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In about 2 years I want to live in Thailand. Therefore I'm looking for reliable and experienced divebuddy only for fundives(not teaching). I would like to live near Krabi area.
I'm PADI Instructor and have been living in Germany for many years. You should have about 300 dives or more, only PADI Education. Also women welcome. German or english speaking.
Later on in time I want to buy a compressor and some tanks in Thailand, to make me independent from diveschools.
I would like to meet you before in Germany. E-mail:

Valencia / Philippinen

Phone: +639663582504

I part with my SLR camera and housing - we have had wonderful experiences under water together, but since my husband can no longer dive for health reasons (and we can therefore not distribute the equipment on our luggage), it is simply too much luggage for me on long-distance trips :-(

Canon EOS 7D with 3 lenses:

  • Canon EF-S 18-135
  • Canon EF-S USM 60 / 2.8
  • Tokina AT-X 10-17 / 3.5-4.5

Matching IKElite UW enclosure with handle and 2 ports:

  • Dome 8" (for Tokina 10-17)
  • Flat port (for Canon 60mm macro)

Flash DS-161

  • incl. flash arm and cable

In addition: second battery for the camera, CF card, various seals (partly still new).

The flash has a new battery (renewed in 2016 after I once forgot the O-ring...)
The case is as good as new - in April 2019 after a hairline crack at the manufacturer almost completely renewed and since then no longer dipped: electronics new, all 16 buttons new, all seals new, new housing body

ORIGINAL PRICE for everything was 5,500 euros

Please send us an email for offers/inquiries

Offer here super regulator set DIN connection, around EUR120.

Has not been dived for a long time, so I recommend to do a controller service. Always stored dry.

This is a private sale, therefore no warranty claims, right of return, no liability, etc.

1140 wien

Sell functional, cold water suitable regulator set from Aqualung with DIN connection, the 2nd stage is mounted on a longhosen (Miflex hose), an Octopus Aqualung Titan LX and a Sunnto Cobra with SK7 compass.

Always stored dry, but not dipped for a long time, therefore recommended to make a regulator service.


This is a private sale, therefore no warranty claims, right of return, no liability, etc.

1140 wien

I offer my dive light Fa&Mi Power LED 50 for sale.

The lamp is as good as new and shows no signs of use. I used the lamp for 5 dives in Germany, where the lamp did me excellent service.

Since it has been in the closet for some time now, I offer it here for sale.

The lamp is checked and technically in perfect condition.

Burner: 4 x 3W Luxeon III LED

270 lumens light output

Light colour: 5000°-7000°K

Beam angle: 12 deg

Weight 700 [g]

Original price EUR269.00

VB EUR150.00

1 x DUI TLS Size XL incl. Rockboots, DUI Zip Seal, Inlet Valve with Heating Vest Feedthrough - EUR800

1 x Santi Heatingwest - EUR300

1 x fourth element Arctic - EUR140

1 x Seamansub Fleece Underwear - EUR50

1 x ScubaMaster Diveroller 125l - EUR30

This is a private sale, therefore no warranty claims, right of return, no liability, etc.

1140 wien

2 x 10l - 200bar, monovalve, stand, Scubapro - @ 120EUR

The bottles are only available for self-collection in Vienna.

This is a private sale, therefore no warranty claims, right of return, no liability, etc.

1140 wien

Hello dear divers,

yes, three pockets, that already falls under "small". I had lost my way at the time and needed four bags instead. But slim divers also come with 3 bags ... there must be some, otherwise the straps with 3 pockets would not be made.

Was not even in the water with me because of bad buying and is therefore brand new.

Price should already be 15 euros.



I am looking for tools to assemble the quick coupling for a Uwatec Smart com



I sell my Dirzone Ring 20 suitable for mono bottles from 15-20 L. About the bubble:
  • -Ring 20
  • -Short inflator
  • -Stainless steel buttons
  • -Dimensions: width 60 cm, height 67 cm
  • -Inflator hose light blue
  • -Approx. 40 dives
I bought the Wing new in March 19. The wing bladder is in top condition. If you are interested or have further questions, please write me a PN. Payment by PayPal. Shipping possible/ Handover in the Stuttgart area also possible. Price: 275EUR, VB Best regards Fabian


Phone: 01622381388

Air-integrated Smart Com dive computer with compass; Asking price 145,--

Battery 68% due to switch to wristband computer. Possibly with IR dongle (surcharge 30,--) for reading on the PC.

