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I sell a Reef Marine Jacket
Size S
with Scubapro Air 2 Inflator, this is
a complete regulator.

Condition: see picture

Price 300 Euro VB

Feel free to make me an offer


Sell a Seaway Artic Pro dry suit.

Size XXL

Neck and arm cuffs ( latex ) defective and need to be changed

Asking price 200 Euro per suit, 2 pieces available.
Price is of course VB
Makes me a realistic offer


Sell a dive computer Mares Tutor here

Battery OK , see picture

Price: 200 Euro VB

Makes me a realistic offer


Sell a Scubapro FS-2 compass with retractor. The compass is brand new from a warranty replacement. Included is the invoice of Underwater No.1 from 16.12.2011 because of the warranty and the manual. The compass cost EUR 89.45 at Underwater No.1.

VB: EUR 75,-

Berlin Kreuzberg

Give here my Semi Professional Underwater Set, consisting of an Olympus E-410 incl. 14-42 lens, Olympus underwater housing PT-E 03,Olympus Port for the 14-42mm lens with zoom ring, furthermore 2 batteries (Olympus) and 2 CF memory cards with 4 GB and 8Gb each are included.
The charger has been lost to me and is available for 9,75EUR incl. shipping at Eb.. obtainable.
Since then, I have always been able to charge the camera at an acquaintance who has a similar camera.
Big advantages of the camera are: Live View, TTL flash can be mounted, 10.1 MPixel....
Priced would be 350EUR incl. shipping Ok, but I am open for price suggestions.


Sell new diving suit incl. vest for women by Camaro.
Model Titanium Alpha Processing
Size 40
Color Turquoise / Violet

VB 100 Euro


Due to circumstances, to hand in!!
As good as new dive computer incl. transmitter and cable for data exchange between PC and dive computer

OFFER: Suunto Vytec DS incl. transmitter and various accessories for Euro 450,-- fixed price
Original price was Euro 990,--

Battery in the computer and transmitter as well as O-rings are new.

If you are interested, email to:

Product information about the Vytec DS:

The Suunto VYTEC DS is equipped with the RGBM Deep Stop Algor├ştmus. On the ascent at the end of the dive, the diver can choose between "deep stops" and the traditional safety stops. The duration of the deep stops is displayed as a countdown in seconds and can be set to 1 or 2 minutes. The Suunto VYTEC DS offers the technically oriented diver the possibility to switch between gas mixtures. By switching to a gas with a higher oxygen content, the diver can shorten his decompression time. In Nitrox mode, the diver can preset up to three gas mixtures between 21% and 99% oxygen. Within the PO2 values, the respective activated gas mixtures can be changed easily and reliably during the dive. During the dive, the diver receives his cylinder pressure data with calculated remaining air time, based on the current gas consumption. The pressure transmitter can be used in any of the three operating modes: compressed air, nitrox and depth gauge! The battery can be changed by the user!! Delivery information incl. transmitter, screen protector and German operating instructions and data cable


I am looking for a Sealux Domeport 180F or 200F.

If you want to sell one, please
by email to

Greetings Timo



offer a scubaforce type X9 dry suit. It has 12Tg under its belt so as good as new condition. The dry suit was manufactured in 4/2010. Storage was carried out properly.
The dry suit is for people with 190m height and a weight of 110Kg. Unfortunately, the suit at 1.83m is too long for me.
The dry suit is 100 percent tight.

Article data:
Size XXL- Custom-made
KevlarSocks XXL
Trilaminate dry suit with front zip
Telescopic torso
solid suspender system
YKK (Dynat / BDM) Dry Zip
Movement Zones
Latex cuffs
large heat collar
Cordura Protection System (protects shoulder, chest and arm area)
2 XBP below pockets with 2 loops each and Velcro fastener
Apeks valves (inlet 340 degree rotatable, high profile outlet valve)
Dry Boot Boots with Fin Band Stoppers
YKK protective zipper

12 dives because it is too long on my legs.

