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Sell little-used comfort harness from Polaris.

Very comfortable to carry due to the padded shoulder straps.

The harness is sold without a crotch strap and without a belt buckle.

Shipping and PayPal possible.

60 Euro VB

38159 Vechelde

Offer here a new unused ADV jacket.

Hing as a spare jacket in the basement was never used.

Without integrated lead size XL pickup preferred, shipping upon assumption of costs.

No return and no guarantee


Offer here a new unused jacket in size XL with integrated lead pockets.

To be handed over because of switching to another diving system. Pick-up preferred, shipping upon assumption of shipping costs.

No return and no guarantee


Sell my first jacket a Cressi S 2011T with about 50 dives. In the meantime, I have switched to an OMS wing system. The jacket is in good condition with some small traces of use. I had it checked at the dive center I trust (no official revision) and it was found to be ok. I myself never had any problems with it.

- Construction/Material: Hybrid/Cordura

- Weight/buoyancy: approx. 3.5 kilos/8.5 to 23 litres

- Suitable for double bottles: yes

- Carrying handle/catch loop: yes/yes

- Number of D-rings: 5

- Pockets: 2

- Exhaust valves: 3

- Lead integrated/trim lead: yes/yes

Price 250EUR VB

D├╝sseldorf, NRW

Sell my new buoyancy jacket from Mares in size S! The jacket has only 25 dives behind it! Because of hobby task to sell !

Asking price 225,-EUR VB for pick-up in Krefeld or Bochum


Diving Jacket Cressi S-103 Size L - Top Condition

1 a Condition

Sell very well maintained (quasi in new condition)
top preserved diving jacket Cressi S - 103 size L

used only a few times -

PS - have complete diving equipment including lung machine etc - all as new -

If necessary, please report


Phone: 0407601000

I offer a used but well-preserved diving jacket of the brand Cressi S111 in size XL. The jacket is lead-integrated, the lead bags are no longer in the best condition but can be purchased. On the back there are additional trim bleaches.

The price is 100EUR VHB + shipping


Lead-integrated jacket by Blue Eye in size L, only dipped in fresh water, always well maintained, lead bags without damage/wear, price 55EUR VHB + shipping


I offer here the Beuchat Masterlift size L of my wife, as she has switched to sidemount. The valves and quick outlets are maintained and work flawlessly.

This jacket is ideal for beginners and advanced and of course has two lead pockets that can be easily dropped in an emergency.


I offer here a well-preserved double bubble with two inflators. Each bubble also has three quick drains, so that draining is ensured from any position. All valves and occasions are maintained and work perfectly. The cords of the quick outlets have been renewed and extended to my needs, but can be easily shortened. I have always been very satisfied and only hand it over as I switched to sidemount.


Since my son no longer dives, I sell his diving jacket, used 3x, as good as new. Size L, 2 lead pockets, 3 air outlet valves, lightweight, 2 side pockets left and right with zipper, No signs of use, absolutely functional, the price refers only to the jacket, the vending machines can be purchased separately, see my other offer.

Price 120EUR

Shipping extra

Private sale, no guarantee, warranty and return



120 Euro plus shipping

Size: L

Made of extra sturdy CORDURA fabric, equipped with holder for a double 7 diving tank.

Equipped with a second longer abdominal belt to wear with dry suit.

With two large pockets also to accommodate a second vending machine and on each side a large bronze carabiner heel.

Comes with an original replacement bladder.

Payment: by bank transfer (no PayPal) or cash on delivery.

Shipping: DHL 7,49 Euro (with liability) or if cash on delivery 14,03 Euro

Private offer, the warranty is excluded. No return.

Horseshoe shape

ideal for D16/18/20

CHF 300.- plus shipping costs

Offer a well-preserved Taier jacket from seaQuest pro xlt. Size M.

Has two lead pockets.

Works perfectly.

Has a few dives under his belt.

For 250EUR it can be picked up.

For shipping with fee.


Offer a little used SeaQuest Latitude in size ML


Offer a used Seaway Explorer Jacket in size XL


Offer a new Aqualung Wave in size XXS


Offer a new Aqualung Pro HD in size MD.


Sell an almost new Zen Deluxe Wing (1 time freshwater dipped in Dive4Life).

The Wing was purchased in mid-December 2019 as a Christmas present.

Only two advertising inserts were removed, as everything was fixed there.
But they are loose if you want to reseal them.

