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Sell very little (under 10 TG) worn Bare Trilaminate Tech Dry Suit (size XL-XXL Unisex)

with Rolock 3 dry diving glove system and original bare storage backpack

including underwear BARE-SB MID black/blue 2-piece with feet.

The Bare Trilaminat Tech Dry is equipped with front zipper. This ensures easy entry and independent opening and closing. The telescopic torso ensures the right freedom of movement and the suspenders for the correct fit. A flexible double belt reinforcement at the seams creates high durability.

Boot size 42/43 (sole 30 cm long)

Length to step: 98 cm, (height 176 cm)

Crotch strap for a good fit

Since this is a private sale, I do not take over any guarantee and return

FB 680,00 EURO

Pick-up or shipping possible

Ebersbach an der Fils

I offer eight survival suits by Helly Hansen here.

universal size

condition used

Price for a survival suit 360EUR negotiation basis

a shipment is possible with assumption of costs!

Schleswig- Holstein

I sell Seacam PVL 40 extension ring. It is absolutely dense.

Price 110 Euro

Weiz / ├ľsterreich

I am selling a Seacam PVL 20 extension ring. It is absolutely dense.

Price 110 Euro

Weiz / ├ľsterreich

I sell my Seacam macro port. It is absolutely tight and without scratches.

Price 180 Euro

Weiz / ├ľsterreich

I sell a Leak Sentinel V3 leak detector. It was on my Seacam case. It warns of a leak on the housing. The battery needs to be changed. Finish is an M14 thread.

Price: 130 Euro

Weiz / ├ľsterreich

Sell here a Scubapro T-Force Jacket in size S, top condition, incl. inflator hose and signal whistle.

The jacket should cost 150EUR VB incl. shipping!!! This is a private sale, therefore no guarantee or return!!!

Chest strap: yes with stimulus closure pocket

D-rings: 4 large and 2 small stainless steel

Number of quick outlets: 2

volume size S: 16 liters

Trim lead: Yes

Measure of lead per bag: 5 KG lead integrated

Inflator System: Normal

Type: ADV

Color: Black

Manufacturer's specifications: The T-Force Jacket stands for the classic, reliable and easy-to-use buoyancy jacket of the new T-Line. It is perfect for recreational divers and advanced divers looking for a modern jacket in the upper middle class. The T-Sport has the patented SCUBAPRO weight system and many other design and comfort features of the T-Black.

  • Modern ADV Jacket for discerning recreational divers
  • Patented weight system with quick drop capability
  • Ideal weight distribution due to Trimbletan ash (for 1.5 kg lead)
  • Very abrasion-resistant and comfortable 500 Denier Cordura material
  • High Performance SCUBAPRO Drain Valves & Balanced Inflator
  • Adjustable chest strap and elastic waist belt
  • UV and salt water resistant Cordura color design
  • Elastic zippered side pockets
  • Crimped stainless steel D-rings
  • Super RCA bottle holder

NRW Essen

Phone: 01716561887

Sell my Intova underwater camera. With flash

The camera was used by with little used about 10 dives.

Technically, it is in very good condition, slight traces of use on the underwater housing, the underwater housing is 100% water tight. Objectively, there are no scratches, so no disturbances can be seen on the pictures. Included are an installation CD for the PC, memory card, a manual and a hand strap.

The additional flash works perfectly and comes with three filters.

Since from private without return.


Shipping is possible against reimbursement of costs. Payment. only via PayPal or when picking up in cash.


OMS Slipstream device fins, for sale in size XL with steel tribs. With me, the fins were not even in the water.

For. 80VB

Shipping possible against assumption of costs. Payment only via PayPal or on collection.

Private sale therefore no guarantee no return.


Sell a used DE-OX analyzer for the analysis of submersible gases with oxygen and helium.

The analyzer was in the factory for overhaul at the beginning of 2019 and the helium sensor was replaced and the device was recalibrated. In the course of 2019, the oxygen sensor was also replaced. The device is in perfect and good condition, the sensors are quite fresh - so you can start.

