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Offer Rebreather RG-UF/M Model 62115 + mouthpiece with rotary vane + absorber container refillable.
Mouthpiece was professionally reworked at Absorber itself reworked. Counter-lung disinfected.
O2 bottle in the device is original but without T├ťV.

Scope of delivery:
- Rebreather RG-UF/M Model 62115 incl. mouthpiece with rotary vane and
Absorber container refillable
- Original bag
- 1x user manual
- 1x original absorber tank for conversion
- 1x textbook rebreather diving
Price VB:199,-EUR.

Optionally possible:
- 5L O2 bottle T├ťV was up to 4/16 (+40EUR)
- 1x 5 Kg absorber lime unopened until 04/16 (but can be used longer)
- 1x Desifectant 1L Anigene 3/4 full (+10EUR)
- 1x transfer adapter O2/ O2 ( +15EUR)

Everything together is available at a special price VB: 240EUR !

Shipping withinh. D is inclusive.
Private sale


Sell Aerotechnika Coltri submersible breathing air compressor in good, immediately functional condition.
Motor usable on 230V and 400V see nameplate.
Currently 400V used. A 400V plug round (current e-standard) new is included.

New 1xAir filter, 1xActivated carbon filter,
1x 0.2 l Contri compressor oil (leftover)
1x wheelchair for better transport
1x current 400V plug.

Private sale
Price VB:1500,-EUR


Offer Kubi heating vest in XL with heating bushing and battery tank with 13.5 Amp/h ( inc. Charger) for purchase. I sell all this just because I don't have the opportunity to dive the heater anymore. The system works perfectly, is stowed in top condition and in a robust case, which ensures safe transport. Price for everything together VB 550EUR.


Phone: 01784411636

Hello Sell an almost New Underwear,
I bought this in 2014 from private, but unfortunately due to Cordison injections ( due to intervertebral disc prolapse ) I grew out of it a bit.
the undersigned is in a super mint condition and has the size XL.
see pictures.
Price 99,00 ,-EUR or send proposal by mail.



I offer a pair of Atmoic Split Fins in Grey Size XL with Spring Straps!!! for sale.

The fins are used, but in good condition and fully functional.

Price: 90,-EUR VB

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.



I offer a pair of Atomic Split Fins in grey in size L for sale.

They are used but fully functional.

Price: 70,-EUR

Shipping costs would be added for shipping.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Sale Kowalski lamp 50W infinitely dimmable, battery lasts about 35 minutes at full load, lamp is maintained,
with charger, 2 spare lights, neoprene protection
I add a new mouthpiece
if you have any questions, please report


The switch block is used but in good condition and 100% tight. There is space in the connections for Scubapro sinter filters.

Price: 220EUR plus shipping.


Offered is a used Sealux underwater housing, which was professionally converted by Mike Dive from Nikon D200 to Nikon D300 including TTL automatic for the flash. In addition to the double flash mount, a second separate bracket is included. In addition, there are three very well maintained ports. In addition, you get a stack of batteries for the built-in electronics.
The housing can be visited in the K├Ânigswinter area and picked up personally. Within Germany, I also ship as an insured DHL package free of charge. Fixed price 500 Euro.


Offer the only true Tec fin.
Scubapro Jet fin with stainless steel spring strap.
Incl. neoprene protection!
Is without cracks or so, normal signs of use size XXL means on the Trocki shoe size 45-46 NP 139EUR
95 Price with postage in D


Hello everyone, sell my complete set with a heavy heart.
I bought the equipment at the beginning of last year, because I don't have enough time for it due to my other hobbies, I'm selling it now.
I think another diver will certainly have a lot of fun with it.

The set includes:
-Aquatica D7000 underwater housing complete with dome and extension ring for the fisheye

-Floatarms (calculated on the weight of the camera underwater)

-Good H2O terminals

-Tarrier weights under the camera up to 500gr.
Unit price: 1100,00 EUR

-2 x Nikonos SB105 incl. cable
Unit price: 130,00 EUR

-Single Aquatica arm for holidays
Unit price: 15,00 EUR

-Camera D7000 incl. charger

-Tokina Fisheye 10-17 for the UW housing

Unit price: 450,00 EUR

The dome is impeccable and has no scratches, the housing has a leak detector.

Everything as in the photos. The equipment can be visited.

