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The best Christmas gift for your favorite buddy. This diving tool includes all the important tools in one!

59387 Ascheberg



separate me with a heavy heart from my Apeks Fusion KVR1 Trocki, size S/M, NEW, he was never in the water. Move and won't dive anymore.

The Trocki has SLT Silicon Cuffs System, 2Twin zip pockets, Air Core inner layer, Rapid Zip to Air core Zipper System, is super comfortable, stretchy and robust. Original price is 2000euro.

Price: now 1150VHB (plus shipping)

According to the Apeks table, S/M fits for: 165-175cm, 55-77kg, chest circumference: 89-105cm, hips 69-91cm.

Have also boots, never worn, size 8, for 30euro and the Whites MK3 underwear, also never worn, size S., 100euro, would like to sell everything together.

Attention: Private sale, the sale takes place under exclusion of any warranty.


Dive computer Uwatec Aladin 2g

Hello everyone

I offer here an Apex ATX100 + Okto AT20 incl. inflator hose
Original price was 490EUR
good condition
newly made revision
Next revision is 20.11.22

would give him away for 220EUR

Clamps V4 Tec clamp set (two clamps) for double 12 steel bottles - for a bottle diameter of 171mm and a bridge with 185mm - included is a complete bolt set with wing screws and nuts - slight signs of use Price: 60 EUR for self-collection (original price approx. 120 EUR)

64297 Darmstadt

Dry diving gloves with cuff (NEW)

black, flexible, grippy - S

The dry diving gloves are made of extra soft but very robust special rubber.

As a result, the gloves are softer than models made of other materials and the diver has a better tactile feeling.

To increase grip, the gloves have a rough textured surface.

Made of soft special rubber for maximum mobility and tactile feeling.

Material thickness approx. 1 mm!

Grippy, textured surface.

Also fit on a dry glove system.

The gloves are new.

1 pair of Dry Gloves black S

Price 29,-EUR

Prices do not include shipping costs.

Pick up in 33604 Bielefeld or shipping against postage refund possible.

This is a private auction, i.e. no guarantee, return etc., to the exclusion of any Warranty.


New unused 18EUR

New unused 18EUR

Sell a Subtronic Pro 160 with external battery arm 7.2 V, as well as with N 5 cable


It is used and in good condition, incl. charger.

Scratches are present, even on the glass, but have no effect on the lightning behavior.

It has and works perfectly.

In addition, he always had the neoprene protection on it. ( is of course included )

A diffuser is also included.

A ball head with clamp is also included. ( Clamp is not in the picture )

The flash is about 4 years old.

For the technical data I refer to the page of Subtronic, but I think that the one who is interested in this flash knows what he buys.

Why I sell it.

I switch completely to a different system.

It works perfectly, I have had no problems with it.

Maintenance was always carried out regularly.

Series No. 12965

Asking price : 400,00 EUR.

Sell the housing in individual parts !!!!!!
UK-Germany case for Canon 5 D MK II without viewfinder : 350,00 EUR
The housing is made of aluminum, two-piece, incl. sealing rings and O-ring grease
The camera is mounted on a slide (suitable for Canon 5 D MK II) and inserted into the housing.
45┬░ Subal viewfinder 360 ┬░ swivel, snaps in every 90┬░ : 350,00 EUR
- a flat port PP65, : 80,00EUR
- large dome port d=180 mm, : 480,00 EUR
- Mini fisheye dome port. : 450,00EUR
Zoom rings
- Canon 17 ÔÇô 40 f/4 : 45,00 EUR
- Tokina 10-17 mm ( shaved ) : 45,00 EUR
Intermediate rings :
15 / 20 / 30 / 35 / 45 : each : 35,00 EUR
Plug-in ring for macro lenses suitable for 67 mm lenses. : 65,00 EUR

Long aluminium backplate

Ideal for large dual appliances or rebreathers

3mm Alu

Condition of the plate almost like new, only dipped three times

Webbing is older

Asking price 120EUR
Shipping or collection possible


Small, light and yet comfortable and bright.

The Tyra Pro was my backup lamp and was never in the water.


Shipping 7,00 or pick-up in Essen

Fins have been dipped only slightly and are without damage.