On the pictures you can see in the display the software status, the warm-up procedure and at the time when the pictures were taken, the current oxygen and helium value of the ambient air (21/0%). Included are:

  • original plastic transport box
  • Power supply 230V
  • 12V connection for a cigarette connection in the car
  • Connection cable for controlling external relays

The operating instructions in English are available in electronic form and will be sent in a separate e-mail when sold

The device has always been transported in a sturdy Peli box, but of course there are slight signs of use on the housing. The analyzer is offered for 499,-EUR. If it is picked up, comparative measurements can be made with my other analyzers. For shipping, 6.90 EUR postage is added.

The sale is purely private, no guarantee, no return. If you have any questions, simply send an e-mail.


I sell all my diving equipment, wet and dry, because of giving up my hobby for health and family reasons.

Enclosed is a list of all parts that are still available:

Scubapro EverTec LT Size L incl. urination valve - 600 EUR VHB

Northern Diver Dry Glove System - 90 EUR VHB

Aqualung ergo EchoZip 6,5mm Neoprenef├╝ssling Gr.45 - 10 EUR VHB

Neoprene Wetsuit XCEL 7,6mm Thermoflex Gr. LS - 90 EUR VHB

Aqalung POLARZIP 6,0mm Neoprenef├╝ssling Gr. 42/43 - 10 EUR VHB

Scubapro Hood 3mm Gr.M - 6 EUR VHB

Scubapro Hybrid Cargo Neoprene Shorts Size L - 20 EUR VHB

Polaris Safety Buoy incl. Boltsnap, Leash and Castor - 40 EUR VHB

Diving buoy Besthunter (double bubble with flag 32x25cm) - 30 EUR VHB

Aqualung Red Line 1200C roller bag + Aqualung regulator bag Red Line - 50 EUR VHB

All together, I offer you for 900 VHB at pick-up. Please contact me by phone or Whatsapp - 0049 1520 5291535 - then we can discuss everything and I can send you more pictures if necessary.

Shipping is possible on request and with assumption of costs.

Retail prices VHB can be found behind the articles.

Best regards from Flensburg




I sell here my Mares Dragon SLS Jacket in size S.
The jacket is now about 3/4 year old and has about 30Tgs exclusively in fresh water.
I only sell it because I want to switch to backplate/wing.
I also give a lead bag as a replacement and of course the bill.

Price is 210EUR vhb.

Just write for questions.


Dui Unterzieher. Super warm. Only worn 1x

EUR 500


Phone: 06502003416

Diverse Tauchb├╝cher

50 Euros


Phone: 06502003416

Open Water Ausbildungsbuch und 3 Lerntafeln

30 Euros


Phone: 06502003416

Super warm underwear for dry suit. Only one holiday worn. Longer and shorter underwear. Size M.

EUR 110


Phone: 06502003416

A99 Sale - Update - Price VB vs FAIR OFFER

Sell underwater housing UK-Germany for Sony A99 due to switch to Sony A99-II. Condition: very good, housing has been maintained and has not been used since.

The company sells:

  • UK-Germany case for Sony A99
  • Domeport 184mm diameter, glass is new, was only used about 3 times for snorkeling (humpback whales)
  • Intermediate ring suitable for the dome port, 55mm
  • Sony A99 Body, approx. 43,000 triggers. Alternatively Sony A99 Body with approx. 36,000 triggers. However, this has a slight crack on the back of the fold-out LCD display (damage has no influence on the function of the display)

The case is a custom-made product with the following extras:

  • On/off switch for flashes on the housing. Thus, both flashes can be switched off at once with one finger, without annoying grip on the flashes themselves, e.B. with a quickly needed change of flash / ambient light situations
  • GoPro mount on housing and on dome port to film e.B while taking pictures
  • 2 flash sockets N5 with 3 pins (e.g. for use with Subtronic or Sea & Sea flashes)
  • Lenses are interchangeable, even if body is installed in housing
  • Rail for tripod connection to place the housing UW on tripod
  • Control button for Sony 99 multi-controller
  • Fiber optic connection option

Lens is not included in the price. I myself have mostly used a Sony SAL16-50mm / f2.8 Sony lens with this combination. On request, this can also be sold (extra charge).

Price: VB, please FAIR offers. Try to sell the case for some time, so far without interested parties. 19% VAT can be shown on account.