In addition, the lead bags M - 2x3kg (never used).

Complete price 490EUR. Internet prices currently from (569EUR Jacket + 85EUR Bleitschen).
The Polaris 12l steel bottle with double valve is optionally available in a package for 200EUR (T├ťV until 04/2022 - even dipped only once).

Pick-up & shipping possible. Zip code 53797.


BCD Buoyancy Jacket DIve Rite Transpac, large M

with used tracks but fully functional

Integrated lead pockets, very good for traveling!

Price 150 Eur

Shipping & Packaging 15 Eur

Diving vest in size S, in very good condition. Has hardly any traces of use, no defects.

From Mares.

Price: 100EUR plus shipping

SeaQuest Latitude XLT Jacket
Size ML
3 quick outlets
2 x Trimmble ashes
2 x Surelock-SL-II lead bags f. 2 x 4,5kg
incl. Apeks Westenautomat (unused since Rev.)
with hose,
Price: 188,-EUR

private sale under EU law; no guarantee/warranty/return.


bought on 24.09.2017 for 299,- (knife discount)

approx. 60 dives, as good as new and well maintained (not used for 2 years) fully functional

220.- VHB

Phone: 017634693549

Used lead bag from Tusa.

Price 15,- EUR VB plus shipping costs.


Buoyancy jacket by Froschmann Technik. Approx. from the 90s. Need a revision, if you want to dive with it ;-)

Price 90,- EUR VB plus shipping costs


Offer back carrier from Auer / Dr├Ąger for 2x 4L, wanted to make something there, unfortunately never came to it.


Karlsruhe / Heidelberg

Jacket Beluga in size M.

The jacket itself and the pleated hose are in good condition, the inflator head must be replaced.

Asking price 50 Euro.

Pick up in Rinteln possible or shipping for 7 euros.

No warranty as private sale


On sale is a Mares Bolt SLS in size XL. Only 10 dives were used. An invoice from 22.11.2019 is enclosed.

Price: 199 Euro

Sell here a very well preserved Scubapro X-TEK Wing with "disposable" lead bags and a monotank adapter.

So both double devices and mono bottles can be mounted. It also has a stainless steel backplate.

The wing has a buoyancy of 27kg

X-TEK NP: 690,00EUR Jacket without adapter and lead pockets

Monotank adapter NP: 135,00EUR

Lead bags NP: 119,00EUR

An extended tape would be mounted on the left quick drain, as seen in the photos.

Sold on the basis of sidemount diving.


Shipping possible.

Sell my little brought pleated hose for Halcyon Wings. The pleated hose is equipped with an additional quick drain.

The screw connection to the quick drain would also have to fit on wings from other manufacturers (e.B. DIR Zone).

The folded lynaught has a total length of about 32cm (see picture 5).


For sale a Zeagle Challenger Wingjacket in size LG.

Technically fine. Pleasant to dive!

VB 200 Euro + shipping costs

Would still have 11KG soft lead (2x 2.5kg, 4x 1.5kg). We would have to talk about shipping in a special way.


Size S (F) only 2x dipped

VB: 200,- Euro plus shipping

No guarantee can be given and a return after purchase is not possible.


Phone: 01711258383

Sell my Mares Jacket.

- Size L
- used
- VB 60Euro

General note:
This is a private sale. The images are original photos of the item for sale.


Apex Wing Jacket

  • top condition VB 399 EUR


Phone: 015775065866

New aluminium backplate 4mm, 475mm long

all edges rounded, black anodized

Price 125EUR incl. shipping in Germany


Sell my 2x used Axiom i3 buoyancy jacket. SIZE ML

Retail price 289,00 EURO VB

Shipping possible at an additional cost.

No PayPal available.

A return is not possible, as it is a private sale!

The Axiom i3 from Aqualung is characterized by its almost perfect fit. This is achieved by the new "Wrapture Harness Support System". Here the bottle strap is at hip level and the main weight does not have to be carried by the shoulders. The rotating shoulder buckles and the very thin pack do the rest.

Material: Buoyancy bubble made of 500 D Armor Cordura, color inserts ArmorX, 1050D Ballistic Nylon

i3 inflator unit - intuitive operation. Leverage upwards: Ascend. Leverage down: Descend. Here, all valves open at the same time.

5 D-rings made of stainless steel

2 plastic D-rings

SureLock2 Integrated Weight System - Lead Pockets Included

Two trim bleaching bags for a maximum of 4.5kg lead payload each

Two quick outlets: 1 back bottom, 1 right shoulder. Flat E-Valve technology - very flat valves.