The fins are in size XL

40,- Euro

Pick-up in Essen or shipping within Germany for 7 Euro

Bleintegrated; Jacket of the 1st lead-integrated generation therefore lead pockets single-track with Velcro protection without buckles; back plate; D-rings made of stainless steel; high-quality power inflator; tension strap for the bottle; catch loop for the bottle; Ergonomically shaped shoulder straps with rotatable quick-release buckles; Adjustable chest strap; 2 pockets with zipper; quick drain on the right shoulder; Quick drain rear right; Used condition, In one case, the fabric has come loose at a seam on the inside pocket, but this has no functional limitation. The second has no damage. The jackets were dipped by us until the end and worked perfectly. Jackets were always washed and disinfected inside and out after use; I am therefore not a private seller and a return and guarantee; Self-collection or shipping against assumption of costs

Price for both together 195,-EUR + shipping costs

Equipment fins Mares Avanti Quattro + in XL (have shoe size 45) with original Mares bungees and extension kit; brand new and unused (purchased at the end of January 2017) color blue; Size XL, The Mares replacement bungees are used but fully functional; Price 85.- + shipping or self-collection

Complete set consisting of 2 pieces Olympus C-7070 digital camera and 1 UW aluminum housing Patima 7070 inl. TTL Flash Adapter M. Heinrichs Oly TTL C3


A camera is in good condition, has scratches at the top of the housing and the shutter release, in the places where the camera in the underwater housing is guided past the trigger mechanisms of the UW housing. Otherwise no defects. Second camera (replacement camera so far without UW use) is as good as new without signs of use and has not yet been used in the UW housing. Displays of the cameras have been provided with protective film since the first use. Batteries of the cameras would have to be checked and ev. be replaced (had not had the things in use for a long time).

Underwater housing is in good condition. No scratches on the port but discoloration on the aluminum and scratches on the plexiglass on the back (can be polished).

Have attached a plug between flash socket (Nikonos 5pin spring) and hot shoe in the underwater housing, so that both the M. Heinrichs TTL adapter (had an Inon D-2000 with it in use) and the normal hotshoe can be used.

Equipment is in technically perfect working condition and had no water intrusion.

Everything in the original scope of delivery with original packaging (incl. software, operating instructions, replacement O-ring for housing, etc.). Description for the assembly of the Patima housing in the original in Japanese/Korean/English with pictures. At that time original price of all parts EUR 2900.-EUR, to self-collector or shipping according to effort


The TOP DIVE specialist dealer group wants to show even in Corona times that the diving trade is active and able to work together with the diving suppliers. We received an advent calendar with profits worth almost 5,000,- EUR together and were supported by all top dive retailers nationwide as well as the suppliers Scubapro, Garmin, Tusa, Waterproof, Aqualung, SSI and SeaLife.

Click here for the Advent calendar:

Participate and clean up once a day per person - completely free of charge!

And when you have arrived at the Top-Dive homepage, just look through the rubrics there. You will find a lot of interesting and helpful information for divers: travel and product presentation as well as we reports with practical tips and tricks! We look forward to your regular visit to our information pages. Please also tell you about diving buddies and friends!

TOP DIVE - The strongest performance in the German diving market!

28199 Bremen

Phone: 0421/51924 Visit Tauchertreff Dekostop Bremen GmbH

Hello everyone
I offer here for acquaintances:
Buoyancy jacket Scubapro Glide 3000
Size S

Jacket with integrated power inflator
-> no annoying pleated hose
- integrated weight system with quick drop lead pockets
- 2 trimming bleaches on the back
- 2 quick drains
- 2 large zippered pockets
- 6 stainless steel D-rings
- additional oral inflator to inflate the jacket with the mouth
- Wide sorrow waistband with additional abdomen + chest strap buckle
- Soft neck collar and padded sorrow waistband, shoulder and back

Now and here for 250EUR

Hello everyone
I offer here for acquaintances the
Seaquest "Pro Unlimited" Instructor Edition Size ML
Top Jacket

