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Only worn on 2 TG, are unfortunately a bit too small for me.

excellent propulsion and pleasantly soft foot part


pick up in Essen R├╝ttenscheid or shipping

45130 Essen

XL Atomic Large XL

Current price: 40EUR

Stuttgart - M├Âhringen

Phone: +4917662699030

ScubaPro XTEK, Harness L - XL, Donut Wing 27 kilos as shown, for men, with single tank adapter. NP 650EUR / about 30 dives.

Current price: 200EUR

Stuttgart - M├Âhringen

Phone: +4917662699030


Sell dry glove system from Santi.

- Santi Smart Gloves

NP. EUR 79

- matching gloves from Santi

in size M

NP. EUR 35

The glove fits on the Smart Seal System from Santi.

No gluing necessary, everything is just put together.

I was in the water 1 time with it.

Unfortunately, a dry glove is not for me.

Price: 90 Euro + shipping


Phone: 01723739632

Complete equipment for sale.

1x Apeks TEK3 (must be revised) incl. HD connection for computers

1x Atomics ST1 (must be revised)

incl. HD connection for computer

1x Seaquest PRO XLT Size M

1x Hollis SMS 100

1x Polaris D7 with V4 Tech bridge - residual pressure 50bar, T├ťV expired.

1x Suunto COBRA 3

1x Aqualung Balance Comfort 5mm Size M

1x Aqualung Ice Vest

1x Exel Suit 7mm

1x Northern Diver Trocki

1x Northern Diver underwear

1x Atomics Split Fin Size M

1x Atomics Split Fin Size L

Lead strap, soft lead, feet size 41 and stable immersion box from Mares

1800 complete


In very good condition, has hardly any defects, perfect to transport the pulmonary automaton easily

Price: 45EUR including shipping

Fins in a used condition, buckle to close works perfectly.

If necessary, with fin pocket

Price: 40EUR including bag.

Sell you Zone Ring Wing 17l
purchased 2012

No guarantee, warranty and return

Shipping possible
Price without shipping 170,-EUR

Bad Liebenwerda

Sell Neoprene Smooth Skin Cuff by SIDIVE
Gr L

No guarantee, warranty and return

Shipping possible
Price without shipping 15,-EUR

Bad Liebenwerda

Sell Scubapro Everflex 5mm as new

No guarantee, warranty and return

Shipping possible
Price without shipping 15,-EUR

Bad Liebenwerda

Sell Sailor G-Flex Gloves 5mm

No guarantee, warranty and return

Shipping possible
Price without shipping 5,-EUR

Bad Liebenwerda

Because of hobby work I sell a few used, fully functional Turtle fins.

Price: 65 Euro

Kreis Borken

Phone: 02865-601062

Easy-to-use security feature,

elastic rubber adapts to any bottle, the solid plastic ball creates a clearly audible signal.

9 Euro plus shipping

Note: All sales are made under exclusion of the same warranty.

The pairs of gloves are also sold individually.

They are perfectly fine, see photos.

Price per pair 11 Euro plus shipping

Highly elastic Elaskin neoprene gloves with Supratex protection on the palm and under the fingers, inside jersey, 2.5 mm.

Note: All sales are subject to the exclusion of the same warranty.

Feet OCEANIC Neo Classic,
Size 8-9, only used 1x,
VHB-Price: 19,-EUR

private sale under EU law; no guarantee/warranty/return.


This used Scubapro underwear in gr.M is in good condition with few traces of use. It is soft and warm on the inside and water-repellent from the outside. Below he has leg loops.
The underwear also includes a bag as shown, which is included in the price.

Sale because of hobby task.

Price: 70 Euro

Kreis Borken

Phone: 02865-601062

Unfortunately, my wife will never be able to dive again, so we decided to sell her equipment.

It is a

Dry suit brand "Rolofs RS 350 Lady" in size M - suitable for 160 cm- 170 cm, 54 kg, scale size 36 -37

5 x in water - as good as new, all cuffs undamaged

Underwear brand "Kwark" size 37 - matching the Trocki as well as new

Double 12 T├ťV 6 months with lockable bridge

or double 7, T├ťV and paint new, of course also with lockable bridge

Wing brand Tecline red 22l or 17l, yes according to the choice of bottles.

Wing with baking plate 5,5kg and comfort harnes

Teck fins from APEKS in yellow.

