Offer Miscellaneous UW-four-row underwater game

I offer here an underwater game UW-four-row. These are often used by divers or swimmers for training or training games. These are produced using a 3D printing process. The dimensions of the playing surface are 23.5x18.5cm, the stones have a diameter of 3cm. Both the tiles and the playing field are significantly heavier than water, the stones fall down satisfactorily and the playing field stands securely and is not moved by every slight movement of water.
The feedback so far has been consistently positive.

The scope of delivery includes:
- 42 game chips (21 red, 21 yellow)

Price: 40EUR + 5,49EUR shipping

I also have other UW games available and in development that will be coming in the near future (see pictures):
- UW wiggle tower
- UW Chess (in development)