Apeks XTX 200 with first Octopus XTX40 + DS4 15Diving in the indoor pool and in the lake ,,Revision 12.4.2012 since then they were no longer used 350 euro

Tilly Tec TT3 LIFE battery with LED 900 tank lamp

c TT3 LIFE battery with LED 900 tank lamp +accessories As good as new 15 dives 450 euro

1xSale Sealux Case MD100 with Camcorder Pan.3CCD-Min DV

Sell Sealux Case MD100 with Camcorder Pan.3CCD-Min DV + Planprot WW-LW 4307 W ,Sealux Super WW Attachment,Dome Port,Humidity Detector Sun Visor,Stabilization Wing,Special Conversion Autofocus,Sealux
Case Lighting 2x Sealux Videobright 50 2x Charger 2x Neoprene Protection Accessories new sealing rings every time 2 ,,,18 As good as new lamps + care products + batteries Camcorder 3 CCD with 2 batteries Charger and accessories Had bought the case used itself and 10 x used it is Technically in top condition with traces of use

900 euro

Apek's Diver Watch Original Packed She Won

Apeks Diver Watch Original Packed 200m New she won 3 weeks ago from a dive shop in Germany
95 euro

All items can be picked up in 48155 Muenster
Tel 017684105484

48155 Muenster

Sell a Scubapro back carrier with Scubapro Bibo kit for double bottle devices. Included is the complete band, adjustable for the shoulders and continuous to the abdominal belt. The Bibo kit is also complete and well preserved. VB EUR 49,- plus shipping

Berlin Kreuzberg


I am looking for a double 7, preferably with lockable bridge.


Bridge D12 etc.... O2 clean!


Sell oxygen bottle 2 liters:

T├ťV 2010 expired but filled



I sell my 10 L diving bottle including protective net, stand and carrying handle (seen in the photos) for 160 EUR, because I switch to a double device. I bought the bottle in June 2011. Invoice is included, as well as the T├ťV papers. T├ťV has the bottle until 10.2013.

I have the same bottle a second time, which I also sell. So if there is a direct need for two bottles of 10, this would also be in the offer for a corresponding amount (VB). The amount of 160 euros refers only to one bottle.


Hello dear diving community,

Exchange + surcharge !!!

I am looking for a steel D12 with two connections and a lockable bridge. And connected with two DIR stainless steel clamps.
Please offer everything whether with or without T├╝v , O2 clean or not .

Own a D7 O2 clean with T├╝v which I would like to hand over in exchange.

Exchange also for 2 single 12l bottles in Lang !!!


Sell a V-Weight with a good 7 kg and
Recesses for argon straps.

Suitable for D-12.

Price incl. shipping: 55 EUR

Phone: 0174 / 960 25 47


2.6 liter steel bottle as buoyancy gas bottle for hobbyists. The bottle was constantly under pressure, if a shipment is desired I will let it flow off beforehand, when picking up the pressure remains of course in it.


Verkaufe meine nur 3 mal bef├╝llte
5 Liter Sauerstoffflasche.
(Ventil ist f├╝r rebreather DR├äGER) um 70ÔéČ
Versand: ├ľsterreich 7ÔéČ
. Deutschland 14ÔéČ