Price and Shipping VHB


Jacket Seac Sub ADV Pro2000
Air chamber made of 1000 Cordura - PU-coated ÔÇó 4 stainless steel lightweight D-rings ÔÇó 2 lead pockets for 4kg each ÔÇó 2 trim bleaches for 2kg each ÔÇó Oil-pneumatic inflator system (one-hand operation) ÔÇó L=21.5 liters
Price: 190,- EUR plus shipping costs: 7,99 DHL-Paket


Phone: 0171-4214585


I sell here my DDR Medi two-tube breathing regulator with full face mask. The hoses and also the rubber parts inside have been replaced by NOS (New but old Stock). I did a dive in the indoor pool with the controller three years ago and here it worked without problems. the two long black hoses which are additionally located are superficially a bit cracked but in my eyes still useful for the construction of another regulator .... but you wanted everything to be perfect. Only the head spider is built, which is not original and also in the MAske the cover for nose and mouth is made of simple flat rubber, since here no soft usable original goods were available ..... otherwise there are still some NOS parts.

So something for collectors ......

I like to try to answer questions and even more photos are not a pRoblem.


Offer complete underwater video system.

Housing: Marine Case WR-MG 200 U Series No. 11355745 price : 700,-EUR

Camcorder JVC GZ-HD 40 E: Original price : 450,-EUR

2 video lights by FA&MI : S12 Stilo HiD 12V / 12 W Effective 50 W 6000 k Original price : 400,-EUR

1 x Accutank by FA&MI : 12 V / S12 Original price : 400,-EUR

1 x Red Light Filter Original price : 50,-EUR

1x Fisheye / Wide angle : replaceable under water / tiny scratch without impairment Original price : 450,-EUR

1 Explorer Case 4820 ( 480x370x205 mm internal dimension) as hand luggage on the plane possible. Original price : 170,-EUR

Backpack carrier for Explorer Case Original price : 80,-EUR
Total: Original price : 2700,-EUR

Miscellaneous accessories: Chargers for Accutank and JVC (incl. Charging plate and external charger),USB data cable camera computer,3 extra batteries for JVC, Velcro strap for attaching the Accutank to the carrying rail, remote control JVC

Further descriptions and pictures can be found under : and there under : Offer

I would like to have :

with negotiation basis : 29.999,-EUR
without basis for negotiation : 1.250,-EUR

Possible shipping costs come on top. Please understand that I only send the equipment insured.
Of course, self-collection is best.
Private sale: therefore no guarantee, exchange or return possible.
If you have any questions, simply send a short e-mail:


Phone: 01709342988

Hello dear divers :-)
Sell a new Scubapro Evertec LT Men's Gr.M Trocki. He was never dived!
Bag and hood is included.
Price VB.
The suit can be tried on.

Private sale, no return or guarantee.


Offer very well preserved
Scubapro Rockboots Gr. L

Price VB

private sale under EU law; no guarantee, warranty, return


Offer new Kallweit Gator Boots Size 43/44
Price VB

private sale under EU law; no guarantee, warranty, return


Sell a pair of cressi Ara fins as new, it is the version with the hard fin leaf (HB) and the size M-L

Reason for sale: wrong size

Selling price is 80,- EUR
or you have the same fins in size S-M

If you have any questions, just email us.

St. Leon-Rot

Aqualung Dive Jacket Axiom Gr. XS - with SL II Lead System - Bargain! -

As good as new - only 5x dipped with it! Original price was 386, - Euro.

Sale without return or guarantee/warranty.

Here is the description of the BCD from the manufacturer:
The ADV diving jacket "Axiom" by Aqualung is characterized by a very good fit. This is achieved by the new "Wrapture Harness Support System". Here the bottle strap is at hip level and the main weight does not have to be carried by the shoulders. The rotating shoulder buckles and the very thin backpack do the rest.