Pick-up / visit in Hamburg or shipping against advance payment.


Sell little-used comfort harness from Polaris.

Very comfortable to carry due to the padded shoulder straps.

The harness is sold without a crotch strap and without a belt buckle.

Shipping and PayPal possible.

60 Euro VB

38159 Vechelde

Offer here a new unused ADV jacket.

Hing as a spare jacket in the basement was never used.

Without integrated lead size XL pickup preferred, shipping upon assumption of costs.

No return and no guarantee


Offer here a new unused jacket in size XL with integrated lead pockets.

To be handed over because of switching to another diving system. Pick-up preferred, shipping upon assumption of shipping costs.

No return and no guarantee


Offer beautiful diving equipment for ladies of Mares consisting of:

o Mares Diving Suit Flexa 8.6.5 Overall semi-dry, Size 2 (38). A particularly beautiful model! Additional padding in the back area with front zipper, additional knee protection made of Supratex, super soft sealing cuff on arm and leg. The neoprene was worn only a little, condition is as good as new!

Price: 250 EUR

o Mares Buoyancy Jacket VectorChrome XS. The jacket is in good used condition.

Price: 100 EUR

o Mares hood, Flexa Hood unisex. Hood with efficient venting system that facilitates pressure equalization.

Condition is as good as new!

Price: 25 EUR

o Mares Diving Gloves Flexa Triglove 5+3

Condition is as good as new!

Price: 10 EUR

Would love to sell everything together. The total price would then be 350 EUR.

Fitting possible. Gladly pick-up.

Sales gebr. Storage bottles 50l 200 bar with T├╝v

A 5/8" valve is installed.

Price: 150EUR VB per piece


search for an "emergency bottle" for a filling adapter.
Maybe someone has something like that or can have a cheap one!!! source of supply.

Thank you very much.



Sell my first jacket a Cressi S 2011T with about 50 dives. In the meantime, I have switched to an OMS wing system. The jacket is in good condition with some small traces of use. I had it checked at the dive center I trust (no official revision) and it was found to be ok. I myself never had any problems with it.

- Construction/Material: Hybrid/Cordura

- Weight/buoyancy: approx. 3.5 kilos/8.5 to 23 litres

- Suitable for double bottles: yes

- Carrying handle/catch loop: yes/yes

- Number of D-rings: 5

- Pockets: 2

- Exhaust valves: 3

- Lead integrated/trim lead: yes/yes

Price 250EUR VB

D├╝sseldorf, NRW

Hello, sell almost new underwater video lights from Scubalamp ( model PV32T)
The lamps each have a luminosity of 3000 (x2) lumens.
Detailed description on

I bought the lamps in January on the boot for a camera system. But now I switched to lightning. Regular sales are 280,-EUR per lamp. I paid 536,-EUR together as a fair price. Would sell the lamps for 450, - EUR. The lamps are as good as new and have 5 TG in fresh water. They show minimal signs of use.
The light has a nice color temperature and reproduces the colors very nicely. Are great in combination with a GoPro or for taking photos with a system camera.

Proof of purchase is available. 1 1/2 years manufacturer's warranty

If interested, PN or 01735474328

Sold is a set of 1st steps of the Apeks Tek 3 with 1x left and 1x right version. The set is completely new, not yet dipped and will be shipped in OVP!

Apeks has developed unique first stages especially for use with dual devices. The advantages of this system are: Less disturbing clutter in the head area, better hose routing, easier access to the bridge valves. Each of the first stages has 3 MD outlets and one HP outlet. They are balanced, suitable for cold water and extremely robust. The TEK 3 set also looks good and is also suitable not only for double devices, but also for single devices with stage bottle.

PRICE 500.00 EUR VHB (shipping possible)


Since I dive almost exclusively CCR, I sell my here.
Device has just been updated from the factory and has not been dived afterwards.

Hardware 3.0
Software 4.1

In, all modes are already unlocked.
The purchase of upgrades is not necessary.

