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I offer here a hardly used SEA&SEA fiber optic cable. Price 45EUR Vhb.

Schleswig Holstein

Hello, I offer 3 x Sea&Sea 5-Pin Sync Cord for sale (of course also sell individually).

25.- per pcs. / 60.- 3 pcs.

All have only been stored as a backup, have been in the water 1 time for testing.
If you are interested, please send me an e-mail.
Feel free to send pictures as well.

Best regards,


For lovers: "the underwater camera": Nikonos RS well-maintained, complete system with lenses 28mm, 50mm and zoom lens, flash, 2 bodies and two suitcases, little dipped (hobby diver). Unfortunately I had to give up diving and for the closet the "sweetheart" is too bad. Price is a matter of negotiation, if interested I like to email more pictures.


Camera Sealife dc 1400.14 megapixel CCD for sharp, high-resolution images.
26 mm wide-angle lens. This allows you to get even closer to the subject and still get everything on the picture.
Super macro autofocus from 2.5cm to Ôł× HD video mode, underwater housing +Digital Pro flash+ flash diffuser
Price 550EUR VB


Full HDTV Underwater Video Camera Set with Accessories for sale.

Full HDTV JVC GZ-HD30 (Full HD , 80GB HDD....) including large battery for over 2 hours runtime. Underwater housing JVC WR-MG200 including 3 seals and accessories. All in original packaging. 700,- EUR. All in very good condition. Housing maintained. With red filter 67mm!

Example HD Video:

For You Tube, set the resolution (gear) to 1080P.

Housing 2010, camera October 2011 . I had two cameras. One bought in 2010 and this one. This 2nd was mainly for the land recordings or between dives. Since the housing did not need to be opened and could wait in the water for the next use.
The battery is from the beginning of 2013. It lasts about 120 minutes.
There are 3 seals for the housing. So far, I've only needed one. Both others are as good as new. In addition to the housing, there is also a red filter. Lens and lens without scratches. During transport, I always wrapped the case in a towel so that it could not be damaged. There are only slight signs of use in the housing and the camera.
New value approx. 1700,- EUR plus.dem accessories (battery and filter)
The camera still has a functional warranty of 7 months. I had you checked and cleaned. Article location: 47638 Straelen

Recording Image Resolution Video: 1920 x 1080 Full HD


Sell my UW photo equipment

The set includes

Panasonic Lumix TZ-18
Panasonic DMW-MCTZ 20 Enclosure
Wide angle dome 26mm incl. neoprene protection and small mesh pocket
INON M67 Adapter
Red filter
Magenta filter
W 35 Fiber Optic Cable Holder
INON Clear Photo Film Set for the housing

The case shows signs of use (scratches on the back) which do not affect the function in any way. Otherwise, the housing is still top and of course tight.
The dome port I had only 1x in the water and is practically new. The two filters were also not really used much with the red filter 2 white lines on it.
The INON M67 adapter has never been used because only about 2 months ago purchased.

Price 650EUR

Hochheim am Main


I offer here my Fujifilm FinePix F200 EXR incl. underwater housing WP-FXF 200 (up to 40m).

The camera and the housing are TOP OK, as seen in the photos. The case has traces of use at the rear, but the front glass is scratch-free.

Test report of the camera:

In addition, I add an 8 GB SD card from Transcend.

My asking price is around 220EUR.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.



I hand over all my photo equipment.
This is a 35mm Sea&Sea UW camera:

1 x MM IIex
1 x Wide angle 16mm
1 x Wide angle 20mm
1 x Lensholder
1 x Macro 1:2
1 x Additional viewfinder
2 x Flash Sub 50
1 x Flash adapter
1 x Flash rail
2 x Flash Arms
1 x Flash holder
1 x Replacement seal
1 x Fat
1 x Spiral cable
1 bag for everything
1 book Motormarine

The camera is in good condition and has never had a water intrusion.

In terms of price, I had thought of 300,00 Euro.


Underwater flash
Sea & Sea YS-25-DX (especially for digital cameras!)
robust, handy and powerful.
Slight signs of use (scratches on the housing), fully functional and of course tight.

