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I offer the short battery tube from Tillytec.

The long pipe is also available in another advertisement.

Price: 30EUR



Wheezle Extreme + ; Size: Small, Long EUR 80,-

Trouser pockets no longer usable due to Pee-Valve hose.

The sale is made to the exclusion of any material defects.
Liability for damages due to injury to health, body or life and grossly negligent and/or intentional violations of my obligations as a seller remains unaffected.


Phone: 01713370994

Sell Halcyon stainless steel backplate with harness (shortened) and stainless steel small parts, as well as Halcyon belt buckle and rubber rings. Very well preserved and maintained.

The Halcyon backplate - the original - often copied, but unsurpassed in quality and functionality.

Technical data of the Halcyon standard backplate made of stainless steel:
- Weight: Approx. 2.72 kg (6 lbs)
- Height: approx. 39.3 cm
- Width: approx. 26.0 cm
- Hole spacing: 280 mm

Halcyon Harness ("Beb├Ąnderung") consisting of:
- approx. 5 cm wide Halcyon webbing (with blue Halcyon logo)
- 2x shoulder D-ring, 1x hip D-ring made of stainless steel
- Rubber rings (to secure the accessories, e.B. backup lamp)
- Soft crotch strap with two stainless steel D-rings
- Halcyon stainless steel belt buckle
- Subgear belt buckle to secure the tank lamp

PayPal possible. Pick up in 76709 Kronau or at the lakes in the Mannheim, Heidelberg, Karlsruhe area. Shipping only as DHL parcel with tracking (min. 5 Euro), except at the express request of the buyer.

Original price: 290,- EUR. VHB 240,- EUR plus shipping costs.


We clean up and need space for new ­čśŐ

Therefore, some various diving items are for sale. PayPal possible. Pick up in 76709 Kronau or at the lakes in the Mannheim, Heidelberg, Karlsruhe area. Shipping only as DHL parcel with tracking (min. 5 Euro), except at the express request of the buyer. Prices plus shipping costs.

  • Check-up dry diving gloves. Once size M, once size L. Fed from the inside. Without underwear gloves. VHB 75 EUR per pair
  • Storage packs for backplate. 1x Halcyon H2O special edition, 1x DIR zone black. Without screws. VHB 26 EUR per pack.
  • DIR-Zone belt bag for harness (50mm). VHB 30 EUR
  • Oceanic gloves and Mares hood, both 5mm. Size L. VHB 5 EUR each
  • Crotch strap, no-name. Standard unabridged. VHB 10 EUR
  • Subgear lead belt 1x new and 1x used. VHB 5 EUR
  • Various medium-pressure hoses. Miflex, rubber, inflator, regulator... Please inquire. Price VHB
  • Rubber mask band with neoprene schoener from TUSA. VHB 2 EUR
  • Cold protection cuff for the arm of S.L. Dive. 3.5 mm neoprene. 2-piece: black with smooth skin neoprene, size L and neon yellow, size XL. VHB 15 EUR
  • Lead stopper and 2x fixed D-ring on lead stopper. VHB 2 EUR per piece


As good as new dive lamps set - Lamps by Waveocean Prometheus
2 lamps -1 handle - 1 Goodmannhandel for both lamps with camera attachment
1 additional lamp qudos knog - 1 camera with underwater housing Hero 4 and 1 bag.

for 450,- EUR

Pick up or plus postage


Phone: 02131/667979

As good as new Waveocean 3 series dive light with 15AH battery, charger and bag.

For 400,- EUR VB. to hand in

Pick up by yourself or plus postage


Phone: 02131/667979

I sell for only 12 EUR among other things this dive site map for the diving spot Sundh├Ąuser See in Nordhausen.

more dive site maps and information under

59387 Ascheberg


I sell here my "beloved" Trocki from DUI, CF200, made of crash neoprene,

from which I unfortunately grew out "somewhat"...

It was dry and dense until the last dive - these DUI suits are a

Purchase for life, at least as long as you keep your figure...