Shipping possible against assumption of costs, collection in 6114 Kolsass/Tyrol.


Wetsuit SCUBAPRO everflex 5/4mm Women XS

Barely worn; no damage; high wearing comfort

zippers on wrists and ankles;

Tatex knee and shoulder pads, as well as a protective coating on the elbows, provide excellent protection against wear;

On the inside of the suit, single-blind stitch seams ensure a pleasant feeling on the skin.

Material composition: 90% neoprene, 10% nylon


20% Discount

Standard cabin twin/double 2100$

Upper deck cabin twin/double 2500$

without flight

The 'Best of Maldives' exactly what the name says - you dive the best and most famous dive sites of the Maldives in a single week on one of the best liveaboard ships Honors Legacy.

Dive over Male Atolls, Vaavu and Ari Atolls and meet manta rays, whale sharks and many other reef dwellers.

1 day

• Meet and greet by MY Honors Legacy employees

• Short transfer to the ship by dive boat

• Welcome briefing

• Preparation of equipment

Check Dive

2 days

1 TG : Guraidhoo Corner – South Male Atoll

• To see : bigeye Trevally, tuna, barracuda, eagle rays, grey reef sharks, large green turtles

2 TG : Dhevana Kandu – Vaavu Atoll

• To see : Pelagic fish, sharks, corals, caves

3 TG : Alimatha House Reef – Night TG – Vaavu Atoll

• To see : Nurse sharks. different types of stingrays and giant ones


• Anchorage: Alimatha (Vaavu Atoll)

3 days

1 TG : Miyaru Kandu – Vaavu Atoll

• To see : Different shark species , other large fish 2 TG : Maamigili Beyru – South Ari Atoll

• To see : moray eel, lionfish and nudibranchs, eagle rays, mobula manta rays and whale sharks.

3 TG:

• To see : Whitetip reef sharks, stingrays, mobula manta rays and

4 Day 1 TG:

Bodufinolhu Thila – South Ari Atoll whale sharks.

• Anchorage : Maamigili (South Ari Atoll)

Kudarah Thila – South Ari Atoll

• To see : soft corals, gorgonian fan corals, blue striped

Snappers, turtles and Napoleons

2 TG:

• To see : manta rays, Napoleon breed, blue snapper and


Rangali Manta Point – South Ari Atoll

3 TG:

• To see: reef sharks, tuna, barracuda and eagle rays.

Rahdhigga Thila – South Ari Atoll

• Anchorage: Raiydhigga & Barbecue at Raiydhigga island (South Ari Atoll)

5 days

1 TG : Panettone – South Ari Atoll

• To see : Grey reef sharks, whitetip sharks, barracuda, tuna and trevally .

2 TG : Fish Head – North Ari Atoll

• To see : grey and whitetip sharks, tuna, schools of fusilier,

Turtles, Napoleon fish, snappers and doctor fish. 3 TG : Maya Thala – North Ari Atoll

• To see : turtles, moray eel, grey and whitetip sharks, fusiliere, octopus, stonefish, angelfish and clownfish.

• Anchorplarz : Maya Fushi (North Ari Atoll)

6 days

1 TG : Hafsa Thila – North Ari Atoll

• To see : Grey reef sharks, octopus, crabs, eagle rays and batfish

2 TG : Bathalamaagaa Kanthila – North Ari Atoll

• To see : silver tip, white tip and gray reef sharks, eagle rays,

Barracuda, tuna, fusiliere and sweet lips. 3 TG : Rasdhoo Madivaru Corner – North Ari Atoll

• To see : hammerhead sharks, manta rays and other large pelagic fish.