Ôľ¬ Material: Buoyancy bubble made of 500 D Armor Cordura, color inserts ArmorX, 1050D Ballistic Nylon
Ôľ¬ Proven inflator unit with integrated quick drain
Ôľ¬ 5 D-rings made of stainless steel
Ôľ¬ 2 plastic D-rings
Ôľ¬ SureLock2 Integrated Weight System - Lead pockets included
Ôľ¬ Maximum loading of the lead pockets size XS: 9 kg
Ôľ¬ Two trim bleaching trays for a maximum of 4.5kg lead payload each
Ôľ¬ Two quick drains: 1 back down, 1 right shoulder. Flat E-Valve technology - very flat valves.
Ôľ¬ octopus pocket with D-ring
Ôľ¬ eyelets for attaching diving knives
Ôľ¬ Solid back plate with Grip Lock bottle strap - effectively prevents the bottle from slipping
Ôľ¬ NEW: PowerGripTM bottle belt: Easy attachment of the compressed air bottle and the "Finger Saver" (patent pending) of the GripLockTM system prevents the fingers from clamping when closing the bottle strap.
Ôľ¬ bracket bracket
Ôľ¬ Rotatable shoulder buckles
Ôľ¬ Very thin backpack
Ôľ¬ Incl. inflator and inflator hose made of Miflex
Ôľ¬ Buoyancy Size XS: 13L
Ôľ¬ Very fast drying
Ôľ¬ Weight: 3,4kg

Scope of delivery:
- Jacket
- integrated lead pockets
- Inflator
- Inflator hose made of Miflex

Price: 230,- EUR VB plus 7,99 EUR packaging/shipping within Germany


Offer a Buoyan gas system.
Bottle 3l T├ťV 2015 expired, because I filled myself.
First stage Scubapro, so not these mini things that deliver nothing more from 40m!
Miflex hose, contra-angle handpiece movable, so optimal hose routing, pressure relief valve.
Dir Zone Straps
Pack another 1l pulle on it
Price 195EUR


The suit has a silicone neck cuff, a peevalve, a double heating bushing, cordura legs with Kevlar knee pads, belowpockets, softline boots size XXL (45/46) and a checkup glove system. Although it has always been reliable and tight so far, I will send the suit to the manufacturer for leak testing before sale
Manufacturer info:

A diagonal front zipper combined with a telescopic torso offers the X9 the best freedom of movement with an optimal fit.
The seams are hand-sealed in a complex sealing process. Sealing ÔÇô a polyurethane-based adhesive forms a permanent bond with the trilaminate and is much more durable than conventional seals via tapes.
The X9 is made of a material mix of robust 1200 Cordura in the leg area and the lightweight 840' trilaminate in the upper body. Thus, the "sociable" leg area is excellently protected and the suit still offers an enormous freedom of movement thanks to the softer material in the upper body. The nylon is protected by a Cordura Protection Overlay. This not only covers large parts of the shoulders and arms, but also includes the protective zipper for the dry zip.
In order to achieve even better freedom of movement, the X9 Movement has zones in the armpit and crotch area. These elipse-shaped inserts reduce the clamping forces on the seams to such an extent that a valve drill is child's play.
The X9 also offers an unusually good design for the seam guidance in the crotch area: There is no crossing seam! Thus, the load in this area is significantly reduced.
A firmly mounted solid suspender system ensures an ideal fit. Two leg pockets with Velcro are of course available as standard.
The standard equipment of the X9 also includes the XBP bags. The XBP is a large-volume suit pocket, with a separate inner compartment for wetnotes and a reinforcement in the grip area for easy opening and closing.
Scubaforce also pays attention to the highest quality when selecting components. Inlet and outlet valves from Apeks, dry zips from YKK, trilaminate from European production.
Features of the standard equipment at a glance
- Trilaminate dry suit with front zip
- Telescopic torso
- solid braces system
- YKK (Dynat / BDM) Dry zip
- large heat collar
- 2 XBP below pockets with 2 loops each and Velcro fastener
- Apeks valves (inlet 340 degree rotatable, high profile outlet valve)
- slimeline boat with fin band stoppers


Scubapro Seawing Nova
Size XL, black

The fins are like new, have never had water contact.
I found her today while cleaning up, I bought another model back then.
Therefore, I never needed them.

110EUR + Shipping


( for the Nikon SB 800 ), bottom ball connection / 1 x flash beech with ' plug '
_Erstbesitz, good condition, a few scratches on the ' front glazing ' ( not serious or grossly disfiguring )
_LED lamp assembly (2 x AA rechargeable batteries or battery) /
_letzte maintenance in September 2016 at SEALUX ( sticker in flash housing documents this )

_keine leakage, - housing never had water - or moisture damage

_voll functional / Replacement seal ( O-ring )

_ggfalls. a Subtronic synchronous cable ( surcharge ! )
_Bilder on request
Price : 209.- incl. insured shipping ( DHL ) in Germany
no warranties or guarantees, private sale

Ludwig Luger


Look for an argon bottle incl. step and straps.
Please offer everything.


