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Dive computer Aladin Air Z, transmitter, MemoMaus and user manuals, Uwatec

499 Euro plus shipping


Very good condition

Battery changed on 22.03.2019 from the specialist shop.

Battery still has 95%

With transmitter. Wirelessly transmits the cylinder pressure value to the aladdin

DataTrack & DataTalk software (original floppy disks and I also send by e-mail), manual and cable to connect to computer.

MemoMaus (With new battery). If the storage capacity of the Aladin is used up, dives can be transferred directly from the Aladin to the MemoMaus for download to a computer at a later date.

Payment: by bank transfer (no PayPal) or cash on delivery.

Shipping: DHL 7,49 Euro (with liability) or if cash on delivery 12,84 Euro

Private offer, the warranty is excluded. No return.

Hello! I offer here a used Scubapro G2 dive computer for 625 euros on a negotiation basis.

He has only 27 dives behind him and is therefore in a very good condition with slight traces of use. All the features of the computer can be found in the pictures.

The scope of delivery includes an associated transmitter, the charging cable and the original storage bag.

The bracelet is very flexible and easily adjustable for any arm width.

Original price is currently about 770 euros.

PayPal is not present. Can be shipped or picked up for a fee. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Since this is a private purchase, I would like to point out that it comes to the exclusion of any warranty.


Dive Computer Oceanic Veo 2.0

Including original accessories and packaging as seen in the photos. The dive computer is fully functional and was only used for just under 10 dives. Unfortunately, I have to give up diving for personal reasons.

Three operating variants: as a decorative computer, as a depth gauge or in freediving mode: NORM (air and nitrox), GAUGE (with runtime timer) and FREE (tracks calculations to enable switching between NORM and Free).

Two different computational models to choose from (Pelagic DSAT algorithm or Pelagic Z+ model). This exclusive dual algorithm from Oceanic allows you to choose a decompression algorithm base that best suits your diving needs without compromising safety. The Pelagic DSAT model is ideal for individual dives with the classic rectangular profile thanks to its longer base times on the first dive. If the diver is still desaturated, the maximum but still safe ground time is determined. Ideal for divers who only do one dive per day. The data for the Pelagic DSAT computational model was obtained in thousands of dives and Doppler studies with PADI in PADI's Recreational Dive Planner (RDP). In the setting of the Pelagic Z+ model, the calculator becomes around 15 to 20 percent more conservative, but is very well suited for many repeat and multilevel dives, as is the case with a classic diving holiday. Another advantage of the Pelagic Z+ mode is the better compatibility of the dive data with the dive buddy when using a computer of the competitors.

Calculations for air or single nitrox mixture to 50% O2.

Deep stop function with countdown timer. 2 minutes countdown at half maximum depth for dives over 25 m.

Large, easy-to-read digits and thoughtful bar charts that make it easier to monitor ascent speed and nitrogen loading.

Ease of use via two push buttons. "Step Forward" and "Fast Scroll" interface for optimized access and setting of personal options.

The SmartGlo backlight captures ambient light and allows backlighting only in low light conditions, reducing battery life.

Audible alarms are supported by a separate flashing LED in the housing.

Easy retrieval of the data of the last dive with just the push of a button.

History function. Maintains the calculations indefinitely when the battery is changed. 24-day logbook. The course mode includes the total number of dives, the maximum depth, the total number of hours and the lowest temperature.

Optional PC interface (OceanLog) with the possibility to download its profiles to a PC.

Firmware auto-update with operational improvements or even new features.

Private sale, therefore no warranty or guarantee.

Pick-up in Leipzig Plagwitz or shipping possible (shipping costs are borne by the buyer).

Selling price is VB


This is an absolutely unused and brand new device without any traces of use !!!