• Anchorage : Rasdhoo (North Ari Atoll)

7 days

1 TG : Rasdhoo madivaru Hammer Head Point – North Ari Atoll

• Watch:Hammerhead sharks,manta rays and other largepelagic fish. • MaleCity Tour(Optional)

• Anchorage:Kurumba/Hulhumale

8 days

• Check out 8:00 am

Note: All of these routes are weather dependent and subject to change due to weather or group requests.

84000 Hurghada

I sell an almost new TC with only 17 TGs, it has Bluetooth and additionally a USB interface. Can also be supplemented with a bottle transmitter

With the bungeestrap, USB cable, software. Data transfer with Bluetooth to mobile phone and PC easy to do.

With 2 spare batteries in original packaging.

Please obtain further details from the Internet.

I offer here the following well maintained and functional diving excavation.

1 x Mares BCD prestige mrs L, integrated lead bags with quick discharge, incl. Seamann Sub Hammerhead, approx. 100TG - 120EUR

1 x FWT Schulz GS45 15° dive light ca 20 TG - 80EUR

1 x Mares Avanti X3 fins with Springstrap approx. 100TG - 40EUR

1 x Apnea fins small 680mm, none 10 TG - 40EUR

1 x Mares Isotherm 6.5mm Halbtrocki L, approx. 100TG - 100EUR

1 x Mare 3mm Neoprene L, none 10 TG - 20EUR

This is a private sale, therefore no warranty claims, right of return, no liability, etc.

Self-collection Vienna

1140 wien

Hello everyone
I sell my TecFin from Divesystem in yellow. The fins were about 10x in fresh water and are almost like new! The fins come with mounted springstraps with neoprene protection.

Here is a description:

The new solid rubber fin in the same shape and material as the Scubapro Jetfin.
The foot compartment is larger than that of the Jetfin XL and smaller than that of the Turtle Fin XXL, thus closing the gap between these two fins. The fins have a cut-out at the top of the foot, so that there is less pressure on the instep.

Dimensions of the foot compartment:

Height: 75 mm
Width 115 mm
Length 235 mm

Dimensions of the Springstarps with neoprene protection:
(from mounting hole to mounting hole)

SM: 285 mm

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email me.
Price includes shipping.


Price: 85 EUR with shipping

The sale is private and therefore without guarantee, and without return!!!


I offer clamps from HTD for D12 long.

The clamps are for D12 with wide distance.

Without bolts.

No guarantee no return.

VB: 35,- Euro incl. shipping


Please use a historical regulator from Scubapro.

Serves as a illustrative object.

Whether they are still functional after a revision I do not want to say, therefore clearly as a defect for sale.

If you are interested, please contact me and suggest a fair price


I would like to reduce my bottle collection a bit here and therefore offer 10L steel fakes. Most have a monovalve and only dives here in fresh water behind them. The bottles have all received a new TÜV until 03/2022 and, if they are picked up, are of course filled. Shipping is possible, but here without pressure.

Price: VB 120EUR / piece


Size 34 for women with height 1,56- 1,60..

I have dived little and for health reasons now not at all and part with the suit. For diving he was very warm and comfortable.

MALDIVES Safari on M/Y Honors Legacy

📣20% off LAST MINUTE SALE for booking until 30.October 2018


26.oct-02.nov 2019

02.nov-09.nov 2019

09.nov-16.nov 2019

16.nov- 23.nov 2019

14.dec- 21.dec 2019

PRICE IN STANDARD cabin double/twin

Now ONLY 💰1319EUR instead of 1649EUR

PRICE IN OCEAN VIEW cabin double/ twin

Now ONLY💰 1539EUR instead of 1924EUR

All tours are BEST OF MALDIVES in price not received 6$ Green Tax /day, flight

84000 Hurghada

Doesn’t matter if you individual or group. Book your next dive adventure till end of Dezember and get -10% for all tours in 2020 on Amelia or Samira

contact me for more info

84000 Hurghada

Sell Oceanic Weo 2.0

Has been in fresh water 30 times. It has been treated with care and only the battery needs to be replaced. (6-10EUR)

Accessories are all included


Phone: 01703486930

I offer a wing jacket here.

I bought this jacket used myself.