Original price 1599EUR (custom-made)
To be handed in for VB 900EUR


Good evening,
I am looking for a Galileo Luna or Sol. Gladly used or new


New unused diving backpack with WHEELS of the brand IQ
Dimensions approx. 90 x 56 x 30 cm.
With the handle extended, 125 cm high.
2 attached pockets about 8 cm deep.
2 large fin pockets each about 10 cm wide.
VB 130 EUR


We are a stock-holding SANTI dealer and give from our fitting stock
(new, unmerged and immediately available) some SANTI-E. Motion suits from:

Color is each black/black
Available sizes:
Gr.M / Flexsoles XL
Size L / Flexsoles XXL
Size XL / Flexsoles XXL

Price EUR1.575,- /piece
incl. shipping within Germany

The suits are immediately available, prior sale expressly reserved.

ATTENTION!!! Each suit is only available 1x !!!


Phone: 01637684001 Visit AS-TecDive

I am currently planning a safari in May/June 2014.

It will be a 10 day tour. First the north tour with wrecks and then down to the Brothers.

Who would be interested?
Further information by e-mail.


I am looking for an add-on filter technology for my Bauer compressor. Gesucht sind Filtergh├Ąuse P21, P31, P41, P61,... or personal filters, pressure retaining valves and/or condensate separators. In case of doubt, offer everything, also in need of repeating. It would also be important to me to have an approximate asking price.

Thank you!

1. VRT ECCR Sentinel / Timix 100 meters CE
2. Oxygen cylinder 2 liters
3. Dilluent bottle 2 liters
4. Dilluent bottle 3 liters
5. Replacement lung
6. Spare parts kits 2x
7. Directional valves 6x
8. Breathing tube protectors
9. AP Fishtail
10. Cable for reading the device or dive computer Vr3 including software 2x
11. Charger for Sentinel
12. Transport box for device
13. CO2 seals for Sentinel 2x
14. Kent Tooling Stantfu├č complete
15. Kent Tooling Lift Bar
16. Original Stand Sentinel

Device can be visited and dived, course can. At and can be occupied.

VHB 5500 EUR including course!


Offer a Hollis A.U.G. 200 underwear for dry suits.
Size: M (men's size), also fits sportl. Women!
The suit has 2 warm-lined pockets for the hands and a chest pocket with zipper.
A stretch insert in the crotch for better mobility.
The underwear has only been dipped 4 times and is in an absolutely mint condition!

FP: 160,- EUR (original price 199,-)

The underwear can be tried on beforehand (in Essen).
Otherwise, I send it, shipping costs are then added. (No exchange private sale).

Now I have one in women's size and don't need this underwear anymore.


Dr├Ąger Black Dolphin

Offer used very well maintained and very well experienced SCR rebreather in the
unobstructed original condition

Scope of delivery:
- Dr├Ąger Black Dolphin with black housing fully functional and ready to dive
- Dosing unit with 40 50 and 60 nozzle.
- 2x Dr├Ąger 5L bottles with T├ťV
- 1x 2L buoyancy or bailout bottle without T├ťV
- 2 pony bottle adapters
- 1 neoprene protection cover for 5L bottle
- Partial filling set
- Tecme bubble diffuser
- Blind plugs for counter-lungs
- not on the pictures Dr├Ąger operating instructions, bailout bag

for oxygen monitoring
- Uwatec Aladin Air Z O2 with 65% battery capacity
- Uwatec Memomouse
- Uwatec Oxy with 71% battery capacity, age of the sensors about 5 months
- Tecme compensation piece

further accessories / spare parts:
- Dr├Ąger pressure reducer diaphragm controlled as new
- 4.5 kg breathing lime Dr├Ąger Dive Sorb
- Dr├Ąger Dolphin Travelkit (full-length)
- Disinfectant EW80 (opened but still 3/4 full)
- Molikote 111 lubricant suitable for oxygen
- Exhalation bag complete
- Flowmeter for all nozzles
- 1 nozzle 32%
- 1 nozzle 60%
- 1 roller
- Breathing bag closure screw
- 1 complete dosing unit with 40, 50 and 60 nozzle as spare parts dispenser
- 1 pressure reducer piston-controlled with fini and hoses to the dosing unit and bypass as spare parts dispenser