Seacam underwater housing for Canon EOS-1D X / 1D C as new!

The best case on the market! 100% functional. Back com Service Check at Seacam. All TipTop.

Original price almost 6.000 EUR!

Here for 3900 EUR VHB


To give away some accessories and suits. Good condition. See photos. Of course, you can try it on and try on on site. Price is a matter of negotiation. Mobiltel. 01781065300


Offer a V4Tec Sidemount Harness kit here. The components are identical to the Go Sidemount Razor Harness. The harness is not assembled, has not yet been dipped and consists of the following individual parts:
- Schoulder Delta Plate
- Backplate
- Crotch belt ring
- Fastening tab for attaching the bladder
- 2x Low-Profile D-Ring incl. belt stopper
- 2x D-ring cranked 45┬░ incl. belt stopper

It is sold because of a system change. Original price of the parts was about 110EUR. Shipping possible on request for an extra charge.

Offer Sea&Sea UW flash incl. flash arm,
incl. OVP, incl. batteries,
for 116,-EUR incl. shipping
(the pictured UW housing for the camera is not one of them!)

private sale under EU law; no guarantee/warranty/return.


look for a cheap Waterproof sd or sd Combat for the following dimensions:

Chest 99 cm
Waist 95 cm
Hips 100 cm
Height 173cm

It would have to be the Gr M...

Sell cold water set Scubapro 2x MK17 /1xC300 / 1x R195 Octopus in used condition. Complete with hoses for Trocki and Wing or Jacket. Bottle on the
Pictures are not for sale. Set was still dipped until 3 weeks ago, but a revision should be carried out before use. Private sale, no warranty or return. Price 250,00 Euro + shipping by DHL. Phone: 0160/95200287.

64521 Gro├č-Gerau

Hello, I sell a atemreger set of the brand Scubapro in used condition.1x MK17 with 1 G250 with 150cm hose. 1x MK17 with 1 R195 plus Fini from BTS, complete with hoses for Trocki and Wing or Jacket. Bottles on the
Pictures are not for sale. Set was still dipped until 3 weeks ago, but a revision should be carried out before use. Private sale, no warranty or return. Price 290,00 Euro + shipping by DHL. Phone: 0160/95200287.

64521 Gro├č-Gerau


look for a cuft 80 (preferably in silver) at a realistic price.

So always offer...

Heinrichs Weikamp OSTC 3

Offer perfectly functioning dive computer OSTC 3 by Heinrichs Weikamp. The housing has some traces of use (see photos), the display is still protected by the protective film applied ex works. The bungees are unabridged and can be adjusted to any length.

The dive computer is a replacement model from 2014 for one of the 2013 models plagued by display and sensor problems - so this TC has the newer hardware generation and does not have the problems, it works einwandrei. I enclose a copy of the invoice and documentation of the exchange. Also included are protective bag, spare battery and O-ring, USB cable and manual. Currently firmware 2.10 is installed, last TG was on 5.2.17.

VB 520 EUR

Private sale without guarantee/warranty/return. Pick up in Munich or shipping for 5EUR.


Offer a 12l Kure diving bottle with Y valve
would need new T├╝v


Mares Prestige 12s regulator set 6 parts with octopus, finimeter, etc.

Very good condition


Polaris Top-Line Console: Finimeter / Depth Gauge / Compass

10 dives

Original price 130,- EUR
Offer 100,- EUR VB

Pick-up or shipping 6,- EUR


Due to lack of time diving equipment for sale

Breathing regulator of Maries mr 125 t first and second stage

Compressed air bottle 12 liters short T├ťV has been running for two years Bottle 5 years old

Ice vest by Cressi 5 mm neoprene in xl

Diving suit by Cressi Neoprene 7 mm in size L

Tarier jacket by Cressi das apuapro s in size m

Soft Lead 10 kilos

Gloves Neoprene 5 mm in xl
Feet size 49

Compass Flashlight immersion compatible diving knife

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me and if you are interested, please send more photos over
Self-collection or shipping for a fee
Price VB


Beuchat Premium Gloves 4,5mm Size XS/ S - 2x used, like new!


Beuchat Focea Comfort 4 Hood Neoprene Size M 7mm - 2x used as new


Beuchat Focea Comfort 4 Ice Vest Neoprene Shorty 5mm Ladies M - 2x used, like new


Beuchat Focea Comfort 4 Wetsuit 7mm Women M - 2x used as new


Beuchat Buoyancy Jacket Masterlift X-Air Comfort Size L incl. knife - only used 2x, as new!