Since the jacket always slipped upwards, I had a shoemaker attach a crotch strap. As a result, the jacket works perfectly. It has metal D-rings and lead pockets.

Price 120 Euro

Phone: 015117909794


I offer here a sailor neoprene dry suit. It is absolutely dense. Arm and neck cuffs are in perfect condition and uncircumcised. Unfortunately I did not find any size specifications in the suit but I am 1.72 tall and weigh about 80KG. I bought the suit from a slimmer man about 1.80 tall and I think the neoprene is very flexible and offers some freedom in that respect. However, I strongly recommend trying on the suit. A fitting is possible in Hamburg, Hemmoor, Lübeck or possibly Kiel.

Price: 250 Euro

Phone: 015117909794

Sell my diving equipment consisting of two 10er,1 doppel7 (all bottles have to go to the Tüv),1 Trilaminate dry suit of the brand Mobbys,hood,dry diving gloves plus underwear of Mobbys size L,a buoyancy jacket Black Diamond and dieverses other equipment.If you are interested, you can look at the things with me and decide!!!

52249 Eschweiler

Phone: 491772168015


I have to hand in a Scubapro Nova Light 720 (wide) lamp. I only had them in the water three times and cleaned them properly afterwards. So it is like new including original cardboard, instructions and mounting option from the manufacturer.

If you are interested, write to me; Feel free to ask questions at any time. I don't need it anymore because I was able to take another lamp from a friend. Including shipping, I would hand them in for 70 euros. But I am open to your offers.

Brightness: 720 lumens

Two lighting modes: 100% and 50%

Light source/lamp type: CREE XM-L2 LED

Light angle: wider beam of approx. 80º

Battery: 3x baby cell type C; commercially available

Aluminium with rubber padding at the front end

Diamond-shaped metal notches on handle and lamp head for secure grip

Easy to turn on/off by rotating

Double O-ring seals for waterproofness

300 m maximum operating depth

Burning time up to 10 hours, depending on brightness level

22.2cm long

Replaceable lamp head

Pressure relief valve for battery gassing



After our conversion to fill, I now have some things to hand in.

1x gas mixing set/overflow set digital; PN300bar; Stainless steel corrugated ring hose 1600mm, 8S on both sides (M14x1.5), one outlet straight, one outlet 90°, buckling protection spring on both sides; Used; Original price 835EUR; VHB 625EUR

1xGas mixing set/overflow set analog; PN300bar; Stainless steel corrugated ring hose 1600mm, 8S on both sides (M14x1.5), one outlet straight, one outlet 90°, buckling protection spring on both sides; Used; Original price 535EUR; VHB 375EUR

2x stainless steel corrugated ring hose 1600mm, PN300bar, 8S (M14x1.5) on both sides, one outlet straight, one outlet 90°, buckling protection spring on both sides, new and OVP, original price 179EUR, VHB 150EUR

2x stainless steel corrugated ring hose 1600mm, PN300bar, 8S on both sides (M14x1.5), one outlet straight, one outlet 90°, buckling protection spring on both sides, bewalled, original price 179EUR, VHB 125EUR

2x Maximator personal filter, PN 300bar, G5/8" connections, used, original price 259EUR, VHB 160EUR

If you are interested, please PN, shipping costs with DHL throughout Germany 8EUR, private sale, therefore no guarantee or warranty.

I sell one or two Scubapro R195 2nd level (see photos). The regulators come from regulator sets that I use for dual devices, and I have no use for the octopus R195. Therefore, it is unused and in its original packaging (see photos).

FP: 65 Euro per piece (and if necessary plus shipping of 5 Euro for Hermes or 7 Euro for DHL (at the buyer's choice) or free pick-up in Bonn). No basis for negotiation, no exchange!

Final note: This is a private sale without guarantee or warranty. Since they are regulators, they should be mounted and reviewed/revised by a specialist.


