Dive Computer/Watch

Offer Dive Computer/Watch Uwatec Smart Z dive computer with transmitter & nitrox

Due to the change to another model, the dive computer is offered here. Battery status is 90 percent and works without any problems! The asking price for computer and transmitter is 160,-EUR.

The manufacturer says: The fully integrated Smart Z transmits its data tubelessly, using a radio transmitter, and is the ideal companion for divers who are looking for a modern and compact computer for their air and nitrox dives.


(Identical to Smart TEC)

Adaptive Algorithm (ZH-L8 ADT MB)

Microbubble Prevention Program


Nitrox compatibility 21 - 100%: Individually programmable MOD and ppO2max (1.0 - 1.95 bar) when adjusting the nitrox mixture (in 1% steps)

Data transmission via radio transmitter: Tubeless transmission of air data with permanent transmitter pairing

Calculation of the real ground time RBT

(patented): Analyzes the data on respiratory rate, depth, temperature and decompression obligations, calculates the safe ascent taking into account all ascent and decompression obligations incurred to date, thus enabling the return to the surface with the programmed reserve pressure (20 to 120 bar)

300 bar compatible:

Can also be used with 300 bar technology


Depth gauge mode up to 120 meters:

Works as a technical depth gauge down to a depth of 120 meters and continues to transmit all relevant air data

Individualization of alarm signals:

Full or partial deactivation of acoustic alarm signals

Dive Planner:

Allows you to plan realistic decompression dives

Adjustable display illumination:

Optimize battery life with adjustable lighting duration (2 - 12 seconds)


99 dives in the on-board logbook:

Quick access to basic data

Modern infrared technology:

Wireless transmission of dive profile information to PC, MAC or PDA via corresponding Smart TRAK, JTrak or TravelTRAK software.

As pictured with computer, transmitter, instruction manual, but without case.