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Sell D12 oxygen-clean. T├ťV until 04/2018 350,-EUR
1,5L argon bottle without T├ťV 75,-EUR


I am looking for a used Suex X-Joy 14.

The battery may also be broken as I have a battery here.


Hello dear divers,

I offer a Hartenberger diving lamp with LCD screen, replaceable lamp head incl.dem accessories.

Original price 550 Euro

Retail price 350 Euro

Best regards,


Hello dear diver,

I offer a Mares flexa 5-4-3 wetsuit for men in size XL. It is as good as new, just worn 10 times.

Original price: 300 Euro

Retail price: 180 Euro

We usually dive in warmer waters, so we just don't need a 5mm suit anymore.

Best regards,


Sell my Dr├Ąger Dolphin MCCR / SCR
Offer used but very well maintained rebreather. The Dolphin is converted to MCCR in its current condition and has also been dived for the last 2 years. Since I used the Dolphin as a photographer, it was carefully and carefully dipped. Conversion to the original condition is possible at any time immediately.
Scope of delivery:
- Dr├Ąger Dolphin with white housing and carrying system, fully functional
- Dolphin dive jacket incl. strap and top power inflator unit.
- Tecme Special conversion set as a holder to place oxygen and bailout bottles on the side of the rebreather.
- O2 Dr├Ąger Original pressure regulator with oxygen Original pressure gauge, dosing unit (with several nozzles incl. 100% nozzle) hoses, holders etc.
- Valve mouthpiece with rotary vane
- Inhalation and exhalation hoses with protection and thermal insulation coatings.
- Inhalation and exhalation bags (with adjustable pressure relief valve) as well as additional ports for optional O2 probes.
- Lime tank (CO2 absorber / scrubber) incl. conversion to MCCR with O2 injection nozzle.
- Partial loading set for scrubbers.
- Flow meter (dosing tester) for pressure can
- Flow - Meter for O2 nozzle (conversion to MCCR)
- Additional port loose, for installation of optional O2 sensors.
- 2 x Dr├Ąger 4L mixed gas cylinder ( O2) T├ťV until 2016
- 1 x Dr├Ąger 5L mixed gas cylinder (O2) T├ťV until 2016
- Filling piece (transition piece to Dr├Ąger valves) necessary for filling the bottles.
- Bailout regulator Apex DS4 with finimeter, outlet for jacket inflator, outlet for dry suit, outlet for push box, outlet for replacement respirator (octopus) incl. corresponding hoses.
- Replacement respirator controller open system 2 stage (octopus)
- Conversion set from SCR to MCCR : T-piece for the reception of oxygen sensors, compensation piece for the second airway, injection nozzle O2 on the scrubber, O2 addition controller Adjustable, injection nozzle manual addition, connecting hoses.
- RevoDream an oxygen meter with display incl. sensor cable, LED display on the respiratory mouthpiece and wiring.
- Instruction manual for using the RevoDream device.
- Oxygen sensors (used and must be purchased new)
- Dr├Ąger operating instructions and other literature.
- 5 pcs of breathing lime unused in canisters of 5 litres each.
- Other hoses, seals and small parts.

As already described above, the device can be immersed either in SCR mode (half closed) or in MCCR mode.
I would prefer pick-up, but shipping would be possible.
Shipping costs are then added to the price.
Price : 1650 Euro

67549 Worms

Indispensable for every diver! Waterproof notebook with foil pages that can be written under water. Envelope made of high-quality Cordura, incl. pockets for pencils and compass.

Many pages are already described, so they would first have to be made "free" again. But there are also some undescribed pages.



For sale is a little used, fully functional underwater flash from Sea & Sea:

YS-90 DX duo TTL Strobe

Also ideal for compact cameras in UW housing without lightning synchronous cable!


+ Operating modes: TTL, Manuel (12 power gradations), slave, Rre-slave
+ Illumination angle: 105┬░ x 95┬░
+ Colour temperature: 5500┬░K
+ Charging time (full power): 4sec. (NC batteries), 6.5 sec. (Alkaline batteries)
+ Number of flashes: (full power.): 120 (NC batteries), 200 (alkaline batteries)
+ Energy sources: 4 AA alkaline batteries or NC cells
+ Dimensions: 115 x 88 x 175mm
depth: 60 meters

Scope of delivery:
+ Flash YS-90 DX duo (NP 629,- EUR)
+ Fiber optic cable H2O-Tools with 2x 90┬░ plugs, as new (NP 45,- EUR)
+ Replacement O-ring and special grease, new (NP 23,- EUR)
+ Instruction manual on German

Price: 289,- EUR incl. shipping

Pick-up in Kiel possible.

