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I have 2 used 1st level Apeks DST over and am happy to offer you for 99EUR each. Of course functional, but I recommend a revision. Condition can be seen in the pictures.

Stage 1 Apeks DST
- Balanced and membrane-controlled first stage with rotating tower
- 4x medium pressure outlet 3/8'' (rotatable)
- 2x high pressure exhaust 7/16''
- DIN connection G 5/8


I offer a used GOX 100 T oxygen analyzer. The sensor would have to be changed otherwise the analyzer is fully functional. Price VB 100EUR + Shipping


Phone: 01784411636

Offer a new, only twice dipped Tecline Special Edition 30 Donut Wing for sale. I opted for a smaller version.

Original price 385EUR

- For use with double bottles / dual devices
- Donut shape (completely circulating bladder)
- Color: black
- Double-shell construction (outer protective cover and internal bladder)
- Robust materials (protective cover: NYLON HEAVY DUTY 1000 NON BLADE; Bubble: PU420)
- Optimized design for optimal hose routing and safe and easy access to the valves
- Buoyancy volume: 30 liters
- Ideal for extra large dual units, 2 x 18 liters and 2 x 20 liters with multiple stages.

Diving Tec Backplate Harness Buoyanture Agent Jacket Wing Bubble Donut Double Unit D15 D18 D20 Double

73642 Welzheim

I offer my FAMI 2001 for sale.
The lamp requires new batteries, cost about 120,-.
Traces of use are not to be overlooked.
Nevertheless, the lamp is tight.
Price: VB 111,- Euro, on collection, shipping is possible,
costs about 6,-


apeks egrees, new and unmerged for sale. 125 euro plus shipping


Don't like to give up my dry suit Seemann Tec Skin, size 54, shoe size 44/45.
Unfortunately, I just got a bit fatter.
The suit is little dipped and looks almost as good as new. Valves and cuffs top condition. After the dive, always rinse with clear water.
The sale includes the suit, glove system with gloves, new hood.
If you are interested, many photos and further information.
VB 350,- Euro


Hello everyone
sell a 0.85L Argon Set.
Bottle of Luxfer, step Dirzone.


Moin, I am looking for a variable V-weight with 8 KG lead or a V-Weight 8 kilos for a D 12.

Best regards


Sell here my Ikelite underwater housing for a Nikon D90 with matching camera Nikon D90.

In the set are:

Nikon D90 Body + 1x Battery 1x Charger + Screen Protector
Lens Sigma 10-20
Enclosure Ikelite
Domport Wide Angle Ikelite
Handle for housing
2x ball adapter for fastening for flashes
Ikelite Zoom Ring

The complete set is in a very good condition and also top maintained.
The lens has no scratches and is in a 1a condition.

You are welcome to view the camera and housing in front of it.

This is a private sale therefore no guarantee and return possible


Hello everyone
sell a pair of Hollis F1 fins in size XL. They fit well on 45-46 dry boots.
80 EUR


The lamp is used and has traces of use, but works perfectly.

Price 250EUR


For sale is a self-made battery tank. It is twisted from one piece of POM-C and is radially and axially sealed. There are 2 EO cords and two switches installed, as can be seen in the pictures. We pushed it down to 100m after we built it. All components can be easily replaced because nothing is glued or encapsured. There is no deep discharge protection installed. Of the following batteries, 4 are connected in series. This results in a end-of-charge voltage of 14.6V and a nominal voltage of 12.8V. The maximum discharge current is 10C and the maximum charging current is 3C. Tamiya plugs are installed on the battery. These fulfill their purpose and are easy to exchange. ( ) The battery tank has about 60 TG behind it and was always tight.

Price 350EUR


For sale is my Santi suit bushing. It works perfectly and has the normal traces of use ( see photos ). In other ads I still sell the matching heating vest and a battery tank.

Price 100EUR


For sale is my Santi heating vest in size XL. It works perfectly and has the normal traces of use ( see photos ). In other ads I still sell the matching suit bushing and a battery tank.

