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Dry diving gloves with cuff (NEW)

black, flexible, grippy - S

The dry diving gloves are made of extra soft but very robust special rubber.

As a result, the gloves are softer than models made of other materials and the diver has a better tactile feeling.

To increase grip, the gloves have a rough textured surface.

Made of soft special rubber for maximum mobility and tactile feeling.

Material thickness approx. 1 mm!

Grippy, textured surface.

Also fit on a dry glove system.

The gloves are new.

1 pair of Dry Gloves black S

Price 29,-EUR

Prices do not include shipping costs.

Pick up in 33604 Bielefeld or shipping against postage refund possible.

This is a private auction, i.e. no guarantee, return etc., to the exclusion of any Warranty.


2 new SHEARWATER transmitters. No cheap Aqualung clones, where there is a risk that with the next update, they will no longer work. These can be used independently of each other without disturbing each other. For example.B sidemount diving or using different stages. Compatible with all air-integrated Shearwater computers. (Probably also with Oceanic and Aqualung computers - but without rifle - original price is 754EUR due to time constraints for 500EUR incl. insured shipping within Germany.

Individual sale possible:

Transmitter yellow - no 5 dives with warranty and bag 305EUR incl. shipping within Germany.

Transmitter black- without bag, new battery 200EUR incl. shipping as above.


I am selling the Sidemount SF2 eCCR rebreather that I purchased for a project in July 2019.It only has 19 dives. As new and with everything that comes standard. Ready to dive.

Low price. If you want information contact me.

A sidemount conversion kit for the SF2 is sold. The kit is almost a complete SF2, as the user only has to plug the head and lime container from the backmount onto the kit and connect a loop with a sidemount mouthpiece. I am the first owner of the conversion kit and purchased everything directly from Scubaforce. I am a certified service technician for the device. Thus, the system is freshly maintained!

The company sells:

  • 1x Lower carbon tube
  • 1x centerpiece with all attachments (O2 injection and 2nd stage)
  • 1x Upper Carbon Tube
  • 1x bellows
  • 1x Apeks exhaust valve
  • 1x clamp with carabiner and attachments
  • 1x O2 hose system with new couplings "one way"
  • 1x Dil. hose system with new couplings "one way"

Price at pick-up 1500, - EUR without warranty. Shipping is also possible at an additional cost.


Tauch Flossen, Scubapro Jet XL fins Original price EUR100,00 /fixed price

Wetsuit: Camaro 5mm Size 48 EUR 50,00

Private sale, used goods / No return and no guarantee.

Plus shipping costs

D-81541 M├╝nchen

Phone: 01623207323

Offer complete diving equipment for girls in size M consisting of:

Total package for only 899 EUR VB

1. Aqua Lung Jacket Pro HD in M

Carrying handle, Two oversized side pockets with 2 way zipper and integrated lead pockets, Adjustable grief waistband, Anti slip pad, Quick drain,

2. Seac fins with matching Seac Neo shoes size M corresponds to shoe size 40 - 41, fins M-L in white pink

3. Seac regulator with finimeter and matching pocket

4 medium pressure outlets UNF 3/8" thread

1 high-pressure outlet UNF7/16" thread

1st stage designed for 230 bar working pressure

Functional system: Compensating piston

Shockproof rubber protective cap

Ergonomic handwheel

Body made of chrome-plated, polished brass, extremely resistant to saltwater corrosion

Facilitation of the exhalation phase thanks to the increased surface area of the outlet membrane

Front cap made of silicone rubber, with large surface, for safe operation of the air shower even with gloves.

Safety system: membrane fixation, guarantees perfect functioning and stability in every phase of work

Bubble repellent with chin rest for greater stability

Large oval aushalation membrane for easy outhaling in any diving position

New ergonomic mouthpiece, prevents fatigue of the lower jaw

Octopus with 1m long yellow tube

4. Cressi Dive Computer in White

Complete adjustment of O2 oxygen parameters from 21% to 99%

Possibility to perform a nitrox dive after an air dive (even during the desaturation phase)

Deep Stop can be switched on or off

Battery change can be carried out by the user himself


I sell for only 12 EUR among other things this dive site map for the diving spot Sundh├Ąuser See in Nordhausen.

more dive site maps and information under

59387 Ascheberg


If necessary, I can still send photos. The rebreather is in top condition. However, the Switshblock would need new valve seals. That's why I installed two new flow stop valves. I did the season (September 2020) with it in Hemmoor tX dives.

