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Offer Dive Gear Rebreather SF2 prototype MCCR, rebreather

I sell my SF 2 prototype MCCR here.

This is a prototype. It was one of the few predecessors of the current SF2 with a special head which was not glued but sealed with additional O-rings.

The rebreather is in good condition, ready to dive, absolutely tight and fully functional. The sensors have been replaced in the last 2 months. In addition, 3 more oxygen sensors in their original packaging are added. The rebreather is sold with a Shearwater Predator and is therefore ready to dive.

All hoses have been replaced by MiFlex hoses. As well as all O-rings and small parts replaced.

The rebreather has a CMF (Constant Mass Flow) from TecMe on the oxygen side which is fixed to a flow of 0.5 L per minute. In addition, a Manuel Gas Add from TecMe was installed on the Dilluent side for security reasons.

The BOV is from Golem Gear Shrimp which not only closes the rebreather.

The first two stages are APEKS Tek 3 oxygen-pure.

On the backplate are mounted 2 bungee ropes and a buttplate for carrying the stage bottles. As a result, the stage bottles come further back and you have more armroom

Nautec valves are installed on the 3 liter compressed air cylinders and still have TÜV until 01/23.

Accessories such as O-rings and batteries for the dive computer are part of the offer.

Price: 2400 EUR VB

Pick up only!

It is a private sale without guarantee, warranty or possibility of return.

The sale takes place under exclusion of any liability for material defects.