Price 150EUR


Practically unused Mares machines (DIN connection), which should be revised before reusing
Stage 1: MR12 dfc Rebel (DFC = Dynamic Flow Control, a system developed by Mares in the 1st stage. Minimizes medium pressure drop during the inhalation phase. Thus, regardless of the breathing performance, a consistently high respiratory comfort is achieved, while otherwise in other 1st stages a drop in the mean pressure is recorded)
Stage 2: Axis / Rebel
Octopus: Rebel
Computer (hose integrated): ORCA Delphi (user manual for computers available)

Price with ORCA: 195.- CHF

It is a private sale, so no guarantee, warranty or return.
Questions are gladly answered. Further detailed photos can be provided on request.

Other diving utensils:
* 2 wetsuits (1 ladies, 1 men)
* Lead


Phone: +41317555188

Sell a classic, the absolutely proven DUI TLS350 Trocki with the ultimate telescopic torso.

The DUI TLS350 is incredibly flexible and wears like a jogging suit!! The cut was copied by many other manufacturers, but never achieved. Likewise, the suit is high-quality parted on the inside and not taped off with sealing tape as with other models. This guarantees longevity and flexibility!

Suit is a women's suit in size M,
as good as new with 3 dives!
Cuffs are new, zipper and sealing is flawless (see photos)
Suit comes with suit bushing for an el. Heating and TurboSoles for maximum flexibility and comfort.

73614 Schorndorf

Sell the legendary Weezle Extrem+ Trocki underwear in size S incl. Weezle boots size S
The underwear is extremely warm, super flexible and very comfortable to wear!!!
There is nothing like it.
Unterzieher has about 3 dives and is absolutely as good as new.

73614 Schorndorf

Sell here my faithful tank lamp with battery and charger.
The tank lamp has a magnetic switch that can control the brightness on 3 levels.
Pictures of the luminous efficacy can be sent by e-mail.

VP: EUR 130,-

Can be shipped for an extra charge!
Private sale! No guarantee or return!


Sell here my Suunto compass SK7 with retractor and original band.

VP: EUR 80,-

Can be shipped for an extra charge!
Private sale! No guarantee or return!


Sell here my dry diving gloves of the brand Checkup Dive Systems in the size "Large".

FB: EUR 100,-

Can be shipped at extra cost.
Private sale! No guarantee and return!


Sell here my Mares Abyss MR22T regulator with inflator hose and finimeter.

All hoses are Miflex hoses.

The Finimeter is connected with a Slim Miflex hose and can be read wonderfully under water due to its size.

Was only immersed in fresh water.

VP: EUR 200,-

Can be shipped at extra cost.
Private sale! No guarantee and return!


Sell here my Mares MR52 regulator including Miflex hose for the regulator (2 meters!!) and inflator hose.
Without transmitter!!!
Has always been immersed only in fresh water.

VP: EUR 200,-

Can be shipped at extra cost.
Private sale! No guarantee and return!


Sell my faithful Galileo Luna dive computer including transmitter, bag and original packaging including original accessories.

It runs flawlessly and has normal signs of use with its 81 dives.

VP: EUR 410,-

Can be shipped at extra cost.
Private sale! No guarantee and return!



Sell my diver's watch Oceanic Geo 2. Used for two days (4 saltwater dives). Top condition without signs of use.

Asking price 200EUR.


Hello everyone
sell an I-Wave Ocean Caerberus S
Three levels switchable.
Burn time over 6 hours at full power.
Little used, condition as new.


The dive cellar has been cleaned up and the following items are for sale:

If you have any questions, simply report


Search Lead Bags Pair for harness

Belt width 50mm
For attachment to the backplate
Approx. 5-7kg lead capacity per bag

Please with photos

LG and thank you

I sell my Bare Elastek diving suit which no longer fits me. He is 4 years old and has about 80 dives behind him.

The jumpsuit has normal signs of use, the ice vest is without any signs of use and looks like from the store.