Complete with all necessary accessories such as
* high-quality, sturdy Sea & Sea flash arm (extendable)
* Sea & Sea flash arm fitting
* Sea & Sea camera rail and screw connection
* Diffuser (for wide angle and even softer light)
* Fiber optic cable with Sea&Sea connection (standard 6.5mm)
* Camera adapter with Velcro connection (self-made, but working, of course any other with 6.5mm connection also works)

7 different power levels - so of course also great for brightening macros - setting of the pre-flashes (0-2 depending on the camera model). Operation with commercially available AA batteries or NiMH rechargeable batteries

Original price complete approx. EUR 400.-

Private sale, no warranty or return

EUR 110.- plus shipping (EUR 5,90)


Underwater housing for a camcorder!

"Stingray III Sport"

of the company LIGHT & MOTION

former original price 1.890,00 Euro

The equipment is little used, has no signs of use.

Easy handling!

Original is an English manual.

We add a German operating manual.


"Top Dawg Monitor Back" - large monitor

"Sunray Mini Classic Ligthing System" - "Light System"

Replacement O-rings

Transport case

On request, we can also add a camcorder for an extra charge.

For the following Sony cameras:


16348 Wandlitz

Sell a subtronic PRO 160 flash with S6 socket.

The flash has small traces of use, i.e. very slight signs of use on the throw-over rings and some scratches on the dome glass ÔÇô which does not affect the function of the flash / pilot light.

Also included are, as can be seen in the pictures:
- an almost unused 1.3 Ah battery arm ÔÇô no signs of use recognizable.
- a synchronous cable N5 / S6
- a charger (S4 socket; 1.3A charging current)
- complete neoprene protection (colour dark grey)

Selling price: 750,- EUR incl. insured shipping within Germany.

If you have any questions, just write to us ;-)

St. Leon

Underwater digital camera SeaLife DC1200 incl.

additional wide-angle lens

complete with spare battery, charger etc.
Has only been on holiday a few times.
If you have any questions, please call.
0157 74618070
Please no e-mails!

Price: 300EUR VB

Shipping is also possible.
Cash payment at pick-up

Manufacturer's specifications:

Sealife DC 1200, easy to use, with piano keyboard and zoom and menu scroll lever.

Piano keyboard: no more buttons ÔÇô but 5 large menu keys. Extra-large shutter release button and zoom lever for safe and easy operation ÔÇô even with thick gloves
Easy set-up mode allows setting in three steps on the display
Four underwater modes for sharp, color-intensive underwater photos in any body of water in the world: Sea mode with 4 UW color correction settings / Ext. Flash Mode Auto / Ext. Flash Mode Manual / Snorkel Mode
Spy Mode ÔÇô any number of continuous shots at fixed intervals. This allows exceptional shots of shy animals, as the diver can move away from the object.
Expandable with up to 2 external SeaLife flashes (SL961) and the SL970 wide-angle attachment
Rubberized housing for robustness and good grip
Manual setting of the exposure time and aperture in the Ext. Flash Mode
Diving depth tested up to 60 m
12 megapixel CCD for high-resolution images and detailed magnifications
Large 3.0" LCD
25X zoom - 5X optical zoom plus 5X digital zoom
Autofocus up to 10 cm minimum distance
More than 2 hours of constant video recording time with sound (with 4GB SD card)
Lithium battery 700mAh for 2 TG (2+ h or 200+ photos)
Extremely short shutter release and switch-on time for spontaneous photos. (Approx. 0.3 sec. in Ext. Flash and landscape mode. )
SD and SDHC cards compatible (Recommended: 4 GB ÔÇô tested: 16 GB)
12 Land Modes ÔÇô Automatic presetting of the camera according to the type of shot
Optical image stabilization ÔÇô CCD technology reduces shake

Bornheim PLZ: 53332

Underwater flash
Sea & Sea YS-25-DX (especially for digital cameras!)
robust, handy and powerful (Sea & Sea quality),
slight signs of use (scratches on the housing), fully functional and of course tight.

complete with all necessary accessories such as
* high-quality, sturdy Sea & Sea flash arm (extendable)
* Sea & Sea flash arm fitting
* Sea & Sea camera rail and screw connection
* Diffuser (for wide angle and even softer light)
* Fiber optic cable with Sea&Sea connection (standard 6.5mm)
* Camera adapter with Velcro connection (self-made, but working, of course any other with 6.5mm connection also works)

7 different power levels - so of course also great for brightening macros - setting of the pre-flashes (0-2 depending on the camera model). Operation with commercially available AA batteries or NiMH rechargeable batteries

Original price complete approx. EUR 400.-

Private sale, no warranty or return

EUR 120.- plus shipping (EUR 5,90)


Search UW housing for Canon SLR EOS 350D.