BOV is installed. DSV is also there. All seals as well as the drain valve from the inner counter-lung are new.

Also present:

D12 , multiple frames for different bottles, BOV, DSV, ARGON SET, Backplate ALU with harness by OMS, Wing OMS 94lbs

Everything in top condition

Some spare parts

Vb 3900EUR

I sell three DUI Zip Seal sleeves. It is an original cuff (not yet trimmed) and two cuffs with latex cuffs glued to the Zip Seal ring. These cuffs are also uncircumcised. Price 150EUR Private sale, no return, no warranty. Bank transfer or PayPal friends



I'm looking for a halcyon evolve wing for the small D18 60lbs / 27 liters

Should be good in shot and technically okay.

25 EUR

Original packaging

150ft / 50m

With handle and locking

Shipping possible for an extra charge


Sell here my little dipped equipment, for health reasons.

1x Scubapro Everflex 7/5mm in S

1 Pair of Scubapro Jet Sport equipment fins in S

1 Pair of Seac Gloves Stretch350 in M

1Paar Seac F├╝sslinge 5mm in M

1x SubGear underwear new Unused in 48

Sold in a complete package

Shipping possible for an extra charge or collection

This is a private sale therefore not a warranty or return of the goods.



Phone: 01727100757

Everything has to be revised or t├╝vd

has been lying clean and greased in the famous aluminium boxes for over 5 years.

Health task forces me to sell

male XL // female S u XS

would like to have 700,00 EUR for everything together

Photos are just a selection of over 100 parts

Visit and pick-up 79252 Stegen-Eschbach

Can send photos then please PN to me

Hello, unfortunately I have to sell my only once used diving equipment. The size of the buoyancy vest is XS, as is the diving suit. I would give everything (see photos) together for 1550 euros.

Best regards Beate


New unused hood from Scubapro in size S for sale at the price of 25 euros.

Shipping is to be paid by the buyer.

Private sale without warranty warranty

Sell it from my uncle's estate it is very well preserved makes me happy to send me offers also


Due to unstable asthma, I am no longer allowed to dive and therefore sell all the diving equipment, preferably as a whole package, otherwise also individual pieces. If you buy all the equipment, there is a discount. The goods are ready for collection from me.

As a diving instructor, I have always taken care of the material and well maintained, stored and transported the material. Many things are new or almost new!

The wetsuits were never urinated.

I look forward to your interest.


Phone: 0788240775

Cressi Spacefrog size M-L diving fins

Offer used equipment fins of the brand Cressi Spacefrog size M-L for sale. The fins have traces of use, but are technically completely O.K.

If you are still looking for cheap fins, you should access.

My asking price:

20,00Euro plus 8,00 Shipping

Gladly to self-collectors, shipping after prior consultation.

You expressly point out that this is a private sale and I do not assume any warranty.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Phone: 02191-292283 oder 0170-2922831

Because of sports task I sell complete diving equipment with everything you need!
Semi-dry suit Aqualung, Balance Comfort 7mm Size:M Regulator Set Aqualung Legend with dive computer radio,Scubapro Galileo Luna, fins:
Scuba Gorilla Size Medium with Feet Seac 5mm Size 43/44
Jacket:Scuba Pro Classic Unlimited Size M Hood 5mm Diving Gloves
many accessories for all components as well as complete transport box with wheels and single plastic case (waterproof) to store everything well!
Diving compass, depth gauge, reals with dive boosters of different lengths,
Diving knife for leg and jacket, lead weights yellow integrated in plastic for the lead pockets on the jacket! 12 liter steel bottle with connection for regulator Everything super well maintained and properly maintained in the specialist trade annually!, immediately clear to dive ! even more accessories than listed here Please inquire and report by phone. Also sell individual elements!

VHB:1500,00 all or single on request


Phone: 01713684468

OMS Slipstream device fins, for sale in size XL with steel tribs. With me, the fins were not even in the water.

For. 80VB

Shipping possible against assumption of costs. Payment only via PayPal or on collection.

Private sale therefore no guarantee no return.


I sell all my diving equipment, wet and dry, because of giving up my hobby for health and family reasons.

