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unfortunately I am no longer allowed to dive for health reasons, so I decided with a heavy heart to sell my diving equipment.

I would like to sell the following items:

Cressi Thor EBS Fins Pink Gr. 39-41
Price on the Internet. 99EUR

matching feet to the fins
Aqua Lung SuperZip ergo Size 41, 6,5mm
Price on the Internet. from 29 to 35 EUR

Both fins and feet are very new and little used (2x), as I have only been diving on vacation. Both are in top condition!

Please make a best offer. The items can be purchased individually or in one.

Pick-up or shipping (plus shipping costs) possible.

1. High-quality lung machine complete set !

For detailed information, simply check with Cressi or ask me.

Consisting of:

+ 1st stage: Cressi T-10 Cromo

+ 2nd stage: Cressi Galaxy R

+ Octopus : Cressi Balanced MG

+ Dive console: Cressi Leonardo (computer)

(incl. compass and finimeter)

+ Inflator hose

+ Solenoid valve for the octopus

RRP: 975EUR (I would like to have 460 EUR)

Condition: Very good - from summer 2019

(Computer 36TG, equipment under 20TG)

Everything is completely prepared and ready to dive.

2. Cressi Commander Wing Jacket

RRP: 399EUR (I would like 200EUR)

Condition: Very good - from summer 2019

(Under 20TG)

Size: L

The wing has been treated very well and is freshly prepared. It can be dived directly.

All equipment offered here is from the Cressi Atelier series. These are the high-end products from Cressi that can only be bought in the dive shop!

Since I only dive rebreather, I have to part with a heavy heart.

(If you are interested in matching diving suits, fins etc. and accessories, please report!)

Total price for both: 660EUR VB

Retail sales are also possible!



I am looking for a small breathing air compressor with approx. 100l/min delivery capacity.

Gladly old, in need of repair or even just the compressor block. Just report.


Because of nothing,more diving for sale:

Dive computer watch SUUNTO Octopus2

Is not only a diving computer but also a watch, so it runs all the time.

Price: 31 Euro plus 3.78 Euro Shipping

Hessen - Kassel

Phone: 015777253317

Offer smalldiving box for regulators & various diving items

Size approx. 40 x 30 x 24 cm

Price: 6 Euro

Hessen - Kassel

Phone: 015777253317

2 submersible lamps, both still lit when the charging cable is connected.

With USB charging cable

Sale as DEFEKT, because both are drunk. (too deep submerged--47 meters was probably too violent)

4.00 Euro plus 3.78 Euro Shipping

Hessen - Kassel

Phone: 015777253317

I offer my dive computer of the brand Suunto here. He has been in action 8 times and is in perfect condition.


10 litre diving bottle

With double valve

With valve plug

Because of abandonment of diving for sale.

T├ťV: 08.2021

89 Euro plus shipping

Hessen - Kassel

Phone: 015777253317

I sell here my Scubapro S620 ti regulator set consisting of the 1 stage MK25 Evo, 2nd stage controller S620 ti and the Scubapro octopus R 195.

The set has been used no more than 8 times and is in perfect condition.


Private sale-no guarantee and warranty

Hello, I offer my Tarierjacket from Scubapro here, because I have given up diving.

It has been used no more than 8 times and is in perfect condition.

Would like to have another 200 EUR VB

Way not to sell:

Unused Saequest Jacket, Gr.M-ML

With inflator hose !!

52 Euro

Hessen - Kassel

Phone: 015777253317

I sell my Dry Suit from the brand DiveMaster Small-Medium, shoe size 39, complete with hood, gloves, sewn-on reflectors and bag.
I bought the suit in used, but for lack of time I never dived myself.
Likes to sell to self-collectors. Shipping only against advance payment and acceptance of shipping costs.

Location: 45721 Haltern am See

45721 Haltern am See

From mid-March we offer the North Tour/Wreck Tour Hurghada-Ras Mohamed as a mini safari.

4T/3N 359EUR


Hello, we are looking for Bauer compressors with at least 320l/min


I sell a mono valve 232 bar, G 5/8 (air) and M 25x2 (bottle neck) as seen in the picture.

Price 25,-Euro + Shipping


Moin moin,
sell my GH5s with lenses and an Aquatica underwater case. The set is now 3 years old.