Price 1.950EUR
Phone 0173/4923732


Hello everyone

I sell the following vending machine sets here

Set 1:
* Automatic combination Scubapro MK 20/ G500 with Scubapro Finimeter (up to 400 bar)

Set 2:
* Automatic machine combination Scubapro MK 20 UL/ G500

* Scubapro UL adapter DIN/ INT
* Poseidon Adapter DIN/ INT

A matching adapter is supplied for each set.

Price Set 1: EUR 160,-
Price Set 2: EUR 160,-

Private sale.

Backnang bei Stuttgart

Argon set 1.5 liters with 1 stage and hose as well as the attachment 130.-EUR
5 spools with carabiners each 33 meters DIR 75.-EUR
Reel DiveRite 60 meters 40.-EUR Original price 119.-EUR
Reel Scubapro 70 meters 50.-EUR Original price 139.-EUR
Reel BestDivers 100 meters 60.-EUR Original price 169.-EUR
Suunto Eon with SK7 new service 110.-EUR
new filter for Mavotec personal filter 15.-EUR
Bauer Junior 2 2x Filter OVP 20.-EUR
Poseidon bags 2 pieces per 10.-EUR
Posedion Cyklon NEW with 210 hose and spare parts 90.-EUR
Poseidon Cyklon 1 Step 40.-EUR
2 lamps one Cressi both together for 30.-EUR
Sailor buoy 5.-EUR
6 MD and 4 inflator hoses srh good condition different lengths together 50.-EUR
2 x DIN valve NEW together 70.-EUR
4 x Rigging Mounting Rings Gun Haylycon 30.-EUR
Apeks Nackholder 10.-EUR
Bauer Tools 10.-EUR
INT Adapter NEW 5.-EUR
Hammerhead Sailor 20.-EUR

or all together for 600.-EUR



Search hood for full face mask

Search hood for full face mask

I am looking for used ice cream hood, or neoprene hood with smooth neoprene

Dry suit Ursuit Deepstop Caveedition
approx. 40-50TG
Standard Size XL
+ Subsea heating system
+ Heser Peevalve (unused!)
Original price complete 1.750,- EUR
VK 1.000,- EUR + Shipping

Underwear Santi BZ400
approx. 50TG
Standard Size XXL
Original price 350,- EUR
VK 200,- EUR + Shipping

Both together VK 1.100,- EUR incl. shipping!!!


Sell a Poseidon MK 6 rebreather including accessories. Sell the device because I currently have two devices. The device has warranty until 1.5.2014. The oxygen sensors are still in order until 01 October 2013. From 1 October 2013 you will be exactly one year old.
The device was dipped about 30 times

Furthermore, there is a lime container which is unfortunately not listed in the pictures.

With this lime container, normal breathing lime 747 can also be filled.

Furthermore, the following things are included:

1. a breath against lung replacement

2. Quick-release fasteners for both bottles

3. Lead pockets front left and right

4. Lead pockets at the back of the bottle left and right

5. Protective case for computers

6. Quick release fastener for jacket

7. A Wing Jacket Mk30 from Aquatek

8. a PP02 monitoring in which a respiratory lung

9. Dive computer with PO2 monitoring

10. an oxygen sensor for PO2 monitoring

11. Replacement of Bender for bottles

12. Original bottles Bender

13. Two wireless pressure sensors (coupled with computer)

14. Spare batteries for wireless sensors and PO2 monitoring

15. a handle on the device itself.

16. A transport box

With the extra dive computer a monitoring can be made from the
ppo2 and at the same time the bottle pressure can be displayed by a wireless sensor.

Which features of the computer are still hard see description below.

In total, the device cost about 9400 EUR including accessories.