The following 6 software modes are integrated in the standard:
- Apnea mode
- extended bottomtimer with ratio decoration
- OC Recreational Mode
- OC Trimix technical mode
- OC 100% B├╝hlmann mode
- CCR Trimix technical fixed setpoint

Mode decompression calculation:
B├╝hlmann ZHL16C with gradient factors is a widely recognized method for decompression calculation.
Up to 3 CCR diluent gases and up to 7 OC decorative gases can be used.
Up to 4 stop timers support in bottom timer mode with ratio decoration.

Price: EUR280,-
incl. shipping

Private sale, return and warranty excluded



- 7 x XPE LED
- 2200 lumens
- Spot: 6┬░
- Power: 24W
- Power modes: 0% - 30% - 100%
- PIEZO switch
- Weight head and Goodman Handle 0.735kg (on the surface)
- Dimensions head: diameter 80-55mm, length: 62mm
- incl. Goodman handle
- RCA cable 1.10m long
- Battery tank LiIon 18Ah/14.4V with rotary switch
- Charger (new)

Battery tank was my spare tank

incl. shipping within Germany


  • Offer different diving items individually or in bundle on VB.
  • Only 1 bottle of 12l left!!!
  • According to picture: fins, glasses, gloves, shoes, signal buoy, flashlight, snorkel
  • 2x 1+2 level according to picture
  • 1x suit 178cm, 1x suit 164cm
  • 2x Jacket Size L, 1x Jacket XS
  • 2x belt with approx. 10kg each

Individual inquiries are gladly answered and the VB prices are mentioned.


Phone: 01725179559

Sell my new buoyancy jacket from Mares in size S! The jacket has only 25 dives behind it! Because of hobby task to sell !

Asking price 225,-EUR VB for pick-up in Krefeld or Bochum


Sell my Waterproof SD Combat Women's Size M

This diving suit has about 25 dives behind it and is therefore as good as new. The neck cuff has a small crack, but it can be repaired. Original price 720,- EUR

Asking price :350,-EUR VB for pick-up in Krefeld or Bochum



Bauer Verticus Compressor

including filling bar 200 and 300bar.

The facility is very clean from the outside and inside and has always been maintained. It has just 1298 operating hours.

The compressor runs cleanly and reliably. It fills either through the changeover valve 200 or 300bar

The compressor has electronic breathing air/filter monitoring.

With a saturated filter, the compressor switches off automatically. So that this does not come as a surprise, he has a pre-warning level.
The compressor also has automatic dewatering.

The pipe connection from the compressor to the filling strip is also dispensed.

Of course, this includes the maintenance book and the folder with the compressor instructions.

The system was once used by a fire brigade, was rarely used there and regularly maintained by Bauer / Dr├Ąger. Now I have the system as a private person and unfortunately use it much less. Hence the sale.

Best to self-collectors. Shipping via a forwarding agency is of course also possible after consultation and assumption of costs (prepayment).

46149 Oberhausen

Phone: 015904881442


the ad can be viewed in more detail on Ebay Classifieds.

The set consists of suit, underwear, hood and bag.

Price 475EUR


For reasons of space:

2 almost complete diving equipment (without bottles)

2pcs regulator Titan Glacia with octopus (very good condition only dipped 2 times)

2 finimeters

1 piece compass

2 camouflage jacket Cressi S-103 size L and XL (absolute top condition)

1 x Fins Mares 44-45

1 soft lead belt with ZIP

1 knife Unidive

1 dive case / 1 dive bag large

2 dive computers Aladin Pro including digital mouse etc. for saving

(probably needs new batteries)

Everything in very good condition and always well maintained / well rinsed etc.


Phone: 0407601000

Diving Jacket Cressi S-103 Size L - Top Condition

1 a Condition

Sell very well maintained (quasi in new condition)
top preserved diving jacket Cressi S - 103 size L

used only a few times -

PS - have complete diving equipment including lung machine etc - all as new -

If necessary, please report


Phone: 0407601000

Diving suit xl by exel... Fits with 75kg and 1.60m size

Reinforced knees and elbows

Suit without hood

Sell my complete equipment with selena jacket by Tusa mask and fins


I offer a used but well-preserved diving jacket of the brand Cressi S111 in size XL. The jacket is lead-integrated, the lead bags are no longer in the best condition but can be purchased. On the back there are additional trim bleaches.

