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I offer wg. hobby task a diving jacket Seaquest Pro XLT Gr. XL. integr. Lead bags. Only immersed in fresh water about 20TG, very good condition. Good equipment (stainless steel D-rings etc.). incl. original titanium jacket knife as new. My price 139,- for collectors.
For shipping please pay in advance and shipping costs according to expenditure.
PS: If someone is interested in compl. Diving equipment has, we also have bottles, lead, fins, various neoprene etc.


I offer wg. hobby task a dive jacket Seaquest Pro QD i3 Gr. L. integr. Lead bags.i3 inflator unit - intuitive operation. Leverage upwards: Ascend. Leverage down: Descend. Good equipment (stainless steel D-rings etc.). very good condition. incl. original titanium jacket knife as new. My price 139,- for collectors.
For shipping please pay in advance and shipping costs according to expenditure.
PS: If someone is interested in compl. Diving equipment has, we also have bottles, lead, fins, various neoprene etc.


Set consists of the following components:

- Donut bubble mono bottle 10Kg

- 3 mm backplate aluminium

- Standard Harness

- Bottle strap

- Bottle adapter

- Deluxe upholstery

Set has about 35 dives.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Price 409,00EUR VB

Shipping is possible

Private sale. No exchange or return. No guarantee.


Older ADV jacket from Seemann, good condition, for strong guys (I am 190 cm / 100kg).

The signal flash is also available.

60 Euro incl. shipping


Sell Polaris Wing XT50 (manufactured in 2010), with clear traces of use, see pictures. Suitable for dual devices D10 and D12, 230bar. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


VB 260,00 EUR

15 freshwater dives
Size SM
(carried by 165 cm, 58kg)

The LIBRA is a lead-integrated wing jacket for high quality standards especially for women.
For divers who prefer to have the buoyancing bladder on their back in a streamlined manner.
Colours: Black/Silver
Sure LockÔäó II integrated lead pockets
Low profile flat drain valves
Tri-Load system made of stainless steel
rotatable buckles
foldable side pocket

More information on Aqualung Homepage

Shipping possible !
Also note my other sales !!!


Phone: 017640498511

Sell used

Buoyancy jacket Aqualung Axiom i3

As shown in the pictures.

Give up my hobby as a diver. That's why I sell my diving equipment.

It can also be shipped.

If you have any questions, please contact me at 0049 0162 962 39 57. Gladly also WhatsApp.

Price: 320,00 EUR

Pfarrkirchen - Bayern

Phone: 0162 962 39 57

  • Size SM. I have a height of 174cm, 68 KG.
  • Even fit very well on a Trocki.
  • Hybrid bubble combines the advantage of the wing design and the jacket design at the same time.
  • - Patented "Custom Fit Harness" with multi-variable shoulder strap adjustment to achieve the idelal women's fit comfort in all sizes
  • - Patented adjustable "Depth Compensating" Cummerbund
  • - Patented QLR (Quick Lock & Release) integrated lead bag system max. 9 kg and 2 non-disposable trim bleaches, max. 5 kg
  • - Body-appropriate account layout
  • - Streamlined harness with reinforced and body-shaped shoulder straps
  • - Thickly padded back cushion with leden vertebra support
  • - adjustable chest closure
  • - pre-curved and welded stainless steel D-rings
  • - Preparation for retractor placement (retractor not included)
  • - Preparation for the attachment of the knife for spinners (left and right)
  • Specification:
  • - Type : Hybrid
  • - Material : Fadeless 500D Nylon, Fadeless 1000D Cordura in shoulder reach, Fadeless 1000D Cordura on the pockets
  • - Construction : rear inflatable bubble with minimal resistance, single bubble
  • - Inflator System : Reliant integrated inflator
  • - Backpack : padded back carrier
  • - Bungees : No
  • - Buoyancy : SM 12ltr 18ltr
  • - Total weight : SM 4,05kg
  • - Quick drains : right shoulder, right rear and integrated in the inflator train
  • - Strap : preformed bottle holder with anti-slip pad
  • - Cummerbund : patented adjustable "Depth Compensating" Cummerbund
  • - D-rings : 4 stainless steel
  • - Lead pockets : patented QLR 2 (Quick Lock & Release) integrated lead system max. 9 kg and 2 non-disposable trim bleaches, max. 5 kg
  • - Colors : Black with Blue
  • NP: 429EUR

I sell a Scubaforce Wing.

The condition is 1a! It looks like new as it has been little used.

Belonged to an SF2.

