Dive Computer/Watch

Offer Dive Computer/Watch Shearwater Perdix Dive Computer NEW

Original packaging, unopened
with invoice from July 2021, so still 2 years warranty!

800 EUR VB

Shearwater has developed a high-quality dive computer through the interplay of modern manufacturing techniques and the use of innovative materials. Many tech divers estimated the Shearwater brand because their computers are installed on several circular immersion sawn on the market. Most important for the success of the Shearwater Perdix, however, is probably its reliability, long battery life and simple intuitive operation.

The Perdix offers you the following operating modes :

OC Recreational
This mode allows the programming of 3 air or nitrox mixtures and offers all features for every demanding diving enthusiast including adaptive safety stop and of course the display of the zero time limit.

OC Technical
The Technical Mode allows the programming of 5 Trimix gases. Of course, the gases can also be programmed under water. This could make sense, for .B, if you get a breathing mixture from your diving partner, which is not present in your own gas list.

This mode is intended for use with closed diving equipment. Even if you don't dive yet, who knows where your diving career is going. Good to know that your Perdix is prepared for anything. The mode also supports 5 different CC gases plus 5 OC gases for bailout (BO). The decoration model calculates with programmable constant PO2 values.
This is a simple time/depth gauge mode.
Specifications Perdix OC/CC:

High Resolution 2.2" Display: Display Type Full Color LED LCD
AA battery (any type): AA Alkalline - 45 hours; SAFT LS14500 -120 hours
Elegant and slim profile

Double O-ring seal
Easy to use: Intuitive and proven menu navigation
1000-hour logbook
Data transfer to Mac or PC via Bluetooth Smart Ready
260 meters depth
Individually adjustable display
Bühlmann GF Algorithm
Size: (WxHxD) 83 x 74 x 39 mm
Weight: 154 g
Including bag
Dimensions (computer):
approx. 83 x 74 x 39 mm
approx. 154g