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I am looking for a used 3 window mask from Poseidon, and full face masks

Sell DUI TLS with pee valve, 2 leg pockets (the big ones) and socks 28 cm. Color Black, Size: M
Rock Boots brand new from Seac Sub!
Cuffs on the arms are still ok, neck would have to be renewed...

Price: 550 Euro


Search Auto-Air-Inflator of the company A.P. Valves for my Buddy Commando Jacket.
Offers please with asking price to me!
Thank you in advance


Sell my regulator set Apeks XTX100 + Octopus XTX40 incl. 3 console equipped with Finmeter, Suunto Gekko dive computer and Suunto compass.
Have used the set only for 5 dives and is due to family growth and battery lack of time to have. The price is VHB EUR 550.-

Bad Aussee/ ├ľsterreich

I sell my diving equipment consisting of Aqualung Balance Comfort diving suit + ice vest and hood and Aqualung Legend LX lung machine incl. Suunto Finimeter SM- 36 and Suunto compass, as well as Scubapro neoprene handcuff (size S,3mm). The equipment was ONLY dived in an indoor pool, since then I can't find time to do it. The equipment is for sale at the indicated unit prices or at the total price of 500 VB. All prices are negotiable.

Diving Suit (100 VB)
This is the Balance Comfort by Aqualung, a semi-dry suit of 5.5mm thickness in women's size 38. The suit includes the matching ice vest (also 5.5mm and size 38), as well as a hood (5.5mm). The suit is in good condition and only has a small trace of use on the right foot cuff.

Pulmonary automaton (420 VB)
This is the Aqualung Legend LX.
In addition to the first and second stages, the machine already includes a console with the Suunto Finimeter SM-36 and a Suunto compass. An octopus is of course also included.
The machine is also suitable for diving in colder waters.
I myself have only dived him once in an indoor pool. Therefore, the machine is in perfect condition.

Gloves (15 VB)
3mm, women's size S.

If you are interested or have any questions: E-mail to


Hello divers,

I am looking for a Poseidon Unisuit Exclusive or Poseidon Jetsuit in size M (please only intact suits). I am 1.80m tall, weigh 73 kilos and have shoe size 43/44.
If someone has something suitable, he can contact me.

Always good air wishes

Steffen Reinwald

Raum Bamberg

Will here mean Dui TLS 350 in full equipment
Size MS
Front zipper, telescopic system, TLS trilaminate (extremely robust and lightweight), Apeks rotatable intake valve, Apeks High Profile Automatic exhaust valve, zipper protection with second zip, 2 large Halcyon exploration pockets, separate DUI hood "Warmneck", tough-duck shoulder overlay

Maximimum Mobility:

Knee Overlay Cordura, Crushneoprene Step Protection

Overlay in red
Turbosoles in 43
Halycon-P valve
Heating bushing

The suit is from 2011 and is my replacement suit.
It was about 40 dives carried out.
Viewing and fitting desired.
If you have any questions, just send us an e-mail and if you are interested, I will also send photos.

Asking price:
VHB 1700,-

Greetings Diver

Search double 12, if possible with T├ťV and clamps, just offer, room Freiburg and surroundings would be great to pick up.



Sell new dry suit Baltic Dry from Beuchat in size L (52) for 410 EUR.
Here are the dimensions according to the table:
Height 181/186
Chest 108
Waist 90
Buttocks 102
Boat 43/44
If it doesn't fit, I'll take it back.
Only the shipping costs are to be borne.



sell my little dipped Santi BZ400 in size M because of switching to MTM.
I don't think much needs to be said about the suit itself, except that it is very warm. Just the right thing at this time of year :)

Top condition
Price VHB 150EUR

Rebreather Inspiration Classic, year of construction 2004

ÔÇó Carrying handle stainless steel
ÔÇó Buddy AutoAir as bailout
ÔÇó ADV (not mounted on device)
ÔÇó Weight bags
ÔÇó Various spare parts kits (O-rings, maintenance kits)
ÔÇó 2x 3l bottle

Overhaul of the electronics 2009: new controllers, cable set coax, low
power Downstream solenoid, sealed battery compartment. Supporting documents are available
Factory service of Elektronik 09/2012.
Sensors new at the beginning of 2012

Since overhaul 2009 7 hours in use (unfortunately too little time)
VHB: 2.500 EUR


To the suit is actually nothing to say he speaks for himself he has about 40tg then I fell for dry diving.
Size L / cuffs are original unabridged.