Underwater flash
Sea & Sea YS-25-DX (especially for digital cameras!)
robust, handy and powerful (Sea & Sea quality),
slight signs of use (scratches on the housing), fully functional and of course tight.

complete with all necessary accessories such as
* high-quality, sturdy Sea & Sea flash arm (extendable)
* Sea & Sea flash arm fitting
* Sea & Sea camera rail and screw connection
* Diffuser (for wide angle and even softer light)
* Fiber optic cable with Sea&Sea connection (standard 6.5mm)
* Camera adapter with Velcro connection (self-made, but working, of course any other with 6.5mm connection also works)

7 different power levels - so of course also great for brightening macros - setting of the pre-flashes (0-2 depending on the camera model). Operation with commercially available AA batteries or NiMH rechargeable batteries

Original price complete approx. EUR 400.-

Private sale, no warranty or return

EUR 140.- plus shipping (EUR 5,90)


Find a port for Hugy AF Hugyflex diameter Bjonet closure 122 mm
who still has such a part to sell

I'm looking for Ikelite 8" domeport (5510.45)with domebody (5510.11)



I offer a little used E-410 with 17.5 lens and a UW housing set bought a few months ago but never used.

where is:

Olympus E-410
Lens Olympus 17,5-45mm
Olympus UW housing PT-E03
incl. zoom ring
incl. 2 new O-rings f.d. back cover
Flash cover (simultaneous connection for optical lightning cable)
LL Cable
Metal handles with rail
Add 2 filters for the lens and a small used camera bag for free!

Normal traces of use, top condition!
I am happy to send photos if you are interested!

VB Price excl. Shipping:
PRICE UPDATE 2013-11-10: 490,- excl. Shipping

If you are interested, please ask for an answer and asking price. Delivery only in the entire set.
Shipping to ├ľ/D and CH possible.

I sell the set because I have zero time for it, I'm even more of a layman and have the end with my Lumix. For some snorkelers it is just too massive, since it is already going into the professional area.

Private sale WITHOUT guarantee and right of return!

Thank you


I sell an Ikelite synchronous cable #4104.31 manually Nikonos 5 to Ikelite (Bitz) connector.


The Ikelite Synchronous Cable for Manual Flash Control is designed to connect an underwater housing with Nikonos 5Pin connector to an Ikelite underwater flash.
The housing must have a flash output (flash socket) Nikonos 5Pin to connect the synchronous cable.
The Ikelite Sync. Corduroy is 60cm long and can be stretched to 180cm.

The synchronous cable is suitable between all underwater housings with a Nikonos connector and one of the following underwater flashes:

Ikelite DS-50
Ikelite DS-51
Ikelite DS-125
Ikelite DS-160
Ikelite DS-161
Ikelite DS-200

Original price: 99 Euro

Retail price: 50 Euro.

Sea&Sea camera is in very good condition, I had the camera with me at about 40 TG.

minimal traces of use are present.

The scope of delivery also includes silica gel dry bag a O ring remover and O ring grease.

The camera can also be used outdoors, as well as for snorkeling.

ÔÇóThe housing is protected by seals against dust and
other environmental influences protected.

ÔÇóPerfect outdoor camera !

ÔÇóWaterproof up to 5m even without housing! Perfect
Snorkel camera!


ÔÇóWith 140 x 109 x 82.5mm

ÔÇóand only 385 g

ÔÇófits in any pocket !

ÔÇóhigh-quality polycarbonate housing in familiar SEA
&SEA quality.