The following items are sold:
- Panasonic GH5s, battery, charger, neck strap, OVP
- Olympus 7-14mm f2.8
- Lumix 12-60mm f3.5 + ND filter
- Aquatica AGH5 Underwater Housing + Vacuum Valve + Vacuum Pump + Leak Sensor
- 8'' Acrylic Dome port ( #18405) + Cover
- Extension Ring #48455
- Step up Extension Ring #30616
- Zoom Ring (Z) 30517
- various accessories (O-ring, grease, Inbus key inches, 2 x Mounting Balls

Price: 3500EUR

Can be visited in Potsdam, if you are interested I will be happy to send more detailed photos.
Used only for filming.

As always private sale, therefore no withdrawal, warranty or guarantee


Sell lamp head Oceanex Sunbeam with 30 Watt LED, Goodman Handle, E/O Cord, etc. Normal traces of use, but works perfectly. Works with pretty much any input voltage from 6 to 16V, exact information can be found at the manufacturer under

Private sale without warranty and return. Pick up in Munich or shipping.

VB 450 EUR


I offer a whole collection of diving equipment here.

Consisting of:

ScubaPro Glide 2000 Tarrier vest
Aqua Lung Regulator
Neoprene Gloves
Neoprene diving shoes
Belt without lead

I am happy to accept realistic price proposals.

Shipping is of course possible at an additional cost.

Since private sale no guarantee and redemption.

Price: 250 Euro VB


Sell a Hollis LED25 battery tank with E/O Cord.

Incl. charger.

It is, of course, dense! The two batteries are not new and no longer have the full capacity.

11.1V/10Ah lithium ions.

I used him with a heating vest. has made 45min warm.

Should therefore last much longer with lamp.

VB 150,-Euro incl. shipping.

Private sale: No guarantee or redemption.


A 2 year old Poseidon Seven Rebreather is offered in the original scope of delivery.

40 meters variant

First possession - Purchase invoice of Poseidon Germany is at

new service 19.02.2021

Private sale with the end of the statutory warranty

Rebreather works without problems, no defects, very good condition

Shipping possible - pick-up preferred

Price: 3590.-EUR


Sell an Aqualung Titan Artic with Spiro Octopus. The regeler is suitable for cold water according to EN 250. DIN connection. Includes inflator hose, bag and finimeter. It needs to be maintained.

private sale therefore no guarantee. VB EUR 130

Phone: 042169216986

scubapro jetfin, little dipped, size L for sale. 80 Euro incl. shipping

Raum: HD/KA

I offer a functional original Dr├Ąger LAR V circulating diving device, a 100% oxygen rebreather.
All parts as shown.

The device is functional, and allows completely bubble-free diving.
It is non-magnetic and completely silent according to STANAG.

For international users:
You can buy an origional German CCR, a closed circuit rebreather, used by the German Navy and the US SEALS. (as the MK 25)
In original excellent condition, amagnetic and silent.

Warning: It is NOT a recreational diving device, has NO CE approval. Diving with pure oxygen requires extra training.
The device is therefore, although fully functional, only sold "to hobbyists", or as an exhibit. Likewise, ONLY the device incl. bottle is for sale, NOT the suit, the fins, the diver etc.

Shipping is of course possible for 10EUR.

International shipping possible against prepayment


Search used x joy 7 please offer everything

DiverTug Scooter DT24

Sold is a DT24 scooter used by DiverTug with plenty of accessories.

The scooter has only been in fresh water. Hardly any signs of use and fully functional.

Year of construction 2018 little used only 20 dives

Accessories: Bag for accessories, lead, petroleum jelly 125 ml, charger, charging adapter and towcord with Boltsnap

Price: 1800,00 Euro

Shipping possible if costs are covered

Private sale no return or guarantee.


Phone: 051731046

Polaris Single Tank Adapter, new

Price 36 Euro, shipping possible against reimbursement

Because of hobby task for sale diving equipment.
mccr Rebi

if you have any questions please WhatsApp 0041796840271


Price 5000



Sell several diving suits.

See also other ads

Prices by arrangement and negotiable




Sell several diving suits.

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Prices by arrangement and negotiable




Sell several diving suits.

See also other ads

Prices by arrangement and negotiable




Sell several diving suits in good but used condition.

Prices on request and negotiable


Size 1.64, was 85kg and had shoe size. 38-39

Suit in good condition with dry gloves and heavy duty zipper


Am 1.78 tall, Shoe size.41 and have 85kg weight.