  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Easy-to-read, ultra-bright TFT ("Thin Film Transistor") ÔÇô color display with easy-to-use user interface
  • Ultra-bright, high-contrast, color display
  • The intensity is easily adjustable - for clear readability and low battery consumption when a very bright display is not required.
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Monitor all important information with the user-friendly menu navigation. The i770R's intuitive 3-button navigation makes it easy to preview and update settings.
  • Bluetooth data transfer with the DiverLog+ app
  • With your mobile device, you can wirelessly connect to your i770R using the latest Bluetooth Smart technology via the free DiverLog+ app (available for iOS and Android).
  • Control all your i770R settings: view log and profile data, add places, notes, and other details. Save and share your photos and videos of your dives.
  • Tubeless air integration: Our patented gas-time-remaining algorithm performs real-time calculations and thus enables accurate breathing gas management.
  • The i770R is compatible with 4 different transmitters and nitrox mixtures during a dive.
  • Permanent connection to the transmitter Once you have synchronized the i770R with the transmitter, it remains with this setting and you never have to coordinate the two devices again.
  • 3-axis compass with full tilt compensation Easy-to-read compass with bearing lock and reverse course for easier navigation. An alternative compass pointer can be displayed on the main screen with the push of a button.

Since I am not a commercial seller, I can unfortunately not issue an invoice. Date of purchase of the computer 20.01.2020 for warranty purposes, the device can be registered with Aqualung. Aqua Lung warranty 2 years purchase price plus shipping (insured) = 620,00EUR


Air pressure integrated dive computer with compass SK-7

- Logbook of the last 9 dives
- Dive memory: 999 Tg
- Display illumination via touch sensor

The TC works and has the usual traces of use. Ledilgich in the battteriefach a crision can be recognized.
The battery compartment is additionally sealed separately from the electronics.

A battery change was carried out in November 2019.

Price: 90 EUR FB plus VAT. Dispatch

Private sale: therefore no guarantee, warranty or return


  • Sell the dive computer Type: ATOMIC COBALT

With original packaging

Plus of a high-pressure hose and coupling

Used for 18 training dives for diving license

Manufacturer: ATOMIC Aquatics

ÔÇô Operation with 4 push buttons

ÔÇô continuous calculation of the ambient pressure

ÔÇô Nitrox: for an oxygen content of up to 99 %

ÔÇô Gas mixtures: 3x Nitrox, switchable during the dive

ÔÇô Altitude adjustment: automatic up to 3050 meters

ÔÇô Display: AMOLED color display

ÔÇô Depth stops: yes

ÔÇô Algorithm: RGBM according to Dr. Bruce Wienke

ÔÇô Fabrics: 15

ÔÇô Calculation of the actual remaining basic time

ÔÇô maximum depth 100 m

ÔÇô Cylinder pressure: max. 344 bar

ÔÇô visual and audible alarms (freely selectable)

ÔÇô Logbook memory: 600 hours dive profile

ÔÇô Storage interval: freely selectable

ÔÇô Dive planner: yes, storable

ÔÇô Compass: yes, calibratable, course storable, 3D design

ÔÇô Breathing gas data ÔÇô Transmission: Slimline ÔÇô High pressure hose coated with Kevlar

ÔÇô Interface: USB (charger and PC)

ÔÇô Battery capacity: up to 50 hours

ÔÇô Operating temperature: -18┬░ to 49┬░C

ÔÇô Software: Download from website

85049 Ingolstadt

Offer almost new Mares dive computer and a dive compass, date of purchase: October 2019, together for 250EUR. Shipping possible


Phone: +4915157467410

Offer Aqualung i300 dive computer.

The computer was in the water 1-2 times for testing purposes.


Hello everyone

I offer 2 Suunto consoles here.

Consoles are both functional.

Price per console 150EUR

Only 11 logged dives

purchased in October 2019


pick up in Essen-R├╝ttenscheid or shipping

45130 Essen

Few dives.

Full-fledged sports, nitrox, trimix and gyro computer

Small and light

High-end backup computers

Please read about the functions and the evaluation in the "Diving": ".... If you need a computer for everything, you can't ignore the DX: so many functions in such high quality...".

See photos for details.

EUR 499.00

Note: All sales are made under exclusion of any warranty.

NiTek He Trimix Computer,
up to 10 different gas mixtures,
with screen protector for VHB 211,-EUR

Private sale according to EU law, no guarantee/warranty/return.


Oceanic VTX divecomputer, air integrated

The computer is new and comes from a warranty claim. Since I now have another one, I don't need it.