Private sale: No guarantee or return!

A good description can be found here:


Sell a Wenoka squeeze lock Titanium.
As good as new knife with original accessories and packaging.
45EUR incl. shipping


Sell Aqualung Dimension i3 in size ML.
It has only been used once in the swimming pool, so it is in mint condition.
I think 400EUR incl. shipping is a fair price.


Search used D16.
Please do not offer American bottle size.



Sell here my used dry suit BRITANNIC TUK from OTTER. In size, the suit is designed for a 196cm tall, 92kg heavy and slim diver with shoe size 44 and was bought new from the dealer in 2006.

Suit type: Heavy duty laminate suit with TUK telescopic torso in men's version made of OTTER SKIN elastic trilaminate.

Entry: BDM Medium Weight front zipper, above protective flap with extra zipper.

Boots: HD rubber boots with grip heel.

Hood: attached DRY STYLE neoprene head hood with neck sealing sleeve.

Valves: SI-TECH incl. inflator hose

Sealing sleeves: latex

Standard colors: black

Basic equipment: TUK system with crotch strap, 2 CARGO POCKET thigh pockets with integrated D-rings.

Optional equipment: Dry diving glove system and OTTER urination valve balanced version.

The suit is technically in good condition but has signs of use. He was dived until five years ago and was dense.

Price: 250,-EUR incl. shipping

Private sale--without guarantee/warranty--no return


Hello, I offer here an unmerged dry suit incl. underwear of the company Kallweit. The size is XXL. Unfortunately, due to offspring, I no longer have time to dive in Germany. Original price for both was over 2000 euros

If you have any questions or would like to have pictures, simply report


Search LED module for Hartenberger Wrack Maxi, I am happy about offers incl. asking price...

Thanks in advance

bei Karlsruhe

To hand over because of hobby task:

Halcyon stainless steel backplate (normal size) with chinch system.
The backplate has completed about 25 dives and has always been cleaned and stored dark and dry.
Condition as new.

Drop-off for 200EUR + shipping

Frankfurt, Rhein/Main Gebiet


New Size 10 ( 38-40)
( see size chart photos)

VB 145.00 EUR

MSRP: 209,00 EUR

My husband brought me the suit from Malta,
but turquoise is not my color, I know stupid of myself.
I wear the same suit only in a different color and have to say, I have never dived with such a pleasant suit, super elastic so great to put on and super fit. And finally I don't freeze anymore. The suit finally wants to go underwater.... If you have any questions, please send us an e-mail.

Comfortable contoured 2mm Glideskin collar with VelcroÔÇóHeavy-duty back zip
ÔÇóSeamless forearms for more comfort
ÔÇóLoop on the back zip end as a locking aid
ÔÇóGlideSKIN foot and arm cuffs
ÔÇóPROTEKT knee protection device represents the latest generation of abrasion and wear resistance ÔÇó Cutting for an absolute three-dimensional fit
ÔÇóHeavy duty leg zip, makes it easy to put on
ÔÇóFlat seam construction for more stretchability and comfort
ÔÇóIncludes our new advanced PROGRESSIVE FULL-STRETCH technology. This technology uses the latest full-stretch neoprene by using different full-stretch inserts in specific performance ranges of the suit for better fit, feel, comfort and overall impression.
ÔÇóPROTEKT knee protection device represents the latest generation of abrasion and wear resistance

Pick-up or fitting by arrangement, or insured shipping for 7,00 EUR


Halcyon bag to thread on the harness
45 EUR
Bag of Halcyon for threading on the harness was used only 3 times on vacation
Price 45 EUR plus shipping


Offer as good as new (2 x worn) diving suit 3 mm from BoraBora in pink, size 38 for women.

Price: 50 EUR VB


GIVE AWAY a moving box full of underwear for dry diving.
They are the old underwear that I once used as a professional diver in the GDR.
I hope that there are still interested parties, because throwing away somehow hurts....
3x underwear brown, thick wool, with shoulder pads
1x light underwear, duenn, for summer
1x wool sweater
3x wool trousers, different thickness
1x wool cramps, long and thick

For shipping, only the shipping costs apply. Since I have never sent a moving box, I unfortunately do not know the costs.


Dear diving friends, since I now have my "wild" diving days behind me ÔÇô I would like to offer you my Gavin scooter (DPV)! This has always served me "well", even at depths beyond 100 meters.
The scooter was only traveling in fresh water.
Now you are probably wondering what I want for the scooter...
... this is easy ÔÇô I want to have 1800 Euro VB.