Beuchat Buoyancy Jacket Masterlift X-Air Light Lady Size S incl. knife - only used 2x, as new!


Sell a very large dive bag with wheels, which can also be carried as a backpack. The castors run smoothly and smoothly running. In addition to the main compartment, there are many other pockets for the diving accessories, as well as a padded vending machine pocket.
The bag has slight optical superficial traces of use. The zippers of the various compartments and pockets are in perfect condition.
Price 50,00EUR + shipping costs or self-collection.
It is a private sale without return and guarantee.


Sell my Beuchat jacket with integrated lead pockets in size L.
The jacket is in perfect optical and technical condition, and only shows slight signs of use in the area of the bottle holder.
Price 70,00EUR + shipping costs or self-collection.
It is a private sale without return and guarantee.


Sell my dry suit of the brand Seemann (Seeman Tec Skin), size 52/54, shoe size 44, including gloves with quick coupling system. The suit was worn by me only 2 times is dense and in a very neat condition. Cuffs and zippers 1A.
Price 130,00EUR + shipping costs or self-collection.
It is a private sale without return and guarantee.


80 cuft with new T├ťV for sale.
have somehow accumulated too much in the meantime.

To be dispensed with G5/8 valve. If necessary, I can also offer a cheap M26 valve (have one left over from conversion)

VHB 180 da T├ťV brand new - bottle is in Leipzig and can be picked up

Hello everyone, sell my complete set with a heavy heart.
I bought the equipment at the beginning of last year, because I don't have enough time for it due to my other hobbies, I'm selling it now.
I think another diver will certainly have a lot of fun with it.

The set includes:
-Aquatica D7000 underwater housing complete with dome and extension ring for the fisheye

-Floatarms (calculated on the weight of the camera underwater)

-Good H2O terminals

-Tarrier weights under the camera up to 500gr.

-2 x Nikonos SB105 incl. cable

-Single Aquatica arm for holidays

-Camera D7000 incl. charger

-Tokina Fisheye 10-17 for the UW housing

-18-55mm lens

-50mm fixed focal length

The dome is impeccable and has no scratches, the housing has a leak detector.

The whole thing is sold as a complete set or without a camera.

Everything as in the photos. The equipment can be visited.

Everything else via PN

Price and shipping 3500,00 VHB


I offer here a brand new Cobra dive computer, directly from the support, it is a new device because mine could not be repaired.

In a 3rd show here is the console with SK7 compass, the whole combination was so at Suunto / Finland for revision.

The compass is 1a fine but has a few scratches on the ring, therefore in a 2nd auction, since not brand new

Had my old Cobra for revision because there the pressure sensor but defective I got the offer to buy the new Cobra at a preferential price.

Inwischen I switched to another model, so sell them.

The device has 2 years warranty bie Suunto. (Note is included)
In addition, you will receive an invoice with stated VAT from me.

Since I now use another computer, I offer the device here for sale.

Can be visited here by appointment or if needed also wants to take more pictures of it, which actually makes no sense with a new device.

If you have any questions, write an email or call...


Also present:

- Computer Cobra (unused & new)
- Sunnto Warranty & Repair Certificate (as original)

OVP 469 EUR directly at Suunto

it is the last revision with the latest firmware directly from the support, many of which are at the dealers are still equipped with the old firmware; Update of the firmware costs at

Suunto alone 49 EUR

Device is from 17/10/2106

copies of information from the network; it is best to use the link directly to Suunto:


3 operating modes (compressed air/nitrox/depth gauge)
Display of all decompression data
Storage of the dive profile for 36 hours
36 hrs logbook memory
Lifetime storage of the history
(Total number of dives, diving hours, maximum depth)
Saving the dive profile with bookmarks
Display of bottle pressure and remaining dive time
suitable for 300 bar cylinder pressure (5000 psi)
PC Interface (optional)
multi-level display of the ascent speed
personal customization (separate)
Altitude adjustment (separate) 0-3000 m (0-10000 ft)
Countdown indicator for the safety stop
Extended decompression range (minimum/maximum decompression depth)
Built-in dive simulator
electroluminescent lighting
Battery replaceable by the user
Depth display 0-150 m (0-492 ft)
audible alarms
Alarm for maximum diving depth