ÔÇóMaximum operating depth 55 m

ÔÇóSensor: 1/2,.72 CCD 12.0 megapixels

ÔÇóLens: Optical 3x zoom 38-152 mm (KB) 20 - 75mm
(KB) with wide-angle converter (optional)

ÔÇóMacro: 6 cm

ÔÇóLCD: 2.7" TFT-LCD monitor with 230,000 pixels

ÔÇóISO: 64 - 1600

ÔÇóWhite balance: automatic, manual white balance

ÔÇóStorage medium: SD card is included

ÔÇóFile format: JPEG

ÔÇóVideo recording: QuickTime Motion JPEG format

ÔÇóExtras: Waterproof without housing 5m

ÔÇóBattery and charger: 1XLithium ion battery,

ÔÇóHousing: Polycarbonate

ÔÇóOperating depth with housing: 55m

EUR 280.00


Hello everyone

I am looking for a UW housing for the Panasonic LUMIX DMC-TZ22, the Panasonic DMW-MCTZ20E.
Very gladly used, main thing is functional :-)
I am looking forward to your offers, please with appropriate asking price.



Hugyfot underwater housing for Canon 400D, handle right and left, HugyCheck System
Heinrich's eTTL converter board
Planport L90/D100 Kit
Port extension 40mm, suitable for Canon 100mm macro
Large Fisheye Domport L25/D174 Kit
Port extension 20mm
Zoom ring L=55mm, suitable for Tokina 10-17mm Fisheye
Zoom ring L=75mm, suitable for Sigma 17-70mm
SAGA ADLH-AB-OM-67 Flip Adapter for Attachment Lens M67
Sync Cord 1x Nikonos on 1x Sea&Sea

The housing has 2 sockets, Nikonos V + HugyCheck valve.
In addition, there is a longer, stable lightning cable on the hotshoe, with red/ green LED's for Hugycheck.
Modified base plate so that the battery of the Hugycheck and the camera can be changed even with the camera installed.
Everything in perfect condition, with signs of use.
Replacement value, excluding conversions, over EUR4000

The Hugyfot set is available for EUR2100
More pictures on request.

Camera incl. lenses are also available:
Canon Body 400D & Sigma 17-70mm f/2.8-3.5
Canon EF100mm f/2.8 USM Macro 1:1
Tokina ATX 10-17 DX AF f/3.5-4.5 Fisheye
Sync Y-Cord 1x Nikonos on 2x Sea&Sea
Make me an offer...

Location Switzerland, please inquire about shipping costs.


Ikelite video housing incl. Sony Mini-DV DCR-HC85E PAL camcorder and Inon wide-angle lens for screwing on (underwater changeable) with dome port.

Very good condition and fully functional.

There are also various camcorder accessories such as remote control, charger, batteries, wide angle for the camcorder, red filter for the housing, buoyancy weight.

The original price for everything together was about 2500EUR. I only did about 20 dives with it in the Red Sea and fresh water. Now she is only standing around in the basement, because the airlines have abolished the free diving luggage :-(
Anyone who knows Ikelite knows how robust and reliably tight these housings are. It never let me down and was always dense.

Price: 599 EUR


Hello everyone

I am looking for an underwater housing for a CANON 550D.
Offer everything you want to give away, preferably with a preissy performance!

Greeting Dominik

sub zero underwater housing for GoPro HD HERO and HD HERO2 cameras for sale. It is an underwater cave with a special handmade subzero underwater lens, waterproof up to 60 meters. Case is 2 years old and has normal traces of use. Original price Euro 95 for Euro 50.


I would like to sell my very well maintained NIKON D200 (with 33,500 Expo) with Ikelite UW housing in a set.
The set also includes:
1 pc NIKON MD-200 battery portrait handle
3 pcs NIKON original batteries with charger
3 PC CF Memory Cards (1GB, 4GB, 32GB)

On request, I send pictures.


For sale is a Hugyfot case from the original Hugyfot period, i.e. before the company was sold by the company founder.

The case is the Atlantis case for the Nikon F50. As can be seen in the pictures, the camera is also part of the offer as well as the Nikkor AF 35-80 mm f/4-5.6D lens. Everything is in working condition and was maintained by me at the beginning of this year (bushings disassembled, cleaned and greased). The case also passed the test dive afterwards perfectly. The housing has a leak detector and a Nikonos flash socket.

Scope of delivery:
- Hugyfot Atlantis case
- Nikon F 50 with lens and lens ring
- Matching port to the lens
- Neoprene port protection
- Replacement O-ring
- Hexagon socket key
- Original instruction manual for the housing

Shipping is possible.

VB 180 EUR


Sony FS-100 in BS-Kinetics case!

