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Apeks Set
1┬░ DS4
2┬░ XTX 50
Octopus Beuchat VX
Finimeter Fischer
BCD and Drysuit Pants

Made in 2010
Around 80 dives
Last revision: April 2012

300EUR, negociable.

K├Ânigreich Belgien


I am looking for one or two "Heinrichs Weikamp OSTC 2N". Maybe someone has one to hand in!?



Ikelite UW case for Nikon D200 for sale.
I want my UW housing with 6" dome port and with flatport (jewals with neoprene protective covers) and with zoom ring, and incl. handles.) sell. Is in good condition, with normal traces of use. Was never flooded.
Price: 700 EUR+ Shipping


DUI Rockboots Gr. 10 - NEW

Never worn. Are so small for me because my Bare Trocki got a very thick neoprene socks and I then needed two numbers bigger.

EURO 50,00 incl. shipping

DUI 300 Polartech Powerstrech Underwear Size XL - NEW

Had bought the underwear together with a DUI TLS 350 suit but since I sell the Trocki I do not need the underwear anymore.
I had never worn the underwear because the Trocki was only used in warm water.

EURO 190,00 incl. shipping

Valve bridge, lockable from Scubatec

Comes from a rebreather project, but is NEW and unused.

EURO 40,00 incl. shipping

Valve, right of double cylinder valve set of the Italian company Scubatec

Still comes from a rebreather project but is NEW and unused.

I also have suitable shut-off valve bridges.

Have 2 pieces of it
EURO 30,00 incl. shipping per piece

SI-Tech Ring System
for dry suit for putting on gloves

Is a comparable system as offered by Viking. You can simply put on rubber gloves after attaching the rings to the latex arm cuffs.

Included are two different clamping rings for latex of the arm cuffs of different thicknesses.

EURO 20,00 incl. shipping

Halcyon Wetnotes incl. Boltsnap and Full Graphite Pen

I switched to others from White Arrow and Dive Rite, so I sell them. There are still 16 blank sheets in it and a new full graphite pen.

EURO 38,00 incl. shipping

DUI Turbo Soles Size 47-48 - NEW

Have my DUI TLS 350 which had sold neoprene socks and these new DUI Turbo Soles in size 47-48 are still left.

As I bought my TLS350, they were immediately removed and the suit was equipped with neoprene socks for rock boots.

The length of the soles is 305 mm

EURO 66,00 incl. shipping

DUI TLS 350 Trocki Size LT with White Arrow leg pockets, Pee Valve, approx. 50 TG

Bought the suit this year and used it for 2 weeks during a diving course with about 40 dives. Included are Rockboots size 13, the suit has size Large Tall LT
Built-in is a Pee Valve.

EURO 1140,00 incl. shipping

Dive Rite Hood for Dry Dive Suit
Model EX930
Thickness 5mm
Size XL
Is unused, I once had a project with me as a replacement.

14,00 EURO incl. shipping

Bare 5mm Gloves - NEW Size XL
I had bought myself once because I had forgotten mine on a trip but then not yet used.
On the inside, they have gloves put on a Kevlar fabric to make them more robust.
Price incl. shipping EURO 25,00

Oceanic Neos Titanium Size 54

Sell the suit, as I only dive dry.
The suit did about 10 dives. Almost as good as new.

Semi-dry, as cuffs on the arm and legs with smooth neoprene.

Price 90EUR

Ludwigshafen am Rhein

OTS Guardian full face mask ÔÇô 1x in the water
To hand over because I switched to another full face mask.
Color completely black
Approved with Apeks DS4 1st stage which I optionally sell with.
Mask can also be extended with communication.
EURO 490,00 incl. shipping

For sale I have a NEW unused Viking Pro 1000 in size 4. The suit has some extras, on the left side a bag for a 6cuft Argon bottle and on the right a bag with Velcro.
As a hood, a latex hood is attached to the suit.
The arm and neck cuffs have not yet been trimmed.
The reason for the sale is that I have bought the suit but from the leg length too short and I bought one in size 5.
Included is an inflator hose an underwear hood that you wear under the latex head hood.
The whole thing comes in a Viking bag in which is also the instructions and a repeartur set.

Price incl. shipping EURO 1180,00

Camaro Shorty Hydronomic Seamless Bonding Gr. 54

Once bought for the holiday and used a few times but since I do more technical and cave diving I have no more use for.