Costs new 599EUR would give it for 300 incl. shipping.

Private purchase and used but everything OK

Please only report serious buyers :-(

Regulator Apeks XTX 100 first stage and second stage
Stage 1:
- Compensated membrane-controlled 1st stage. Forged - maximum robust and maximum work performance.
- perfect for cold water dives
- DIN connection, 300 bar technology - 2 high-pressure outlets, 4 medium pressure outlets
- Optimally aligned medium-pressure connections allow an ideal hose arrangement

Stage 2:
- Pneumatically balanced second stage - offers best breathing comfort in all depths and positions Breathing resistance adjustment by means of infinitely variable adjustment screw - depending on personal preference
- Convertible from left to right, suitable for all hose configurations
- DCE (Diver Changeable Exhaust); german: Self-replaceable bladder deflector.
- Rasterized venturi lever (fixed latches prevent accidental adjustment)
Patented Comfo-BiteÔäó mouthpiece against fatigue of the jaw muscles

Regulator Octopus Apeks XTX 40

Pneumatically relieved and balanced 2nd stage.
Finely adjustable breathing resistance and venturi support can be adjusted more conservatively
if not in use.
Highly effective heat exchanger, resulting in excellent cold water properties.
Right/left convertible

Finimeter Suunto
The simply designed, bright phosphorescent scale ensures excellent readability even under difficult conditions. The SM-36 finimeter is suitable for bottles up to 300 bar/4000 psi. The device is available with a scale division in bar or psi (maximum display 360 bar or 5000 psi).
Suitable for this finimeter are the Suunto consoles CB-One and CB-Two In Line.

Vending machine bag made of 600 denier nylon, in which 2 vending machines fit.

ÔÇó Heavy duty net and mesh pocket
ÔÇó Outer compartment with zipper
ÔÇó Padded inner compartment 2 Velcro tabs inside for automatic attachment
ÔÇó Outer compartment with zip mesh pocket
ÔÇó Padded carrying handle
ÔÇó Address pocket for business card
ÔÇó Adjustable shoulder strap
ÔÇó Mounting loop for roller pocket handle

The set is sold in the original box.

The XTX 100 incl. first and second stage as well as the Fini have been dipped 12 times, so it is as good as new.
The Octopus XTX 40 has never been dived, so it's new.

Further pictures are available on request.

Payment & Postage
Payment is possible by bank transfer or PayPal.

Postage costs are 7 euros within Germany.
Pick-up in 84508 Burgkirchen or Munich-South possible.

Shipping abroad please only after prior request and arrangement.

The regulator can of course be visited before purchase.

If you are interested, please contact:
Berit Kaier, Email:

84508 Burgkirchen

Give my little used and fully functional Hollis F1 in XXL in special color, because I am slightly too big unfortunately.
Price 85EUR


Hello dear diving community,

I am looking for an eccr rebreather. If you want to get rid of one, please report. I would prefer Senti and Meg. But I'm also open to the others.

Thank you


Sell a breathing air compressor system CompAir HQ Series,Model 5405 E ,YOC 2003,350 bar,ca,200 l/min
800 operating hours, with filter and a storage bottle.Super Silent housing. EUR. Price VB.4.500 EUR
Phone 015233825487


Search donut wing with about 20 liters, best complete with harness and backplate, would be great if there is also a mono adapter, but also works without... Size should fit just under 190cm, greetings


Look for an IST JT 40 or 41 jacket or other similar wing incl the accessories such as back├╝late etc (also mono adapter should be included), who has what please report, best with the comfort harness.



Sell some Turtle Fins with the original XS Scuba Springstraps.

Price VB: 115,-


Offer HTM Mares MR 22 (1st stage) and HTM Mares Abyss (2nd stage) scented and since then unused - 200 euros; Faber 12-liter bottle with foot, net and handle - 200 euro as well as women's wing jacket by Seaquest (Libra Wing) size MD 36 like all equipment little used and well preserved for 250 euros. Prices all VHB.
Bids and questions by e-mail.