The following are sold:
Gavin "Long-Tube" (see photo 1)
Length: 105 cm, weight: 48 Kg freshwater trim, PVC rear (no HDPE)
Battery pack: 2x12V, each 33 Ah (lead gel) from Panasonic.
The battery still has about 70% of its capacity

Or as

Gavin "Short-Tube" (see photo 2)
Length: 80 cm, Weight: 35 Kg Freshwater trim,
Battery pack: 2x12V, 20 Ah (lead gel) each from Panasonic.
The battery still has about 98% of its capacity

Includes the following accessories:
Mascot ÔÇô Charger
Relay board assembly (complete relay card with relay)
Shroud black, new
Propeller blades (complete with blade adjustment)
HDPE headpiece
New O-ring for rear section
Vacuum pump
Brush board with coals
Clutch plate ÔÇô Standard
Motor seal
Handle scales on the right

Pick-up, no shipping

No warranty and return, as it is a private sale.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to suggest a price to me, please send me a private message (PM)



Sell my dive computer UWATEC Aladin Air Z Nitrox. The transmitter is included (but its battery is empty). The Aladin still has a battery capacity of 59%. There was always the screen protector on it. The bottom timer is very little used. Both are used.
(Gladly test with me beforehand, as the two devices were not needed for a long time due to hobby task).
Aladdin 90EUR
Bottom timer 90EUR
Package price possible !!!
(plus shipping)

Hamm / NRW

Offer an unused Nitrox cylinder valve.
Connection size M25 x 2, 232 bar on the vending machine side.

VB: 28 EUR plus shipping

Erding in Bayern

Treble Light 40.12c
Lamp is in top condition and has minimal signs of use.
In contrast to LED lamps, here you have a warm light, which is particularly evident in the sea with bright natural colors.
Diving depth 200 m
Dimensions ├ś 82 mm | Length 185 mm
Weight a.s.l. 1600g | u.W. 600g
Bulb 30 W | 12 V
Battery NiMH | 12 V | 4.5 Ah
Technology 3-fold tap changer (adjustable) | optical battery control indicator | SMD Power MOS-FET Technology | Deep discharge protection

Incl. fast charger and standard charger

VB: 140 EUR incl. shipping

Erding in Bayern

I am looking for a Waterproof Combat SD in size L+


Sell Suunto Compass SK 7 with Retracktor.
Little dived.... in perfect condition
from 65,00 EUR


Sell a semi-dry diving suit from Waterproof that has only been dipped twice.
Combat SD in size L
The suit as well as the zipper are in perfect very good condition.
Price 400,00 EUR


Sell a dry suit that is little and only immersed in fresh water.
Waterproof D7 pro ISS in size XL with Silkonmanschenten and Antares dry glove system. + 1x replacement silicone cuffs neck and arms at the price of 1300,00 euro.
If necessary, I would also have to offer a Waterproof underwear in XL for 100,00 EUR


For sale is a Suunto Cobra console + compass and quick clutch.

Is in very good condition (almost as good as new)
Original price was 558,90

Retail price : 385EUR plus shipping


Sell brand new and unused DUX wetnotes.

DUX Wetnotes with Cordura cover

- "UW notepad" in protective cover made of original DuPont Cordura
- the Cordura cover has several pen holders and practical compartments for storage
various commodities
- Wetnotes pages (insert) can be easily replaced
- Sewn-on tab to protect against loss (using caveline and boltsnap)
- contrary to the illustration without pencil
- DUX wetnotes are the ideal size to carry in the leg pocket of the dry suit

VHB: 15,95EUR


Sell here my Double 7 from Nautec T├ťV to 10/17, 230 Bar
Preferential pick-up in the Berlin area
Then I put a flexible barrier on top of it


After plenty of mail and inquiries, I now also sell individually, please no more mail, makes me a good offer!!!
D12 (without T├╝v da self-filler), wide clamps, Halcyon Wing, knife, plate, harness, Apexs Dst /DS4/ 2x Tx50, 210cm hose, HID tank lamp,
Pick up in Munich.


Hello everyone

Here comes a neat / little dipped SubGear Blac Jac buoyancy jacket in size L for sale.

The Blac Jac has been appreciated in diving circles for over 10 years. During this time, new features & more comfort could be realized again and again. The price-performance ratio can hardly be surpassed worldwide.