- Lead integrated incl. lead pockets
- 2 large zipper pockets
- Perfectly padded
- Height-adjustable back cushion
- Retractor in left pocket
- small bag in the grief waistband
- 2 trim bleaches on the side
- 3D bubble that does not constrict
- 3 quick outlets

for 250EUR it is yours

Private sale, because of hobby task. Super warm underwear with 300g filling for the cold seasons in a dry suit.
A thin cap, for quick wind protection after the dive, is removable.
Suit was worn very little, because really very warm. At Lake Constance in spring it was quite pleasant.
Practical pockets for small grams like car keys, nobody steals them here ;-)
Assessment and fitting possible by appointment.
56410 Montabaur (neighbouring town), contact by mail:

Shipping against assumption of shipping fees!
Original price is about 250 EUR

It is sold for 129 EUR VB

Private sale, because of hobby task to hand over complete regulator set.
First stage of Mares, type MR 22
Second stage Mares Abyss
Octopus Mares MV
Dive computer Mares Puck Air with quick coupling
All together for only 429 EUR
Regulator set without dive computer for 199 EUR (NP approx. 350 EUR)
Only the Puck Air for 249 EUR (NP incl. quick coupling approx. 400 EUR)
On-site inspection possible, please bring a pressure bottle for testing.
Last revision of regulator set in July 2015
A total of about 100 TG were made with the controller. Always well maintained and rinsed!
Mounting clips on the pictures are incl.

56410 Montabaur (neighbouring town), contact by mail:
Shipping against assumption of shipping fees!

Private sale, because of hobby task neoprene dry suit by Waterproof, model D70 of size Men's XL (me: 186m sporty built about 90 kg).
The suit is in good condition, zipper works perfectly and there are no holes either. With about 20 TG in local freshwater lakees quite virgin.
Unfortunately, the cuffs now dissolve (due to age, about 6 years), are brittle and cracked! With the arm cuffs (standard approx. 2x40 EUR) decent dry gloves would be recommended (approx. 2x70EUR), in Lake Constance it was quite cool at the fingertips at the third TG. The neck cuff must also be made. Costs approx. 60 EUR
Shoes size 29.0...the stickers are even on it, is probably an indication for a few TG :-)
In addition, there is the matching neoprene head hood and a practical transport bag, so that the wet piece can be transported dry in the car.
Assessment and fitting on site possible with appointment.
56410 Montabaur (neighbouring town), contact by mail:

Pick-up preferred, shipping against assumption of shipping fees!
Original price is 999 EUR

It is sold for 549 EUR VB

Private sale, to hand over to diving hands because of hobby task. 7 mm semi-dry suit, super comfortable and almost a Trocki! Size Men ML/t (me: 1,86m, sporty built, about 90 kg and NO suit pinkler!).
The suit has reinforcements in the important places, in the knee area even proper pads and useful pockets for e.g. a replacement glasses are also taken into account. Hood incl.
According to the logbook about 30 TG, 20 of them in salt water. Always well cleaned, rinsed and maintained.
Zipper and cuffs work perfectly.
Viewing and fitting possible by appointment.
56410 Montabaur (neighbouring town), contact by mail:

Pick-up preferred, shipping against assumption of shipping fees!
Original price is still 750-800 EUR

It is sold for 499 EUR VB

2 new SHEARWATER transmitters. No cheap Aqualung clones, where there is a risk that with the next update, they will no longer work. These can be used independently of each other without disturbing each other. For example.B sidemount diving or using different stages. Compatible with all air-integrated Shearwater computers. (Probably also with Oceanic and Aqualung computers - but without rifle - original price is 754EUR due to time constraints for 500EUR incl. insured shipping within Germany.

Individual sale possible:

Transmitter yellow - no 5 dives with warranty and bag 305EUR incl. shipping within Germany.

Transmitter black- without bag, new battery 200EUR incl. shipping as above.


Sell new unused Cressie sub semi-dry diving suit 7mm for women size M3! The suit comes with hood and extra feet, which are also new! for 650 Chf for sale (original price was 750chf)


Phone: 0793664857

I am selling the Sidemount SF2 eCCR rebreather that I purchased for a project in July 2019.It only has 19 dives. As new and with everything that comes standard. Ready to dive.

Low price. If you want information contact me.

A sidemount conversion kit for the SF2 is sold. The kit is almost a complete SF2, as the user only has to plug the head and lime container from the backmount onto the kit and connect a loop with a sidemount mouthpiece. I am the first owner of the conversion kit and purchased everything directly from Scubaforce. I am a certified service technician for the device. Thus, the system is freshly maintained!