In terms of price, I am open to realistic proposals.

  • Operating modes standard (air & nitrox), finimeter, freediving and compass

  • Activmatrix OLED display with adjustable brightness and auto-dimming option

  • Hoseless air integration up to 4 transmitters

  • Digital compass 3-axis with misdirection compensation

  • 4 Gas mixtures

  • Nitrox capability 21-100%

  • Personal alarms and alarm confirmation

  • Dual AlgorithmÔäó

  • Automatic height adjustment

  • Ascent Speed Monitor (Depth Dependent)

  • Safety stop Adjustable, with timer

  • Depth Stop Optional

  • Logbook for 24 dives

  • PC/Mac & Mobile Interface

  • Bluetooth 4.0 LE interface

  • Firmware updatable

  • User replaceable batteries

  • Battery life 30 diving hours (3v CR2)

Location Elmenhorst, shipping possible.
If you have any questions, please contact PN.
For those for those for who it is important: Animal-free non-smoking household.


New dive computer Mantis 1 from Scubapro for only 299,- EUR
Original price 389,00 EUR with original packaging and dealer invoice.
Dive computer and watch in one. Air and nitrox, takes into account up to 3 nitrox mixtures (21% to 100% oxygen in the multi-gas algorithm. Housing made of brushed, saltwater-resistant stainless steel, mineral glass. Up to 120 meters. Four diving modes: Deco, Gauge; Apnea and CCR. With bracelet extension.


Price: 35 Euro VB


Offer a never-before-used dive computer!

Vhb: 850,-EUR

if you have any questions, please contact us via whatsapp:


Private sale / no guarantee / no return


Phone: 01721668689

Sell a Divesoft Freedom in the "Full Trimix" version

The computer is NEW and in the unopened original packaging.

Of course with invoice and guarantee.

Price EUR740,-


CLEAN, WELL MAINTAINED & READY TO USE! A smoke, animal & allergy free household!

Hai, Moin Moin, Gr├╝├č Gott & a wonderful good day I wish :-)

1x TIP-TOP Oceanic VT3 with transmitter, storage box and German operating instructions AND for the hand module and for the transmitter I enclose a new battery :-)

With transmitter and Transportox ONLY 398 EUR fixed price. Please do not renegotiate...

EVERYTHING can be visited & tried out in the greater Munich area or in 82256 FFB. I AM ALSO HAPPY to come to your home without obligation (in the greater Munich area :-) I often travel all over Bavaria for work.

DPD, HERMES, GLS, DHL ship WELL and CHEAPly throughout Europe!

Thank you :-D I appreciate your interest and your contact :-)

Always good air and safe ascents I wish :-)

Enjoy a completely new, tubeless diving experience through radio transmission of the bottle pressure data. The VT 3 is the latest radio-controlled, air-integrated dive computer from OCEANIC with globally unique features. Switching between 3 transmitters with monitoring of up to 3 nitrox mixtures up to 100% oxygen or the control of the bottle pressure of your dive partners.

Individual air consumption calculation.
Adjustable depth and time at safety stop.
Measurement mode for deep divers with special
Breathing mixtures (air-integrated digital depth gauge with
detailed PC interface recordings up to 120 m depth).
Freedive mode with nitrogen saturation monitoring for a
Safe switching between device and free dives.
Automatic height adjustment.
Audible and visual alarm, individually adjustable.
SmartGlo® backlight and individually adjustable safety surcharge.
Batteries can be replaced by yourself.
Included OceanLog® PC interface for downloads and programming
individual settings on the PC.

Oceanic VT3 - Radio controlled buddy check or monitoring of up to three gases. With the Oceanic VT3, Oceanic offers a dive computer of the very latest generation. The diver can not only easily monitor the pressure of up to three diving devices, but also the respective air pressure data of one or two diving buddies. During the dive, up to three nitrox mixtures of 21-100% oxygen can be monitored. The Oceanic VT3 has extensive features:

Air, nitrox, depth gauge and freediving mode
Switching between three transmitters possible with monitoring of up to three Nitrox mixtures up to 100% O2
Adjustable safety stop time and depth
Personal security settings related to the computational model
Adjustable acoustic alarm in conjunction with an optical LED alarm
Alarm Confirmation
Back Light
Logbook and History Mode
In addition, the depths and times of apnea dives are monitored and calculated in freediving mode, so that a change between device dives and apnea dives is possible at any time, the nitrogen enrichment is always calculated.