Made of 1680 Denier Ballistic Nylon & 500 Denier Cordura material, the jacket is sturdy & guarantees a long service life. The shoulder straps, which can be individually adapted directly to the back plate, provide special comfort. In addition, the chest strap has two different positions for optimal adjustment options.

The padded collar and the complete inner padding with spinal support are the icing on the cake in terms of comfort & reliably protect against shocks & pressure.

Of course, the Blac Jac is equipped with an SR lead bag system & trim bleaching for optimal weight distribution.

The ERGO Inflator is characterized by reliable function and easy handling, even with thick gloves. It doses the air volume exactly & guarantees maximum air flow.


Extra high buoyancy due to 3D bubble
Suitable for double bottles
Elastic waist belt with buckle protection
Slim, ergonomic shoulder straps
Large, tight-fitting zippered pockets for streamlined shape
Shoulder mount for signal indicators
Holder for jacket knife on both sides with 3 eyelets each
Comfortable carrying handle
5 cranked stainless steel D-rings
Three quick outlets

It can be visited / test dived. Just write me an e-mail and we will find an appointment.

The jacket is about 3.5 years old and has been dipped very little. (max 30TG in fresh water)
The price is VB. Make me a fair offer.


Hello diving community,

for sale are various neoprene diving suits
All suits are NEW, "unwatered" and still smell wonderfully of neoprene :-)

For details, please refer to the list.
Currently still available are the following numbers:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

Always ask for questions :-)
Unfortunately I can only upload three pictures...

All prices are fixed prices, so negotiation requests will not be answered. The prices are far below the RRP and conventional retail price.
The prices of the list view apply, not the prices of the display.

Shipping possible, plus 6,00 EUR
Payment by bank transfer at no extra cost
PayPal possible, plus 5,00 EUR


According to the new EU law, the following note must be listed for private sales:
I sell new and used goods. These goods are privately owned and I do not pursue any commercial purposes with my auctions. Since private sellers now also have to provide a guarantee of one year, if they do not exclude this, I hereby expressly declare that I do not grant any warranty and return rights for my privately sold articles. With purchase and settlement of payments, you expressly agree to completely waive the warranty/guarantee/return to which you are legally entitled under new EU law for used and new goods!
I confirm that all information of my offer is written to the best of my knowledge and belief, without any intention of misrepresentations and / or false statements!

And now... After all the right twist... ;-) Good luck with the purchase!

good condition

Since I or my cross is slowly too old ;-) for the very thick devices I will sell my big X-Tek Wing. Wears easily D12 with 2 stages and certainly more (I mean 40Kg buoyancy). I recently retrofitted a reasonable inflator and the wing is of course tight.



Sell very well preserved Mares F-light diving jacket size L. Due to its low weight (2.2kg), it is particularly suitable for taking with you when travelling.

It has almost no signs of use and works absolutely perfectly.

The best original price according to internet price comparison is about 190 euros.

I sell the diving vest for 60 Euro (negotiation basis)

72076 T├╝bingen

Sell a used pressure reducer for the Dr├Ąger Dolphin circulator. It is the original 1st stage with the M24x2 Dr├Ąger Nitrox connection as a piston-controlled version including the two MD hoses for connection to the bypass and the nozzles as well as a Dr├Ąger Finimeter.
You can use it right away. Nevertheless, I recommend an inspection/revision.
Shipping is done with DHL insured for 7EUR.
It applies according to EU law for private sale, the item is sold as described to the best of our knowledge under exclusion of any warranty and return.


Scubapro 1st stage MK 20 UL; slight traces of oxidation (better not to dive in salt water), but fully operational.
Only 49,-
This is a private ad


Hello everyone

I sell here a used Seac Sub KS01. The condition is "like new", 2 times dipped as a test, no signs of use. Complete with crotch strap, D rings and bungees. Stored 100% tight, always half filled with air. If interested, I like to send pictures, picking up and viewing is possible and desired, shipping of course also possible.


Everything has to go!
z.B. regulator 2x Poseidon Cyclon 5000; with carrying bag, instruction booklet, an ice cap, finimeter, BCD connection hose, a few spare O-rings.
Little dipped (I preferred Scubapro), but have now been well packed for a few years. For safety, they should be overhauled.
Completely only 499,-


Everything has to go!
e.B. lead weights; 0.5 - 5kg
All together only 29 Euros!
But I don't send them, hahaha.
This is a private ad.


Lavacore Full Suit Men in size S/M

The suit was worn by me in about 5 - max 10 x.

