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Hello everyone,

My name is Maximilian, I'm 23 years old and I'm looking for a diving buddy or a diving partner, it would be great if it were my age, between 18 and 25 years. Have just under 11 logged TG, passed my OWD in the summer of 2023 and equipment I have so far everything and 2 bottles also available.

I'm happy about every inquiry

Good air

Greetings Maximilian


My name is Annett. I am looking for a diving partner who wants to dive often and also takes small trips for it.

I also like to go into a diving tank from time to time.

Soon there will be a holiday where I go into the water almost every day, my Buddy has cancelled it at short notice. Maybe someone has the time and inclination?

LG Annett

Are there any other divers besides us who don't let their toddlers stop them from diving?

We both dive and our kids are only 4 and 2 years old (so need a bit of supervision if we want to go underwater). Therefore, we are looking for an equally enthusiastic family with small children, so that we can take turns as diving teams and children's entertainers or plan diving trips and vacations that are suitable for families and relaxed. Understandably, our diving friends without children are on a different trip in this regard.

Gladly for diving trips on weekends in Saxony, Brandenburg, Thuringia but also in perspective for a trip with dives (and other activities).

Get in touch if this appeals to you. We live in Leipzig and are often on the road at the local lakes, but also sometimes in Nordhausen (although there is really little to see/experience for children). Therefore: For lakes with forests and other beautiful surroundings that also offer something for the little ones, we are happy to accept paths.


Moin, I'm Paul 26 years old, about 120 TG and looking for nice people to dive in and around Berlin. Feel free to get in touch! For dry diving I have all the equipment except the bottle :-)


I am looking for an exchange partner,

For the Berlin and Brandenburg area.

I am since 2018 AOWD with 70 dives and with Trocki and fully equipped.

Whether experienced or beginner who wants to go diving on the weekend simply report.

Good air



I myself completed my OWD a week ago and thus only 10 TG. Of course, there should be more, because the diving fiber has grabbed me! smiley-wink.gif

Since I still have a holiday until 01.09.2020, I would currently have a lot of time for diving and would be very flexible in terms of time!
I am male, 26 years young and come from D├╝sseldorf.

Accordingly, I am still looking for a diving partner, a diving partner or even a standing group for joint dives. - Preferably at a similar age. smiley-cool.gif
If you are interested, just contact us!

Best regards,



Search dive buddy for a liveaboard 7 days on 16.01.2021 in the Maldives.

It should be the Emperor Voyager.

I myself have about 100TG with OWD.

I'm not really looking for or needing a special luxury.

Who is planning something similar and is also looking for a diving buddy?


In about 2 years I want to live in Thailand. Therefore I'm looking for reliable and experienced divebuddy only for fundives(not teaching). I would like to live near Krabi area.
I'm PADI Instructor and have been living in Germany for many years. You should have about 300 dives or more, only PADI Education. Also women welcome. German or english speaking.
Later on in time I want to buy a compressor and some tanks in Thailand, to make me independent from diveschools.
I would like to meet you before in Germany. E-mail:

Valencia / Philippinen

Phone: +639663582504

Search for a diving partner in the Salzgitter area.

Also like to go to other places for diving.

Own compressor for filling our bottles is also available.


Search Buddy to dive into the surrounding lakes and Austria. Like to be on weekends or sometimes during the week. Complete equipment available including Trokki. PADI MSDT 500 + TG. Look forward to beautiful dives.


Look buddy, for shared relaxed dives.

I'm 57 female, have over 300 TG, have a lot of time during the week, would be great if someone could go bubbling with me.

I'm looking forward to the tg together.



Hello everyone

Short to me, my name is Sven 33 years young and is currently trying to broaden my diving horizons a little. That means I am looking for Buddys who also want to get into the technical diving and would have correspondingly interest to train with a few basics, wants hot Basic 5, fin techniques, board with correspondingly coordinated ascent, S-Drill, Valve Management And what else is part of it, possibly. Also gas changes like to simulate with air in the stage ... The goal is to become safe and to develop further:-). If you are interested, you can actively welcome me. The region of the W├╝rttemberg region of Lake Constance Karlsruhe/Bavaria would be optimal:-).

Thank you and greeting



Since I am rampant at the time of the Buddy Angel and I don't feel like watching the eternally equal rounds 100 times at the same lake, I am here looking for Buddies who are as much off as I am ...

Bin ProTec Assistant Instructor with 300 + logged dives and go diving all year round and would appreciate answers ...

Good air



Find a partner to dive !

am almost 57 years old, male, cmas 3 star diver with over 1000 dives ! dry diver in Germany, Double 7 (300bar) DIR configuration in Lake Constance also likes to go with stage on the road. Would be happy to find someone or group

greetings Mario


Phone: 491749643924

Hello dear friends of diving
On Saturday the 16.06.2018 I drive to the chalk lake Hemmoor. I try out an Ocean Reef full mask there for the first time.
For this dive I am still looking for a buddy !
So if you feel like sticking your head in the water with me, please write to me.
Greetings from Mike


Search dive partner for the area in/around Leipzig. Normally I always dive on Sundays, but on Saturdays it may also be possible in the afternoon/evening.

She should definitely bring some time, because diving is relaxed and calm, without depth. But with apr├Ęs-dive coffee! :)

So get to the buttons and get in touch!


Dive mainly in our local lakes, Murner See Steinberger See Happurger See, Rothsee. Dive mostly dry:-) I'm always looking for new buddies.
Have over 500 TG.