Offer BCD/Vest Wing DirZone Stream Ring 23 l Donut

I sell a Donut Wing from DirZone for the big cutlery: D12 to D20 with 23l buoyancy, corresponds to about 50lbs (or at the top). It is the stable version, not the lighter "travel" variant.

Very good general condition, it was still diving until the end of the year.
Since I dipped it on the rebreather, four slots are cut in the middle as hose grommets and a bungee loop is built in on the right.
Tight, holds the air and the inflator also does what it is supposed to. Of course, an overhaul doesn't hurt with second-hand purchases...

New price in common online shops not less than 350EUR.
200EUR plus shipping costs

I cannot offer a warranty or return.