The recommend. VK is EUR 849,-- for the complete system with one transmitter.


85221 Dachau

I sell my dive computer Cosmiq+. Very good readability and easy to read out via Bluetooth. With the logbook of Deepblu itself and now also with the well-known Subsurface. Included are a new screen protector (one is on the computer), instructions, stickers, charging cable and an unused bracelet (at the moment it is used with bungee). I sell the calculator only because I also want to change a Tec model. Preferably pick up in D├╝sseldorf (Flingern). Shipping also possible if the costs are covered.



Phone: 017647374795

Very good sports computer for salt and fresh water. About 50 dives made with it. I add a new battery incl. O-ring. Battery was only just opened to see if the computer still works without problems (Fig. 2). Preferably pick up in D├╝sseldorf (Flingern). Shipping also possible if postage is taken over.



Phone: 017647374795

Offer UWATEC Aladin TEC 2G in used, functional condition

  • Screen Protector
  • Fully functional last dive 09/2019

This is a private sale, without warranty and without return!

Price dive computer: 110,00EUR VB

Shipping price is still negotiable

Offer UWATEC Aladin Air Z air-integrated in used, functional condition!

  • Battery 83%
  • Battery change / service 2018
  • large display for the complete dive data (such as dive time, diving depth, max. diving depth, decodata, ascent speed etc.), warnings
  • small display for the tank data (residual bar, max. dive time at current depth)
  • Screen Protector
  • Radio transmitter for 1st level
  • Instruction manual German
  • TG read out defective, otherwise fully functional last dive 09/2019

This is a private sale, without warranty and without return!

Price dive computer, transmitter, description: 150,00 EUR incl. shipping - price is still negotiable

Sachsen, Trebsen

Offer here The ... Mares computer dive puck pro + an. Price 185 euro

Condition Used : very good as new .

No signs of use.

Accessories : Original packaging with instruction manual .

I am looking for tools to assemble the quick coupling for a Uwatec Smart com


Air-integrated Smart Com dive computer with compass; Asking price 145,--

Battery 68% due to switch to wristband computer. Possibly with IR dongle (surcharge 30,--) for reading on the PC.

Shipping possible against assumption of costs, collection in 6114 Kolsass/Tyrol.


I sell an almost new TC with only 17 TGs, it has Bluetooth and additionally a USB interface. Can also be supplemented with a bottle transmitter

With the bungeestrap, USB cable, software. Data transfer with Bluetooth to mobile phone and PC easy to do.

With 2 spare batteries in original packaging.

Please obtain further details from the Internet.

Sell Oceanic Weo 2.0

Has been in fresh water 30 times. It has been treated with care and only the battery needs to be replaced. (6-10EUR)

Accessories are all included


Phone: 01703486930


I offer here because of a system change my dive computer Suunto Vytec.

An interface to read dives is included.

Price: 150 Euro.

Phone: 015117909794

New diving compute used only once

Technical data:

Application: Tech and sport divers

Processor: Low-power Microchip PIC18F87K22

Datamemory: 4 MegaByte flash memory

Advertisement: IPS LCD monitor with ambient light sensor, viewing angle: 160┬░, resolution: 320 x 240 pixels, size: 2.4" (63mm diagonal screen)

Connections: Bluetooth Smart Ready (2.0 and 4.0)

Sensor: Combined pressure/temperature sensor, 3D compass (tilt-compensated)

Power supply: Lithium-ion battery (20 hrs running time/2 hr swell)

Controls: Two sensor buttons

Housing: Aluminum, milled from the full and hard-anodized. Scratch-resistant borosilicate glass pane

Operating depth: 120 meters

Dive computer is in good condition only slight traces of usage...

Pick-up would be possible ...
Shipping at extra cost...
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me...
Private sale, therefore no warranty or withdrawal, warranties ..