VR Technology Computer Trimix/CCR

Complete unlocked

ÔÇóSingle/triple cell PO2 monitoring capable

ÔÇóDive Profile and Look Ahead Graphics on Dive Screen

ÔÇóUser customizable dive information screen

ÔÇóAir/Nitrox/Trimix capable with up to 10 gas switch presets

ÔÇóCNS % and OTU tracking of oxygen exposure

ÔÇóProgrammable safety factors to increase conservancy

ÔÇóWater activated and fully programmable underwater

ÔÇóWarnings for PO2, deco violation, air break and ascent rate

ÔÇóOn-Board Dive Planner/Simulator

ÔÇóImperial or Metric display

ÔÇóReady for anything, from air to trimix, OC,SCR and CCR capable

ÔÇóSimple to use menu system with easy to read Icons and auto detect functions

ÔÇóOptocon (IR transmission of PO2/PC link) No more wet connectors

ÔÇóVGM algorithm allows you to customize your parameters or mimic other commercial algorithms on your own

ÔÇóAutomatically switch to large graphics mode - menu bar disappears after a few seconds and the primary dive information fills the screen

ÔÇóRechargeable lithium-ion battery

The device can be viewed and picked up in Frankfurt or Heidelberg By phone at 06224 175451 ...


my double 12L 300BAR bottle pack.
Test pressure 440 bar.
The bottles still have T├ťV until 06.14

VB: 540EUR

No shipping!
Pick up in 27419 Sittensen or handover at the chalk lake in Hemmoor

If you have any questions, just send me an e-mail.



my double 12L 300BAR bottle pack.
Test pressure 440 bar.
The bottles still have T├ťV until 06.14

No shipping!
Pick up in 27419 Sittensen or handover at the chalk lake in Hemmoor

If you have any questions, just send me an e-mail.



Hello divers,

sell my APEKS Tek3 set with the XTX50 as a second stage.
The set is in very good condition and shows hardly any signs of use. Longhose is 210 cm, tubes are made of Miflex.

The original price is currently around 950 EUR

Just make me a fair offer.

Greeting Bobo


offer a CALYPSO 2010 complete with first and 2x second stage as well as with pressure gauge /depth gauge.

Very well preserved, cleaned and provided with new seals.

Price: 170EUR + 5,90EUR Shipping with DHL or pick-up in Munich.


because of relocation I still have 2 BCD's from Aqualung WAVE from 2010 for sale.
Size M
Size L

The condition is very good.
Price: 90EUR (each) + 5,90EUR Shipping with DHL or pick-up in Munich.


For sale is a 10L Scubapro diving bottle with double valve and carrying handle.

On the carrying handle and on the base of the bottle is a name on it.

The double valve is also from Scubapro.

The T├ťV has expired since December 2008.
The bottle was always under pressure!

I held a white handkerchief in front of the valve and turned it up to see if "something" comes out from the inside, but there is nothing to see.


I can also bring the bottle to the T├╝v again. However, there are then extra costs of about 25EUR and if blasting has to be done again about 25EUR.

I can also send the bottle, but I have to drain all the air.



fixed price 149EUR

Payment: bank transfer,
Shipping: only with DHL after receipt of payment

The offered items are sold by me privately, these have the characteristics I described. By purchasing the goods, the buyer waives the statutory warranty/guarantee for second-hand goods provided for under new EU law. It is a private sale, therefore no guarantee or withdrawal.


Product information: Heser Pee-Valve NEW and unused.
FP: 139EUR


Product details Heser Pee-Valve
- The Heser valve does not have to be glued in.
- The sealing against the suit is carried out by an O-ring and is therefore very tight and
- For cleaning, the Heser valve can simply be removed from the suit and reinstalled
without causing tightness problems of the suit.
- Great wearing comfort, as the height in the suit is only about 13mm, but with the same
Flow rate as with other commercially available valves.
- The Heser valve cannot accidentally go off in the suit when opening the cap
(which would lead to a fatal water intrusion), as it is not caused by a
Central thread, but is held by five screws.
- For these five fastening screws are in the counterpart (valve holder) metal threaded bushings
inserted into the plastic part, so that the threads are very resilient and reliable.
- The Heser Pee-Valve can be opened and closed completely with one revolution.
- The urinal valve has a defined clean stop for the cap.