I sell here my film equipment consisting of the following parts:

- Sony NEX FS-100E camera with residual warranty
- BS Kinetics housing with flat and dome port, 100m
- Sony 16mm lens
- Sony Ultrawide Converter and Fisheye Converter
- Extra large Sony NPF battery
- Aluminium box

Each part is in perfect condition with minimal signs of use.

Price 4500 VB, offers are gladly accepted!

VG Andy


Sell my super underwater camera here, because I finally have an SLR camera with housing!
The housing is from the company Ikelite and is suitable for the camera Canon Power Shot S5IS.
The housing and the data you can look at on the website at Ikelite, the housing is up to 40 meters Waterproof is made of transparent plastic and all really all buttons and switches of the camera are operable even with dry diving glove.
The camera Canon Power Shot S5IS with 8 million pixels 12x automatic zoom fold-out screen shake protection Macro and Supermacro area that can be used underwater super, the exact data can also be viewed on the Internet at the company Canon!
In addition to the housing, there is also a matching lighting arm adjustable in length and according to all positions, also from the company Ikelite just matching the housing.
And finally a super light from the company Greenforce, the battery tank ( see pictures I hung under the housing with cable ties was always the best for me ) is the largest battery that Greenforce offers with cable to the alley discharge burner the headlight with daylight, for photography simply ideal whether fresh or salt water whether day or night always the hammer with the battery burns the lamp about 120 min. If you do not photograph I have taken the system for diving the battery at the back of the compressed air bottle the cable is long enough you only have the lamp in your hand with handle very light!
All this is still in the suitcase see picture, is brand self-made, everything is safely packed and the suitcase fits into the hand luggage on the plane, never had trouble on my travels.
Enclosed are replacement seals for the housing and a 4 GB memory card for the camera, red light filter and for the integrated flash still suitable refractive filter in two thicknesses.
Housing Lamp Tank Case Arm and camera cost about 2500, - EUR at that time, everything is used and also has traces of use but it is fully functional and in order.
I would now like to have for everything 650, - EUR it is also worth and for someone who enjoys it, I always had them and also great photos.
Email me if there are any questions or call 01797381105


I sell a GoPro Hero HD2 with underwater housing from UK Germany (150m)
Other accessories:
- Plexiglas housing (waterproof up to 60m)
- Display (The UK housing is for use with display)
- Second battery
- Memory card 32GB SanDisk Extreme HD Video 30Mb/s
- Head mount
- Instruction manual, brackets, charging cable...

everything fully functional, usual slight traces of use but not on the optics or on the display

The following videos were shot with the camera:

Fixed price 570,-EUR ( The current original price of the components is about 850, - EUR )


Sell here my used very well preserved Gopro 2,
The scope includes:

-GoPro 2
-GoPro Immersion Housing+ Lens Protection
-GoPro case/wristband holder with BlurFixe UW lens and replacement granule balls
-GoPro Wi-Fi Pac
-Wi-Fi Remote
-Various housing covers
-Connection and charging cable
-Hold plates for the Gopro cases,

Gopro as well as all accessories are in the best condition and will give you a lot of friends. However, these items are excluded from use and return. You are also welcome to look at the camera in front of your bid in Hamburg.

For more information, please contact me as a Pn.
Price 300EUR VB


I have to hand in a photo light of the company MB-Sub.
The battery was replaced last year and can therefore be described as as new.



Good day

I offer here my Olympus E- 330 SLR camera for sale. It was rarely used and is therefore in very good condition.
The camera is the first of its kind to be equipped with a live-view display and a diving housing, which allows easy photography up to a depth of 60 meters.

The first release of the Olympus E - 330 was in 2006 and it has an image size of 3136 x 2352 pixels at 7.5 megapixel image resolution.

Also on offer are
an Olympus Digital Ojective 14-45mm f/3.5-5.6
and an Olympus Digital lens 40-150mm f/4-5.6,
as well as a second battery, a charger and a data cable to connect to the computer.

Furthermore, an Olympus FL 20 flash - unfortunately without underwater housing but with new batteries - a carrying case ( for the camera, lenses, charger and flash ) and additionally an XD Picture Card from Olympus with 1 GB storage capacity and also a HyperSpeed Compact FlashCard with 4 GB memory are included in the scope of delivery.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact me.
Price is negotiable.