VB: 170,-Euro + shipping

Private sale: No guarantee or return


BCD Buoyancy Jacket ZEAGLE RANGER size S, top condition - as good as new

ZEAGLE RANGER the most copied BCD of all time!! Price 280 Eur (New 600 Eur)

Ranger by Zeagle The buoyancy jacket has a robust design, versatility and comfort. The jacket has a buoyancy of about 20 kilos/litre. The Ranger can be used for single and double bottles and has trim lead and a Ripcord lead system. Attach your equipment, such as buoy or lamp, to the 6 D rings. The jacket is made of a 1050-denier ballistic nylon.

    • 1050 Denier Ballistic Nylon
    • Suitable for single and double bottles
    • 6-D rings
    • Trimmble ashes
    • Ripcord Lead System
  • 20 kilos/litre buoyancy

I am selling an Apeks WTX d30 bubble.

It is used but in good condition and of course tight.

Is a monoblas where you do not necessarily need a single tank adapter.

Price: VB 130 ,- + Shipping


Offer Wing HOG 32 lbs barely used. Condition very good. Little used.

Shipping and PayPal possible!

Offer here a very well preserved Scubapro Seahawk, size L.

Unused for 2 years and has previously completed about 25 TG.

Condition: Used / Very good / Minimal traces of use (see photos)


Outer material: 1000er D Nylon, Inner material: 420er D Nylon
Weight system with quick drop option
Optimal weight distribution due to 2 trim bleaching ashes up to 2 kg each
Ergonomic, streamlined construction ÔÇô even for heavy diving equipment
Automatic volume control of the air chamber by lateral rubber band constriction
3 air drain systems allow the discharge of air from almost any underwater position
Rotatable shoulder strap buckles and adjustable shoulder straps
Soft neoprene collar and padded back carrier for best comfort
Padded belly Velcro strap

Price: 229 EUR incl. shipping in D (without islands)

(Original price: 429 EUR)

Private sale, therefore guarantee and warranty excluded.

Offer used trarier jacket by Cressi Aquapro 5 Gr.M

Price: 80EUR


Offer used trarier jacket by Cressi S103 gr.M

Price: 80EUR


OMS Complete Set Performance Double

60lbs + OMS Comfort Harness XL + OMS Backplate V4A + OMS Lead Bags

This Complete Set is NEW and has not been USED NEVER due to lack of Time.

Sale Price: 499 EUROS

New Price is ÔéČ599

No Guarantee and Withdrawal possible, as Private Sale


Because of hobby task I sell various equipment:

* Apekx WTX Wing 27 liters - good condition. FP 120EUR

* Apekx backplate with harness. I subsequently had a quick-release fastener installed on the left chest strap to make it easier to take off the wing in the water. The closure alone cost me 130EUR at that time. FP 175EUR

* Argon bottle 0.85l with DirZone straps, firmly mounted on the backplate. FP 80EUR

If you want to have everything together, you can get it for 360EUR

Good air

Wesel Rheinland

Hello everyone

sell from diving school dissolution various buoyancy jackets in good condition, e.B.:

  • Mares Vector Chrome, very good condition, size XL, (50.-)
  • Seaquest, ADV Spectrum, Gr.M, good condition (40.-)
  • Sepadiver, Gr. XS, condition OK (25.-)
  • Sherwood Cayman, Gr. L, good condition (40.-)

If you are interested, I will be happy to send you more pictures.

All prices VB.

Shipping possible.

No guarantee, no warranty, as private sale.

The jackets are in good condition and working. Nevertheless, they should be checked by a specialist workshop if necessary.


Offer my Cressi Aqua Pro Jacket with integrated lead compartments.

Size M,

ideal for beginners and advanced

Price 70EUR


A Seac Sub Pro Lady Jacket in size xs with integrated lead pockets is offered.

The jacket is perfect for small (about 160cm), slim women.

Price 110EUR



because of changeover to sell

bought on dee Boot2018 about 20 TG

private sale no guarantee or return

vb270 euro


Mare Vector / 1000mrs plus (back protection system)

removable lead pockets

Trim pockets in the back area next to the bottle

Attached dive knife: Squeeze Sea Quest

of course the signal whistle is also attached

VB 120,-

32369 Rahden

For lack of time, sell a sidemount system "Toddy style" with everything that belongs to it.
Dived only a few times.
Dir zone bubble 16L
2 backplates stainless steel
6Kg folded lead
Inflator hoses

Also for sale are the 2x 80cft "Dirty Beast" as good as new condition.