EURO 50,00 incl. shipping

Camaro Hood Seamless Bonding Size 2XL

- Seamless bonding construction - seamless
- 4mm neoprene
- with built-in ventilation system
- 4-Way Stretch Zone in the Neck

I had bought with my Camaro wetsuit but only 2-3 x genzut because I now only dive Trocki.

EURO 26,00 incl. shipping

Northern Diver Thor 1600 Rubber Trocki Gr. XXL

The material thickness is 1600g/m2 - Is comparable to a Viking HD 1500, Hunter Pro AH or Amron AHD 1600.
Suitable for people about 190cm
I'm 198cm and my legs are just too short.
Wanted to use it first together with a Kirby Morgan helmet but does not work.

Suit is used but top without patches and zipper 100% and smooth.

For exact dimensions and further information / pictures or questions send me a message stating an e-mail address.

Price EURO 560,00 incl. shipping

Hello, I still have a Bare Voodoo Jacket to hand in.
Has never been used before ÔÇô size XL / XXL
EURO 250,00 incl. shipping

I offer you here a diving box for sale.

I bought it used myself, but it simply takes up too much space in our basement.

I don't know if it's really a Mares box, but I guess so.

Size: approx. 83cm long x approx. 54cm wide x approx. 38cm high

Price VHB


Before I offer all the stuff individually in the bay, there may be someone here who wants to get into UW photography well and cheaply. I decided to give up the hobby. Pictures say more than a thousand words.

MikeDive console (each 18 cm arms with Ballmount Sea & Sea) additionally a 30 cm arm and a 10 cm arm with Ballmount Sea & Sea. Two times Sea & Sea YS-110. Heinrichs Weikamp Adapter, Fiber Optic Cable and Sea & Sea Cable. The whole thing is in great condition and works of course including pilot lights. Batteries for the flashes are not included.

Purchase price ~ 1100 EUR If you are interested, just make me a fair offer. Further pictures at any time by email.


Offer here my DUI CF 200 in XL
-Arms shortened by 3cm

-Legs by about 4cm

-Telescopic torso


-Frontzip diagonal


-original Dui leg pockets left and right

-Boots size 9

-All cuffs as well as the zipper were renewed a year ago, since 1TG da
it served as a backup

-Suit is OK and of course tight

VB 500 Euro or exchange for heating system bts, santi, etc


here my last frame
Ekkp-Style 4mm V4 stainless steel.

Price Vb 250,-incl. Dispatch
If you have any questions, just PM
(In a photo you can see a frame with doubles
40cuf, which is already sold.

Underwater Camera MOTORMARINE MX-10 Set
with flash YS 40 A and wide-angle lens 20 mm
a versatile, straightforward camera that also allows them to take macro and wide-angle photos in acceptable quality.
With good image quality, the MX 10 offers an expandable number of advantages:
Easy to use Compact handy format,
Aperture selection from 4.5 - 22, Automatic film rewinding, Integrated flash
Technical features:
Luminous intensity 1:4.5
Working apertures 4.5 - 22
Maximum diving depth 45 m
Focal length standard lens 32 mm
Angle of view 51 degrees
Film sensitivity adjustable for 100 and 400 ASA
Wide-angle lens 22 mm
Simple bayonet closure, replaceable under water
minimum focal length (at f/22): 40 cm
Shooting angle under water: 74┬░ distortion-free edge sharpness
Weight: 135g


28865 Lilienthal

Sell as good as new v4-tec p-weight 3,5 KG

The lead weight has only been dipped 2 times and is in absolute mint condition. It fits all common backplates and weighs about 3.5kg. It is mounted on a stainless steel rail and has hole recesses that allow the use of wing nuts to attach the diving device. The hole spacing is 280mm (11inch). Price 50,00 plus shipping

Bayern - Heideck

Phone: 015114433471

Tusa Selene Gr L, New Generation. The article is new and has never seen water.

These are remnants from a business task.

About Jacket:
The BCJ-9300C Selene II is an updated and new model from our bestseller BCJ-9100 Selene.

The BCJ-9300C is designed exclusively for female divers and convinces with a comfortable seat and high technology equipment.