I sell my Gopro hero3 Black Edition with 2nd battery different backdoors and several attachments because of switching to another cam. Incl. 16GB Micro SD memory card! shipping possible 370EUR VB. The battery of the remote control must be replaced


Underwater camera housing DX 8000G - VP 150 EUR,
Wide angle object (sea&sea 5000G) suitable for the camera body DX 8000G - VP 150 EUR,
Flash light -Aqua Lung YS 27 DX - VP 200 EUR.
All devices in top condition!!


Offer Complete Underwater Photography Equipment with
Lighting system from MB SUB in a sturdy aluminium transport case
-Canon Ixus 750 7.1MP ,3x opt. Zoom
-Lighting system adjustable from 40,70,130%
-with catch tape of the kompl. Equipment
-original Canon underwater housing DC WP 80 for
the Ixus 750 possibly with accessories ( inquire ! )
-all complete VHB 250,-Euro


Hello to all divers,
sell a UW case " Silverfih " in a
topp condition !!
Complete with 2 Hartenberger Mini Compact UW luminaires
and 2 buoyancy bodies!!
VB : together 2100 EUR ( original price approx. 2700 EUR )

Lutz Mitzel


Hello everyone

sell BS Kinetics D7000 carbon housing and ports for fisheye and macro objectiv. The case and ports are not quite a year old and in excellent condition. Only on the underside of the case are minor scratches.

- Housing
- Macro port for 105mm
- Fisheye Dome 9" polycarbonate

Current online original price around 2900EUR

Retail Price 1699EUR

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX1 + MPK-WEB 40m Underwater Housing

10.2 million pixels, Exmor RÔäó CMOS sensor, F2.4 G lens with 5x zoom/24mm wide angle and HD film
Used about 2 years old. 179EUR incl. shipping with DHL

Original price:
MPK-WEB UW Housing 229EUR
Memory Stick PRO-HG DuoÔäó HX with 16 GB 75EUR
NP-BG1 Replacement Battery 50EUR

Further information and dates:



look for defective or old flashes, housings for photo or video, and lighting/lamps.
Happy to offer everything...
Greetings Mattes


Hello everyone.

I have made the decision to stop UW photography for good. Reasons are manifold, but primarily the smuggling and I miss after 25 years of photography simply too much underwater.

That's why I part with my set. It would be best if someone takes the complete set. I summarize briefly and mention the new prices of the latest components, as there is still a warranty.

Nikon Coolpix P7100 camera with orig. Nikon spare battery and orig. Nikon Remote Shutter + P7100 Book
Camera still has until April (I have to check exactly) residual warranty.
Original price together 650.-

Ikelite case for the P7100(purchased June 2012) with rail and handle orig. Ikelite
Original price 525.-

Ikelite Flash DS 125. Has traces of custom of normal kind. Battery lasts a very long time and is stable or does not degrade! Of course with Ikelite lightning cable

Ball arms for extension

Focus light with ball arm adapter

Red filter for video recording orig. Ikelite.

Subsee Macro +10 incl. adapter for the Ikelite Gh├Ąuse. Original price 225.-
Purchased June 2012

That's how it would be. In the coming days I will post a few more pictures.
The set is awesome especially for beginners. Especially in the Macro (Lembeh) I had a lot of success and fun with the TTL function.

If you add up the original price you easily get over 2000.- Euro. Both camera and housing are in a very new condition and have as mentioned residual warranty

Asking price for the SET is: EURO 1000.-

85399 Hallbergmoos

Offer here a used UW case for the Canon S95 from Ikelite.
I put a new O-ring with it.
Sale takes place due to lack of existing camera.

Price: 150,-EUR plus shipping (6,90 DHL, insured) or pick-up


Sell here a used Ikelite underwater housing for a Canon G9

Price:150EUR plus 6,90 insured shipping with DHL


Camera Cannon A630 with housing WP DC8 Used with normal traces of use but do not affect the function.
Price 149,- EUR + Shipping
If you have any questions, call 02381 485334


For sale is a Canon S110 incl. underwater housing from Nauticam

The camera is new and has 15 dives and has been used almost exclusively for underwater.
If you have any questions or if you want more pictures, you can call me at my mobile number 0174 7503884.