Sinsheim (Elsenz)

I offer here an unused

Master Jacket by Scubapro

Price 400 VB

(New but without label) NP was 560 Euro

The Master Jacket is ideal for instructors and experienced divers. The jacket is extremely robust, has a very precise buoyance control and is also well suited for heavy diving equipment and cold environments. To this day, the Master Jacket has the most dynamic buoyancing behavior of all time.

CBRD certified Stabilizing Jacket thanks to high buoyancy volume and fainting-proof position on the surface

Double-shell construction: sturdy outer shell made of 840 D nylon (shock-resistant, scratch- and abrasion-resistant), inner shell made of polyurethane

Three air drain systems allow air to be discharged from almost any underwater position

Separate 50 mm back strap for precise size adjustment: transfers the weight of the diving bottle to the sturdy nylon strap instead of tiring material and seams

Quick-drying back and shoulder padding and padded belly velcro for ultimate comfort

Reflective pocket and shoulder attachments improve visibility in low-light environments

2 self-draining pockets

Elastoklett holder on the left side of the jacket to fix the Power Inflator

4 stainless steel D-rings

Elastic Safety Light Mount


Sell Buoyancy Jacket Axiom by Auqualung. Jacket is about 6 months old and was only used on holiday at 6 TG. NP was 350 euros.


Phone: 015126107959

Unfortunately, I have to part with my jacket. It is an Apex Jacket by Aqualung in size XL. It has lead pockets, which are of course included.

I only got it in the summer and that's why it only did 18 dives. For 399EUR I give it away. For an extra charge, it can also be shipped within Germany. Since I sell it privately, there is no warranty.


Aqualung Pearl (2017), Women's Jacket, Size M

I bought the jacket on 8.11.2018 (voucher redeemed), it was not yet in the water. Receipt will be sent along.

The buoyancy jacket "Pearl" is based on the western style and was specially designed for female divers.

The unique hybrid design combines the advantages of different styles: the ADV style is combined with a buoyancy body on the back and allows both comfortable swimming on the surface and a streamlined profile during the dive.
The advanced design of the buoyancy body with sleek, flat side panels and the shorter torso length ensure a comfortable fit on the hips.
Adjustable, detachable chest strap for personal comfort.
Two large, easily accessible pockets are equipped with two-way zippers with large sliders.
Mounting eyelets for knives from Aqua Lung are easily accessible on the left side.
At the front on the top left side is another instrument holder (or Octo-Pocket) that can be used in a variety of ways.
The adjustable abdominal belt and the specially shaped shoulder straps allow individual adjustment for a perfect fit.Optional accessories include Airsource, squeeze knives, reflectors and retractor kit.


- Jacket type: Hybrid jacket with integrated weight system
- Material: ResisTekTM
- Weight system: SureLockTM II
weight trim lead: 4.5 kg (size S: 3 kg, size XS: no trim bleaches)
- D-rings: 3 made of plastic
- Quick outlets: 2 flat valves

Fixed price 300 Euro


Offer a women's jacket from Scubapro here. It is the jacket: Scubapro Bella BCD LG, White. The jacket is in an absolutely mint condition. It has not been dipped 15 times and otherwise has all the features, such as integrated lead pockets and holders for the 2nd controller. Since we switched to Wings, my wife no longer needs the jacket.

Price 250EUR plus shipping
Self-collection and shipping possible.


I offer here a SeaQest Jacket Size M.

This is still without lead pockets.

Please make me an offer.

Sell Beluga Twin Jacket size L, color black yellow. Only fresh water use, price: VB: 25 Euro


used Aeris EX100 Jacket Size: M
little used
only fresh water
1a Condition

Private sale no guarantee and return.

Shipping within Germany with DHL 6,50 Euro


For sale is a Cressi Aero Pro Jacket in gr.M. The jacket is in good condition ( see pictures ) and was still in use last week.

Price 100EUR


Offer my Aqualung Axiom Jacket in L - XL. Like new and max.10 TG on it. Top maintained and no defects


Since I will not come to dive in the foreseeable future, I sell this buoyancy jacket. It is in excellent condition and has experienced about 150 dives. It includes integrated lead pockets as well as inserts on the back for balancing weights. Free of charge I give two dive knives, as shown in the photo, both are fully functional.

Since this is a private sale, neither guarantee nor warranty apply. Nevertheless, I do not sell devices whose functionality I am not convinced.


Offer here a Mono Wing from Halcyon. As good as new in top condition. Year of construction 2015. 40 lbs. Eclipse. 18 liters of buoyancy.