Replacement O2 hoses (1x MD short, 1x HD long)
50 EUR (2x available)


5th Cell Holder by Beanie
2 outlets for connectors, of which 1x M14x1.5 outlet for fishermen
Connectors (slightly damaged during wind cutting, but is tight)
50 EUR


"extended" gas distribution bars for inspiration, 8 outlets per
Gas side (brass, non-galvanized)
50 EUR/Piece (2x available)


HUD Rebretaher Guardian with VR3 (C4b) with full activation
(TX, CCR) (Picture sh. Annex)
Monitoring of 3 sensors via HUD, display and deco calculation based on
of a sensor value on the VR3
Incl. charger
Adapter cable sets for Molex sensors and coax sensors available, both
defective (soldering work required), 1 additional fisherman 7-pole female.
VHB: 1.150 EUR


Sell Oceanic Comfodry suitable for people with a size +- 183 cm and about 80 kg with a shoe size 43/44.
The suit is equipped with a glove system and has hardly been dived.
He has to spend his life in the water and not in the basement.

Price: VB 450,-

Sell connection shaft for 1st stage of SCUBAPRO

VHB: 5,-EUR + Shipping


Sell original V4Tec stainless steel clamps suitable for D12!

VHB: 45EUR incl. shipping


Sell a brand new neoprene mask strap with Velcro fastener from Deepstop.

Price:5,-EUR + shipping


Sell Hood by Fourth Element
7mm Longneck, Size XL

VHB: 25EUR plus shipping


For sale is a pair of Divesystem Techfins, color black. Incl. V4tec Springstraps!

NP: 159EUR
VHB: 120EUR incl. shipping


Sell semi-professional complete set Olympus E3, 10MPix digital SLR camera with lenses, Ikelite underwater housing and many accessories. The complete package covers the typical needs of a dedicated photographer both above and without underwater.
The underwater housing was serviced in 2011 and all o-rings were replaced. Body, lenses and flash have a current bios. The complete equipment is in perfect condition and immediately ready for use. E3 is from 2008, accessories partly 2008 / 2009
Visit and test in Heidelberg (possibly D├╝sseldorf) possible by arrangement
Original price complete: 6.200 Euro
VB complete: 2.990 Euro

Main components of the package:
1x E-3 D-SLR
1x Zuiko Digital Lens ED 12-60mm
1x Zuiko Digital Lens ED 50mm Macro
1x FL-50R wireless flash
4x different filters (B+W and Olympus)
1x HLD-4 battery handle
2x chargers (110-240V) & car charger
3x new Ansmann batteries (better than Olympus)
1x Mono-pod
1x Ikelite Underwater Housing #6851.3 up to 60m
1x Ikelite Dome 8" for wide angle shots
1x Ikelite Flat for macro recordings
1x connection cable (y, 1 to 2) for 2 external
Underwater Lightning
1x Stable grip base
2x handles with mounting option for flashes
1x Various pockets / padded
Transport packaging / protective pads

Summary of the offer:

Our example gallery:
People, wedding, jewellery, flowers, etc.:

Heidelberg / D├╝sseldorf

Miflex Hose 150 cm with Cressi Sub Kink Protection Black
very good condition, 20,- dispatch as letter 1,45,



Revision tool set for Apeks 1st and 2nd stages.
Hoe wrench for opening the first stage, valve clearance adjustment device for the 2nd stage,...

Look forward to your offers!


Search Heinrich Weikamp's Frog or OSTC, who has what please emelden.



Sell dry suit "Oceanic Neodry" women's model made of crash neoprene, size 38, feet 38. The suit was worn only once, so the condition is very good. Cuffs and zipper tip top.
Sale price: 270.-- EUR plus shipping: 9.-- EUR
If you have any questions - please mail.
Michael Winter from: D - 85356 Freising
(Private sale without warranty)

85356 Freising

Sell UW case for " Olympus PT 016 ". The housing is used but in very good condition. Functional tip top. Fits e.g. for " Mju 300/400 ". Original price from 99.-- EUR.
Retail price 49.-- EUR plus 5.90 EUR shipping.
If you have any questions, simply email us.
Michael Winter from: D - 85356 Freising
(Private sale without warranty)

85356 Freising


I offer you here a regulator set of the brand Scubapro.
Composed of:
-2x MK17
-2x G250v
-Rubber hose 210cm
-Rubber hose 55cm
-2x inflator hose (trocki and bladder/jacket)
-1x Milflex HD hose
-1x Halcyon Finimeter 300bar
-2 Boltsnaps (on the main breath controller as well as on the finimeter)

The set is 1.5 years old, has only freshwater dives behind it and was not really often in use. It has always been washed out and is in very good condition!

Make me a fair offer!



Device fins of the brand "Tigulio"

Size L/XL

Fin band in order

Price: 10 Euro VHB



I sell my semi-dry diving suit from Camaro:

"Camaro Semi Dry Extreme".