The inflator hose is missing in the pictures - but there is definitely one,

just like the hood. The suit has a so-called telescopic torso,

this keeps you extremely mobile (even under water).

The size designation is U.S. = "LR", but I with 180cm and 90kg fit in very well.

At height up to 185cm the suit should fit, wg. Telescopic torso.

I would recommend a fitting, otherwise you will be annoyed afterwards...

My asking price is EUR 500,- (VB), original price today is $ 3.200

Suit can be visited in Stockach on Lake Constance

Stockach / Baden

Lamp in top condition. Brenner has 2 dives.


The head is in top condition. Was my replacement lamp. Burner as good as new.


If necessary, I can still send photos. The rebreather is in top condition. However, the Switshblock would need new valve seals. That's why I installed two new flow stop valves. I did the season (September 2020) with it in Hemmoor tX dives.

BOV is installed. DSV is also there. All seals as well as the drain valve from the inner counter-lung are new.

Also present:

D12 , multiple frames for different bottles, BOV, DSV, ARGON SET, Backplate ALU with harness by OMS, Wing OMS 94lbs

Everything in top condition

Some spare parts

Vb 3900EUR

Sell my D18. This is filled with TX 21/35. There is an argon set with Quicksnapsystem.


the computer is in top condition. Battery is new


I sell three DUI Zip Seal sleeves. It is an original cuff (not yet trimmed) and two cuffs with latex cuffs glued to the Zip Seal ring. These cuffs are also uncircumcised. Price 150EUR Private sale, no return, no warranty. Bank transfer or PayPal friends




This regulator is the favorite of many marine divers, fire divers, police divers and professional divers, because it is robust and provides reliable air in all situations. Its approval up to 200m diving depth makes this regulator also the first choice for all technical divers. The world's first pilot valve-controlled regulator impressively meets the high demands of professional divers. It can be used and popular from the cold water off Canada, as an ice-proof regulator, to the tropically warm Indo-Pacific. Like all Poseidon regulators, there are no differences between diving up and down and it can be breathed from the right or coming from the left. The laterally dissented bubble deerer ensures a good field of vision when diving.

  • Manufacturer Poseidon
  • The professional's machine for extreme dives up to 200m
  • Connection shaft with G5/8" 300 bar connection
  • 1st stage membrane controlled/compensated
  • 2.Stage pilot valve controlled
  • 5x medium pressure outlets UNF 3/8"
  • 2 high-pressure outlets UNF 7/16"
  • Safety valve for medium pressure in the first stage



The sale takes place due to complete conversion of the equipment. The controllers are in perfect condition and were last serviced in mid-2019 (protocols and invoices can be submitted) and also regularly dipped until 03-2020. It would simply be a pity if the regulators now acid sour on the shelf.

I have several 1st and 2nd stages of the Poseidon xStream series including inflator hoses and consoles around, so I'll list the individual components including price here:

Original price price

Poseidon xStream MK3 deep, 1st stage approx. 430,- 300,-

Poseidon xStream MK3 deep, 2nd stage about 270,- 190,-

Scubapro 3 series console approx. 160,- 110,-

Suunto CB-3-Inline console about 250,- 170,-

Sets (suggestions):

Poseidon Complete Set 1st/2nd step approx. 630,- 450,- (+ 15,- with 150 cm flex hose)

Poseidon Complete Set Octo 1./2x2. Step ca 900,- 600,- (+ 10,- with 150 cm flex hose)

If someone wants a whole set of cold water - i.e. 2 1st steps, then I am also happy to send an offer. Prices subject to availability, if it's gone, it's gone.