Price :700EUR

Sell a used used Scubapro M2 (1 diving holiday Egypt / not used since then) with new readout (unused)
Dive computer is in good condition only slight traces of use...
Pick-up would be possible ...
Shipping at extra cost...
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me...
Private sale, therefore no warranty or returns, guarantees ..

Price :360EUR


Phone: 015783190178

Sell here a Ratio idive Easy Avantgarde dive computer in red.
I made 44 TG with the computer (is currently still used by me), glass is without scratches, only on the edge of the case there is a small scratch. Wristband extension and USB charging cable are included, as well as a computer bag from Scubapro (see photos).
The Ratio iDive Easy Avantgarde has 2 modes - Air & Nitrox
Algorithms: B├╝hlmann ZHL-16 B
Housing: Stainless steel
Glass: Sapphire crystal
Display: 40mm / 80x80 pixels
Max operating depth: 220 mt / 721 ft
Adjustable deep and safety stops
Bottom-Timer Mode
Large and bright display, Easy to read. Size matters:
The dive data on the iDive is displayed 15% to 30% larger than on all other watch computers on the market. The display measures 80x80 pixels 100% matrix. Bright, brighter the brightest! Adjust brightness and contrast according to your personal preferences. The high-performance battery is simply charged via USB.
Manual backlight setting:
Even the setting of the backlight is special with the iDive: fully automatic, manual or during the dive.
Sleep mode: The iDive can sleep just like you. If the iDive is not moved, it automatically enters economy mode after 5 minutes, reducing power by 80%. As soon as the sensors detect any movement, the display is switched on.

Additional apps available, 3D compass, weather forecast, magnetometer
Automatic adjustment of mountain lake mode, thermometer, barometer, pedometer and much more.

Software is available free of charge for both Windows and MAC (download on the Ratio page).

This is a private sale, no guarantee, no return

Hello friends of diving, a Mares Icon HD with all accessories (not pairable with transmitter) is sold here in good condition. Normal traces of use are simply unavoidable when diving.

The dive computer has served me faithfully for years, is especially great for deep dives in the lake / sea, at night or for people who need a computer with easy-to-read numbers.

It is also a real eye-catcher at every dive center, due to the large and clear color display.

The TC itself is totally user-friendly and self-explanatory. For existing questions, operating instructions, any plug-in attachments for worldwide charging, software, dive planner and storage box are enclosed.

Detailed descriptions can be found directly at Mares, or online at all dive shops.

Battery life for liveaboard 2 days, for normal TG from land or day tour about 3 to 4 days.

The only drawbacks are a tiny scratch on the display, in my opinion only visible on black screen on closer inspection, not during operation, as well as the zipper of the storage box. This can only be closed from one side and is somewhat difficult to move through the air at the sea. Presumably, this would work smoothly again after a wash or a little care.

Insured shipping will be taken over by me, but will only be shipped after receipt of payment. Payment only by prepayment or cash payment upon collection. The TC can be visited.

As always, private sale, no guarantee & no return applies.

Price: 350 Euro !!!

I wish the buyer a lot of fun with this excellent dive computer. It is only sold because I have opted for a bracelet computer in watch format, which can also be worn in everyday life.


The Descent Mk1 dive computer features Garmin Elevate? technology for wrist heart rate measurement 2 to visually measure the pulse. (The device must have skin contact and cannot be worn over a wet or dry suit.) The dive computer measures the load and automatically uploads the heart rate data to your Garmin Connect? online account so that it can be viewed and analyzed after the dive.

Versatile PREMIUM GPS dive computer in watch design with bright, 1.2-inch color display and TOPO maps
Integrated sensors, including 3-axis compass, gyroscope and barometric altimeter, as well as GPS and GLONASS to mark the dive's entry and dive points
Supports single-throttle, multi-throttle, gauge mode and apnea dives, including Nitrox and Trimix; Planning dives directly on the device
Dive calendar to store and review the data of up to 10,000 dives as well as sharing the data online via Garmin Connect? and the corresponding mobile app
Elevate? technology for wrist heart rate monitoring 2 with multisport activity profiles, performance values and smart notifications
Battery life: Battery life: Up to 19 days in watch mode, 10 days in smartwatch mode, 40 hours in dive mode and 20 hours in GPS mode
Not to mention Garmin's unique support in the unlikely event of a failure within the warranty period. You will receive a new device immediately!