Offer Trocki Otter skin

I was in fresh water 4 times with it.

before it was not used 50 times

New cuffs were attached.

price according to internet and diving school 800-1000EUR new

negotiation basis I say times 300-400EUR

makes suggestions

Phone: 01703486930

Sell various pieces of equipment

the regulator does wonderful service. Octopus was added.

suit plus regulator was bequeathed to me by my dad. Original equipment of the "frog men" at the end of the 80s 🙃

as I said it was checked and the instructor was also impressed how well it still works.

Glasses, octopus, snorkel, subsuit have 30 dives behind them

Phone: 01703486930

I ♂️ sell my jacket plus the compass because of too many hobbies.

The jacket is 2 years old

Original price was 490EUR

I did 40 dives with the jacket.

Size M

jacket+ compass 180EUR

The compass has been used 3 times

If you want you can have soft lead (6-8kg)

In my opinion, the price is very fair.

I hope it comes into good hands

Phone: 01703486930

Due to too many hobbies, ♂️ little-used diving fins Aquabionic with adjustable spring straps.

Size XL (44-46)

35 dives were made with it


Phone: 01703486930

Sell a new Hollis EXPLORER rebreather (original price EUR 4950,00). Price: VB

P.S. Since private sale, no guarantee and no return!


Sell my backup wing about 15 TG made with it. VB 220 Euro incl. shipping.

Multitec Scout Scooter

Offer an absolute professional diving UW SCOOTER from MULTITEC ! Luxury class scooter of the Mercedes class type SCOUT ! Anyone who is familiar with it knows what I'm talking about...

Light alloy version, digital display, 24V power several speed steps etc. etc. and everything Made in Germany ! Included is an almost new battery block, Ansmann Automatic Charger and an aluminum trolly for easy transport. Everything else on request. Data sheet see last photo. Oh yes: formerly. original price 4600.- so here is an offer at a bargain price: 2250.- Only pick up in postcode 35083 - Always good air !

35083 Wetter/Hessen

I sell my "almost new" underwater camera system here. Because I just don't find enough time for it.

The system was purchased in February 2019, and was actually only 3 times in fresh water and a diving holiday in salt water. Everything was always rinsed very thoroughly. Not only does everything look like new, but it is.

The set is sold as a whole as it is offered. So no one-time offers please.

What's included:

The packaging is no longer available, but the supplied accessories that were not used for this configuration. Incl. descriptions. The original O-rings supplied are all still new, and have not been replaced. Since as described the set is almost new.

The set has a new value as described here of EUR 3450.-

I was more than happy with it. I have to say the pictures and videos in 4K quality are just incredible. Even for an inexperienced photographer, it is very quickly possible to take great pictures. On request, I can send already made pictures to see what is possible with it.

VP: EUR 2200.-

Sell Aqualung Balance Comfort 7 mm Balance Comfort for women, size 38, NEW, 2013, Unfortunately never worn, account available,

- Modular system consisting of a jumpsuit in 7mm AquaFlex neoprene, an overcoated hoty made of 5.5mm AquaFlex neoprene
- Made entirely of Ultra Strech Neoprene
- G-Lock back zipper for minimal water ingress
- The zipper is underlaid as if by a cuff and this minimizes the water ingress again considerably
- The arm and leg cuffs consist of a 2.5mm thick layer of smooth skin neoprene, above which is the 3.5mm thick neoprene layer with zipper for easy on and off
- New V Velcro collar for more comfort and internal smooth skin neoprene for best sealing properties
- Collar with comfortable front zipper
- The knee pads are not only robust, but also flexible for comfortable wearing
- Overalls, vest and hood are available individually

- Style: Overall
- Thickness: 7mm
- Neoprene: AquaFlex 4-waySuperStretch
- Position of the zipper: back zipper
- Zipper: YKK #10
- Arm cuffs: Yes
- Leg cuffs: Yes
- Knee Pads: Supratex
- Seams: Glued & Blind Stitch
- Back pad: No

Brandenburg / Berlin

Phone: 01622020859

For sale is a double 12 with lockable bridge. TÜV see picture

VB 499,- Euro


Sell here as seen in the pictures

Regulator with octupus

Unfortunately I don't know when they were last in the water, so for collectors if you have any questions, just report it

Greetings from Weinsberg

74189 Weinsberg