Sell my Scubapro Master Jacket, because of equipment change. VB: 250 EUR

The good piece is the new version (post 2008 - black side panels). The only jacket that turns an unconscious diver on his back on the surface, with all the known features:

  • High tensile strength and durability due to the material combination of polyester and soltane
  • Padded back carrier for high wearing comfort
  • Tight-fitting, body-hugging fit due to 50 mm inner strap and the elastic sorrow waistband
  • The air drain system allows the discharge of air in different positions under water
  • Safe bottle mounting thanks to Super RCA tension strap
  • Two pockets with Velcro for plenty of storage space
  • Many mounting options thanks to four large stainless steel D-rings
  • Includes balanced power inflation (BPI)

Size: M

The jacket has been treated very carefully and has about 170 dives on it - more than half of them in fresh water. The inflator is in top condition, as is the banding. The only blemish is the dirty buckle (see pictures), from assassembling at Lake Attersee.

Shipping is possible, but the shipping costs are then to be taken over.

Hello everyone

offer here two new underwater flashes SB-N10 from NIKON.

Both flashes are fully functional and have never had a water intrusion.

Both flashes have about 15 dives behind them.

The underwater flashes can be used via a fiberobtic cable with almost any underwater camera.

Both flashes have a small switchable viewfinder LED and are TTL-capable.

The strength of the flash can be adjusted manually.

Both include a removable diffuser.

Sale takes place in the original packaging including all instructions.

The underwater flashes had a new price of 699 euros per piece.

I would like to have 550 euros per piece.

Payment is possible by bank transfer or cash on site.

Shipping is done as an insured package and is included in the price.

Dresden, Laubegast


I'm looking for a halcyon evolve wing for the small D18 60lbs / 27 liters

Should be good in shot and technically okay.

Since I can no longer dive for health reasons, I sell here
my beloved Mares Kaila She Dives buoyancy jacket in size XXS (also suitable for XS due to adjustable straps)

This jacket has about 230 dives behind it and works perfectly.
I always rinsed it out properly after each dive and let it dry. Nevertheless, there are of course some signs of wear.

I add my remaining diving utensils such as reef hooks, signal buoy etc. on top.
If you are also interested in a Mares Nemo Excel dive computer, please feel free to contact us.

VB PRICE: EUR 120,00

This is a private sale, therefore without warranty, guarantee or return. The jacket can be inspected personally beforehand (e.g. if someone comes from the area). So pick-up is not a problem.
Otherwise, the buyer bears the shipping costs.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

50389 Wesseling

Sell my never worn new diving suit. Women's size S.
Unfortunately, I never got around to wearing it.
It has a thickness of 7mm. And is perfect for the sea.

for sale are various underwear and footwear for dry suits.


Beaver Thinsulate LL

Seac XL (The label says 3XL, but it is smaller)

Kallweit XXL


M&M Diving Technologies XL/XXL


Sailor L/XL

Polar Bear L

Kallweit XXL (one lacks the zipper)

Location Elmenhorst, shipping possible.
If you have any questions, please contact PN.
For those for those for who it is important: Animal-free non-smoking household.


Wetsuit Semann
Black-Grey, Size 102, 5mm

Wetsuit Semann
Black, Size 52, 5mm
On the insides of the knee joints, the color is slightly faded.

7mm hood size L

7mm Gloves Waterproof Size M

Location Elmenhorst, shipping possible.
If you have any questions, please contact PN.
For those for those for who it is important: Animal-free non-smoking household.


Moin Moin,

I am looking for a used/affordable Aqua Lung Axiom Jacket in XXL (or comparable).

Can someone help me? :)



offer 15 l diving tank.
- T├╝v new

- Double valve

- Stand

- VB 275,--

ONLY PICK-UP, bottle is available in Hamburg Lurup


380 EUR - Back zipper metal - Inlet and outlet valve from SI-Tech - Glued-on large leg pocket on the right - Urinal valve on the left - Dry diving glove system Checkup with gloves - Shoes fit for size 42-43 (with thin socks also 44) - Neck cuff as good as new - plus hood gr.M Optional underwear UGGI 100gr (+ 40EUR) Fitting possible Shipping at extra cost


25 EUR

Original packaging

150ft / 50m

With handle and locking

Shipping possible for an extra charge


5EUR (Price per piece) 9 pieces available Attention: the pieces do not fit on the lead strap, because the tabs are too narrow! But can be used for lead bags. Shipping possible at an additional cost.