Bare Elastek
Size Men ML

When it fit perfectly, I was at 83kg and 181cm

Price: 110EUR

53919 Weilerswist

I sell a Nikon 1J2 with the associated underwater housing.
The case has only been used twice and is like new. The camera also has only 4977 triggers.

All accessories, as well as the right lens, is included.

The housing is waterproof up to 40m and can be combined with different lenses thanks to the M67 attachment.

I imagine for both together 550EUR (shipping +5EUR) or a fair offer.


I offer a Nikon 1J2 system camera with the associated underwater housing WP-N1 for 650EUR (VB).
The camera includes another original battery, as well as the matching 10-30mm lens.

The accessories for the housing (anti-reflection ring, zoom ring, silicone grease, another O-ring and the Oring remover) are included.

The camera has just 4977 triggers, so it is hardly used.
The underwater housing was only used on two dives is almost new.
The camera and housing have no scratches or damage.

The price is negotiable but I ask for realistic offers!

Viewing the offer is desired, shipping is possible for an extra charge.
Since this is a private sale, I do not offer any guarantee or warranty!


Sell Halcyon Explorer Wing at 55 lbs.
The good piece is 2 years old and looks great. (see pictures )
Price 250,00 EUR + Shipping (5,00 EUR)

Offer hardly used fins of the brand Aquatic Atomic at a fixed price.
The fins can also be handed over personally at the chalk lake in Hemmoor.
Price 50,00EUR

Sell a used one-man pressure chamber from the former stocks of GST. Condition as seen in the pictures. It may no longer be used for decompression purposes, so I expressly sell it only for decoration purposes.
Size ca.: 60x60x60cm (when pushed together)
Weight: approx. 80-100kg (estimated)
Pick-up in Greifswald or by forwarding agency (approx. 80-100 EUR)
Please submit offers for the price. More pictures on request.


Sell a PSCR Rebreather SF1, as shown in the photos.
Bottles have T├ťV and are freshly powdered.
Cylinder valves have been overhauled.
VHB 1900,-


offer here my Halcyon Explorer Wing with 40 lbs buoyancy.

This classic DIR Wing for the use of double packages is double-shelled, so it has an internal bladder and an outer protective cover.
The bubble is made of 400 denier nylon. The protective cover is made of 1680 balistic nylon. By using these materials, the Halcyon Explorer Wing is excellently protected against damage.
Thus, the robust Halcyon Explorer Wing is ideal for wreck and cave diving and is therefore used worldwide in the exploration sector.

I had it in use for my double 12 and was always happy with it.
Top condition


Sell Dry Suit Heavy Light BDS FZ Man (Front Zipper) - Kevlar ! This suit has been specially developed for special forces who are exposed to special climatic conditions. The Trilaminate reinforced with Kevlar uniquely protects against abrasion (fast roping) and cracking, as well as against sharp-edged objects, but is still breathable and extremely light. Gloves are included.
Ready-to-wear size XL Shoe size 44
Neoprene neck cuff - trouser straps integrated - 2 leg pockets.
Suit was worn 5 times. Condition perfect !
Original price EUR 2170.-
Retail price EUR 1000.-


Hello everyone
offer here a super well preserved sidemount jacket of the company Tecline. The jacket does not have 20 dives. I was always very happy with the jacket, but I noticed that I tend to backmount.
Therefore, this great jacket is for sale here, so that it will soon come back into the water.
VHB: 350,00 EUR


Bare Velocity 3mm wetsuit in XL new with invoice.
Price ink shipping: 70EUR


Sell 2x Tecline V2 regulator with 120cm Miflex hose. Both controllers are identical, the 1st stage has 1 HD and 2 MD outlets each.
Used at about 60TG u.a. also in caves, therefore also a few scratches.
Price incl. shipping: per controller 190EUR
both together: 360EUR


Hello diving friends, sell here my complete diving equipment, because I do not manage to use it regularly for reasons of time. It is all in a super and mint condition. Very rarely used.