Technical data Heser Pee-Valve
- Flow at 0.5m water column (equivalent to 0.05bar): 2.5 litres/min
- Hole diameter in the suit 20mm
- Height in the suit approx. 13mm
- Closure cap diameter: 42mm
- Height outside of the suit approx. 20mm
- Only suitable for trilaminate and similar suits.

Scope of delivery
- 1x balanced Heser Pee-Valve
- 0.4m hose
- 1x Torx screwdriver
- 1x connection nipple (condom connection)

Payment: Bank transfer
Shipping: exclusively with DHL after receipt of payment

The offered items are sold by me privately, these have the characteristics described by me. By purchasing the goods, the buyer waives the statutory warranty/guarantee for used goods provided for under new EU law. It is a private sale, therefore no guarantee and return.


Diving Suit by Barrakuda
Size 31
As a clothing salesman, I would say: For the stably built gentleman. At that time I weighed about 120 kilos at a height of 185 cm. The suit fit well. Now with significantly fewer kilos, the suit no longer fits.
Has about 20 dives behind him and has never flown. About 2 years old.

Only cash payment for pick-up near M├╝nster

130 EUR I would like to have for it


The Seac Sub Pro 2000 SWS is a jacket for the highest demands. Even with thick suits or large diving tanks, you always have enough buoyancy. The jacket is well equipped and has the high-quality Seac Sub piston inflator incl. hose.

about 2 years old, about 30 dives

Size XXL

Pick-up against cash payment in M├╝nster, no shipping


Dry suit Ursuit Deepstop Caveedition
approx. 40-50TG
Standard Size XL
+ Subsea heating system
+ Heser Peevalve (unused!)
Original price complete 1.750,- EUR
VK 1.000,- EUR + Shipping

Underwear Santi BZ400
approx. 50TG
Standard Size XXL
Original price 350,- EUR
VK 200,- EUR + Shipping

Both together VK 1.100,- EUR incl. shipping!!!



I am looking for a used compressor.

Junior2 or PE100. please do not offer coltri sub.

Should be max. 2 years old!

Greetings Tim


Halcyon bag with zipper "NEW"

for procrastination on the abdominal belt (right)
Price 50.-
10.- Postage Insured ! Pick-up Vienna 22


Halcyon Finimeter 0-360 Bar "NEW"
Halcyon Finimeter with chrome-plated housing, mineral glass, 0-360 bar scale (without hose and swivel)

Price 50.-
10.- Postage Insured ! Pick-up Vienna 22


Halcyon closed signal buoy 1,40m long

Filling by the inflator hose in the colors orange (4.5 ft (1.4m)
Used, slight traces of use, with initials, Technical 1 A !

Price 90.-
10.- Postage Insured ! Pick-up Vienna 22


Turtel Fins
(Size: XXL/ black)
Fins are made of solid rubber with large footbed, well suited for trocki with boots or boots
Used, slight traces of use, Technical 1 A !
15.- Postage Insured ! Pick-up Vienna 22


Aluminium bottle set "ARGON"
Composed of:

Aluminium bottle "ARGON" 0.85 liters, 200 bar with compressed air valve (T├ťV until 2018)
Black with argon sticker and
Mount Straps/Attachment for Argon Bottle

Fastening strap for mounting on the backplate (bottle up to 1 liter) and
Argon pressure reducer "Mini" (1st stage)
Compact and small pressure reducer (1st stage), incl. hose, thus perfect for the argon bottle.
- Pressure relief valve
- DIN connection G5/8
- 2x medium pressure output UNF 3/8
Used, slight traces of use, Technical 1 A !
Price: 165.-
15.- Postage Insured ! Pick-up Vienna 22