NP were about 2800,-

Offer for everything 1800,- the price is fixed.

or, if necessary, individually.

Trocki 895,- / Underwear 230,- / D12 / D 7 350,-

Wing with Baklpatte and Harnes 520,-

Fins 70,-

How to say everything at once for 1800, - EUR fixed

Location near Kassel

Please understand that we currently only want to communicate by e-mail.

Phone: 01718903630

Sale due to hobby dissolution.

Waterproof ice vest 5mm with hood. Size M/T, zipper intact. About 100 dives.

Shipping possible against assumption of costs.

Oldenburg / G├Âttingen

Offer 1 pair of Sub Gear feet in size 43/44.

Since I switched to Trocki shortly after the purchase, only about 30 dives.

Shipping possible against assumption of costs.

Oldenburg / G├Âttingen

Sell well preserved G1 7MM 3 finger gloves size M by WP. Shipping possible against assumption of costs. About 20 dives. Condition see picture. A bit dusty from storage in the basement

Oldenburg / G├Âttingen

For Sale Semi-Dry Gloves by Subgear in Gr.XS

Only a few dives in fresh water, for the holiday they were always unnecessary.


Karlsruhe / Heidelberg

Offer hood from IST Sports 5 mm in size


Karlsruhe / Heidelberg

Offer 3 finger gloves size 9-10


Karlsruhe / Heidelberg

Offer Beuchat Semi-Dry Gloves in Size 9


Karlsruhe / Heidelberg

Stainless steel shaker

2EUR ( + postage or pick-up)

Karlsruhe / Heidelberg

Offer the following fins because of hobby task. All fins in well submersible condition. Partially white a bit dusty from the storage in the basement.

Seawing Nowa Size M 50EUR plus shipping : One fin in black, one in white. Had exchanged a fin with my buddy at that time.

Seawing Nowa size L 50EUR plus shipping

Scubapro Jetfins XL 75EUR plus shipping

Fins can be shipped or visited/picked up in Oldenburg.

Private sale, no guarantee or return

Oldenburg / G├Âttingen

Bag for stage bottle, fits for about 2.7L O2 bottle

VHB-Price: 37,-EUR

private sale under EU law; no guarantee/warranty/return.


Aqualung PEARL, women's jacket in size.M/L,

incl. 2 trimming bleaches,

stretcher/catch loop,

incl. stainless steel jacket knife from Oceanic

incl. 2 disposable Surelock SLII lead bags

2 zip pockets

VHB-Price: 176,-EUR

private sale under EU law; no guarantee/warranty/return.


for Dr├Ąger RAY Rebreather or DOLPHIN

Adapter G 3/4 to M24x2, 20,-EUR

1 x DRÄGER-Nitrox double valve M24x2 70,-EUR

Rebreather Ports

2 x breathing tubes, each. approx. 80cm


Jacket Beluga in size M for sale; FP 60 Euro.

It has been used 10 times in fresh water and is dense. On the inflator there is a small damage to the connection for the hose, so that it should be replaced.

The special feature of this jacket are the 2 bottle carrier straps, which prevent the device from slipping.

No lead bags. The jacket pockets are removable if required.

No warranty or return.


Large SEEMANN SUB diving backpack with wheels and carrying straps.

EUR 30,-- VB, pick-up preferred.


Sell Lift Bag by Halcyon. Has a few stains but works perfectly.

85 EUR

Sell Suex scooter adv 20/42 and an adv 20 plus batteries, plus chargers and storage bracket... and an Ersats Tube converted.... both with problog, batteries very well maintained few sunden only in the water ... and also only in fresh water ... also have trim lead if you are interested just write or we make phone calls ... have fun browsing smiley-laughing.gif 1950 euro


Sell an ADV 20/42 with spare tube and trim lead and all accessories. 1950 Euro can also be sent within Germany for 150 Euro. The scooter has only a few running hours batteries are always maintained .. Small tube has a mileage of 90 min and the large about 210 min depending on the water temperature and the other conditions storage stand is also included. Can be sampled diving ... So have fun browsing ..

If anyone is still interested in storage bottles with different gases, just write to ...

Give everything because of hobby task


Hello, look for functional complete original equipment for the upcoming Egyptian holiday. Bin 178, 80 kg, dress size 48/50, shoe size 43. Pick-up in the Stuttgart or Munich area possible - also shipping.