Waterproof W2 7mm Size M ; NP 200 EUR
Waterproof W2 Ice Vest 5mm Size M ; NP 120 EUR
Atomic Aquatics M1 1st and 2nd stage ; NP: 619 EUR
Atomic Aquatics Z2 Octopus ; NP 180 EUR
Cressi diving buoy; NP 20 EUR
Seacsub Pro Tech SWS ; NP 250 EUR
Mares UW shaker with magnet signal generator ; NP 14 EUR
Princeton Tec Torrent LED ; NP 80 EUR
Oceanic finimeter; NP 55 EUR
Mares ICon HD Dive Computer ; NP 699 Euro
Mares X Stream device fins size regualer ; NP 119 EUR
Waterproof H1 hood ; NP 79 EUR
Waterproof G1 Gloves ; NP 79 EUR
Waterproof B1 Shoes ; NP 49 EUR
Hartenberger Mini Compact with neoprene cover ; NP 249 EUR
Camaro Black Sea Dive Backpack ; NP 110 EUR
4 kg lead bags ; NP 40 EUR
Total value 2962 EUR

Also individual items on request or entire set as VB .

That's all you need for a start and from TOP manufacturers, as I said everything as new If you are interested, just contact us I also send you pictures to


For sale I have a stage controller set as pictured. Consisting of a DS4 and ATX40 controller from Apeks and Finimeter. The set was still dipped until recently.
The first stage connector is M26 for Nitrox.

A revision should still be made, even if the controllers work very well.

The asking price is 195EUR incl. shipping


For sale I have a regulator set for a double configuration. The set consists of 2x 1st stage DS4 and a 2nd stage XTX 50 as well as a second stage TX50, finimeter and hoses as well as boltsnaps. The set was still dipped until recently.

A revision should still be made, even if the controllers work very well.

The XTX 50 lacks the front Apeks logo.

The asking price is VHB 390EUR incl. shipping


Sell Kirby-Morgan full face mask M-48 MOD1, Modular professional mask that allows a complete machine change under water without having to remove the full face mask. Especially interesting for rebreather divers. Rebreather pods with switching device are optionally available.

Equipped with Scuba-Pod and original KM regulator. Swivel and hose are NOT part of the offer.

More detailed description of the countless variations and expansion possibilities of the mask under

Mask has 3 dives on the watch, so it is as good as new. Comes with instructions and original bag.

If you have any questions, simply email.

Original price in the clearly 4-digit range, here for EUR 900, - to be given.

kappeln / schlei

Hollis SD 7 flex new
super great semi-dry wetsuit

With uncut hood
Size L/42


Offer a Neoprentrocki by Oceanic
Size 42
Shoes : 41/42
Was rarely dived as I was never really a fan of dry diving.
Suit is tight, the valves are all top.

Since I have now given up my hobby due to lack of time, everything is now sold

has a spot on the shoulder (see picture) what that was, I don't remember anymore.

Can be picked up
when shipping, the shipping costs are added (I would still have to determine them)


I sell my Tecline R5 Tec with . The machine has been used for about 50 dives and works perfectly. On the housings of the 1st and 2nd stage there are slight traces of use. The hose length is 100 cm (Miflex).
It is the oxygen version with a G5/8 thread, this is original at the manufacturer.

The price incl. shipping: 160EUR

Since private sale, no guarantee, no warranty, no return.


I sell my Tecline R5 Tec with . The machine has been used for about 15 dives and works perfectly. On the housings of the 1st and 2nd stage there are slight traces of use. The hose length is 120 cm (Miflex).

The price incl. shipping: 140EUR

Since private sale, no guarantee, no warranty, no return.


Find DIR conform regulator set for TwinSets.

2 x DS4 1st stage,
2 x XTX 50 2nd step new model
210 cm long trousers
60 cm backup pants
56cm high pressure hose and
BtS DIR or similar mineral pressure gauge,