The company sells:

  • 1x Lower carbon tube
  • 1x centerpiece with all attachments (O2 injection and 2nd stage)
  • 1x Upper Carbon Tube
  • 1x bellows
  • 1x Apeks exhaust valve
  • 1x clamp with carabiner and attachments
  • 1x O2 hose system with new couplings "one way"
  • 1x Dil. hose system with new couplings "one way"

Price at pick-up 1500, - EUR without warranty. Shipping is also possible at an additional cost.


Would like to hand in my holiday computer. It is a Suunto D9 TX with titanium bracelet with very few TG. Battery is fine. There is a data cable and links to extend.


For health reasons I can unfortunately no longer dive and sell my buoyancy jacket from Beuchat.

Worn on 4 dives

VB 180


Tauch Flossen, Scubapro Jet XL fins Original price EUR100,00 /fixed price

Wetsuit: Camaro 5mm Size 48 EUR 50,00

Private sale, used goods / No return and no guarantee.

Plus shipping costs

D-81541 M├╝nchen

Phone: 01623207323

Sell the heated underwear BZ 400 from Santi in size LL.


Fully functional as the current image of the thermal imaging camera proves.

Delivery or handover incl. transport bag.

PayPal to friends. possible. Shipping EUR 8. Priivat sale. No resentation or guarantee.

Of course, the suit on the legs also has two laminated holes for passing through the hose for the P-Valve ("pee valve").

On the upper body, as well as on the upper arms and thighs, the suit is interspersed with heating wires. In the version, the heating wires have a "break-resistant ultra-soft" silicone insulation, according to the manufacturer, and ensure the even distribution of heat.

The connection system is also well thought out: The cable to the battery is housed in a specially designed pocket on the left leg. If you do not need it, it will be stowed here without problems and without disturbing. In addition, the suit already has integrated connections for the SANTI heating gloves.


The fascination with diving has continued to grow in recent years among recreational divers and TEC divers. With concentrated competence and passion, we have built up the demand of the field of diving equipment through various positions, and since 2020 at the L├╝beck location we have been supporting the clarification of the facts of diving accidents and technical issues.

Diving is generally the intrusion of a body into a liquid. As a rule, this refers to the diving of people under water. Unlike swimming and snorkeling, when diving the entire body is below the surface of the water. The conditions above the water are very different from those that prevail under water, which places special demands on people and technology, which are met with special learned skills and appropriate equipment.

We know that the clarification after a complex accident and in the case of a defect that can be understood is the greatest thing that can help after such a situation or even tragic loss. Our motivation is your enlightenment.

D- 23562 Luebeck

Phone: 022089216639

Offer complete diving equipment for girls in size M consisting of:

Total package for only 899 EUR VB

1. Aqua Lung Jacket Pro HD in M

Carrying handle, Two oversized side pockets with 2 way zipper and integrated lead pockets, Adjustable grief waistband, Anti slip pad, Quick drain,

2. Seac fins with matching Seac Neo shoes size M corresponds to shoe size 40 - 41, fins M-L in white pink

3. Seac regulator with finimeter and matching pocket

4 medium pressure outlets UNF 3/8" thread

1 high-pressure outlet UNF7/16" thread

1st stage designed for 230 bar working pressure

Functional system: Compensating piston

Shockproof rubber protective cap

Ergonomic handwheel

Body made of chrome-plated, polished brass, extremely resistant to saltwater corrosion

Facilitation of the exhalation phase thanks to the increased surface area of the outlet membrane

Front cap made of silicone rubber, with large surface, for safe operation of the air shower even with gloves.

Safety system: membrane fixation, guarantees perfect functioning and stability in every phase of work

Bubble repellent with chin rest for greater stability

Large oval aushalation membrane for easy outhaling in any diving position

New ergonomic mouthpiece, prevents fatigue of the lower jaw

Octopus with 1m long yellow tube

4. Cressi Dive Computer in White

Complete adjustment of O2 oxygen parameters from 21% to 99%

Possibility to perform a nitrox dive after an air dive (even during the desaturation phase)

Deep Stop can be switched on or off

Battery change can be carried out by the user himself



I sell my ProPlusX here.