Retail Price: 900 EUR

79843 L├Âffingen

Hello dear hobby and recreational divers,

For professional reasons, I solve all my underwater video equipment,
Video camera + underwater housing with a total value of approx. 3500.00 EUR on and
hereby sell a high-quality diving equipment for the area of
Hobby and recreational divers. All listed parts are used and have
slight traces of use, despite several inserts in fresh or salt water
this equipment is in TOP condition.

Universal underwater housing "Silverfish"
The version offered here is the P version which offers the possibility
Switch between the camcorder's photo and video modes. In addition,
there is also a button for manual focus. The Silverfish is suitable
excellent for those looking for noble design with convincing
Properties even under water do not want to do without. A robust, chic,
functional, exceptional, easy-to-use housing.
Type: Silverfish, Manufacturer: RWE Mechatronics, Operating depth max.: 160 meters,
Shutter: 4 clamping shutters, camera control: 2x4 magnetic button for LANC control,
Functions: Recording, Power, AF, Zoom, Manual Focus, Display
Viewfinder: TFT monitor 2.5 inch built-in, 4x mignon cells required, microphone: yes,
Leak warning: yes, length: 315 mm, width: 250 mm, height. 140 mm, weight empty: 4500 g,

Sony HDR-HC3 mini DV Camcorder
Recording format selectable: HDV 1080i or Mini DV SD, recording to Mini DV Cassette,
2,100,000 pixel Clear Vid CMOS sensor, Carl Zeiss lens "Vario-Sonnar T*",
10x optical / 80x digital zoom.

for sale are the following items,

ÔÇó Underwater housing Silverfish, (with instruction manual)
ÔÇó Replacement sealing ring
ÔÇó Red light filter
ÔÇó Mares spiral cable with ring and loop
ÔÇó Sony HDR-HC3 mini DV Camcorder (with user manual) incl. power supply
ÔÇó 2 additional batteries
ÔÇó 1GB San disk Memory Stick HD PRO Duo, additional adapter
ÔÇó Remote control
ÔÇó High quality camcorder bag
ÔÇó Connection for the laptop
ÔÇó Express Card 2x FireWire, incl. cable
ÔÇó Video editing software "Pinnacle Studio 12 plus" (with user manual)
ÔÇó In addition, many small parts and transmission cables, (USB, video and much more)

Since these are used items and a purely private sale, I take over
no guarantee and no return. If it is possible, please pick up yourself, because
I would like to demonstrate all functions. Otherwise free insured
Shipping by DHL.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail.

VP (incl. Shipping) 1.600,00 EUR (PayPal, prepayment or cash on collection).



I am looking for an Inon S2000. Please only send offers with specific price expectations.

MfG Martin Klein


I'm selling a UW. Self-made camera. With a
Canon MV600I. The housing is an aluminum alloy
Seawater solid and up to 50mtr.used several times.
The lighting has a lead gel battery 12V/3,4A(at Conrad 20,00Euro)The reflector has a 100 degree angle of DEV PEIN and can be equipped with halogen bulbs of 10-50W and G4 socket as required. The lamp is switched separately from the outside. All operations are to be operated mech.. The techn. Data of the camera you can
Accessories:Charger for Camera and Lamp
a second battery for camera,CD,remote control for
Camera,Transfer Cable Camera Computer,5 Round Rings
5x2 for bushings (replacement) and operating system.
Camera Canon MV500i.I am ready for any questions. Tel.0341/8773101 pick up would be nice for
a small explanation, but I could also use a
write small operating instructions.
With shipping nch 6,90 Euro are added.
I had imagined a price vn 130,00Eur.


Phone: 03418773101

Sell Canon Ixus 900 Ti with underwater housing WP-DC 7. Often dipped, but in good shape. Suitable for beginners, manual white balance in the housing possible.

Price VB

bei Frankfurt

I sell a lot of flash arms and clamps from UCLS and other manufacturers:

3x ULCS terminal AC-CSF. NP: 32 Euro - VK: 20 Euro each.
2x ULCS terminal manufacturer unknown - but fits on ULCS. Retail price: 20 euros each.
1x flash arm Kilgus 30cm. NP: 85 Euro - VK: 40 Euro.
1x Adapter ULCS BA-AQ. NP: 33 Euro - VK: 15 Euro.

I can make a set price if several parts are taken.