Moin, for sale is my T-Housing housing for an Actionpro X9 camera. The housing is milled from aluminum and approved up to 150 m diving depth. The housing has about 20 dives and has the usual traces of use (for wreck diving). The scratches in the glass are largely compensated by the light refraction factor between glass and water. The price is the basis for negotiation plus the shipping costs.


I sell a 7mm ULTRA Neoprene hood from DUI. The hood has never been in the water.

Price 30EUR plus shipping.


I sell a 6mm neopreon hood from Santi, size L. The hood has never been in the water.

Price 30EUR plus shipping.


I am looking for a macro lens holder for the Fantasea FG16 case. It is best to use a macro lens.

A DOPPEL FLIP-MOUNT would be optimal

D4 diving tanks 4l as a double unit with one outlet, used, without T├ťV, valves were replaced

50,- EUR

Price at pick-up

no exchange, no guarantee / warranty

Sell a lead bag for sidemount jacket, the bag is size L and can hold up to 16 KG of lead
Since private sale does not guarantee or return

Price 50,- EUR

Sell a sidemount jacket Apeks WSX 25, fully functional, incl. lead bag and accessory bag
Since private sale, no guarantee or return

Price 420,- EUR

Beuchat 5mm Neoprene Gloves Size M

Offer Beuchat 5mm Neoprene Gloves Size M for sale. The gloves were worn, but are technically and visually completely O.K.

My asking price:

25,00Euro plus shipping

Gladly to self-collectors, shipping after prior consultation.

You expressly point out that this is a private sale and I do not assume any warranty.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Phone: 02191-292283 oder 0170-2922831

Sell here my little dipped equipment, for health reasons.

1x Scubapro Everflex 7/5mm in S

1 Pair of Scubapro Jet Sport equipment fins in S

1 Pair of Seac Gloves Stretch350 in M

1Paar Seac F├╝sslinge 5mm in M

1x SubGear underwear new Unused in 48

Sold in a complete package

Shipping possible for an extra charge or collection

This is a private sale therefore not a warranty or return of the goods.



Phone: 01727100757

Corona secured pick-up possible

Price is VB and also negotiable. If several items from my ads are accepted, there is a discount

- Sell 7mm wetsuit
- Reactor Pro Neo Tec
- 7mm semi-dry suit Arctic
- attached hood
- with extremely abrasion-resistant Kevlar knee pads
- Used almost like new / condition see pictures
- Double cuffs
- Size: approx. XL
- Price: VB

This is a private sale. The goods are sold under exclusion of any warranty. These are used goods, see photos for the condition.



Everything has to be revised or t├╝vd

has been lying clean and greased in the famous aluminium boxes for over 5 years.

Health task forces me to sell

male XL // female S u XS

would like to have 700,00 EUR for everything together

Photos are just a selection of over 100 parts

Visit and pick-up 79252 Stegen-Eschbach

Can send photos then please PN to me

Hello everyone

Sell my regulator here.

Revision was in March 2020.

No dives have been made since March.


I have to hand in a diving suit. As a non-diver, I have no idea what a gem I found in the dissolution of the apartment.

Please enlighten me and make me an offer - I am relatively flexible when it comes to the price - but it should be honest and appropriate. Ask me if I still have to take photos or measure something.

Thank you

I offer a semi-dry suit from Aquata in size 38 as well as a hood from Cressi in S.

Have completed 3 dives with it. In addition, as can be seen in the pictures, an octopus impression was created by a dive in the Seychelles, thus a cool signature. :-)

Both are in very good condition.

90 Euro VB.

If you are interested, please contact us.

Hello, unfortunately I have to sell my only once used diving equipment. The size of the buoyancy vest is XS, as is the diving suit. I would give everything (see photos) together for 1550 euros.

Best regards Beate


New unused hood from Scubapro in size S for sale at the price of 25 euros.

Shipping is to be paid by the buyer.

Private sale without warranty warranty