Sell my Submatix Rebreather SMS 100 (mCCR), ready to dive from the end of June 2013! Incl
- SPX 42 controller, Fischerconnector, 3 O2 sensors, O2 booster,
- 4 x 2 liter bottles (2x o2, 2x Dil),
- 3 litre bailout bottle incl. housing mounting,
- mounted on HALCYON donut (Evolve 40) with RCA system (belt creation), Halcyon stainless steel backplate, 2 lead pockets
- Trim lead for Submatix (internal mounting 2x 3 kg),
- 2 flowmeters, small parts

Price: 3.200 EUR VHB

Pictures will follow soon

Klipphausen bei Dresden

Offer you an unused shorty from the quality forge CAMARO. It is a Hydronomic seamless shorty in size 38. The Shorty is new and unused. The price tag is also still on, the original price was 139.95 euros. Unfortunately, I bought the wrong sizes and therefore can not do anything with the Shorty. But maybe soon with its new owner will finally come into the water.

I am happy to email more pictures if necessary.

Sell it for 40,00 Euro plus shipping. The shipping costs are 7,00 Euro, if the shipping by surname is desired, higher shipping costs will be incurred.

The sale is made by private therefore no guarantee, warranty etc. according to BGB, EU law etc. or exchange is granted.

Offer: Oceanic Comfodry Women's Dry Suit incl. Underwear

- OCEANIC Women's Trocki (Women's Size 38)
- 3.5 mm Compressed Neoprene
- 5 mm OCEANSPAN SUPERSTRETCH material in the upper part of the suit
- Arm and neck cuffs are made of latex with neoprene cover
- the Trocki has screw-on dry diving gloves
- including 90 cm inflator hose
- Knee strengthened
- Backzip
- neoprene-lined rubber boots with profile sole, instep protection and fin retaining strap
-the suit has a comfortable warm neck which optimally seals with the hood

Suitable underwear from OCEANIC:
- Size 36-38
- 3-layer hollow fiber underwear for optimal insulation and high thermal comfort
- quilted against slipping
- high-quality fleece lining
- breathable water-repellent outer skin

Both parts were purchased in 2011 and worn only 3 times, so as new (original invoice available). The Trocki had a new price of 799, - and the Unterzieher 149,-! Since I have only been doing apnea diving for some time, I no longer have any use for the Trocki.

Everything together is available for 330, - EUR (NEGOTIATION BASIS)


Sell all my diving equipment! (Except ABC equipment)

The things were only used about 10 times in fresh water and then ended up in the basement and garage. About 3 years ago a complete inspection was done, but have not been used further.

The stuff is LIKE NEW!

For sale are:

q Dive bag IQ, black //unit price: 10,- EUR

q Dive light, UK Super Q eLED in yellow (never used before) //unit price: 80,-EUR

q Diving vest Diva, Sea Quest Size 38/40 (anatomical cut for women) + soft lead, black //unit price: 250,-EUR

q Diving suit semi-dry Waterproof + ice vest with hood size 38/40 (anatomical cut for women), rubber reinforcement on the knees, inside terry cloth, mm-thick, black with different shades of gray //unit price: 300,- EUR

q Diving tank with valve, 10l //unit price: 100,- EUR

q Pulmonary automaton/regulator: 1st stage + Mares Abbys + Mares Axis +
q Suunto Cobra diving computer with compass //unit price, complete: 700,- EUR

Total 1.300,- EUR

Of course, the things can be viewed and tried on on site (Bergkamen near Dortmund or Essen). Original documents are also still available.

Contact: 0172-6901066



Since I have switched to a new Nikon system camera, I offer the following for sale:

- Sanyo Xacti VPC-HD1000 incl. matching housing for 45 meters
- 2 slave flashes Epoque (ES-230DS Auto and ES-150DS)
- Wide angle and macro lens
- Red filter (salt water)
- Mounting chimney and 2 lightning arms
- Fiber optic cable, replacement O-rings, spare battery


The case has a corner of a break, but this has NO negative influence, it is still 100% tight, closes perfectly and fits perfectly (even dived longer with it, you just have to pay attention).