- ultimate stabilization and carrying system

- soft edges and a polished shoulder strap, as well as a padded back area ensure a comfortable fit

- Advanced lead shedding system (A.W.L.S.) for women

- 2 large zippered pockets

- 2 small accessory pockets

- Stainless steel release for attaching the knife holder (TC-752)

- O.P.E.V. Overpressure Quick Drain Valve System

- 840 Denier Nylon

- height-adjustable chest strap

- height-adjustable back carrier for optimal adjustment of the jacket

- 3 quick outlets (O.P.E.V. + 2)

- Delivery with the new A.P.A. system

- Size: XS, S, M, L

Angle Adjuster:

- A new peculiarity; the angle adjuster on the neck allows to determine the position of the shoulder straps

- Even women with narrow shoulders can be sure that the jacket does not fall off the shoulders, also the put on and take off is easier

- Lead charging system (A.W.L.S.)

- Advanced lead discharge system with buckle technology

- The insertion of lead cartridges is simplified compared to conventional immersion equipment

- The lead pockets can be easily pulled in an emergency, unintentional pulling is no longer possible for your own safety

High chest strap:

- A high chest webbing in the upper part of the shoulder straps reduces the pressure in the chest area.

High cut:

- The side parts of the outer shell have a high cutting line that allows soft hip movements. This increases comfort.

Product weight incl. packaging approx.: 4.00 kg

Make me a fair offer

New Year's cleaning...

DIR Doppel 12 by BTS, commissioning 04/2009, T├ťV expired 06/2012...

For sale for 300EUR... only pick up or drop-off in the greater Lake Constance area!

35396 Gie├čen

Hello everyone
still have various Atomic Subframe masks from a business resolution to sell.
If you are interested, please contact us.

In the Halcyon Storage Pak, the folded lifting bag can be optimally stowed away.

6 stainless steel fittings ÔÇô for attachment to the backplate ÔÇô included

40.- EUR + postage


Halcyon Argon Mounting Straps to attach argon bottles to the double bottle.

50.- EUR + postage


Aqualung Spiro Arctic
Excellent cold water controller
1st stage Spiro Cousteau/ SEA with Drychamber
2nd stage Spiro Arctic identical Aqualung Arctic
very good condition, the controller works perfectly.
For security reasons, I recommend a revision.
135EUR incl. shipping

Aqualung Titan Arctic
Excellent cold water controller
1st stage Aqualung Titan
2nd stage Aqualung Arctic
very good condition, the controller works perfectly.
For security reasons, I recommend a revision.
145EUR incl. shipping

Halcyon backplate incl. Halcyon strap and crotch strap

Backplate was dived in Egypt for 10 days (about 20 dives).

It shows small signs of use on the screw holes ÔÇô these come from the screws for attachment to the bottle and the storage pack.

The offer consists of (as shown):

- 1x Backplate Halcyon
- approx. 5 cm wide Halcyon webbing (with blue Halcyon logo)
- 2x shoulder D-ring, 1x hip D-ring made of stainless steel
- Rubber ring (attachment for inflator)
- Soft crotch strap with two stainless steel D-rings
- Halcyon stainless steel belt buckle

Technical data of the Halcyon standard backplate made of stainless steel:

- Weight: Approx. 2.72 kg (6 lbs)
- Height: approx. 39.3 cm
- Width: approx. 26.0 cm
- Hole spacing: 280 mm

Further photos are available on request.

160.- Euro + postage (parcel by DHL)



for sale are original Turtle Fins from XS Scuba in size XXL. the fins were dipped once for testing and are in mint condition!
For more information, see
The fins can be visited and of course also picked up.
The original price is 119EUR!

Make me an offer



I offer a Treble Light 50 Watt HLX lamp. The lamp is sold with the spiral cable, neoprene protection and charger.

