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Hey guys

Sell an Olympus underwater housing "Olympus PT-E06" suitable for the Olympus E-620 with a port PPO-E05 for 14-42 mm lens incl. adjusting ring and camera slide with which you mount the camera in the housing.

The case is as good as new and has only been in water about 10 times and in top condition.

Original price case at the moment: 1194,-
Original price Port: 380,-

Make me an offer...... what would it be worth to you?
Please only serious inquiries....

Product features and technical details:

Underwater housing for E-620
Waterproof up to 40 m
Cover for front and back, locked by rotatable closure
Two fiber optic connections
Semi-transparent back


Water pressure resistance: Waterproof according to a water pressure up to 40 m
Construction: Cover for front and back, locked by rotatable closure

For more information, simply browse the net or ask me directly.

&263 F├╝gen

Underwater camera housing for Olympus,
intact, well preserved.
FP 20 EUR plus shipping costs paid by the buyer. Or pick-up.


Ikelite UW case for Nikon D200 for sale.
I want my UW housing with 6" dome port and with flatport (jewals with neoprene protective covers) and with zoom ring, and incl. handles.) sell. Is in good condition, with normal traces of use. Was never flooded.
Price: 700 EUR+ Shipping


Before I offer all the stuff individually in the bay, there may be someone here who wants to get into UW photography well and cheaply. I decided to give up the hobby. Pictures say more than a thousand words.

MikeDive console (each 18 cm arms with Ballmount Sea & Sea) additionally a 30 cm arm and a 10 cm arm with Ballmount Sea & Sea. Two times Sea & Sea YS-110. Heinrichs Weikamp Adapter, Fiber Optic Cable and Sea & Sea Cable. The whole thing is in great condition and works of course including pilot lights. Batteries for the flashes are not included.

Purchase price ~ 1100 EUR If you are interested, just make me a fair offer. Further pictures at any time by email.


Underwater Camera MOTORMARINE MX-10 Set
with flash YS 40 A and wide-angle lens 20 mm
a versatile, straightforward camera that also allows them to take macro and wide-angle photos in acceptable quality.
With good image quality, the MX 10 offers an expandable number of advantages:
Easy to use Compact handy format,
Aperture selection from 4.5 - 22, Automatic film rewinding, Integrated flash
Technical features:
Luminous intensity 1:4.5
Working apertures 4.5 - 22
Maximum diving depth 45 m
Focal length standard lens 32 mm
Angle of view 51 degrees
Film sensitivity adjustable for 100 and 400 ASA
Wide-angle lens 22 mm
Simple bayonet closure, replaceable under water
minimum focal length (at f/22): 40 cm
Shooting angle under water: 74┬░ distortion-free edge sharpness
Weight: 135g


28865 Lilienthal

Sell the following new photo accessories.

1x flash rail 25cm for 2 flex arms (lamp and flash)
1x Flexarm 36cm + 30cm
1x Digital Slave Flash Sunpak Remote Lite II in Cool Flash U/W housing (depth max.40mtr.)
1x Fiber Optic Cable

for 160EUR.

Sale of private.


Sell semi-professional complete set Olympus E3, 10MPix digital SLR camera with lenses, Ikelite underwater housing and many accessories. The complete package covers the typical needs of a dedicated photographer both above and without underwater.
The underwater housing was serviced in 2011 and all o-rings were replaced. Body, lenses and flash have a current bios. The complete equipment is in perfect condition and immediately ready for use. E3 is from 2008, accessories partly 2008 / 2009
Visit and test in Heidelberg (possibly D├╝sseldorf) possible by arrangement
Original price complete: 6.200 Euro
VB complete: 2.990 Euro

Main components of the package:
1x E-3 D-SLR
1x Zuiko Digital Lens ED 12-60mm
1x Zuiko Digital Lens ED 50mm Macro
1x FL-50R wireless flash
4x different filters (B+W and Olympus)
1x HLD-4 battery handle
2x chargers (110-240V) & car charger
3x new Ansmann batteries (better than Olympus)
1x Mono-pod
1x Ikelite Underwater Housing #6851.3 up to 60m
1x Ikelite Dome 8" for wide angle shots
1x Ikelite Flat for macro recordings
1x connection cable (y, 1 to 2) for 2 external
Underwater Lightning
1x Stable grip base
2x handles with mounting option for flashes
1x Various pockets / padded
Transport packaging / protective pads

Summary of the offer:

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Heidelberg / D├╝sseldorf

Sell UW case for " Olympus PT 016 ". The housing is used but in very good condition. Functional tip top. Fits e.g. for " Mju 300/400 ". Original price from 99.-- EUR.
Retail price 49.-- EUR plus 5.90 EUR shipping.
If you have any questions, simply email us.
Michael Winter from: D - 85356 Freising
(Private sale without warranty)

85356 Freising

Offer a diving mask from Liquid Image with integrated HD video camera for sale, model HD320. The HD video camera records with 720P on Micro SD Cards, there are two SD Cards with 2GB each. The mask has a blue frame and dark tinted silicone (because of the reflections). You can take wonderful pictures with it under water, with free hands. I only had the mask on three times while diving. It is also ideal for snorkeling! The camera system is comparable to the GoPro HD Hero, but films with bright colors.

The mask is in very good condition and tight!

VB EUR 150,-

Berlin Kreuzberg

Ikelite Case 6242.90 for Canon S90
with diffuser, tooth ring, manual OVP.
As good as new condition, only one holiday needed !


Sachs underwater housing with DV video camera Grundig DLC20. The housing is 40m pressure resistant and equipped with an infrared control for the camera. All functions (Wide/Telephoto, Start/Stop, On/Off and Photoshot) are possible.
2 video lamps can be attached to the housing wing.
The camera includes all connection cables, charger for the Accu ́s, remote control for the camera, DV video cassette and instructions.

Equipment is used, flawless.

Price 250.- Euro, more photos can be emailed.