The camera is top, takes HD photos and videos, easy to use with one hand.

Both flashes are top, the larger one was used as a "master", the small one as a slave to the larger one. Both flashes can be set in the guide number, the larger one has a Nikon TTL connector.

Macro and wide angle lens top, red filter as well.

Schine and flash arms perfectly matched for the camera.

Asking price for the entire set: 500,00 Euro (individual sale possible, inquiries welcome).

If you are interested, there are pictures and more.


Hello Tek divers,

I offer a few stainless steel weights for the two breathing tubes of circulating devices. Weight:155g per piece.

Condition: very good condition, used. no damage.
Original price: 130EUR/ Pair

Retail price: 50 EUR/pair plus shipping.
Pick-up possible (if necessary, handover to diving waters such as Lake Constance or Miltitz)


Villmar 65606

For sale is an underwater camera housing of the brand Sea&Sea for a Canon 450d or 500d.
The housing is the RDX 450D. It is waterproof up to 60 meters
Incl. standard port for an 18-55 lens and Se&Sea Focus Gear. The original price was about 1800EUR

Handle: Grip Stay L Original price: ca.250EUR

The lightning:
also from the brand Sea&Sea YS-110 incl. fiber optic cable and 2 flash arms
Original price of the flash arms per piece 220EUR
Original price flashes per piece approx.600EUR

In addition, I give my hand luggage trolli which I have blustered myself with foam rubber. He is ned more the best because he is torn on the fabric at a corner approx.8cm (only the fabric). But make a lot of trips with you and everything is well tidied up.
So you can see Kammera in and you're ready to go.

Total price was about 3700,00EUR without camera.
In terms of price, I imagine 1500EUR without camera. Is, of course, the basis for negotiations.

If necessary, the camera can also be purchased.


Due to new purchases, I sell a large part of my diving equipment, partly new or only one year old. Pictures on request. Complete price for all parts: 1500 Euro

- BCD / Jacket Cressi S111 Size "M" NP approx. 400 Euro -> 100 Euro
- BCD / Jacket Mares F-Light size "M" (only 2 kg!) NP 269 Euro -> 130 Euro

- Regulator Mares Abyss with octopus and Fini NP 700 Euro -> 200 Euro

- 3mm wetsuit Henderson Aqualock (size MT) with hood, gloves and booties (46)-> NP 499 Euro -> 300 Euro
- 3mm wetsuit Camaro Hydronomic size 98 NP 269 Euro -> 100 Euro
- 7mm semi-dry wetsuit Cressi size IX with hood NP 299 Euro -> 50 Euro
- 3mm shorty Cressi size 4/M NP 70 Euro -> 30 Euro

- Unterzieher SANTI summer Size MLL NP 129 Euro -> 80 Euro
- Underwear UGGI Bear size approx. "52" NP 109 Euro -> 30 Euro
- Underwear Merino Wool AKLIMA Top and pants worn only once Size L NP 140 Euro -> 100 Euro

- Fins Mares Avanti Size XL incl. spring straps NP 149 Euro -> 50 Euro
- Fins Mares Volo race Size 46-47 NP 69 Euro -> 25 Euro
- Fins Seac Sub Size L-XL NP 80 Euro -> 15 Euro

- Dry Bag Aqualung NEW NP 80 Euro -> 35 Euro
- Buoy with Reel NP 30 Euro -> 15 Euro
- Spring straps 10 Euro
- Feet size 46-47 10 Euro
- Lead strap with shoulder holders NEW NP 49 Euro -> 30 Euro

Dry suit Ursuit Deepstop Caveedition
approx. 40-50TG
Standard Size XL
+ Subsea heating system
+ Heser Peevalve (unused!)
Original price complete 1.750,- EUR
VK 1.100,- EUR + Shipping

Underwear Santi BZ400
approx. 50TG
Standard Size XXL
Original price 350,- EUR
VK 200,- EUR + Shipping

Both together VK 1.200,- EUR incl. shipping!!!