Octopus pocket with D-ring

Eyelets for attaching diving knives - Aqualung Squeeze Lock

Rolled neck collar - very comfortable

Fixed back plate with Grip Lock bottle strap - effectively prevents the bottle from slipping

Console Mount



I sell my Dirzone Ring 20 suitable for mono bottles from 15-20 L. About the bubble:
  • -Ring 20
  • -Short inflator
  • -Stainless steel buttons
  • -Dimensions: width 60 cm, height 67 cm
  • -Inflator hose light blue
  • -Approx. 40 dives
I bought the Wing new in March 19. The wing bladder is in top condition. If you are interested or have further questions, please write me a PN. Payment by PayPal. Shipping possible/ Handover in the Stuttgart area also possible. Price: 275EUR, VB Best regards Fabian


Phone: 01622381388

I offer a wing jacket here.

I bought this jacket used myself.

Since the jacket always slipped upwards, I had a shoemaker attach a crotch strap. As a result, the jacket works perfectly. It has metal D-rings and lead pockets.

Price 120 Euro

Phone: 015117909794

I ÔÖé´ŞĆ sell my jacket plus the compass because of too many hobbies.

The jacket is 2 years old

Original price was 490EUR

I did 40 dives with the jacket.

Size M

jacket+ compass 180EUR

The compass has been used 3 times

If you want you can have soft lead (6-8kg)

In my opinion, the price is very fair.

I hope it comes into good hands

Phone: 01703486930

Sell my backup wing about 15 TG made with it. VB 220 Euro incl. shipping.

Sell here a well-preserved Mares jacket in size XL. 155 Euro VB

The jacket was on 2-3 trips and was very rarely used in Germany. A further use with us is unfortunately not possible.

Shipping is possible if costs are covered.

Private sale without return and without guarantee.


Hello community,
I sell here a jacket of Aqualung type Axiom in size XL.
Sell only because I switch to sidemount due to my back ailment. Jacket has 25 TG behind him and has always been well maintained so the condition is very good. If you are interested, just write or call!

Voerde am Niederrhein

Phone: 0174-3405289

Moin dear divers,

sell my ADV Jacket here.

Few dives, very good condition, almost like new.

Only dived a few times for trial purposes. Size XL.

Shipping against payment of the fee gladly possible.

Retail Price 250EUR

No returns and no guarantee as this is a private sale.



Consisting of Diverite Transpack and Halcyon Eclipse, knives, dive rite lead bags and 12 kg of lead plates.

great wing for single tanks, of course also convertable to double tank. No damage, cracks or the like.

Best components, put on and off



Phone: 01715157480

Mares Wing Jacket (the one with the unpronounceable name) for mono devices in good used condition

wg. System change. Fits at about 1.60-1.70 height. Price EUR 180 VHB + shipping.


Phone: 017620644232

Look for such a backplate made of Kydex from the US brand Deal Des Supply.

As good as new children's jacket by SubGear - Rebel.

Previously only used for a diving course. Additionally with abdominal belt extension (not in the picture)

Price 100 Euro. Items can also be shipped.

Private sale no guarantee or return


For sale is a Seac Icaro Tech Wing Jacket. The bladder is absolutely dense. The inflator was revised last year. Quick outlets work.

I can't say anything exact about age, as I bought the jacket used myself. However, it is the first model that was launched on the market in 2007.

Retail Price: 120EUR

The jacket was dived by me until recently and is only sold because of switching to another system (backplate + donut wing), as it becomes more "technical" with me.

The following changes have been made by me:

- Replacement of the inflator hose with a shorter

- Original harness has been exchanged for a DIR harness with crotch strap

- Bungee to limit the bladder has been removed

Lead pockets and inner bleaches are included, whereby the inner bleaches are damaged which is not a problem.

The Wing is ideal for diving with D12/D8,5/D7 and has the typical Wing Jacket good water position. The bubble has a buoyancy of 25Kg and can easily lift a D12 with one to two stages.

If there are still questions, just ask :).

It is a private sale, I do not assume any warranty. Shipping is possible if costs are covered.

Halle (Saale)

Phone: 01716990761

search jacket for belly size

since I got bissl belly and my jacket now has the lead more sideways I tilt very easily to since

therefore I am looking for a bigger one that the weights come forward more