Enclosed is a list of all parts that are still available:

Scubapro EverTec LT Size L incl. urination valve - 600 EUR VHB

Northern Diver Dry Glove System - 90 EUR VHB

Aqualung ergo EchoZip 6,5mm Neoprenef├╝ssling Gr.45 - 10 EUR VHB

Neoprene Wetsuit XCEL 7,6mm Thermoflex Gr. LS - 90 EUR VHB

Aqalung POLARZIP 6,0mm Neoprenef├╝ssling Gr. 42/43 - 10 EUR VHB

Scubapro Hood 3mm Gr.M - 6 EUR VHB

Scubapro Hybrid Cargo Neoprene Shorts Size L - 20 EUR VHB

Polaris Safety Buoy incl. Boltsnap, Leash and Castor - 40 EUR VHB

Diving buoy Besthunter (double bubble with flag 32x25cm) - 30 EUR VHB

Aqualung Red Line 1200C roller bag + Aqualung regulator bag Red Line - 50 EUR VHB

All together, I offer you for 900 VHB at pick-up. Please contact me by phone or Whatsapp - 0049 1520 5291535 - then we can discuss everything and I can send you more pictures if necessary.

Shipping is possible on request and with assumption of costs.

Retail prices VHB can be found behind the articles.

Best regards from Flensburg



Dui Unterzieher. Super warm. Only worn 1x

EUR 500


Phone: 06502003416

Super warm underwear for dry suit. Only one holiday worn. Longer and shorter underwear. Size M.

EUR 110


Phone: 06502003416

  • Offer different diving items individually or in bundle on VB.
  • Only 1 bottle of 12l left!!!
  • According to picture: fins, glasses, gloves, shoes, signal buoy, flashlight, snorkel
  • 2x 1+2 level according to picture
  • 1x suit 178cm, 1x suit 164cm
  • 2x Jacket Size L, 1x Jacket XS
  • 2x belt with approx. 10kg each

Individual inquiries are gladly answered and the VB prices are mentioned.


Phone: 01725179559

For reasons of space:

2 almost complete diving equipment (without bottles)

2pcs regulator Titan Glacia with octopus (very good condition only dipped 2 times)

2 finimeters

1 piece compass

2 camouflage jacket Cressi S-103 size L and XL (absolute top condition)

1 x Fins Mares 44-45

1 soft lead belt with ZIP

1 knife Unidive

1 dive case / 1 dive bag large

2 dive computers Aladin Pro including digital mouse etc. for saving

(probably needs new batteries)

Everything in very good condition and always well maintained / well rinsed etc.


Phone: 0407601000

Sell brand new Showa 660 dry diving gloves color blue in size 11/XXL in pairs
Price: 15 Euro
Shipping within Austria: 2,50 Euro
Shipping to Germany: 6 Euro

Weiz / ├ľsterreich

Because of the cession of diving for health reasons, I sell my diving equipment and that of my wife.

The parts are offered individually and are in used condition. Shipping is of course possible for a fee, but preference would be given if necessary.

If you are interested, just ask, you will also be happy to send more pictures, if desired

Foot lead Bright weight 25 EUR Half-trocki Bare Elastek 7 mm 160 EUR Half-dryi Camaro 30 EUR Half-rocki Exel 130 EUR Gloves Camaro 20 EUR Jacket Waterproof Ozor 85 EUR (only with 1 lead pocket) Hood 20 EUR Hood DUI 20 EUR Mares Plana 20 EUR

A sale is made without warranty or return, as sold privately.


Phone: 015120154608

20,- EUR

Hardly used Springstraps of the brand OMS.

Length of the stainless steel spring approx. 24cm.

Price plus shipping.

15,- EUR.

Stainless steel spring approx. 23cm for Aqualung fins.

Price plus shipping

Hello search breathing bags for my Dr├Ąger-Dolphin to the inhale page, are unfortunately no more to get also not at the "expensive Berlin shop" if someone still has something like that lying around please offer best with pictures. If possible, bags should not be "patched" yet, I already have enough of that lying around myself.

Who has what please offer, with asking price, I am also interested in other spare parts for the Dolphin.


OMS Explorer Reel

EUR 50

Private sale, no guarantee or return


Phone: 01638210222

Sell various stainless steel Boltsnap.

each costs 5EUR / piece:

Dimensions upper row from left to right:
1. 1x Carabiner: Length 6,8cm
2. 1x swivel carabiner: length 8.5cm

Dimensions lower row:
3. 4x swivel carabiner: length 6.3cm, diameter eye: 1cm

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

A pick-up in Bamberg or shipping against reimbursement is possible.

Important note:

As a private seller, I sell all items without the legal warranty. There is no possibility of exchange and/or return. The goods are sold "as seen".


Sell my new, unmerged Halcyon Defender Safety Spool with about 30m cave line. There is a stainless steel double render with included.