VB: 150,-


Sell my Turtle Fins with Springstraps

VB: 115,-


Hello diving community
Sell here my lead-integrated jacket "Seemann Blac Jac XP" size L
==References==== External links== about 30 Tg behind him and still looks almost like new. The jacket has never seen salt or chlorine water and has only been immersed in the swimming lake. The bladder keeps tight it can be dipped up to double 10, I initially dipped it with mono 10/12 l and later total. 4 tg with double 8.5 l to 41m depth without problems.
The jacket has size L. I, 189 cm + slim still had space in there so also for divers with more circumference and also slimmer it is suitable.
Buoyancy: 22 liters
Component: Jacket, jacket hanger as well as 1 bottle tension strap and the two lead pockets. incl. mont. Poseidon Rail!
High buoyancy due to 3D bubble
SR Lead Bag System
Complete inner padding
Bracket for speed cameras on the right shoulder
Holder for jacket knife or retractor, etc. etc.
Shipping or viewing and picking up in Bremen possible

Price: 200,- without shipping


Sell Buddy Inspiration Classic Rebreather

Special features (differences to the actual Classic):

- ADV (Automatic Diluent Valve)

- 2008 Case

- New Wing with Trimmblesischen

- The electronics of the handsets were renewed two years ago (new cables, coxial connections for o2 sensors)

- September 2012: Revision of the first two stages

Price: 3300.- EUR (VB)

See also (photos etc.):



for sale here is a Seac Sub INT adapter.
With the adapter, a DIN controller can be used on bottles with INT valve. Is very useful for diving holidays. The adapter was only used by me on a holiday. The original price is 34,95EUR I sell the adapter for 20EUR plus 4EUR shipping.



for sale here is an Apeks medium pressure hose in yellow with a length of 90cm. The hose is new and has never been in the water, it is about 1 year old and comes from a control set, which I only need partially. The connection is 3/8". Original price is 54,95EUR. I sell the hose for 35EUR plus 4EUR shipping.


Still have the following equipment for sale:

Knife X Pert for 15EUR
Apex Octo+ for 25EUR
Shipping with DHL 4,90EUR


Sell the following new photo accessories.

1x flash rail 25cm for 2 flex arms (lamp and flash)
1x Flexarm 36cm + 30cm
1x Digital Slave Flash Sunpak Remote Lite II in Cool Flash U/W housing (depth max.40mtr.)
1x Fiber Optic Cable

for 160EUR.

Sale of private.


Please do not seek an oxygen-clean Poseidon xstream M26x2.
Should tolerate 100% O2.
Preferably a 180
Thank you!


- Pscr Rebreather (Blackgear-V4-Tec purchased 2009)
ratio 1:10, bellows volume 4 liters,
Scrubber 3.5 liters
- 1x Rebreather Frame(V4-Tec), with double 12

complete in V4 stainless steel 4mm
- Gas Switch Block with standard medium pressure hoses (V4-Tec)
- Cooper breathing tubes
-Hose protectors
- Original Halcyon o/c bailout mouthpiece
- Ekpp Style valve bridge (2 valves M25x2, 2 mod. insulation manifolds, ss pigtail)

- Scubapro MK18/R390 regulator set (2* 1st stage MK18, 1* 2nd Sufe R390, Fini, Inflator, 1* Drivegas hose with Swagelog connection)

- various spare parts (all new) for maintenance such as O-rings for rebreather and mouthpiece, flutter valves for mouthpiece, maintenance kit for the 2nd steps in the gyroscope, mouthpiece and regulator).
Everything is 100% Ok

Price -----VHB 2350,------

If you have any questions, simply PM or
Viewing would also not be a problem
(More information on the website of V4tec)

greetings Gerd


have 2 regulator sets for sale

XS2 - AC2 with Octopus XS by CRESSI Revision New Price 120EUR

MK10+ with R190 + Octopus R190 Price 80EUR


I am looking for:

Master jacket by Scubapro in XL:
The newer model in black/yellow, certified as CBRD. Air2 not necessary.

Poseidon Jetstream or maybe XStream or even the Cyclon 5000 - important is good condition and 2x 1st stage and 2x 2nd stage

Diving tank:
Double 7 with connection possibility for 2x 1st step, so not only a central exit at the bridge !

Just send us an offer by sending me a message!


Look for diving partners who will teach me diving with dry suit and full face mask in winter 2012/2013.
Mask, regulator, jacket and bottle are already available, I will gradually get or borrow the rest of the equipment.
I'm still a beginner with little diving experience, but now I finally want to get started. But normal hobby diving is not my world. Look for someone who enjoys climbing into some dam at three.B o'clock in January at night with VGMs.


have two compensated first stages to sell.

aqualung cousteau!!

heavily used but freshly serviced and functional!

for: 50EUR per tier

if you are interested and for more detailed information please send a short mail!

Bergheim (K├Âln)