My first one unfortunately broke down and was sent in for replacement. Unfortunately, this took forever and I bought another model in the meantime.

The computer is now back and still has 5 months warranty, it is originally welded and packaged.

From my first computer, the charging adapter, the high-pressure hose and the protective cover are also included. So ideal for those who have 2 control sets.

Information about the computer can be found here:

The computer now costs just under 1000EUR, I would like to have 850EUR due to the reduced warranty and the 2nd HD hose.

I would like to point out that this is a private sale, therefore no guarantee, warranty or return on my part.

I offer the long battery tube from Tillytec.

The short tube is also available in another advertisement.

Price: 40EUR


I offer the short battery tube from Tillytec.

The long pipe is also available in another advertisement.

Price: 30EUR



Wheezle Extreme + ; Size: Small, Long EUR 80,-

Trouser pockets no longer usable due to Pee-Valve hose.

The sale is made to the exclusion of any material defects.
Liability for damages due to injury to health, body or life and grossly negligent and/or intentional violations of my obligations as a seller remains unaffected.


Phone: 01713370994

Sell Halcyon stainless steel backplate with harness (shortened) and stainless steel small parts, as well as Halcyon belt buckle and rubber rings. Very well preserved and maintained.

The Halcyon backplate - the original - often copied, but unsurpassed in quality and functionality.

Technical data of the Halcyon standard backplate made of stainless steel:
- Weight: Approx. 2.72 kg (6 lbs)
- Height: approx. 39.3 cm
- Width: approx. 26.0 cm
- Hole spacing: 280 mm

Halcyon Harness ("Beb├Ąnderung") consisting of:
- approx. 5 cm wide Halcyon webbing (with blue Halcyon logo)
- 2x shoulder D-ring, 1x hip D-ring made of stainless steel
- Rubber rings (to secure the accessories, e.B. backup lamp)
- Soft crotch strap with two stainless steel D-rings
- Halcyon stainless steel belt buckle
- Subgear belt buckle to secure the tank lamp

PayPal possible. Pick up in 76709 Kronau or at the lakes in the Mannheim, Heidelberg, Karlsruhe area. Shipping only as DHL parcel with tracking (min. 5 Euro), except at the express request of the buyer.

Original price: 290,- EUR. VHB 240,- EUR plus shipping costs.


We clean up and need space for new ­čśŐ

Therefore, some various diving items are for sale. PayPal possible. Pick up in 76709 Kronau or at the lakes in the Mannheim, Heidelberg, Karlsruhe area. Shipping only as DHL parcel with tracking (min. 5 Euro), except at the express request of the buyer. Prices plus shipping costs.

  • Check-up dry diving gloves. Once size M, once size L. Fed from the inside. Without underwear gloves. VHB 75 EUR per pair
  • Storage packs for backplate. 1x Halcyon H2O special edition, 1x DIR zone black. Without screws. VHB 26 EUR per pack.
  • DIR-Zone belt bag for harness (50mm). VHB 30 EUR
  • Oceanic gloves and Mares hood, both 5mm. Size L. VHB 5 EUR each
  • Crotch strap, no-name. Standard unabridged. VHB 10 EUR
  • Subgear lead belt 1x new and 1x used. VHB 5 EUR
  • Various medium-pressure hoses. Miflex, rubber, inflator, regulator... Please inquire. Price VHB
  • Rubber mask band with neoprene schoener from TUSA. VHB 2 EUR
  • Cold protection cuff for the arm of S.L. Dive. 3.5 mm neoprene. 2-piece: black with smooth skin neoprene, size L and neon yellow, size XL. VHB 15 EUR
  • Lead stopper and 2x fixed D-ring on lead stopper. VHB 2 EUR per piece


As good as new dive lamps set - Lamps by Waveocean Prometheus
2 lamps -1 handle - 1 Goodmannhandel for both lamps with camera attachment
1 additional lamp qudos knog - 1 camera with underwater housing Hero 4 and 1 bag.

for 450,- EUR

Pick up or plus postage


Phone: 02131/667979

As good as new Waveocean 3 series dive light with 15AH battery, charger and bag.

For 400,- EUR VB. to hand in

Pick up by yourself or plus postage


Phone: 02131/667979