Model: 1-piece overall
Size: 52
Thickness: 7mm, laminated neoprene
Shoulder zipper

The suit has sealing cuffs on the arms and legs and is very warm due to an additional integrated inner vest.

The water flow is very low, so I did not freeze even during longer dives at 7┬░ C. An additional ice vest is almost superfluous due to the inner vest.

Sell the suit, because I switched to dry diving and it unfortunately became a bit too tight for me.

Asking price: 40 Euro


DUI 400grams in XL, few dives, 185EUR, W-weight about 8kg for 45EUR


3.5mm neoprene dry suit with back zipper.
Stable Boots Gr 43 Neoprene Arm and Neck Cuff.
Head hood Kallweit I give.

Inclusive Fleece Underwear Size XL


Ludwigshafen am Rhein

offer Scubapro HT Everflex Lady, 7mm 40/M Combi Backzip & Ice Vest, ca 5 TG

Sale due to hobby task, suit is still impeccably fine

NP was 329 Euros, I would like to have 100 Euro incl. postage or against offer

7 mm neoprene - with Thermoplush inner coating
optimal cut with a comfortable fit
YKK back tip underlaid with neoprene tab
underlaid zippers on arms and legs


Because of the abandonment of diving by me and my wife to hand over complete equipment:
Suits, vending machines, lamps, bottles, jackets, etc.
In case of interest to one or the other please detailed request, then an answer with pictures and exact description - all prices are VB!

I am looking for a neoprene protection for my Kowalski, prefers color blue but offers everything, Thank you very much

Sell my dry suit " Ursuit Heavy Light HD Cordura FZ "
Size: Part size XL +5cm leg length, +3cm arm length,
Siefel Gr.46;
detachable hood, pee zipper, two leg pockets,
incl. bag, inlator hose, wax and powder.
YEAR: 05.2011 ; 36 freshwater dives;

The Trocki is in perfect condition,
I sell in only because it is decidedly too far for me (191cm, 88kg).
The size must be m.M ideal for height 190-195cm at 100-110 kg.

Sale only to self-collectors after fitting with me in Hamburg or gladly also trial diving in Hemmoor.

VB: 850,-EUR ( Neupr. 1680,-EUR )

Product information on the net under Ursuit or Ursuk


From now on you can book individual wreck diving tours in the Baltic Sea with the motor yacht "Bubblewatcher" and the team of the Bubblewatcher diving service.
The offer includes day trips (from 55,-- euros) or multi-day trips (79,-- euros) or simply weekend trips (from 179,-- euros).
All our routes are created for you individually according to your wishes / knowledge or skills together with you and lead us depending on the booking duration to the Kattegatt, in the Great and Small Belt, in the ├ľresund, in the western and southern Baltic Sea or wherever else you wish to dive.
Even if you have unusual wishes, ask us, we will not disappoint you.
Further information and booking on our homepage, by phone or by e-mail.


Phone: 0171 777 48 08 Visit Bubblewatcher Tauchservice

Have to hand in a new Halcyon Explorer MC System Wing Set(40 lbs) due to time constraints.
Please make me a serious offer original price was 560, - EUR.

I'm selling a little-used (would say as good as new) M26 din adapter for first stages of Apeks. As can be seen from the photo, it consists of M26x2 Nitrox handwheel and connection shaft complete with sinter filter and O-ring as well as the dust cap and spacer, so that it is also suitable for mounting on the first stages DST (XTX/ATX/TX50) and DS4. Attachment is child's play with a 6mm hexagon socket or Allen wrench.

Price for the parts at Watersafetyshop are 70 euros + the spacer for 10 euros. I would let it go for 50Euro VHB.


sell used Apeks WTX4 Wing with 20 liters buoyancy.
I don't think you have to say anything about the quality of Apeks.

I would like to have 220EUR for it.

Greetings Markus

we bought a luggage tag for diving a few years ago.
This is now for sale.
It is an unbridled supporter of the Meyer brand. zzG 550Kg, empty 150kg.
Dimensions according to certificate: LxWxH 2455x1355x1345

We have rebuilt the trailer for our needs, which means,

- a plate for fixing the devices which can be extended and can then act as a pensioner's table,
- an intermediate floor for the equipment tiles,
- a battery with voltage converter to charge the lamps...
- Clothes rail for the soaked underwear :-)

Asking price around 900EUR

Currently it is without T├ťV, but can also be done by appointment.

Greetings Markus