The price is 100EUR VHB + shipping


Lead-integrated jacket by Blue Eye in size L, only dipped in fresh water, always well maintained, lead bags without damage/wear, price 55EUR VHB + shipping


Offer a used and well-preserved dive computer Mares Nemo Wide 2 including Mares Interface Drak USB.
the dive computer has about 50 dives, 15 TG ago it got a new battery.

Price 180EUR VHB + Shipping


Sell brand new Showa 660 dry diving gloves color blue in size 11/XXL in pairs
Price: 15 Euro
Shipping within Austria: 2,50 Euro
Shipping to Germany: 6 Euro

Weiz / ├ľsterreich

I offer here the Beuchat Masterlift size L of my wife, as she has switched to sidemount. The valves and quick outlets are maintained and work flawlessly.

This jacket is ideal for beginners and advanced and of course has two lead pockets that can be easily dropped in an emergency.


I offer here a well-preserved double bubble with two inflators. Each bubble also has three quick drains, so that draining is ensured from any position. All valves and occasions are maintained and work perfectly. The cords of the quick outlets have been renewed and extended to my needs, but can be easily shortened. I have always been very satisfied and only hand it over as I switched to sidemount.


Since my son no longer dives, I sell his diving jacket, used 3x, as good as new. Size L, 2 lead pockets, 3 air outlet valves, lightweight, 2 side pockets left and right with zipper, No signs of use, absolutely functional, the price refers only to the jacket, the vending machines can be purchased separately, see my other offer.

Price 120EUR

Shipping extra

Private sale, no guarantee, warranty and return


Sell Oceanic regulators Delta 4 and Alpha 8 with 1st stage FDX 10 and CDX 5, inflator hose and finimeter slimline with oceanic pocket because my son no longer dives. Use about 15x, everything works. Price 160,00EUR incl. shipping

Hollowing desired. Shipping extra. See my other offer: Diving jacket by Aeris type Atmos

Private sale, no guarantee, warranty and return


For private reasons, I am looking for a successor for my dive babies. The base is located directly on the harbor promenade of one of the most beautiful places in the southwest of Mallorca. With over 1000 regular guests, we have built up a very good and loyal customer base over the last 30 years. In addition to being awarded the Diving Award, the base enjoys an excellent reputation among travel agencies and diving schools worldwide.

The base is equipped with its own boat, an almost new VW bus, 2 compressors (one of them for Nitrox), 5 storage bottles and air cooling system, rental equipment for 40-50 divers and over 50 bottles.

The base is perfectly cut and offers reception, shop, training room, 3 showers, a wet area including sink and a spacious lounge area for guests after the dives. Our workshop is equipped to carry out any repair and maintenance of diving equipment on site.

Either a buyer or partner is sought to continue the business. Please only seriously mean requests.


Diving tank 15 l, steel, nautec double valve, T├ťV new until 12-2022

Height 68 cm, with handle + foot, filled ( 2 more fillings free of charge with me possible )

1 bottle 180,- Euro

have 2 pieces, price for both 170 euros each

Pick-up price, shipping, empty, about 30 euros ?

Handover at the lake between Thuringia and MeckPomm possible. (Also 14-16.8.2020 in Hemmoor )


120 Euro plus shipping

Size: L

Made of extra sturdy CORDURA fabric, equipped with holder for a double 7 diving tank.

Equipped with a second longer abdominal belt to wear with dry suit.

With two large pockets also to accommodate a second vending machine and on each side a large bronze carabiner heel.

Comes with an original replacement bladder.

Payment: by bank transfer (no PayPal) or cash on delivery.

Shipping: DHL 7,49 Euro (with liability) or if cash on delivery 14,03 Euro

Private offer, the warranty is excluded. No return.

Neoprene wetsuit 7mm, 2 pieces, Beluga

60 Euro plus shipping

Size: 48/50

Lower part with thermal coating

Good condition

Payment: by bank transfer (no PayPal) or cash on delivery.

Shipping: DHL 7,49 Euro (with liability) or if cash on delivery 14,03 Euro

Private offer, the warranty is excluded. No return.