89 Euro VHB

It protects against cooling in the water as well as against wind on the surface. The Full Suit is an ideal tropical overall for divers and snorkelers, it is perfect for kayaking, kite surfing or windsurfing. But the Full Suit can also be used as an underwear under wet or dry suits. An absolute all-rounder.

Warm as neoprene
Light as a towel
Comfortable as a T-shirt
High UV protection
Small packing size
Buoyancy neutral


I sell a used "Apeks DST" first stage with additional "5th port" output (additional medium pressure output, ideal for sidemount configuration) in good condition.

Of course, this first stage must be maintained before diving.

Photos on request.

EUR120 incl. shipping within Germany.


Offer a Wenoll case WS200 used.
Original price 1200,-

Oxygen cylinder filled.
Everything in its original packaging.

VB 650,-


Sell UK-Germany underwater housing for Canon eos 7D Camera with flash and lightning cable with accessories for hobby task.
Original invoices will be sent from 30.03.2010
The underwater house has about 40 dives on it is like new (see pictures).

UK-7D Underwater Housing Flash Socket N III Links
Dome Port 180 Base
ZWR50 for 10-22 EF-s
ZORI for 10-22 EF-s
Replacement O-ring
PP105 macro port for 100 EF
UK Macro Attachment Adapter
UCL 165 attachment lens for even greater enlargement Price 3730 eur

Lightning cable Sea & Sea 86 Price 535 eur

Lightning arms with ball joints 100 eur

ATTENTION if you are interested have more pictures of the underwater housing please request

ORIGINAL description of UK-Germany
Housing description:
The underwater photo housing is CNC milled from seawater-resistant aluminum, hard anodized and specially manufactured for PROFESSIONAL USE. The interior is equipped with a black textile flocking, which is reflex-absorbing and absorbs moisture if necessary. The housing is closed with two secured clamping fasteners. Memory card change is possible without removing the camera.


The camera is placed in the housing by means of a slot. All operations are transferred. A special lens release makes it easier to change lenses. 1 flash socket S6 with camera connection (for E-TTL) is located on the top left (2nd flash socket on the right optional). A display window at the top and monitor window at the back provides insight into all the necessary data. On the left side, a ball for flash arm attachment is mounted on the handle. A removable handle is attached to the right and left sides of the housing. On request, a rail can also be attached under the housing, which allows the use of a second handle on the left side.
Port system:
The housing is equipped with our proven UK bayonet system and thus allows the use of the various SLR lenses behind the corresponding front ports.

Dimensions and weight:

Length (without handle): 190 mm, height: 165 mm, depth: 120 mm.
Weight: approx. 2100 grams without port

Permissible diving depth: 70 m

Would the inspection of the case still be taken over at my expense by the UK-Germany either the buyer sends in the case and then sends me the invoice or I send the case to UK-Germany.



I sell my ATOMIC Splitfins incl. Spring Straps.

Color: Grey/Black
Size: XL

Original price: > 200,- EUR

If you are interested, please report ;) with a realistic offer



Offer a new console from Poseidon here. Was on my new Xstream controller and after a ! TG exchanged for another ( which suits me better ).

As I said, nothing broken, was only exchanged because of personal sensitivities.

See photos- No traces, because as I said only one TG used.

180 EUR


I offer one:
black/blue wetsuit from the brand "Bare" (Bare - Elastek)
7mm thickness.
GLIDESEAL Cuffs, 5mm, on leg and arm cuffs
Arm bends made of preformed neoprene
with knee pads
Almost new ==> Was only worn for 20 dives
Women's size 10
Condition: very well maintained and almost like new

For sale for: 190,00 EUR

((Original original purchase price 330,00 EUR.))

89075 Ulm

Hello search 5l 6 l u d 7l bottles



Sell this new diving suit. I dived with it 2x so it's like new!!
It has an arm and leg double cuff and an oblique zipper with neoprene.

He has the male size 50. I have normal size 40/42 or L for diving suits and it fits me like a glove.
The original price is approx. 600 Euro

VB 120.- Euro

If you have any questions or want more photos, just let us know.


1 Diving Suit Waterproof 7mm Ladies xl/s+
1 Jacket Mares Kaila Size L
1 Shoes Aqua Lung Size 8
1 hood HAVS Hydra Size M/L
1 Gloves Scubapro Size S


Sell my high quality equipment. Suit and ice water Gr.XL Waterproof . Jacket , Controller With Suunto Computer , Splitfin Fins , Lamp and Lead . VHB 400 Euro. Questions under 015146402425