- As good as new 5 months old
- No scratches or damage
- in OVP
- With invoice


Scope of delivery:

- Descent MK1 silver with sapphire crystal and black silicone strap
- Extra long QuickFit? bracelet
- USB charging/sync cable
- Documentation/Instructions

PayPal is also possible, but preferably pick-up / cash payment

The classic in the Nitrox version.

Battery 62%.

100 Euro incl. shipping


used, very well maintained

condition with normal signs of use,

approx. 60 dives

NP in set currently 559EUR

Color as shown

Product description on the manufacturer's website

private sale, no guarantee, no return

Instruction manual can be emailed as PDF

Shipping only insured, payment by PayPal possible


Sell my Suunto Gekko

Battery 3/4 full
Replacement protection fordisplay

original packaging incl. bag

As an encore interface for reading. The plug to the TC must be held in place when reading out. (Therefore encore).
If you are interested, a license for Divinglog 4.

My price: 80,-EUR plus shipping according to buyer's request or pick-up in 59071.

Private sale. No warranty or return.

Sell used

Dive computer Galileo Luna incl. transmitter, bag and OVP

With bag as well as OVP and instructions.

The Luna has 54 dives and is in good condition.

Scope of delivery as shown in the pictures.

Give up my hobby as a diver. That's why I sell my diving equipment.

It can also be shipped.

If you have any questions, please contact me at 0049 0162 962 39 57. Gladly also WhatsApp.

Price: 450,00 EUR

Pfarrkirchen - Bayern

Phone: 0162 962 39 57

Sell used

Dive Computer Uwatech Aladin

As shown in the pictures.

Without functional test, as this was never dived by me.

It can also be shipped.

If you have any questions, please contact me at 0049 0162 962 39 57. Gladly also WhatsApp.

Price: 30,00 EUR

Pfarrkirchen - Bayern

Phone: 0162 962 39 57

Offer used Suunto Favor Air.

Battery needs to be changed I think. But it is also easy to carry out yourself. If necessary, I will do this against reimbursement of the battery costs (approx. 18 EUR)

My idea is about 160,- EUR plus shipping
Can also be picked up/viewed here.


Phone: +4915116050621

Fully functional, battery capacity still 98%, original accessories complete. 40 dives were carried out. Traces of use on the housing and on the replaceable display cover, the display itself is scratch-free. The practical impact activation of the backlight also works.
To change some settings and to transfer the dives to the SmartTrak software (latest version at you need a USB IrDA infrared adapter, the enclosed one I used with the Smart Pro under Windows.

Price 80EUR

Shipping for 5 Euro insured with Hermes or DHL.
Sale of private without warranty.

(28.6.:reserved for Bernd)

50733 K├Âln

Phone: 0221 7327996

Air-integrated Uwatec Smart com with interface for reading. Battery condition still 80%. 130EUR


Sell my almost three-year-old dive computer here.

He has almost 100 dives.

The original accessories are all included.

(Charging cable, cable for the PC, protective case, screen protector, hose for the first stage etc.)

The computer would always be used with a screen protector.

It has slight traces of use see photos.

But everything works like the first time.

Basis for negotiation 600 euro

Shipping is no problem

I sell an XP5 dive computer. It is nitrox capable up to 50%.

Optically in good condition and works perfectly.

The good thing is you can change the battery yourself.

The bracelet has no damage. The screen protector has slight scratches. It looks worse in the photo because there are still water stains on it. But under water, of course, the scratches and the water stains are not visible.

VB: 65,-Euro incl. shipping

Private sale! No warranty or guarantee


Hello dear ones,

I am looking for a vr3 fischer cable (9-pin) with p-port connection and oxygen cell

for my Dr├Ąger Dolphin SCR


Suunto D4i like New in White or Black

have only 20-25 dives behind them and only in fresh water!

Battery still new, everything with it and still packed, data cable, instructions, CD, bracelet extension

sold is 1ner of the two keep the other which is not sold :)

Price 269 Eur