The spool is made of high-quality Delrin and is therefore extremely durable. The new shape prevents a penetration into the interior of the spool and thus you can no longer get stuck with your fingers and the spool is smaller because the axis has a smaller diameter.
Using a separately available EasyGrip adapter, this spool can be converted into a Halcyon Defender Pro.

Buy price: 30EUR

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

A pick-up in Bamberg or shipping against reimbursement is possible.

Important note:

As a private seller, I sell all items without the legal warranty. There is no possibility of exchange and/or return. The goods are sold "as seen".


Underwater dive site maps for better orientation in a practical format at a reasonable price.

Ôťö better dive planning
Ôťö more ÔŁŚsecurityÔŁŚ
Ôťö water resistant
Ôťö optimal orientation underwater
Ôťö can be used as wetnotes
Ôťö practical 183 x 127 mm (7x5") format
Ôťö optionally with synthetic resin pencil
Ôťö wire rope loop for carabiner or retractor

from 8 Euro!!

Further dive site maps at:

59387 Ascheberg


Divertug Mariner Sport (without sport it is much slower) - Date of purchase 6.2017

100% functional, nothing broken or damaged (data and condition please take photos)


Length 600 mm/ Diameter 215 mm

Weight: 16 KG

2 speed levels

Range approx. 120 minutes at maximum power

Depth 90 m

Lithium battery with charger

Display of battery status, water ingress and temperature sensor

He withstands with stage, double device and me (86kg) a beautiful extensive lake round in Hemmoor - often tested (Buddy ́s drove with Bonex Eco normally).

If you have any questions, please whatsapp at 0173/5986858.

Pick-up near Bremer Kreuz and shipping possible (in original packaging), sale without legal warranty or guarantee.


Scope of delivery:


Trim lead


Lithium Ion Battery

Operating instructions

Original invoice and packaging

Only worn on 2 TG, are unfortunately a bit too small for me.

excellent propulsion and pleasantly soft foot part


pick up in Essen R├╝ttenscheid or shipping

45130 Essen

XL Atomic Large XL

Current price: 40EUR

Stuttgart - M├Âhringen

Phone: +4917662699030

ScubaPro XTEK, Harness L - XL, Donut Wing 27 kilos as shown, for men, with single tank adapter. NP 650EUR / about 30 dives.

Current price: 200EUR

Stuttgart - M├Âhringen

Phone: +4917662699030


Sell dry glove system from Santi.

- Santi Smart Gloves

NP. EUR 79

- matching gloves from Santi

in size M

NP. EUR 35

The glove fits on the Smart Seal System from Santi.

No gluing necessary, everything is just put together.

I was in the water 1 time with it.

Unfortunately, a dry glove is not for me.

Price: 90 Euro + shipping


Phone: 01723739632

Complete equipment for sale.

1x Apeks TEK3 (must be revised) incl. HD connection for computers

1x Atomics ST1 (must be revised)

incl. HD connection for computer

1x Seaquest PRO XLT Size M

1x Hollis SMS 100

1x Polaris D7 with V4 Tech bridge - residual pressure 50bar, T├ťV expired.

1x Suunto COBRA 3

1x Aqualung Balance Comfort 5mm Size M

1x Aqualung Ice Vest

1x Exel Suit 7mm

1x Northern Diver Trocki

1x Northern Diver underwear

1x Atomics Split Fin Size M

1x Atomics Split Fin Size L

Lead strap, soft lead, feet size 41 and stable immersion box from Mares

1800 complete


In very good condition, has hardly any defects, perfect to transport the pulmonary automaton easily

Price: 45EUR including shipping

Fins in a used condition, buckle to close works perfectly.

If necessary, with fin pocket

Price: 40EUR including bag.

Sell you Zone Ring Wing 17l
purchased 2012

No guarantee, warranty and return

Shipping possible
Price without shipping 170,-EUR

Bad Liebenwerda

Sell Neoprene Smooth Skin Cuff by SIDIVE
Gr L

No guarantee, warranty and return

Shipping possible
Price without shipping 15,-EUR

Bad Liebenwerda

Sell Scubapro Everflex 5mm as new

No guarantee, warranty and return

Shipping possible
Price without shipping 15,-EUR

Bad Liebenwerda

Sell Sailor G-Flex Gloves 5mm

No guarantee, warranty and return

Shipping possible
Price without shipping 5,-EUR

Bad Liebenwerda

Because of hobby work I sell a few used, fully functional Turtle fins.

Price: 65 Euro

Kreis Borken

Phone: 02865-601062