Phone: 01632714598

Sell used, functional compass from Suunto.

No PayPal, preferably pick-up on site, then for cash.

Insured shipping for 6 EUR

Uninsured shipping for 5 EUR (the shipping risks are borne by the buyer)

Shipping in advance.

Private offer, the warranty is excluded. No return.

For sale is a pair of Mares Volo Power device fins in black.

One fin is slightly curved.

VB 40 Euro + Shipping


Good day to all, I offer yew super preserved equipment!

alkes super well maintained - can never dive again for health reasons!

Please get in touch - a fair good new owner would be my heart's desire!

VG Anne

Sell my Omer Millenium Composite Fins.

- Size 44-46
- Material: Composite
- Worn 2 times
- VB 120Euro

General note:
This is a private sale. The images are original photos of the item for sale.


Sell my Mares Avanti Quattro fins.

- Size S
- As good as new, worn once
- 40Euro

General note:
This is a private sale. The images are original photos of the item for sale.


The 18-piece diving equipment for 380.00 consists of

Regulator with first and second stage MK 20, G250, octopus R190, inflator and dive computer DC 12 P6. Plus transport bag

two-piece wetsuit (size 50) with shoes (size 39 ÔÇô 40) and gloves (size M)

Buoyancy vest (size L) with two air vents, 4 pockets, 3 D eyelets and internal lap belt

Diving tank 10l, 232 bar. Currently filled with 200 bar.

Pocket lead belt with 3 x 2.5 kg bags and two 1 kg bags; plus an additional 1 kg bag

Snorkel, diving mask with transport box and fins of the brand TUSA in turquoise blue

Diving knife TUSA with hardened, stainless double blade and sawtooth blade in a safety sheath

large transport backpack with stowable straps and several compartments.

There are instructions for use, article descriptions and spare parts, as well as a zero-time table.

The equipment was only used a few times. All parts are well maintained and in good condition.

A few more details:

Dimensions wetsuit pants: shoulder to toe approx.135 cm 6 mm thick inner leg length 67 cm chest width 39 cm waist 37 cm

Dimensions wetsuit jacket: shoulder to crotch approx. 60 cm 6 mm thick arm length 54 cm

Dimensions backpack: 66 x 53 x 30 cm with lap belt

The size of the fins can be adjusted as desired.

With the diving bottle, the T├ťV should be made new and for your own safety it would be good to maintain the regulator.

When diving, traces of use such as e.B. the abrasion points on the fins or a crack in the wetsuit (repaired by a specialist; see photo), unfortunately could not be completely avoided.

For shipping in a box, the diving equipment is simply too extensive and too bad. It can therefore be picked up in 84503 Alt├Âtting. If you are interested in buying, I also like to drive a few meters towards you.

Offer Suunto Retractor for Diving Compass + Retractror by Combi Tools + Multiple kink protection for hoses from Apeks Everything is in very good condition. This is a private sale, without warranty and without return!

Price dive computer: 35,00EUR VB

Shipping price is still negotiable

Since I am the owner of 2 breathing snakes of the Dr├Ąger Dolphin,

I could possibly let myself be moved there to give one.

Greetings Micha


Hello dear divers,

yes, three pockets, that already falls under "small". I had lost my way at the time and needed four bags instead. But slim divers also come with 3 bags ... there must be some, otherwise the straps with 3 pockets would not be made.

Was not even in the water with me because of bad buying and is therefore brand new.

Price should already be 15 euros.



Sell my diving equipment consisting of two 10er,1 doppel7 (all bottles have to go to the T├╝v),1 Trilaminate dry suit of the brand Mobbys,hood,dry diving gloves plus underwear of Mobbys size L,a buoyancy jacket Black Diamond and dieverses other equipment.If you are interested, you can look at the things with me and decide!!!

52249 Eschweiler

Phone: 491772168015

Sell various pieces of equipment

the regulator does wonderful service. Octopus was added.

suit plus regulator was bequeathed to me by my dad. Original equipment of the "frog men" at the end of the 80s ­čÖâ

as I said it was checked and the instructor was also impressed how well it still works.

Glasses, octopus, snorkel, subsuit have 30 dives behind them

Phone: 01703486930

Sell a new Hollis EXPLORER rebreather (original price EUR 4950,00). Price: VB

P.S. Since private sale, no guarantee and no return!