VB: 250EUR

Shipping and PayPal possible if the costs are covered.
Private sale, no guarantee, no return


Offer a new, only twice dipped Tecline Special Edition 30 Donut Wing for sale. I opted for a smaller version.

Original price 385EUR

- For use with double bottles / dual devices
- Donut shape (completely circulating bladder)
- Color: black
- Double-shell construction (outer protective cover and internal bladder)
- Robust materials (protective cover: NYLON HEAVY DUTY 1000 NON BLADE; Bubble: PU420)
- Optimized design for optimal hose routing and safe and easy access to the valves
- Buoyancy volume: 30 liters
- Ideal for extra large dual units, 2 x 18 liters and 2 x 20 liters with multiple stages.

Diving Tec Backplate Harness Buoyanture Agent Jacket Wing Bubble Donut Double Unit D15 D18 D20 Double

73642 Welzheim

offer here my Halcyon Explorer Wing with 40 lbs buoyancy.

This classic DIR Wing for the use of double packages is double-shelled, so it has an internal bladder and an outer protective cover.
The bubble is made of 400 denier nylon. The protective cover is made of 1680 balistic nylon. By using these materials, the Halcyon Explorer Wing is excellently protected against damage.
Thus, the robust Halcyon Explorer Wing is ideal for wreck and cave diving and is therefore used worldwide in the exploration sector.

I had it in use for my double 12 and was always happy with it.
Top condition


Offer well-preserved buoyancy jacket Scubapro T-Black size XL.
The jacket is in good condition and works perfectly. It has 50 dives behind it.
Asking price: 300 EUR VB
Further photos and information on request.
Unfortunately, you can only put photos on your head in this portal! Stupid!
Since it is a private sale, no warranty guarantee no return


Buoyancy Jacket CRESSI
in size M
approx. 15-20 dives

There are no defects!

Asking price: 250EUR VB


Sell for 220EUR a wing set from DIR-ZONE with "Special Features" consisting of:

Wing "Stream 25" (25l volume) from Cordura

Special Feature: Snorkel attachment to the wing, so that the snorkel can be carried on dives without being in the way during the dive, but can be removed on the surface by the diver himself during the swim

Stainless steel backplate complete with rigging, crotch strap, knife and 4 D-rings

Special feature: a shoulder strap is equipped with a high-strength stainless steel click buckle. This makes it much easier to put on and take off despite the fixed belt length.

Single-tank adapter to dive wing and backplate also with single bottle.


Halcyon Explorer Wing (Horseshoe) 55lbs
275 EUR incl. Shipping VB


Buoyancy Jacket CRESSI
Model: J 107
in size M
approx. 15-20 dives

There are no defects!

Asking price: 250EUR VB


Sell my Pearl i3 Women's Jacket by Aqualung/Sea Quest in size M.

It has been little dipped (<15 TG), has no defects and is fully functional.

Sale wg transition from ADV to Wing.

VB 250 EUR + Shipping


Sell my Jacket Aqualung ProHD because of switch to Wing and D12
The jacket is like new and was in the water 3x.

Can be tested at the Attersee.

Size ML


Sell Jacket Pearl with Inflator Size M for 220EUR

Removable lead pockets

Retractor with stop

Octopus Holder Magnet Professional

NP: 340EUR

hardly used, maximum 10x


I sell a Mares h.u.b. jacket with integrated regulator. It does not have a normal inflator but one with two buttons on the left side. (See picture with the Fini).

The regulator is installed in the jacket and the hoses are therefore optimally tidy. No getting stuck or hanging hoses around.

Price 200EUR Basis for negotiation.

Sell my Pearl i3 Women's Jacket by Aqualung/Sea Quest in size M.

It has been little dipped (<15 TG), has no defects and is fully functional.

Sale wg transition from ADV to Wing.

VB 225 EUR incl. shipping


Interested in a new monowing?

Offer an unmerged Halcyon Eclipse 40lbs.

Price 300 Euro plus shipping

Since private sale no return warranty or guarantee.



I sell my Stabilizing Jacket in size.M in very good condition with the following features:

- high output volume
- Fainting-proof position on the water surface
- a pocket on the left side
- 3 quick drains that allow fast and controlled buoyancy in any body position
- reflective pocket and shoulder attachments for better visibility
- variable fit due to flexible banding
- including practical temple for hanging the jacket
- including hose holder

The jacket has always been treated with care and clean and in very good condition.
Visit/pick-up at Karlsruhe.
Shipping possible after consultation.

VHB: 80 EUR without shipping

Since private sale no return, no guarantee, no warranty.