The suit is tight,

good condition,

Heavy Dutty zipper and

Dry gloves are available with click system

also there.

Vb. 400EUR



I am not a diver, but I have to give this bottle.

Anyone who can use such a thing is welcome to contact us. :-)

Hello, I enjoy diving in warm waters much more, so I sell my complete dry suit set consisting of:

  • Dry suit "d9" by "Waterproof" -> light and breathable; Size S Ladies
  • Underwear "thermal fusion" by "Aqua Lung" -> size S/M
  • Aqua Lung Socks for Dry Suit -> Size 6/8
  • Kallweit Glove System -> this is already integrated, but can also be agreed or exchanged for another glove system. I have not yet agreed on the cold protection made of neoprene on the Trocki on the forearms, but this can also be separated if necessary.
  • Neoprene shoes / boots "waterproof" "b5 marine boot" -> size 27 = converted shoe size 42
  • suitable inflator hose for the dry suit
  • Talc for the care of the dry suit
  • Hangers for the dry suit very stable
  • Bag for transporting the suit
  • Sliding paste zipper -> as needed for easier sliding of the zipper.

I purchased the suit in 2018 and used it in only 5 dives during that time. Therefore, it is in very good condition. The suit was stored dry, protected from the sun and hanging. The cuffs were maintained with talc, slight traces of talc can be seen on the suit in the pictures, but goes away very well on the first dive. Due to the zipper at the front across the body, the suit can be put on and made very easily without outside help. I am 168 tall and have shoe size 39. With these measurements, the suit suited me very well, I still had sufficient freedom of movement. The suit has dived very well during the dives and is easy to transport due to the light weight. I sell the suit only with a heavy heart. If necessary, I can also send the original invoice with purchase.

I only sell the set completely for 1150 EUR VB.


I sell a Waterproof SD3 semi-dry diving suit, ladies, size XS, 7mm. The suit was submerged in fresh water about 5 times and stored only dark. I sell because of the abandonment of the hobby.

Shipping is possible against the assumption of costs

Since private sale no redemption,no guarantee and no exchange.
The sale is made to the exclusion of any warranty.

Offer a Mares Force Plus. The knife was only 2 times in fresh water. The knife sheath, on the other hand, was also used as a holder for the long trousers during a holiday.

The tapes for fastening to the leg or the infaltor hose are unused

price 30EUR + shipping

Edit: The missing screw on the picture is found and the set is now complete

Offer a Dive Rite Transpac comfort harness where the shoulder straps can be changed. Especially pleasant for the holiday, so that the strap has also been adjusted to the wet suit, without having to adjust the bebechange from a normal harness awkwardly

price 75EUR + shipping

Offer a Mares Force Plus. The knife was only 2 times in fresh water. The knife sheath, on the other hand, was also used on holiday as a holder for the long pants.

A screw for fastening is missing, but should be easy to replace. The ligaments for the leg or calves are unused

price 25EUR + shipping

Offer the popular Fins Marex X-Stream in Size R

The fins are used, but work perfectly

price 50EUR + shipping

Offer extra width clamps for a D12 incl the appropriate lead (5.4kg)

price 50EUR + shipping

Offer a Tilly Tec MPL 500 version 900-10
Lamp has traces of usage, but works perfectly.

Anyone who knows Tillytec knows that these lamps are indestructible

Lamp can be used either in the large version with 3x AA batteries or as a small version with a battery 18650 (for this the center piece must be unscrewed and the battery tube for the AA batteries removed)

price 50EUR + shipping

Offer as good as new Fourth Elements Hotfoot socks in size M/41-43

The socks were worn 1x, but don't sit optimally on my feet

price 20EUR + shipping

Offer the Trocki glove system Sitech Glove Lock QCP - suitable for the Quick Cuff System

All that is in the pictures is + free new Showa gloves of your choice in size M, L or XL. The gloves in XL have been unpacked to test the size, which are still packed in M and L.

price 50EUR + shipping

Offer used Subgear feelings in XL/45
Are used but not broken

15EUR + shipping

Had bought me a Santi Elite with the Flexsoles in XXL. Unfortunately, these were too big in the end, so that the shoes were replaced after 5x wear in the Trockiklinik. The size is 45-46
50EUR + shipping

Offer here a used Halcyon Storage Pack incl. the 6 matching screws for the backplate.

price 40EUR + shipping